Meiji’s Wisdom On “Wild Beasts” Trampled By His Grandson And Putin

“WILD BEASTS” Of The Kremlin. Lies Foster Lies, Violence Makes Them Worse. Thus Emperor Meiji’s Order To Civilize War:

Putin, with his collaborators in the West, has instituted a culture of brutalization based on lies hidden behind the appearance of true valor. Although Putin behaved as a war criminal for the entire world to see as early as 1999, he was treated with respect by the leader of the West and made an indispensable cog to civilization itself. Now the same Western leadership has to arrest him on sight, no question asked.

The fact that Putin, an obvious war criminal, was treated with respect by the entire West has deeply confused and damaged Russian society. Violence fosters ever more violence. Violence to reason itself is the worst sort of violence.

In a typical of Putin’s pantomime, once a warrant for his arrest was issued for Putin’s crime against children was issued by the International Criminal Court, Putin went to Mariupol, where he killed at least hundreds of children, and deported thousands. A deliberate precision bombing of a theater which the entire world knew contained thousands of refugees, mostly women and children, and the deliberate precision bombing of a maternity (which Putin’s goons insisted was a military target), happened in Mariupol. Among other horrors.

We saw this descent into infamy in Japan, a century ago, when the Japanese army turned from a force exhibiting great valor and civilized behavior… to abomination. For 50 years, Japanese troops had been exemplary in highly civilized behavior, they followed Hirohito’s grandfather, emperor Meiji, who wrote in an order (“rescript“) to soldiers and sailors (1882): 

“The soldier and the sailor should esteem valor …. To be incited by mere impetuosity to violent action cannot be called true valor.  The soldier and the sailor should have sound discrimination of right and wrong, cultivate self-possession, and form their plans with deliberation.  Never to despise an inferior enemy or fear a superior, but to do one’s duty as soldier or sailor—this is true valor.  Those who thus appreciate true valor should in their daily intercourse set gentleness first and aim to win the love and esteem of others.  If you affect valor and act with violence, the world will in the end detest you and look upon you as wild beasts.  Of this you should take heed.”

However, consecutive to their occupation of Korea and violent, impulsive, rogue invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Japanese army started to behave like “wild beasts”, nurturing a culture of savagery which could only grow (and became fully obvious with the rape of Nanjing in 1937, hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, or Manila in 1944).

Putin has instilled the same spirit of ultra violence masquerading as valor throughout Russian society which griped societies as that of Hirohito’s and Hitler’s. This, in combination with  threats against all of humankind Putin and his subordinates made, gives to the war in Ukraine an apocalyptic dimension that the Cold War never had.

Mariupol, a city of 400,000 destroyed by Putin and his “wild beasts” (as Meiji said).

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “Meiji’s Wisdom On “Wild Beasts” Trampled By His Grandson And Putin”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    The West has made deals with Putin for decades. The West has also made deals with Russian oligarchs for decades. Is that part of the decline of the West?


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