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Separated Minds

May 5, 2014

Listening, watching, the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine: so much anger. About what exactly? They speak of the “fascists”, the “Nazis” in Kiev, who made a “coup”. They cry. They are very emotional, sometimes hysterical.

They wear orange strips striated with black, the same that were worn by the Soviet army in the war against the Nazis in WWII. The same exact decorations are worn all over Russia. The idea? The war against the Nazis, what Russians call the great patriotic war, has started again. What’s going on? Putin has made them red-hot, in the old fashion way baboons understand so well.

Putin's Violent Violating Finger Pointing Straight Up In The Middle Of The European Union

Putin’s Violent Violating Finger Pointing Straight Up In The Middle Of The European Union

It’s all very simple. The ancestors of these Russians were sent by the Czars to settle “New Russia”… As Russian, newly Russianizing… Ukraine. Some, or their parents, were sent by Stalin. That’s why in East and South Ukraine, Ukrainian is spoken in the countryside, and less in the cities.

Ukraine was long the most productive part of the USSR, industrially, or agriculturally. But as Stalin and his henchmen “collectivized” the farms, peasants tried to resist. Stalin and his henchmen killed them with wild abandon. When the Red Army started to have had enough, Stalin and his henchmen killed that too.

Meanwhile, in the West, millions of “Communists”, rendered insane by their hatred of Western plutocracy, bleated their approval of Stalin’s fascism. A curious case of collective hysteria, jumping from the fire, into the lava. (Some, such as Camus, saw their mistake; others, like Sartre, not so much…)

Those pro-Russians in Ukraine we can see full of rage and distress on TV, got all their information, in Russian, from Putin controlled Russian TV. Many honestly believe the lies they have been told. How could they not? They know nothing else.

So is disinformation, dissembling, and outright lying a crime? Well, it is, when they go too far, and are what lead from peace to war.

Humanity progresses by becoming ever more sensitive and smart about the causes and subtleties of optimal morality.

Progress involves not just a refinement of introspection and culture. But also a refinement of the law. Including International Law. That is why wars of aggression and annexations of territory are, and ought to be, subject to the greatest penalties.

Be it only by instigating hatred and lethal fear through their deliberate lies, Putin and his henchmen are engaged in a criminal enterprise.

When Putin claims that the West wants to dismantle Russia, all of it, and, without missing a beat, that Ukraine is Russia (apparently separated from the rest by the West, he implies), he is activating a terror so great that one can only expect all Russians to line up behind him, with just one mind, the mind of war, and then go to war.

This is the essence of the fascist reflex.

And what of these orange strips striated with black. Russian say it has to do with “the Great Patriotic War”. Do they even know how it started? How Russia got involved?

Well, first, Stalin was, de facto, allied with German fascists, for more than two decades (top Soviet fascists were allied to German fascists since 1917, at least). German generals and their tanks trained in the USSR (this explains why they believed they could destroy the USSR, and they may have had, but for the preliminary invasion of Greece and Crete).

Then Russia made its alliance with the Nazis official.

Thus comforted, Russia, still allied with the Nazis, invaded Poland. Then Russia, more allied with the Nazis than ever, send Hitler and his gang of criminals all they needed, including precious oil. Oil that was used to invade Western Europe.

Then Russia attacked, and invaded… Finland. Unfortunately the Finns did not understand well that Finland was Russia. With astounding efficiency, Finns killed many thousands Russians. Officially, the Soviet Union suffered 323,000 casualties. In the end, Stalin, Putin style, annexed some Finnish territory, augmenting once again Russian “hugeness” (Putin), as all good Czars do.

So the orange strip striated with black is ambiguous: does it mean Russia is allied with Nazism again?

Do not expect most Russians to understand the preceding, except as “hatred”. When young Russians are asked about Kalingrad Oblast, all they know is that, during the “Great Patriotic War”, it was “liberated” from the Nazis. They actually thus deduce it was always Russian.

They don’t know it was never Russian. And always Prussian. And sometimes (for three centuries), Polish. All, but never Russian.

And who was Kalinin? One of Stalin’s henchmen, dripping with blood.

And what did Putin put in Kaliningrad? Nuclear missiles, a few minutes flying from Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg.

In his usual lying ways, Putin said he would put these extremely dangerous Iskander missiles IF the West put a few anti-missile missiles in the West (meant, and only capable of, intercepting a couple of missiles from Iran). The West then abjectly excused itself for ever entertaining such a notion, and said they would never consider it again. Then Putin, satisfied, having got something for nothing, as usual, deployed his nuclear missiles.

The Iskander missiles deployed by Russia are a violated of International Treaties, the Intermediate Range Nuclear Force Treaty signed by Gorbatchev and Reagan, in 1987. The treaty eliminated nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with intermediate ranges, defined as between 500-5,500 km. Reason? Those weapons can strike in a few minutes, their command and control is prone to accident, so are intrinsically destabilizing.

The obsolete predecessors of the Iskanders were ceremoniously destroyed. Iskanders are mobile (impossible to find), they fly low (50 kilometers) at hypersonic speeds (2,100 meters per second), and execute anti-anti-ballistic missiles missiles maneuvers at up to 30 gs (thirty times Earth’s gravity).

In other words, the Iskanders are a monster weapon, in violation of all treaties, and Obama has been watching all this with the distinguished awareness and elegance of a cow watching a train.

One feels Obama should lay on a beach in Hawai’i watching surfs surf. At least we would know where he is at.

No wonder Putin has decided he is a tiger, Obama a cow, and Europe a hunting ground.

The pro-Russian “separatists” in Ukraine shouting:”Russia, Russia, Russia…” are about as intelligent as would have been people in Algeria singing: “France, France, France…”. Actually then, they didn’t. Even the most idiotic fascist colonialist right wing extremists of the French persuasion were shouting:”French Algeria” (Algerie Francaise).

The Ukrainian separatists thus deny the very concept of Ukraine. Why? Because Putin, their master thinker, denies it. So they repeat, like parrots, because their master does not lie, they believe. Putin insists, incessantly, that there is no such a thing as “Ukraine”. It’s all Russia. Apparently all the way to Kaliningrad and beyond. “As one of our Czars said, they are afraid of our hugeness”, he chuckles…

Meanwhile, emboldened by the sort of violation of International Law not even Stalin dared to indulge in, Putin sends his “very professional” fifth columnists, all over Ukraine.

Patrice Aymé

Preventing Fascism: WWII & Now

May 14, 2013

Rage against fascism is a good thing. It has to be integrated into moral codes, and institutions. The question arises of how the outbreak of fascism could have been indigenously avoided in the 1930s. After all, we are evolving into a similar situation: an ever deepening socio-economic crisis. Crises call for fascism, always.

Paradoxically, I will argue that, for a republic to be sustainable, anti-fascism has to be imprinted directly and explictly in an intrinsically fascist institution, the military.

Military men have to be imprinted with the notion that all and any order contradicting Republican law ought to be refused (except perhaps for a reason involving a combat situation directly, to be followed by an inquest; drone presidents don’t qualify as combat directly).

Fascism, as the Romans, who conceptualized it, defined it, was the socio-political principle that gave the Republic strength: tie together the weak rods of the individuals around an axe to get immense power of enforcement (justice) and destruction (war). In modern times, the French Republic, explicitly, and the USA  (watch the American eagle clutching a fasces of arrows!) proudly exhibit the notion, which is central to all and any Republic.

Fascism allows weak primates to cling together, act as a super organism. being able to form armies, they conquered the wastes (even Bonobos act this way, and form troops up to 200 individuals, no doubt keeping leopards away).

Thus fascist is an enabling instinct. Fascism is the difference between monkeys as squirrels, and monkeys as world conquerors. Fascists go to the stars, individualists stay in the trees and bushes.

The formation of any troop or army is an application of the fascist principle. Thus the importance of fascism for Rome: for its first four centuries, the Roman republic was continually involved in wars upon which its on-going existence depended, and became the ancient world’s ultimate war machine.

Yet, the fascist instinct can be misused: watch young people going hysterical about the local sport team. That looks innocuous, but countless dictators, in the past, used that madness of young, ignorant, enraged crowds to evil ends.

The three most significant fascisms involved in WWII were the Soviet, Nazi and Imperial Japanese. They had much in common, as proven by the fact that, by 1939, they were military allies (and even earlier, officially, as the “Axis“; or secretly with the USSR).

Of the three the most hopeless, because the most engrained, was Soviet fascism. In the 1930s, Stalin was busy killing most of his army’s upper echelons, after deporting the Tartars from Crimea and dispossessing millions of farmers. He put to work ten million slaves, digging impressive canals.

Stalin’s main opponent had been Trotsky, ex-head of the Red Army. Trotsky was in an awkward position to resist his ex-colleague’s red terror, as he had, himself, been its enforcer in chief previously. besides, the founder, and theoretician of the whole thing, Lenin himself, had made the apology of fascism with his “dictatorship of the proletariat“. By 1939, the USSR had made mass murderous fascism into its fundamental organizational scheme (differently from the Tsarist plutocracy, which had been paying more than lip service to democracy!).

In comparison, Japan and Germany were new to that game.

Thus, if there was a hope to avoid WWII, it had to be with Japan and Germany. Both regimes were, superficially, militaristic. However, both they nearly imploded. Why? Because, in both cases, military men saw the light of truth, and tried to act accordingly.

World War One had been launched by the top half dozen ‘Prussian’ military men, in an on and off conspiracy with the Kaiser. The four top “Prussian General Staff” generals plotted, in 1912, to launch a war against France and Russia, because they thought they could still win it (but not so in the future; they enlisted the reluctant admirals). The result was a giant failure of Germany and civilization. Although the military generation commanding and launching WWI never saw the light, and, indeed, supported Nazism, it was not so for the commanders who followed (and had seen the war from the trenches).

Meanwhile the fascist imperial Japanese military had gone from success to success for more than a generation, defeating the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans. Its leadership became an oligarchy drunk on victory, a typical case of hubris gone completely crazy.

Young officers of lesser rank felt this. They attempted a coup in 1937. It was drowned in blood, and the military dictatorship became worse than ever.

In Germany, it was the exact opposite: the Nazis had hypnotized, and imprinted youth. Yet, the entire upper reaches of the German military had done some serious studies, and drawn their own lessons from WWI. Top german military men were lethally opposed to Hitler. They plotted loud and clear, to overthrow him. They even invited American embassy personnel, just below ambassador rank, to be witness to their reunions. However, they were anxious to justify themselves, relative to the population.

Field Marshalls, and the successive chiefs of the entire armed forces, generals Beck and Halder made the mistake to reach out to the perfidious Anglo-Saxons. The German military wanted them to declare publicly that the Anglo-Saxons would stand with the French Republic against Hitler. The upper military would have then arrested, or killed Hitler and all the top Nazis, and justify themselves to the German nation by saying the Nazis were going to destroy Germany. Because there was no way Germany would win against the exact same coalition of Allies as in World War One.

Instead, of course, the Anglo-Saxons leaders… revealed to the Chancellor-President of Germany, Adolf his name, what was planned. So strong were the plotters, though, that all what Hitler could do was to fire general Beck from his top job. Beck was replaced by Halder, himself respectful of Beck. However the anti-Hitler plotting abated, as the USA seemed determined to support the Third Reich (de facto) and Britain and France let Hitler have his successes. Hitler was condemned to work, for years, conducting a world war, collaborating with his own would-assassin, Halder.

There were many plots against Hitler. All failed, mostly due to happenstance, or too much striving for perfection. Meanwhile the Nazi state grew ever stronger: the SS grew to nearly one million. When finally a full coup was engaged in July 1944, Hitler survived a bomb, and a handful of generals, trying to cover their participation in the coup, went the wrong way at the wrong moment.

The repression was ferocious: Colonel Count Von Stauffenberg had planted the bomb, he was executed the same day. His elder brother, revived many times, was tortured to death. Officially an unbelievable 4,980 were executed (yes, not a typo, nearly five thousands, most of them German army personnel).

Nowadays, the German military venerates the anti-Hitler plotters. It has in its military code that Innere Führung”  (inner guidance) which pledges to defend the Republic and the People.

The best way to fight tyrannical fascism is for the army to thoroughly understand that its own intrinsic fascism has meaning only, and only as, guardian of the Republic, not as a devotee to particular individuals or classes. (Indeed the Roman republic went down when the army’s role went from protecting the republic to personality cult.)

So, to prevent political fascism, one has to incorporate the republican constitution in the military code.

This is no utopia. German military history demonstrates it. The German Military Code (or law) in World War Two said that military men and police could not be ordered to massacre civilians (as had happened in the first few days of World War One). Still, massacres were ordered. However, in about 150 cases, orders were disobeyed, on the ground that the Code forbid it.

None of the cases was prosecuted. The Nazis were terrified that military judges would support those who had disobeyed unlawful orders. and that a lawful disobedience, by then well advertized, would spread through the army.

Better: by 1944, an ex-fanatical Nazi such as Feld Marshall Rommel, was actively prosecuting those who had ordered massacres of civilians in France.

So, of course, if the German republic and German Volk had been included in the military pledge (as it is now!), Nazism would simply never have happened. (Instead Hitler, in degenerate Roman general style, had instituted a pledge to himself!)

One crucial juncture in the ascent of Nazism: when Doctor H. Schacht, head of the central bank, engineered German hyper inflation in 1923, so as not to replace the telegraph poles that had been destroyed all over France by the retreating German army.  Later Schacht, an agent of the top USA banker JP Morgan, became finance and economy minister in the so called Weimar republic, and pushed to bring Hitler to power.

Interestingly, recently, in 2013, the head of the German central bank used lies by Harvard professors to justify the ferocious starving of the European economy, instituted by shutting down necessary government spending (all the money having gone to bankers). Do them German central bankers ever learn?

The Harvard professors mercenaries were, and are, paid by billionaires such as Pete Peterson, and the “foundations” they finance. The modern equivalent of JP Morgan.

Is history repeating itself? Will the Bundeswehr have to realize that, when the head of the German central bank, 90 years later, holds exactly, once again, the discourse ordered by plutocrats from across the Atlantic, the security of the German Volk is compromised?


Patrice Ayme

WWII Details Worth Examining

July 30, 2012


[And It is Not An Accident That They Are Carefully Unexamined!]


Abstract: World War Two, Nazism, everything, and everybody connected to them make for an unending source of lessons in many realms. Some of these truths are eternal, they were taught by history many times before. Nazism was made possible by not knowing, or deliberately ignoring, or, even, cynically exploiting, many of these lessons, with evil purpose.

Certainly Julius Caesar, happening on the scene in 1936, would have known what to do. He had seen even worse before. But Caesar was at the head of the Populares. He was both a plutocrat, if there ever was one, and somebody who wanted to rise above that condition, for the good of the People, not to say civilization (that’s why he was assassinated by plutocratic senators).

Why were the lessons of history forgotten, and new ones not guessed in time, to prevent World War Two? Well, the reason to forget is still in force nowadays.

The establishment breathes, sleeps, dines, or exchanges business, so close together, that it feels that it is better not to examine all the forces behind Hitler, lest they still feed it today.

To avoid talking about that reason, all those connected to the establishment go around, as if they were deaf, blind, mute, mental retards whining that the catastrophes (“Shoah” in Hebrew) of fascism, holocausts, Nazism, World War Two were incomprehensible.

Those connected to the establishment are (implicitly) paid, by their association with the powers which overlord, to claim that WWII viciousness cannot be understood.

But could it be as simple as… the fractional reserve system? OK, that’s not simple, and very obscure to the commons.

What is the establishment made of? Not just people, but of a whole mental universe. First of all the establishment of ideas and moods that allows the reign of the principle of plutocracy.

Certainly in a political system where public money creation, that is power, is privately controlled, while harnessing the power of the state, (that is what the fractional reserve system we have does), is a plutocracy, in the strictest, most classical sense of the term.

The secret never to be thoroughly examined in WWII is that the most prominent elements of the plutocracy were genitors and allies of the fascist powers (although both sides, plutocrats and fascists, claimed to be enemies, to hide their true nature from the mystified populace). For doing this, they exploited some tricks, and those tricks are still in use nowadays.

As long as that dirty secret stays buried, so does the true nature of plutocracy and how it relates to the present civilization: it’s not just about the rule of money, and money being the only power. Plutocracy is also about believing that hell is the only heaven worth having

I present here just a few of WWII unexpected avalanches of causes and connections. [This post is partly an answer to one of the commenters who contributes to this site, Old Geezer Pilot, and it does not have the pretention of being more than a jumble of little known facts.]




Wall Street glued six major German chemical companies to make IG Farben, a giant monopoly. Great profit would come from going around American anti-monopoly laws passed by Teddy Roosevelt. In general, most of the individuals and firms which became prominent in Germany after World War One were entangled with industrialists and financiers of the USA.

This was just an instance of the sort of interference in the German socio-economy that arose from the other side of the Atlantic. There many others.

For example Dr. Schacht (PhD, 1899) was a pawn of Mr. JP Morgan (founder of the bank JP Morgan, and so mighty he personally put an end to a Wall Street crash in 1907). Schacht became Germany’s most important finance official after WWI (although he had been sacked for corruption by his commanding general during the occupation of Belgium). Schacht engineered the German hyper inflation of 1923, as part of a devious campaign to not compensate for the enormous deliberate damage inflicted on France, from the flooding of mines to the dynamiting of the Coucy castle, the largest Middle Age castle, with the highest dungeon ( French volunteers are still rebuilding it, albeit they barely started to make a dent on that field of stones).

The First World War happened on French soil, invaded by the fascist Prussian army, and the destruction occurred there, but Germany somehow contrived to pose as a victim of big bad France, and the concept of repairing what it had broken. This (absurd)  lesson is taken for granted by many an Anglo-Saxon pseudo intellectual, and is an essential part of the anti-French sentiment in the USA. Even Hitler was not that anti-French.

Dr. H. Schacht later engineered, in the 1930s, the coming to power of Adolf Hitler.

Some, who don’t follow the news, will feel I am rehashing history long gone, and not worth studying.

However, in 2012, German opinion makers systematically warned against providing enough money for the European economy, by brandishing the threat of the hyperinflation that Germany experienced in the 1920s, and conflating it with the Great Depression of the 1930s. As Paul Krugman rightfully pointed out, that was mixing two completely different phenomena from two completely different decades.

The only thing in common between the 1920s, the 1930s and the 2010s has been a common lamentable success by the most influential German opinion makers to persuade the German people that black is white, cold is hot, and criminal insanity is the highest expression of wisdom.



The First World War was a conspiracy from four German generals, dragging two admirals, the Kaiser (depending upon his highly variable mood), and the acolyte of USA president Wilson, House. Although traitors to civilization such as Bertrand Russell wanted Germany to win (something about the Anglo-Saxon race, same as Col. House), the British recovered their inner French, and allowed France to win.

At the battle of the Marne of early September 1914, multiple counterattacks by French army corps between or around German army corps, nearly cut-off the main German armies.

The BEF, British Expeditionary Force, ten divisions, was helpful to the more than 100 French divisions engaged (although the BEF had to whipped into shape, as it had started to flee way south of Paris). However, the BEF was not decisive. The Germans retreated desperately, and the front lines stayed blocked for four years afterwards, until the Second Battle of the Marne (when Germany tried all out, punched in a vacuum, as French intelligence had anticipated the blow, followed by a French artillery propped counterattack, which led Germany’s commander to inform the Kaiser that Germany had lost the war).

Hitler was in the midst of it all. His company got killed by the French. Ultimately he was gazed, by the French and suffered a nervous breakdown. Gas had been a German idea, but the French and British caught up on it. Thus Hitler’s hatred of France. After World War One, Germany was smarting from its defeat at the hands of the French Republic, half in size in population (when not counting the French empire).

Once, after the German defeat, a British general was having tea with the top German general, and the German complained they should not have lost the war, but for little problems like the insurrection in Germany, and the fact the treacherous French army had cut-off the food supply of Germany in the south. Amused, the British general struck an ironical tone:“In other words, you would not have lost the war, if you had not been stabbed in the back!”

Ludendorff ran away with the notion. He was one of the founders of the Nazi party (at the time when the Bavarian police was paying Hitler to… spy on the Nazi party!) Another thing the Nazis ran away with was Keynes’ outrageous paper, “The Economic Consequences Of Peace”, where Keynes argued that having liberated Eastern Europe from the German boot was a horrible thing, tied in with the deeply manipulative and nefarious French mentality, which put liberty above profit.

That Keynes is still admired by pseudo Jewish pseudo liberals such as Paul Krugman means that, even among the brightest, some are finding history too hard and complicated for their taste. (Not that I disagree with Keynes in all ways, far from it; but I find his influence on human events nefarious enough to avoid naming anything positive in his glory.)

In any case, the end result was that German fascism had been defeated, but not crushed. Clemenceau (much reviled by Keynes) declared in 1919:“Mark my words. Within twenty years, the Boches will attack us again.” Clemenceau was entirely right (but for the fact that it was the French republic which attacked that time; “Boches” is a derogative for Germans).

A consequence is that German fascists were obsessed by defeating France. Hitler starts “Mein Kampf” ranting against the French, the real enemy. Then, and only then, pages later, he criticizes the Jews. Observing a man dressed all in black, like a crow, Hitler observes:“I asked myself, is that a Jew? Then I realized that this was the wrong question. The right question was: ‘Is this a German?'”

[I am quoting from memory. Nobody can accuse me not to know the classics!]



France was the greatest military power after November 11, 1918. The French Republic to impose her views fully about what to do next. France insured the freedom of Eastern Europe, liberating several nations, but she was unable to insure her own safety in the West, as the USA opposed this in all sorts of ways (even promising to implement the French idea of the SDN, the Societe des Nations, and then sabotaging it later).

The natural frontier of France is exactly what it was under the Roman empire: the Rhine. The other natural limes was the Danube; in between there was a gap; that gap caused plenty of problem to the Roman army, an hemorrhage that lasted four centuries.

Another natural solution was to conquer “All Men” (Allemagne). That is exactly what the Franks under Clovis embarked on after defeating the Goths.

After Germany’s naked aggression in 1914, which killed more than ten million in Europe alone, the positioning of the French army on the Rhine would have been only natural. (After 1947, France would make to Germany an offer it could not resist: unify and salute; the euro is a means to further the unification).     

However, as far as the USA plutocracy was concerned, France and its enormous empire were juicy targets, as they had been in 1914 (when an alliance was proposed by “Colonel” Wilson, special envoy of USA president Wilson, to the Kaiser). And so were all European empires.

Fascist European regimes supported by American plutocrats were going to be the way the European democracies would be destroyed, and USA rule, after 1945, implemented. OK, there may not have been a central gnome committee underground, the way Obama has a death panel. But I do believe that equivalent ideas were broached in parties. After all, that’s what Manhattan is for. (What else?)

German fascists were fully cooperative, with the machinations of USA based plutocrats, because they did not take the USA seriously. After all, when Jews such as the Warburgs cooperated with Hitler, it could only be viewed as hilarious (certainly Texaco and its oil amused Hitler a lot).

France had limited the German army to 100,000 with the Versailles Treaty, and severely limited the size and nature of heavy German weapons, from tanks to submarines, to battleships. So the (fascist) Germans, to turn around the restrictions of the Treaty, secretly collaborated with a number of countries to develop such weapons. Sweden, Portugal, the USSR, Great Britain, and of course the USA, would be major collaborators in this effort.

The French government, in the late 1920s, warned the German Weimar government that, should this stealth rearmament go on, France would intervene severely.    

Amazingly, Churchill warned France that he would unleash the Royal Air Force on France, if France attacked Germany. That was in 1929. It was also a total violation of one century of entente cordiale, implicit or explicit.

This, meticulously ignored fact, puts a lot of matters in a different light:

1) Churchill was not what he built himself up to be, later. It’s not that Churchill was anti-French the way many USA citizens are nowadays. Far from it. Churchill was a francophile, and spoke excellent French, to the point he used it later during governmental functions. But Churchill also admired, and misunderstood, racial German fascism… Until 1939-1940 (a time when he gave bad advice about the Royal Air Force, which PM Chamberlain did not follow, thankfully). Churchill was also half American and had USA envy, and thus did not understand what American plutocracy was up to (he thought he belonged to that pantheon, and it was OK… Until the war told him it was not OK).

2) France failure to attack Nazi Germany before September 1, 1939 came precisely from the fact its main democratic allies, Great Britain and the USA, were deeply pro-fascism (and mainly pro-German fascism). Being anti-French was a convenient excuse, a seduction of greed (there were all these empires to grab). After January 1933, that pro racial fascism mood turned to a strong pro-Nazi sentiment in the UK and the USA. 

The UK was actively pro-Nazi until 1936. Great Britain allied itself with France firmly only in 1939, when the Spanish republic fell to Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. The USA was mostly pro-Nazi and anti French until 1940.

Although the French Republic got help through the USA “cash and carry” in 1940, pro-Nazi policies in the USA were still active until August 1942, when Prescott Bush was told to stop managing Hitler’s greatest military corporation; IBM’s Watson, among other USA plutocrats, did not stop, though, to help the Nazis, even then! The attitude of the USA varied according to the different actors, considerably. For example, subordinates of Eisenhower told him that the French armored thrust towards Paris was a “difficult task” and that he should help it, even if the French infuriated him (Ike consented to join the Fourth Infantry division).

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, German generals and their tanks were training… in the Soviet Union. This explains why German generals were so confident, in 1941, that they would crush the USSR. (They were clearly six weeks short, at least to conquer Moscow, and that would have cut-off Leningrad too.)

In 1935, a complex treaty was signed between the United Kingdom and Hitler. The Third Reich could violate the Versailles treaty, the Brits agreed, and build much more capital ships than allowed under it. In counterpart, a complex trading system was implemented between the British empire and the Reich.

France was aghast. The German ambassador confided to his American colleague Dodd that he feared assassination. Both used to take strolls together in the Tiergarten (zoo), to avoid the omnipresent microphones and spies…inside their embassies (or even inside Dodd’s family!). Finally Roosevelt had the Nazi skeptic Dodd, a University of Chicago historian, replaced by a man friendlier to Nazis and American plutocrats. 



Because it was his plan all along (as Old Geezer Pilot pointed out in the comments). Hitler had been conditioned by old Germanic lore, and at best, wanted to make slaves from the Slavs.

In the Middle Ages the Teutonic Knights judiciously found out that the Middle East was too hot for comfort, and that it would be smarter to pursue the work of extending the (Roman!) empire through Pagan lands, as Karl Der Grosse (Carlus magnus, Charlemagne) had done, a work actually started by the Franks a full millennium earlier.

Clovis’ dad, Childeric, was a Roman imperator, another little known fact: he was found buried in imperial purple in the 17C; unfortunately a fire in the Louvre museum around 1830  destroyed the Childeric’s ensigns of power; like Caesar, the Franks thought that the way to protect Gallia was by conquering all of Germania.

The Teutonic knights conquered East Prussia before being defeated, centuries later, by a Lithuanian-Polish coalition. Hence the old Prussian hatred against Poland.  

In 1914, the entire German army had been thrown through Belgium, against France. Eight divisions were supposed to hold Eastern Prussia. After a few weeks, a few reinforcements had to be sent. Ultimately, by 1917, the Germans had Russia on its knees, and the Soviets made an humiliating peace treaty which conceded a huge amount of land to Germany. One can, in a way, argue that Lenin was a German imperial agent! (He had been, with all his entourage, transported from Switzerland to Russia, through Germany, during the war.)

In the minds of all too many Germans, and cockroaches such as Hitler, the Russians were easy to defeat, that had been thoroughly established in WWI, and German generals coming back from the USSR confirmed its primitivism.

On the other hand, Hitler and all the Nazis expected defeat at the hands of France, Britain, and the USA, should those democracies unite again. That is why they were much encouraged by the hostility of the British and USA government against the French republic. Even then, the Nazis thought of attacking France no earlier than 1944. That’s how long the Nazis thought they needed to be ready.

Instead France attacked in 1939, and was defeated, momentarily, in 1940. Hitler found himself at war when he was not ready at all, and it quickly showed.

The defeat of France in May-June 1940 caused heavy Nazi losses, and the strategic disaster that Britain joined France in total war. In June 1940, a drafted French army sacrificing itself, allowed the British professional army to evacuate at Dunkirk (more than 300,000 soldiers escaped the encirclement).

Hitler, and Mussolini, depended upon the American plutocrats for oil, and that was as reassuring as being fed by sharks, I must admit. Hitler attacked Poland mostly for the oil (although he was screaming about Dantzig). Unfortunately the pernicious Stalin moved into Poland too, claiming he was helping his buddy Adolf… And grabbed the oil, first.

So what next? Hitler had persuaded the German generals he could be trusted, because Germany would never engage deliberately in a two front war, again. That is what Germany had done in 1914. So Hitler told his generals he would not attack the despised democracies. The Treaty of 1935 with Great Britain gave him a green light to attack to the east, he thought, and the wealthy Von Ribbentrop, with his large expensive apartment in London, assured him that British plutocrats were with him, and against the French Republic. 

Still the top German generals could see Hitler was nuts. In spite of their training as obedient dogs, they conspired to get rid of Hitler. They contacted the British government to ask it to say that, should Hitler pursue his aggressive antics, Britain would join France and declare war. Instead, traitors in the British government informed Hitler that his generals were plotting against him.

In 1939, France cut the Gordian knot, and declared war, and Hitlerland found itself in a war against Britain and France. In 1940, the German Air Force suffered enormous losses during the battles of France and Britain (thousands of planes and pilots). Earlier, the German fleet had been devastated during the Norwegian campaign against Norway, France and Britain (destroyed German capital ships can still be admired in fjords).

So Hitler told his generals that they had no choice. Britain, at this point, could not be defeated. They had to destroy the USSR first, precisely to avoid a two front war.

That was without counting on “Bomber Harris“, and the long range heavy bomber fleet that Britain had been using for more than six months already. Bomber Harris would quickly open a second front.

Hitler would end up, or rather, down, with three million men (only) fighting in Russia, while a full million manned the 88mm guns inside Germany to shoot at British bombers. Also an enormous part of the Luftwaffe was assigned to air defense over Germany. Part of the result was that, by November 1940, the Brits conducted raids on Berlin (following the earlier French example). By December 1941, Hitler would lose air supremacy in the Battle Of Moscow. It was so cold, only Russian planes were flying, and shooting at half frozen German troops in their summer attire.



Because, by June 23, 1941, fascism had plenty of enemies, and weakened by wounds.

Mussolini attacked Albania, and then Greece. Greece counterattacked magnificently, and was pushing the fascists back into the sea, through Albania. Mussolini high pitch screams to high heavens, like the sexist little girl he was, enticed the Nazis to intervene. They threatened Yugoslavia which was in the way (Yugoslavia was another product from the French liberation of the German slaves known as Slavs, another country that, according to Keynes, the French had created in their malevolence). Encouraged by the allies, the Slavs said no, and the Nazis invaded Yugoslavia, which would keep them busy with guerilla until 1945. So did Greece, their next target. Finally the Nazis got most of their paratroops to win, and die, in Crete.

The Nazis were idiots who did not know history. If they had, they would have heard of king Pyrrhus, who after winning yet another victory against the Roman army, concluded that “one more victory like that, and we will be completely defeated“.

The Nazi invasion of Russia happened six weeks late, and with smaller forces than anticipated (because of the enormous casualties in France, up to 200,000 there, added to what was lost in the Yugoslav-Greek-Crete campaign… plus all those shootings in the German sky against British Lancasters).

The gods of war, which had been so much on the Nazi side in the battle of France, were now against it. First, as general Guderian noticed, the Soviets had been learning the Nazi tactics of circling around. So the Nazi losses were heavy.

Record rains in October-November stopped the panzers, in the mud, which froze a few weeks after, in the coldest cold since Napoleon came that way. The panzer generals could see the gold bulbs of the Kremlin. Moscow had been evacuated, and its defense were tenuous. But Stalin had not fled, and the blocking sections of the NKVD, very active.

Yet Japan, ally to the Third Reich, decided to attack the USA, and target Indonesian oil, instead of attacking north, the USSR. Stalin immediately sent his 270,000 Siberian troop army to Moscow. It was expert at the coldest of cold. It counterattacked on skis among frozen Germans, by late December 1941.



Why did Germany attack again, twenty years after the entire world allied itself with France, and it had been completely vanquished? Mental inertia had a lot to do with it, plus lack of imagination. Why did it elect Hitler? Well, Hitler squeaked in electorally, he barely made it. But important people such as Schacht were pulling the strings, and the likes of countless racist plutocrats such as Henry Ford doing what it took (Ford had Hitler on payroll, just as the Bavarian police did).

As I said above, there were important manipulations of the public mind by the wealthiest. Moreover a vicious cultural mood had been created in Germany for generations. Nietzsche shouted about it ferociously, book after book. A mood of Deutschland Uber Alles rotted Germany. A mood that involved hubris. Hubris, called hybris by the Greeks, was the most reviled of moods. Moods have lots of inertia inside individuals and (thus) cultures. All the more since vicious moods are generally supported by thick mats of lies.

The hubristic mood of German superiority got wounded in 1914-1918. That angry bear bred with the racist attitude towards the Jews which Nietzsche had excoriated when it dawned. Germanoid madness received a severe blow in 1945. But only the full truth will vaporize it fully. As some declarations during the recent banking crisis showed, some of the infuriating Germanoid moods are still, unbelievably, alive.

The German Vice Chancellor, Roesler, racially a Vietnamese, declared many times in 2012 that Greece ought to be kicked out of the euro. On the face of it, it’s outrageous: a primate from another country, especially if endowed with a big title, does not have any right to declare that another independent country ought to be expelled from its own currency. Roesler wants to show to all that he is really a good German, the old fashion way, spiting Greece and the gifts it brought.

So it is often with politicians who do not truly belong: they want to show they are true patriots, and overdo it. The disaster known as Sarkozy is an example. The Corsican bandit Napoleon another. Even Louis XIV fits the bill (because of the Fronde). Hitler, an Austrian (and a… Jew, according to some other top Nazis). No, I will not say that a half Kenyan could not prosecute a white bankster, lest he not be admired as a true patriot…

The truth is that the average Greek nowadays has about as much to do with the European banking crisis than the average European Jew had to do with the Great Depression.

The rise of Nazism was endowed with a succession of satanic miracles. Many of them were engineered by worldwide plutocrats, others were pure accidents, especially since Nazi behavior was outside of the expected norms (something Hitler played as a violin). But the moods that enabled it were no accident.

The Greater Depression the world is presently facing is, deep down, a worse situation that the 1930s. In the 1930s, great powers were playing an imperial game. The USA, in particular, felt it ought to be the leader, and had the power to impose that. So it did, by letting its plutocrats run wild, and make their own international politics, supported by the Congress. Surely, if the USA had joined France and Great Britain in 1939, there would have been no Auschwitz. If nothing else, German generals would have implemented a coup, or even a strike against the Nazis. Instead the Ethyl Corporation of America sent lead tetraethyl in enough quantity (hundreds of tons) to keep Hitler’s Air Force flying, while France and Poland had more than 100 divisions engaged in combat. That was extremely high treason, not just of democracy, but civilization itself.

The Poles fought desperately, because they wanted to live. The Nazis wanted to kill them all, it was not just about killing the Jews. Not yet.  

There will be no justice about what happened with Nazism, as long as a full light is not brought to bear on these events, plus the cover-up ever since about who and what supported Nazism, and the impact they both had on the continuation of the plutocratic mood, we and the biosphere, are enjoying today.

The situation is worse nowadays, greatly because those nefarious mysteries of the past were not explored, but allowed to fester. A mood of unexamined civilization was allowed to thrive. If too many feel that it may not be worth living, much may happen all too soon.


Patrice Ayme


November 13, 2010


(By "those" I mean, in particular, institutions.)


Abstract: The role played by the plutocracy of the USA and the state that serves it, in the creation, rise, and momentary triumph of the Nazis has been considerable. But it is ignored to this day. Worse: victims, such as the French state railways, which had nearly as many executed by the Nazis, as died in New York, on 9/11, get accused, to create a diversion from the sad reality of the role the power of the USA played in Nazism. The USA will not progress, as long as it does not face its truth, be it only because of its direct effect on the architecture of power in the USA, and the world, to this day.

Example: In 1921, it’s not Germans who put Hitler on a personal $50,000 stipend. It is the grotesquely racist Henry Ford, an American plutocrat. Nor is it Germans who created IG Farben, but Wall Street. IG Farben the chemical Uber-monopoly, was the mastermind of Auschwitz. IBM had the monopoly of computing in the Third Reich, managed from New York, throughout the entire war. Many top American plutocrats gave Hitler the means to wage war, and he rewarded them with money and fame. Prescott Bush was Hitler’s right hand man. And the airport in Washington is named after another top Nazi.

Yes, some weasels will claim that Bush and Dulles, and hundreds of other American plutocrats and servants were not official members of the Nazi party. As Hitler was the first to point out, it was better that way.

Without cognition, there cannot be contrition. No cognition, and no contrition invites retribution. The USA ought to keep that in mind, as the rest of the world will increasingly ask questions on how exactly the USA leveraged World War Two to create a world empire, in three years.


Found in American media:

PARIS (AFP) – France’s state-owned rail company SNCF has expressed remorse for hauling thousands of Jews to their deaths in Nazi camps, after US lawmakers threatened its chances of winning lucrative contracts.

Until recently, the company insisted it had been forced by France’s World War II German occupiers to help deport 75,000 French Jews to the gas chambers, and noted that 2,000 of its own rail workers were executed.

But, with SNCF and its main train-builder Alstom seeking work in the United States, the company’s chairman Guillaume Pepy earlier this month met in Florida with elected representatives and Jewish community groups to express his regret.

Pepy told them he wished to express "his profound pain and regret for the consequences of acts … carried out under order".

Lie. This a serious distortion of the truth: the AFP did not say this. Not all deportees were French. Of the 75,000 deported Jews, 55,000 were non French refugees. Also hundreds of thousands of non Jewish French were deported, and DIED. Why are non Jews never mentioned? Are they, somehow, less human?

Imprecision: SNCF is not a state company (it was in 1940 property of the French state, but the French state arguably stopped existing on June 17, 1940, because of a coup against the Third French republic; the reality is that, after that German Nazis were giving the orders in France).


Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld, an historian, from the most famous Nazi hunting family, and a Jew, is indignant: SNCF got a requisition order from government authorities, and had no choice. In occupied France, the Nazis ruled. And not only were they not respecting the law, but they made a point, after the first Nazi soldiers got killed during the occupation by the resistance, to instill an ambiance of terror. Directly resisting Nazi orders was not an option.

Let’s be direct: the SS generally used Zonderkommando (special commandos), often made of Jews, to execute their victims (themselves often made of Jews). The Jews executing Jews executed the SS orders not because they were Nazis, but because they were victims, and they had no choice. Either they obeyed, or they were tortured. The same applied to SNCF workers, with further twists in the horror: if they obeyed orders, they had a quasi normal life. If not, they were arrested, brutalized, and they were threatened with execution, and their own families with "deportation", and more of the same. Fools who don’t know history but have opinions about it often think that only Jews ended in extermination or concentration camps. But this is not true: more than two-thirds of the civilians exterminated by the Nazis in camps were not Jews in any sense.

The "Holocaust" of the Second World War killed more than 50 million people in Europe alone. Between 4.5 million and 6 million were Jews. Poland lost 6 million (a lot of them were Jews, but the Nazis started the Pole extermination program in October 1939, following with a Jew extermination program only in July 1941). In any case, those who think that the "Holocaust" of WWII had to do only with killing Jews are themselves racist and accomplices of the real, full holocaust, because they are asserting that only Jewish deaths count, and they ignore another 45 million or more victims. It is philosophically and ethically unacceptable.

The position of the USA in WWII was also long philosophically and ethically unacceptable. Arguably no country played as much a role in the rise and power of Hitler as the USA. This is the dirtiest secret of the Second World War. It keeps informing today’s American politics, economy and society, and thus, the world. If Americans act weird, worldwide, it is because they did not come to grip with the role of Janus that American power played with Nazism.




Hitler was declared "Person of the Year" by TIME Magazine in 1938


Why was the USA not at Munich in 1938? Too busy celebrating Hitler.


"A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our AMERICAN RULING FAMILIES are to the Nazi regime. . . .


The American industrialists gave not only various weapons and means (trucks, magnesium bombs, automatic pilots, armor, etc.) but also secret industrial processes (synthetic oil, rubber, and lead tetraethyl, crucial for military engines). The accords with the Nazis often stipulated that the secret processes would not be revealed to British or American military.

With all due respect to Ambassador Dodd, another type of American plutocrat, the bankers and Wall Street, played as important a role as the industrialists.



The USA, its president and Congress declared in Fall 1939 that the French republic was a "belligerent country" because it had declared war to Nazi Germany. Sanctions were taken by the USA against France because France fought Hitler: it was unlawful for an American citizen to set foot on a French ship. It goes without saying that this was stabbing in the back of democracy by American plutocracy.

Canada, Australia, India, among others declared war to Nazi Germany, following France and Great Britain in September 1939. The Canadians landed troops in France in June 1940. But the USA was not in the war: too busy doing business with Hitler (example: Prescott Bush, Hitler’s right hand man, father and grandfather to American presidents, was busy managing Hitler’s greatest defense concern, while using Auschwitz’s slave labor).

Meanwhile, various American corporations rendered operations of the Nazis possible by shipping diverse goods, including oil and anti-knock compound for military aircraft and various other necessities and weapons. American tankers were fueling Nazi ships and submarines in the Atlantic while France and Britain were struggling for survival. More stabbing in the back of democracy by American plutocracy. And very significant: as the Poles fought desperately and 45 French divisions attacked on the narrow, difficult, very fortified front they had in the west, between Luxembourg and the Rhine, the fact that Hitler’s Luftwaffe stayed in the air only thanks to American power, was, what Obama would call a "game changer".



In 1940, France counted 330,000 official and declared Jews including 140,000 Jewish refugees from Nazism who had been refused entry to the anti-Semitic USA.

Right now the number of persons in France who, according to the law of Israel have the right to return to Israel is at least 1.5 million. The French presidential couple, Sarkozy-Bruni had at least one Jewish grandparent on each side. Arguably around half the French population (including de Gaulle) has some Jewish ancestry (a lot of them have also Arab and Berber ancestry, due to commerce and invasion in the first millennium).

So why the witch hunt of Americans against French entities on the ground of anti-Judaism? Because of basic American racism and plutocratic cover. Because Americans do not want to question their own history. They cover up their own history by accusing others loudly, and playing holier than thou. And putting the debate in other people’s courts.

What happened around 17 June 1940 is that after an enormous battle since May 10, more than 5,000 aircraft had been destroyed, and more than 185,000 soldiers killed. The French republic formally requested the USA to warn Hitler, and the USA refused to say anything against Hitler, let alone come to the rescue of democracy, or France and Britain. Around mid June, the French Air Force could plausibly have recovered air supremacy over France, but the Wehrmacht was in Bordeaux. Churchill, his government, the British Parliament and the plenipotentiary representative of the French government (De Gaulle) decided to unify France and Great Britain. This would have protected French citizens from Nazi vengeance as French forces would have kept on fighting the Nazis.

However a few adventurers and old generals met, on June 17, and highjacked the French state, creating the Vichy regime, ordering a CEASE-FIRE with the Nazis. The USA, Hitler’s best friend, after Stalin, immediately recognized the Vichy junta. De Gaulle declared the Free French would keep on fighting on 18 June, and Churchill made a discourse, in French, on 22 June, declaring Britain was not ceasing fire, and "Hitler sera pendu" (Hitler will be hanged).

American corporations and American plutocrats and their employees kept on helping the Nazis. Dulles, after whom the airport in Washington is named, American Peace Be Upon Him, represented about 100 Nazi companies. Ford and General Motors trucks had conquered France. IBM had the monopoly of computation in Nazi occupied Europe.

So why don’t American corporations do not present excuses and disgorge their fortunes as they profited from Hitler? The Bush family got 13 million dollars in 1953 for having managed enormous defense concerns using Auschwitz detainees. Why don’t they present excuses and get to reimburse their victims… Including SNCF?

The USA will not progress as long as it does not face the particularly sordid history of its plutocracy before, during and after World War Two.


Patrice Ayme


Note 1: Coincidentally, 15 hours after the preceding was written and published on this blog, the New York Times revealed that:

WASHINGTON — A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad.

Dave Dieter/The Huntsville Times, via Associated Press

Arthur Rudolph, in 1990, was a rocket scientist for Nazi Germany and NASA. He was one of one hundred top Nazi engineers and war criminals (Nazi rockets were built in tunnels by slave labor worked to death).

The 600-page report, which the Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, provides new evidence about more than two dozen of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades….”


Note 2: It is tiring to have to talk only about Jews killed in France by the Nazis. It is not just tiring, it is taking part, being de facto accomplices, in a racist enterprise. Are only the Jews human? Those who obsess only about Jewish deaths surely talk like it. The French empire lost two million dead in World War Two. 25,000 of these were deported Jews. Do not the other two million count as human? What about 28 million dead Soviets?

Most Jews arrested in France for being Jews, were surprised in France by the French defeat. Of those who died, 55,000 were foreign refugees in France, unable to flee to the USA, because the USA refused to accept them (not enough space, I guess…). In the 25,000 French Jews sent to Germany, 8,000 were French because they were born in France from foreign parents (right of the soil), 8,000 had acquired French citizenship.

More details in French below.



The (at the time hardware) company IBM was the company which provided Hitler with the technical means to do a lot of things, including where Jews were hiding to enable the “Final Solution”, the killing of millions of people []. Read more on that in the book "IBM and the Holocaust" by writer Edwin Black (2001).

The GM and Ford companies had subsidiaries and conducted business with the Third Reich well before the Second World War started. US motor companies had factories in German soil and utilized forced labor to produce vehicles that they were sold to Nazi army. GM’s participation in Germany’s preparation for war began in 1935.


25.000 Juifs étaient de nationalité française et 55.000 de nationalités étrangères. Parmi les ressortissants français, 8.000 enfants étaient nés de parents étrangers mais étaient français par déclaration à la naissance en application du droit du sol, 8.000 étrangers avaient obtenu leur naturalisation. Le nombre de Juifs français de souche déportés s’élève par conséquent à une dizaine de milliers.
75.000 juifs ont été déportés, soit 25% de l’ensemble des juifs en France, nationaux ou apatrides ;
50.000 juifs on été arrêtés dans le Zone Nord occupée ;
38.000 juifs ont été arrêtés à Paris ;
25.000 sont des Juifs nationaux
50.000 sont des Juifs non nationaux: Polonais, Allemands, Russes, Roumains, Grecs, Turcs, Hongrois…
42.800 sont des hommes ;
32.200 sont des femmes.
Lieux de déportation :
69.000 à Auschwitz
2.000 à Maïdaneck
2.000 à Sobibor
1.000 à Kaunas
1.000 à Buchenwald et Bergen Belsen
3.000 ont survécu.