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Big Tech, Big Thieves! Demolition of Patent Law By Big Tech Thieves

July 31, 2020

One could call me a technology fanatic: I believe that only the most advanced technology will save humanity, the planet, not to say the cosmos (from its otherwise boring state). High education is the greatest wealth there is… after love. In my case, much of this cognitive wealth is the fruit of a mood I inherited from generations of my ancestors, on both sides of the Mediterranean.

I am fully aware that science and philosophy is nothing without tech. We have enslaved the planet, so we don’t need to put Homo on the menu on a regular basis. 

Higher education is never the fruit of greed, because it costs too much. Many of the titans of Big Tech are rather uneducated, they tend to be like leeches, critters which think barely enough to be experts at bloodsucking.  Tech titans tend to be rather uneducated, because they were conferred by the big imperial US racist government huge powers to spy on, and manipulate the minds of We The People, worldwide.

An illustration of the brutish force of plutocracy, is Bill Gates; born wealthy, this college drop-out got his big breakthrough from his mom, an IBM director, and doubles his power with the Gates Foundation, a deceiving and defeating outfit which demonstrated its nocivity during the recent pandemic: while Bill Gates was getting love letter from his collaborator, Xi, the Chinese dictator, millions got sick and brain damaged. Gates Foundation steals tax dollars not going to serious biomedical research, instead it interferes with government and serves Gates (be it just by investing in Gates’ investments).
Gates extends his power all over media, propagandizing for China’s dictator. He is evil-power (pluto-kratia) personified. NBC loves Gates: it is controlled by Comcast, itself controlled by the Roberts plutocratic family, small potatoes relative to Gates, thus anxious to please him.

Big Tech, in a coordinated action, censored Medical Doctors on 7/27/2020 (the videos were “removed for violating community guidelines”). The presentation of some treatments used massively in countries where the ratio of deaths relative to the number of COVID cases is very low was blocked as “unscientific” (Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.). Donald Trump Junior and the lawyer of Flynn (a former Federal Prosecutor) were also banned from Twitter… For having mentioned Hydroxychloroquine. There is direct evidence that Big Tech hates Trump and will do anything to not get him re-elected. 

The following was also censored by Big Tech: the (scientifically established, and scientifically understood) fact that children are little at risk to get or transmit the disease when they are in elementary school (this is due to the low density of ACE2 receptors in little children). 

This is a dramatic demonstration of the Big Power of so-called Big Tech: although many of its leaders have not even a college degree, it can decide what medical science is. 

Things are not what common people think they are. By attacking Trump in the most grotesque and racist fashion, corrupt democrats (not all democrats are corrupt), prevented Trump to destroy the tech monopolies. In that picture, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (a billionaire made up by Wall Street, not profits), and receiver of the Medal of Freedom Gates are missing… More than 80 giant US multinationals are suspected of using Chinese slave labor

Zuckerberg, Mr. Sugar (Zucker) mountain (Berg), said he employs 35,000 censors (“content moderators”), or maybe more… plus 70 “fact checker” companies around the world.  Sugar Mountain also claims that there is no bias. However, Google employs a “fringe ranking”, and censors the fringe automatically. That is tantamount to censoring progress, as all and any progress starts as “fringe”.

On July 29, 2020, Congressman Gaetz brought up Google’s “fringe ranking”: “Who gets to decide what’s ‘fringe?’” Gaetz posited. “You said, ‘We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result,‘” Gaetz said in reference to a Dec. 11 hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee. “But leaked memos obtained by the Daily Caller show that that isn’t true. In fact, those memos were altered Dec. 3 just a week before your testimony and they describe a ‘deceptive news blacklist.’” Gaetz was talking to Pichai, the CEO of Google/Alphabet… who has Pichai’s compensation for 2019 was more than $280 million, topping the $200 million he received in 2016.

Some of my ideas about racism, now made mainstream by Black Lives Matter, were considered as “fringe”, or even “unique”, and censored accordingly (I actually exchanged with censors… more than a decade ago!). 


Under the preceding two US administrations, Big Tech was able to modify Patent Law to its advantage. Now plaintiffs have to demonstrate first they suffered economically before asking for legal relief, when Big Tech steals their inventions; thus new inventions have little economic value for individuals in the US nowadays. Obama was so ill informed, he thought he was helping “practicing entities” when he righteously pushed for that.

These plutocratic corporations led by plutocrats know only one thing: power. They use an armada of tax avoiding “foundations”, “initiatives”, “not-for-profits”, to increase their power. And they leverage their power with politicians anxious for future income. Who needs money when one can have absolute power?

Pluto-kratia is evil-power. Big tech has been violating the spirit, if not the letter, many laws. It can keep on doing this only by exercising its power in even more evil ways. That’s a vicious circle. Rockefeller controlled too much oil, so his company was broken up. Today’s plutocrats do not control oil, but minds. It’s worse. 


The first thing to do to fight Big Tech’s ever increasing monopoly powers, is to revert Patent Law to what it is supposed to be: a monopoly granted by the state in exchange for making one’s invention available to the world. As it is, US Patent Law has been changed, in a process started in 2006, but expanded under Obama, in something where the inventor has to show “economic injury” if her invention is stolen (that is, the invention is used, while not compensating the inventor for usage). Big Tech can immediately argue that no “economic injury” has been sustained by its usage of others’ inventions… as the inventor didn’t make money from it… since Big Tech did. So no inventor can go see a lawyer to ask for remedy: both the inventor and the lawyer would lose time and energy, to no avail: they were not previously injured economically. This has enabled Big Tech to steal others’ invention with complete impunity… especially when an invention has been patented, that is, published with full explanations on how to make the invention (patenting is itself a long and costly process involving specialized agents and, or attorneys).  



Who can resist five million dollars? Well, I personally know the case of a federal judge who did not resist…

Indeed, another strategy Big Tech uses is to systematically sue into extinction small companies and inventors who don’t submit. I know of the case of a tiny company who was sued frivolously by a large tech company (it was basically sued for using its own inventions!) The tiny company won a jury trial, but the (Federal) magistrate did not force the tech giant to pay for the lawyers’ fees. That was a Friday morning. Friday afternoon, the ex-judge, who had just resigned, accepted a five million dollar compensation package from another tech giant. 

The highly innovative electronic CPU engineering company was pushed into bankruptcy. To this day its engineers, who were ruined, have been unable to invent as they used to. They live in Colorado, but fed crucial electronic know-how to Silicon Valley (the federal magistrate who got bought was in San Jose). Such engineers are not greedy college drop-outs such as Gates of Hell and the Sugar Mountain: they have done years of studies after college, they have Masters, PhDs… The judge’s corruption reduced many professionals crucial for the survival of civilization to destitution. They suffered, and are still suffering: some have still basically no income, and reduced savings. But even more, civilization suffered, because innovation got struck to the core (full disclosure: I was directly involved, that’s why I know the case so well; I did not write any names yet, but I remember them well; the five million dollar bribe was given by one of the companies dragged to the US Congress, 7/30/2020… But Congress has no idea that US judges can be bought, and have been bought… Hopefully this writing will help it get on the radar…)


The last way Big Tech rules, is simply by swallowing small companies whole… after various threats… That was covered in Congress 7/30/2020… But common people go to jail for much less than that: remember George Floyd, and his fake twenty dollar bill? So how come the Tech titans, having stolen billions are not arrested and stomped on too? Systemic plutocracy!   

Mind control by Big Tech monopolies is proceeding apace. 

Plutocratic monopolization is how civilizations get destroyed: look at Rome… In the end Rome was unable to think out of the oligarchic box it was stuck into. And the oligarchs prefer to negotiate with the barbarian invaders rather than doing the right thing, and restore the powers of the Roman Republic.

Patrice Ayme

Meet Your Plutocratic Owners: Xi-Finity Comcast NBC Universal, Courtesy Roberts Billionaires

July 24, 2020

I sent hundreds of dollars to Comcast every month. Who is Comcast owned by?

Total Market Capitalization of Comcast is around US$ 200 billion in July 2020.

Comcast has around 200,000 employees.

Some of its divisions: Xfinity, NBC Universal, Sky Group.

The latter two are major influencers.

Universal Beijing Resort, a joint venture between Beijing government and Universal Parks & Resorts, a business unit of Comcast NBCUniversal is planned to be the world’s largest amusement park. Comcast plans to spend around 5 billion building it. Built since 2014, it is supposed to be finished in 2021.

The close business and investment collaboration with the Chinese government shows that Comcast is actually a propaganda arm of the Xi dictatorship, in the grand tradition of plutocrats helping collaborating dictators be all what they can be. Comcast owns Xi-finity, and Xfinity is a convenient abbreviation.

US plutocrats, led by the hyper racist Henry Ford, basically created Hitler. The White House was involved, mightily, but discreetly. Both president Wilson and Roosevelt promoted German fascism, but they were crafty, deceitful, and very efficient about it. 

However, in the last decade, the promotion of the racist, fascist dictator Xi by US plutocrats and its attached Kenyan fathered commission boy, was in no way discreet.  

In the Plutocratic White House… Comcast contraptions, power monsters sucking world dry : Meet a Trump hater. Hereditary billionaire Brian Roberts, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Comcast Corp., right, and his wife Aileen Roberts arrive at a state dinner in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Aileen+Roberts+President+Obama+Hosts+Chinese+98IjCJvW9Fal

 Xifinity? Plutocrats create and then leverage fascist racist dictators… such should be the main lesson drawn from the history of Hitler, the Nazis, and their sponsors. The same story is being repeated under our eyes, with the fascist, racist Xi dictatorship.

Roberts, who is this Roberts? Comcast has a main owner, the Roberts family (1% equity interest, 33% voting power). Brian Roberts is the son of Ralph Roberts himself the son of Bob Roberts, all immensely wealthy.

The same trick is used all over so-called “capitalism”, and therein its neo-feudal nature. Common folks buy common shares, plutocrats buy “preferred” shares. This way they achieve control. They become the captain, common folks are not even bugs, they are just part of the machinery, 

So the little minds are all listening to the billionaires propaganda, while a host of companies working with Xi in China, where they use Xi’s slaves and race prisoners, such as Nike, Microsoft, etc… contributed 2.7 billion dollars to Black Lives Matter in the USA… while screaming about the racist Trump and his virus…

Divide minds and conquer…

Patrice Ayme

USA: Bezosed And Besotted. Bezos makes $13 Billion In ONE Day.

July 22, 2020

… And pays no tax. As with sucking Zuck, paying no tax is of the essence. This week, in one day, Jeff Bezos made 13 billion dollars. Yes, in just one day. Considering the average US family makes 60 K, in a year, that’s more than fifty million US families made that day.  Considering total US yearly income in 2018 was 17 trillion dollars, that means Bezos, in one day, made 1/1,000 of that. Too bad Obama is not president: he could give Bezos the Medal of Freedom…

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post (“WaPo”). The WaPo is a prominent member of the anti-Trump propaganda machine. Trump is president of the USA… But not just this. Trump started a career in electoral politics by running for president. Like Kanye West, he ran against Reagan in the 1980s. At the time Trump, a major Democrat and Democratic donor ran against the Democratic mainstream, which was supporting Reagan’s reforms. Reagan was an ex-actor, ex-governor of California, whose most telling exploit had been to introduce tuition to the University of California, a public institution. Reagan embraced with enthusiasm the globalization movement, according to which US multinationals became global multinationals taxed where there was little or no tax.

White Face Extreme Multibillionaire Zuck electrically surfing in front of his Hawaiian property. Will sucking Zuck succeed to buy his own Hawaiian island, as billionaire Ellison did? Security detail is very close by on a big boat, and pro-electronic surfers are accompanying him. All these monopolist leeches are riding technology they didn’t invent, and couldn’t have invented because most of their knowledge is concentrated around greed, and how to satisfy it… Zuckerberg owns a 700-acre plot of land on the north shore of Kauai, and has apparently paid others to buy land, so that they will sell it to them…

Billionaires developed strategies to pay little or no tax. One trick used by the one who bought one of the main Hawaiian island, the boss of Oracle, is to borrow with his billions of stock as collateral: no tax on loans. The Zuck who sucks gives shares… to a tax free institution he created for himself, and which he 100% controls…. Zuck was just following the strategy of the Gates of Hell, to whom Obama, their pet president-boy, gave, supreme irony, the Medal of Freedom.

Make no mistake: I am a tech fanatic. Moreover, I am a scientist, and none of these vultures are so endowed. Their tech monopolies actually kill technological innovation and progress, because they had their pet-boy president pass a law destroying the Patent System so as to serve them. So now the real inventors can’t be rewarded anymore… and innovation is stagnating in its main engine, the USA.

The Patent Law was supposed to be changed last Fall. Fortunately for the tech monopolies, the impeachment of Trump for confronting with weapons the Russian in Ukraine (or so it looks to me) intervened just in time…

Bezos announced a ten billion dollar “charity” for climate change. As with Gates and sucking Zuck, this all means their POWER escapes taxation. In a healthy democracy, the world’s richest people wouldn’t be able to painlessly make a $10 billion donation to “initiatives” they control like the tyrants they are. Their fortunes would be mitigated by tax collectors; antitrust laws would constrain the growth of their encroaching POWER. Instead of relying on a tycoon to bankroll the national response to existential crises there would be national responses, International we the People initiatives..

Billionaires will emerge from the pandemic with a major surge in their wealth….. And not just because their overall tax burden as a percentage of their wealth plummeted by 79 percent from 1980 to 2018 (in 1980 it had already plummeted from the 93% on top margin rate, Eisenhower, a Republican who desegregated schools, introduced).

The very structure of the banking system directs money at the wealthiest… And the more wealthy, the more money. That’s how Jack Dorsey, another Trump hater, made many billions with out having his company earn any money through earnings…

If the hating of Trump triumphs in November, one can be sure that the Patent System hostile to small inventors will persist… And inequality will keep on jumping ahead [1]. It’s crucial that inventivity keeps on going up, to avoid falling in the ROMAN TRAP… That is, so much Intellectual Fascism that necessary inventions were not made.

Bezos has replied that Blue Origin, his self-financed rocket company, is his most important work. Fair enough, and he has got a point there… somewhat reminiscent to that Elon Musk has made. However, one man cannot replace millions of small inventors…

In the case of COVID, Bill Gates has unwillingly demonstrated that his Tax Free Foundation extends his power… But not our prospects. Gates may be thanked by his client Xi, but all of Gates’ power is as much that was drained away from proper foundational government programs, be it in research or cure…

Patrice Ayme



[1] By looking at the indicators carefully, one can argue that elements of inequality, such as the employment number, went in the sense of a decrease of inequality under Trump; inequality certainly went up under Obama… Only thing that






Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg Stole A Public Hospital

July 20, 2020

Lives Matter, So Plutocrat Zuckerberg uses his capture of a hospital to depict himself as a good person. Hey, won’t he give 99% of his Facebook stock (to himself, without paying any taxes…) 

Some “Black Lives Matter” throw down statues of those who won the Slavery War. How clever is that? Maybe more than it looks. If those they throw down the statues of had not existed, many “Black Lives”  would still wear chains, and a little whip would have to be occasionally applied to encourage them. So when they destroy the memory of Ulysse Grant, the general who won the slavery war, are the “Black Lives Matter” as cretinous as they look? Or are they, acting on the simple instincts associated to more primitive form of life, smelling something deeper? Maybe they do, and they should. Let us help them by explaining more truth.

The USA is in the grip of total plutocracy. Plutocrats control 100% of the media, thus nearly 100% of the minds. Every time I write down this notion, the New York Times immediately censors it (I am a long time subscriber, cultivating my masochism). The NYT is little more than a deranged Trump hate cult (I read their insanities everyday)… Why is the NYT so afraid of the revelation that Pluto owns all minds? The NYT knows that, however idiotic their readership is, the ultra simple notion that, whatever information is fed to minds, has been inspected and approved by global plutocracy… it could perhaps flip a switch in their minds. If it turned out that those moods have been force fed for so long, even the simplest reader may ask, are those souls and hearts of them, just actually installed to serve The Man? 

An example of The Man is Marc Zuckerberg, a specialist of stealing what is, or should be, public property. Zuckerberg sets high standards of plutocratic hubris… A hubris only surpassed by the likes of Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, who became a multibillionaire without his company ever earning a dime (but he will censor you, and actually has arrogated to himself some of the powers of the Roman censors of old… who were public officials, whereas Dorsey is just a nobody with the arrogance of five billion dollars and the power to block publication…)

An example of installed mood all US citizens tend to share, and which has to be destroyed, is celebritism. According to celebritism, we all owe everything to immensely out-of-the-ordinary heroes. They did not just create all the worthy ideas and emotions, they created all the jobs and wealth, without them the universe would be empty, human life would cease. 

San Francisco Hospital is very old and gigantic. Zuckerberg gave peanuts… But the hospital is ruled by wealthy doctors who want to earn even more money. At least in San Francisco that’s what the powers that be want you to believe: without Marc Zuckerberg, the ultra wealthy owner of a world-monopolistic social network, no healthcare in San Francisco. Having health cared for in San Francisco is to subscribe to the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Now many very wise and knowledgeable individuals, worldwide, argue that Zuckerberg is little more than a thief, a front, and a spy. Respected institutions like parts of the European justice and legislative system, have pondered all the laws facebook has broken.  

But the city of San Francisco tells you: if your health is in jeopardy, and someday it will be, should you be lucky, if you want to survive, you have to embrace the Marc Zuckerberg cult. Marc is the way, there is no alternative.

A public hospital founded 150 years ago, and publicly financed, after at least one direct referendum to do so, is named after ONE young, live, mind manipulating plutocrat, Marc Zuckerberg… Or how the cult of celebritism is pushed onto people.

What is the interest of this? It teaches normal people they are nothing. Zuckerberg meets with the Pope, Congress, presidents, buy Hawai’i, establishes a 80 billion dollars “Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative” (CZI). He controls it. Thus he can give, without ever paying income tax on capital gains, because he gives shares, and still he can claim the colossal deductions… While keeping all the powers and respect, and influence that controlling hundreds of billions, and public opinion, gives. 

And what of the dignitaries in San Francisco, the board of the hospital who entunes:

“Our History – Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Zuckerberg San Francisco General has been an integral part of San Francisco history for over 150 years, responding to the city’s health crises and working to improve the health and well-being of all…

Who gave them the right to nominally attribute private property?

The tall buildings in sight are part of San Francisco General Hospital. Zuckerberg couldn’t even pay for more than a fraction of the parking lots.

In 2011, San Franciscans OKed a new hospital building. Huge sums were involved.

84% of San Francisco voters passed Proposition A to build a new acute care and trauma center on the original hospital site. In 2011, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation launched the Heart of Our City Capital Campaign to raise funds.

In 2008, another similar public fundraising had passed: To ensure the availability of San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, by building and/or rebuilding and improving the earthquake safety of the hospital and to pay related costs necessary or convenient for the foregoing purposes, shall the City and County of San Francisco issue $887,400,000 in general obligation bonds subject to independent oversight and regular audits?

Such sums absolutely dwarf the measly 75 millions given by Chan-Zuck… Thus one can deduce the leaders of San Francisco General Hospital view celebritism as the most important of mission. 

Popes have to meet with beggars and thieves. Shouldn’t the Pope protest when a hospital is stolen? No, instead he makes gives to Caesar… Who gave the world to these punks? Other, older punks, and the mood they feed…

Their minds are corrupt. They have done high studies, because the public invested in… them. Zuckerberg didn’t. By serving him and his ilk, they betray those who have created them, the public. Just because they are prostitutes? Well, prostitution is a calling, but betrayal should be severely punished. 

Patrice Ayme



On a personal note. Annual blood test went from $35 to $830, with a $200 “copay”. In two years. Great progress, that Obamacare! The wealthy, scavenging healthcare profits, will become even wealthier






Ideology Is Always Top Down, And the Influence Can Be Incredibly Subtle

July 16, 2020


What ideology matters? Does Low Lives Ideology matter? No, never! What matters is High Lives Ideology! Nietzsche covered that one when he focused on the sheeple of Christianism versus the ‘blonde beast” mentality of their lords. By “blonde beast”, Nietzsche didn’t mean Viking but the lions found on many coats of arms of the Middle Ages. Nietzsche observed that the morality of the European aristocracy was closer to the kill them all of lions rather than the love them all, professed by Jesus (when he was in a good mood). 

We have plenty of proof of the giant chasm between the “flock” mentality the folks were immersed in, preached by the Lords, and what the Lords practiced: consider the Crusades, the Cathars, the Jacqueries in France, when the worst atrocities happened (on both sides). The European aristocracy was one, not just morally, and intellectually, but even genetically, as they intermarried heavily, all the way from Madrid and London to Kiev and Moscow.

Christianism was imposed top down by the Roman emperors, starting with the tyrant Constantine, killer of his own family. It worked for (much of) the Roman plutocracy, which succeeded to merge with barbarians. 

The supreme trick for the elite, is to present as coming from the bottom what actually came from the top, the elite itself.

Lenin in a bad way. You would look like that too, if you set to help We The People, and then discovered you were instrumentalized by the fascist Kaiser Wilhelm, and the lethal thug Stalin…

Some who know history, superficially, may roll out the Soviets (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin). Surely, they would say, that was an ideology coming from the bottom, the Russian proletariat! Well, not so: it’s the Kaiser Whilhelm II and his goons who enabled Lenin and his entourage to be injected from Switzerland to Russia. They had a deal. In 1917, Lenin gave a gigantic piece of Western Russia (some Poland, Ukraine) to the German dictatorship. This gave the fascist German military enormous resources and enabled them to bring all their forces to bear on the Western Front. So, actually, Sovietism was an ideology serving German fascism (it showed up again in 1939-1941) with the official alliance between the USSR and Hitler, which enabled the latter to crush the French Republic (the Nazi army was fully fueled by Soviet oil). 

Criticizing (real, yet secondary and mostly imaginary) “systemic racism”, is another example of an ideology imposed from the top to enable the pursuit of the rule of the present dominants, the (mostly) US plutocrats.

How does this work? Basically the dominants control the military, the police, justice, and, most important of all, the media. Roman media became fascist imperial under Augustus: he killed, exiled or defanged anybody not agreeing with him. The self-dominated “Senatus Princeps” (First in the Senate) fabricated for himself a compliant Senate. He defeated the spirit of republican opposition, by claiming that he had reinstituted the Republic. After Augustus died, nobody in the Senate knew what to do, and opposition was nonexistent (opponents had been killed, decades prior). After several weeks of indecisions, Tiberius, adoptive son of Augustus, and chief of the army, was called to duty, by said Senate.

After the “Year of the Four Emperors”, a messy and short struggle for power, the most powerful general took control, Vespasianus. Craftily, Vespasian adopted Josephus, a Jewish general he had captured. Between Saint Paul (another Jew who was a Roman citizen and prosecutor), the legend of Christ got written down. Morality:”give to Caesar what is to Caesar”, “turn the other cheek”, “love your neighbor as yourself”, “embrace passivity and martyrdom”, “hate non-believers”… and make allusions that it would be best if non-believers could be dealt with the sword. Also burn books and libraries, an exercise Saint Paul was very proud to have launched.

To cover its track, plutocratic Christianism exaggerated the martyrdom it suffered at the hands of Nero, Diocletian and Galerius (3,000 dead in the latter case). The persecution under Marcus-Aurelius is generally ignored, because the “stoicism” preached by that emperor goes hand in hand with Christianism: it also persuades the sheeple to lie supine and enjoy its living death, for the wisdom therein… 


The Topmost, Very Highest Ideology Rests On Moods Imposed On The Lowest 

Most of the preceding section one may have read somewhere else. Now for something completely new. Why didn’t the Romans develop science or high intellect? Because the Romans were not just too fascist politically (especially after Tiberius Gracchus’ unfortunate adventure). The Romans were also INTELLECTUAL FASCISTS. It’s synchronized: too much political fascism is only possible with enough intellectual fascism. Intellectual fascism rests on a few axioms, a few idea, a few moods, a few emotions… all driven by the desire of limiting curiosity. 

So destroy the statues instead of understanding how they got there. This “Damnatio Memoriae” was a Roman speciality: it prevented to examine the past, because one didn’t know that it ever existed… I do not want to make the Romans more creative than they were: damnatio memoriae (damning memory) was actually in Ancient Egypt, aeons before Rome was created…

Science rests on curiosity and common sense. Creating more science means creating more of the curious spirit, and attending neurohormones, and much more common sense. 

This is where CIQ, the Copenhagen Interpretation of the Quantum, comes into play. The theory is absurd. Why? It takes Einstein’s localization hypothesis at face value (nobody ever denounces it, because Einstein is a sacred cow). 

However, all the Quantum Field Theory (QFT) computing depends upon Quantum wavefunctions which are spread out. The Born Hypothesis (BH) is that wavefunctions have only computational merit. No “reality” (or “element of reality” as Einstein said) are attributable to them, whatsoever. 

For me, philosophically, if something enables me, systematically, to predict reality, it is real. But not so for partisans of the CIQ. For them, Quantum wavefunctions are not real… Yet somehow, they are… systemic. They have something in front of their face, it does stuff, but then they claim it doesn’t exist. Many of the same physicists had Nazism in front of their cae, Nazism did stuff, but, still, they somehow denied it existed (Heisenberg, the one full of uncertainty is an example of this; he directed the Nazi effort to build a bomb… Thankfully he was less good a physicist than Irene Joliot-Curie who persuaded the French War Ministry in January 1938, that a nuclear bomb could be made; when the project had to flee Europe, it went to… Manhattan…)  

This idea that, if something systematically enables to compute something else, it is real, has recently been understood by the masses: it is actually the theory behind “systemic racism”: if someone is of color, that person has more trouble with the law, quality employment, healthcare, etc. So there is a causality there.

Hence one can see that the dominant ideology in physics denied the reality of the most basic causality, the most basic evidence. Thus top intellectuals could deny Nazism and “systemic racism” while believing that they were infinitely subtle…  

Patrice Ayme          


Stock Market: Roller Coaster With More of A Brain Than It Looks

July 12, 2020

Robert J. Shiller, a 2013 Nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics at Yale University and the co-creator of the Case-Shiller Index of US house prices. He is the author of Irrational ExuberancePhishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception (with George Akerlof), and Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events.

Professor Shiller is baffled by recent stock markets antics:

NEW HAVEN – The performance of stock markets, especially in the United States, during the coronavirus pandemic seems to defy logic. With cratering demand dragging down investment and employment, what could possibly be keeping share prices afloat?

The more economic fundamentals and market outcomes diverge, the deeper the mystery becomes, until one considers possible explanations based on crowd psychology, the virality of ideas, and the dynamics of narrative epidemics. After all, stock-market movements are driven largely by investors’ assessments of other investors’ evolving reaction to the news, rather than the news itself.

That is because most people have no way to evaluate the significance of economic or scientific news. Especially when mistrust of news media is high, they tend to rely on how people they know respond to news. This process of evaluation takes time, which is why stock markets do not respond to news suddenly and completely, as conventional theory would suggest. The news starts a new trend in markets, but it is sufficiently ambiguous that most smart money has difficulty profiting from it.


NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 18: Traders and financial professionals work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at the closing bell, June 18, 2019 in New York City. U.S. markets surged on Tuesday after President Donald Trump announced that he plans to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss a trade deal at next week’s G-20 summit in Japan. Guy on the right was probably short…(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Prof Shiller:

There are three separate phases of the puzzle in the US: the 3% rise in the S&P 500 from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, on January 30, to February 19; the 34% drop from that date until March 23; and the 42% upswing from March 23 to the present. Each of these phases reveals a puzzling association with the news, as the lagged market reaction is filtered through investor reactions and stories.

The first phase started when the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus “a public health emergency of international concern” on January 30. Over the next 20 days, the S&P 500 rose by 3%, hitting an all-time record high on February 19. Why would investors give shares their highest valuation ever right after the announcement of a possible global tragedy? Interest rates did not fall over this period. Why didn’t the stock market “predict” the coming recession by declining before the downturn started?

… The second phase began when the S&P 500 plummeted 34% from February 19 to March 23, a drop akin to the 1929 stock market crash. Yet, as of February 19, there had been only a handful of reported COVID-19 deaths outside of China. What changed investors’ thinking over that interval was not just one narrative, but a constellation of related narratives.

What changed is that the Turin-Milan region, the economic powerhouse of Italy, had to lock down, following the extremely severe lockdown in China. It was obvious that the world was going to lockdown. Indeed, Shiller admits the crisis was terrible:

…”some people in locked-down China reportedly were reduced to searching for minnows and ragworms to eat. In Italy, there were stories of medical workers in overwhelmed hospitals being forced to choose which patients would receive treatment. Narratives about the Great Depression of the 1930s flourished.” Some people were also caged in their houses in Wuhan, with bars added to their windows…

“The beginning of the third phase, when the S&P 500 market began its 40% rise, was marked by some genuine news about both fiscal and monetary policy. On March 23, after interest rates had already been cut to virtually zero, the US Federal Reserve announced an aggressive program to establish innovative credit facilities. Four days later, Trump signed the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, promising aggressive fiscal stimulus.

Both of these measures, and similar actions in other countries, were described as resembling the actions taken to counter the 2008-09 Great Recession, which was followed by a gradual but ultimately huge increase in stock prices.”

And professor Shiller to conclude with his trademark:

“In all three phases of the COVID-19 stock market, the effects of genuine news are apparent. But price movements are not necessarily a prompt, logical response to it. In fact, they rarely are.”

Here is my comment, I see cleverness and logic, where Shiller is lost and baffled (but he got his irrational exuberance Nobel, I didn’t!):

This roller coaster seems all very logical to me. In the first phase, the epidemic seemed a blip. The important news was that the Trump impeachment was a hoax, which had failed. Trump and his light taxation, and capital repatriation, good for earnings, and the future US economy, were marching to re-election. 

Then it turned out that the world was confronted to a nasty, unstoppable pandemic, the world economy  was going to crater, thus so would earnings. Earnings doomed to crash, stock markets crashed. 

Then, in phase three, a financial miracle and cosmical bonanza was discerned, by the wealthiest, for the wealthiest. The central banks, and even Germany, decided to make and distribute enough free money to get the biggest companies to keep going, even if their standard earnings had mostly disappeared (say airlines). Call that synthetic earnings, but earnings nevertheless. 

Also the way out of the pandemic is to innovate (so the tech heavy NASDAQ took off). 178 vaccines are under development. Some biotech will, and have, scored (especially as quinine + macrolide antibiotic is neglected).

So now what? More of the same. There are tweaks, though, as some trends are increasingly blatant: small companies are getting less help than the big ones. Some countries (Taiwan, Korea, Japan, dreaded China) are mostly industrially intact because they mastered the pandemic. Many other emerging countries will get submerged, having lost their money making exports (and no central bank will save them). Some sectors (fossil fuels) seem doomed (as investment goes down, fields perish). 

All of this new reality is reflected in stock valuation trends, worldwide. The US presidential election guarantees that central bank money will keep on flowing. TINA: There Is No Alternative. Just don’t invest in what is dying. 

By the same token, if Biden gets elected, standard health stocks and green stocks should go up… And notice the market is smiling…


We are in a logical world. If some of us don’t see the logic, it does not mean its’ not there… And yes, free money goes to the wealthiest. They are those the wealthiest (central banks, and large “private” banks) lend to. Not easy to change, and there are easier ways to improve the lives of We The People…

Patrice Ayme

A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable

July 11, 2020

The New York Times wants us to worry about the cruelty directed to avian dinosaurs. Why chicken? Why not rats tortured by rat poison, dying over hours in indicible suffering? Aren’t rats closer to humans than chicken? Being too concerned by animal welfare was the mark of the Nazis: they passed very advanced animal welfare laws. That enabled them to present themselves as “humane”. It was a cover-up, a change of conversation.

On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter. On April 21, a law was passed concerning the slaughter of animals; no animals were to be slaughtered without anesthetic. Those Nazis were obviously keen to project an image of goodness.

It is scornful to let a few wealthy families, who all know each other, control the world media. Therein the source of monothinking… And its erroneous outcomes. The climate catastrophe could have been mitigated. But it’s not going to be. Record beating temperatures in North Eastern Siberia (the world’s coldest place, outside of Antarctica) were recently measured: 38 Celsius, more than 100 Fahrenheit, more than Houston, Texas… The mad greenhouse is supposed to cook the polar regions, as it starts rampaging. And it is. So Siberia is burning, unleashing gigantic quantities of CO2 and methane. Two weeks ago, the area on fire was as large as Switzerland, and affecting air quality in North America.

So far, so funny. But when global HEATING goes nonlinear, it’s going to be even less funny than the COVID virus… (Picture NASA, July 2, 2020)

Nicholas Kristof of New York Times in his blog, Saturday 11, 2020:

I noted in my last newsletter that I was wondering, as we pull down controversial statues, what our great-grandchildren will find bewilderingly immoral about our own times — and about us. Some of you sent in your thoughts, and the thought nagged me enough that it became my Sunday column.
I think our descendants will find our passivity on climate change unforgivable. They’ll be staggered by our indifference to human suffering. And I think they’ll be baffled by our systematic cruelty to animals, especially poultry and livestock. Read the column and then post in the comments about other moral blind spots of our time that I missed.

I sent this:

A characteristic of the recent indignation of the upper middle class reminds me of the Puritans or old: namely, they think they are so pure, and they are not. But, to make sure that they feel pure, all howling the same way, while enjoying the spoils, they accuse The Devil… namely Trump.

However, Trump is a newcomer in politics, and he did not originate most of the well installed evils in place. An obvious evil is the housing crisis, and it came directly from NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard). Where I have lived for decades, the NIMBYists argued that non single family housing had to be demolished, because it spoiled the views. Even billionaire Feinstein (married to a Senator) said this.

What upper class “democrats” didn’t say was that, by strangling supply, they caused enormous price appreciation of their houses, and homelessness. Better to talk about “systemic racism”,as it accuses We The People to be vicious, perverse, and… despicable. Besides, it accuses of what we are not, thus confusing us.

Meanwhile public transportation was also strangled to make IPOs (Uber, etc.) while Google (etc.) enjoy their own private transportation bus system (using regular bus stops which they stole for themselves, as they generally did not pay for them).

Another despicable manoeuver? Obamacare was rolled out: 25 million new insured (getting government money to pay for it), but small people can’t see their doctors anymore, although they pay private corporations for insurance they don’t get the fruits of (I have used Obamacare for real: it’s a rip-off). Single family housing is also causative of the climate catastrophe, by the way…


Not holding my breath that the employees of the conspiracy of the world’s wealthiest men will dare to publish such a contribution to global thinking (the most sedate, cogent, and polite parts above constituted comments to the New York Times; they were all censored; this puts a question towards the honesty of individuals such as mr. Kristof: he reads individual comments. Then he blocks them because, well, his salary depends upon it… La grande excuse des pires salauds à travers les ages: my salary made me do it…)   … They don’t want us to think thoughts we are not supposed to have. Bleating, they like.

A Civilization Whose Media Is Controlled By A Few Is Despicable… and also idiotic. That’s why they die… but it can take a while…

Patrice Ayme

Real Estate Rip-Off, Or Why California Is Full Of Little Trumps In Denial

July 11, 2020

There is excess in California real estate right now. It is driving the California inequality crisis. A cleansing collapse is needed. Extravagant real estate prices have driven enormous inequality… And that has nothing to do with Trump… Just the opposite.

Although the state is nominally, and stridently “democratic”, the average “democratic” voter behaves like a mini-Trump (that’s why they hate Trump so loudly: they are in denial of their true inner nature… they want to scream to themselves that they are not as they truly are… also Trump took away their tax rebates, and redistributed them to low lives).

The reality is this: by refusing the construction of low and middle income housing, a boom of real estate prices was created. Yesterday’s dumps, bought cheaply, became money making machines. The California middle-class strangled low income housing supply in a mix of greed and NIMBYism. This selfish enterprise started as an esthetic claim. A few decades ago, San Francisco congratulated itself for physically demolishing thousands of units of “ugly” low income housing (those thousands of apartments were replaced by a few multi millionaire houses). In other Californian cities, anything not multimillionaire houses is basically illegal to build.

1775 Broadway apartment #8 San Francisco, CA 94109 Pacific Heights 1 Bed 1 Bath
728 square feet 
$994,500… Est. Mortgage $4,759/mo

In San Francisco, a less than 1,000 square feet, one bath apartment, can be more than 1.5 million dollars. Below this, tents in the street, living in filth, is the official city policy. College professors have been known to live inside their cars. I know someone who has lived in his car for twenty years. In another Bay Area city I know all too well, some “democratic” (of course) officials are paid to do nothing, while California governor Newsom put at disposition of the city a small land surrounded by a freeway exchanger, all around, and the busiest railroad in the USA… to be used by the homeless (won’t they be happy surrounded by howling, belching machines?)

To turn this nightmare into a better reality, a good collapse in the existing real estate is what is needed. So as to replace it by something more progressive. Augmenting the taxes on billionaires some more, would help, as the diversity of thinking and initiative in California guarantees they are going nowhere…

The remedy is to build massively, cheap, earthquake-proof, modern, ecological apartments (single family mansions, as presently found in California, would be too ecologically devastating, and should be reserved to millionaires). Developers should be fiscally encouraged to do so.

The manipulated and manipulating have been going around, decrying the US as a systematically racist place full of white racists who have to destroy their inner Hitler.

Last month, the City of Seattle’s “Office of Civil Rights” sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Seattle has also expensive real estate… And this is what low lives worry about… not whether all these “whites” who suddenly “care” are busy calling others racist.

The problem in the San Francisco Bay Area is that the minorities are a majority. Many, if not most, of these minorities are highly skeptical of the indignant “systemic racism” discourse. They feel something is wrong, and rightly so: the leader of the “anti-racist” movement is Nancy Pelosi, a thoroughly white woman of extreme privilege, whose Pacific Height house is probably worth around twenty-five million dollars. Her main residence is a gigantic Napa valley estate, complete with tennis court and twisty access road, where she throws lavish parties for her rightly thinking expensive friends. She also owns a vineyard, beside ownership of the Squaw Valley olympic ski resort. Now that she is done making money from scalps, Nancy will push to change the name… But I digress…

Nancy Pelosi is a plutocrat of the most nefarious type (the war criminal type). Like her California colleague Feinstein, she leveraged politics to build a fortune. Such people are systemic oligarch. To deflect criticism from their systemic colonialism those evil oligarchs are addicted to, they invented the notion of “systemic racism”, which accuses those that they exploit… to exploit them even better, by confusing them further by making them feel bad about themselves, and building a fake explanation of what is wrong in the US.

Although I have been victim myself of some form of racism, more than once, and sometimes dangerously so, and always a heartbreak… I must admit that I am significantly different and somewhat obnoxious, and the white US person in her, or his, purity, can’t tolerate by black heart. The worst racism and abuse that I have seen, though, was from… US intellectuals. “intellectuals” are curiously unappreciative in the US for anybody who comes out of the box of established thinking.

That incapacity to think what’s not supposed to be thought may explain why the fact of systemic real estate abuse being really a machine to make the wealthy wealthier has not been denounced. Chomsky speaks about US imperialism… What about banks, and real estate, and how they augment inequality? Above his pay grade at MIT?

From, say, European eyes, the preceding critique may seem strange: in Europe one cannot use real estate for considerable leverage, by having a bank buy for oneself something one cannot afford… lest it considerably augments in value. Trump cut down the amusement by reducing the interest deductibility down from 1.1 million dollars to $750,000. This is one of the reason why he is so hated by the upper middle class in expensive “Blue” states such as New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts…

Do not expect this sort of introspection to strike those opinion makers as particularly smart. But this also explains why the angry demonstrations attacked even CNN (fanatically anti-Trump), and Ulysses Grant (US president who won the Secession War when he commanded the US Army), Lincoln (anti-slavery president whose election launch the Secession), or even Supreme Court Justice Douglas, a strong anti-segregationist… What the low lives are saying is that they are left out by the plutocracy, whose modus operandi is to present drastic inequality as a fact of life one can’t escape, and one should tolerate with benign neglect… hence the tent cities and squalor a few minutes from Nancy Pelosi 25 million dollar mansions in San Francisco (she has another eight properties…) This is what Nancy teaches; she is so incredibly concerned by the homeless, and it is the fault of that man in the White House… But one can’t do anything about it, although we try everyday.

Actually, nine years ago, a small peninsula within the San Francisco was occupied by hundreds of homeless, their tents, their dogs and their drugs. I called it then “Obamaville”. So, yes inequality reached a new squalor under Obama. And, no, inequality is not all Trump (inequality indices seem to have reached a peak at the end of Obama’s reign, and have stagnated since). Actually, rather the opposite: Trump loves to build housing… especially given subsidies to do so. In truth, it’s because the “democratic” upper middle class became incredibly wealthier by restricting the housing supply that it hates Trump so much: it recognizes in him the builder, the supplier of housing, its natural enemy…

Patrice Ayme

Systematic Plutocracy, Not Systematic Racism

June 3, 2020

So we are now supposed to be all excited by a wild goose chase, for the systematic racist. Did you meet a systematic racist recently? By the way, if he was so racist why did Chauvin paired up with a non-white cop? Actually he even looks like what is outrageously called “black” in the USA (where color is everything, and attributed absurdly). Chauvin’s wife, Kellie Chauvin, competed for the title of Mrs. Minnesota in 2018 with the hope of becoming the first Hmong winner. Does that sound like the choice of a white supremacist racist? (She is filing for divorce, change of name…)

Kellie Chauvin, wife of the officer charged with second degree murder, and vilipended around the world as a systematic racist… how many of you, vilipenders, denunciators of Chauvin’s alleged racism, are married to someone of another “race”?

On the face of it, the assassination looks more like a hit: let engage on a little flight of possible fancy. Chauvin wanted Floyd dead, because they worked as security in the same shady nightclub, and one of them, or both, had gone one deal too far… Hence the attempts by the officers to get the cameras turned off (they were only partly successful, yet threatened some spectators). In that case, it would be first degree murder, but that would require a careful inquiry, and the Police Department will not be anxious to go that route, as it would end up with four officers accused of first degree murder, or aiding and abetting such…

Torture was involved too… Hidden behind that car… too bad there were all those smart phones… Interesting those cell phones, they reveal lots of atrocities: as David Horn, a 77 retired black police captain, agonizing, live on Facebook, bleeding to death… He had been protecting a friend’s pawn shop… None of the spectators came to try to help him (say by compressing the wounds to slow the bleeding, which seems to be what killed him). There are better angels in our nature, but also abominable ones… And only the work of the latter is definitive. 

As it is, the four officers could get 40 years… Each.

The murderers of Mr. Floyd. How many races represented? Where is the “systemic racism”?

So much for the little, uncomprehending people. But the big guns have rolled out. 

Both W. Bush and Obama came out with statements accusing “institutional racism” or “systemic racism”.  They both were in the White House eight years… How come they couldn’t at least tell us what the institutions of racism where, and how that racist system worked? Show me the money as the saying goes… Oops, sorry, for revealing it all by accident. This is all about money. “Black” president Obama made 100 million dollars… So he wants to talk about “systemic racism”, instead of, say “systemic kleptocracy”.

Serious George and Barry: If one can’t even vaguely describe what an enemy is, how are we supposed to fight it? We will go into the bushes and thickets, looking desperately for all those racists, while you make millions a year, from selling the presidency? Tell me, oh wise owls. Two of the assassins of Mr. Floyd were non-whites. Are all the races conspiring to kill blacks in that “systemic racism” of yours?

Many mention the death of that lady in her bed. They forgot to mention that her boyfriend had a gun licence and fired at the three kevlar armored police officers, mistaking them for “intruders”… who returned fire. Yes they were intruding, but they had a no-knock warrant (because of drug suspicion). So here we see a mix of problems: no-knock warrants for drug trafficking, thus police-judicial violence, boyfriends sleeping with loaded guns, etc.  I doubt the color of the victims was analyzed in the dark… Just the flash of the boyfriend’s gun.


So the basic problem is not be racism, especially not “institutional or systemic racism”. But sheer violence. Or then, if institutional, what about Biden instigated “New Jim Crow” act of the 1990s. I know how hard that is. I contributed to getting Obama to reduce the sentence of the father of three condemned by Biden sponsored laws, to a life sentence, for carrying… a pipe. It took months of work for a top law firm partner… So who has come across a racist recently? If not ‘racism” then what is it? Simple: well-paid police are enabled to use brutality. To do what? To foster violence in society, to inure the population to the violence of the plutocratic system, one where the resources of the socioeconomy are leveraged, using the banking system, to create more than 600 billionaires, many of them loud on the “Democratic” side.

Not everything was negative in what Obama said: he urged people to “remember that this country was founded on protest — it is called the American Revolution.” Actually it was an outright war, complete with superpower intervention: without the French ammunition factories, and the rest, the US Revolution would have failed. At Yorktown, the British army had to surrender. The British army was besieged at sea by the French fleet (!), and two French armies had converged on Yorktown. When the British commander surrendered his sword, he offered it to the French commanders (Rochambeau and Lafayette), who redirected him to general Washington.

So the French revolutionary spirit, in evidence since the foundation of the French state by Clovis in the Fifth Century, was communicated to the American Founding Fathers, most of whom stayed years in paris, imbuing themselves with French “lumieres” (lights; enlightenment).

Obama also suggested what I suggested prior, that every cityhall in the United States review use-of-force policies and aggressively pursue an eight-point slate of police reforms that include mandatory de-escalation of conflicts, a ban on shooting at moving vehicles, timely reporting of violent incidents, and a ban on some forms of restraint used by the police.

Obama, sitting in front of a sparse bookcase, spoke Obamese, a strange mix of reality denied and wishful thinking imposed: “Chokeholds and strangleholds, that’s not what we do” . Well that’s precisely what police departments do. And not just in the USA, there is a notorious case in France, since 2016, with officers still uncharged…

“In a lot of ways, what has happened in the last several weeks is that challenges and structural problems here in the United States have been thrown into high relief. They are the outcome of not just an immediate moment in time, but as the result of a long host of things — slavery, Jim Crow, redlining and institutional racism.”

Well, he forgot to mention the “New Jim Crow” laws, long record supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration instigated and passed by no less than Joe Biden, who is celebrating 50 years of his paid elected politician career in the USA…

Obama also systematically forgets to mention as a structural problem the sort of economic, religious, state and justice systems which made possible the extermination of many Native American nations…. Although that was a larger crime than slavery: a good slave was a live slave, but a good Indian was a dead Indian. From there flows much of the brutality of US society, especially as many powerful today profited from the genocidal trick of their ancestors, establishing great fortunes over the generations.

Racism is a consequence, now, of something affecting 99%, plutocracy… used as a coverup thereof. Any observant “white” will have witnessed police brutality, experienced plutocracy. So do something about the latter, instead of pointlessly accusing others of racism.
Patrice Ayme



Is Plutocratic Violence Hiding Behind Racism?

May 31, 2020

So three police officers sit on a man for nine minutes. He dies. This is interpreted as, first of all, a problem with racism. Ex-officer Chauvin is white, but the officer watching nervously the smothering, is Asian. 

This is a hint that racism may not be the main problem. Racism is just an assumption which is rolled out as a motivation all the time, by manichean self-described “liberals” (they are supposed to be pure, like the puritan of old). Such a traditional assumption, that everything has to do with evil, obvious racism is so traditional, precisely because of racism. 

Federal Security Guard killed by deliberate automatic gunfire at the Oakland federal Court House, May 30, 2020. His colleague was grievously wounded. Dave Patrick Underwood was a Bay Area native from Pinole. The US Department of Justice determined the assassination was “Domestic Terrorism”

Assuming other people are racist, is metaracism. This is compounded by holier than thou attitude, namely, I am so good, I can tell you you are bad, even if I don’t know you, because, you see, I know you, based on the color of your skin. This sounds as an attitude is straight out of a comedy, but it’s not, it kills. It’s the same attitude which enables a white woman in finance to threaten a law abiding citizen (when she is not), by telling the police he is threatening her life, when all he is doing is asking her to abide by the law.

The most effective adaptation of racism over time,DiAngelo claims, “is the idea that racism is conscious bias held by mean people.This “good/bad binary,” positing a world of evil racists and compassionate non-racists, is itself a racist construct, eliding systemic injustice and imbuing racism with such shattering moral meaning that white people, especially progressives, cannot bear to face their collusion in it. (Pause on that, white reader. You may have subconsciously developed your strong negative feelings about racism in order to escape having to help dismantle it.) 

What DiAngelo is saying is the penultimate step before what I am saying, which goes much further. Racism from the police is not as much the problem as outright violence by the police and justice system to buttress the established order.

Police, in the USA is very well treated as far as salary and total compensation is concerned. Here is San Francisco, for basic police officers: 

Salary $89,856 – $135,096/year

A Police Officer works 40 hours per week on different shifts and overtime may be required. San Francisco offers excellent benefits and the current starting salary is $89,856 per year. After seven years of service a Police Officer may earn up to $135,096 per year. You will receive comprehensive training, at your full starting salary.

After age 58, an officer can retire on 90% of last salary.

The police chief of San Francisco is a very black African-American, by the way. In the same city, Mayor Breed, who is also “African-American” earns a base salary of more than $338,000…

Thus the servants of the establishment are well paid… So well paid that, like the Bidens, Obamas and Clintons, they do little more than pay lip service to justice. Biden was actually the author of extremely de facto racist laws in the 1990s. But such is the control of the establishment through perverse media that older “blacks” are persuaded of the opposite… 

So there is racism, but as Di Angelo said, it’s camouflaged, hidden as its opposite. Very few US families, outside of multiracial areas, and even then, are genuinely multiracial…  

Both the killer and the victim worked as “bouncers” in the same nightclub. The owner said that Chauvin, the killer, had been violent in the past, and that she told him she will not tolerate it anymore. A violent occupation, fitting well in a violent society. Racism is enabled by violence… which takes many aspects, one of them consisting in having to pay for basic rights, be it habeas corpus, or health care, or the right to an education. 

Thus racism may only be a fig leaf hiding the plutocratic phenomenon. There is a precedent: Rome. Rome had many emperors who were not Italian. A dynasty was even from Africa. An emperor was an Arab (Philip the Arab). Rome was not racist, but declined and died from plutocratism gone rabid.

Evil Power (Pluto Kratia) is more subtle than goodness, this makes it invisible to the vast mass of the gullible, and how it rules. Obsessing about racism is a shiny object which enables to forget what is worse about the order of things, and thus core to said source of most evil.

Divide et imperare: divide and rule, the Romans used to say. Divide with racism, rule with plutocracy. What could go wrong? A thousands infernos, this is what could go wrong…

Patrice Ayme