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Scientism, Aircraftism, Philosophism… But Human Knowledge Is One 

May 14, 2023

Scientism considers that science is the only reliable source of knowledge about the world, including questions traditionally addressed by philosophy, ethics, and religion. This does not resist examination, because, first of all, one has to define “science”. Is love a science? Try a world without love: it won’t happen. More prosaically, there are many degrees of certainty in science, from clumsy guesswork to 100%, aircraft engineering degree of certainty. 

For example the Big Bang theory is full of hypotheses rolled out to make the theory work. The general idea of the Big Bang came first in various publications, for example the Jewish Bible, and then the “science” was adjusted accordingly… for want of a better alternative! 

Newton’s gravitation theory was itself full of hypotheses, and for at least one of them, that gravity was instantaneous, Newton in private correspondence confided that it was so great an Absurdity that I believe no Man who has in philosophical Matters a competent Faculty of thinking can ever fall into it”. One can see that Newton had a robust understanding of the limits of science…. Even his own science!

There is such a thing as aircraft science, it better be certain, it’s very close to 100% certain.  Aircraftism, would be trying to extract all and any wisdom from the enormously certain knowledge found in an aircraft… it would be ridiculously limited. “Scientism” is an exalted version of aircraftism, it’s ridiculously limited.

Hawking declared philosophy to be dead. Philosophy is dead,’ Stephen Hawking once declared, because it ‘has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics.’

One has to be careful here. One could invert matters a bit by declaring science to be dead because it has not kept up with all the modern developments in human sciences, particularly philosophy. Quantum Field Theory could easily be exhibited as a social cult full of exaggerated claims from hallucinating gurus (Theory Of Everything anybody?), assisted by gross schizophrenia: the most exact theory ever, QFT, is also the most false, ever, as QFT is off by a factor of 10^120…

Hawking’s greatest claim to justified glory is Hawking radiation, the prediction of Black Hole emission of radiation from the event horizon itself. That’s beautifully simple… as long as one believes in the theoretical machinery to create particles out of nothing in QFT (the latter as experimental support, as it makes predictions found to be true!) 


A once naive Feynman also fired broadsides at philosophy… so his son became a philosopher, bringing Feynman to admit that he was also a philosopher (for example when he and his accomplice Wheeler concocted the extremely philosophically dubious idea that there was just one electron in the universe going back and forth in time… perhaps the weirdest idea, ever). Feynman realized the analogy between the Principle Of Least Action, and a divine revelation. Except that POLA is demonstrated in countless experiments and theories…

In a variant of “scientism”, so-called “weak scientism”, science is held to be the best source of knowledge… But science will never tell us if it is right, correct and appropriate to love poetry or a mysterious neighbor…

Hawking claimed that scientists, not philosophers, are now ‘the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge’. The response from some philosophers was to accuse Hawking of ‘scientism’… However the simple truth is that Hawking may have confessed stealthily a surprising truth: Hawking, as many modern physicists, was guilty of philosophism… explaining much of putative possible science with barely hidden philosophy. Much of Black Hole science is philosophy in disguise (I explained this to Hawking and other luminaries in a seminar at Stanford, decades ago by pointing out logical steps in BH theory where Quantum Mechanics was ignored!). 

Indeed, much of Hawking’s own “science” is barely disguised philosophy of sorts. Hawking’s “Science” contains philosophically dubious notions such as Black Hole entropy (originally an idea of Bekenstein)… from an analogy, between how the area of a Black Hole would behave and the fact that, the bigger an area, the more states thus the more entropy. The Black Hole information paradox uses a philosophy of Quantum Mechanics… which one may well disagree with. The very field of science in which Hawking made his name, is all too… philosophical. Much of modern physics has this problem, with time going in the wrong direction, “retrocausality” and other absurdities…

Whereas, say, protein folding is straight science, producing certain knowledge, it has nothing to say to the rest of the world.

Philosophical objections to some science, or scientific objections to some philosophy are both irreplaceable. Advancing science without philosophy is just as impossible as advancing philosophy without science. They are two extremities of the same spectrum of advancing understanding. Human knowledge is not just many, it’s also one.

Patrice Ayme

Rafale fighter-bomber: a work of art and science, operating with absolute certainty, but is it all what wisdom has to offer? (The active stealth of the Rafale shrouds all the weapons in an electronic cloak… )

Philosophy Of Starship Explosion: Common Sense Deliquescence From Justified Hubris

April 21, 2023

It is commonly assumed that extreme intelligence and scientific attention to detail is enough to insure success in everything. However, not so. One needs first to get the big picture right. However success brings hubris, so common sense implosion threatens the best. And the better the best, the greater the hubris in ambush.

SpaceX in launching Starship didn’t look soberly at the obvious problem… after figuring out a million smaller problems. This is not the first time this has happened to SpaceX. 

The same blowing off common sense from the winds of hubris, may be happening with BEVs, Battery Electric Vehicles: in how much a BEV emits CO2, one has to include in the AWE, the total energy to build it, the digging of cobalt in Congo by children, all sorts of other mining, for nickel, rare earths, and, it turns out, scratches to BEVs. A scratched BEV is dangerous and could explode, for weeks on end. So they get isolated, in special BEV wards, and, in the end, often scrapped… even brand new, as insurance companies can’t take the risk of the devices suddenly catching fire and bringing the house down. 

I cracked the numbers, and it was obvious that the explosive power of Starship at takeoff was way too high… So I was rather baffled by the Starship pedestal over flat ground. Energy from a point dissipates as the square of the distance, 1/dd, if hanging in the middle of space. However, next to the ground the diminution of power goes down only as the inverse of the distance, 1/d…

Smaller rockets will kill life just with their 200 decibels sound waves. To prevent the enormous damage from rockets, launch installations come with a diverter of exhaust and a water deluge. As the explosive exhaust hits the water, it wastes most of its energy turning hundreds of tons of water into steam and a curtain of water between rocket and exhaust absorbs the kinetic energy, protecting the rocket from itself. Ariane, Space Shuttle, and the SLS are sheltered with such deluges at takeoff. 

NASA’s Space Launch System Ignition Over-Pressure/Sound Suppression Water System (IOP/SS) releases 1,200 tons of water, with a peak flow rate of 1,100,000 US gallons, 4,200,000 Liters, that is 4,200 tons per minute, or 70 tons per second. As SpaceX Starship is twice more powerful, one would assume it needs 140 tons of water per second at the peak. Instead Starship got zero water, and no diverter. 

Arguing that there are no elaborate launch installations on Mars, an argument which is weirdly out of this world, Musk decided Starship would do without.

As if landing on Mars was tomorrow… In truth there are gigantic problems getting to Mars… For example, space radiation… Let alone reentry in the Martian atmosphere, making fuel there, etc… With existing tech, going to Mars seems rather unlikely, musk or no musk, be it only because, although feasible, it  would cost way, way too much. (One will need a tech jump forward requiring nuclear tugs…)

So Musk argues he is going to land on Mars, so he does not need a deluge, or a diverter, nor common sense.

Spaceship fires engines by groups over six seconds, destroying plenty of concrete and steel, throwing debris into the gulf of Mexico… A kilometer away. Worse: it is known that reflected sound waves can be extremely destructive. Near misses in World War Two sank ships… from shock waves dislocating armor. So the Starship sits on the Musk pedestal, self destroying and immolating. 

Apparent sequence of Starship launch

  1. Engine ignition, launch pad debris fatally wounds 3 engines pre-liftoff, which shut down within 15 seconds of lift-off. 
  2. One can see Starship lean, and nearly tumble towards the launch tower.
  3. SS SH lifts off, clears pad, climbs out on 30 R2s. But it now leans the other way, and goes sideways towards the sea. Clearly the Thrust Vectoring is at an angle towards the tower, desperately correcting. Maybe engineers expect it to explode and steer it away from the tower?
  4. T+28s center failed Raptor 2 explodes taking out 2 more outer R2s. That can be seen on video, with explosion and flame… which blow and destroy Hydraulic Power Unit, reducing vehicle’s Thrust Vector Control and spilling hydraulic fluid into plume?
  5. .T+60s 6th R2 fails in the outer ring near the second HPU (?)
  6. Starship is down ~1380 tonnes of thrust and half its TV ability, 24/7 slowly accelerates towards max-Q.
  7. T+115s 2nd HPU blows, ending all TVC authority. Down six R2s, variable thrust can’t maintain control, vehicle tumbles and is lost.


SpaceX will have to regain conventional wisdom and build a proper launchpad, with deluge and diverter. Biggest deluge, biggest diverter. An easy fix. Even more positive, Starship demonstrated it can do pirouettes and somersaults without dislocating.


The history of civilization is full of giant mistakes caused by a complete desertion of common sense. Examples: 

  1. Why would Caesar enter the Senate, unarmed and unaccompanied, knowing how much Senators hated him for his land redistribution of 59 BCE? 
  2. Sending the French mobile reserve of seven armored divisions in May 1940 to the Netherlands, a completely idiotic, ridiculously obvious, trap set-up by Hitler comes to mind. Out of it a holocaust, one million dead, and the Washington led civilization we presently enjoy.

Speaking of which, “420” is supposed to be a rallying symbol of “pot” smokers. Pot, aka marijuana, THC, glues up the brain, which is pleasant presumably with those who can’t stand their unglued brain… 4-20, launch date of Starship, is also the birthday of Adolf Hitler… I mention this, because many have mentioned this superstition… As if it were glorious to associate pot and Hitler…

Hitler launched the SS commander Von Braun’s V2 program… Which made little military sense. Von Braun and 100 of his fellow Nazi engineers were employed by the USA, never mind the crimes against humanity that they committed, in slave underground factories… Yet they brought humanity to the moon… Hitler’s last birthday was a dismal affair, with Berlin shaken by Soviet artillery… But had a surreal quality, with Hitler executing some of the faithful.

               3) Why did the West promote, feed and become dependent upon Putin and Xi? Two autocrats with proven genocidal records? For Putin as early as 1999?

Some of these mistakes may not have been mistakes: the French commander Gamelin may have been pro-Nazi (and admitted to ambiguity).

               4) The rise of Soviets, Nazis and other fascists was caused by Western capitalists who understood that the Chinese Communist Party, or the Nazis, or the Soviets were perfectly safe investments for themselves and how to deprive their own working class of power.


HUBRIS erases common sense:

So how did SpaceX’s mistake of forgetting about a proper launchpad originate? Hubris. The very success of SpaceX made it oblivious of common sense… As it succeeded by violating much of it. 

Similarly, when Athens transformed the Delian League into their own empire, and later threatened the neutral island city-state of Melos, of Spartan descent, with extinction, if they didn’t submit, or when Athens decided to attack Syracuse, Athens was spiteful of the golden rule of not doing to others as one wished one should not be dealt with… Athens engaged in this extravagant hubris precisely because Athens had been so successful.

And there is a comparison point: Rome was careful not to engage in hubris.

NASA itself has known hubris, with the poorly designed Space Shuttle program which was envisioned as capable of many feats it couldn’t achieve (and in particular why NASA didn’t equip the Space Shuttle with a serious escape mechanism; the first flights had ejection seats)…

SpaceX made common sense mistakes before:

 “It was foolish of us not to start three engines and immediately shut down one, as two are needed to land,” Musk observed when making attempts to land the orbiter.


Humanity had spectacular progress in engineering Earth to its beck and call. Now, however, with the evolving climate apocalypse, common sense has been discarded for 40 years, as the most common sense measures (luxury taxes, carbon tax, new nuclear tech) were not taken… Instead gigantic efforts on, say BEV, Battery Electric Vehicles… when in truth they are not clearly good for CO2 emissions (when the full life cycle of BEVs is considered)…

Elon Musk has been well served with his own hubris… And has served us, too.. At least by making access to space cheaper with semi-reusable rockets…

The Starship may still work out… But that idiotic mistake, of no proper launch pad, could cost it dearly: neither authorities nor investors can afford infinite patience… In the development of anything new, there are moments… When Papin’s steam boat was destroyed by monks, steamboats development may have been delayed by a century.


In other related news, the big picture with COVID is ever more obvious… From Open Sources… Fauci and his accomplices at US NIH financed coronavirus Gain O, Function research in Wuhan. NIH went around the Obama GOF moratorium by financing outlawed research at WIV… Through a third party… Why no prosecution? Not enough loss of life and treasure? Or too close to revealing the practices of the US Deep State and its dark machinations with the Chinese Deep State? Fauci was the highest paid US civil servant, nearly a million dollars a year…

Success breeds hubris. So with success, danger always.

Discarding common sense is the most obvious symptom of hubris.

Patrice Ayme

Starship rocket Rocket is not vertical, and the land and sea suffer impacts from thousands of large pieces of debris…

Philosophy Is The Love Of Wisdom, But What Is Love And What Is Wisdom?

February 25, 2023


Love is fundamentally gearing the mind towards appreciating and helping others, fellow souls, infants, births of intelligence and consciousness, the species, life…. And wisdom also means the same, in the end, the promotion of life. Thus philosophy can be viewed as the square of love, and the square of intelligence. In practice, deep down inside, love and intelligence are pretty much the same: they promote life. And life is happiness! I point this out, because most Twentieth Century philosophies with great impact have been in denial (Heideggerism/Nazism), or unappreciative (existentialism/absurdism), or exploitative (capitalism/Marxism) of life… Thus most dominant philosophies of the Twentieth Century have been fundamentally anti-philosophical, because fundamentally antagonistic, or alien, to love and wisdom. 

Indeed, searching for wisdom started with bacteria searching for sweets, billions of years ago. That was the birth of intelligence; it took billions of years thereafter to evolve brains. Wisdom is thus about finding how nature works and finding strategies to make it work in a more self-serving way, at the cost of increased logical complexity fighting the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Wisdom searches for how to become smarter at promoting life.

This search for ever more elaborated strategies is engineered by ever more sophisticated mental networks. What wisdom is originally for in particular excludes at its roots philosophies like Heidegger’s or Nazism, which defined being and time with a count down to death: such ideologies don’t promote life, but its exact opposite, death. Bacteria’s earliest form of intelligence searched for sweets, not death. Actually it also searches to avoid death.

Similarly, when Nietzsche claimed intelligence is all about concentrating the will in loving fate, amor fati, the eternal return of the same, this suffering soul, half blind and soon to go insane, misses the point that intelligence appeared to find sweets, and improve life. Now, of course, Nietzsche had to embrace fate, considering his dreadful diseases. Otherwise he would have had to embrace opium (if he could afford it) and death. Amor fati is often a good strategy

Intelligence didn’t appear for more of the same, but better strategies of the similar drive to make life tastier. Life is not an eternal return of the same, but an evolution towards ever smarter self-sustainability, and ever increased complexity (as Lamarck pointed out in 1800 CE).

Bacteria never imagined themselves as little Sisyphuses, always doing the same thing for no improvement, and no enjoyment. More sugar was an improvement, a very sustainable improvement, as it could be repeated all the time, activating reward circuitry indefinitively. Camus didn’t need to order bacteria to be happy. Nor do bacteria need Camus to go away from poison.

The roots of wisdom are very pragmatic, and intelligence makes models of nature to outsmart it by creating newer and in a sense better nature. 

Wisdom’s roots may not be noble: it is smart to acknowledge this… but the towering heights of complexity and subtlety they sustain are. And as those complications blow in the winds of contingency they reach beyond themselves where no nature was there before.

California Western Monarchs, migrating butterflies, in love… and how much wisdom do you need to migrate?

Patrice Ayme

Nothing To Do, But Think To You: Ordinary Thinking Is Criminal In Extraordinary Times

October 9, 2022

On Silly Current Events: Breaking the bridge, honoring the ordinary…

A French woman named Annie Ernaux got the Nobel in literature, the 16th French writer to be honored that way. Meanwhile the Putin bridge between Putin occupied Crimea and the North Caucasus was partly destroyed by the Ukrainians. 

Ernaux wrote autobiographical books.  “Shame” is a memoir by Annie Ernaux beginning in 1952, when Ms. Ernaux was 12 years old, growing up above her parents’ cafe in Normandy. “My father tried to kill my mother one Sunday in June, in the early afternoon,” we learn in Ms. Ernaux’s first sentence. The mom got threatened with a scythe. Weapons are best, when trying to kill people. Except I don’t really believe her father really tried to kill her mother. Tried to scare her, and injure her, at least psychologically, yes. Real murder attempt? No, not really. Yes, I didn’t read the book, I have better things to read than the nobelizable French novelists, qui se prennent la tête, comme on dit, in their degenerated Franco-French frankly decaying two cents psychology.. 

Killing, of course, is a major activity, which writes not just history, but reality. So it’s quite important to think about it, and I don’t want to demean killing at all, and I thank Vlad the Mad for reminding us all of this.. 

It is of course crucial to analyze why people want to kill people. Analyzing why Putin wants to kill Ukraine and grab its warm corpse is capital. 

However, few French people kill French people, outside of war. So Ernaux’s little fable about her horrendous childhood at the hands of he rbig bad dad is unlikely as an event really charged with meaning. She made it up… As she made up many facts about Israel and Palestine… (See below.)

When did the French kill a lot of French? World War Two! First collaborators killed many, dozens of thousands of French people, in the name of Nazism. Then, in 1940-1945, many French people were killed by other French people (several dozen of thousands collaborators of the Nazis were executed in 1944-45). I would even say, rightly so.

Now some anarchists and nihilists would argue that one should not forget the millions of French people who died on the battlefield in 1914-1945… ordered there by the state. Well, yes and no: civilization was under attack by fascism, and if people in the French Republic had not fought back, they would have been killed anyway. The example is French Indochina: the Japanese forces (supposedly liberating according to Japanese propaganda) killed two million there. Similarly in Ukraine Stalin killed up to six million defenseless civilians in the 1930s, just because he didn’t like Ukrainian peasants… The Nazis did pretty much the same in occupied Poland, kill millions of civilians.   

In normal times normal French people do not try to kill normal French people and very few succeed to do so…. outside of Ms Annie Ernaux’s ravaged and ravaging mind… Autofiction is an autoimmune disease of French litterature… I have a problem with a book the main theme of which is that.

It is the momentary, violent aberration — the brief glimpse of a scythe in the hand of the father, her mother’s sobs — and not years of ordinariness that leaves its mark, and Ernaux ponders for years afterward. Yes, indeed, events mark. And yes, indeed, it was not really the attempted killing but the shame it left behind. And yes, because she is so ordinary, Ernaux received a scar for life from something that she interpreted as an attempt on her mother’s life… And probably was not. At least, so she claims.

But is all that important, and not just much ado about nothing? Ernauz smells bad as a honest thinker. She glorifies in writing at age 22:”Je vengerais ma race!” . (I will avenge my race!) So she glorifies in that emotion, but never explains what she was after. But then she starts hating for real: same emotion, same love and admiration for that emotion… “I will avenge my race!” is, of course, Hitler’s fundamental emotion, what brought motion out of Hitler (since Hitler didn’t really know where he came from, his maternal grandfather being potentially a Jewish homeowner, Hitler had to make up a race for himself… Apparently what ms Ernaux also does… Tout pour faire un monde, tout pour plaire au monde…) 

Let me be very clear: through countless actions, Ernaux seems to hate Jews and Israelis. There is the race thing in common with Hitler. Worthy of a Nobel?


In my early life, major events, strong experiences were rather routine. Beautiful landscapes, unique settings, just in my first six years… “Auto-bateau” (Auto-Ship) to designate African ferries. 

I found myself, or my loved ones in life threatening situations, playing with yellow scorpions in the Sahara, while two years old, always in the Sahara nearly dying of heat stroke (having been left in a car), and then in a plane which caught fire in the African sky (just on one side; emergency landing). Later my sister nearly died of pneumonia, she was put under oxygen. And in Ivory Coast sudden towering waves scared me. OK, that was just in the first five years.

However, throughout I knew only love as a child, and everybody loved everybody. Even the natives in the desert were very friendly, and had deep positive multi-year relations with some, including an Algerian named Belaid. One complete unknown saved my mom and me from his big camel in the middle of the desert, by providing us with directions and water.

Now the same area of central Sahara is ravaged by rabid Islamists (they may even have good reasons to be rabid!)   

Why one would give the Nobel for such fiction or then such familial sociopathy, is not a mystery: “higher” French intellectual circles have long been fascinated by deviancy and madness: they believe only that way can one reach new understanding. Outrageous and actually criminal pedophile authors were feted by presidents, billionaire plutocrats cutting down the primordial African forest got special government financial rescues, from presidents, socialist or liberal, because  they wrote…


Not that sulfurous life shall be condemned. Just the opposite. Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches, better known by the pen name Louis-Ferdinand Céline was a MD who loved the Nazis because they hated the Jews, and also because Nazis had a strong anarchist drift… It amused him. Céline is most famous, and one must admit he had an eventful life, and knew how to write originally. Combat against, then wounded by German fascism at an early age “made him hate anything bellicose” (so he wrote… not really true). Then Céline experienced colonial Africa in Cameroon… Not the best place for calm and tranquility, even by African standards… Céline was condemned for collaboration with the Nazis… then that was rescinded, because of his wounded veteran status. 

Many other famous French authors were deranged: Foucault was hunting down a lover with a knife, througout Paris as a young man from prestigious Ulm… later he was to become an exemplary humanist, posing just in the right way. But then others were remarkable and ended tortured and assassinated by the Nazis… In general, the Nazis targeted for extermination intellectuals of the real sort. In particular French and Polish intellectuals, and many Nazis got way with it


Ernaux is the pioneer of France’s “autofiction” genre, which gives narrative form to real-life experience…. Generally it has to do with torrid sex. Hence the admiration of the French intellectual class, in its declining degeneracy, for rapists. The most famous French talking head, PPDA, was a notorious rapist. Finally pursued after his retirement, he got away with the crimes being too old for prosecution. However, the French Supreme Court just realized this was not quite right. The point is, the rapist was admired, projecting his raping values, for the entire French society to admire… and thus emulate… 

Statutes of limitation, not prosecuting if the alleged criminal acts are too old, should not apply to  mentalities. The state should prosecute in famous cases. 

Many people have written to me about “the Nazis in Ukraine, led by chief Nazi Z”. When one asks those people where they get their data from it turns out its is from paid Kremlin propagandists… many of them are youngish women… Eva Bartlett is an example. She writes pieces for Putin tyranny-controlled RT’s website. She should be arrested, tried as a nuclear fascist agent. Such Nuclear Nazi agents should be disconnected to protect naive imbeciles full of resentment, lovers of war crimes, to be sabotaging the moral effort! 

Typical of the vulgar, who are addicted and incapable of anything but decontextualized thinking, Annie Ernaux embraces the simplistic approach to Israel. In 2018, she signed a letter alongside about 80 other posers expressing outrage at the holding of the Israel France cross-cultural season by the Israeli and French governments. The letter claimed that the season helped to “whitewash” the image of the State of Israel.

“It is a moral obligation for any person of conscience to refuse the normalization of relations with the State of Israel,” read the letter.

She called for the release of Georges Abdallah, who co-founded the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Factions in 1980 and was sentenced to life in prison for the 1982 assassinations of US military attaché Lt.-Col. Charles R. Ray and Israeli diplomat Yaakov Bar-Simantov. She describes Ray and Bar-Simantov as “active Mossad and CIA agents” and Abdallah as “committed to the Palestinian people and against colonization.”


Ernaux called Israel an “apartheid state“, while ignoring Palestinian violence

In 2021 Ernaux signed a letter titled “A letter against apartheid” which listed attacks on Arabs and Palestinians and Israeli strikes on Gaza, without mentioning any of the riots led by some Israeli Arabs or the over 4,000 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the preceding days.


To frame this as a war between two equal sides is false and misleading. Israel is the colonizing power. Palestine is colonized. This is not a conflict: this is apartheid,” read the letter Ernaux signed. Like shopping and sex, ordinary thinking can’t rise to extraordinary circumstances. The fact is, the legal ancestor of today’s legal system, Rome, unlawfully threw the Jews out of Israel. Yes, that was a while ago, so it requires subtle thinking and open communications. By comparison, the Czar conned the Ukraininas in 1654 CE, and then a century later, conquered the remaining free part of Ukraine. Ukraine then endured abuse such as the interdiction of Ukrainian language, culture and self rule…


So what does Ernaux write about? Ordinariness…Autofiction…

Ordinariness, however well described, is still ordinary. Sex and shopping go only that far. 

Autofiction is no automobile.It’s Putin, master of the art.


Instead of more ordinariness, autofiction, sex and shopping, what we need are people writing about civilization, its topmost values and how to defend them.


These are the most extraordinary times: a sixth mass extinction, humanity colonizing space! Extraordinary opportunities, extraordinary dangers. Yes, we need to understand ourselves better, and surely Ms. Ernaux helps that way. It was known, before the 2022 Nobel got given, that it would be given to a French writer. The Swedish Nobel Commitee had decided we needed a whiff of French je ne sais quoi. Parisians desperately want to achieve some sort of mental superiority, so maybe they get it trying so hard in their beautiful, yet somewhat hellish city: nothing to do, but think to you. And yes, there are no cosmic French thinkers these days (except perhaps one), so Ernaux is as good as it gets…

But that last point is an admission of cosmic failure.

Wake up, noble clowns! 

Patrice Ayme


P/S: The Peace Prize was attributed to an Ukrainian organization (very good), but also to a Bielorussian (in prison) and “Memorial” a Russian organization banned by Putin. Some high political authorities in Ukraine didn’t agree with rewarding anyone Russian, and there is indeed a propaganda risk 


Putin’s Crimea invasion bridge broken by social nationalist freedom loving Ukrainians, 10/8/2022…


September 24, 2022


Any concession to tyrant Putin will make his bellicose drive worse. Appeasement will only tell him that he has got to be right, he is winning, and he is on the right path. We have seen that movie with Hitler. The drama with the Sudetenland in 1938 has much in common with the drama in the Donbas, including a dictator screaming that minorities were in mortal danger, and sham referenda: Hitler had been elected in part on the promise of protecting what he claimed were abused German minorities. 

Thus Pangermanism wanted to annex the Sudeten to Germany. However, Hitler was not so ridiculous as to pretend that the Sudeten inhabitants were victims of a genocide at the hands of the Czechs. He proposed an annexation referendum, overseen by the German army, though. The Czeks refused, France mobilized, so Hitler proposed a peace conference, at Munich, during which a piece of Czechoslovakia was given to Germany.

Putin’s discourse about a (completely imaginary) “genocide”in the Donbas is worse than Hitler’s raging statements about the Sudeten. A first attempt to propose a referendum of the Sudeten about annexation overseen by the German army was blocked by a war threat from France [1].   Hitler was given land at Munich in 1938… To appease him. 

That appeasement was not just a weakness, it gained time, the way France and the UK looked at it at the time (they were wrong). France and the UK did not have the USA with them, and Britain had basically no army (same as in 1914). The US was neither diplomatically, nor economically, nor politically or militarily with its parents, France and Britain. Roosevelt had named pro-fascist ambassadors to the UK and Germany, and hordes of US plutocrats were making the fascists regimes prosperous, well invested and fueled [2]. 

For many years, the New York Times, and other US media, did their best to ignore Hitler’s exactions, even while the German dictator was notoriously killing millions of minorities, and occupied democracies.

While Hitler was momentarily appeased, Britain was frantically equipping itself with a huge state of the art air force. France and the UK felt that time worked in their favor, militarily, because of their great empires.

Hitler invaded Austria in March, a day before a planned referendum on annexation by Germany (similar to Putin and his sham referenda).  After weakening Czechoslovakia militarily, grabbing its defense lines, Hitler invaded the rest. When getting ready to invade Poland, Hitler allied himself with the Kremlin (to add to his alliances with Italy, Japan and Spain). This time, France and the UK declared war.

The NYT, and pseudo-progressives paid by Putin, are at it again with the Kremlin nuclear tyrant: “If [giving part of Ukraine to Putin] happens, a territorial settlement will be reached and the global rules-based international order will be re-established”… bleats hopefully Mr. Brooks (who censored my comment contradicting his wish to give much of Ukraine to Putin) 

Appeasing a dictator who, because of his dreams of glory, threatened to extinguish humanity, is criminal nonsense. Putin is obsessed with taking Ukraine. Any negotiated settlement will just give him time to re-arm and return with greater force and greater threats. Feed Putin, like a bear, or a tiger, he will come back. The only way to end the threat is to eliminate Putin. If not eliminated, he will come back. 


Hitler had to keep on attacking, lest the German army and Volk turned against him: too many things, including democracy and the economy, had turned sour in Germany (same with Russia today). The exact parallel is true in Russia today: war powers protect a dictator. Given any piece of Ukraine, Putin will come for more, including the Baltic and Poland

The New York Times did its best to ignore Hitler’s exactions, even while the German dictator was notoriously killing millions of minorities, and occupied democracies.

The NYT is at it again with the nuclear tyrant; the NYT, and many other media, propose appeasement with Putin: “If [giving part of Ukraine to Putin] happens, a territorial settlement will be reached and the global rules-based international order will be re-established.” This is criminal nonsense. It’s akin to appeasing a rapist who threatened to kill the victim and onlookers, by proposing to him to rape the victim just a bit, to reestablish order. Putin is obsessed with taking Ukraine. Any negotiated settlement will just give him time to re-arm and return with greater force and greater threats. He will come back. The only way to end the threat is to eliminate Putin. If not eliminated, he will come back. 


We have an extremely similar situation now with what happened with Hilter and his fascist allies in 1937-1940. However, many have learned this history, and thus opted to act differently. This is why 27 European countries, including traditional neutrals such as Sweden and Switzerland are sending weapons to Ukraine. (Sweden and Switzerland helped Nazism for many years, often crucially), France is not taking orders from Biden, and yet, has switched to war production of many of its most sophisticated weapons, after sending 25% of its mobile high precision CAESAR guns to Ukraine.

The easiest way out of Nazism occurred in 1937 when the German High Command, led by General Beck, prepared a coup against Hitler. Stupidly, they searched for help in the Uk and US. The German army asked the US and UK to stand officially against Hitler (thus supporting France, Hitler’s dedicated enemy). The German army leaders would then make a coup, arguing to the German Volk that Hitler was an existential threat to Germany. 

 The best course for peace is then, as horrible as it may sound, to prepare for nuclear war. There is simply no alternative. Any concession to Putin is a concession to a group of criminals who threatened this week to “use strategic nuclear weapons against the West for their occupation of Ukraine“.

If the Russian army realizes Russia faces annihilation, it will make a coup.

If the West is ready to fight a nuclear exchange, the Russian army will find itself in the situation that German generals naively looked for in 1937: having a good excuse for a coup. So the West has to get ready, and has to scramble into world war mass production, especially of anti-missile systems [3] (which do exist; but recently the US had just one, around Washington, while France had eleven, and sent one to Romania to protect a major Franco-American base there…) 

Some will object that nuclear war is unthinkable, that I am thinking the unthinkable. But so did Putin, and for more than a decade. The strategy of going nuclear in a conventional conflict is called by Putin’s valets: “escalate to de-escalate“. There is little doubt that nuclear weapons should be unlawful. Only a few should be left, under UN supervision, in case a comet comes our way, or some rogue criminal organization develops weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, etc.), and needs to be taken out. An example of such a gang of criminals is the Putin gang. The UN has established that war crimes were committed, including rape, torture and execution of children as young as 4. Putin’s lovers, of which there are many throughout the West, have also to answer these crimes, which they approve of, by denying they happened, similarly to the most fanatical Nazis in 1945.

Their reasons are vile: we know Putin spent at least half a billion on infliuencers, worldwide. Those influencers using Kremlin propaganda should be jailed and prosecuted (in this order: this is the greatest war, we have to switch to military law and traitors to civilizations should be soped, that is, arrested.)

So we have a criminal gang, armed to the teeth with the world’s biggest arsenal of nukes. But nukes cost a lot of money to keep functioning as anticipated, and we have to rely upon the hope that there a re semi-decent individuals in the Russian military whose sadomasochism is not so high that they will try to destroy civilization. Meanwhile, scrambling for anti-missile systems, potential evacuation of cities, and reactivation of old Western nukes should be the order of the day.

As the old French saying has it:

“A la guerre, comme à la guerre”…

In war, as in war. 

Patrice Ayme


[1] The Czechs announced on 28 September 1938 that they rejected Hitler’s proposal of an annexation referendum (the  Godesberg Memorandum). France ordered the mobilization of 600,000 men. The Royal Navy was also mobilized the same day.

Hitler feared a war against Czechoslovakia, Britain and France. He agreed to Chamberlain’s proposal for a further meeting the next day, now at Munich, between four heads of government, Chamberlain for Britain, Hitler for Germany, Prime Minister Daladier for France and Mussolini for Italy, with no Czech (!!!) or Soviet participation. On 1 October, a pact was signed which provided for possession of the Sudeten Province to be transferred to Germany, with Britain and France guaranteeing the new borders of Czechoslovakia. On 1 October, German troops marched into the Sudetenland, which was immediately incorporated into Germany. Some 115,000 Sudeten Czechs and 30,000 Sudeten Germans, fled to what was left of Czechoslovakia. By 1 March 1939, the number of refugees,  including Social Democrats, Communists and Jews, was reported by the Institute for Refugee Assistance to stand at 150,000


[2]… to replace his friend the historian Dodd who thought war against Hitler was necessary. Throughout the war, US president FDR looked more interested in weakening France and Britain, and instrumentalized various fascists, Hirohito, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and Stalin to do so. Warning: this is nearly 100% in contradiction with the official version of history… But that version is wrong, and that’s demonstrated in many of my essays, detail after detail… 


[3] Western anti-missile systems do exist; but recently the US had just one (built in cooperation with Norway), around Washington DC, while France had eleven, and sent one to Romania to protect a major Franco-American base there…


France pursued a series of nuclear tests from 1966 through 1996 at Mururoa Atoll, French Polynesia. This photograph is from the 914-kiloton Licorne (Unicorn) test, July 3, 1970. Fangataufa is permanently uninhabited. It is classified as a Common Military Zone. The zone includes the lagoon areas enclosed by the atoll and by baselines linking the closest points emerging from the reef on both sides of the channel. Entry is prohibited without authorization. A standard strategic missile on a French SSBM submarine carries a higher destructive power than the bomb above (as it can spread 20% more power over a much larger area with ten warheads. The same SSBM can carry 16 such missiles. The US SSBM can carry even more missiles. Together, France, Uk, and US have 22 such submarines…

Dumas Family Illustrates Color Blindness In France… And The Napoleons and Nazis Who Hated It.

September 21, 2022

Anybody obsessing about race and color in the first order is a racist (which makes much of the US old mental system racist, as it obsesses about race and color, to this day, and in official census and questionaires). Whereas worrying about those who obsess about race and color is not racist, but prudent. Racists and the color obsessed have obsessive systems of thoughts and emotions, which are reflected all over their mental systems.

Hence the admiration for Napoleon, a systemic, strident racist and enslaver, is an admiration for a racist and enslaver mentality… which shows up clearly in Napoleon’s obsessive fascism. Admiring Napoleon has united the most dangerous sort of scoundrels, worldwide. Admiring Napoleon is actually a form of racism. Several French generals of African ancestry opposed the forerunner of Hitler. Here is a portrait of one of Napoleon’s enemies, général Alexandre Dumas. 

French republican général Alexandre Dumas; Attributed tо Louis Gauffier/ Portrait d’un chasseur dans un paysage, dit portrait d’Alexandre Dumas père/ cm 34/huile sur papier marouflé sur carton/ 32,5 x 25 cm/ (c) Bayonne, Musée Bonnat-Helleu / Cliché A. Vaquero

Napoleon, a Corsican aristocrat, or let’s say hereditary bandit, was thus cut off from a completely different mental tissue than the best minds of the French Revolution, of which there were hundreds, if not thousands. Napoleon was felt, early on, to be a danger for the Republic, and the Revolution, and thus the glory seeking Corsican was encouraged to embark in his Egypt expedition: the French Republic’s leadership hoped he would die there (Napoleon went, in the hope of defeating the Ottomans, spreading the Revolution there, becoming a new Alexander; but he discovered that Islamists had no affinity for the concept of Republic, and besides he couldn’t get to the ammunition in Saint Jean D’Acre, which he besieged in vain, and UK admiral Nelson defeated the French fleet).

A post mortem painting of general Dumas.

The French Revolution and Republic had top generals who were of African descent, such as the father of Alexandre Dumas, Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, represented above in a Nineteenth Century painting (it’s actually inspired by the physionomy of his son, the author of the “3 Mousquetaires” and “Reine Margot”, who immortalized D’Artagnan, head of king’s Musketeers)… For what Dumas the general really looked like, see the sculpture below (which was melted by the Nazis…)

Thomas Alexandre Dumas, of his true name Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, was father of the famous novelist Alexandre Dumas père, whose son, Dumas Fils, was himself a famous writer and author of La Dame aux camélias. These three generations of Dumas have something which sets French civilization away from, and above, racist, color obsessed culture. In France the Dumas trio is famous and was memorialized in an entire city square in Paris…I was exposed to French culture for decades… 

But one day I came across some US writing informing me that Dumas was “black”. I had seen pictures of Dumas and I had not noticed, for decades, that he looked a bit African in some ways! But the US are all about “color” to this day, and many a US citizen has a keen eye for race. However, curiously, while the whites are white and the blacks are black (even when they look mostly white), the Asians are Asian (not “yellow” as they used to be… Some Asians are whiter than white, indeed…), and the RedSkins, well, now are proudly “indigenous”…

The Nazis went out of their way to destroy the memories of the Dumas family. They melted his statue! There are fewer things which the Nazis hated more than descendants of French, or French-like Senegalese with partial African ancestry. They found thousands in Germany and sterilized all of them. (A French-Senagalese military regiment was also assassinated by Rommel’s 7th Panzer division in 1940… To its eternal shame…)

Dumas was not the only man of mixed African parentage to have gained great prominence in Eighteenth Century France. Another son of a nobleman and a freed black woman from Guadeloupe became one of the most renowned fencers—and violinists—of the 18th century. Taking the title Chevalier de Saint-Georges, he went to a prestigious school, he had the patronage of Marie-Antoinette and served in the king’s honor guard. When the American founding father John Adams visited Paris in 1779 he wrote that this “mulatto man is the most accomplished man in Europe in riding, shooting, fencing, dancing, music.”

Raising spectacularly through the ranks, on merit alone, as his father died within days of him entering the army, Thomas Alexandre Dumas, Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, became general in chief of a major French army by age 32.

His mother, Marie-Cessette Dumas (1714–1786) was enslaved in Saint Domingue (now Haiti). His father was a French noble from Normandy, who “bought from a certain Monsieur de Mirribielle a negress named Cesette at an exorbitant price…” Several official documents describe her as pure “African”, “negress”, namely born in Africa, and then transported to Saint Domingue (and explicitly not of mixed race). It’s not clear when she died [1].

Thomas Alexandre Dumas was one of several famous French officers of color. Napoleon famously mistreated another, Toussaint Louverture….

A statue of General Dumas was erected in Place Malesherbes (now Place du Général Catroux) in Paris in Autumn 1912 after a long fundraising campaign spearheaded by Anatole France and Sarah Bernhardt. It stood in Place Malesherbes for thirty years, alongside statues of Alexandre Dumas’s descendants Alexandre Dumas, père (erected 1883) and Alexandre Dumas fils (erected 1906), as well as of Sarah Bernhardt. Offended by this triumph of African ancestry over racism in general, and Austrian troops in particular, the deranged Nazis, challenged by the indomitable warrior spirit of this half African, destroyed it in the winter of 1941–1942. The statue below is more faithful to the appearance of general Dumas than the painting above:


Tom Reiss, in his (Pulitzer Prize-winning) biography of Thomas Alexandre Dumas, The Black Count, writes that “[Dumas] was a consummate warrior and a man of great conviction and moral courage. He was renowned for his strength, his swordsmanship, his bravery, and his knack for pulling victory out of the toughest situations. But he was known, too, for his profane back talk and his problems with authority. He was a soldiers’ general, feared by the enemy and loved by his men, a hero in a world that did not use the term lightly.”  

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas was a man of African descent leading European troops as a top general officer. He was the first person of color in the French military to become brigadier general, divisional general, and general-in-chief of a French army with 53,000 soldiers. His military career started under King Louis XVI.

Born in Saint-Domingue, Thomas-Alexandre was the son of Marquis Alexandre Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie, a French nobleman, and of Marie-Cessette DUMAS, a slave of African descent. He was born into slavery because of his mother’s status, but his father took him to France in 1776, spent lavishly on him, and had him educated. At some point the father, destitute, sold the son, and later repurchsed him!

Slavery had been illegal in metropolitan France since 656 CE (re-affirmed in 1315 CE, under Louis X, son of Philippe Le Bel) and thus any slave would be freed de facto by being in France (or anywhere in Western Europe, where Bathilde’s law applied, as most Western European regime’s were descendants of the Frankish/Carolingian/Roman empire…)

His father helped him enter the French military. Dumas took his mother’s name, because his father didn’t want the family name soiled by a low officer’s commission. Dumas Senior rose through the ranks, starting in 1786… in the Queen’s dragoons… Under Lafayette, he helped to kill insurgents… and was later exonerated by a revolutionary tribunal when he explained that to kill those 50 insurgents had saved 2,000…


General Dumas made few political statements, but those he made suggest deeply felt republican beliefs. One month after the French National Convention abolished slavery in the colonies (4 February 1794), Dumas sent a message to troops under his command, and that was the entire Army of the Alps, fighting Italy’s Austrian occupiers and collaborating Italians, who had been trying to invade France in the name of plutocracy:

“Your comrade, a soldier and General-in-Chief … was born in a climate and among men for whom liberty also had charms, and who fought for it first. Sincere lover of liberty and equality, convinced that all free men are equals, he will be proud to march out before you, to aid you in your efforts, and the coalition of tyrants will learn that they are loathed equally by men of all colors.” 

At that point Dumas was higher in the military hierarchy than Napoleon (who had just been promoted to general from captain, for his exploit of defeating the British in the siege of Toulon). Dumas led the 53,000 soldiers of the army of the Alps to victory, in the battles of Petit Saint Bernard and Mont Cenis. Dumas’ soldiers used revolutionary ice crampons to go up ice cliffs during combat. 

General Dumas joined the Army of Italy in Milan in November 1796, serving under the orders of commander-in-chief Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was a political navigator, but also a bandit: tension between the two generals began as Dumas resisted Napoleon’s rapacious policy of allowing French troops to expropriate local property

In December 1796, Dumas was in charge of a division besieging Austrian troops at the city of Mantua. By Christmas he intercepted a spy carrying a message to the Austrian commander with important tactical information. On 16 January 1797, Dumas and his division halted an Austrian attempt to break out of the besieged city and prevented Austrian reinforcements from reaching Mantua. The French were thereby able to maintain the siege until French reinforcements could arrive, leading to the city’s capitulation on 2 February 1797. 

General Dumas was then forced by Napoleon’s hostility below his rank…. Under General Masséna in February 1797, Dumas helped French troops push the Austrians northward, capturing thousands. It was in this period that Austrian troops began calling him the der schwarze Teufel (“Black Devil”, or Diable Noir in French)

In late February 1797, Dumas transferred to a division commanded by General Joubert, who requested Dumas for his republicanism (in contrast to Napoleon’s dictatorial tendencies). Under Joubert, Dumas led a small force that defeated several enemy positions along the Adige River. Dumas’s achievement in this period came on 23 March, when the general drove back a squadron of Austrian troops at a bridge over the Eisack River in Clausen (today Klausen, or Chiusa, Italy). For this the French began referring to him as “the Horatius Cocles of the Tyrol” (after a hero who saved ancient Rome). Napoleon called Dumas by this, and rewarded him by making him cavalry commander of French troops in the Tyrol; he also sent Dumas a pair of pistols. Dumas spent much of 1797 as military governor, administering Treviso province, north of Venice. 

The expedition to Egypt was partly conceived by the Republic’s government in the secret hope that Napoleon would die there, but he didn’t. During the return debacle, Dumas was made prisoner, and spent several years in captivity. When finally liberated, he couldn’t restart his military career, as Napoleon’s dictatorship was in its bloom. Dumas soon died of stomach cancer…

His son and grandson would become extremely successful writers, a most honored profession in France. None of the Dumas got promoted and extolled as “black” men, because the French mentality was, and is, and should be, that they were men, great and glorious men, and no appearance could spoil or even interfere in any way, with their essence.

In recent years, though, under US influence, skin color has been advocated as an important factor to consider in France… This is an exact example of racism: judging people on how they look, or where their families came from.

Whereas skin color was not a consideration for advancement or minority status in Rome…for however long Rome lasted… And Rome lasted a long time… In Tenth Century “Francia”, peasants and aristocrats still thought they were living in Rome… And, we actually have strident revolutionary songs and philosphies from the time, where humanity is affirmed, and the equality among people, fustigating the pretentions of plutocrats (evil-power) soon to call themselves “aristocrats (best-power). In these ancient protests of the Tenth Century, which were crushed with mass massacres by the self-declared aristocrats, we see social justice struggling… but color never appears.  

In a way, so far, color blindness has been a Roman (not Greek! [2]) tradition which thereafter lived, and still lives in France. In what became the USA, we know exactly when the decision of brandishing color was taken: at the end of the Seventeetn Century, racist, greedy judges decided that “color” meant people were “aliens” and thus couldn’t own property. So wealthy and not so wealthy people with some African origins were dispossed by the thieves who founded what became the American US judicial system.

It’s no coincidence that the Frankish/Roman empire is at the cultural root of both the British and American regimes. The traditions of the Franks/Romans were the best, or, at least, on crucial points, superior. Thus any deviation should be carefully studied in the present civilization. But that starts with realizing that, until modern time, the color of skin was not a factor.

Patrice Ayme


[1] Dumas in 1801, states “Marie-Cezette” will be in charge of General Dumas’s properties in Saint-Domingue. This evidence makes it unlikely that Marie-Cessette Dumas died earlier.

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas may have deliberately entered a false death date for his mom on the marriage certificate. He had a good reason to claim she was dead at the moment of his marriage in Villers-Cotterêts, France, in 1792. If she were living, he would have been required to consult her opinion on the marital union!


[2] The Greeks were much more racist than the Romans, and this is why they failed and the Romans succeeded. The Greeks expressed racism towards non Greeks, the Athenians expressed at some point racism against non-Athenians (stupid laws passed under Pericles, affecting his own son), and the Spartans were certainly racist against everybody (and Sparta died from this racism)


Wokism Is Fake, And That’s Why It’s Useful To The Establishment

July 1, 2022

What is the point of university? It used to be, when Harvard was founded in 1636, “to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity”. But in recent years the university has taken on an altogether narrower character. Learning is no longer enough. Activism is demanded. Yale and Harvard have come to resemble the mythical Ouroboros, eating their own tails to satisfy an insatiable appetite for conformity…” Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out. She is a famous Islam critic, who had to flee her native Somalia, was elected Dutch MP, barely escaped assassination by enraged theologians, and is now a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Her latest book is Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights.

New and better Veritas comes from debate… which originally meant beating thoroughly. So one cannot throw a light, lux, let alone establish veritas without a modicum of mental violence. New and better truth is always an aggression against the established mental… let alone financial or economic… order. This is why, historically speaking, most of humanity’s top thinkers blossomed in only a few places and times… And yet found themselves to be the object of violence, often fatal, at a rate much greater than the average population.

New truth, better veritas, always contradict the established order, this is what deep and genuine novelty does to minds

Instead, plutocratic universities, aka legacies universities, teach the established order, and how to get inserted within. Enough money and effort is deployed by students and, or their families to attend elite universities, so as to ensure that students have the appropriate mentality of, and for, plutocratic insertion. Thus rebellion within is unlikely. Wokism has become a purity test of dedication to the fake truth of the established order. Exhibiting enough wokism demonstrates that one is eager, and one can display enough hypocrisy and polish, to rule the gullible masses… and thus join the master class.

Theories adverse to the established order are adverse to the plutocratic universities’ sponsors, thus will be discouraged by administrators and teaching staff. Whereas theories which make no sense or are deeply regressive are friends of the established order, and will be encouraged. 

This will go on until, and if, the established order is wiped out by a tsunami of veritas… or then total civilizational collapse… something easily engineered with nukes… Harvard did play an important role in establishing Yeltsin’s Russia… which then installed Vlad, modulo a genocidal war in Chechnya… It all fits together nicely.

Wokism is a mood of explaining all what matters most as mostly flowing from racial prejudice and discrimination… Thus hiding deeper causes. Wokism is greatly fake, but so has been the fight against the pollution crisis (in particular the CO2 crisis, aka acidifying global heating), or, for that matter, the taxation schemes which have only ensured ever greater global power and wealth inequality in the hands of the few… A fake and silly universe, such as wokism, will often hide another, much more dangerous, such as increasing feudalism. 

Ayaan Ali got married to historian Niall Ferguson in 2011. He divorced for the occasion his wealthy and powerful long time wife… They have two sons. Ferguson teaches at Harvard and gets $100,000 for one hour speeches to hedge funds… That’s what a book about the Rothschild will do to you, if well written in a way pleasing to the powers that be… Wokism does not like Ferguson for his ideas… And now Ferguson’s own life with Ali shows that Ferguson’s ideas did not emerge from racism… Thus disproving the fundamental thesis of wokism…

Beauty: Vive La Différence!

May 8, 2022

Beauty: Vive La Différence!

A table, simple objects on top, 

Commemorating love fate took away…

We think because we hurt,

Doesn’t matter what, it’s deep and touching,

Made all the difference.

A little glass container,

Small little roses in it: a touch of scarlet color,

Symbolizing how small, yet drastically everything,

That love was.

Volunteers are cleaning


A tall fat guy, sure of himself,

Orders to behead it all: this is old, let’s clear it!

He wants to throw away the innocent tiny flowers,

Which depict what used to mean so much!

No, please don’t,

See how pretty, the touch of color

Yes, dessicated, sure, precisely: they will last.

The big guy is sure of himself: no, too old,

Enough scatter brains,

I clean it, and irresistibly,

Down into a garbage pail,

Full of a terrible milky chemical liquid,

He throws them irreversibly, 

A killing of memories left after death.

Death squared.



Why can’t all humans enjoy,

Enjoin, and celebrate when hope 

Showing up as tiny, stubborn flowers,

Refuses to die? 

Why the need for Nemesis,

Destroying all in the way,

All that was dear?


Why not appreciate how important beauty is?

The brute stands, formidable: this is my job and I do it well,

Destroying hope and beauty,

As needed.

One feels like crying:

There is another sort of humanity there,

An anti-human humanity, and it’s deliberate.


Deserts left after beauty is gone,

Those, too, are neat.

Indeed, what’s neater and cleaner than death?

The evil side of humanity,

Puts order into things,

Whether necessary, or not.


In these desolate times

When maniacal tyrants 

Know best how many bombs,

Will get the job done, 

To impose themselves,

Maybe at the cost of everything else.

Appreciating beauty is a refuge,

For reason itself.


Venerating a few precious flowers

Dessicated or not, a touch of color, a love that was

A love we respect and commemorate

This we need

To remind us

That we humans,

Mostly live by hope,

And beauty


So what does a sense of beauty bring?

The difference which protects us,

From fury and nothingness,

Signifying Nothing,

Told by madmen


Beauty is what ignores and dominates all,

Luring us with the appreciation of difference,

Or how it all makes sense.

So children, ladies, and gentlemen,

Let’s drink beauty,

While we can,

Because we should,

Try to be human,

As well as we can.

Let love for beauty reign over us.

Patrice Ayme

Beauty makes difference attractive, hence is at the foundation of thinking, the human essence


January 17, 2022

Putin claims that Moscow created Slavic civilization, thus the Kremlin owns it. Putin is cogent and historically detailed about this, and no doubt sufficiently so to use it as an argument to justify his greatest wish: reverse what he called the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century, the disappearance of a small fraction of the Kremlin’s empire. Yes, the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century was not the Holocaust, not World War One And Two, but, the liberation of nations subjugated by Moscow … Putin adressing Russia as its elected president in 2005 said:

First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. As for the Russian people, it became a genuine tragedy. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens and countrymen found themselves beyond the fringes of Russian territory…. The epidemic of collapse has spilled over to Russia itself…

So reconstituting the Russian empire at its fullest extent is Putin’s true aim. Never mind that Russia, as it is, is the world’s largest empire, 70% larger than China, itself an occupier… Naturally enough, as Putin started his career in the KGB, the Soviet Gestapo, and rose to its pinnacle… the Russian empire is never large enough. However, polls indicate that young Russians increasingly do not feel that reconstituting the genocidal USSR or fascist imperial Russia in its full glory, is worth undertaking as a primary objective. After all, the Russian economy is getting poorer (over the last decade or so, in nominal GDP… not in PPP), and it heavily depends upon exporting fossil fuels to Western Europe (the part of natural resources in the Russian economy is between a third and two-thirds, depending upon the exact metric one uses…)

Thus what Putin feels is that it is now or never to bring Kiev back under Moscow’s claw. Moreover, he needs a war to simmer just so, to justify his tyranny

The articulation of Putin’s posture is that Moscow owns Kiev, and he deduces this by looking at history… his way. Putin goes into a lot of details, but they obscure the lay of the logical land. 

Reality is the opposite: Ukraine is much older than Putin’s “Moscovia”, and thus should not be owned by it. Ukraine was also founded in a highly cosmopolitan way (whereas Russia was axed on conquering savages with the most savage means… Peter the great would agree with this statement). Crimea was always central to Ukraine. Vladimir conquered Crimea and converted to Christianity there (Tenth Century). What follows is just a cursory treatment of history. I will expound another time how a Moscow based control of Ukraine, supposed to last two years by a 17C treaty… turned into four centuries… 

Rus princess Anne of Kiev, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev and Prince of Novgorod, and his second wife Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden, married the twice-widowed king Henry I of France (19 May 1051 CE). One idea was to gain Ukrainian support against the (non-Francia part of the) Roman empire, another was to marry outside of the Frankish aristocracy. Their son King Philip I, was born in 1052. The name ‘Philip’ was rare in Francia prior to that time, and was likely inspired by Saint Philip who converted Scythia, an area identified with Kyivan Rus’ in the Middle Ages (somewhat accurate until its conquest by Rus Viking, Rus meaning eastern Sweden…). After her husband’s death, Anne ruled France. She spoke half a dozen languages and looked down on France in cultural matters. 

Anna’s signature in Cyrillic on royal charters from the 1060s is the only known example of a Capetian queen’s signature on parchment and the only known (pre-13th century) signature of a member of the Riurykide dynasty. It is the oldest extant example of Old Ukrainian handwriting. 

Moscow was created centuries after Ukraine became a major European power. The timber fort na Moskvě “on the Moscow river” was inherited by Daniel, the youngest son of Alexander Nevsky, in the 1260s. At the time the least valuable of his father’s possessions. Daniel was still a child, and the fort was governed by tiuns (deputies), appointed by Daniel’s paternal uncle, Yaroslav of Tver.

By 1304, Yury of Moscow contested with Mikhail of Tver for the throne of the principality of VladimirIvan I eventually defeated Tver to become the sole collector of taxes for the Mongol rulers, making Moscow the capital of Vladimir-Suzdal. By paying high tribute, Ivan won an important concession from the Khan of the Golden Horde.

The growth of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania began to threaten the arrangement, and the Khan strengthened Moscow to counterbalance Lithuania, allowing it to become one of the most powerful cities in Russia, However, by 1380-1480, Moscow fought the Mongols.

Kiev resisted the Mongols and was destroyed by them, razed to the ground (1240 CE; for throwing out the bodies of Mongol ambassadors). Kiev became a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania after the Battle at Blue Waters in 1362, when AlgirdasGrand Duke of Lithuania, beat a Golden Horde army. During the period between 1362 and 1471, the city was ruled by Lithuanian princes. Crimean Tatars attacked several times and in 1482 Kiev was destroyed again by Crimean Khan Meñli I Giray

Moscow grew initially from being an agent of the Mongols, adopting the ways of the invaders, and then, later, beating them at their own game… On one side, collaboration, then imitation, on the the other, the resistance of Kiev, to death, and subsequent revolts, starting a generation before Moscow… 

Putin plays with the ancient names of various jurisdictions to claim Ukraine never existed before “Moscovian Rus“, and came into being after Moscow… when in truth Ukraine is twice older than the Moscovian tyranny. The game of changing names can be played in all and any place in Europe.  

The truth about Moscow’s institutionalized spirit is that it loves militarized fascism. Why? Dictatorship was highly successful in making Moscow and its dependencies the planet’s largest land empire. Tyranny can be ruthless, which is best for colonization and replacing original natives by invaders. The price to be paid by this colonizing focus has been mental backwardness and looking at the world in a fascist way, through only a few ideas and emotions, enforced by a closed society, the exact opposite of what was supposed to be Athens’ civilizational model (Athens proclaimed itself an open society, 25 centuries ago, under the influence of Aspasia, the wife and philsopher pulling the strings of Pericles…). 

Open against closed societies, plus nukes: not a good mix. But we must resist, as the Moscow dictatorship and the twinged with evil bellicose mindset discarding humanities, which has been so profitable to the Russian empire, will keep asking for more, as they fail in most other ways. To stay open, enlightened societies have to fight their closed predatory neighbors, lest the dark side wins it all. This is more true than ever, now that spaceship Earth has become a big village.

Anne’s statue in Saint Vincent’s Monastery, in Senlis, near Paris, which she founded.

Patrice Ayme

Want Genius? Get Out Of The Gilded Box Global Plutocrats Designed

October 5, 2020

A PhD in a field X means one has done studies in X, but it also means one has PLEASED A HANDFUL of senior members of the PhD GUILD… One has entered a hierarchy. When I mixed up with the best and brightest, I was struck how hierarchical it all was [1].

The fact that professional intellectuals have to aspire to belong to a guild, to please a hierarchy to get the crumbs that feed them as the pigeons they are has the following consequence: Most great mental advances of humanity are from AMATEURS, OR INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATORS, NOT GUILDERS; it’s a historical fact. The very fact that “amateurs”, people who love a subject are viewed in a pejorative way is itself pretty telling. It is basically saying that working for love is inferior to working for a stipend: the lover is inferior to the prostitute, on matter of (prostitution?) principle. The prostitution principle makes employers the ultimate adjudicators of intellectual worth. And now the ultimate adjudicators are the global plutocrats.

I agree with Nietzsche’s analysis, but I go much deeper: the universal principles the infernal trio of those lovers of each others of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle subscribed to were the universal principles of plutocracy against democracy. Plutocracy is intrinsically for mental fascism: deriving everything from a few principles which serve the owners. Socrates, heir of a small fortune, lived like a whore for wealthier than him. Plato, a gilded youth of Athens, aspired to be the Syracuse tyrant’s boyfriend, and Aristotle, a spawn of the innermost circle of the Macedonian tyrant, was the mastermind of the takeover of the world by his Macedonian students. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, are the evil artisans of the ultimate plutocratic box. The consequences were dramatic: ARISTOTLE DESTROYED DEMOCRACY

Yes, ARISTOTLE DESTROYED DEMOCRACY, by building the box nobody was supposed to get out of [2]

It is true that individuals who, while members of the PhD GUILD do not follow the dogmas of the guild, are described as “fringe” and dangerous radicals, and lower order sorts. I was long around the highest top circles in math-physics and I noticed the very highest (Nobel, Field medal ranks) were less arrogant than the ones below them…  The very top guys (De Broglie, Feynman, Wheeler, etc.) were just the opposite, humble and frank. But very consumed by their narcissistic selves…

The intrinsic nature of genius means one is out of the box: the box is not a genius, it’s a prison: new ideas come always from the outside, not the stampeding herd. So the very definition of genius implies asocial behavior towards the GUILDS. 

This can be seen even in individuals such as ABELARD and BURIDAN, Middle Ages super thinkers who were the equivalent of celebrity rock stars in their times… So they were very famous. Abelard led the war against Saint Bernard, the de facto Pope and a crazed advocate of the 2nd Crusade; two centuries later, Buridan, rector of the world’s most famous university, Paris, advised four kings and was loved by a queen, etc… and also had a gigantic following, including the Oresemes, Oxford computing school… They were very famous but still they rocked the boat… Both fought the power of the church in a way which required extreme courage.

An example of resistance of dogma to significant fact is Dark Matter: the evidence for it is nearly a century old, but it was denied… It is a highly significant fact, as it means, POTENTIALLY, that existing physics is 96% IRRELEVANT. As an amateur of sorts, I found an obvious (?) POTENTIAL solution: a finite Quantum Interaction (there is no Quantum Interaction if CIQ, Copenhagen Interpretation Quantum… But I am sure Newton would agree with me, because he wrote on the subject, famously about gravity).

The problem with the identification of the PhD and UNIVERSITY EMPLOYED GUILD with the top intellectual class is that universities, and “university affiliation” are that universities are all in the employ of the top plutocratic class and its agent, the GLOBAL DEEP STATE… This enables the Global Deep State to establish its worldwide mind control.

An example is so-called “French Theory” an all-encompassing philosophical theory, which has been interpreted as saying that there is nothing as a superior cultural trait. Believing in the superiority of some system of thoughts over others is… racist.

Thus, in particular, claiming that “All Lives Matter” is racist.

Wait… what? Ah, because the founding members of “French Theory”, like the ignorant and, or, biased Claude LéviStrauss (a French anthropologist and ethnologist founder of “French Theory”) believed that the West rose on mayhem, and, implicitly, only mayhem… This has been parroted and amplified ever since, in an avalanche of Black Lies. And Black Lies Matter!

Whereas, in truth, the West rose on… Amateur geniuses… certainly the USA, a colony of Europe, rose on much more mayhem than necessary, but that’s another story.

The Occident arose from the creative destruction of yesteryear’s obsolete spiritual prisons… The history of ideas is the history of jailbreaks.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Since then Zarathustra, or Nietzsche, following Descartes, himself echoing Montaigne and his “ivory tower”, will guess that I have entered a higher phase, where mixing would be akin to dilution: there is a time for the cave up high in the mountains, and the dialogue with the centuries…


[2] Abelard, then Buridan, did get out of the Aristotelian box, It was perceived to be so at the time. Peter the Venerable, abbot of all powerful Cluny (by far the largest Christian church at the time) protected Abelard from Saint Bernard. He called Abelard “our Aristotle”.


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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