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Did Planetary Cooling Make Dinosaurs Vulnerable? 

August 1, 2020

The ongoing argument over the theories of dinosaur disappearance all too often ignore that dinosaur populations had already been in decline for tens of millions of years before the impact and, or, volcanic events which caused their brutal demise.

The obvious cause for a dinosaur and sea reptile decline would be cooling of the planet, giving an advantage to animals capable of regulating their internal temperature, in particular by staying warm enough where it mattered: birds and mammals, but also some fishes (tuna, sharks, which can keep their major swim muscles as warm as if they were mammals).

This is a very rough picture, but notice the cooling towards the end of the Cretaceous. Whatever happen next, and massive volcanism and a huge impact certainly happened, drastic cooling would have happen (‘nuclear winter”) for weeks, months, or years…

Indeed dinosaurs and their fellow in the air and the seas, although immensely advanced and efficient in many ways, which enabled them to evolve absolutely gigantic forms in the air or on land, had one Achilles’ heel: they were mesotherms, neither too cold nor too warm, depending a lot of the balmy climate which ruled the planet, all the way to the poles. That does not mean the cold killed them directly. The cold, plus the comparative advantage it gave to small hot and nasty mammals would have, as I have argued in my quasi-extinction theory I also use to explain the quasi disappearance of homo Neanderthalis.


Our results highlight that dinosaurs showed a marked reduction in their ability to replace extinct species with new ones, making them vulnerable to extinction and unable to respond quickly to and recover from the final catastrophic event 66 Mya.

– from research article “Dinosaurs in decline tens of millions of years before their final extinction” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

It’s a bit as with the decline of Rome: dinosaurs could evolve new species, but not a whole new method of staying warm enough to avoid being eaten! Similarly Rome could not change its entire systems of thought and moods, as they all considered slavery the core of civilization! When you are too far in, being wiped out is the only outcome…

Patrice Ayme



The paper admits that some herbivore dinosaurs species were not in decline… But I gave the reason above for the overall decline.

“Whether dinosaurs were in a long-term decline or whether they were reigning strong right up to their final disappearance at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction event 66 Mya has been debated for decades with no clear resolution. The dispute has continued unresolved because of a lack of statistical rigor and appropriate evolutionary framework. Here, for the first time to our knowledge, we apply a Bayesian phylogenetic approach to model the evolutionary dynamics of speciation and extinction through time in Mesozoic dinosaurs, properly taking account of previously ignored statistical violations. We find overwhelming support for a long-term decline across all dinosaurs and within all three dinosaurian subclades (Ornithischia, Sauropodomorpha, and Theropoda), where speciation rate slowed down through time and was ultimately exceeded by extinction rate tens of millions of years before the K-Pg boundary. The only exceptions to this general pattern are the morphologically specialized herbivores, the Hadrosauriformes and Ceratopsidae, which show rapid species proliferations throughout the Late Cretaceous instead. Our results highlight that, despite some heterogeneity in speciation dynamics, dinosaurs showed a marked reduction in their ability to replace extinct species with new ones, making them vulnerable to extinction and unable to respond quickly to and recover from the final catastrophic event.”

Historical Motivation For Xi’s Uighur Genocide

July 25, 2020

China’s Xi dictatorship has caged a large part of the Uyghur population. Uyghurشىنجاڭ‎… Some of the prisoners work for US plutocratic corporations, which, to cover their tracks, then handsomely finance protests against slavery in the USA. Why are Beijing’s leaders so paranoiac about Uighurs? Well, it’s complicated: China has a long history of being defeated by Islam Fundamentalists, and even more by Turkic tribes…

China Han empire 100 CE, a fullest extent, as seen by the Chinese… It sometimes feel that Xi can’t wait to do this again… He should calm down.

The first inhabitants of present-day West China came from the west. The oldest Tarim mummies, found in the Tarim Basin, are dated to the 2nd millennium BCE, when the Indo-European Tocharians inhabited the Tarim Basin. In the first millennium BCE the Tarim Basin was inhabited by the Indo-European Yuezhi nomads. In the second century BCE the region became part of the Xiongnu empire, a confederation of nomads centered on present-day Mongolia.

The Tarim Basin was first referred to as “Xiyu” (Chinese: 西域) under the Han dynasty. The Han pushed the Xiongnu out of the Tarim Basin in 60 BCE (Han–Xiongnu War) in an effort to grab the profitable Silk Roads, which were sending silk to those arrogant Roman ladies. The Han maintained a variable military presence until the early 3rd century CE. From the 2nd to the 5th century local rulers were allowed to control the region. In the 6th century, the First Turkic Khaganate was established. In the 7th-8th century Tang, Turks and Tibetans warred for control, and the Tang dynasty established the Anxi Protectorate of Xinjiang and Central Asia.

In 660 – 663 AD the Tang dynasty reached Korea by defeating Goguryeo and Baekye. It reached Siberia by defeating Tujue (the Turks) and Xueyantuo tribes. It also reached modern-day Afghanistan and accepted whatever the conquering Arabs had left of  Persia as a Protectorate. However, the Islamized Arabs kept on advancing and in the 700s, the Tang’s border retreated a lot until the reign of empress Wu Zetian. The Umayyad Caliphate then conquered local rulers who asked China to intervene, which it did successfully…

The Battle of Talas or Battle of Artlakh,
(Chinese: 怛羅斯戰役; pinyin: dáluósī zhànyì; Arabic: معركة نهر طلاس‎) in July 751 CE engaged the Abbasid Caliphate along with its ally, the Tibetan Empire, against the Chinese Tang dynasty. Tang and Abbasid forces met in the valley of the Talas River to vie for control over the Syr Darya region of central Asia. After several days of stalemate, the Karluk Turks, most of the Tang force, originally allied to the Tang, defected to the Abbasids, catching the severely outnumbered Tang forces from an unexpected direction, resulting in a Tang rout. 80% of the Chinese army was annihilated.


Clearly, the picture above is something Chinese leaders have in the back of their minds: after defeat to the left of the picture, a defeat that was completely avoidable, had the Tang empire directed enough military resources to prevent it, a collapse of the Tang ensued, and a gigantic Uyghur Muslim state got established in the north, while Tibet grew out of control…

Interestingly, and ominously, the defeat was followed by the seizure of the Tang capital by rebels. Thus one could guess that ignominious defeat thousands of miles to the west, led to the rebellion. We have many examples of this sort of occurrences: hostiles forces could conspire to act in concert with surprising efficiency, even in the distant past (the invasion of the “Sea People” is an example given by Ramses III himself). For example, I have personally advanced the thesis that the three spectacular Umayyad defeats during the attempted invasions of Francia brought the collapse of the Umayyad caliphate (except precisely in the place where most of the remaining Umayyad army was, namely, Spain!)

Hence one may deduce that the present Chinese leadership, if it were smart, may ponder those things with a feeling of déjà vu all over again

The defeat of Talas marked the end of the Tang westward expansion: a counterattack was prevented by the rebellion in the Tang capital. It resulted in Muslim control of Transoxiana for the next 400 years. Control of the region was economically beneficial for the Abbasids because it was on the Silk Roads.

Xinjiang, officially the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, occupying the west of the PRC. It is the largest province of China. Xinjiang spans over 1.6 million km2, centered on the gigantic Tarim Basin, making it the twelfth or so largest country in the world, ahead of Iran.

The Chinese Han inferiority complex to  this west country is deep: the Tocharian mummies have been found there by the thousands, and they have Turkic or European, even West European, genes. To further the horror, there is plenty of evidence that those Westerners introduced several advanced, crucial, typically “Chinese” technologies, to… China. Now the Uighurs naturally revendicate that ancestry… to which I will reply that those distant, valorous ancestors didn’t subscribe to Islam… So they aren’t cultural ancestors… And, from what I can see, they don’t look much like genetic ancestors either…

Considering Islam’s toxicity to progress, I can understand the nervousness of Chinese Communist authorities. Modern China is in the oldest tradition of Chinese governmentalism and intellectualism, with an injection of slightly crazed, in a typical European way, We The People progressivism at all costs…

Ottoman Empire in 1683. All over it, printing was rewarded by the death penalty. The Turks had adopted the war religion of Islam six centuries earlier, and… coming from Turkic speaking lands, to the north-east, conquered ALL the green above. Now some of the anti-history idiots may smirk that this is history and that I am history too. However, Chinese administration had extended at some point all the way to the north-east corner of the map above, AND that some Uighur or sympathizers call Chinese Xixiang “East Turkestan”. Also, several times in the past, and most recently during the Long March, some Chinese top military commanders were… Turks. Considering these facts gives a new complexity to Xi’s apparent genocide against the Uighurs… Which is ongoing…

The Ottoman empire took more than 300 years to start to print in Turkic. So much for progress…

Meanwhile a Chinese rocket, following by two days a Japanese-United ARAB Emirates rocket, headed for Mars, with a rover on board. Historical, literal Islam, is a great enemy of progress. So great is the intellectual fascism generated by literal Islam, that the intellectual terror and dearth of mental activity it generates stopped printing for (in practice) four centuries, and keeping Turkic and Arabic populations illiterate… without having to go to the grotesque condemnation of printers to death, as the ridiculous ally of the Sultan, Francois I of France did, for a while. No less than 869 authors and printers were executed in France during 3 centuries… Atrocious, and despicable, yes… But at least a battle was engaged… The skeptics can read: “God Here, Dog There“…

So I can see why Xi does to the Uyghurs what he does. But there are better ways. As far as we know, under the Franks, Muslim populations were reabsorbed into the fold without a problem. Islam can be ultra-modernized, I have seen and lived in it… as long as it is not interpreted literally… Hence the launch of an orbiter to Mars by the UAE is a very good thing. Let’s observe in passing that the Japanese, the Emirates, the Chinese, and the Americans have maintained their missions to Mars, in spite of COVID 19. Whereas Europe chickened out.

Times they are changing…

Patrice Ayme

Plutocracy, Not Racocracy

July 15, 2020

Yes, there is not a thing such as “racocracy”. “Race” is such a ridiculous concept, it was never recognized that a “race” could grab power, and race away with the concept. The Greeks knew of “oligarchy” (rule of the few), plutocracy, tyranny (rule of one), etc… But not racocracy. The Greco-Roman empire was ruled, at some point, by Arabs, Africans…

Hispanic conquistadores, full of defects as they were, were not racists. Indeed Cortez greatly won his war against the Aztecs and also the one he waged against the (Spanish) governor of Cuba, because of “La Malinche”.  La Malinche, a top Aztec aristocrat sold into slavery by her own mother, learned many languages, including Mayan. La Malinche was married to one of Cortez’s top lieutenant, and also bore a son from Cortez himself, who got legitimized, ennobled (and seemed to have been Cortez’s prefered child). Later Charles Quint stopped the conquest of the Americas, because of the genocides it had caused.

It seems likely that Cortez would have failed in his conquest, without La Malinche. Both the Aztecs and the Spaniards were fascinated by her, and all sought advice from her. She was central to Cortez’s ability to muster a gigantic Native army to use against the Aztecs.

Racism is pretty much an invention of the North American English plutocracy, to justify lethally exploitative plutocracy (making money from tobacco). Its notorious “One Drop Rule” is (implicitly) perpetuated by the ideology of Black Lives Matter. Truth? LOW LIVES SHOULD MATTER TOO!

Truth is more important than perceived injustice. Indeed, if perceived injustice is a lie, it’s not injustice. The Nazis famously used as main electoral platform, the injustices they perceived in several matters, including oppression they felt from Jews, Slavs and French. It was mostly imaginary, and 5% of the world population got killed as a result. Much of the present movement about “systemic racism” is barking up the wrong tree. It is a self-defeating movement, as it is all too willing to accuse We The People of racism.

This rage against a racism the importance of which is exaggerated, hid the main problem, which is plutocracy. Plutocracy, controlling the media, has sent too many of the best jobs overseas, thrived from the for-profit healthcare system, the unequal educational system, the lending-to-the-wealthy economy, the exclusive real estate, the police-protecting-the wealthy, the justice-for-the-wealthy, and the overall intrinsic violence of guns and drug availability.

I am not saying this lightly, I have been the victim of racism light for decades. However, I am not so selfish and blind to put my own little condition above massive injustices as found in education, health, housing, driven by greed which is the main force of this society.

Appreciating what is really going on is necessary to progress out of the present swamp. Thus, attacks against efforts at establishing truth reveals that those inhabited by such rage are actually truly working against progress.

Patrice Ayme



The last part of the essay was a comment the NYT let me publish (!). The main article was about Steven Pinker …. someone I have harshly criticized. However, critics want him “cancelled”… and this is not acceptable. Moreover, as Pinker points out, this creates a climate of terror against non PC thinking… Which is never alright, because the truth needs to physically exercise, like we all need to. Without error to debate, it won’t have a punching ball…

On the Hypocrisy Of The Pseudo-Left: Muslim Ilhan Omar Steals $900,000 From Supporters

July 8, 2020

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar claims we “have to change our system of oppression…We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, [and] in the air we breathe.

She talks the talk. She walks the other way. 

Over the past two years she has paid nearly $900,000 to a consulting firm owned by her latest and newest husband, federal election records show. (Sometimes her newest husband is one of the old ones…)

Disbursements from Omar’s 2018 campaign and 2020 reelection campaign show the congresswoman has sent $878,000 to E Street Group LLC, a consultant firm run by Democratic strategist Tim Mynett. Including a $189,000 windfall in March — just weeks after they announced they had tied the knot, campaign data shows.

It should not be allowed,” said attorney Richard W. Painter, who served as chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House. Ethics eludes Omar…

Omar is part of the House freshman class known as “The Squad,” which includes New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and several other female Democrats known for their loud pseudo-progressive agenda. 

Omar and Mynett were married in March, after each divorced their respective spouses in late 2019. In court filings, Mynett’s first wife said Omar was having an affair with her then-husband.

Omar was married many times, often “in her traditional faith”, filed taxes with the wrong husband, etc. I do agree with many of Omar’s positions… But the overall indecency she projects as an ungrateful Somali refugee, who was rescued by the force the Kenyan and then US government deployed to save her and her family, is quasi-cosmical, and would be comical, if not so many people considered her inversion of the values who saved her, something to be revered.


A white financial woman summoning her “inner Karen” called 911 to claim a “African-Americanthreatened my life” (as she put it to the police, and before the call, when the gentleman, Christian Cooper, asked her why she was calling the police)… Mr. Cooper had just asked her to leash her enormous, out of control dog, in an area of New York Central Park which required leashes (to protect wildlife). She has been charged, and that is excellent. The (completely innocent) gentleman looks partly of African descent and is a New York bird watcher.

Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies (CAREN Act) has been proposed as a law in San Francisco by a supervisor who looks like Mr. Cooper. And that’s very good.

Patrice Ayme

All too Many Hyper Wealthy Law Firms Stole From We The People

July 7, 2020

They scream about “systemic racism”. Actually, it’s systemic plutocracy. De facto racism ensues. naturally A key to plutocratism, the power of evil systematized, is inequality: some eat, others get eaten. In modern society, as in Roman society, the power of evil shows up with giant income inequality. And just as in Rome, the power of magistrates and lawyers is key to systemic abuse… As they impose it (example in modern US, “Jim Crow laws” and “New Jim Crow” of 1994, authored by no less than Joe Biden).

To put it simply, some of those firms supposed to uphold the law, are made of thieves… And it is the case of the firm most tied to the Democratic Party, Boeis. Thieves? Indeed these “loans” are “FORGIVABLE”.

[The following comment was censored by the New York Times: it criticized law firms most of which support the so-called “Democratic Party. For example the firm Boies, supported (half-heartedly; actually, faking it…) Gore against Bush…]

Law firms and lawyers are not supposed to be around mostly for money. They are supposed, primarily, to uphold the law. Upholding the law starts with upholding its spirit. In particular, the spirit of equality of all to the law. When Congress passed a stimulus law and the president signed it, the idea, the spirit, was to preserve the employment and livelihood of dozens of millions of small earners: the government, through banks, would enable somebody earning $30,000 to keep on supporting a family, by keeping that income.

To start with, the bail system got to go… (NYC did this, but then is releasing nearly everybody, falling into anarchy the other way…)

Instead, owners of large law firms, in some cases law firms where each partner earns more than three million dollars a year, decided to add stimulus money to their firms’ revenues… instead of reducing their enormous incomes to pay their own employees. This demonstrates how greedy and corrupt those supposed defenders of the law have become. It is alarming to see that those supposed to defend justice have no idea that it is unjust for them to make even more money than they used to, by diverting money which was meant for the poor, people earning 1% of what they earn. I heard a top law firm partner earning millions, say of the stimulus:”It’s free money!”
More than 40 law firms with more than 100 million in revenues last year received loans between 5 and 10 million dollars.
At Boies, partners made an average of 3 millions: owners should have redistributed some of their colossal incomes of 200 times the minimum wage, to employees. Instead of stealing it from We The People.

Patrice Ayme



After the NYT published an article on the corruption in stimulus money distribution, higher ups obviously realized many of people connected to prominent democrats were involved. So the comment section was closed in a rush…

Lobbyists, Law Firms and Trade Groups Took Small-Business Loans
The Trump administration began releasing details of which businesses received Paycheck Protection Program aid.

…”More than 100 law firms received loans ranging from $1 million to $10 million, the data showed. The list included well-known names like Boies Schiller Flexner, the high-priced law firm run by David Boies, which received between $5 million and $10 million. “We don’t comment on our financials,” the firm said…

Several firms that advise companies on how to deal with the government, but are not officially registered to lobby, were also said to have received loans. They include companies run by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served in the Clinton administration.

David Boies, another pillar of the Democratic Party who loves to steal We The People, so he can make even more millions. Pelosi-Feinstein ethical school. OK, Booies is small potatoes comparative to Feinstein who made more than a billion, a thousand million dollars betraying with China…


The following comment sent to the NYT after a Krugman editorial accusing Trump of the virus (he literally called him a virus!) was not censored, but just delayed to the next day (that boils down to the same)

Agreed that some of Trump moves were beyond silly and he should have shown the correct example by wearing a mask. However, one should not ignore the local democratic structure of the US, which blocked a national response.
For example, all the Turks have been systematically given the hydroxychloroquine + macrolide antibiotic (AZT) treatment at the first symptoms, and households were ordered to make masks (some families made thousands). Conclusion: less than 5,300 dead, even with several hundred thousands cases. Of course the recent uptick has nothing to do with Colored Lives Matter style demonstrations, because Trump is to modern day “liberals” what the devil used to be to old fashion Puritans.

Can People Self-Hypnotize Into Hatred?

July 5, 2020

“Black Lives Matter” events in 2020 exhibited a high level of (justifiable) rage, but also inexcusable hatred. Three examples. A (completely black) Federal Agent in Oakland protecting a Federal building was killed in a planned attack, his colleague critically injured. The assaillant, an (Hispanic) Air Force sergeant, killed and wounded more law enforcement before his arrest, a few days later. An elder, retired (completely black) police captain, protecting a friend’s shop was pierced with bullets, left to bleed to death on the sidewalk while passersby documented his passing away on their smartphones (without providing medical assistance by compressing the wounds). The perpetrator, a thug who got away with a TV, was also arrested (from videos). 

Then you have the incredible level of venom from Pelosi, third official in the USA (only behind the President and VP), head of Congress, who just accused Trump to be a Russian agent. No less. And once again. Now this is very serious. If she has the proof, she has to let it out. If not, and it’s all about her rage…or even worse, she should be impeached. Even at the worst of McCarthyism, in those crazed anti-communist days of the Cold War and Iron Curtain, when Nixon was Vice-President, one never saw such insane, ludicrous, counterfactual accusations (Trump sent Javelins anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, stopping Russian encroachments,Obama sent only non-lethal aid, MRTEs, Meals Ready To Eat). I have an explanation for Pelosi’s behavior, which is dangerously deleterious to the Republic. Part of it to detour from her own, real crimes, such as invading Iraq, part of it to protect her class of political wealth, private estates, private police forces, private jets… we saw it all when the Roman Republic was failing and plutocrats pretended to protect the Republic, to better destroy it. 

Pelosi accused Trump of being a Russian agent. Biden added: “His entire presidency has been a gift to Putin, but this is beyond the pale. It’s a betrayal of the most sacred duty we bear as a nation, to protect and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way.” This is a serious distortion of reality, where was is is declared to have not been, and what has not been, is. It’s Obama who was a gift to Putin. The facts are clear.

Pelosi should have been taught history. Clearly, Catholicism is one of the deadliest religion known. Actually Catholicism, on the face of it, may have been the most lethal religion, killing more, by orders of magnitude more than even the Aztec religion. For example, Catholicism killed, by its own computation, more than five million Cathars… Ask the average Catholic, they don’t even know what a Cathar is. because they killed all the books, statues, works, etc. The very symbol of Catholicism, a human being tortured to death, should be clear enough to see through the hypocrisy… but Catholics have been so brainwashed, they don’t see the cross for what it is.Why is Pelosi’s wild behavior dangerous? We saw this happen with Tiberius Gracchus, 2,150 years ago. Tiberius, from what was then the most prestigious family in Rome, renounced his Patrician status, to be elected Tribune of the People. His project was to cut down the plutocracy, by enforcing Republican Rome’s old drastic wealth limits.

The plutocracy knew this, of course, as this was Tiberius’ electoral platform. The plutocracy did all it could, in all ways, to prevent Tiberius’ project. Roman Republican internal politics had been sedate for centuries. The plutocracy started a campaign of lies, innuendos, insults, threats, insane assertions, to block Tiberius. He wants to become King! The plutocrats alleged, and paid handsomely other politicians to oppose Tiberius. There were ten Tribunes of the People, they were sacrosanct, meaning the death penalty to whoever attacked them… and they had a right of Veto. So the plutocrats had just to pay one Tribune to Veto Tiberius to prevent the passing of a law… and this they did. Ultimately, in the end, after enormous psychological pressure was exerted publicly, and the vote of the Centuries was progressing, the blocking Tribune was persuaded (by the enormous throng of the Roman Populus) to resign and go home. The law passed. But the assertions made and the mood of hatred established in the months prior didn’t go away. They just kept on escalating into grotesque hatred. Ultimately the enslaving plutocrats paid private armies of thugs to kill Tiberius, and the Republic installed itself into mass murdering civil war which would last more than a century, Populares against plutocrats, until Augustus and his army established a dictatorship, by killing all those who disagreed. 


Can Hatred Grow Self Hypnotically? And if so, why?  

Yes, people can be hypnotized into hatred, and even do it to themselves. Because some people are highly influenced by hypnosis (according to recent brain scan science). Why hypnosis, the triumph of mind over matter, should have evolved has a natural answer: precisely because it is the triumph of mind over reality. That is the essence of the human impact: humanity, when it doesn’t the reality it has, creates another.

In the case of hypnosis, the mind giving the orders is usually someone’s else. But not always: people with horrible injuries have been able to act rationally, no doubt from some form of self-hypnotism (or from the mechanism causing hypnotism). I take advantage of this, all the time, as do all those engaged in hard sports…  

Another most useful innate human behavior is hatred. It’s first advantage is to help get motivated to get rid of enemies. When a little add-on insanity is needed to destroy the enemy, hateful rage is here to help. The evolutionary advantage is that it’s better to get rid of (most of) humanity, rather than of the environment which supports it. 

Hatred has another advantage: it helps motivate higher intellectual pursuits. This is why hatred is great among intellectuals(it’s not inside each intellectual church, but between them). 

In any case, all these are no idle speculation, not anymore: brain scanning in real time enables us to see how the brain reacts to external stimuli (including hypnosis).

So hatred can have its advantage, and more hatred, even more advantage… hence the interest to have a capability to become completely inhabited by hatred in a process of self hypnosis. When one is as vile a politician as Nancy Pelosi, who let Bush lie to the world about Iraq, responsible for the death of millions, accusing someone who was against the Iraq invasion, feels like liberation. 


Tiberius was accused by the plutocrats of wanting to make himself king, when all he wanted was to give better lives to Roman soldiers, who made the Republic’s existence possible. The same accusation was brandished against his brother and others who helped them. And against Gaius Marius, whose expert generalship had saved the Republic from annihilation. Or, of course against Caesar who did pass a redistribution law in 59 BCE, when he was Consul, to the rage of the senate’s plutocrats.

The analogy with the present situation is clear. Sending an unbalanced proportion of middle class jobs to a (well governed) Chinese Communist dictatorship, because it made thousands of billionaires wealthier and more powerful by the day (watch Medal of Freedom recipient Gates getting love letters from Xi), while distributing drugs to the citizenry (so they can get confused some more) is basically what happened under the plutocratizing Roman Republic… except in the latter case millions of slaves were imported, and many of the exported jobs were sent to peripheral regions of the empire: Rome didn’t trade directly with China, it was a China unto itself, it had China within….

Patrice Ayme

Forgiveness, A Virtue Which Christianism Got Right

July 4, 2020

Catholicism teaches many things. To We The People, it teaches first sheepness. Jesus is supposed to be our shepherd, we are supposed to be his flock. Or does it? Actually the Lord’s Prayer/Pater Noster gives prime of place to forgiveness, not sheepness. We are supposed to forgive. The notion is thus most important to Christ and company. 

The subject itself is fascinating, and very telling of the corruption in which the Anglo-Saxon plutocracy led the world. Indeed the “King James” version of the Bible published in 1611 makes Jesus into an investment banker! Indeed it asks the “Lord” to “forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” Debts? Really? Crist? Obsessed by “debts”?

King James was the lead investor in the foundation of the militarized English North American colony. He and other “West Country men” set up a system of white slavery (indentured servitude). Escaped white “servants” would be quartered alive (to encourage the other low lives to obey “the Lord”) A few years later the slave masters discovered it was more efficient to enslave Africans and to send the Native Americans as slaves to the Caribbean.

King James, who became king of Scotland as a baby, was big on torturing and killing witches. He then founded the mood of the sort of America that Black Lives Matter correctly hates… But that mood is written down in King James Bible, and celebrated in black churches, all over America. See the problem?… There at last an excellent monument to throw into the fire of furious criticism…

Did you read all this, Black Lives Matter? That the enslaving mentality originated with the debt obsessed mentality of King James? So please then give a thought to burning your “King James” Bibles, and replacing it with something less fake.

But let’s back up to the original version of the Catholic main prayer (my translation, from way before filthy enslaving plutocrat King James). Here it is:

Our Father who is is heavens,

Let it be that you name be sanctified,

That your reign arrives,

That your will be done on Earth as in Heavens.

Forgive us,

As we forgive those who offended us.

Do not let us be tempted by sin,

And free us from evil.


Much of this prayer has been subject to debate: the first written version was in Greek, but, except if it was a complete fake concocted by imperial plotters (as some hold it to be, and they have good refined historical arguments), the original has got to have been in Aramaic (the mythical Jesus didn’t talk Greek, although many in Judea did). So, to establish my version, I kept in mind the supposed mentality of Jesus (I don’t think Jesus worried about financial investments). My version is nearly identical to the Catholic original from before Theodosius I.

In any case, forgiveness is central in Christianism… and it’s a keeper. 

What does forgiveness do? It enables to establish peace more easily, by deciding to turn an offense one suffered into a gift one offers. So forgiveness transforms offenses into gifts.  

But not just this. When we reason, be it from heart and, or, cold blooded logic, we can make mistakes. Forgiveness can take care of these mistakes. Maybe, after all, some of these offenses were not what they seemed: maybe we helped them along, or imagined them, a bit. Hence those offenses we forgive, may have originated in our minds, all too much.

Thus, by forgiving others, we may be actually forgiving ourselves. Forgiving others turns out to be nicely self-serving, if we look at it in depth.

Christianism, in full, is not compatible with civilization… But that does mean there are no pieces we can make our own… It doesn’t mean, either, that we should hesitate to eradicate our enemies… But when they surrender, as Allah indicates often in the Qur’an, we may as well be merciful…

Patrice Ayme

Krugman, Nine Years Later, Recognizes That Obama Served Only The Wealthy

July 1, 2020

What we had under the Obama administration during 2011 was slightly different looks at two aspects of the same point of view, fighting as if they were all what the political spectrum was. Either of these two aspects, the Obama one, or the Republican one, agreed on one thing: spending on the non-wealthy and, thus, most of the economy was already plenty enough, and, actually a risk: it could augment the deficit. It was an imaginary risk: when was the last time a deficit threatened the US economy, let alone society, for real? 

I said this at the time., again and again and again Paul Krugman discovers it in 2020… [1] in: Why Do the Rich Have So Much Power?

Here is Krugman:

“July 1, 2020,
America is, in principle, a democracy, in which every vote counts the same. It’s also a nation in which income inequality has soared, a development that hurts many more people than it helps. So if you didn’t know better, you might have expected to see a political backlash: demands for higher taxes on the rich, more spending on the working class and higher wages.

In reality, however, policy has mostly gone the other way.

Tax rates on corporations and high incomes have gone down, unions have been crushed, the minimum wage, adjusted for inflation, is lower than it was in the 1960s. How is that possible?

The answer is that huge disparities in income and wealth translate into comparable disparities in political influence. To see how this works, let’s look at a fairly recent example: the budgetary Grand Bargain that almost happened in 2011.

At the time, Washington was firmly in the grip of deficit fever. Even though the federal government was able to borrow at historically low interest rates, everyone who mattered seemed to be saying that the budget deficit was the most important issue facing America and that it was essential to rein in spending on Social Security and Medicare.

So the Obama administration offered congressional Republicans a deal: cuts in Social Security and Medicare in return for slightly higher taxes on the wealthy. The deal foundered only because the party refused to accept even a small tax increase.

The question is, who wanted such a deal? Not the American public.

Voters in general weren’t all that worried about budget deficits. While most Americans believed that the deficit should be reduced — they always do — a CBS poll in early 2011 found only 6 percent of the public named the deficit as the most important issue, compared with 51 percent citing the economy and jobs.

Both the Obama administration and Republicans were staking out positions that flew in the face of public desires. A large majority has consistently wanted to see Social Security benefits expanded, not cut. A comparably large majority has consistently said that upper-income Americans pay too little, not too much, in taxes.

So whose interests were actually reflected in the 2011 budget fight? The wealthy.”

Krugman, nine years later, recognizing Obama served the wealthy as little Kenyan boys with both parents connected to the CIA, from Indonesia to Kenya, are won to do (oops, just speculating for fun, just as when Pelosi accuses Trump to hire Putin to pay bounties for US soldiers in Afghanistan, or something like that, her latest diversion in Pelossi land… Just trying to explain how the mom got married to a millionaire Indonesian frontman, during the dictatorship, while the “Harvard educated”, aren’t they all, dad ended so drunk and so dead…))

Lots to say about this graph. The USA, being now so incredibly powerful, could just total to zero ALL its debt owed to foreigners. Actually FDR did just that, with one third of the debt, in 1933. Nobody noticed.

OK, here is a bit more Krugman, now that he has regained reality a bit, we may quote him more often:

“A groundbreaking study of rich Americans’ policy preferences in 2011 found that the wealthy, unlike voters in general, did prioritize deficit reduction over everything else. They also, in stark contrast with the general public, favored cuts in Social Security and health spending.

And while a few high-profile billionaires like Warren Buffett have called for higher taxes on people like themselves, the reality is that most billionaires are obsessed with cutting taxes, like the estate tax, that only the rich pay.

In other words, in 2011 a Democratic administration went all-in on behalf of a policy concern that only the rich gave priority and failed to reach a deal only because Republicans didn’t want the rich to bear any burden at all.

It’s a philosopher, Xenophon, contemporary of Socrates, but more honest, who founded what he called “ECONOMY”. Krugman is just a Nobel laureate, just like Obama is one in child killing, he is mostly a technical guy, serving the plutocrats. So of course he censored my comment… which was purely technical (I added the insults for fun… and truth… in this longer essay). Here is what I said about debt, which flew over his head like a US air force air armada over Hitler’s head in 1944 (this really happened to a flabbergasted Hitler: five thousands contrails above the Great Guide… going to bomb his beloved Reich…)

“Deficit” is just a way to avoid taxes now (the French stopped understanding this a while back, and their economy cratered).

Indeed what is the deficit? What feeds debt. And what is debt? Potentially a problem with borrowing more, if past debt is not paid well enough. In other words, debt is an abstract threat upon one of the ways the government uses to finance itself. Of course, the government doesn’t need to finance itself: it could for example order companies to produce enough masks, and requisition them. 

What became real in 2011 was the refusal of the US government to invest more in the US economy. Instead, only the wealthy were left free to do so… thus augmenting their power.

Overall the will to wealth colors the entire Western society nowadays, including a school system too obsessed with competitive sports. Or the obsession with wealthy celebrities young people are impregnated with. Instead of being obsessed with learning science, infinitesimal calculus and the history of China, Europe or the Greco-Roman empire, students are exposed to the wealth obsession of the few as the ultimate good. This sort of youth, once grown-up, believe that the “job creators” are only the wealthy… when, in truth, it’s mostly government policies which create, or don’t create, jobs in general, and quality jobs in particular. Reinforcing itself, plutocracy controls the world media (either by owning, or sponsoring), and makes sure only what it views as the correct notions are considered, be it in politics, economy or history.

Notice the lack of academic comparison between the plutocratic financing of Hitler and the one of Xi… (With US plutocrats in the lead, in either case!)

Ah, if, according to Krugman “a Democratic administration went all-in on behalf of a policy concern that only the rich gave priority to”, in that Biden-Obama administration, why should it be different for another Biden administration? I say Biden-Obama, because Biden had been financed by the finance industry for several decades by the time he entered his VP job…

Patrice Ayme


[1] And 24 hours later, has still not published my comment…


Here is more Krug:

“Campaign contributions, historically dominated by the wealthy, are part of the story. A 2015 Times report found that at that point fewer than 400 families accounted for almost half the money raised in the 2016 presidential campaign. This matters both directly — politicians who propose big tax increases on the rich can’t expect to see much of their money — and indirectly: Wealthy donors have access to politicians in a way ordinary Americans don’t and play a disproportionate role in shaping policymakers’ worldview.

However, the influence of money on politics goes far beyond campaign contributions. Outright bribery probably isn’t much of a factor , but there are nonetheless major personal financial rewards for political figures who support the interests of the wealthy. Pro-plutocrat politicians who stumble, like Eric Cantor, the former House whip — who famously celebrated Labor Day by honoring business owners — quickly find lucrative positions in the private sector, jobs in right-wing media or well-paid sinecures at conservative think tanks.”

It’s of course exactly the same for pseudo-left politicians: just turn on any anti-Trump media and watch to see recycled pseudo-left politicians and their families… Like the daughter of the guy who attacked Afghanistan on July 3, 1979, launching Jihad, is a major anti-Trump, pro-Biden activist, paid zillions…

Krug, discovering how the mood of a plutocracy works:

And even the issues that the news media discuss often reflect a rich person’s agenda. Advertising dollars explain some of this bias, but a lot of it probably reflects subtler factors, like the (often false) belief that people who’ve made a lot of money have special insight into how the nation as a whole can achieve prosperity.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the fixation on cutting benefits in the early 2010s was the extent to which it was treated not as a controversial position but as the undeniably right thing to do. As Ezra Klein pointed out in The Washington Post at the time: “For reasons I’ve never quite understood, the rules of reportorial neutrality don’t apply when it comes to the deficit. On this one issue, reporters are permitted to openly cheer a particular set of highly controversial policy solutions.

When White Is Called Black, Anything Goes… And Rationality Is the First Thing to Go.

June 26, 2020

Races, racism, and the way to describe them: “black”, “negro”, “colored”, “red skin”, “whites”, are all US racist constructs. So is the “one drop rule” behind it all. To use them is to become oneself racist, just as using Nazi semantics about Aryans, non-Aryans, Jews, half-breeds to talk “races” without decrying them stridently, is to become oneself somewhat of a Nazi. This is the first paradox of all too much vociferously noisy antiracism, as it presently stand: it is itself racist. 

Excess brings its own destruction: Nazism, for example, by going insane into its “defense” of the white German “race” helped bring its own replacement by what it had proclaimed to detest (ten million white Germans died in WW2, and often the most “Aryan” of them all, thanks to Hitler and company… and those ten million have been more than replaced by millions of… colored immigrants; so the white race obsession of the Nazis brought a considerable darkening of average German skin color, the exact opposite of what they wanted!)

Using skin color to classify people, whether they have it, or not, is beyond the pale. It’s an outrageous social construct based on a discrimination which literally paints “black”, in the racists’ mind eyes, people whose characteristic is to have a drop of recent Sub Saharan African genetics. That “one drop rule” is straight racism of the most outrageous type, because that one drop is supposed to make people into a different “race”… thus affirming the purity of the “white race”… which becomes, by definition the one untouched by that (apparently infinitely) black drop of recent African genetics.  

Col. Hans Christian Heg, who immigrated to the United States from Norway, became a newspaper editor and an outspoken member of the anti-slavery Free Soil Party. When the Civil War broke out, he was chosen to lead a regiment from Wisconsin.
The statue of Heg, an anti-slavery activist who fought and died for the Union during the U.S. Civil War, was decapitated and thrown into a Madison lake. Mob rule has no rule but blind rage.

Right now it’s trendy among “whites” to embrace “Black”. Talk is cheap, embrace not too intimate with all the COVID around. Wishful talk will not change the reality of tax and power structures which determine who rules. 

Racism is, fundamentally, a denial of reality, and, first of all, the reality of the one and only human race. Calling “Black” individuals whose skin is not even black is a blatant way to deny the importance of reality, in this case, paradoxically, the reality of color as wavelength, and brandishing the importance of racial prejudice, and making it sacrosanct. The more the obsession with “Black”, the less the grasp on reality.

The less the grasp on reality, the more one is ready to confuse “millions” and “thousands” (as Joe Biden is prone to do). We have seen that movie before: in the Fourth Century, Roman emperors imposed “Orthodox Catholicism”… and reality became a distant memory, submerged by barbarian invasions, and the love of getting slapped on the other cheek.

Patrice Ayme

To Deconstruct Racism, One Needs To Deconstruct General Semantics, Reconstruct History

June 25, 2020

Look at those clowns going around, decrying “racism”, and all they do, is talk, obsessively, about skin color? Think Rwanda, before and during its genocide, and people obsessing about “Tutsi Lives Matter”, or “Hutu Lives Matter”. Well what was the lively matter with deadly consequences in Rwanda was the very concept of “Tutsi” and “Hutu”. Contemporary Rwanda constitution outlaws this sort of obsessive racism. The ignorant should be taught that there is no good racism [1]. 

Lots of people go around, and talk of “racism”, and condemn it, without even understanding that they are themselves racist in their behavior, ways and feelings. I am genuinely non-racist, and I find it horrifying that people who condemn others for racism are themselves racist, and want us to join them in using racism to fight racism. Why am I non-racist? I have, partly by choice, a family with origin in three regions: Europe, Africa, Philippines. I always found attractive, interesting and human people from all over the world.

See the problem? White/Black Lives Matter to white/black racists

I was educated in Africa. The first thing one learns in Subsaharan Africa is NOT to mention the color of the skin of people: that is viewed as racist. My mom told this to me when I was five. So the very expression “Black Lives Matter” would be viewed as a racist no-no in Africa. All lives matter. Subsaharan Africa has people with skin as dark as charcoal (say Wolof), when a native population a few miles away (say Peul) can be beige color. 

US “blacks” are sometimes endowed with pink skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. They are “black” only in the racist eye. I have a friend who is an attorney in Oakland, California, who is like that; one has to look at her very carefully to realize she may have some African ancestry, from her somewhat kinky blonde hair; her whole family is like that… but that family is viewed as “black”… according to the racist “one drop rule” (perversely embraced by most US non-whites). In Africa, people would guess, but won’t mention, a Norwegian origin, when faced with someone with striking green eyes, blonde hair, pink skin. But not in the US, where genealogy is everything. 

In the US, “black” is a concept so dark, it can’t be erased with the simple trick of looking like a Norwegian. One of the three (I think) “black” US Senators has striking blue eyes: never mind his eyes, he is “black”.

So, right, US racist behaviors have to be stopped. But the worst ones are in plain sight, and no one sees them. The very idea of “Black Lives Matter” is a plutocratic plot… As if it were a question, something non-obvious. 

The police is another matter entirely: it is hyper violent, in part because it is in a society with hundreds of millions of guns. I was personally threatened with my life by police for no reason whatsoever, more than once, except being at the wrong place… because officers feel citizens are keen to kill them… so being ready to shoot them first is the essence of survival. 

The destruction of statues illustrates splendidly the failure of the educational system: in the name of anti-racism, anti-racists’ statues have been destroyed. Instead, the solution with statues is to transform them into history lessons with copious explanations below and around them.

Want to learn from history? Here is the first lesson: history is very complicated.

That simplest of all historical lessons has not been taught to the last few generations. So we have a new class of puritans arising. Claiming all we need is “moral clarity”. Let’s take care of Black Lives, they say. And who kills the “Black Lives”? Well, other “Black Lives” in 90% of the cases. Yes, it’s a question of education and opportunities, and not having guns and drugs around. But on these subjects, much of the hysterical pseudo-left “Black Lives Matter” types are consummate hypocrites, because their speciality is precisely to blend within the majority (besides living in their own communities). 

The majority, all the way to Bernie Sanders, is pro-guns, pro-system, pro-non essential work, anti-performing public education. And the proof of this is that they probably never found themselves in a potentially lethal situation with the police… Because they are part of the system, it is their police, from where they live, how they appear to be, how they look around, etc. As I alluded to, above, very discreetly, I found myself, quite a few times, targeted by such white people, complete with usage of the police (!)… and, right, it was racism. But so what? Accusing such people of racism is 100% counter-productive: they don’t have the notion that their hearts, which are so pure, could be in doubt. They are such expert liars, in part because they are their first audience, and they believe themselves.

So the way out is not by destroying the existence of history. Multiply the statues, and explain. But one can’t explain to the only inferior race which really matters: that of brutes filled up to the rim with hatred.




[1] It does not mean that I am against laws considering “race” (which doesn’t exist), to momentarily compensate for under-representation. However, the fact is, those laws didn’t work too well, and that is why California removed them (after the US Supreme Court found some of them unlawful). Now California wants to re-establish them. But, if they didn’t work before, why would they work tomorrow?


P/S: Semantics (from Greek semantikos, meaning significant; The word semantics was first used by Michel Bréal, a French philologist) is the field of the study of sense, signification and meaning. It touches to everything, including the most esoteric logic (Tarsky) and computer science. It makes no sense to condemn racism, and embrace it. But making no sense itself has sense; after all, Hitler and company condemn the oppression of minorities, that was central to their electoral platform, and this enabled them to hide it. Here, similarly, the fact one has a violently plutocratic society is hidden by the non-sense that this is a racist society. As I explained, Chauvin didn’t look racist (partnering with non-white, married to non-white, etc.)