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French Presidential Elections, First Round

April 21, 2017

Eleven candidates for the first round of the French presidential elections. Each of them has some good ideas. Meaning, all of them have some bad ideas. Four of them may hope to reach the second round.

The usual classification is this: Marine Le Pen, extreme right, Francois Fillon, right, Emmanuel Macron, center, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, extreme left. Well, I don’t agree with that classification. I have another, founded on different criterions. Let me give an example.

French Guyana is on strike: people there are asking for two billion Euros to put universities, schools and the health care system (hospitals, etc.) up to the average of the rest of France. However the (“Socialist”) government declared that there was no money. Reality check: the European Central Bank (ECB) is giving 2.7 billion Euros a day to some of the world’s richest banks, day after day, month after month, year after year. Guyane: zero. Richest managers in the world: all the gifts they can dream of.

France is not just a country, but a civilization which needs to be defended. Actually the one and only civilization we have. Tolerance of intolerance is not tolerant, just conducive to terminal abuse.

The ECB is duplicating the policy of Quantitative Easing of the Federal Reserve bank of the USA, under Obama. Such a policy only augments inequalities, because its aim is to make the wealthiest wealthier. The establishment will deny the obvious, yet, that’s what is going on: the money could be given to We The People directly (Quantitative Easing For the People).

Certainly, money should be provided for modern services to Guyane. But no, money is only for the hyper rich. Those who govern have interest to make the rich richer, in the hope the rich will remember it later.

Meanwhile, as I explained, the bankrupt small German banks are used as a vehicle to provide to German industry with massive subsidies.

Ironically, I used to trash Paul Krugman for being against the Euro. But, like Trump, I am ready to change my mind. Actually I didn’t really change my mind: Paul Krugman and other Euro-phobes were anti-Euro for the wrong reasons.

Paul Krugman and company are complicit in the Quantitative Easing way applied in the USA, and now the EU. So they could not have the correct objection. My own objection is different: the ECB (just as the Fed in the USA) has been helping the rich get richer (be they plutocrats, or the entire German economy).

Marine Le Pen and J-L Mélenchon have the same position about the Euro: re-negotiate, submit the accord to a referendum. I approve.


Islamist Judges and Their Ilk:

The other dimension which I find crucial is the will to defend civilization against fanaticism. We have seen it all before: starting shortly before 1100 CE, a new barbarity rose in Europe, the Crusades. The First Crusade was to some extent justified, however it was conducted under completely atrocious conditions, including cannibalism, from Alsace, to Jerusalem. It got even worse later, with ever worse crusades, including the extermination of millions of Cathars, the ejection of Jews, and the apparition of the so-called “Inquisition”, one speciality of, was to burn people who dared to bring books. This ever greater degeneracy culminated in outright “wars of religions”, which cursed through Europe for two centuries. By 1700 CE, Germany had lost a third of her population, the dictator of France, not content with kicking out the Jews, had tried to  kick out the Protestants, and so on. In the Eighteenth Century, all this was reversed… At least in France and Great Britain (Prussia/Germany and Austria was a very different matter: except during conquest by the French, Jews were racially excluded).

Now we have a similar development of intolerance, propped by Fundamentalist Islam, in both its Shiite and Suni variants. The degree of intolerance is considerable, as works of Voltaire on Islam cannot be shown today. The engine of the Islamist invasion is a whole class of intellectuals… But they actually do exactly what the great masters of plutocracy who lead Washington and New York want them to do, namely propped anti-intellectual, inhuman obscurantism, favorable to their own machinations. Melenchon said part of this. Le Pen and Fillon have claimed they would take much stricter stances against Islam.

(I didn’t mention Macron, a French Obama who studied philosophy: it’s indeed the same as Obama, a candidate of the financial statu quo ante, let’s tweak here and there. I may have to talk about him more, as he has a high probability to make it to the secondround…)

Human beings are naturally abusive, especially when there are too many of them. Tribal effects is how they get stronger. At some point, some tribes can go very wrong: consider Stalinism, Nazism, Spanish fascism, Maoism, Khmer Rouges, etc. Each killed millions, even dozens of millions of innocent people, just because they could, and to encourage the others.


Many say: “Oh, but Fillon is corrupt.” The same would admire Obama. Obama is dozens of times richer than Fillon, for a much shorter political career. And it’s not because the USA is dozens of time richer than France. Others will say:”But Le pen is racist.” No, Le Pen is not racist. Not anymore than Trump. Some fear that Mélenchon is a great danger. Well, he cannot govern along. Parliamentary elections are coming, they will determine the Prime Minister, who really govern. The President is more into directing nuclear fire where needed….


Time to stop the way the Euro is abused, time to stop Islamophilia. That’s what I recommend. That leaves few candidates to chose from. There is only so much abuse a civilization imbued Republic can take before reacting, lest it wants to be destroyed.

Patrice Ayme’

Look Within, Or Perish Without

April 8, 2017

My friend Meghan Ward: Van Jones was amazing at City Arts and Lectures tonight. He spoke a lot about prison reform, he cried when talking about Prince and America’s opioid addiction problem, and he strongly urged liberals to quit whining about Trump and look within…”

A college professor, Susan Ito, replied: Um…. look within and then what?” #Confused.

Really confused! Lots of people are confused these days, by the simple proposition of introspection. This is 26 centuries after the Oracle Of Delphi’s Temple of Apollo fronticipe  was adorned with:”KNOW THYSELF!” The aphorism came from Luxor, in Egypt (Egypt founded, to a great extent, Greek civilization! Thus ours: the greater Indo-European area is actually one single civilization, for the last 12,000 years…)

Full inscriptions the details of what “Know Thyself” exactly meant were etched in stone thousands of years ago, and can still be read today, in the original stone.

Civilization rests on “Know Thyself”. Because all intellectuals, and even the scientists have to look inside themselves and ask how it is that they came to know what they believe they know.

Now, confused college professors don’t have a clue about what looking within brings.

But they teach. What do they teach? How can they teach when they miss the essential method enabling us to find out what we know? 


Look within and realize that most so-called “liberals” are everything but liberal. Look within and realize most self-described progressives and realize they are everything you can possibly imagine, but certainly not progressives. Look within and realize that so-called “philanthropists” are nothing but filthy plutocrats leading by the nose the so-called “democratic” party, which is nothing but their instrument of world domination, ever since president plutocrat FD Roosevelt ruled in the craftiest manner.

Look within and realize that nearly the entire media is owned and controlled propaganda by the world’s richest people, and that this propaganda enabled them to pay no taxes and disguise their influence.

An example: I talked recently to an extremely influential heir of an immense US fortune, in charge of energy policy. He informed me Trump did not have a brain. Indeed, as most plutocrats do, his influence goes through half a dozen tax-free institutions which feed professional “democrats”. Superficially, he poses as a “progressive”. During our trustful conversation, among people of wealth and taste, however, he turned out that all his positions are extremely hard-core extreme right, conservative, pro-inheritance, wealth oriented, and insisting that the poorest should work hard, even when they have not enough money to live (“to keep them motivated”… we thought about that, he added, “we” studied carefully). Although one of the US’s most prominent ecologists, he is against a carbon tax, even when confronted to explicit graphs… It goes without saying that he helps to inspire, if not control, several of the world’s most prestigious universities…

This sort of wealthy, endowed, privileged creatures rules the “democratic” party, pay the payrolls, in universities, media, companies and build the minds and hearts of the so-called “democrats”. So their victims, We The People, are enraged, and they vent their rage in the direction they have been told to, by those who control their minds, towards scapegoats known as the Republicans and Trump.

However, when the so-called “Democrats” were in total control (2009-2010), they did nothing more significant than lowering taxes on the hyper-rich and literally sending 8 trillion dollars to the richest US corporations. Apparently the immensely wealthy controllers of pseudo-democratic party thought they were not getting enough help under Bush. So they asked, and received, more than half the yearly GDP, thanks to that lanky, telegenic Kenyan boy…

Seriously abominable, not to say obaminable.

Delphi was closed by the order of the fascist Christian tyrant, Roman emperor, Theodosius in 385 CE. Because Christian fanatics didn’t want people to look within, and realize they believed in the madness their superiors had ordered them to believe in, so that said superiors could exploit them some more.

Look within, or regress. Indeed, civilization cannot stand still. Civilization uses the world, exhausts it. Civilization has to invent new tricks, never used before. Or it dies.  At that point, when death threatens, civilization has to ask itself how is it that it thinks it knows what it knows. Absent this, one falls in the backwardness of Christianism, Islam, or what Qin Shin Huang tried in China.

Beginning in 213 BC, at the instigation of his chancellor Li Si and to avoid scholars’ comparisons of his reign with the past, Qin Shi Huang ordered most existing books to be burned with the exception of those on astrology, agriculture, medicine, divination, and the history of the State of Qin. This would also serve the purpose of furthering the ongoing reformation of the writing system by removing examples of obsolete scripts (an ongoing preoccupation). Owning the Book of Songs or the Classic of History was to be punished especially severely. According to the Records of the Grand Historian, written a century later, the following year Qin Shi Huang had some 460 scholars buried alive for owning the forbidden books.

Li Si would organize a tricky coup after the death of Qin: he persuaded the chosen successor to commit suicide. However he was found out later, confessed under torture, and was then cut in half at the wait, a particularly terrible demise.

Tyrannies need people not to realize that all they know was taught by the tyrants, as if the people were dogs. Meanwhile, if civilization does not progress in mental sophistication, it becomes increasingly untenable, be it only from ecological devastation. Fortunately, at least in Occident, revolutions brought a new regime of thought.

But this is not guaranteed, as the Tasmanian Effect shows: a society can progressively forget basic know-how. In some conditions, societies or civilizations were unable to produce enough significant ideas, and, unable to support themselves anymore with the fire of innovation, they imploded, in many ways all too similar to those of old, bloated super red giant stars.

Look within, this is where the truth about truth is found.

Patrice Ayme’

Running Out Of Oxygen: Culture of Greater Inquiry Vs Culture Of Greater Idiocy

April 5, 2017

We are living in the age of idiocy, we are also living in the age of the greatest smarts. It’s a tale of the two psychologies. If idiocy wins, we are doomed, if smarts win, intelligence will blossom in the galaxy.

It all depends upon having enough of a spirit of inquiry. And it’s literally a question of survival, not just honoring the human spirit.

Young and brash idiots, obsessed by power and money, that is, power and power, will scoff.  They will crow “multiculturalism” does it all. However, not all cultures are equally inclined to inquire. And not enough inquiring will smother us all:

No Spirit Of Inquiry, and Soon, No Breathing:

Climate destruction is extending far beyond the threat of melting polar ice caps — it’s threatening to smother us all.

Idiocy Will Smother Us All, Lest We Do Something About Idiocy. Decrease of Oxygen Content In Oceans During the Last 50 years.

A new study published in the science journal Nature in winter 2017 found that the ocean’s worldwide oxygen content has ALREADY declined by more than 2% between 1960 and 2010. Ooopss. Looks like even the idiots will run out of oxygen. This is what I called “Global Hypoxia”:

Scientists have warned about the ocean’s declining oxygen levels on marine life, and its resulting impact on humans. However the conventional prediction was 1% to 7% down by 2100 CE. Thus the present state of affairs turns out to be much worse than the conventional thinking had it. A study from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany, by Sunke Schmidtko, Lothar Stramma and Martin Visbeck — considered data dating back to 1960, and compared with the situation in 2010.

Data on oxygen, temperature and other factors relating to the world’s oceans, enabled them to map the overall oxygen loss around the globe.

“We were able to document the oxygen distribution and its changes for the entire ocean for the first time. These numbers are an essential prerequisite for improving forecasts for the ocean of the future,” wrote Schmidtko.

2% may sound like only a small change, yet it doesn’t take much of a drop to change the state of oceans to something completely different. The only organism in the ocean that thrives with little-to-no oxygen is anaerobic bacteria (it’s back to three billion years ago!)

Just a little loss of oxygen in coastal waters can lead to a complete change in ecosystems — a small decrease in oxygen like this can transform from something desirable to very undesirable,” said Professor David Baker, at the University of Hong Kong’s Swire Institute of Marine Sciences.

Oxygen in the world’s oceans is not evenly distributed. 2% drop is just an average. In some parts of the world, there has been a much steeper decline of oxygen levels, bringing dead zones. In 50 years, the North Pacific lost the largest volume of oxygen. The largest percentage lost was in the Arctic Ocean.

“The oxygen losses in the ocean can have far-reaching consequences because of the uneven distribution. For fisheries and coastal economies this process may have detrimental consequences,” wrote Stramma. Yes, to say the least. Mass die-offs is already a fact.


Are people more or less inquisitive? Yes. Different cultures have different levels of tolerance for the spirit of inquiry, assuredly:

Cultures more or less revere inquiry. When a culture reveres inquiry, We The People naturally asks how come those who have power got it to start with. Thus any authoritarian, let alone fascist hereditary society, such as the Late Roman empire’s theocracy called “Catholic Orthodoxy”, will be leery to encourage inquiry. The Roman state of the Christian theocrats died of that. And so did all Muslim dynasties.

For example of how inquiry can get discouraged, in the Qur’an, god tells the Believers that there are questions they should not ask, because “god knows and you don’t”. Thus a good Muslim scholar should be careful before asking a question, whether that’s a question which can be asked, or one such that, by asking it, one displeases the divinity, which may then decide to skin them alive and regrow their skin to be able to flay them, again and again…

As a result, the Arabs transmitted knowledge rather than creatING it (quite a bit of “Muslim” culture was not Muslim at all, as the Muslim empire consisted in the beginning of more than 95% non-Muslims, for generations).

There is the secret of Europe’s world domination. Not trade, not colonialism, not gunboat diplomacy. Instead: a greater culture of inquiry. Observing a greater inclination to inquiry in the European tradition is not to crow that somehow “Europeans” are superior, but to crow that intellectual superiority is an acquired trait, part of culture, which one can inherit, non genetically.

A striking example is the case of Gerbert of Aurillac. There was the world’s top intellectual… and he became preceptor to the young emperor Otto II (who called him back when he was 16 years old, to come out of his “rusticity” of the Franks, by teaching him the “subtlety of the Greeks”).

And, later, Gerbert d’Aurillac became Pope, before being savagely interrupted by death. Pope! Elected Bishop of Rome, while having taught for decades that mathematics, physics and theology were… separate and equal. One can’t imagine any of this in Muslim lands. So why to insist Islam should be respected? Why should cultures antagonistic to inquiry be respected?

Patrice Ayme’

Science, Fruit, Tool and Motivation of Philosophy

April 3, 2017

Can philosophy exist on its own? The cognitively challenged think so. See the somewhat dim-witted “Philosophy Tool Kit” in Aeon, by what else, a professional philosopher, somebody taught precisely to teach that “Thinking like a philosopher need not be a strange and arcane art, if you get started with these tricks of the trade… At a time when we are bombarded more than ever with specious claims and spurious inferences, clear thinking provides a much-needed safeguard that we should all strive towards. Philosophers place a premium on certain tools for regimenting our thinking, especially logic and probability theory.

In other words, like everything else, for the dim-witted, philosophy is a trade. Being wise, the Promethean essence of human spirit, is brought down to recipes. Apparently to “regiment” our thinking we have to acknowledge that “trade“. Everything is a “trade“. And why do we “regiment”? Well, according to all too many people paid to propagandize the official version of philosophy, we are in an army, apparently, “regimented” in the triumphing army of trade. Wisdom is a military trade. (The afore quoted “philosopher” comes from Australia, a place which made lots of money with coal and iron sold to China.)

Well… Trade is not the essence of humanity, wisdom is. And wisdom rests on science, knowing what is true. Not what a trade our disciplined regiments are.

(The author in Aeon self-defines as an “analytic philosopher”. “Analytic philosophy” is a branch of philosophy so stupidly arrogant that it thinks nobody else is analytical. Analysis actually means “deconstruction”, something ironic as “analytic philosophers” tend to despise Derrida… Bertrand Russel is often viewed as the father of analytic philosophy, although he thought it was not an activity worth having…)

I don’t esteem Plato very much, but on this one he got it right. Modern philosophers tend to not know modern geometry, because they are lazy dogs.. They prefer to ponder the meaning of “the”…

Accordingly, Plato thought that the first trick, the first tool, the first requirement, of philosophy was to learn “geometry” (which was NON-Euclidean geometry at the time, thus not that simple!). Please remember that Plato was notoriously friendly to tyrants. However, even him did not think philosophy was a regimented trade!

Another interest is that, by being exposed to science and mathematics, the spirit and culture of inquiry, fundamental to the love of wisdom, can be encouraged. Such is the fundamental toolkit of the philosopher.


Most so-called philosophers praise themselves for superior thinking. However human species have unceasingly deliberately perfected what superior thinking is, and provides with, for millions of years. Superior thinking is not a static achievement, a book one can learn by rote. Superior thinking is what humanity does unceasingly more of.

Philo-Sophy, Loving Wisdom, is an abbreviation for the excellence which is truly meant. (Just as an electron is an abbreviation for what is truly meant; Dirac’s meaning of the electron as an abbreviation was different from that of his immediate predecessors.)

Everybody loves wisdom, even cats. Especially cats. But wisdom as cats tend to have it, is different from wisdom, as Homo Sapiens tend to have it.

What’s ought to be truly meant by “philosopher” is someone who loves superior wisdom more than any other love, and has actually achieved that superiority. Cats are not philosophers, because, given a chance, they would rather eat the bearer of superior wisdom (namely Homo Sapiens).

The notions of “philosopher” and the “philosophical method” are distinct. A genuine philosopher will practice the philosophical method, which consists into using whatever it takes to advance wisdom, even poetry and the vaguest analogies. And what is wisdom? Superior understanding of what makes the universe tick.

Thus a towering philosopher will have to be a scientist, mathematician and logician, as Plato felt, and as towering geniuses of the Middle Ages such as Abelard and Buridan were (Buridan proved Aristotle physics wrong, introducing the heliocentric system, most of “Newton’s” laws… and successfully tackled the problem of self-referential statements, circa 1350 CE, amidst plague and war).


The average persons feel that exhibiting tribal appurtenance is the highest form of wisdom, that make them no better than baboons (be they jihadist, attached to Islam, or physicists, anxious to exhibit their quirky love for the local sport team). That does not qualify them as philosophers, because our ancestral baboon equivalents have been doing this for 50 million years, there is nothing superior about it.


Part of wisdom is not to stay a prisoner of the vehicle used to convey it, be it a person, a language, a theory, a sentence or a word. The question is not what wisdom is, but what wisdom means: analyze not the words, but what they are supposed to mean. What the interlocutor meant, and that interlocutor could be nature itself.


Any logic L, and thus, in particular any wisdom W, is relative to a context. Giving a context to that context is going meta. Going meta is not in general unique, and it is always possible, and even easy: pick up an axiom, say A of L, and consider the meta logic made of the union of L and what you get by adjoining non-A to L. This is the scheme to get non-Euclidean geometry, or non-standard arithmetic, or non-standard analysis, or complex analysis from real analysis, or even finite fields.


Nature is a sadistic god. Why not? We know nature is a sadistic god, because we have wisdom. Hyenas don’t have that luxury, condemning what feeds them. Hyenas have to eat the genitals of the uncooperative buffalo first, as hyena heuristics show  that they are delicious, and their absorption diminishes the vigor of the prey. Occasionally, though, a lioness will have the wisdom to protect a young prey animal, as a pet.

Even lions know nature is a sadistic god. But only us can go industrial, building a better god. Hint: it’s not to be obtained by just focusing on the word “the”, and equally puny tricks (cockroaches know tricks too; they don’t belong to superior wisdom, because, however correct, they are too puny).

Human wisdom enables to provide us with the tools to build a less sadistic version of nature. Sadism where we want it. Not where “it” wants it…

Patrice Ayme’


Merkel, Europe’s Destroyer, Suffers At Trump’s Hands

March 18, 2017

Trump Not Embracing Merkel, And Why Should We?

Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand in the Oval Office, although the press asked for it, and Merkel called Trump’s attention to it, and asked him to. Instead Trump, looking quite angry, totally refused.

Merkel long looked like a nice mother for us all, at least, to some of us, yet, she is arguably a Europhobic snake, envenoming us all, herself included. It became quite obvious with the treatment Greece got, a few years ago, it has gotten worse.

Among Merkel’s crimes:

  1. Demolishing the economies of many European countries, by abusing the Euro single currency system, in conjunction with thousands of failing, bankrupt German banks which  constitute a disguised subsidy for the industrial substructure of Germany, the Mittelstand..
  2. Since 2000 CE, the German industrial production shot up 50% relative to the French industrial production. Cause? My mom thinks that’s because the French are lazy: however, the French work clearly more than the Germans. High unemployment was caused mostly by business failure. So the real cause? What I just mentioned. France’s banking structure of very large banks can’t help anymore: those who helped local communities failed and were not replaced, thanks to the “Free Market” cult of France’s enemies. Whereas the German small banks keep on going, state subsidized… Germany refuses to speak about them! So the Euro monetary system was captured to serve German industrial production: no subsidies for France, plenty of subsidies to Germany (through a low Euro, low as a German currency… while pouring subsidies to German Mittelstand companies…).  
  3. Merkel caused Brexit, by frightening the British with the sudden influx of more than one million Muslims (many semi-savage) refugees, in a few months. Merkel speaks of her humanity, but that’s not enough: Hitler, too, spoke of his humanity, and his attention to minorities (I am an extensive Adolf Hitler and general Nazi reader, I always found this highly instructive…)
  4. Germany spends only 1.3% of GDP on defense, leaving most of the fighting to the French and American Republics. France and the US have also to feed, at ruinous cost, enormous military-industrial establishments upon which their military depend, and upon whose research German private industry profits, when it reaches the private domain! (That’s particularly onerous for France whose completely independent military-industrial complex is very expensive. For example, the French Rafale, the best stealth fighter-bomber in the world, has French engines, whereas the Swedish Gripen has US engines, and other US equipment). Donald Trump tweeted to demand that Germany “pay more” to the United States for its defense, only hours after meeting with Merkel. By undermining Europe, hopefully without even understanding she did, Merkel deserves a lot of scorn. Here is why:

Christianization provided with a mystical cover to unify Europe linguistically, culturally, legislatively, intellectually, civilizationally, and militarily. The more recent cult of the nation-state has worked against this unified spirit, replacing it by plutocratizing selfishness feeding on tribal hatred of the most satanic type… This is why a political European Unifying Confederation is needed now.

At this point, a grave crisis exists: Brexit will happen, some of the louder mouths and advisers of Trump, including Trump himself, understand Europe even less than Bill Clinton and Obama. Stephen Bannon, about whom a lot of vicious lies are told, does indeed approve of Brexit (I used to have a very educated Brexiter commenting a lot on this site, Chris Snuggs, who claimed I helped launch his passion for Brexit… clearly an unintended consequence…)

Trump speaks of the USA as a “country”, and it is, even though it is full of immigrants and their offspring. Speak of a paradox! Russia, and China are also countries (especially now that everybody in China speaks Mandarin, and not just one of the 100 languages there). However the three of them, US, Russia, China, are also empires (empires, because they are gigantic countries). But there is more.

Russia and the USA are also European colonies (with Russia all too influenced by the doomed, but everlasting Oriental Roman empire, and its enemies, the Bulgarians, who, like the Mongols, were stupidly and criminally rejected by the Vatican, so they embraced Eastern Christianity, just as the Mongols ended rejecting Christianity they had long embraced, for Islam…).

As colonies of Europe, and descendants of Europe, the USA and Russia owe much to Europe. For example, their souls.

The question then becomes: what was Europe, how did European ideas come to rule the planet?  That’s a question for Trump and Putin too, because European ideas made them what they are.

The answer is vast, and incomprehensible for those who have learned history as it is taught conventionally. Pundits come and say stupid things about Europe having originated in Jerusalem, Rome and Athens. Yes, right, but also the Fertile Crescent 10,000 years ago, Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, India, Phoenicia, Crete, the Celtic world, Cro-Magnon, etc.

A piece always forgotten is the role played by the Franks and their official resurrection by 800 CE of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, Europe was pretty much united by the same law, the same separation of church and state, and the same lingua franca, which was actually Middle Age Latin.

This went on until the furious religious wars which culminated in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (but started with massacring Jews at the onset of the first Crusade, by 1095 CE, and then extended with annihilating millions of Cathars in the Thirteenth Century, unleashing the demoniacal Inquisition, then hunting Vaudois, etc….) The religious wars did not happen by accident: they enabled the rise of the nation states. That happened all over: Henry VIII of England created his own religion to better kill or exploit his enemies. But that was many centuries after Portugal got liberated, and exploited religion along similar lines (the king of Portugal obtained from the Pope the authorization to enslave Africans, faithfully imitating the Muslims who had just been kicked out).

Thus the greatness of Europe arose from a common unicity of language, thought, law, freedom of travel, etc. (that was a direct extension of what happened under the Greco-Roman empire).

It is urgent to maintain enough union in Europe. Brexit is a travesty (it’s organized by plutocrats who hate to pay taxes), and a tragedy. Encouraging it is not wise. However, passing under silence Merkel’s bad acting, is even worse. (Some of the German back acting relative to the EU is older than Angela: for example, in conjunction with Goldman Sachs, letting Greece join the Euro at twice parity: that gave a boost to German exports, ruined Greece…)

Romanitas (the Roman spirit) was conveyed in part by a mystical superstition, Christianity, for more than a millennium, bringing along common languages (Latin in the West, Greek in the Orient), and common law (Roman law ruled all the lands of the old Greco-Roman empire, and more). Nation-states mangled this unity to great cost. This is why the European Union has to be preserved. But that does not mean preserving its errors, nor preserving its non-dits (“not saids”, a useful French philosophical concept).

My objections against Merkel are quite ancient. See my essay: “Merkler?” I didn’t wait for Trump to be born again. Merkel dug Europe’s grave with too much short-sighted Germany first selfishness (although some of his policies, on education and science were excellent, effective, and important). Her holy than thou attitude when the French Republic finished the Libyan dictator which France had been fighting for

Raus, Frau Merkel! SPD’s excellent Martin Schulz would make a much better chancellor!  

Patrice Ayme’

Meta-Thinking: How Multilingualism Helps

March 13, 2017

Bilingualism is accompanied by biculturalism, and develops the meta-thinking capability.

In general, two different cultures may, or may not, approach the same logical and cognitive environment differently. A perfect bilingual (such as yours truly) or a birth bilingual (such as my daughter) are constantly adjudicating and nuancing the differences between the cultures. A bilingual has to become a judge. Bilingualism is learning two logical systems, and then one is forced to develop the meta-logic to handle them both simultaneously.

So the first thing bilingualism teaches is the relativity of cultures. And how much knowing two languages provides with stereoscopic vision, the ability to perceive a logical dimension, and an emotional dimension, otherwise undetected, and even unsuspected. 

Winston Churchill was half American, half British. Moreover, he was bilingual in French, to the point of treating military matters with top commanders, in French. He had a very eventful life, including war in South Africa, before getting in politics. “Are We Alone?” newly found 1939 essay Winston Churchill “outlines possibility of alien life and exoplanet habitable zones”. The essay is actually excellent, and makes correct guesses about exoplanets and extraterrestrial solar systems, which, at the time, went against “official” science. Winston had guessed that the solar system theory in fashion at the time was wrong, and opted for the correct one. He was surrounded by top scientists. Churchill got the Nobel Prize in literature, and that was deserved.

I asked, just now, my birth-bilingual seven-year old daughter, about the difference between French and English. She answered, in a cocktail of french and English:”English is poorly pronounced French. But English makes every sentence and word into sing-songs, whereas French is flat. It makes the English more emotional and the French more logical.”

The very fact she used a cocktail for the answer is revealing: she has more words for some nuances in one language relative to the other, depending upon the nuance considered. It clearly augments her mental reach.

The more different the cultures, the more the contrast between the languages, and the mightier the meta-logic to embrace them both.

For example, even though English is mostly poorly pronounced Old French, yet, there are already significant differences in the cultures, and the neurology they lead to. However, European languages are more or less the same: once one knows a few (as I do), one can manage the others. However, when one switches to Chinese, the differences are revealed to be profound. And they extent all the way to mathematics.

Multilingualism is no modern fad. Neolithic people knew generally several languages, because communications were difficult, so particularisms grew fast with distance. Even now in Africa, a few dozens of kilometers away, one can find tonal (most of West Africa), and non-tonal languages (Wolof, Serer). Actually Senegal has dozens of languages, with seven main ones, over a pretty small area. Hence multilingualism is natural: we evolved through it, as a species.

People of culture in Europe, for millennia, knew many languages (at least Latin plus the local language). Charlemagne spoke several languages. Caesar was a birth bilingual (although his last words were in Greek, the language of his first days).

Thus to access higher intelligence, multilingualism may be a deep and strong requirement, ignored all too long.

Insults Help, Yet Don’t Replace, Logic

March 1, 2017

Insults can help, to abstract deeper logic, not to replace it.

Insults can arise for many reasons. Some are good, some are bad. It is bad, when politicians, throughout the West, replace cognition and logic by insults, after they lose elections (as the US “Democrats” did). Or even before they do.

To augment the fun, as droll troll of thought, I proposed the following aphorism: Extreme vegetarians, vegans, elect to eat foods invented and manufactured in the last 10,000 years, rejecting prehistoric foods. Veganism haughtily claims to respect all life, yet they feed technologically. Verily , vegans do not know that life respects nothing!

In reply to this, my friend Karen Eilbeck, a biology university professor, ventured the following scathing remark: “Patrice, sometimes you sound like a chatbot.” Maybe I should heed Mark Twain’s advice:

Indeed An Exhibition Of Smarts Can Only Reinforce Fools' Prejudices

Talking to fools is always self-defeating. Fools tend to find intelligence foolish, thus an exhibition of smarts can only reinforce fools’ prejudices

Karen’s chatbot comparison intrigued me, because, fortunately, as all those who aspire to forge new wisdom, are extremophiles! (Extremophiles are organisms which can live where no one else can; to establish wisdom beyond that of the Commons require to trample on others’ minds, souls and hearts… even if it is for their own good.)

I use critiques to progress. All genuine thinkers should.  Send me the flames, I am at home! Real philosophy is scorching hot, therefore it scathes. We are confronting a system forged by self-interested idiots (no I am not alluding to the 60 million dollars contract the “Hope You Can Believe” Obamas got for books others will write). 

The problem with representative democracy, is that it attracts those who are arrogant enough to feel they can lead with the power of acts, not thoughts.

The problem with representative democracy, is that it attracts those who are arrogant enough to feel they can lead with the power of acts, not thoughts.

Aphorism can be mystifying, I must recognize. As Nietzsche, king of aphorisms, could have said:

The more mystifying it is, the better the aphorism.

(I will defend the preceding aphorism in its own essay, as it rises intriguing questions in all sorts of directions, from morality to biology.) 

Recently I was adorned with all the insults flung at Trump, plus others that even Trump was not graced with. (From the usual epithets having to do with race to “optimist… blind… to the Trumpocrat”, to going back to “Breitbart News” … which I don’t read. The converse, Breitbart reading me, is likely: I have written and published millions of words in more than a decade).

In the abstract, there is nothing wrong with JUSTIFIED insults. Unjustified insults are another matter. Calling Clinton a corrupt plutocrat after justifying it in hundreds of pages, as I have, is an (insulting) conclusion: an insult, and yet, the justified truth. In France, the center-right candidate is indicted for corruption, because his family got a million Euros for work possibly not performed in the last 30 years. In the USA, countless politicians made fortunes, sometimes beyond a billion dollars (the family of Senior Senator of California Diane Feinstein, pillar of the Democratic Party, made more than a billion, influence-peddling in China, or so it seems to me: where are insults, when we need them?)

At their best, insults are the angry theorems emotional intelligence needs to perform so well that disgust will steer us right, without wasting brain power.

Rousseau sent Voltaire a copy of his famous book “The Social Contract”, a mandatory reading for students in forsaken places such as France. Voltaire (author in anti-Islam theater, and many attacks against Christian terror) wrote back the following:

I have received your new book against the human race, and thank you for it. Never was such a cleverness used in the design of making us all stupid. One longs, in reading your book, to walk on all fours. But as I have lost that habit for more than sixty years, I feel unhappily the impossibility of resuming it. Nor can I embark in search of the savages of Canada, because the maladies to which I am condemned render a European surgeon necessary to me; because war is going on in those regions; and because the example of our actions has made the savages nearly as bad as ourselves.”

Actually said savages, in North America, thought, having spent millennia pondering it, that several days of atrocious tortures were the best sent-off one could dream of. Greatness was found in the fortitude of ignoring suffering. The deep morality of this escapes the Commons today, that goes without saying.

But it does not escape me. And I approve this message.

Voltaire was too kind to Rousseau: basically, Rousseau claimed that civilization was a disease. So doing, he provided with the mood to destroy civilization. Various fascists (Leninists, Stalinists, Nazis, Francoists, Maoists, Khmers Rouges, fossil fuel fanatics, American supremacists, etc. can be viewed as followers of Rousseau.  


I don't argue with stupid people, for the reason Twain exposed. However, I argue past them, using them a stage props.

Don’t argue with stupid people, for the reason Twain exposed. Instead, argue past them, using them as stage props.

Personal experiences, even the injurious ones, especially the injurious ones, can be most instructive to the philosophical mind. Therefore I should welcome the vicious attacks I was submitted to. And I do. Regretfully.

Francois Luong, a self-described “poet”, called me a racist” and “racist troll” all over the Internet, coolly writing even university physics professors to warn them they should “block [me]” because, as he insisted “it was the only way to stop [me]”. (This sort of defamation, to proclaim public lies about people not from genuine opinion, but to hurt them, is actually against the law, in Europe, or the USA. Nasty Internet bullies, unsurprisingly, are unaware of the law!)

Why I should be stopped by “poets” was not clear to me. Is it because I am against hypocrisy, and those who bark up the wrong tree? Why insulting those who point at the right tree?

I had friends in England who liked very much what I wrote, until they realized I was dead set against Brexit. They had confused my hostility to the European Union as it is organized, with just hating Europe (as they do).

Insults can be good, but one better make sure first, that they are justified. Insults address emotional intelligence, but intelligence can’t be, if not emotional. Insults slice, as knives do. Just be careful! As with knives…

Patrice Ayme’

War Is A Force Which Gives Us Living

February 11, 2017

Another day, another two explosive plots by Islamists discovered in France. One girl, 16, gave her allegiance to the Islamist State. At that point anti-terrorist forces moved in, because they knew it may be minutes before the explosives blew: Islamists make allegiance by Internet, at the last moment.

Those who have organized the teaching of civilization in the last few decades have failed, and they have failed nearly as miserably as the fascists did in the 1930s. (The world war is not total yet.) Just as in the 1930s and 1940s, democrats have to fight fanatical killers.

Louvres, 2017. Louvres, 1100 CE: Mightiest Fortress in the West. Louvres 1600s: Palace. Louvres 1789: Louis XVI takes Oath to Revolution, Louvres 1800s: Museum. Louvres 2017: Fortress.

Louvres, 2017. Louvres, 1100 CE: Mightiest Fortress in the West. Louvres 1600s: Palace. Louvres 1789: Louis XVI takes Oath to Head the Revolution, Louvres 1800s: Museum. Louvres 2017: Fortress.

Trump Derangement Syndrome washes over the land, tsunami like. People who couldn’t care less about politics a year ago, now talk as if they were experts on Italian fascism.

Many have told me:’Now we know Trump is a fascist; look at the pipeline!’ Yes, the pipeline Obama had finally suspended the work on, by executive order, a few weeks ago, is now authorized again, by executive order. There is only one small segment left out of a thousand miles or so. It goes below a lake where eight other pipes lay already. But the Sioux drink from it.

Of course, I am against pipes carrying fossil fuels. Especially when those come out of Canada’s Tar Sands, in Alberta. They basically have to be cooked out, the ecological damage is considerable. However the very ecological Baby Trudeau, PM of Canada, blesses the Tar Sands..

Notice that the oil flows very well without the pipe. How? Trains. The oil is put on trains, and they go wherever needed. This is pretty economical sometimes, because trains can go where pipes do not exist. It is an ecological disaster in other ways, as it’s more expensive in fuel consumption, than pipes.  

It is also extremely dangerous. Heavy fossil fuels have more than five times the energy density of TNT. A train with fifty carriages, each with 100 metric tons of heavy fuel, carries 5,000 tons of fuel. This is more energy than the Nagasaki bomb. And it can be released as dramatically, through fuel-air explosion(s).

Knowing this, such trains can scare millions. I actually can see some from my house, meters from an international migrant birds wildlife preserve. and it’s a spooky sight. They are all black. .   

Way out? Get out of fossil fuels.

To get out of fossil fuels, only one way: fundamental research. To encourage the deployment of new, sustainable energy, carbon tax. Going any other way, won’t work.

I saw someone who had organized a hate campaign against me on the Internet. He told me that a hate campaign was the only way to stop me. Yes, he knew I was not a racist, etc., but alleging I was made influential people block me, so it was the only way. So he contacted various editors, professors, contact I had, to tell them that I was a “racist troll”. I got blocked, after he informed disingenuously that I was “trolling them” (whatever that is).

So here I was, stumbling in a room in a school where the hate campaigner was. There were also children and adults who knew me, and him. So the self-defined “cultural terrorist” (as he calls himself on the Internet!) salutes me. I ignored him.

He is divorced, of course. My spouse pondered the vast number of divorcees we know. I said that’s because they don’t know how to handle conflicts.

And it’s a general problem, and part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

Take the “intellectual terrorist” above (who claims to be an “anti-racist”). He never came out and debated seriously what I said. When I quoted a less than 140 character from the Qur’an, such as “kill them wherever you find them” (talking about “apostates”) he said that’s out of context, I am a racist. So then I quoted the three pages around that “verse”. But he ignored them.

And so on.

Meanwhile, the protesters are the best friends Trump has.: they keep him honest. Nobody kept Obama honest. For years, Obama allowed the construction of the pipelines: his National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, was invested, by the millions, in them.

Who was this Rice? The daughter of Rice, from the Federal Reserve, of course. As such she had a cushy job, in her twenties in the Clinton administration. She was in no sense military, but she found herself on the Security Council. She had plenty of decades, though, to become familiar with various African dictators from countries full of mineral riches.

Trump has for National Security Advisor 3 star General Flynn. He was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Obama refused to meet with him, because the general thought there was something wrong with Islam.

Well, there is, just as there something wrong with Christianism. Both Islamism and Christianism were imposed by frantic, absolute, extremely bloody dictators, Constantine, and, 300 years later, Muhammad. The reason was the same: make god in the image of the bloody dictator.

It’s blatant in Islam: when Muhammad was hosted by the Jews in Yathrib (now Medina), he came out with nice verses defining Islam. But then he became strong, got himself a lethal army which did not drink anymore, holocausted an entire Jewish tribe, took control of Mecca, and “abrogated’ all the nice verses, replacing them by deadly orders to kill most categories of people (non-believers, apostates, pagans, polytheists, Islamophobes, homosexuals, those who insult the Prophet, or Allah, etc.).

Muhammad was just duplicating what the Roman dictators had done: in 390 CE, Spanish-born ex-general emperor Theodosius passed a law condemning to death all and any “heretic” (one who has chosen, in Greek). This convenient “law” would enable to kill opponents for 13 centuries (14 in the Iberian peninsula).

An enormous propaganda machine was created by the fascists plutocrats hiding behind Christianism: all good books were killed. Secondary thinkers, such as Plato and Aristotle, were preserved and glorified (they loved monarchy!)

We are still living in perilous times that way, we are on a brink. A “philosopher” in Aeon just argued that the Islamist theologians should be respected, because they were as respectable as the Christian fanatics who pass for philosophers (such as Thomas Of Aquinas).

In other words, let’s all go back to the most obscure Middle Ages, in the name, and following, Islam.  

This is the problem with the savagery known as Islam: it is contagious. It is so contagious that the West contracted the disease, or more exactly the degenerate potentates known as the Late Roman empire emperors and their sycophants invented the disease, thus causing the Fall of the Western Empire (and of much civilization).

The solution was found, at the time, in the army of the Franks, who broke the Visigoths in 507 CE, and, by 748 CE, had acquired control of Europe (Charlemagne was the 6 years old heir to the throne).

We may not like war, but, sometimes, it’s the best solution. But, first, the war of ideas has to be waged, fought, and won, for the best..

Patrice Ayme’


Nihilism Can’t Debate

January 21, 2017

One cannot have intelligence, if one does not learn to debate. Debating does not mean to utter groundless insults, without any basis in reality, as pseudo-”liberals”, pseudo-leftists, pseudo-intellectuals, and others, full of hatred out there, now that their masters have stuffed their otherwise empty minds with fake, false, fallow and misleading news.

The first thing to know,and to accept, when debating superior intelligence and superior civilization, is that there is something called “superiority”, a well-ordering of epistemological values. I just used a mathematical notion, well-ordering and a philosophical one (the theory of knowledge).  Call that the civilizing principle.

However, under the influence of “postmodernism”, a movement which is pretty old by now, a systematic destruction of all values became the province of a class of pseudo-intellectuals. This was actually exactly the sort of nihilism Nietzsche feared. 

Renouncing the Rule of Reason is a Mood. All Those Who Respect Superstitious Fanaticism Partake in It

Renouncing the Rule of Reason is a Mood. All Those Who Respect Superstitious Fanaticism Partake in It

Islamophilia (accusing those who criticize holocaust books such as Bible, Qur’an… of being bad people) is an example of renouncement of reason.

For example Nietzsche destroyed Christianism as a slave religion. Obama did his best to revive it (his sponsors love extreme inequality, that is, slavery). This corresponded to the general mood of irrationality. Pseudo-intellectuals established the mood of making attacks against Christianism’s daughter religion, Islamism, into an infamy (whereas it is infamy to support infamy). Never mind that Islam supports slavery explicitly in its sacred text; that was the whole point: Make Infamy Great Again (MIGA). Supporting Islam, by brandishing Islamophobia was a devious way to support “god” that is, Christianism. And sure enough the leading contender for the French presidency is campaigning on Catholicism, the first time this happens in a century…

Those intellectual roaches greatly influenced society and universities. , because the plutocratic masters were delighted: they always advocated nihilism, to deprive those they subjugate of any value (this is an all-encompassing generalization of what both Marx and then Nietzsche, said; Marx attacked more “Das Kapital”, yet mostly forgot the banks; Nietzsche concentrated his critique on Christianism and tribalism, especially pseudo-Germanic tribalism).

The Islamist State seized Palmyra again, and just destroyed more monuments, in their anxiety to demonstrate that their stupid, vicious, criminal, rapacious cretinism they call Islam, is all that ever ruled the Middle East. The Russians, busy in the north, could not stop them. Civilization’s armed forces are nowhere to be seen…. (Obama sent US bombers against Islamists in the last two days of his presidency, killing hundreds of Islamists: too little, too late, but I appreciate the gesture; it’s like saying: ‘you were right’ to the likes of Trump, or yours truly.)

Learning to debate and to gather value added knowledge, is not just a question of being smart instead of being an idiot. Perception can drive the evolution of observable traits, a study on bats and the flowers they feed on, has demonstrated.

Patrice Ayme’

Obama Wanted Trump To Win

January 19, 2017

Clinton lost Because Obama wanted it, deep down inside. Machiavel On The Potomac!

Some recent extracts from Obama (link below):“You can’t say it, but you know it’s true!… The end of the Republic has never looked better!… I am going to use it at Goldman Sachs next year!”

Did Obama want Trump to win consciously, or unconsciously? That brings the question of what is conscious, and what is not. The subconscious is neurological circuitry which exists already, but have not been visited officially by consciousness.

At That Point, Obama Told Everybody That He was Going To Be Dropped, Just As A Used Microphone. However, He had A Secret Plan, A Second Foundation: Beat Clinton, And Thus Stay The Head Of the Opposition and the Core Of Hope

At That Point, Obama Told Everybody That He was Going To Be Dropped, Just As A Used Microphone (he dropped the mike next, see link below). However, Obama had A Secret Plan, A Second Foundation: Beat Clinton, And Thus Stay The Head Of the Opposition and the Core Of Hope. Hope That Will Work Better Next T

Obama just said (January 8) that “if you can find a plan that is demonstrably better than Obamacare, I will be the first to publicly support repealing Obamacare. Eight years ago, I asked if there was something better, and got no answer”.

Of course Obama knows very well that more than three dozen countries have better plans than Obamacare, and they are all variations of what would be of Medicare For All”. Namely you make basic health care a government program out of the clutches of plutocrats like Warren Buffet. (Warren Buffet being one saintly plutocrats of the “Democratic” Party.)

Full version:

Anyway, the initial proposition is best as a question: Why would Obama have sincerely wanted for Clinton to win?


Would Obama have sincerely wanted for Clinton to win so that he could become insignificant, replaced, eclipsed?

Of course not.

Obama wanted Hillary to win, because he wanted to save his legacy, bleats the clueless sheep. Sheep is not smart: sheep thinks as one, as the group: know the mind of one sheep, know the mind of all. Actually the shepherd think for the sheep.

Obama’s legacy, as a legislative body, is shot, there is nothing to save It’s so shot through, it amounts so much to nothing, Obama knows it all too well… He may want to correct history and finally make his mark.


Why was Obama’s “legacy” so much ado about nothing?

Because Obama let himself be manipulated, feeling that was good “navigation” (a selfish concept central to his worldview). Not that he had a choice. He was not just financed by these people. He was programmed by them.

Ten years ago, Obama used to crow that he had been reading the Financial Times for so long, he actually had started before the Financial Times became required reading among “Democratic” leaders.

Obama has a good reason to be resentful about how his  “legacy” got mangled. Vengeance is a powerful motivation. Who did the mangling? Was that Trump? Trump has nothing to do with it. Far from it: it turns out that Trump was right, all along, on some very important points.

Obama failed, from all the way back, including from the admiration for Reagan, which perverted the Democratic establishment, the Clintons, and even Obama himself. Trump, on the other hand, opposed the globalocracy promoted by Reagan and Paul Krugman. As early as 1987, for all to see.

Obama’s legacy is a plane which gathered speed for take-off, yet, not enough speed to clear the trees. It has crashed. One can drive 3,000 miles across the US, and never leave a state thoroughly controlled by Republicans. Everything indicates that Trump, if he plays his cards well, will have a supermajority in 2018.

The Financial Times has some good articles, occasionally. However, it’s like saying that Pravda (the Soviet equivalent of the New York Times) had good article. Fundamentally, the Financial Times is a fundamentalist Thatcherian-Reaganian newspaper: “There Is No Alternative!” … to the fundamental principle is that greed is the best motivation of human beings, including for building a morality.    

As I have said for eight years, there was never much of a Obama government installed to instill hope. First Hank Paulson (Goldman Sachs and Bush Treasury Secretary) told Obama what to do, even before Obama got elected. Worst: Obama agreed to it. Of course, Obama’s economic adviser was Lawrence Summers (re-Goldman Sachs, Harvard). Obama was completely controlled by the Democratic machine, with the Goldman Sachs government, in place since before Bill Clinton’s election. Nancy Pelosi, head of the Democratic majority in Congress, also agreed to Paulson’s plan, after Paulson went down to one knee in front of her.

What happened? Obama was too young, too inexperienced, too naive strategically (street-smart is not world-smart). He was also a tool of the establishment, and he trusted those who trusted him. And it all turned out, into eight years wasted.

Now Obama, at last, is free of all these financial goons and their obsequious servants.

Whereas, if Clinton had won, they would have won. Instead, they were destroyed. Let me repeat slowly: the tormentors of Obama, those who lead Obama astray, those who made Obama’s legacy, mostly the color of a skin, this waste of hope, have been vanquished. Vanquished by Trump, yes, but vanquished. Why would Obama want it otherwise?

Now Obama is the core of hope, the future. Maybe he can make Michelle run, get another eight years that way. This time, with the correct mindset, not as a puppet.

We will see.

Patrice Ayme’