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What’s Auschwitz? What Happens When Dark Side Is Ignored Too Long!

January 23, 2020

What happened in 1914-1945, when Germany went berserk? When Germany went for World Empire (as if tiny mentally reduced Germany were the USA?) It has not been answered well yet. All the lessons have not yet been drawn… At least by intellectuals… paradoxically.

The truth about 1914-1945 is very simple: an entire nation thought that following orders was where morality was… Instead of following the human hearts they should have had (but didn’t!)

Hearts and minds had been killed by obedience. 

Who invented that philosophy obedience Uber Alles? In truth, Prussia, a military miracle, became such a miracle through militarization of its entire society. It was not the first human society to do this: Sparta and Assyria had tried before, and ended as Prussia would: annihilated. For German intellectuals, and leaders of the German people and army, an idiot, named Immanuel Kant was the dark light shining on their obscure minds… Kant, a partisan of slavery, great priest of morality through blind obedience, used by Eichman in his defense…



Hitler Criminally Insane Women Volunteers parading, smiling and proud, in Paris, 1940. Nobody forced them to volunteer. They couldn’t wait to kill all these Jews, torture all these French terrorists. grow and multiply the triumphant German race. I have seen, in German houses, pictures of family members in Nazi uniform hidden behind family photographs….

Some intellectuals brandish big words, obfuscating:”Auschwitz is a negation of humanity by itself!”Actually, such statements are more a negation of humanity by weakling logic.


What should one have done? The answer isn’t clear, say those who have understood nothing, or so they claim. But some have understood: look at Israel.


Suppose, just for fun, that Israel suddenly existed, as it is today, transported to January 1942. Of course, Israel, population seven million, couldn’t have invaded Nazi Germany, population 90 million, and controlling another 120 million Europeans. But Israel could have asked for the unconditional surrender of the Nazis, starting with the annihilation of one german city after another, using thermonuclear weapons. 

Any questions? 


Indeed I know some clear answers: when confronted to infamy, one needs to have the rage to fight it. Good feelings aren’t enough. This is why, after the (innocent) elderly Callas was broken on the wheel, because he was a Protestant, Voltaire spent a large part of his fortune re-establishing his honor and justice. Peace is not enough. 

My credential for expertise in the way of injustice and Nazism, are impeccable: one half of may family saved more than 100 Jews (to the risk of summary execution, torture and or finishing in a death camp). The other half fought in World War Two, and saw combat. One uncle, an officer, fought 6 years in uniform. Another uncle was married to the daughter of Von Moltke.

The Talmud is famous for a debate between two schools

One school held that it would have been better if humanity had never been created. It won the vote which replaced the debate. Horror: this proved the Nazis (yet to come in the future), right. Nazism was little more than a death machine

Hannah Arendt came up with her banality of evil, or, at least, with her banality of reasoning:”Eichmann forgot to think about his acts”. That’s hogwash. Eichman knew very well what he was doing, and he explained it perfectly, Arendt didn’t listen, or didn’t understand. 

Arendt forgot the Dark Side. All the stupid pacifists out there forget the Dark Side… and that’s why we got Hitler, the Kaiser, their goons, and an abysmal German mentality which spawned Hitler, the Kaiser and their ilk. If you don’t believe me, read all of Nietzsche, and report. 

The Dark Side characterizes supreme intelligence… because intelligence protects intelligence, and has to protect intelligence, and, in particular, its brood (this is not a new theme, it’s all over science fiction, all the way to the recent and Chinese, “Three Body Problem” trilogy. It turns out that the galaxy is a “Dark Forest”, because all civilizations are keen not to be detected. Those which reveal themselves get annihilated. Even elephants have the Dark Side: they don’t forget, and will punish their enemies.  

A Jewish girl born in Romania, now living in Israel, Helena Hirsch, a 91 year old in 2020, with the tattoo number A 20982 survived. Because the day she was brought to the gas chamber, the Zyklon B didn’t work. She philosophizes correctly: “One should have been heroes, heroes don’t die.”

The truth about humanity is simple: it’s a knife made to cut to the truth (de-cide). A knife can be good, or can be bad. It has a good way to be used, and a bad one… depending upon circumstances. Sometimes, it’s good to muster the Dark Side, and plunge the knife in the heart of evil. It’s not enough to have better angels: sometimes they need to muster overwhelming force… As Lincoln did.


“Democratic” Plutocracy On A Roll

January 20, 2020

We have a problem with worldwide global plutocracy. Kim, Xi, Putin, the dictators of Iran, and the late Suleimani are all plutocrats. Leading “representative democracies” have been, and are, stuffed with plutocrats. It didn’t start yesterday. The two rounds of the obsolete German plutocracy to try to save itself, by conquering the world, failed, causing durable damage to Europe, and thus civilization (Europe had been leading the world civilizationally; since then physical leadership has gone to the USA… while Europe got decerebrated.)

We have a dangerous precedent: Rome. For military reasons. We The People got armed. 16 million young men in the USA got trained to kill. Similarly in France and the UK. The result was a lot of democracy and equality, from 1945 to 1975. By then, though, the fossil fuel plutocrats and their sponsors, world financial plutocracy, made it so to increase their power. 

Obama meant well, sort of, relatively speaking, but, ultimately, he served The Man, Pluto.

The first thing to do is to limit wealth absolutely: 


More From Plutocracy Central:

Two “Democratic” Pluto candidates, Bloomberg and Styer, spent already, 400 million dollars of their money, around eight times what Trump gathered.

Rachel was kind enough to answer. Now I must confess I have listened to lots of CNN, MSNBC, and I am a New York Times subscriber (all of this since deep into last century). I view all these media as much more biased than Fox News. My hatred for their propagandistic behavior started in 2002, in the built-up for the invasion of Iraq. The NYT finally banned me for more than ten years. Initially, I spited Fox News, as it was created by Murdoch, whom I then called Murderoch, who wanted so badly to invade Iraq. However, during the Trump presidency, Fox, to my amazement, has turned more fair and balanced than the others (OK, not saying much!) 

So because I am submitted (by own making) to lots of anti-Trump propaganda of the asinine type, I recognize it for what it is: drivel fostered by the world’s most powerful plutocrats, who are terrified of what they call “populism”… because they literally don’t know what “Demos-Kratia” means…

This is in constant dollars

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt As I said, Pelosi is not my favorite, but this is not about her.

Trump does whatever the most powerful people he knows want him to do. So yes, rich people and the military/industrial complex are happy. Energy companies are happy. They desperately want you to think that what’s good for oil companies is good for you. It’s not true.

The low unemployment rate is covering stagnant wages and declining financial security of the working class. Export businesses are suffering under the reactionary and short sighted tariffs. He’s gutted the State department, making war the only foreign policy choice available in every situation. He’s basically pissing off all our allies and giving the farm away to our enemies. Climate change is being ignored. Education is being privatized. I could go on and on.

And no, I don’t think Obama was perfect, but Trump has taken the worst executive power grabs that Obama was guilty of and quadrupled them.”


Well, Trump didn’t officially execute US citizens without trial, some children. Ah, yes, i forgot, as a “Democrat” and friend of Barry, i am not supposed to have noticed his direct order. Being a “Democrat” means wearing blinds…

A lot of “democrats” (self-declared) smoke too much pot… So they didn’t notice that Obama is the one who pushed and installed the FRACKING industry, well financed by Wall Street. Obama, in an act of supreme hypocrisy called it “bridge fuel to the future”. 

So US supremacy in fossil fuels IS Obama’s greatest achievement. Obama even tried to get US coal exported to China from Oregon (failed because Oregon objected). Right, Trump is persuading everybody that fracking is his work, so he can get more votes. But it was actually Obama. 

Another great achievement of Obama was to send all the money to the banks, and achieve a greater inequality (as measured by Gini index) as ever before.

Actually real wages are going up under Trump and more so for lower wages, before and after taxes. This can be read all over, the graphs are clear. That can’t be contested. This is how Trump is achieving this that is a matter of debate.

Short sighted tariffs? Plutocratic globalization literally emptied the US and Europe. I have explained in many superbly deep essays of great historical value, that global plutocracy followed exactly the tricks used by Roman plutocrats in the Second Century BCE. Basically, plutocrats fear revolutions of We The People. A way out of this is to make We The People Impotent. 

Impotence is first achieved by making We The People incapable of well paid, important jobs. This is why Smart Phones were made in China. When the Trump administration is putting an halt to this, it doesn’t do just smart economics and smart sociology, it does indispensable security. 

In France the de-industrialization is so acute, the French are unable to make the basic technology for advanced nuclear reactors. Because French leaders are sold to global plutocrats, they gave China the plan of their advanced nuclear reactor, the EPR. In Europe those EPR have been under construction forever, in Finland, France, Great Britain. But they don’t know how to weld anymore (France and Japan used to have the best welding for nuclear reactors, 30 years ago). Guess what? The Chinese EPR has been connected to the grid nearly a year ago, it’s working splendidly. Meanwhile the Chinese are selling worldwide nuclear reactors made according to older French nuclear tech. Isn’t that great? Meanwhile, France is getting impoverished, and has been in a recession for 11 years… so is Germany (Italy, for much longer and deeper than that). Ah, and France has 9% unemployment and it’s much higher in Spain, Italy. 

At the core of the European recession is the departure of quality jobs to China. China got there through a lot of stolen IP (the fast trains are stolen French IP; the coming Maglev line between Beijing and Shanghai is also stolen German IP). I am not reproaching the Chinese for stealing what was offered to them. I was involved in a startup working for the Pentagon (and the Jap army)… using Chinese seed money. Then all the IP (from a top US university) was secretly transferred to China. The company lawyer informed the CEO that was all illegal in spirit. She was fired. Now, such behavior is becoming illegal in practice, under Trump. Obama tolerated it.  IP theft is why the US blocked, long ago, Chinese access to the ISS.

To say that climate annihilation is ignored under Trump is, once again, confusing headlines and reality. Differently from Obama, Trump is financing nuclear handsomely. Nuclear is where the power is, to mitigate the climate catastrophe. Obama talked big on climate, but did a lot of bad things, such as not supporting fusion power research. 

On his first day my friend Barry killed hydrogen research in the USA. However, as I have explained in many essays, renewables, especially solar can’t work as total replacement, without hydrogen ,,, So Barry talked the talk, while discreetly killing the renewable goose, so he could deploy fracking. 

Although Lithium has worked better than I expected… The EU is building its first Li-Ion mega battery plant (in Poland) …on this, lithium batteries Obama did pretty well: his best discovery was Elon Musk… against whom I used to smirk, but I have changed my tune on this one… Musk is doing an amazing job…

Democrats with Trump Derangement Syndrome are just doing the usual American lynch thing, they satisfy their hatred against humanity, an old American emotional tradition. Trump is the new Black. Yeah, “Orange”. 

The claim of the Pluto media that wages are going down under Trump is counterfactual

Real progressives would work with Trump where progress can be made… and has been proposed by Trump. In the 1980s, most “democrats” (O’Neil, Biden) worked with Reagan (who was way worse than Trump). Democrat Donald Trump raged against Reagan, his globalization, and his “Democratic” enablers. Real progressives didn’t want NAFTA as proposed, they wanted something like the USMCA… which Trump bullied through (to the great screaming of the pseudo-left paid by Bloomberg and his ilk). 

Yes, I would prefer heart attack Sanders or lying Warren as president. But if my choice is between Trump and one of the greatest war criminals in world history for president, I know who I will not vote for, and whom I will denounce from every rooftop.


For the Democratic Party to be led by confirmed war criminals is an astounding situation. Ah, but nobody noticed. I am the one who is supposed to be deranged, because i insist on sticking to reality: Biden war authorization of 2002, and Bush “loving” Pelosi’s complicity in hiding “George” lies about Iraq. Although, right now, for the first time, The Guardian (UK left) noticed that “Biden is corrupt”

‘Middle Class’ Joe Biden has a corruption problem – it makes him a weak candidate. By Zephyr Teachout

We don’t have to choose Biden’s way, which would give Trump a perfect foil. Mon 20 Jan 2020 

Biden has a big corruption problem and it makes him a weak candidate… a lot of the voters we need – independents and people who might stay home – will look at Biden and Trump and say: “They’re all dirty.”

It looks like “Middle Class” Joe has perfected the art of taking big contributions, then representing his corporate donors at the cost of middle- and working-class Americans. Converting campaign contributions into legislative favors and policy positions isn’t being “moderate”. It is the kind of transactional politics Americans have come to loathe.

There are three clear examples.

First, Biden’s support for finance over working-class Americans. His career was bankrolled by the credit card industry. He delivered for it by spearheading a bankruptcy bill that made it harder for Americans to reduce their debts and helped cause the financial crisis. He not only authored and voted for that bill, he split with Barack Obama and led the battle to vote down Democratic amendments.

… At a fundraiser last year, Biden promised his Wall Street donors that “nothing would fundamentally change” for them if he became president. Now the financial world is raising huge money for his campaign. It clearly thinks he’s going to be its friend if elected. Most Americans, who get ripped off by the financial sector on a daily basis, aren’t looking for a candidate who has made their life harder.

Second, healthcare. … Biden went straight to a fundraiser co-hosted by the chief executive of a major health insurance corporation. He refuses to sign a pledge to reject money from insurance and pharma execs and continues to raise money from healthcare industry donors. His campaign is being bankrolled by a super Pac run by healthcare lobbyists.

What did all these donors get? A healthcare proposal that preserves the power of the insurance industry and leaves 10 million Americans uninsured.

Third, climate change. Biden signed a pledge not to take money from the fossil fuel industry, then broke his promise. Right after a CNN town hall on climate change, he held a fundraiser hosted by the founder of a fossil fuel conglomerate…

There are plenty of other examples that raise questions, like housing and social security. Big real estate moguls are playing a major role in Biden’s campaign. Unlike his rivals, he has no comprehensive housing plan. When he pushed for cuts to Social Security, was he serving donors or his constituents?


I can already hear the howls: But look at Trump! Trump is 1,000 times worse!


You don’t need to convince me. I have spent my life writing about and fighting against corruption… there is no doubt [Biden’s] record represents the transactional, grossly corrupt culture in Washington that long precedes Trump. We cannot allow Trump to so lower our standards that we aren’t even allowed to call out that culture, which has not only stymied progress but also harmed the Democratic party.


The good news is that we still have time to break with this culture of corruption. We don’t have to choose Biden’s way… The 2020 election should be about a crystal clear contrast between truth and lies, corruption and integrity, compassion and cruelty.


We have a rare opportunity to end a larger culture of corruption and we should take it – we will regret it if we don’t.”

Well, arresting the war criminals, the criminals against humanity, Biden, Pelosi, Bush, and other liars who launched the Iraq invasion to make US fracking profitable, would be a good start. 



It’s interesting to exchange with those who know less, and actually miss altogether on some basic axioms, thus dimensions: they always come back to what they know, and thus stay squashed, lower dimensional beings. 


The real question is how do we unsquash them? To acquire dimensionality, only strong emotions work. To show to the Germans that their notion of superior race was erroneous, one had to destroy them on the battlefields like cockroaches, eradicating about 20% of the population (and killing or gravely wounding one male out of two). This is also why it’s so hard to extirpate racism from the USA: a lot of hate-Trump, “cancel”, “woke” “culture” is just more of the same (which ironically enough, is correctly reproached to many Trump supporters…)


What’s not in question here, contrarily to repute, is not Trump’s sanity, but the sanity of the Democratic Party. For example, why don’t “Democrats” worry about LOW, Launch On Warning… They don’t even know what it is. Instead they insist Trump doesn’t know what he is doing… while the evidence is the exact opposite.

Patrice Ayme


Trump Dissonance Syndrome Affects All Too Many Ignorant, Self-Obsessed Hypocrites

January 20, 2020

Just because I am civil and rational with Trump, many hypocrites called me a Trumpist. When in truth I am often the opposite!) Why? Because they are worse than Trump, covering their tracks. Agreeing with DeGeneres I am (although she likes her good friend W Bush, and that’s going way too far for me… I hate formally all war criminals. Somebody has to! At least “George” is not in power anymore, whereas his self-declared lover Nancy is!)

I do listen and read a lot of the Trump hate media. Much is driven by billionaires such as Bloomberg and Styer. The latter spent 200 millions promoting himself and his ecology (he founded his fortune on coal trading). The former overspent other candidates five to ne, and got elected mayor of New York. Now he has already spent four times more than Trump to get elected president.

“Support”, “Believe”… For most people opinion seems to be a sort of religion they tribally join… Such people are either for or against Trump, Climate, etc. They embrace thinking as religion. Such is the royal road to unfathomable stupidity. Pathetic to see young people supposedly condemning racism… in the name of tribalism.

Because I exhibit hot facts, snowflakes call me names, and then they melt down, crying. They are inside just what they condemn, for show, outside: their barely crystalized thoughts have little substance.

Those who take for granted that Pelosi didn’t betray humanity when plotting to destroy Iraq have much in common with those Germans for whom Hitler was morally elevating: they suffer terminal moral-cognitive disorder, refusing absolutely to inquire about a catastrophe they caused.

However I get messages such as this:

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt: I agree that many people criticize Trump in out of bounds ways such as making fun of his appearance and his family and they often focus on superficial things or use unnecessarily crude language.
I disagree with this because there is so much substance on which Trump deserves serious legitimate criticism.
His policies are a disaster, he displays worrying symptoms of serious mental illness, and he has publicly admitted to doing things that are clear violations of federal law including key clauses in the Constitution.
This should be made clear in a sober and careful conversation, not in apoplectic displays of outrage.
Read the Mueller Report, watch the Congressional hearings. Pay attention to the number of criminal trials surrounding his associates.
Enough said.”


Well, not enough has been said, because most of these are lies, or fake universes.

The Mueller report was whether Trump was a Russian agent. However, Trump was saying the same things, in the 1980s, when he was one of the rare Democrats to oppose Reagan (then Warren was a Republican). What Trump was saying in the 1980s, he incorporated in his actions as president. It’s difficult for me to listen to the Speaker, who wants to impeach Trump and Pence, while being the only Iraq war criminal still in position of enormous power. And what power! Third in succession to the throne!

dear Rachel Laudenslager Hunt: Which policies of Trump are a disaster? USMCA? New trade accord with China? Executing the three greatest terrorists in activity? Obamacare? Facebook? GAFA paying no taxes? Executing US citizens with drones, even when they are just propagandists or children thereof? I would respectfully suggest to impeach the woman who killed 2.4 million Iraqis, deliberately, instead of listening to the plutocrat who spent 5 times more than all his rivals combined to become Mayor of New York, shuttling between NYC and Bermuda where he has so much wealth, tax free… Those plutocrats pull the strings against Trump… And they are worse.…/is-nancy-pelosi-a…/

As long as no excrement spoil the war criminal’s expensive shoes, Nancy will be OK, and keep on pretending she is a “good Catholic”… now that she helped kill 2.4 million Iraqi, and no “Democrat” in good standing noticed…

The last fight between pseudo-progressives and Trump confirms an inversion of most values. In the San Francisco Bay Area, with perhaps the world’s great homeless crisis, worse than anything in Mexico, said the UN and the NYT… Most of the hang up is from NIMBYs and regulations. Hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units have been held up for decades. Contrarily to Pelosi, I have known some homeless for decades (they are friends). Now Trump wants to break through the administrative blockages… and the pseudo-left, including real multimillionaires who are also friends and live in Atherton (everybody is a multimillionaire there)  is screaming to high heavens that Trump is a fascist…

The numbers are in: SF homeless population rose 30% since 2017

There is plenty of evidence that the loud anti-Trump (pseudo) left is actually a new type of fascism… worse that Trump. The eviction of the four mothers in Oakland from a long empty house is revealing. (I am pushing for a local initiative to give a right of pre-emption to city halls when houses are repossessed by banks, BTW…)

Here is a little taste, from the SF Chronicle I subscribe to:

“Thydour Coleman shook her head as she spoke about the four mothers evicted from a West Oakland house bought by a real estate investment company planning to flip it.

The McClymonds High School graduate was born and raised in the community, leaving for four decades before returning two years ago. It was unrecognizable, she said.

“The neighborhood has changed completely since I was a little kid,” Coleman said as she walked her dog a block away from the Moms 4 Housing eviction. “I’ve never seen so many homeless people in my life, and they keep building these expensive … houses. They only care about the rich and the famous.”

On Tuesday morning, Alameda County sheriff’s deputies evicted four mothers from a two-story home on Magnolia Street after they had occupied the house, without the owner’s permission, for nearly two months. The episode turned the spotlight on the Bay Area’s exorbitant housing prices — but also on the practice of home flipping and what role it plays in people being priced out of neighborhoods.

For the past nine years, Wedgewood Properties, the Southern California firm that owns the Magnolia Street house, has been one of Oakland’s most prolific house flippers, rehabbing and selling 160 homes. The company says it has spent an average of $57,000 per home, about $9.1 million in total, using all local labor to do the work. Most of the homes were owned by banks, having gone into foreclosure during and after the financial crisis of 2008. They include homes like 2753 67th Ave., which the company bought at auction for $367,000 and sold six months later for $573,000.

I am presently fighting against a plan to ravage a unique wildlife preserve, destroying half of it to build homes for people in the 1%.  This hyper wealthy crowd is all what the pseudo-left in command in the Bay Area cares about. If they don’t belong to it, or are not paid by it, they dream to join it… which may be even worse.

And Trump in all this? They say to each other how terrible Trump is, a bit like Nazis saying high Hitler. Well, they don’t generally live among the human feces and have never talked to the homeless. I do, and notice more and more don’t speak a lick of English…

Racist right wing fascists put on their anti-Trump coat, same as the white coat of the Polar bear: a trick to look as white and innocent as the driven snow… Meanwhile, they frantically block affordable housing… Anything to persuade themselves they are not what truly they are…

Patrice Ayme


Alarmism Saves Lives Better Than The Alternative, Sleeping At The Wheel. Climate Crisis Exploding Now

January 16, 2020

Faced with climatic Armageddon, deniers love to brandish irrelevances. Such as pretending there are no solutions… Or that none were presented, nor available. Something completely false: solutions could have been deployed 30 years ago, massively. Now the rise of cheap photovoltaics has made the hydrogen economy irresistible.



A crash tech program is needed. It has to involve hydrogen.

And of course, one should use all possible solutions, simultaneously. American denial about climate in the Twentieth First Century is reminiscent of American denial when Nazism came around. As then, it was in the best interest of the US to make a bad situation worse: what nobody wants to say, and nobody dares say… except for those drunk on truth.  

No deliberate motion ever happened without emotion.

Global Earth temperatures with baseline. Sure starting to look like an exponential… A mathematical proof that “Global Warming” is starting to feed on itself (because the emissions have stalled). Source: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies | Anomalies shown relative to the average temperature between 1951 and 1980…when quite a bit of warming had already occured! So the limit to 1.5 degree centigrade Climate Sheep gloat about is to be taken with a very large quantity of salt… There is evidence human engineered global warming started thanks to mass herding, more than 7,000 years ago, boosting the Methane in the air (cows make CH4… not rabbits).

On 28 March 1939, the Spanish Republic surrendered Madrid to the Fascists and Nazis. Franco’s army was transported from Morocco by the Nazi air force, fueled by Texaco. (Because the Navy was Republican.)

At that point, Britain saw the error of her way, and decided to join the French Republic in blocking the Nazis (and was added in the notes of the Franco-Polish treaty). However, all was quiet on the American front, as the Nazis’ racism fit well with US racism, and besides, Nazi Germany was a US business province. 

Now, right, for the US Deep Private-Public state, the situation was perfect and getting better. However, at the very least, US Jews should have got alarmed. And although US losses in World War Two were neglectable relative to some European countries and empires, they nevertheless amounted to one US citizen dead, out of 300.       


Now we are facing an incomparable calamity, the Sixth Mass Extinction… But it’s not viewed as such, because of the lack of alarm. The gentle words are supposed to evoke it:…”Global Warming” (why not global soothing, as we are at it?)


Alarmism saves lives. Had the USA declared war to the Nazis in June 1940, France would not have ceased fire, and, in the end, the deliberate massacre by the Nazis of dozens of millions of civilians and war prisoners, would not have happened (because the France would have advertised this massacre as a legitimate state… at worst, from North Africa). Also neither Italy, nor Japan would have entered war on the side of the Nazis (being scared of the USA, and now definitively knowing the USA was in the war). 

Alarmism saves lives. I am a mountaineer, and climber. Some of my best friends were top notch professional mountaineers, or climbers. A difference with me was my caution, due to my latent alarmism… In spite of my alarmism, I miraculously survived a giant rock avalanche, falling off a giant death gully, and then stopping my fall before yanking my partner out: even alarmism won’t protect from the hand of fate. In any case, my less cautious friends died, and, in one case at least I know I would not have made the mistake (I refuse to engage in possible slab avalanche terrain, once identified)



Scientists try to sound reasonable, and thus warn their ultimate paymasters, politicians, that temperatures will rise. But they are prudent, and don’t want to sound alarmist, so they eschew dangerous inputs they can’t predict, roll out averages. 

However, this is not what they should be doing. In aviation, or rocket science, engineers try to determine the  worst possible case… to avoid it. 

Climate scientists, when warning about possible climate evolutions, should consider the worst possible cases. They are not doing this presently.

What is the worst possible case? That the present warming will trigger natural heating mechanisms, and other disasters.

First, there are billions of tons of methane ice on the Siberian continental shelf, which is gigantic. At some point, when the ocean is warm enough, they will release. Methane is more than 25 times more entrapping to infrared than CO2.

Second, and worse, the CO2 going massively in the ocean, turns to carbonic acid and kills oxygen making plankton. That, in combination with increased oxidation will bring a decrease of the oxygen content of the atmosphere. Oxygen content is already collapsing in the ocean, to the point of creating “dead zones” which fishes such as marlins have to avoid, lest they die of asphyxiation. 

So this climate crisis is not just about “warming” something globally. What we are witnessing, and causing, is a mass extinction through a collapse of the biosphere, as happened last 65 millions years ago. It would be good if scientists said it straight, as it is… and evoke the worst possible case (increasing likely, as coal burning is augmenting in many countries)… Instead of pretending we are living in the best possible world, just as the Titanic passengers lived in the best possible ship… after it hit the iceberg, and everything worked just as well as it did minutes prior.  

We should use what I call “Catastrophic Calculus” to evaluate the climate Crisis… the same sort of calculus made when building rockets, or planes. It makes sense: Earth is our spaceship… And we have only one. Failure is not an option. Earth can’t burn, but it will, and it has started to do so, because the same clowns with the same reduced cognitivo emotional mindset, keep on ruling.


MORAL DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Obsess About Red Herrings To Hide The Real Problems

Just contemplate criminal against humanity Nancy Pelosi claim that “Trump betrayed the nation”. Maybe Trump did, it’s very far from clear. What is clear, though, is that Pelosi betrayed humanity by enabling “George” to keep on lying about his pretext to invade Iraq… and thus foster his real aim, which was to destroy Iraq (as an oil producer). Those who take for granted that Pelosi didn’t betray humanity when plotting to destroy Iraq have much in common with those Germans for whom Hitler was morally elevating: they suffer terminal moral-cognitive disorder, refusing absolutely to inquire about a catastrophe they caused.

However, most “Democrats” consider that Pelosi is a moral figure, and she is the first to claim that elevated position. Yet, as she is “impeaching” Trump, she is doing nothing about the Mass Extinction out there. So Pelosi and her followers and admirers impose a value system where obsessing about one individual is incomparably more important than putting measures in place to mitigate what is going on, the entire planet burning.  

The inchoate maximal holocaust out there, this Mass Extinction, is, at this point, first of all, a moral failure. 

Patrice Ayme


Evil Power From Progressive Habituation: The Case Of Fascist Racist Germany

January 9, 2020

Germany had many thousands of “camps” were extermination, known under the euphemism of “final solution” was conducted. There hated “races” (Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, half-breeds, half-Africans, etc.) and hated enemies (“Communists”, Resistance fighters, etc.) were exterminated.

First, they had been caged, as soon as 1933.

Still the strongest democracy, the US, didn’t do anything. Worse: the USA did all too little when her two parents, France and Britain went to war against infamy. And, in any case, many people around the war, and in particular the Germans, thought they were the most civilized people in the world… and actually they were the world’s most literate people. The problem? They were reading the Nazi equivalent of Facebook, world edition, and it had started as early as Martin Luther…

“Reichsleiter [Philipp] Bouhler and Dr. med. [Karl] Brandt are charged with responsibility to broaden the authority of certain doctors to the extent that [persons] suffering from illnesses judged to be incurable may, after a humane, most careful assessment of their condition, be granted a mercy death. [signed] Adolf Hitler.”
1939 September 01
Berlin, [Berlin] Germany

It is important to understand that Nazi Germany proceeded with “little” steps, trying to engineer habituation in the rest of the world for its mass murdering ways. Nazi euthanasia through psychiatry killed 300,000 [1].

Hitler wanted killed those whom he judged to be lebensunwertes Leben (Life unworthy of life). Starting that way, he grew into it, total war helping, as Goering proved unable to stop devastating British bombing raids over Berlin [2].

That was part of a much more general extermination program.  

The first mass test killings were actually in Poland. First there was the monstrosity of the cold blooded, well planified assault on Poland, by millions of German soldiers, on September 1, 1939. Then Polish hospitals and flour mills were systematically destroyed, to cause death by illness and starvation. Hitler also ordered that the Polish leadership and intelligentsia be destroyed.

The USA let the Nazis get away with it, refusing to come to the help of its democratic parents, France and Britain. This is the crux of what made the Holocaust of World War Two possible.

It had all happened before. Germany had proceeded with systematic murders and crimes against humanity in its deliberate attack on the world in August 1914. After the war, the french Republic and Britain wanted justice. The democratic allies wanted the Kaiser (among other criminals) to be arrested and judged. They took refuge in the Netherlands (which got appropriately punished in 1940-45). 

The mad murderous racist fascism of Germany was in full view in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, when imperial Germany mass-killed the original population of Namibia. Goering, father of Goering, was the governor.

Very influential and wealthy US actors, friendly to racism, and, or, invested in Germany prevented the entry of the USA into the war against Nazism when it should have, side by side with Britain and France, when the mass-killing nature of the Nazis got clear. Ultimately, Hitler declared war to the USA on December 11, 1941. 

Let the lesson not be forgotten: there are no two sides of the argument, the pros, and the cons, when humanity is a stake.

Patrice Ayme



[1] The Nazi friendly number of 70,000 killed by the euthanasia Nazi program is often brandished. It is erroneous and obsolete. The true number is at least 300,000. The program was so extensive that

In 1939, Dr. Viktor Brack, head of Hitler’s Euthanasia Department, oversaw the creation of the T.4 program, which began as the systematic killing of children deemed “mentally defective”… and that included… being Jewish. The program was later extended to adults.


[2] Goering had declared that, if a single British bomber dropped bombs on Berlin, Berliners could call him “Meyer”. The first bombing raid on Berlin was conducted by French naval aviation, June 7, 1940 (the Nazis, always ready to contradict themselves condemned the French fliers to death for crime against humanity!)

In August 1940, constant warfare against British airfields brought the Royal Air Force close to collapse (in spite of its Polish and other Allied pilots, the RAF had only 1,000 experienced pilots). The first RAF raid on Berlin took place on the night of 25 August 1940; 95 large bombers were dispatched to bomb Berlin. The Nazis were so enraged, they switched to the bombing of enormously spread London, which had very little military effect. So the Blitz on London, in September 1940, was paradoxically psychologically engineered by the crafty British leadership manipulating the stupid racist, fascist leadership.


Censorship Of Comments By Official Media, Such As The Lying New York Times, Should Be Unlawful

January 7, 2020

I have subscribed to the New York Times for much longer than the Iraq war (1990 to 2003, to… this day?). It reads my comments very carefully for the exact meaning of what I mean. When the comments deviate from the establishment line in a way that threaten the established logic. In the last example, Krugman wrote an editorial on Soleimani, the heir apparent of the Iranian Islamist dictatorship, execution. Krugman claimed the USA was always a force for good, until now, when, under Trump, it has become a self-destroying crime against humanity.

I sent a first mild comment pointing out that the USA was culprit of not having supported the French Republic in a timely manner in World War Two, enabling Hitler’s ascent. Censored. The New York Times calls itself “haunted” by its silence and misbehavior while the Nazis were busy starving and killing millions of Europeans, civilians, Slavs and Jews in the first few years of World War two. A second comment, comparing the impact of Heydrich, the Nazi Dolphin, assassination with the execution of Soleimani, the Shiite Dolphin, was also censored that latter comment I saved and will publish on this site).

This sort of censorship of comments should be made unlawful. Contradictory comments enable to denounce lies. When Krugman says the USA behaved well before Donald Trump, it’s a lie of Stalinist dimension. 

New York Times Building, New Pork Chimes censorship. All the plutocracy that’s fit to print; survival of the fittest. Those guys are afraid of… me. Just because it is profitable to do so, just as it was profitable to ignore Hitler… and massacre dozens of millions. Yes, they did, because had they advertised it, they could have prevented it.

NYT, like Facebook or Twitter, are news media, with an official standing: they have prerogatives, their leaders and agents are received in all, and over all circles of power: they are familiar with presidential, imperial and kingly palaces, all over the world> No plutocrat deny them, all try to steer them. Those official media are, because they are supposed to carry information, feed the debate… in a NEUTRAL way. Right, neutrality in matter of presentation of knowledge is impossible to achieve, so a lot of partiality should be tolerated… However, thus, a lot of contradiction should be tolerated. 

When official media (Facebook, Twitter, New York Times) censor information and steer the debate, by removing comments without good legal reason, they violate the democratic constitution and don’t act any better than the Islamist State of Pakistan (which has a Fatwa against yours truly). Truly, they foster violence. Let me explain.

This lack of contraried debate brings homogeneity of low dimensional thought. In other words, lack of intelligence. 

Lack of (enough) intelligence when facing changing circumstances always leads to violence. Rats don’t kill rats when there is enough water, food, and space. However, when those come short, violence is unavoidable… even among rodents. Let alone super predators such as hominids. 

An excellent explicit example was the Third Reich. Germans came to subscribe to the theory that they lacked Lebensraum (vital space). However, a healthy debate would have shown them that such was not the case. The debate didn’t happen, instead Hitler and company embarked on a war which killed 4% of humanity (and maimed much more).

And violence doesn’t mean just physical destruction, it may simply be cognitive, emotional, or spiritual maiming. Such maiming is a fundamental crime not just against humanity, but also against the biosphere itself… as we have become its caretakers.

Intelligence, thus, debate, can’t be separated from the question of violence. Suppressing debate is seeding the roots of violence.

Patrice Ayme 


P/S: Steven Pinker, from a Pluto university, paid by Plutos, has insisted we live in the most peaceful of all worlds (of all those Plutos can buy). This is both completely true, and completely false. All what matters is energy. The total energy, the sum of kinetic and potential energies, is conserved. Pinker is talking about one alone. He has to look at the whole. This is the mistake the Jews did in the 1930s: they didn’t look at the whole picture and especially its potential aspect.

If we measure the kinetic energy of violence right now, world wide, it’s all potential, or hidden. Take any system: overall energy will be conserved. Right now kinetic energy (of violence) is minimal… Which means potential energy (of violence) is maximal… And this can be checked with what is going on with the biosphere… Thus, the danger form this potential violence is grander than ever. If not persuaded, listen to Putin talking hopefully about deploying 200 megatons fusion bombs…

Patrice Ayme


P/P/S: Ten minutes after this essay above was published, the New York Times published my second comment on Krugman’s ignorant and despicable essay. (The first comment, which was very polite, contrary to what I just wrote was irremediably lost… because I didn’t expect Krugman and his goons to censor it, precisely because it was so civil.)

Is Nancy Pelosi A Self-Indicting War Criminal?

January 1, 2020

The following is an uninterrupted extract of a transcript straight from CNN… which the Pluto owned Main Stream Media carefully ignores, going as far as claiming, in Wikipedia (!) that it is “fake news“… thus unfortunately turning Wikipedia itself into fake news:


DEAN CHIEN, STUDENT, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY: So, Speaker Pelosi, you resisted calls for the impeachment of President Bush in 2006, and President Trump, following the Mueller report earlier this year.

This time it’s different. Why did you impose – why did you oppose impeachment in the past? And what is your obligation to protect our democracy from the actions of our President now?

PELOSI: Thank you. Thank you for bringing up the question about – because when I became Speaker the first time, there was overwhelming call for me to impeach President Bush, on the strength of the war in Iraq, which I vehemently opposed, and again not – again, I – I say “Again,” I said – said at other places that I – that was my we – all has always (ph) Intelligence.

I was Ranking Member on the Intelligence Committee even before I became part of the leadership of Gang of Four. So, I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. It just wasn’t there.

They had to show us now – to show the Gang of Four all the Intelligence they had. The Intelligence did not show that that – that was the case. So, I knew it was a – a misrepresentation to the public. But having said that, it was a, in my view, not a ground for impeachment. That was – they won the election. They made a representation. And to this day, people think – people think that that it was the right thing to do.

If people think that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11, I mean it’s as appalling what they did. But I did – and I’ve said, if somebody wants to make a case, you bring it forward.

But I – I – they had impeached Bill Clinton for a personal indiscretion, and misrepresenting about it, impeached him. Some of these same people are saying, “Oh, this doesn’t rise to impeachment,” were the – right there impeaching Bill Clinton for – for being stupid in terms of something like that.


PELOSI: I mean I love him. I think he was a great President. But being stupid in terms of that and – and – and what would somebody do, not to embarrass their family.

But in any event, and that’s how they did with Bill Clinton. Now, they want me to do George. This – I just didn’t want it to be a way of life in our country.

From Japan Time. The more US war criminals and criminals against humanity escape US justice, the more terrible the verdict of history will be upon US society.

I, Patrice Ayme, will presently quote and comment from the preceding:

“So, Speaker Pelosi, you resisted calls for the impeachment of President Bush in 2006… why did you oppose impeachment in the past?” 

PELOSI: … when I became Speaker the first time, there was overwhelming call for me to impeach President Bush, on the strength of the war in Iraq, which I vehemently opposed [incoherent rambling]

I was Ranking Member on the Intelligence Committee even before I became part of the leadership of Gang of Four. So, I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. It just wasn’t there.

They had to show us now – to show the Gang of Four all the Intelligence they had. The Intelligence did not show that that – that was the case. So, I knew it was a – a misrepresentation to the public…in my view, not a ground for impeachment. That was – they won the election. They made a representation. And to this day, people think – people think that that it was the right thing to do.


Who are these “people” who tell Pelosi what’s the right thing to do?

Killing Iraqis By The Millions Is Cool; Is Nancy Pelosi A Murderous Racist?

So Pelosi knew the “Public” was lied to to justify the invasion of a country. Not a ground for impeachment, she claims. Killing 2.4 million Iraqis is not a ground for impeachment. Why? “They won the election”. Never mind 2.4 million dead Iraqis? Would killing 2.4 million US citizens be a ground for impeachment? Nancy Pelosi would probably agree that killing 2.4 million Americans should be, no doubt, a ground for impeachment. Conclusion: killing 2.4 million non-US citizens is OK, but not 2.4 million US citizens.

Thus, Nancy is a racist not fundamentally different from the Nazis, who thought killing six million Poles was not a ground for impeachment (of Adolf Hitler)… because Poles, living next door, didn’t register as humans. For Pelosi, Iraqis don’t register as human either.   

Those people who think that was also “the right thing to do”, not to impeach a mass murderer, G. W. Bush, are very similar and in no way fundamentally different from the Nazis killing Poles (the Nazis, though, had good reason to hate Poles: part of Poland as created in 1919, occupied lands which the Germans considered to have been German for centuries… And Germany was cut in half…) 

And who are those “people” who have so much influence on the extremely wealthy Pelosi? “People” wealthier than her and her 400 million dollar (minimum) family fortune?

Pelosi: If people think that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11, I mean it’s as appalling what they did. But I did – and I’ve said, if somebody wants to make a case, you bring it forward.

Well, I accuse you, Pelosi to have taken part in a conspiracy to commit a crime against humanity who killed millions, just to increase the profit of some on Wall Street and the fossil fuel frackers financed by them.

Pelosi: …they had impeached Bill Clinton for a personal indiscretion… for being stupid in terms of something like that. I mean I love him. I think he was a great President…

She means she loves him? I love the big fat white race? Yes, that’s not one of these no-lives Iraqis. Or is there more to it? What was so great about Clinton, besides blockading Iraq, depriving Iraqi babies of medicine? Was Clinton such a great president in nancy Pelosi’s eyes, because he obeyed the financial plutocracy and dismantled president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s banking reforms (which separated investment banking and infrastructure banking)? Thus enabling Pelosi’s friends and sponsors to make a fortune?

PELOSI: “…that’s how they did with Bill Clinton. Now, they want me to do George. This – I just didn’t want it to be a way of life in our country.

Now “they” want to do in her good friend, fellow plutocrat “George“, “George”. G. W. Bush.


Pelosi’s case is a clear case of Crimes Against Humanity, though. I mean this; take Xi or Kim, dictators of PRC and North Korea, respectively. From a Western perspective, they look like potential criminals (especially Kim). However, it remains to be proven that, not just they are criminals, but that even crimes were committed, what are the mitigating circumstances, etc. Innocent until proven guilty. However, the crimes of Pelosi and the guilt of Pelosi are nothing to establish: Iraq was devastated, millions died, and she says she knew it was all  a big lie, a la Adolf Hitler. She says it. She KNEW. She recognizes she knew.

So what’s the lie now? That devastating Iraq is no big deal. As Hitler wrote before practicing it, make the lie big, make the lie simple, keep on repeating it.

Xi, for example, if confronted to Chinese gov crimes (already to be exhibited and proven, no easy feat as China has an enormous government, with police, detectives, prosecutors, judges, etc.)) could always deny that he was personally responsible.

But Pelosi BOASTS that she was responsible (in several ways)…. So, in her case, she self-indicts. And it’s nothing like the Ukrainian talk about inquiring on corruption. In the Pelosi affair, MILLIONS DIED. And she lies: yes, it’s important when one conspires to kill millions. To lie about that is a lie so big Hitler didn’t even engage in it. To claim killing millions was no big deal, even Hitler didn’t dare [2]. Pelosi, you should spend the rest of your days in prison, with your lover Bush, and your accomplice Biden…

Patrice Ayme



[1] It’s not because murder has been committed that it can’t be excused. The best known case is that of military personnel in a JUST war. “JUST” is the crux. If the war is UNJUST, the military turns into criminal. The invasion of Iraq  was criminal and unjust. Saddam’s regime was brutal (as dozens of the states in the UN) but it had advanced laws, duplicated from the West (as a Saddam baffled by US aggression observed), and it was secular. Anyway it’s not the business of a professional plutocrat and politician heiress (Pelosi) to kill millions. In a just world, she should be punished, finish her life in prison. Instead she is trying to become president (!) She is third in succession, and Pence was in the room…


[2] Although a drunken Stalin would have said something equivalent to Churchill… Said Churchill… But that’s just hearsay. In the case of Pelosi, we have the tape.

Sexist, Racist, Ageist Obama Doesn’t A Reality Make

December 21, 2019

Obama just said that white old men were the problem, worldwide. That’s sexist, ageist, and racist, Moreover, it is completely stupid. But no surprise from the fracking, droning, do nothing, but decrease US lifespan, US president…

Obama, revered by the pseudo-left addicted to hating Trump, because hatred feels so good, and because Obama gave them cheap oil, for their big SUVs and dispensious, energy wasting mansions… and Obama gave them a fig leaf, as he was brown, 24/7, and spoke splendidly, sounding like yours truly, of things he did the exact opposite of…

On the Internet, at best, sarcasm has replaced reality: who needs facts when you got the power of nasty under the guise of fake courtesy?

Rachel Laudenslager Hunt retorted sarcastically: “You’re right. The people who have been the predominant power brokers of the world for the last 2 centuries are the real problem. Now let’s see.. who were they….?”

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, may be best known as King Louis XV’s Chief Mistress. But she was also a highly educated tastemaker, a patron of the arts, and an artist in her own right. As Louis XV’s Prime Minister, she stood on its head all of French diplomacy, reverting alliances, launching the Seven Year World War, which lost North America for France, turned Prussia into a juggernaut, leading to Nazism, also brought the creation of the USA, and was a catastrophe for France and Europe… A splendid woman of influence, indeed, but not for the best.

Thanks for the comment. That gives me the occasion to make an important point tribal minds have recently decided to ignore. 


Women should have equal access to all. But that doesn’t mean there will be an automatic improvement of the character of the human race. Right, who should be the most famous politician, or ruler ever, was a woman. Amusingly few know her name, and for what she should be famous. So much for those who make noise without knowing.

Several women reached maximal authority in Rome: Agrippina, Galla Placidia, and Theodora. Galla Placidia, officially a ruling Augusta of Rome, was a very positive influence, in very troubled times. Agrippina the Younger ruled Rome for a few years, assassin extraordinaire and Augusta, after assassinating, or executing many, including probably Claudius, but was herself executed on the second attempt, on the order of her son. Theodora (500-548 CE) repressed the one serious attempt at a revolution against the Roman dictatorship, all by herself. 

Ironically enough, in the Eighteenth century, the two persons who exerted the most catastrophic influence on the leading superpower of the time were both women: Madame de Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette. Whereas indeed it’s Saint Queen Bathilde who outlawed slavery in 655 CE. Slavery was not outlawed thanks to sarcasm, which doesn’t a reality make. 

By pointing out that exterior appearances which have nothing to do with the life of ideas and correct emotions, such as age, gender and skin color are the dominant parameter, Obama is implicitly deflecting away blame from himself: after all, he has been brown 24/7 since birth, so he is white as the driven snow in the world of morality.

Obama couldn’t possibly have bombed out, on his personal order, entire weddings, killing up to 200 people in countries the USA was not even at war with: see, he is brown, 24/7. Obama, being brown 24/7 is an ecologist, and couldn’t possibly have organized the greatest fracking of shale rocks ever, making even the pale Trump paler than usual with enraged jealousy… Obama, brown 24/7 could not have engineered the greatest transfer of riches to the wealthiest, ever, making inequality in the USA, greater than ever.

Obama, being brown, thus pure, couldn’t have organized the greatest transfer of riches to the healthcare industry, which even The Economist just called, a “racket”. Just like somebody as brown as that could not have presided over the greatest decrease of US life expectancy ever… even including the two world wars…

Ah, in case you wonder, my closest family friends are as brown as Obama, and the latter is a personal friend. Qui aime bien, chatie bien

But the truth is neither young, nor old, it does not have color, nor gender. Only racists, ageists and sexists have those. 


Marie Antoinette led France into war against her own country, Austria (according to the devious plot of engaging France in a war she couldn’t win… this ended with her execution for the highest crime of highest treason imaginable: launching a war to lose it…).

Madame de Pompadour, once the king’s overpowering mistress, became his Prime Minister, for seven years, bringing a reversal of alliances and a world war (which lasted seven years). The North America portion of that war is known in the USA as the “French and Indian War”. Thanks partly to Pompadour, Britain propped up racist Prussia as an attack dog against Austria and France, leading, ultimately, to the disappearance of Poland, and a racist Germany in the 19th century which treated Slavs and Jews as subhumans. Thus, out of Pompadour’s folly, would ultimately grow Nazism.

Meanwhile, having killed her husband, among other self promoting activities, empress Catherine the Great swallowed Ukraine, the Baltics, most of Poland…

Human beings are according to the ideas, not according to some outward parameters. Unfortunately, not only Hitler believed the latter… 

Sarcasm doesn’t a reality make. At best, it makes for fake communications.


Obama had spoken well a few weeks ago, of the ways of not thinking revered by lazy idiots, he implied. Those are called the “woke” culture (culture in the sense of monkeys having “culture”), and the “cancel” culture (in practice lynch mobs).

So I hope Obama can read this and use his neurons more creatively… Sarcasm, woke and cancel are all fake ways of thinking. Beyond fake news, they make up fake minds. Exactly what we do not need if we want to stop the Sixth Mass Extinction, the one caused by that crashing comet known as humanity.




Nota Bene: Speaking at a private plutocratic event on leadership in Singapore, a financial conspiracy center, Mr Obama, financial conspirator extraordinaire, said while in office he had mused what a world run by women would look like.

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, but what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men].

“I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything… living standards and outcomes… If you look at the world and look at the problems it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way,”


Position EPR: Simplest Case of Non Locality

December 19, 2019

When a Quantum Interaction has happened, the Quantum Process (aka “Quantum Mechanics/Wave Mechanics”) occurs: a wave W spreads out. Non locality arises, because said wave W can spread out, in some circumstances to large, even cosmic distances. Let say it involves two particles, P1. P2. So we have: W = W(P1, P2).

Now W determines all the positions, momentum, energy, quantum numbers of both P1 and P2.

EPR Position-Momentum. Superluminal signal sent

If W evolves in real space, finding out P1 determines P2. Now the key is that there are complementary variables. For example determining position x pretty well makes momentum p vastly uncertain: x p > h. 

But say we have x(P1) + x (P2) = 0 and p(P1) + p(P2) = 0.

Hence determining x(P1) with arbitrary accuracy makes p(P2) arbitrarily wild… even if it’s a parsec away!

Einstein and company (with hidden Popper!) had a milder version of this, and concluded Quantum Mechanics was uncertain.

I conclude Quantum Physics is SUPERLUMINAL… And why not?


Asteroid Not Dinosaur Killer Obvious On Temperature Graph?

December 18, 2019

I believe in the Big Obvious.

For example it is obvious that Representative Democracy is neither.

Here is another example of the Big Obvious: the temperature jump UP after the end of the Cretaceous, (roughly) 66 million years ago. Refined series concur: there was a significant cooling before the K-T (Cretaceous-Tertiary)… now the “Tertiary” is known for obscure reason (all species generated?), as the Paleogene.

With the dinosaurs disappeared huge marine reptiles such as the mosasaursichthyosaurs, and plesiosaurs, as well as all the gigantic flying reptiles known as pterosaurs. While some mammals, birds, small reptiles, fish, and amphibians survived, diversity among the remaining life-forms dropped precipitously. In total, this mass extinction seems to have claimed three quarters of known species on Earth.

If this is true, the mass extinction was not caused by impact

Indeed, notice the jump in temperatures at the K-Pal boundary: dinosaurs were mesotherms, temperature sensitive… They couldn’t take brutal cooling… Especially with highly endothermic (temperature producing) avian dinosaurs (birds) and mammals around. I have argued the exact extinction mechanism from competition in:

Mathematics extinguished, mostly, Neanderthals and absolutely 3/4 of species at the K-Pal boundary (from competition with more competitive species)

As dinosaurs evolved in times when temperatures were higher, it made no sense to have strong body temperature control: a large mass was plenty enough. Especially if covered with feathers…

So what happened? The Deccan Traps could have caused nuclear winter style cooling interspaced with strong CO2 warming, while the CO2 poisoned the oceans. Having a celestial body come at that point was extremely unlikely bad luck, and may have been the straw which broke the dying camelback….

In any case the warming came too late..