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EXTREMES INSTRUCT MIND, and Man, The Extreme Animal

July 15, 2017

Usually, when thinking of man, one thinks of something noble, higher, ponderate, endowed with Roman “gravitas”, wise. To put it in one expression: Homo Sapiens.

However, where does all this wisdom come from? Experiments! And how, why, would one experiment? By going crazy! Craziness, and a love for extremes. Why? Because: Extremes instructs.

Wingsuit Flier Above French Alps. The rocky twin tower below the flier is the Drus, where yours truly made a semi-demented first ascent (on the other side). I had been a bit riled, after being nearly wiped out by the biggest rock avalanche I ever saw. However the entire pillar collapsed from greenhouse warming a few years later… Demonstrating the lightness of being even with the heaviest mountains.

Going to extremes is how science is made. Every paradigm shattering experiment in physics consists into forcing nature into an extreme apparatus (be it a telescope, microscope, Stern-Gerlach device, cyclotron, or forcing a virus into circumstances which weaken it, until it can be injected for vaccination, etc.).

Going to extremes happen even in mathematics: there, researchers typically play first with baby examples (which are extreme in the sense of being extremely simple, or extremely computable, etc.). For these extremes, they excavate general principles that they then rework in a general theory. (For example, the general theory of curved spaces, pre-Euclid, and before the invention of connection theory by Levi-Civita, assumed spaces with constant curvature, such as the surface of the Earth; that was extreme, in the sense of extremely simple.)

So here we are, and our power has exceeded our planet. To save our environment, we need to extent it through the galaxy, commensurate to our power. We can’t dial back power: our earthly environment, which we have already mauled, will be the first to succumb. So all speed forward, beyond all the last frontiers…

Extreme behaviors have always characterized man. Because we experiment, and experiments are, by definition, risky.  “Per” meant  risk, initially. To engage in risky behavior, we need extreme passion, like the heroes of Homer.

“Plus Oultre!” as Charles Quint put it in his native French: More Beyond!

Science itself is a love of extreme: the meta-motivation of science is to go beyond whatever was figured out prior.    

Experienced extreme-sports enthusiasts are often not reckless, nor do they have some sort of Freudian death wish. Instead, “older” extreme athletes — those who are past their mid-20s — exercise deep care proportional to the high risk involved by the art they specialize in. The analogy with science is striking. Most practitioners of extremely dangerous sports are highly intelligent people, methodological and systematic. They spend years studying the environment and the mechanics involved in order to make it as safe as it possibly can be, in that general framework of extreme danger.

And generally, they have a an extreme goal in mind. The French specialist of wingsuits, who launched the modern version of the sport, wanted to achieve controlled wingsuit landings (he died in Hawai’i, probably from confusion in a jump to resulting from jet lag).

It is often said, and observed, that humans can be, or are, evil. This is caused, in part, by the love of extremes, the love of experiment.

So is it the love of understanding which pushes to extremes, or the love of extremes which pushes towards understanding? That’s a chicken and egg problem: they evolved together, and are not really distinguishable, being both unavoidable parts of the same mechanism.

This also explains why top thinkers all too often get hated and ridiculously molested: as per their art, they are forced to be, in some ways, extreme. At least, relative to the commons. The founder of cynic philosophy Diogenes of Sinope and his admirer the extremely clever Alexander the Great understood this perfectly well.

Of course the New York Times does not. It does not want to. That plutocratic media calls “provocateurs” “hate mongers”, and explain they have to be violently censored to prevent “torment”! Says the NYT: “By all means, we should have open conversations and vigorous debate about controversial or offensive topics. But we must also halt speech that bullies and torments. From the perspective of our brain cells, the latter is literally a form of violence.”

By all means”? Really? Was not the point of the NYT the exact opposite?

I do agree that speech can be violence. However, to explicitly point at people who “provoke” thoughts, and accuse them of causing “torment” is not understanding that we gain insight from extremes.

Thus, the New York Times’ theory of censoring all my comments was grounded in a conspiratorial theory to avoid inflicting torment on plutocrats.

Some will say I am incoherent: I condemned “thought crimes” long ago, and asked for a “Minister of Truth” (underlying the minister of Justice). However the difference are significant: the Qur’an calls to kill some category of people (the Bible does the same, but less… Actually Qur’an refers approvingly to the death sentence against homosexuals in the Bible). If that’s preached as a part of the religion, which it is, stricto sensu, that’s incitation to murder. If done to children it adds child abuse, child endangerment, child pornography, corruption of the youth, etc.

Whereas the New York Times has actively censored scholars who disagree on Quantitative Easing, the capture of politics by plutocracy, calling Islamophobia racism, or whether Christianism terror caused the decline and fall of the Roman State.

The problem with avoiding confrontation in the guise of comfort, is that extremes instruct. No confrontation, no instruction. The New York Times affects not to understand that (in truth it’s just serving the multibillionaire plutocrats who own it, and are hateful of all those who disparage their status).

A young Egyptian yesterday swam to a resort. There, he killed by stabbing, two German tourists. Captured, he recognized that he had “espoused the ideas of Jihadism”. Jihadism in the sense of the literal Qur’an is a vicious ideology incompatible with civilization. Literal Koranic Jihadism is an example of a mentality espousing ideas and practices revealed to be too extreme when they lead to kill innocent people.

Absent real killing and injuring of people, anything should go in the realm of ideas. Fiction literature and movies (even documentaries) are all about letting imagination roam.  

And it better. Because only ever more true ideas will save humanity, and those are born at very high temperature, so high old mental automatisms can melt the erroneous past in a fiery embrace.

Extreme behaviors are us. Including the worst, they are necessary to think forward and anew. There lays survival, and nowhere else.

Patrice Ayme’  

The Purpose of Life: Harari, Gates, Yours Truly…

July 6, 2017

Get a GRRIP: Gates, Harari, Homo Deus, Debunked & Amplified:

Abstract: After describing a bit the work of Harari, who just sold 3 million books in China alone, we focus on what Bill Gates below sees as Harari’s main gist. Then I present my own version of the purpose of human life. I expand on the notion of raw realism, what I call GRRIP, the driver of human evolution.


Yuval Noah Harari, a professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, writes the sort of books I would have like to have written myself, because of the many statements highly compatible with my philosophy. However, the gentleman is not the deepest form of thinker there is, so I still think my writings have meaning… Moreover, he and Bill Gates, who gives his opinion below, claim that the “purpose of life” consists into serving a superior class. I sort of agree, as long as said class is superior thinking, not a tiny minority of greedy individuals… 

Harari seesm to embrace what I believe is the reality one should all embrace, to optimize collective survival and happiness GRRIP: Grave Raw Reality Inevitable Principle: Raw Reality is a Grave thing, but it can’t be be avoided, so we may as well consider it to be a Principle (just like God is a Principle of power, GRRIP has even more power, see the White Phosphorus below…) As an Israeli, Harari lives in a grave reality, and Gates, as we will see, believes hard to find a purpose in life if all children have a nice life (I agree that’s a surprising point of view, especially considering Gates views himself as charity prone, not to say charitable!)

My take on it? The purpose of life is a vast generalization of what Bill Gates is trying to say. Starting from GRRIP, I conclude that:

THE MORE WE HOLD TO DEAR LIFE, THE MORE MEANING WE ARE PROVIDED WITH! This is why people like to do dangerous & crazy things! They are addicted to meaning! (Some may say that Camus opined a bit like that in his famous “Myth of Sisyphus“. Except Sisyphus is doing a boring task, whereas human beings in full are too excited by danger to be bored; I am not exactly recommending this, to live a life of danger and terror, I just say that this is the circumstances in which our species evolved, and thus, our brains become fully functional only then, and when such an environment is provided…)


Harari Makes Statements I Have Made Forever:

“In the 300 years of the crucifixion of Christ to the conversion of Emperor Constantine, polytheistic Roman emperors initiated no more than four general persecutions of Christians. Local administrators and governors incited some anti-Christian violence of their own. Still, if we combine all the victims of all these persecutions, it turns out that in these three centuries the polytheistic Romans killed no more than a few thousand Christians. In contrast, over the course, of the next 1,500 years, Christians slaughtered Christians by the millions, to defend slightly different interpretations of the religion of love and compassion.”

Yuval Noah Harari, קיצור תולדות האנושות 

White Phosphorus Exploding Out Of A Shell Over Mosul, June 2, 2017. The Anti-Islamist Coalition Is Fighting Literal Abrahamism, An Intrinsically Let’s-Kill-Our-Children-For-Our-Boss religion. Hence the necessity to use pretty ugly weapons.

The reason for Christianism was to make average people into sheep so that Roman Catholic emperors and their class could terrorize and exploit the 99%. As Voltaire, himself definitively a part of the .1%, as he was personal friend of Louis XV, asserted:  

“Voltaire said about God that ‘there is no God, but don’t tell that to my servant, lest he murder me at night’. Hammurabi would have said the same about his principle of hierarchy, and Thomas Jefferson about human rights. Homo sapiens has no natural rights, just as spiders, hyenas and chimpanzees have no natural rights. But don’t tell that to our servants, lest they murder us at night.”

Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

[Nietzsche basically went lyrical on this idea already found in Voltaire, a century later. Let’s notice this in passing… So much for Friedrich’s originality…]

“Nothing captures the biological argument better than the famous New Age slogan: ‘Happiness begins within.’ Money, social status, plastic surgery, beautiful houses, powerful positions – none of these will bring you happiness. Lasting happiness comes only from serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.” (Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.)

And right history does not just teach the future, but feeds the imagination:

“This is the best reason to learn history: not in order to predict the future, but to free yourself of the past and imagine alternative destinies. Of course this is not total freedom – we cannot avoid being shaped by the past. But some freedom is better than none.”

Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow


Contrarily To What Harari Claims, Life Has A Scientific Meaning, However Modest:  

Of course I understand, and sort of approve, the following assertion:

“As far as we can tell from a purely scientific viewpoint, human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose. Our actions are not part of some divine cosmic plan, and if planet earth were to blow up tomorrow morning, the universe would probably keep going about its business as usual. As far as we can tell at this point, human subjectivity would not be missed. Hence any meaning that people inscribe to their lives is just a delusion.”  (Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.)

A superior philosophical attitude requires more modesty about what the universe is really up to: suppose that it turns out we are the only civilization in the entire observable universe (as observed, so far). Would that make us delusional, if we attribute importance to ourselves? Arguably not!

“Purely scientific viewpoint”: for me, science is what is known with certainty. The purpose of life has not been studied enough to even guess what it could be to ponder some of its elements as certainties, this way or that. The purpose of life does not have any scientific meaning, but for one point which can’t be disputed: we are attached to it. All of use, but a few in extreme pain (physical or psychological).

As far as we can tell… human life has absolutely no meaning”??? Why does Harari insists life has no meaning? “Purely scientific”? So occupiers can kill the occupied in peace?


Bill Gates read Harari and found him to his taste. The reason why will be unveiled. In both cases, to put it rather grossly, both life off the hog (Palestinians in one case, the world planet on the other). Here is Billy Boy:

What gives our lives meaning? And what if one day, whatever gives us meaning went away—what would we do then?

I’m still thinking about those weighty questions after finishing Homo Deus, the provocative new book by Yuval Noah Harari.

Melinda and I loved Harari’s previous book, Sapiens, which tries to explain how our species came to dominate the Earth. It sparked conversations over our dinner table for weeks after we both read it…Harari’s new book is as challenging and readable as Sapiens…

Homo Deus argues that the principles that have organized society will undergo a huge shift in the 21st century… the things that have shaped society—what we measure ourselves by—have been some combination of religious rules about how to live a good life, and more earthly goals like getting rid of sickness, hunger, and war. We have organized to meet basic human needs: being happy, healthy, and in control of the environment around us. Taking these goals to their logical conclusion, Harari says humans are striving for “bliss, immortality, and divinity.”

What would the world be like if we actually achieved those things? This is not entirely idle speculation. War and violence are at historical lows and still declining. Advances in science and technology will help people live much longer and go a long way toward ending disease and hunger.

Here is Harari’s most provocative idea: As good as it sounds, achieving the dream of bliss, immortality, and divinity could be bad news for the human race. He foresees a potential future where a small number of elites upgrade themselves through biotechnology and genetic engineering, leaving the masses behind and creating the godlike species of the book’s title; where artificial intelligence “knows us better than we know ourselves”; and where these godlike elites and super-intelligent robots consider the rest of humanity to be superfluous…

He argues that humanity’s progress toward bliss, immortality, and divinity is bound to be unequal—some people will leap ahead, while many more are left behind. I agree that, as innovation accelerates, it doesn’t automatically benefit everyone. The private market in particular serves the needs of people with money and, left to its own devices, often misses the needs of the poor. But we can work to close that gap and reduce the time it takes for innovation to spread. For example, it used to take decades for lifesaving vaccines developed in the rich world to reach the poor. Now—thanks to efforts by pharmaceutical companies, foundations, and governments—there are cases where that lag time is less than a year. We should try to narrow the gap even more, but the larger point is clear: Inequity is not inevitable.

In addition, in my view, the robots-take-over scenario is not the most interesting one to think about. It is true that as artificial intelligence gets more powerful, we need to ensure that it serves humanity and not the other way around. But this is an engineering problem—what you could call the control problem. And there is not a lot to say about it, since the technology in question doesn’t exist yet.

I am more interested in what you might call the purpose problem. Assume we maintain control. What if we solved big problems like hunger and disease, and the world kept getting more peaceful: What purpose would humans have then? What challenges would we be inspired to solve?

In this version of the future, our biggest worry is not an attack by rebellious robots, but a lack of purpose.

What if a happy, healthy life was guaranteed for every child on Earth? How would that change the role parents play?

…Like every parent, I want my children to lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. But what if such a life was guaranteed for every child on Earth? How would that change the role parents play?

Harari does the best job I have seen of explaining the purpose problem. And he deserves credit for venturing an answer to it. He suggests that finding a new purpose requires us to develop new religion—using the word in a much broader sense than most people do, something like “organizing principles that direct our lives.”

Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied by his answer to the purpose question. (To be fair, I haven’t been satisfied by the answers I have seen from other smart thinkers like Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrom, or by my own answers either.)…”


Common Purpose We Found: Oppress and, or Exterminate Them, Subhumans!

I was somewhat chuckling: Harari sees a future full of plutocracy and a situation strangely reminiscent of Israeli ruling over dozens of millions of enslaved Arabs. Gates sees a future where the poor’s pain will be alleviated, if not elevated, by the gifts of the plutocrats (if we “assume we maintain control”, an interesting Freudian slip…). And where purpose is found even though so many people have stopped suffering! (No more role for parents if everybody is happy and fulfilled; apparently!)   


Our Purpose: Survival, now clearly more challenging than ever:

Survive plutocracy, survive climate annihilation and general roasting of the biosphere, survive nuked tipped ICBMs from young cannibalistic maniacs, etc.

Looking at history of all civilizations, one can see that the number one danger is inequality, which affects both  mental and economic performance of a civilization. Inequality grows exponentially, and affects all dimensions of humanity. Inequality does not make the common people destitute, hungry and sick, it makes them stupid and immoral.

Exponential growth of inequality is the plutocratic effect, where an oligarchy, the government of a few, ends up ruling not just from wealth, but also from satanic means (thus the word “Pluto”; hence the notion of Pluto-power: Pluto-kratos). Time and time again, only a few brains end up doing all the thinking and ordering around, resulting not just in misery, but annihilation… Because a civilization where only a few think ends up completely stupid, and lacking purpose.

The “purpose” of the human species was always survival: survival of selves, survival of others we hold dear, survival of what we are attached to. There is no reason for this to change. Actually, with a quick march to ten billion humans, plenty of states making nuke in their basement thanks to laser enrichment, rising seas, runaway greenhouse (soon!), dying plankton, encroaching deserts, etc. survival will pretty much suddenly come back on the front burner.

The ilk of Steven Pinker, supported by ephemeral statistics, claim we have reached a new age of peace. However two things: we have a world oligarchy in place from control by the Permanent Members of the Security Council. That works as long as those don’t fight each other.

2)Moreover, such ages of self-satisfaction are always those of silly minds who go explore the seabed on foot, while the tsunami is gathering strength over their horizon. The more violent the catastrophe, the greater the calm before it strikes, precisely because those who could have done something to prepare and avoid it, were bathing in self-satisfaction.


“Final Phase of Showdown”:

Donald Trump, made a discourse in Poland which mentioned the occupation of Poland by the Nazis and the Soviets, which brought the massacre of six millions at least, 20% of the Polish population, Trump mentioned the collaboration between Nazis and Soviets to massacre Poles: he mentioned the full stop of the Red Army in the suburbs of Warsaw, waiting for moths that the Nazis had finished massacring the Polish population of the capital. (Actually the collaboration between Nazis and Soviets was decades old,m and culminated in the Treaty of 1939, made public to try to prevent France, followed by Britain, to declare war to Hitler…)

“As the Polish experience reminds us, the defense of the west ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail,” Trump said. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said. “Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?

The US president, in his sharpest criticism of Moscow since taking office, urged Russia to “cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran,” and asserting that it must “instead join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself.

Defending civilization? An answer was provided by the US Islamist Linda Sarsour, a famous US pseudo-feminist who called a Jihad against Trump in the name of “our beloved Muhammad“. Another was provided by the cannibal leading North Korea, as he successfully fired North Korea’s first ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile).  I call him a cannibal, as Kim provides dogs with his enemies, and benefactors. As food.  Alive.

Official accounts had young cannibal Kim “feasting his eyes” on the ICBM. No doubt the perspective of millions burned wet his appetite“With a broad smile on his face,” he urged scientists to send more “big and small ‘gift packages’” to the Americans, in time for Independence Day, according to North Korea state press. Kim was quoted as saying that the “protracted showdown with the U.S. imperialists has reached its final phase.

Senior U.S. and South Korean military officials warned that North Korea’s actions threatened peace. “Self-restraint, which is a choice, is all that separates armistice and war,” Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander of U.S. forces in South Korea, and Gen. Lee Sun-jin, chairman of the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a statement.

On a slightly less grim note, let’s observe that Harari teaches in Jerusalem, at the Hebrew University. In this particular context, the claim that humanity is threatened with bliss, immortality, and divinity will make at least half of the population sneer in dismay, not to say hatred. Some may well argue this is all a red herring, while the West Bank get progressively colonized, and the problem of Israeli Arabs, not solved…

In any case, the problems we have to solve quickly have never been so great, in the history of advanced life. Advanced life is going through one of its three worst mass extinctions. Arguably, advanced life is facing the worst mass extinction, ever: projections on CO2 rise and temperature rises are, potentially the largest, ever, since there are vertebrates and they wiggle.

Exciting and increasingly hot times…

Patrice Ayme’.

European Leadership Imposes Islam

July 4, 2017

Islamist Lead The European Union: A Proof

The European Union leadership is violating separation church-state with an orgasm of Islamophilia. The European Union elite imposes Islam from the top. It’s not an opinion, it’s an observation. The EU’s top foreign politician said:. Islam belongs in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not (January 27, 2017). Here is foreign Minister and European Commission Vice President Federica Mogherini in a fuller context: “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.”,

– said Mogherini in her address at ‘Islam in Europe’.

Does Federica also approve of the hundreds of Islamist attacks around Europe, which brought hundreds of dead, thousands of wounded? After all, it’s all in the Qur’an! Can we call to have her tried for high treason and calls not just to prayer, but to mayhem? Instead, what she does is to cry each time Islamist do their Islamist thing, and kill a some more Europeans!

The Islamist European elitists are guilty, and they know it, yet they persevere, because they are diabolical. The full discourse of the Islamist Federica was so damaging that the European Union removed it from its website. Unfortunately I had only a very partial copy of it.

Islamist Federica Mogherini. The necessity to separate church and state requires the firing of the Vice President of the European Commission and Foreign Minister. Islamist bimbos belong to Erdogan’s Turkey.

So, not only does the European Union executive body (the EC) make Islamist propaganda, but it covers it up. That means the European union knows extremely well that it is committing a crime, making Islamist propaganda, and then hides the crime, presumably not just to prevent punishment against Frederica the Islamist, but because the EU wants to do more of the same, probably under a more subtle form.

What does ambitious Federica think? How does she see her future? Being invited for more of these five stars conferences in the Emirates, with payments comparably to those of Clinton and Obama? Does she plenty of petrodollars in her future? Let’s listen to her satanic discourse some more:

“The idea of a clash between Islam and ‘the West’… has misled our policies and our narratives. Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe…. I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.”

“… the very idea of a clash of civilisations is at odds with the most basic values of our European Union.”

– Federica Mogherini,

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission (Brussels, June 25 2015, Call To Europe V: Islam Conference)

What is odd is that Europe let herself be led by vicious ignorant, well-connected bimbos.. At this late hour. Federica pretends she does not know that Islam is a religion, a peculiar  ideology, not an entire civilization. Apparently, in her crass ignorance of well-connected bimbo, she believes islam invented tajine, couscous, merguez, mechoui… These excellent culinary arts existed already in ancient Punic and Berber times, a millennium, or more, before the invention of the Islamist war and raiding ideology by an epileptic analphabet! Federica the ignorant does not know this. After all she got up in society because she is a pretty blonde, with an extremely well-connected father of the italian elite… And she got ahead precisely because she knows nothing: she just has a “political science” degree and  wrote, or more exactly probably plagiarized, as she sounds like a born duplicator of ideas, some sort of thesis on politics and Islam during a stint at the Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab World in Aix-en-Provence (France is full of idiots who think they are fair, balanced and intellectual, because they adulate islam).



Who Is Jihad Federica?

Federica Mogherini, born 16 June 1973 is an Italian politician and the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission in the Juncker Commission since 1 November 2014.

Mogherini was Italy’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from 22 February 2014 until 31 October 2014 in the centre-left Cabinet of Matteo Renzi (himself nominated PM without an election!). The 41-year-old Italian was named the EU’s foreign policy chief, only seven months after she was plucked from parliamentary obscurity in Rome and named foreign minister of her own country.

She is a member of the Italian Democratic Party and the Party of European Socialists. degree in political science after

So what’s her connection to plutocracy and the high life? Her father was a top movies director in the 1970s, directing stars such as Marcello Mastroianni and turning out a series of thrillers and comedies. Now his daughter stars in one’s of the world’s top Games of Thrones. Her job? Selling Europe to plutocracy, in the guise of selling Europe to hard-core Islam.


Fifteen years ago, a French professor published a book, “La Fabrique du Crétin” (the making Of the Cretin) in which he observed that:“Nos enfants ne savent plus lire, ni compter, ni penser. Le constat est terrible, et ses causes moins obscures qu’on ne veut bien le dire. (Our children don’t know how to read, compute, and think. The situation is terrible, and its causes less obscure than one is ready to admit).”

Jean-Paul Brighelli claimed that the dominant classes had made the average student stupid, to rule better. I fully agree with this analysis. Some will label such an attitude “Marxist”. But then Nietzsche was a “Marxist”? Nietzsche indeed pointed out that Christianity was an ideology to make common people stupid and sheep-like, so that the aristocracy, which had embraced a value system closer to those of lions (“the blonde beast”), could rule.

Very recent studies in logic show that logical systems can pretty much have any sort of axioms. Even systems where a proposition and its contradiction are both valid are possible. Thus the concept of “rationality” can’t depend upon logic alone. It has to appeal to other values. What could these be? Well, over the last few billion years, life has evolved its own values. They pertain to survival. Facing “post-truth” and “alt-truth”, we have to appeal to those values, found in the heart. The heart, and art, of survival.

One doesn’t survive by embracing an ideology which orders one’s extermination. Thus the elite intents to kill the spirit of the commons in Europe, by imposing Islam on them, just like their spiritual ancestors imposed Christianity, first on the Roman Empire, so well, they destroyed it. Then, as plutocracy rose again, by 1026 CE (date of the first execution by heresy again, in centuries), they re-imposed hard-core christianism. They are hoping to do the same with islamism.

Many individuals, ravaged by greed and will to power, would do anything to gather wealth, riches, power and influence. An example is Mars One, a commercial outfit which claims to train for settling Mars. They live off publicity and selling TV rights on their Marian soap opera.

The truth? It’s a scam! The fundamental truth about going to Mars: we will need fast propulsion, that is nuclear engine (except for unexpected new energy breakthrough!). There is too much radiation in space to spend several months there.

The present civilization we have in Europe is millennia old, a direct ancestor of Egypt, Sumer, India and babylon, and the mastercraftsman of the Celtic lands, with their best-in-the-world metallurgy and ocean-going ships, Our civilization was fully formed, baby sized, when Islam tried to destroy it, 13 centuries ago. It survived, that, because the Franks nationalized the Catholic Church to pay the largest army since the heydays of the Roman Republic. That was not so that we can be led by Islamist now.

Federica Mogherini is an Islamist. Since Macron recently said the Islamist terrorists were “nothing”, she is nothing. Those who grab weapons to implement the principles of the Qur’an and Hadith (kill unbelievers, kill Jews, kill homosexuals, kill apostates, throw “hypocrites into the fire”, etc.) are doing so because Mogherini and her terrible cortege of traitors have told them that was all very civilized, and that it was exactly what anti-racists should do.

After 1026 CE, Europe suffered increasingly under runaway Abrahamism. The Catholics were just implementing some orders from Christ in the New Testament: Luke 19:27: But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.

The result was half a millennium of wars, a near-destruction of Europe. And an important decceleration of progress. Finally the Christianism got defanged. Let’s now defang Islamism. It starts with observing that Islam is not anymore a civilization than Christianism is. Under Charlemagne, one could be a Christian, a Pagan, a Jew, and, yes, a Muslim. True, Charlemagne used Christianism as a weapon against the obdurate Saxons. But that’s another story.

Meanwhile, let’s fire Islamist Mogherini. One cannot kill young Jihadists returning from the collapsing Islamist State, when all they do was to obey the call of Mogherini and her ilk to defend what they claim is a “civilization”. That’s hypocritical. And hypocrites, remember, are supposed “to be thrown into the fire”, according to the Qur’an which is the future of Europe, according to Mogherini and her ilk… 

Patrice Ayme’  

I think, Therefore I Turmoil

June 28, 2017


Did you see experienced sheep being fleeced? The sheep lies on its back, in the warm embrace of the one fleecing, and rise its legs as needed to be completely shorn. Sheep fleecing is practiced in Australia. I sneered about the Royals to a top Australian mathematician. It surfaced that they cost more than 50 million dollars in direct subsidies last year (indirect subsidies are many times this). The prize-winning mathematician chuckled back that the Royals were a perfect opium for the people, they were extravagant just enough to make people think of other things besides inequity.

I keep fighting with some Buddhists, and their ilk. Actually they are on the attack, strangely enough for those speaking about clam all day long. I used to be attacked by Muslim Fundamentalists on this site, but, for some reason, they have completely given up. Maybe they died on the real battlefield? (Many have, but most of the Jihadists are fleeing to other countries, now that they are on the run in Syria and Iraq… But let me stick to the subject at hand here, namely those who scream for calm…)

Praying At The Foot Of Sequoias, California, June 2017. Praying & Meditating Are Good, But Not Enough For a Higher Human Comprehension. Turmoiling Action Is Even More Important.

So why are Buddhists so often calling names those who recognize conflicts as subjects of interest? To qualify my robust considerations, some have used terms such as”height of arrogance”, they ask me to look at the creature in the mirror, and conclude that I ask questions and criticize String Theory, or the Big Bang, let alone the concept of infinity in mathematics, because I suffer pain. As if other animals never suffered.

Pain can be suffered. Yes, it has to be suffered. Pain can also be ignored (cross-country runners, mountaineers are particularly good at ignoring pain, some of their training being to learn to ignore pain!). And, of course, pain can be inflicted. All top thinkers, throughout the ages, have inflicted pain on lesser minds: the revelation of deeper truths is literally painful when the neurology does not exist. I will give an example with mathematics further down. 


Typical of the Buddhist-New Age objection complex is Nathan Daniel Curry , who opined that:I am going to step away from our interaction Patrice for quite some time. All hatred, as far as I have seen, is a form of self-loathing. Those who understand this do not judge. This is the difference between insight and recrimination.”

Hatred? Which hatred? And why would hatred be so terrible? Hating Hitler is OK in my book. Speaking of Hitler, he could have done with quite a bit of self-loathing. Or, more exactly, we would have done better if Hitler had proceeded with self-loathing in a timely manner, killing himself before his niece, or another 100 million people (5% of humanity then)…. Rumors of the badness of viciousness are much exaggerated, sometimes.


Pain is part of the human experience:

Pain is a teacher, even a master. Also one best to be overcome, when fully grown-up. Those desperately searching for pain avoidance are fussy lifers. Roll over Buddha, and stop whining!

Pain, of course, can be an atrocious thing: it defines atrocity. However, precisely, it has to be respected. Ignoring, or deriding others’ pain, is lack of compassion.  

Buddhists, or New Age neo-Buddhists, have ordered me to find “inner peace”, as if I suffered from inner war. I remember facing this famous San Francisco architect, a devoted Buddhist, Tibetan style. His mansion if full of expensive Tibetan paintings representing various “Buddhist” deities. He thundered across the table:”And if you want to change the US Constitution, nobody will take you seriously, ever!”  Wow. That reminded me of when close associates of the Dalai Lama killed each other in Darjeeling, for obscure reasons…

Some are desperate, religiously searching for inner calm. If they had it, they won’t search for it.

Solo climbers have inner calm. Or they won’t be. Instead of going to the temple, it’s certainly more educative to go to the cliff! The cliff definitively selects those with inner calm. The others stay on the ground, or crash.


Inner Calm Does Not Replace Mental Force:

Quanta Magazine had a very interesting story of a 34 year old Korean mathematician who became one through the friendship of a now 86 year old Japanese stars of mathematics, who got the Fields Medal in the past. The youngster may himself win the Fields Medal. However, he feels he betrayed his mentor, because he left the subject (singularities) of the mentor, to forge his own. And why did  he do that? Because (basically) he didn’t understand the senior mathematics, which is too advanced. I know this feeling well. One can feel completely incapable of understanding some pieces of mathematics others fly through. It’s similar, but worse, than listening to a language never heard before. At least in that case, one can point at something known, and associate a sound to it. In mathematics one does not understand, one points at something, and one has absolutely no idea what that is. And the more the other explains, the less one understands.  


Much turmoil, for a better brain! Wisdom, key to peace, if not self-satisfaction, is a child of mental storms:

A slug is calm. However, not brainy. What made our ancestors increasingly brainy? The will to power, the will to know, the will to experience, the will to imagine. In any case, the will NOT to be satisfied with what they had. Thus they created new ecological niches, new worlds they could colonize. The first amphibians were refugees from the ocean. However, they didn’t ask continents to respect oceanism. Instead, they changed themselves.

The first fishes who walked on their fins, in the mud, were not calm. They were no clams, full of inner calm. Instead, they struggled. They fought the elements.

Those who, full of turmoil and invective, ask for inner calm should ask themselves: why all the turmoil about turmoil? Turmoil is an excellent, indispensable mental tool..

Turmoil is irreplaceable when it fosters mental activity. Creative mental activity always causes turmoil, because mental creation means mental annihilation (of errors), or (energy costly) neurological construction of otherwise absent neuronal circuitry. (This is why those who don’t have the circuitry don’t get the math; learning math is about building circuits, and the brain can use up to 43% of a human’s energy!)


Summer, Interrupted In Its Anticipated Splendor:

Turmoil comes from the Middle (Ages) French tremouille “mill hopper,” in reference to the hopper’s constant motion to and fro, from Latin trimodia “vessel containing three modii,”  related to modus “measure.” Attested earlier in English as a verb (1510s). Turmoil is also related to the contemporary French “tremousser” (funny sort of writhing).

Submitted to some of the preceding, Nathan Daniel Curry opined that:”Only fear begets pain Patrice. Hate is one of the paints in fears palette. You may go on with your tired neurological palette. For a while. Yet, pathos, ethos and logos go deeper than the shadows on Plato’s cave.”

Well, Plato didn’t know the word “neuron”. Had he, maybe he would have realized networks of neurons could make his “forms”.

To claim that only fear begets pain means one has lived under deep anesthesia, all of one’s life, perhaps because one’s heart has been torn out. Fortunately, I had the occasion to experience raw physical pain recently:

I broke 2 bones, tore three ligaments, 6 weeks ago. I was not afraid, but it hurt. And ruined the most ambitious version of my summer to come. I still had to run 4 miles. First thing I did was to yank on the affected limb, to settle the articulation back into the joint. No fear, no hatred. No hatred, although the fall was caused by a city having put straw in a steep ravine. (Straw is nearly as slippery as ice…)

Reading this, I tried to stay calm under this traditional Buddhist broadside, similar to been attacked with a wet noodle full of tomato sauce. Confusing “pain” and hatred is similar to confusing victim and perpetrator. Weirdly common. Perhaps from suffering too much, or too little!

Humanism in full is what I defend. No drug, no placebo. No claiming that it is not, what it is. Face it, and love it.

And war is part of it, as even Islam has fully observed. Jihad, a war-like effort, inside oneself, or outside, is a central concept of Islam. It’s superior to laying supine like a sheep. This is why Islam could implant itself so powerfully (and not so nicely!) in India (pervaded, as India is, by various derivatives of Brahmanism. Much of the long and sorry deliquescence of Asian civilizations has to do with metaphysics too friendly to the fleecing of sheep being pervasive in too many minds. This stasis of Eastern progress is of course over now, as most of Asia has adopted much Western secular aggressively progressive metaphysics…  

Patrice Ayme’

Covenant (With Plutocracy)

June 12, 2017

A  covenant is a formal alliance or agreement made by a Creator, a God, with a religious community or with humanity in general. Covenants are omnipresent in old religions. They will even more important looking forward, as Artificial Intelligence (and, even worse, Artificial Consciousness) become capable of autonomy (= self-management). This the theme of the movie “Covenant” and its prequel, “Prometheus”.

The Covenant between the Mexicans and their gods, especially Huichilobos, led them to fight to death the Conquistadores, although that brought the systematic annihilation of their city, stone house by stone house, canal by canal, over 93 days (said Bernal Diaz; the Conquistadores, suffering themselves 50% losses, filled in the canals with the stones of Aztecs’ houses, to enable their armored cavalry to charge).

Aliens Have Landed on Planet Paradise, Strangely Reminiscent of New Zealand

It is also of interest to We The People presently: there is a covenant with what views itself as our creator and master, plutocracy.

The present covenant is ludicrous. What’s the Covenant plutocracy and its obsequious servants believe we have? That greed and power, collectively known as the “market”, are all the laws worth having (yesterday’s laws are in the way; as a plutocrat told me the other day: ‘I don’t care if i go to jail!’; he knows that whatever he does authorities will look at his $200,000 car, and let him be.).

God is generally known first as the “Creator”. In the movie “Covenant”, an anthropomorphic robot faces his creator, in this case, a human being. The robot asks the human who created him, the human, and then goes on to observe he will live on after his creator dies. The human affecting wizened gravitas labels the question of who created the Creator as an eternal question. Maybe, but we have had an answer ever since Lamarck and Cuvier established evolution, 217 years ago.

The question of who created the Creator, has become very naive. It’s conventional, ignorant naivety.

In truth, we were created by evolution, a progressive process. And we, in turn, have been accelerating evolution deliberately for more than 10,000 years. We will now evolve Quantum Consciousness robots: we have already started that process of evolution (one qbit at a time!) Ridley Scott, just a great writer and movie producer, does not realize this.

In “Covenant” producer and writer Ridley Scott assumes that the robot David, full of feelings as he is, is fascinated, even dominated, by an obsessive desire to study “creation”, which he does by creating species. So man-made robot David experiments, and creates various aliens. Those aliens start as nano-assemblies which amplify themselves by hijacking human genetics.

David is managed by five emotional sets: the desire to create species, as I already said, a resentment against humanity in general, the will to power, the will to create something superior, and the arrogance to believe that power is all the law that counts.

Of course these philosophical emotions have dominated the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. So no wonder that Ridley Scott considers them: those moods made history. They dominated in philosophy (Nietzsche being the most blatant example), in politics (Marxism-Lenino-Stalinism, Nazism, Maoism, US Neoliberalism), and now in socio-economy, the so-called “NEOLIBERALISM” (21C mass inequality, mass-disinformation).

So is this a danger? Yes, and it’s a danger now from the present plutocrats: they are the ones behaving like man-made robots. We have seen David before: he heads a well known “social” network.

Patrice Ayme’

Counterbalance Representative Democracy By Direct Democracy

May 27, 2017

Representative Democracy” is a contradiction in adjecto. I propose to complement it by making direct democracy the overlord of the present system.

The seven leaders of the seven richest countries met in Sicily for the G7 Summit of 2017. Meanwhile several rescue ships rescued more than a thousand refugees from the sea. Each. That’s thousands of people a day. It looks as if much of Africa is a sinking ship, and the rats are leaving. But don’t worry: there is no colonialism in Africa (what there is now there is neocolonialism-plutocratic exploitation, without administrative interference, and that’s much more efficient as an extraction mechanism).

So here you seven individuals deciding for the world. What the world will do, what the world should do, what the world is capable of, what the world should learn, etc.

They were a bit discombobulated by Trump, who was described as “unpredictable”. And firmly committed to be uncommitted on “climate”. Whatever “climate” is.

G7 2017 Meeting In Taormina, Sicily, in a Greek Theater, 25 centuries old. The gigantic Etna volcano is erupting in the background, emitting copious amount of CO2. CO2 indigestion is how the super enormous mass extinction of 251 million years ago, between Permian and Trias worked: massive CO2 emissions by the Siberian Traps made two-third of the planet too hot for life. Yes two-third. And yes, we are heading straight for it, within a couple of generations. However, Trump didn’t get the message from Vulcan!

The disagreement with Trump on climate is a gigantic tale, on its own. Indeed, it’s not clear what “climate” means. Climate, done correctly, should mean, first, to curb carbon burning, thus, a carbon tax. However, what European leaders have meant by “climate” mitigation is not this.

As demonstrated by the extreme pollution problems in some European countries, including France! And the fact Europe let its car makers get away with extreme pollution for years (it’s the despised USA which found the diesel cheating trick of European car makers). Fighting the “climate”, for European leaders, has consisted in giving hand-outs, hush money to the poorest countries (maybe to pursue quietly the neocolonialism as described above?) Many of these poorest countries have the world’s highest indoor pollution, by a very long shot, due to carbon burning, indoors, precisely…

The low-level of understanding in these “climate” related problems is directly a consequence of the lack of debate. That, in turn, is a consequence of the lack of direct democracy. Why should people think hard about what is really going on, when it will make no difference, anyway?  

The seven brains we have to lead us all to extinction. World Think & Action Leaders. From Left to Right: Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council, Trudeau PM Canada, Angela Merkel Deutsch Kanzler, Donald Trump US Entertainer, PM Italy (one of many), 39 year old French President Emmanuel Macron, Shinto Abe PM Japan, Theresa May, British PM, and, far right, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (and advocate of sophisticated Tax havens) pose for a family photo during the G7 Summit in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, May 26, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Macron, a smart cookie, but not a scientist, lectured Trump on climate, and the US made it known the great leader was happy to have learned so much.

Teresa May, the British so-far-unelected Prime Minister,  insisted that one should start watching what is going on in the Internet, and cut off Islamist propaganda. Indeed, it’s Western plutocrats who control access to TV and Internet (because they control fibers and satellites), as I have said many times. Facebook and company, but also the satellite operators should be viewed as objective accomplices of murderous propaganda: after all they are the ones transmitting it, and it would not be transmitted otherwise. At least that’s what I say, and I am happy to see our great leaders oozing in that general directions, as the mental slugs they are. 

As Reuters put it: “After lengthy deliberation, the (short, 6 pages) final G7 document included a separate threat, that was inserted into the 2016 G7 statement, to take additional action against Russia, if warranted, for its intervention in Ukraine.

But the more general question is this: why so much power in so few hands? Why are seven brains in charge of the imagination and learning of the planet?

It should be now obvious that elected politicians and the deep state have too much power. Their power should be counterbalanced by direct democracy! It can be done. Republican Constitutions should be tweaked.

This is what happened in Switzerland. The Swiss Constitution had a provision for direct vote on legislative proposition (also known as referenda, or plebiscites). However, that was not applied much until the last 30 years, when the practice blossomed. Any proposition compatible with the broader constitution having gathered 100,000 signatures,  can be presented to the direct vote of We The People.

Scaling that up for France would mean nearly 800,000 signatures, and for the USA, 4 million.

California has such a system.

I claim that the main reason for the wealth of Switzerland and California is this system of direct vote of We The People for propositions: it keep politicians more honest, financially and intellectually, than elsewhere.  

Direct vote makes We The People much more cognizant of the real problems. This is demonstrated by the fact that public opinion in general swings around when a proposition is proposed. Often people are 60% for it, and end up voting 60% against it, and reciprocally.

Some will object that a direct referendum brought us Brexit, a catastrophe. Well, what brought us Brexit was a devious media owned by plutocrats which drove people persistently into deliberate disinformation and misinformation, for decades. That should be completely unlawful, and I have advocated a ministry of truth (no, I am not kidding, and yes, I have read Orwell’s “1984”. Precisely!)

What happens when the popular vote passes a law contradicting existing laws, or simple rationality? Well, then a debate ensues. An example is the popular vote against free circulation which the Swiss people passed. (After an immigration of the order of 13% in ten years, mostly from the rest of Europe, explaining the vote!)

The European Union was furious and took sanctions within hours (by intelligently, I am ironical, cancelling the Erasmus program for Switzerland; Erasmus enables youth to go study in other European countries). The Swiss government was livid. Ever since the EU has been furious and the Swiss government livid. But nothing else much has happened (that reminds us of Brexit, present and future…)

In other words, when contradictions between We The People and  the elected government appear, the debate deepens. And that’s good.

Adding plebiscite to the existing elected representatives system is easy to do, there is no contradiction: elected Swiss legislators usually integrate the propositions in the laws of the country. 

G7 2017. In Attendance, A Slovenian Fashion Model Named Melania, Lower Extremities. These Stilettos Are made To Walk On You. Extravagant Wealth, Hence Power, Should Be Unlawful In Any Republic. And It was, In Republican Rome, For Centuries. Not Meant To Express A distaste For Melania, far From It. But To Express A Distaste for The Mood That It Is PC To Have Some Think It All, Do It All, Have it All, While 8 Billions Despondently Watch, Powerless In All Ways, And Those Stilettos Are Walking All Over Us. And the biosphere too.

By the way, the idea of real democracy is not new: “plebiscite” comes from the Latin “plebs”. The “plebs” was We The People of Rome. The “plebs” formed a national assembly, and practiced direct democracy within (demultiplying with a system of “tribes”). That part of the Roman political system was a direct democracy (Athens had a functional equivalent, more direct, but also more unstable).

The least we could do, as the biosphere is facing the greatest crisis in 65 million years now, and, soon enough, in 251 million years, is to mobilize all our mental energies. This is not accomplished by letting seven brains think it all. Or even seven thousand brains (the number of influential people, worldwide is less than that).

Giant Tower Woman With Shaggy Hairdo Overlords us insects With $51,000 jacket by Dolce & Gabbana. In a respectful show of humility for average losers, this is a few thousand dollars below the US median family income. Make no mistake, I love colors.

Mobilizing all our mental energy is not done by putting seven brains in command, however eager they are to dominate us all. Or, rather, precisely because they are so eager to dominate us all.

In other, yet related news, Donald Trump had to follow the other leaders, as they walked around the streets of Taormina, in a golf cart. The joke was that he got somewhat left behind, because the cart was not American made. OK, Trump is older than the rest (70, whereas Abe and Merkel are 62; May is 60). Age is a good thing for leadership. Healthy age.

Nevertheless, clearly, the great leader has abused golf carts. Trump claims he does not do drugs, including alcohol, inspired, as he was by his older brother’s alcohol addiction, which brought his early demise. However, golf cart addiction is also a life threatening addiction. In several ways. First it makes people impotent, as Trump himself demonstrated at Taormina. Second, by making them physically impotent, it also makes them mentally less potent than they would be if they learn to practice physical independence from technological hand-outs.

He came here to learn. He came here to get smart. His views are evolving which exactly as they should be,” Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohn hopefully said on Friday. Well, Trump should learn from Angela Merkel (who is also overweight) that he is definitively not in good shape, at least physically speaking. And we are even worse, as most of us sincerely believe that this parody we are subjected to should be called democracy, lest we are found out-of-order.

Patrice Ayme’  


Martian Fluvial Flows, Placid and Catastrophic

May 25, 2017

Mars lost most of its magnetic field about four billion years ago (ours is doing fine, thanks to a massive nuclear reactor below our feet, keeping extremely fluid a titanic ocean of iron upon which Earth’s mantle floats…).

As a result, solar wind and cosmic radiation have since not been deflected from hitting the Red Planet straight on. Instead, this terrible radiation interacts by direct slashing impact with the Martian ionosphere. We now know this happens mostly during the horrendous, but frequent, Coronal Mass Ejections. This constant whipping keeps the atmosphere much thinner than it would otherwise be as the solar wind action constantly tears away atoms from the outer atmosphere.

Before the loss of (most of) the magnetic field, it’s considered that there was an ocean of water, on Mars. And there were massive water flows, dwarfing anything ever found on Earth. Here is Kasei Valles:

.Mars Kasei Valles

The area shown a above is three times the area of France. The altitude differences are of the order of 6 kilometers between highest (red) and the lowest (blue) terrain…

Should that be true, the possibility of life having started on Mars is very high. As Mars cooled faster than Earth, it’s possible that Martian life appeared hundreds of millions earlier than life on Earth. And that this life on Earth was actually Martian life, transported by impacts.

After that, the planet died.

Still, it’s mysterious: periodically its rotation axis tilts to 40 (forty) degrees. Then poles melt, and the atmosphere thickens…Could then temperature jump up? Could that explain the water flows observed on Mars (we know they are water flow, because, thanks to a French made laser on board Martian robot Curiosity, thousands of rocks have been blasted and their chemistry revealed!)

So what about those massive flows on Mars?

The massive flows seem to have happened 3,700 million years ago, during the early Hesperian.
We know this by crater counts). Methinks that there was then water on Mars surface. Water, and ice. Massive outflows have happened on Earth as recently as 18,000 years ago (Younger Dryas, etc.) When massive glacial dams released oceanic sized sweet water lakes.

I simply think that’s simply what happened on Mars. Simple is beautiful…

Our friend Ian Miller, a research scientist with a long career, proposes a completely different mechanism, the science of which is beyond mine. If nothing else, this contrast between my hare brained simplicity in this matter, and Ian’s sophistication, shows the rich possibilities that working scientists have to consider, when trying to push science forward. And, by the way, even “failed” scientific models can be very useful (actually most ancient scientific models have “failed”, more or less… As they were replaced by more advanced science)

Scienta: fluctuat, nec mergitur!
Science is agitated by the waves, but does not sink!
Patrice Ayme’


Despite the fact that, apart localized dust surfaces in summer, the surface of Mars has had average temperatures that never exceeded about minus 50 degrees C over its lifetime, it also has had some quite unexpected fluid systems. One of the longest river systems starts in several places at approximately 60 degrees south in the highlands, nominally one of the coldest spots on Mars, and drains into Argyre, thence to the Holden and Ladon Valles, then stops and apparently dropped massive amounts of ice in the Margaritifer Valles, which are at considerably lower altitude and just north of the equator. Why does a river start at one of the coldest places on Mars, and freeze out at one of the warmest? There is evidence of ice having been in the fluid, which means the fluid must have been water. (Water is extremely unusual in that the solid, ice, floats in…

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Macron Needs To Declare War On Germany

May 14, 2017

Declare war to German policy, as it is, because it is not just driving us to war, but is already part of the increasing war against civilization we are experiencing in so many ways… The refugee problem, and the terror problems are, basically, military problems, and German, and pseudo liberal, or pseudo-leftist obscurantism have been the drivers (as they profit global plutocracy!) Fundamental French problems are global. And global starts next door with a selfish wealth captured German policy. Those global problems which affect the French Republic severely have to be solved, otherwise, la République se retrouvera en marche arrière….

The Need To Teach Those Who Are Supposed To Think, and Act, For Us. Whether we like it, or not:

Merkel, although she was endowed with a physics PhD, although she was raised in East Germany, the child of a pastor who emigrated there, in spite of all this, her world vision is limited (so is Macron’s, although he went to Nigeria as part of ENA in 2002). Nowadays, in this world endowed with lots of immigrants, some, like yours truly, have experienced, and have been raised in maximally opposed cultures (I was raised in Muslim countries with Islams wildly superior to the abominable Islam presently promoted by Middle East plutocrats, and their obsequious servants).


Wars, Colonialism, Built Civilization, That’s Who We Are:

Actually Macron basically said this, while… Macron expressed a childish, uninformed, wild hatred of colonialism (“a barbarity, a crime against humanity“). Clearly, Macron didn’t think, when he said that, that exhibiting a knowledge of history in-depth was crafty at that point. In truth, we live in a colonial world. Even basic European agriculture is a product of colonialism: Middle-Easterners migrated to Southern Europe, bringing wheat and the like. The Celts were also colons. Estruscan and Greek colons taught cow herders called Romans that reading and writing had its merits. Without Etruscans and Geeks to come around and teach greater intelligence, the Romans would still be living in thickets. Without higher and higher civilization propagating, cannibalism would still be the way.

Most of the world population descend from colons, all the way down to Bantu South Africa. Colonialism is not, per se, evil. The devil is in the details. German colonialism in present day Europe is complete self-destroying nonsense. It’s an economic war, in alliance with global plutocracy, and it’s destroying not just European civilization, but civilization itself.

Notice the explosion of German production after introducing the Euro. It has been a war, and a counter-attack is on the way. Brexit, in a sense, however nonsensical, is part of it. The rise of US production under Obama is related to spending freely money the USA created out of very thin air. Those who really don’t like it, and try to do something about it, will be shot out of the sky. Any question?


The French Are Getting Angry, The Last Warning against Pluto Europe Was Proffered:

In the last presidential elections, more than 46% of the French voted against Europe as it is. They are not “anti-European”, they are against plutocratic Europe. The official political establishment, the “Socialists” and the right were kicked out. Macron is the eighth president of the Fifth Republic. Why five republics? Because France is in the middle of Europe, across the three easy trade routes between the Mediterranean and the boreal regions. Thus France became the head of the European empire (which itself consisted of up to hundreds of states competing with each others, under complex treaties… Treaty, in Latin Foedus, gave the name of the period, Feudalism. It was launched by the Roman imperial State in the Fourth Century). On and off, France was the largest state, the most organizing, and the most involved in continual wars.


The pursuit of civilization has been indistinguishable with that of just and correct, successful wars, over the last six millennia:

This has to be said to Merkel. That poor know-nothing of much importance person, is blinded by pacifism, an inhuman streak. European leaders, in general, have learned an erroneous feel-good vision of the world, where all which feels good is best. Fundamentally, it’s a sort of hedonism.

The racist fascist murderous exploitative streak, culminating in Nazism, which came to rule Germany was not persuaded by flowers, but rendered inoperative by millions of tons of high explosives. Prussia had turned the way of the holocaust again in the Eighteenth Century, encouraged and financed by Britain. Its undoing came when France persuaded its ex-vassal Britain to join in militarily destroying the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan, and explicitly in the end, the USSR).

Ultimately, the Romans, having become civilized, intelligent and progressive, thanks to them, kicked out their Etruscan and Greek overlords. The Etruscans were no pushovers: they had deliberately migrated to the iron rich region of Italy, from Syria, which they had previously invaded as “Peoples of the Sea”. The Greeks were the fiercest warriors of antiquity, with the most advanced tech.  

To master Greeks and Etruscans, the Romans had to become relative supermen, with a super “mixed” constitution. However, the Romans never reached the mental, intellectual creativity of the Greeks. That stay unsurpassed, until the Franks implemented the master strokes of outlawing slavery, tolerating all religions, making universal education mandatory, and minimizing the fascism needed to manage the state..

In the first two centuries of the Merovingians, the Franks fought wars to defend secularism, tolerance, and defeated the Huns, and other non-Frankish remains of Roman military power. Then Clovis’ Franks crushed the Goths in 507 CE, something the Romans could never do, however hard they tried. Then the Franks extended Roman power into Germany, where the Romans had failed to sustainably stay, and went beyond.


Germany Installed a European exploitation scheme:

The snakes around Kanzler Merkel will deny that they injected Europe with poison. But that’s an outrageous lie, just look at the facts: since the imposition of the Euro in 2002, German industrial production has climbed 50% relative to the rest of the Eurozone (contemplate the graph above). Therein a trick. It’s not because the Germans, who are increasingly old and decrepit, mutated into supermen. It’s because they, in cooperation with global plutocracy, instituted a super trick where only the wealthiest of the rich get financed, and the rest of society is left to die.

Not only did Germany practice social dumping for years, forcing slaves to work for one Euro an hour, in exchange for basic social services (this has been lately discontinued by Merkel, as a minimum hourly salary of 15 Euros or so was introduced; suddenly German labor costs are comparable to the French ones.. But there is lots of inertia in the system: once a French company has disappeared, it can’t re-appear…)

A 2017 Bundesbank report supporting what I said about German banks! (See EURO CHEAT)

Last year only 60% of German banks were not bankrupt according to GAAP. That means 40% German banks were bankrupt, but enabled to keep on financing the economy, thanks to hidden local state subsidy. That’s cheating in the same mood as making a fortune out of cheating the Jews out of their properties in the 1930s. Except now the Europeans are the new Jews.

Only 60% of German banks covered thru earnings their cost of lending (estimated at 8%).

Within 32 months, it’s expected that only 20% of the German banks will be profitable…. And it’s the Deutsche Bundesbank which says that… Not an enemy of German Euro Cheat, but a collaborator in setting-up that thievery……/2017/2017_01_27_dkp_01.pdf…


The Rebellion Clock Is Ticking:

The French have a long rebellious streak, that’s why so much democracy and human rights originated there. Even under the Romans, Gaul revolted, establishing at some point a “Gallic Empire”, complete with legions. Later, in 358 CE, Paris elected the philosopher and Caesar Julian “Augustus” (head of the Roman empire; Julian unfortunately died in present day Iraq, on the battlefield).

Let’s try positivism. Elected King Macron goes see head of Germany Merkel Monday. The Franks elected kings for 12 centuries (300 CE until Jean I in 1315 CE; a baby born a king and poisoned as a king, probably, 5 days later; this is when things went down big time). After that, elections were more sketchy. Hopefully King Macron is going to Berlin not to take orders, but to tell Merkel that she has to change her ways, right away.

Merkel has to start to be told the truth: her antics about refugees caused Brexit. The best way, when confronting an infamous regime, mass violating human rights is not to accept half of the population as refugees, but to go to war and destroy the regime. In other words, France was right to declare war to Hitler September 2, 1939.

I don’t fancy the concept of king. But let’s be positive, there have been good kings. Clovis was certainly a good king: in very difficult circumstances, he scored like 100%, philosophically, politically, religiously, militarily. Bathilde, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Henri  III and Henri IV were also excellent kings, also in very difficult circumstances. So let’s float (once again!) some ideas which could make Macron a good king.

If Macron does not implement right away the right, and biggest ideas, he will fail, and quickly. In a way, he is well positioned: the biggest most important ideas pass through Berlin. So Macron should give Berlin a very hard time, while going easy on the French population before the legislative elections.

Indeed, the problems of France have to do, first of all, with how the currency and money making finances the entire economy.

Many do not understand this. France SHOULD NOT BE a household with only so much money at her disposal (given by the Gross Mutter somewhere). The American, Indian, Russian and Chinese economies work by creating money where and when needed strategically.

In the USA money is created in many ways. Federal government spending is just one of them.  

Sure enough the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, who is in a wheelchair because he was shot long ago, let it be known that France could get her (Federal) State Deficit below 3% (Euro rule). France is at 3.4%. What Schäuble forgets is that it is the French Republic, not Germany, which is fighting fascism. That costs money. Not just the fighting, but financing the military-industrial complex which makes the weapons.  

In 1940, the French Foreign Legion, then 33,000 strong, disembarked (twice) in Norway, which had been invaded by the Nazis. The French tried to cut the Iron Road”, which was bringing the world’s highest grade iron from North Sweden to Hitler. The french defeated the Nazis, and got ready to cut perfidious Sweden in two. (However France fell then, thanks to the crazy Hitler throwing most of his army, undetected on three small roads in the Ardennes mountains… a performance to be half repeated four and a half-year later!).


Germany has to share the economy, and give France the means to ensure the defense of civilization, beyond Trump (and the incoherent Theresa May).

Germany has also to let France have the means of her social policy. One cannot tolerate any longer that US, or world laws which put France at a disadvantage, are tolerated by Europe. For example, the US closes its government markets to EU goods, but not reciprocally. GMO foods of non-EU origin are sold in France, but the French are forbidden GMOs.

In the USA, when money is needed, it is made. By the GOVERNMENT: that’s how the US swallowed French giant Alsthom. Swallow enough French giants and France will become a dwarf, clearing the way for the final victory of plutocracy, 225 years after French guns won at Valmy.

That frre creation of money is called the deficit, and, as Trump would be happy to tweet you (and any US policy makers behind closed doors) debt is OK, as long as you are the one with the gun, and the only sheriff in town. In the USA, the deficit is allowed to run wild.

Germany, of course is different. Like many countries who have done very bad, it prefers to die off, with a dismal reproduction rate. So it’s not friendly to debt.

A French helicopter, the Airbus X3, has the world speed record of 487 kilometer per hour (fast copters generally do not make more than 300 km/h). High technology is where the future of Europe, if any, lays. It has to be fed by the best science (Enrico Fermi who discovered the neutron inches ahead of Irene Curie, later became scientific head of the US nuclear bomb project).

Merkel has no choice. Macron is the last warning. She better listen to him carefully, there is infinitely worse getting mentally ready out there. Next time the patriots are not going to be as dumb and unprepared as Marine Le Pen, or Melenchon were in the last campaign. It’s not just a question of being anti-German, or anti-EU. As it is, the present EU governance and the present German governance are anti-Europe, and pro-global plutocracy. If we explain it long enough, and if official censorship can be turned around (not an easy task!), We The People is going to get the picture. Sparks will fly.

In retrospect, there was nothing terrible about the First French Republic. It was a mistake for the world’s plutocrats to have unified against it (as British PM Loyd George would admit, 120 years later…) However, at the time many (such as the Rothschilds) crowed for all to hear that they acquired government control from it, no less. Alright. But history does not quite repeat itself, when people know about it.


Conclusion: Institute Quantitative easing for We The People (instead of the present form, which is only for the wealthiest). Let French deficits run, while feeding the French military money as needed (and lots is needed, because it’s to Europe to re-establish order in its own suburbs like the Middle East, Africa. Accepting 500 million refugees is not the humanitarian solution, the humanitarian solution is just wars, and imperial control by higher civilization). Another interest: it would bring the Euro way down, something needed considering the overall employment crisis.

Block and, or tax, all imports into the European Union from countries doing social dumping. Such as T-shirts made by children in Bangladesh, or Medical Doctors imported from India. Impose a carbon tax, massive (it’s OK with the WTO).

Macron should also impose the referendum habit, by modifying the Constitution (Referenda are what make Switzerland and California rich) . Why not organize pan-European referenda, for example about the carbon tax, or a tax on financial transactions?

Macron can’t make any serious reforms in France in the next month. But he can operate a sickle move, by cutting the grass under queen Merkel’s feet. That would increase Macron’s popularity in France. So what’s not to love?

A man character is his crate. Macron wanted to become king. He is. I believe kings are so yesterday. Meanwhile, advanced philosophy shall collaborate with reality, namely that people want kings, and queen. Since it’s all about the power, make the forces of oppression and regression feel it. The Republic has to march, or it will falter, and so will civilization.

Patrice Ayme

French Already Too Corrupt To Care If President Is Corrupt?

May 9, 2017

Plutocracy is to civilization what metastatic cancer is to individuals. It kills just as well, with malignant growth. How this cancer appears and generalizes as the new normal is of the essence.

France has a new, 39-year-old president. The younger, the more they can be influenced. When that president was in his twenties, after doing ENA, a school for those who want to order around the baffled French populace, Macron was named inspector of finances, an elite government group. That group should now fall under extreme suspicion. That inspectorate of finance, a body of half a dozen “untouchables” chosen each year, is in apparent charge of making sure that the extremely wealthy don’t pay taxes, and that the poor tremble in fear at their sight. This way the French contemporary nobility perpetuates itself. As the common rabble crumbles under crushing taxes, they don’t pay any, and some enormous corporations have stayed in the same families for centuries (yes, since before the Revolution of 1789!)

The Republic Is Dead, Long Live the Plutocracy!

Macron’s father was a neurologist, so the plutocracy found a nerve to strike: Macron declared he had to become wealthy before engaging in politics. Henry Hermand, a small-time but lively plutocrat, offered to the young, civil (self-) servant, an apartment in Paris worth  around a million dollars (550,000 Euros when the Euro was much higher than now). Hermand was operating all around Africa, and was part of this pseudo-left which condemns “colonization as a crime against humanity, a barbarity” (Macron, April 2017, speaking from Algeria)… While those same plutocrats were exploiting Africa way worse than they could have done under a colonial administration (the whole idea of proffering “left” ideas, while cashing in!)

When a “civil servant” accepts a million dollar gift, in his twenties, plutocracy knows it has found an ideal tool. Once he knew how to cheat taxes by giving the right phone calls, Macron went to Banque Rothschild to earn 50,000 Euros a week (that we know of).  

Small fries, said the French electoral process. Now, I am not too naive to believe corrupt individuals cannot do good. After all, Montaigne, the philosopher himself, was very close to ultimate power in France (he was in the highest circles around Henri IV). In Russia, characters such as Czar Peter The Great did lots of good, even though Peter personally broke some people he knew all too well, on the wheel, all by himself, in spite of their pleas.

And corrupt Caesar, the most corrupt of them all, may well have saved the Roman Republic, had he lived.

However, Macron seems to be no Caesar. It seems unlikely to conquer Rothschild, Goldman Sachs and their ilk. Rather like Obama, he looks anxious to cash in. Apparently Obama, not content with getting 400,000 dollars from Cantor-Fitzgerald, got just as much, in exchange for talking with an “historian”, says presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. She informs us that Obama was “in very good spirits”, while he talked to them wealthy historians, for 400,000 dollars. Indeed, if every time he opens his mouth he gets 400,000 dollars, he should be in good spirits. Far removed from us the times when President Truman retired: he then asked ten, or twenty dollars for a speech. “Otherwise it would demean the office of the presidency”, Truman said.

There was a time for true men.

Now is the time for fake men.

To go along with fake news, fake cognition, fake wisdom.

Macron spent his youth going from one “pere de substitution” (substitution father), to another (this “substitution father” concept is a quote from French State TV, Antenne 2/Tele 5 Monde, May 8, 2017, I am covering my legal butt! Macron hooked old men, they said…) Hooking up with these elder gentlemen, including the famous philosopher Paul Ricoeur, and a galaxy of the powerful in Paris, enabled him to navigate for his personal best. The ultimate value, Obama told us.

But not a value the earth, let alone civilization, can afford.

Indeed, financial corruption, and the corruption of politicians, a class which should not exist in democracy, ultimately creates intellectual, even mental corruption. Including the inability to know what corruption is. Or to guess what reality could be. Thus, a corrupt political system in the end make idiots of the whole population. And the more corrupt, the more idiotic. So the corruption and the idiocy go hand in hand, down the abyss of dysfunctionality. When that corruption has weakened the civilization enough, a slight breeze is enough to bring it down. Idiots will, of course, accuse the breeze.

Patrice Ayme’

“Experts” Can, & Ought To Be Dismissed, Considering State of Society, Planet

May 3, 2017

Are contemporary “experts” collectively affected by the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome? And does their lack of skill explain their position of power conferred to them by the powers that be ? This is what We The People are starting to suspect!

The establishment’s media bemoan all over that “demagogues” lead We The People in doomed “populist” wave. This is semantic non-sense: democracy means “people-power”, demagogue means “people-leader”. And “populist” comes from “populus” which means “peuple” (French) and then “people” (English). Thus the establishment actually bemoans  democracy.

A line of attack of the establishment is that we are morons, unable to comprehend our world, and not even deserving of the little “democracy” we have. As Aeon ponders in “Our world outsmarts us : “Are humans too cognitively limited to be effective citizens in the modern world? Social problems are fantastically complex, while human minds are severely under-engineered. Is democracy doomed? What if, as a species, the vast majority of us have a profoundly challenging collective difficulty with mathematics and science analogous to …dyslexia?”

The essay is written by a hyper mandarin, a total expert, Robert Burton. Mr. Burton is a neurologist, author and the former associate director of the department of neurosciences at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center at Mt Zion. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Salon, and Nautilus, among others. His latest book is A Skeptic’s Guide to the Mind: What Neuroscience Can and Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves (2013).

Mr. Burton rolls out the Kruger-Dunning syndrome which concludes that “People who lack the knowledge or wisdom to perform well are often unaware of this fact. That is, the same incompetence that leads them to make wrong choices also deprives them of the savvy necessary to recognise competence, be it their own or anyone else’s.”

It apparently did not dawn on misters Kruger and Dunning that the effect they “observed” has a much simpler explanation. It’s not even very Machiavellian, it has to do with self-esteem. Instead the Dunning-Kruger “effect” (which may not be real, as I suggested) is extremely useful to the establishment, as it enables it to claim its critics are sub-normal, subhumans. 

As Obama would say: the only change we can believe in, is Roman emperor style of change. Obama gave us quite a bit of it, of course dwarfed by the trillions he gave to banks through “Quantitative Easing”. Oh, sorry, forgot it’s the private-public “Fed” which did that… With all the friends of Obama inside, accompanied by all these experts in how to defraud the public…


Are We Idiots, Do We Deserve Punishment And Are We Stupid To Be Angry from Just deserving our just desserts?

I replied the following, to the eminent neurological mandarin, Mr. Burton, graciously published by Aeon:


Ironically, the article is suffering from what it haughtily condemns. It implicitly excuses gross, and increasing social inequality by the fact that we are so moronic, we can’t even grasp the possibility that our own imbecility is so great, we can’t even guess the justice of it all. Instead of getting angry at the increasing inequality, we should understand it’s a natural consequence of our cerebral shortcomings.

Hey, you idiots are not even appraised of the twisted jargon used in some medical statistical semantics! What the brain weak author does not realize is that this is jargon, and that jargon is used to make those who understand it stronger. It’s a form of inequality. Jargon makes strong, and its wisdom is inequality, telling people they are morons.

Take the coin example: right, if a coin chosen haphazardly falls the same way 20 times in a row, the next one should come the other way. But there is little wisdom therein. There is more wisdom to be alert to the possibility of systematic bias. If someone produces dice which fall specially 20 times in a row, I may suspect that said dice are piped.

This was just demonstrated for Pound currency trading in Great Britain. Computer analysis show the Pound moves according to what the economic statistics will impel it to move… 24 hours before the announcement. The effect is not found with the Swedish currency. A bit of digging shows that only a handful of people see the Swedish stats, pre-publication, whereas more than one hundred see the British ones. Clearly, there are (very profitable) leaks in Great britain, and they have been making some establishment families very wealthy for a very long time.

Mr. Burton feels smart to declare that “Many of us (me included) can solve the equation f=ma without having any feel for what the equation means” So? The author of that question is too ignorant to know that this is an active research area, and that, not having any “fee” for it is wise. Buridan, introducing inertia around 1350, did away with forces, using only inertia. The idea was taken with much more detail by Riemann in his thesis, when he introduced high dimensional curvature, and the idea that curvature could replace force was further exploited in “Einstein” theory of gravitation (“GR”). It was exploited again by Kaluza and Klein to “explain” electromagnetism and more recent physics (superstrings, Calabi Yau spaces). Ergo, we don’t know what “F” is, and “m” has been hotly debated.  

So is the increasing hostility in society a computer effect? Yes and no: high frequency trading has allowed “quants” like the mathematician Simons to syphon trillions from the public, by leading the market, and using computers and special links to have information other market participants do not enjoy, a form of legal thievery.

More generally, plutocracy has set-up mental traps to divert attention of the public from the real problems. One of these tactics has even a name: Political Correctness.

Others, such as Paul Krugman, are paid handsomely to advertize erroneous theories of how money is created (as I have long claimed; last week, the Deutsche Bundesbank concurred… with the truth as I saw it! Something I found properly stupefying, especially coming from that particular bank… Great, although after 15 years of erroneous expert opinion. Does it have to do with the French election?)

The fundamental problem is increasing inequality and the disappearance of even a semblance of democracy. And the correct answer is anger. First anger, then answer. That’s how progress works.

The most fundamental reason is not justice, and human ethology, although both are very important for optimizing human happiness. The fundamental reason for democracy is smarts. To be overlorded by experts who claim only them don’t have “dyslexia”, is the opposite of democracy.

Patrice Ayme’