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Betrayed By Its Chief Mercenary: How The 9/11 Tragedy Hides An Ongoing Hoax

September 11, 2020

Systemic lying, as deep as the Deeply Plutocratic State goes… The USA went to war in the Middle East because of a hoax perpetrated by oil and financial plutocrats, and their obsequious, greedy little servants. The Bin Laden saga was a minor act in the whole picture, which spans now a full century. But the US population does not know any better, because it does not read enough, can’t read the really revealing stuff, and is expertly lied to by plutocratic organization such as the brazenly named “” (which claims, against all international evidence, that the USA had nothing to do with Bin Laden).

A hoax is a falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade as the truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, rumors, urban legends. The hoax, the imposture, the falsehood that 9/11 hides is that US policies didn’t cause 9/11. They did, in detail: the terrorist masterminds were, for many years, used as mercenaries by the USA. These policies of manipulating Muslim Fundamentalist mercenaries are as old as the investment of US oil plutocrats with the Saudis (themselves hereditary plutocrats forming what is called a monarchy)… in the 1930s. An accord was found where Saudi money from oil receipts would be recycled on Wall Street, and the Wahhabist (a hard core literralist sect of Islam founded in the 18 C) will keep the global plutocratic order firmly in command, and revolution down. 

When US propaganda presents 9/11 its all about profiles in courage, tragedy, and noble suffering. There is never an attempt to find out what truly happened. Here is President Donald Trump on 9/11/20:

“On that September morning when America was under attack, the battle turned in the skies above this field. Soon after taking off from Newark, New Jersey, radical Islamic terrorists seized control of United 93. Other hijacked planes struck the North tower of the World Trade Center, and then the South tower, and then the Pentagon. The terrorists on Flight 93 had a fourth target in mind, it was called our nation’s capitol.

They were just 20 minutes away from reaching their sinister objective. The only thing that stood between the enemy and a deadly strike at the heart of American democracy was the courage and resolve of 40 men and women. The amazing passengers and crew of Flight 93.

Donald and Jean Peterson were grandparents traveling to vacation in California. Deora Bodley was a student headed back to college. Richard Guadagno was returning from celebrating his grandmother’s 100th birthday. Lauren Caruzzi Grandcolas was three months pregnant with her first child.

Every passenger and crew member on the plane had a life filled with love and joy, friends and family, radiant hopes and limitless dreams. When the plane was hijacked, they called their families and learned that America was also under attack. Then they faced the most fateful moment of their lives. Through the heartache and the tears, they prayed to God, they placed their last calls home, they whispered the immortal words, I love you. Today, those words ring out across these sacred grounds and they shine down on us from Heaven above.

When terrorists raised to destroy the seat of our democracy, the 40 of Flight 93 did the most American of things. They took a vote, and then they acted. Together, they charged the cockpit. They confronted the pure evil. And, in their last act on this earth, they saved our capital. In this Pennsylvania field, the 40 intrepid souls of Flight 93 died as true heroes. Their momentous deeds will outlive us all.

All very beautiful and correct, and I do not condemn Trump for any of these words, after all, he has an election coming driven by some of the biggest powerful liars around. What I do condemn is the US intellectual leadership, which, nineteen years after 9/11, as not examined what really happened, or why the elite head terrorist mercenary of the USA, Osama Bin Laden, turned against his employer.

Oops. Something is revealed, but propaganda damage control means that the US population is still not suspecting, to this day, that this particular collapse was the work of US mercenaries and US politics, since the 1930s, at the very least. (The British had heavily supported the Saudis in the 1920s, killing at least 20,000 to help Arab tyrant king Abdulaziz Ibn Saud… It’s likely the US government at the very least knew and approved.)


And why terrorist in chief Obama ordered Osama bin Laden killed:

Let’s put my New York Times subscription to work, after a full week or two of total censorship of my comments… As told by the NYT in “How 4 Federal Lawyers Paved the Way to Kill Osama bin LadenBy Charlie Savage, Oct. 28, 2015

… “a few other lawyers were eventually told the secret. But the White House kept senior lawyers at the Justice and State Departments in the dark… Thomas E. Donilon, national security adviser to Mr. Obama decided that there was no need for the Attorney General to know. AG Holder was briefed the day before the raid, long after the legal questions had been resolved… the four lawyers conferred in secure conference calls and … as the possible date for a raid neared, Mr. Preston grew tense and proposed writing the memos. Mr. Johnson wrote one on violating Pakistani sovereignty. When two countries are not at war, international law generally forbids one from using force on the other’s soil without consent. .. The lawyers decided that a unilateral military incursion would be lawful because of a disputed exception to sovereignty for situations in which a government is “unwilling or unable” to suppress a threat to others emanating from its soil.

Invoking this exception was a legal stretch, for two reasons. Many countries have not accepted its legitimacy. And there was no precedent for applying it to a situation in which the United States did not first ask Pakistan, which had helped with or granted consent for other counterterrorism operations… There was also a trump card. While the lawyers believed that Mr. Obama was bound to obey domestic law, they also believed he could decide to violate international law when authorizing a “covert” action, officials said…. some officials thought the SEALs might be able to slip back out, allowing the United States to pretend the raid never happened.

The lawyers also grappled with whether it was lawful for the SEAL team to go in intending to kill Bin Laden… They agreed that it would be legal, in a memo written by Ms. DeRosa, and Mr. Obama later EXPLICITLY ORDERED A KILL MISSION, officials said…

The lawyers also considered writing a memo describing their earlier analysis about what to do with any other living prisoners taken out of the compound, but did not write it because the final plan did not call for the SEALs to leave with anyone else.”

So here we have democracy and worldwide terrorism, and evasion of justice by four unelected lawyers nobody has ever heard of. And good errant boy Obama does what his masters told him to do, as usual…

This is all pretty incredible. When the First World War got launched, Austro-Hungary sent an ultimatum to its enemy Serbia, because Serbian terrorists and a Serbian based terrorist organization, the “Black Hand” had organized an elaborate plot to kill the de facto quasi-head of state and future emperor. The ultimatum requested many things, including full Austrian-Hungarian powers in Serbia to find out about the various conspirators. Serbia agreed to all, but for the last condition. So Austro-Hungary declared war. That took a few weeks. 

Instead the US leaders, under Obama, a century after the assassination in Sarajevo, decided to make the USA behave like a rogue state, by taking the law in their own hands inside another country.

Bin Laden could have been captured. He had no time to surrender, but he  was not resisting… said the SEALS who had got the kill order, Bin Laden was behind his wife with his hands on her shoulders. He was shot twice in the forehead, then some more once on the ground.

What does that remind you of?

Mafia style. 

Truth is Bin Laden as was a soldier of America, who got enraged for some reason(s), and found dozens of thousands of other mercenaries for America who got similarly enraged, if not millions… We wanted to hear the details, how the CIA and SIA recruited him, and instructed him (to go bomb little girls’ schools in Afghanistan). The powers that be, you promised the world to the prostitute in chief, knew better. They instructed him to get rid of Bin Laden, because Bin Laden knew too much.

Better, feel the global plutocrats who pull the strings to have entire generations who do not know that a “Democratic” US president launched the war in Afghanistan



Evil organizations such as “” claim that the assertion of Senator Rand Paul that Bin Laden was a US agent is a “urban myth”: 

What Senator Rand wrote was that: Paul, Feb. 6: In the 1980s the war caucus in Congress armed bin Laden and the mujahideen in their fight with the Soviet Union. In fact, it was the official position of the State Department to support radical jihad against the Soviets. We all know how well that worked out. 

Factcheck says this is false, there is “no evidence for it”. Factcheck is lying, following the BIG LIE technique. Well, there is no evidence in the US, because it has been cleansed with Putin like efficiency. Evidence exists, but not inside the USA, except on tiny sites such as your’s truly: such evidence was actively suppressed, while top US leaders boasted of the opposite overseas… with the obvious idea of terrifying the rest of the planet with the concept that US leaders would kill millions, well, just because they could. 

The Muslim Fundamentalist war the US leaders imposed onto Afghanistan and also, with variants, in Iraq, Iran, Syria had the overall aim to create strife: divide et impera! Divide and order around with the power of life and death…

Factcheck is financed by the plutocratic Annenberg Foundation at the direction of the late Walter Annenberg, grants from the Flora Family Foundation, and financial support from the evil worldwide monopolies known as Facebook and Google…

And how does Factcheck Org’s lie technically work? Simple. Evidence that Bin Laden met with CIA operatives is blocked in the USA, so there is no evidence for it… In the USA. Also all the contacts which were enormous and extensive, were made not through the ISI of Pakistan (as Factcheck luridly claims) but through the SIA (Saudi Intelligence Agency). So technically, those liars claim they are not lying. Notice that when they claim that the CIA and the Pakistani had nothing to do with Bin Laden, the monopolistically plutocratically financed “” forgets to make any mention of the CIA alter ego, the SIA…

In truth, US secret services and organizations and individuals gravitating in the vicinity, or vice versa, have long used Muslim Fundamentalism, in Egypt, Iran, North Africa, etc… already in the 1940s…

Patrice Ayme



Notes: Walter Hubert Annenberg (March 13, 1908 – October 1, 2002), son of a US media plutocrat, was himself an even bigger plutocrat, who founded the giant Annenberg Foundation. An American businessman, investor, philanthropist, and diplomat. Annenberg owned and operated Triangle Publications, which included ownership of The Philadelphia Inquirer, TV Guide, the Daily Racing Form, A+ Magazine, Essence, Star & Sky Magazine, Elementary Electronics, Playboy, The Saturday Evening Post, The Atlantic Monthly, and Seventeen magazine. He was appointed by President Richard Nixon as United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, where he served from 1969 to 1974.


The Flora Foundation, with a capital in the dozens of billions, emanates from the Hewlett family fortune. One of its present (2020) heirs (yes, foundations have heirs, that’s the whole idea!), officers and worldwide plutocrats, greasing the wheels of abuse worldwide, in the name of the environment, intervened to punish me by having my nine year old daughter thrown out of the Franco-American school she had attended since the age of four. They kept the money. I was made to understand that things would get way worse if I complained in public… The creature is a first name friend of many of the usual suspects, and their employees, such as the French president.


Factcheck.Org claims no journalist ever said what Senator Rand Paul said. They don’t read French, they just read plutocrat, that’s all they need to live well. Here is “The Exemplary student of CIA turned against his master”:

L’élève exemplaire de la CIA s’est retourné contre son maître

Mardi 3 Mai 2011

La créature a échappé à son créateur. Le chef terroriste, qui a longtemps servi les intérêts de Washington en Afghanistan contre l’Union soviétique, a été formé par les services US.

Car, avant d’être l’un des hommes les plus recherchés par le FBI, le multimillionnaire était un allié précieux des États-Unis.

Né en 1957 en Arabie saoudite, Oussama Ben Laden serait le 17e fils d’une grande fratrie d’un richissime constructeur d’origine yéménite. Ce dernier contrôle près de 80 % du marché des travaux publics de la pétro-monarchie semi-féodale. Le régime de Riyad, issu du wahhabisme (islam rigoriste et rétrograde), finance ici et souvent là des mouvements armés islamistes. Washington le sait mais ferme les yeux, la dynastie royale est un fidèle pivot de la stratégie américaine dans la péninsule Arabique, et un fournisseur pétrolier de la première puissance mondiale. Durant ses études d’ingénieur, Oussama Ben Laden se rapproche des Frères musulmans, embrasse les thèses fondamentalistes. En 1978, il gagne la confiance du chef des services secrets saoudiens, le prince Turki Ibn Fayçal, qui le place à la tête d’un réseau chargé de recruter des hommes prêts à combattre en Afghanistan. Un an plus tard, l’intervention dans ce pays de l’Union soviétique est à l’origine de son rapprochement avec la CIA. Il partage l’objectif d’en finir avec « l’empire du mal », selon l’expression de Ronald Reagan. La lutte contre le communisme vaut bien quelques alliances qui peuvent paraître contre-nature. Ben Laden s’installe à la frontière pakistano-afghane, et fournit, en grand argentier qu’il est, armes et entraînements aux combattants antisoviétiques, grâce à l’appui de la CIA. Certains voient là l’origine d’al-Qaida, la « base » en arabe. Au passage, il poursuit son prosélytisme, en finançant la construction d’édifices religieux où prêchera, notamment, le futur Mollah Omar, chef des talibans afghans.

Une fois la guerre finie, Ben Laden poursuit ses activités d’agent secret à Peshawar pour le compte du régime saoudien. Il continue d’armer ceux qui se revendiquent d’un islamisme pur et dur, suivant un tracé géostratégique qui suit les intérêts nord-américains. C’est donc peu dire que les États-Unis ne trouvent rien à redire à ses faits et gestes. Jusqu’à la guerre en Irak, en 1990. L’Arabie saoudite soutient Washington dans son entreprise de faire main basse sur le pétrole contrôlé par Saddam Hussein.

Mess in the Middle East, caused by the oil thirsty and imperium obsessed US Deep State, caused a mess In New York

Too Much Civilization Can Kill Civilization

September 9, 2020

The French government was too civilized thus lost to the savage, cruel, and self-righteous British plutocrats and land speculators (the so-called “free enterprise”), fully supported the British monarchy: such is the best and most faithful description of what happened in North America, when France, once smartest mistress of the continent, lost Canada, and then Louisiana

There was no slavery in the gigantic continental lands controlled by France, Native Americans were not genocidized, and colonization was very low key. Something similar happened in India. Collaborator Pshakkottai, himself of Indian descent, points out that: In India…”The French were too civilized and lost to the British“. Civilization in excess can kill!

India was conquered by a plutocratic British company, the East India company, gone rogue… And deliberately so, a method inaugurated in Ireland in the 16C, and then pursued in America… And it would give enough propellent to racist German fascism to destroy European supremacy… in a trick which has not been officially observed yet by paid historians from the most prestigious plutocratic universities…

Once in Africa, as a child, I travelled from Senegal, an ex-French colony, to Gambia, an ex-British colony. In a ferry station of the Gambia, on the main thoroughfare, there were two large sets of toilets. I was stunned: a hundred feet to the left were the toilets for “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” of the master race. Far to the right were the toilets of the “Males” and “Females”, the male and female primates whose ancestors had dwelled on that continent for millennia.

When France Controlled North America

The territories around Hudson Bay were lost to the British after the disastrous war of the Spanish Succession, which brought France nothing but losses of territory, including in Europe. That war and his treaty of Utrecht was the (still) much admired homicidal tyrant Louis XIV’s ultimate disaster, the root of which was his genocidal policy against Protestants. Don’t expect to read this in French history textbook, which are still forgetting to cut Louis XIV’s head, more than three centuries after his Hitler-like atrocities…

To be allowed to go live in Canada, French citizens had to demonstrate superior moral standards to the French administration: females condemned for loitering or prostitution didn’t qualify, nor did vagabonds. The English, by contrast, sent their worst, their convicts, often sparing them hanging from a rope. There were plenty of these lowlives in England: whereas French peasants owned their land, however small and miserable, the English did not, but were working for lords. When they didn’t, they joined the cities, and if they didn’t find employment there either, they would be homeless, and that was illegal. So they were deported to America. The same game was played, two centuries later, with Australia. Meanwhile, France, which used to have more than three times the population of England, saw its population advantage disappear: French peasants were keen to leave inheritance to their children, and that meant fewer heirs, so they practiced contraception.

Friend Stephen Jones objected to having such a thing as too civilized a behavior:

Huh? Let’s have less civilization?

Is your premise that civilization itself is responsible for genocides and wars?

I answered as follows: Dear Stephen Jones: That to “have too much civilization” can lose wars is not my premise, but my conclusion. The premise that “civilization itself is responsible for genocides and wars” is an idea so ridiculous that it took Rousseau, that crafty prostitute, to launch it successfully. This tenacious philosophy has been popular with mental retards of academic persuasion, as it enabled them to triumph

Ancient Republican Romans knew how ridiculous the idea was, thus Plebeians, more often than not, voted for better educated “Patricians” to lead them: the Plebeians viewed the Patricians as more civilized. The nefarious mood that civilization was nefarious was picked up by Marx, who advocated “dictatorship of the Proletariat”, and then by various advocates of blood red flags, including Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler (who devised the Swastika, this spider gorged with blood, deliberately so).

And then the mood from Rousseau that civilization was nefarious was amplified further by what US plutocratic universities call “French Theory”. That’s basically the nihilistic theory that there is no such thing as civilization. Only idiots who have never nearly stepped on a snake as I did while running yesterday (I knew it was snake weather, but when I had a momentary lapse of reason, a snake dashed; somehow, while squealing my leg stayed up in the air while the other provided supplementary lift… Snake survived, barely…)… only idiots believe all cultures are identical. Many times I was brought to hospitals in pretty bad shape, in Africa, Europe, America, and thanked the gods of humanity for medical care, civilization… 


The French Mission Civilisatrice Was Destroyed By British Slash and Burn:

The French arrived in North America a century before the British. When they consulted with the Native Americans, the French leaders were told that trading was welcome. However, Native American leaders informed Jacque Cartier that settlers were not welcome. Nearly a century later, arriving at the exact same spot as the Mayflower settlement a few years later, Champlain observed that Native American settlements of the land were so extensive that it left no room for French settlers.  Within a century, most of North America was under French control, as “Louisiana” and “Canada”. But it was military and trading control, and the “mission civilisatrice” was in full swing. However the French had not launched a colonization program.

Along the Atlantic seaboard, the English colonies had implemented a genocide against the Natives, as early as 1609 CE:

As Chief Powhatan said:

“Your coming is not for trade, but to invade my people and possess my country…Having seen the death of all my people thrice… I know the difference between peace and war better than any other Country.”

As early as 1610 CE, the two commanders of Jamestown, Thomas Dale and Thomas Gates viewed Native American presence strictly as a “military problem”. Then they decided they couldn’t solve it militarily. As the colonists were about to head out into the open sea, they were met by the incoming fleet of Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. Taking command as governor, de la Warr ordered Jamestown reoccupied. He plotted annihilation of the surrounding tribes. In July 1610 he sent Gates against the Kecoughtan Native American nation. “Gates lured the Indians into the open by means of music-and-dance act by his drummer, and then slaughtered them“. This was the First Anglo-Powhatan War. The English, led by Samuel Argall, captured Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan, and held her hostage until he would agree to their demands.

Shortly after, the colonists in Massachusetts introduced slavery in North America (alerted to this by yours truly the New York Times then started their “1619 Project”, to draw attention to what really happened during the foundation of the English colonies.


Alternate History: Could history have been different?

To redraw history is complex: the French would have needed to change towards a colonization mindset, and send their degenerates, thugs and derelicts to America… Or their Huguenots… And that was actually attempted in the Sixteenth Century. This happened in the Carolinas (named this way by French settlers). But then the fascist war criminal Philippe II of Spain annihilated those colonies, down to the last baby.  Bad luck intervened: the relief French fleet was destroyed by a hurricane. Or why the USA speaks poorly pronounced French…

Should history be redrawn?

As it is the USA is a giant United Europe. It was founded in blood and gore… But arguably, not much more blood and gore than what was needed to make the “mission civilisatrice” proceed. similarly to what the new city of Rome achieved until it massacred the population of the neighboring Veii, largest and wealthiest Etruscan city (396 BCE). the genocide at Veii was followed, within six years, with very bad behavior “contrary to the laws of nations” say Livy, of its envoy, the Fabii brothers. Outraged, the offended Gauls attacked, routed the Romans, and conquered Rome (390 BCE).  

Were history to be redrawn, it would have to be redone in such a way that the French would have been able to build a strong enough civilization in North America. That would have required tougher ways, those one calls “less civilized”. 

“Less civilized” ways have to be well targeted. If the idiot known as the “Sun King” had directed his energy towards the conquest of North America, instead of destroying the French elite (not just the Huguenots), and making little plots in Europe (war of the Spanish Succession), France could have civilized America… instead of letting English plutocrats (and their tobacco slave plantations) do it. But then Louis XIV was following well established French ways: the French elite had known about America and its “Indians” for more than 150 years, in great detail: a massive “Indian” fair had been held in the early Sixteenth Century, and even the king came. But the consensus in France was that trading with the Indians was fair, and so was the “mission civilisatrice” but not much beyond that was. And the mission civilisatrice backfired as the French-civilized Indians were killed by people of the fiercer sorts (including English land speculators a la George Washington)…

When the Anglo colonial imperialist genociders pushed west, some of their fiercest opponents were descendants of French “coureurs des bois” and “trappeurs”. Resistance to US imperialism in Colorado was led to such French (five resisting brothers were all killed by the US). The same sort of thing happened in Canada. As it happened the French mood and French methods of trading, civilizing, and interbreeding won in the end (but too late for comfort). They were used in parts of the USA. Collaborator Don Kemerling points out: 

“I grew up in Missouri. There are no reservations. The deal was that individuals could own land and attend schools. I grew up next door to an Indian family who owned land, and were our best family friends. My father mentioned their origin a couple of times, associating the skills of the father at hunting and fishing with his ancestry. It didn’t mean much to me then, but I went to see his widow with my mother and grandmother once, and was suddenly struck at the family portrait, which clearly showed their darker skin and associated features.

They fully assimilated, marrying white people. One son was my supervisor at a company where I worked, for a while. There was no mention of it. It was not an issue. I like to think that instead of genocide, there was much more such assimilation than is recognized. Of course, many died of disease too, but I expect that intermarriage strengthened their ability to survive disease.”

Interbreeding indeed increases resistance to disease. American Natives were mostly isolated from the Eurasiatic-African land mass, a biological supercontinent if there ever was one, for at least fifteen thousand years: only a few hardy, healthy, thus non-contagious, mariners came across the Pacific and the Bering Strait. Thus their immune system got selected to be leaner and weaker. European diseases devastated them. Both in North and South America, the arrival of the Conquistadores was preceded by the death of much, when not most, of the population. The same happened after Champlain’s expedition: the area where the Mayflower would make land was mostly empty when it arrived. However there were still lots of Natives alive, and they learned fast. The English colonies had to conduct a systemic policy of invasion, translocation, and extermination. Several US presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Jackson) became great practitioners of the art of cancellation of the Natives.

If he read those lines, the Chinese dictator Xi could say: ‘I told you so, I need to be tough enough to gather enough power!’ Indeed Qin united China by force, 22 centuries ago. However, Qin succeeded because, like Rome, Qin claimed and practiced more than most, the rule of law. The one and only law, human and humane law. 

Xi is forgetting that crucial characteristic. Communist Party forever dictatorship is not sustainable. Ultimately, China failed as a state in the preceding millennium, because it was too dictatorial (the very dispersion of authority in the European Feudal System made it less dictatorial, and less intellectually fascistic: free thinkers could generally find a sympathetic potentate… at least outside of places where the Catholic Inquisition exerted its terror, as a crutch to despicable dictatorship as found in the Iberian peninsula, or the Vatican). 


Intelligence Does What Is Necessary Best, Including Violence As Needed:

And last, but not least; ultimately power rests on mental power. Dictatorships are less good at creating mental power than democracies. They make do with theft (see the USSR, Putin Russia, Xi China). But stealing goes only so far: it makes one nastier, not more intelligent. Both the Roman state and various Chinese dynasties found themselves in situations when their mental expertise was not enough to solve the problems which crushed them…


Individuals who have been indoctrinated by nihilists and jealous inferior thinkers to hate civilization object to the very notion of “civilization”. However, civilization means to live in cities. Cities have high human density, so they require high human dispute resolution. They require intensive agriculture. This is exactly what the French promoted among the Native Canadians. It worked. The Hurons and fellow nations, adopting French agriculture, learned to live in farms. That enabled the Iroquois confederacy, then allied and armed by the British, to swoop down and massacre them all. French Jesuits didn’t thank the Lord. 

The French leaders never saw the conquest of America as the military problem it was. Their mission civilisatrice failed  for a number of reasons, including the fact France’s longest ruling monarch, Louis XIV was a barbarian and criminal against humanity. But, overall, France was too… Zen. Letting British plutocrats run amok happened, in part because the French aristocracy despised merchants and thieves… instead of putting them in the lead (as Queen Elizabeth already did with Drake and company, who made the kernel of what became the Ireland conquerors, the West Country Men…)

So the verdict? 

It’s all a question of balance. Civilization needs to strike the right balance. Talking to the Nazis or the Japanese imperial military-industrial complex with flowers didn’t work. What worked were bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we know know, were highly successful… considering the alternatives prepared by the Jap High Command, and, inevitably the Allied (mostly US) High Command, which had anticipated them… without the Japanese surrender following Hiroshima and Nagasaki, atomic bombings next to the beach heads (as planned), gas (as planned) were not needed… Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also warnings to the future: see and consider what happens after atomic bombings. The two atom bombings were just the right amount of craftly designed savagery to hasten Japanese surrender (the third planned Plutonium bombing, against Sapporo, was delayed by US generals… Marshall (Joint Chief) and Groves (head of Manhattan Project: they were obviously not too keen to destroy civilians as if they were cockroaches…).

Where I am presently, in North California, we are experiencing what can only be described as nuclear winter, as the vegetation of California is turned into smoke, under climate change, as I predicted would happen, long ago…

Another thing that nobody believes, erroneously, is that the gigantic nuclear arsenals (mostly in the US and Russia) are of no consequence… When it is known, by anybody having read on the subject enough, that a short circuit can terminate civilization as we enjoy it now.

Some, baffled, may wonder: What is the connection with violence? A Norwegian Parliamentarian today nominated  Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize (for a peace treaty between the UAE and Israel). What is urgently needed is a bit more mental violence… to reduce the number of nuclear warheads below a total number of one thousand thermonuclear warheads… Enough warheads to be ready to detour a rogue comet, or smash an uppity dictator sneaking around with WMDs… But not so many warheads as to be able to destroy civilization… So quite a bit more violence here, now, is needed against the ideas and moods which lead us… to forecasted disaster.

Patrice Ayme   

Lying Accusations Of Racism Are Themselves Racist

August 30, 2020

A bit of perspective. We are living in times similar to what happened when the global plutocrats opposed frantically those who had seen the need for drastic reforms in Rome. The possibility of as nefarious an evolution of the public debate is entirely possible. As there is one world civilization now, the consequences would be way worse. Collaborators of the American-born plutocracy brought us the Nazis and Auschwitz. They promise to bring way worse immediately ahead.

Calling people names is part of the entire degeneracy. A Trump supporter native to Portland Oregon, got shot to death in Portland, 8/29/20. The New York Times calls him “far right”. There is evidence to the contrary, from the founder of group “Patriot Prayer”… who had condemned in public discourse “White Supremacists”. But anybody disaggreeing with the plutocratically paid intellectual fascists at the New York Times is, by definition of the New York Times “far right”. Especially if all you want is a job, or cheaper drugs, or just a doctor. 

Senator Rand Paul was attacked by a mob which knew who he was. He called them “idiots” because they were asking him to say the name of the one who was victim of a “no-knock raid”. She was killed in return fire by the police in such a raid. Senator Paul introduced a bill to ban such raids (which are authorized in most countries, including France). Such mobs are obviously paid. They are no “idiots”, they are thugs.

One more frantic article in the New York Times about Trump’s racism, a well-known fact according to the NYT: How the G.O.P. Stretched Hard to Defend Trump on Race. Yet, not one concrete example of Trump racism. Instead the articles was full of passages proving Trump was NOT a racist, such as:

Was Trump an enemy of the White Race from way back? Here he is, associating with his friend Black Life matters

“Many on the other side love to incite division by claiming that President Trump is a racist,” Ben Carson, the housing secretary and the only African-American in the cabinet, said at the convention on Thursday night, shortly before Mr. Trump delivered his acceptance speech. “They could not be more wrong.”

Herschel Walker, a former football star and longtime friend of the president’s, said he was offended that anyone might hold that negative view of Mr. Trump. “I take it as a personal insult that people would think I’ve had a 37-year friendship with a racist,” 

However, not one word on the friendship between Trump and Michael Jackson. I sent a comment. It was, of course, censored by the NYT fascists. Next and even better, the article was swiftly removed from the electronic NYT front page (it should have stayed there 24 hours, but was withdrawn within 3 hours, within minutes of me sending my comment; yes, I spy on the vicious propagandists).

Here is my comment censored by the Times:

Racial justice is, first, a question of power. Words have little power, but work does. Once somebody works, that work can be leveraged into negotiating with powers that be. Trump, because he is favorable to the relocalization of the economy at home, was able to employ a higher percentage of blacks than were employed, for many decades. In other words, Trump augmented Black Power. Once Black Power is augmented, justice for all will follow more readily.

The claims that Trump is a racist are strident, and generally, self-referential. Trump is racist, Trump critics say, because it is well-known that Trump is a racist, we said it before, they opine, and the proof is “code words”, indistinct screams overheard, and the like. All this is as absurd as calling “anti-immigrant” Trump because he had four beloved children from marrying two immigrant women. 

Trump had a long, intense and enthusiastic friendship with Michael Jackson, going on vacation with him and letting his children play with Michael, as Trump’s son pointed out. That was at a time when Trump had already run against the ultra conservative globalization addict Ronald Reagan, and Reagan’s collaborators in the self-declared “Democratic Party”. Everything indicates that Trump’s friendship with Michael Jackson was sincere. How many white moguls have as many black friends as Trump?


Trump on Michael Jackson:

I knew Michael Jackson very well, he was a very good friend. He lived in Trump Tower for a long period of time.” Jackson, who died in 2009, rented an apartment in Trump Tower, even honeymooning at the Manhattan building after his wedding to Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

He was an unbelievably talented guy,” Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “He lost tremendous confidence because of honestly bad, bad, bad surgery. Believe it or not when you lose your confidence in something, you can even lose your talent.” Now Anderson Cooper is paid to look infuriated claiming that whatever Trump says is “riddled with falsehoods“. Yeah, which one exactly Cooper, aside from obvious jokes?

Race is best played like a violin by hypocrites, and liars. Many of the Nazis were strident racists, enacting racial laws they were themselves coming short of. For example Hitler converted, with his pen, 35,000 Jews to Arian status…. Hitler could not demonstrate he was not a Jew by official Nazi criterions!… So maybe he was one of them, hence his generosity. 

Who were the biggest racists in history, those whom the Nazis tried to duplicate? The Pures, of course. The Pures thought they were so Pure they were the very definition of Right, in the world of Wrong. In particular they knew everything about who had the correct racial attitude. When Hitler came around, they didn’t lift a finger until it was too late to present the catastrophe they secretly, or subconsciously wished for. The Pures are now known as the Puritans. They fester at the New York Times and other plutocratically owned media because they foster divisions with crazy racist anti-racial radically demented theories.

Whereas Trump augmented Black Power by providing blacks with work, the pseudo-democrats have been busy sending jobs and added value overseas, while their sponsors pocketed the profits, before redistributing some of them to their pet politicians, many of which made fortunes by being salaried politicians all their life, serving the international economic order. We were lied to for decades, time for something else!

At this point the climate argument is sure to be rolled out. Trump used to believe in catastrophic climate change… until he understood that he would never be elected by holding this opinion. Similarly, with Obama, the other way.

Reality is of course the opposite. Obama destroyed green hydrogen and fusion hydrogen (Congress had to intervene on the latter). Obama instituted massive fracking (Biden claims he will outlaw it; he is obviously lying). Trump re-established financing research on green hydrogen and fusion hydrogen. Meanwhile California is having blackouts, because of a plethora of renewables in combination with a lack of green hydrogen… 

Oh, let me try to enlighten the genuine idiots out there (by contrast with the paid thugs). Those who lie about who the racists are, and what racism is, are the same who lied, and lie, about fusion, green hydrogen, and fracking. Huge lying is a science, like any other science; experts in the art will infect public life. Under Obama, inequality grew to higher heights than ever before, and monopoly power was increased by deliberate decisions, presented as the exact opposite of what they truly were (such as the American Invent Act).

Lying is a drug in those who practice it, and in those who listen to it. And that’s why both the practitioners and their audience will hate whoever tells the truth… Because, deep down inside, human beings love truth better, and feel remorse for embracing its opposite. Thus they want to destroy who reveals their embrace of falsehood. This is why SS officers were so keen to assassinate little Jewish children who entrusted them.

Patrice Ayme

Hatred Against Trump About Immigration Is Counterfactual And Essence of Racism

August 26, 2020

It is racist to hate individuals from flimsy and apparently counterfactual justifications. This is true, even if the individual is a magistrate, or the president. I am an immigrant myself, but of the scrupulously legal type. There is evidence that Trump loves immigrants: he married and had beloved children with them. What Trump dislikes, as I do, is the sort of squalor found in parts of some “sanctuary cities”, for example Berkeley, California. 

Trump Immigration Ceremony, White House, August 25, 2020. It is racist to hate individuals from flimsy and apparently counterfactual justifications. A case in point is the PC mob hating the guy who married two immigrants and had four beloved children with them…. because, supposedly, according to the PC mob, he hates immigrants! The failure of PC logic is itself telling and frightening: who is the PC mob going to hate next?

While the Politically Correct, similar to Nancy Pelosi in her nine mansions, lives the high life on the hills, standards of living and health have sunk lower than anywhere in the world, a few miles away, among broken needles, excrements and filth… to the point ecologically unique natural lakes and lagoons are getting polluted. Systematically racist police policies keep the squalor away from the mansions: that distanciation between the PC high life and squalor for illegal immigrants and the underclass, is not “defunded”. For now. Should that fail, the truly rich can always move to Aspen, Jackson Hole, the many private islands they own in Hawaii or British Columbia, etc… As an immigrant, I was always looked down upon by the PC crowd, in a systematically racist way, so I appreciate a president who just doesn’t talk the talk, but marries the immigrants. 

A French Socialist Prime Minister once said:”France cannot welcome all of the world’s misery!” Indeed. And there are two good reasons for this: to preserve France (one of the world’s few high immigration country, like the USA)… but also to preserve the countries the immigrants come from. Indeed immigration should not be viewed as a crucial way to solve the problems of dysfunctional countries, or used as a way to exploit those countries, by stealing their best, most educated and brightest: those problems in those countries have to be fixed inside, otherwise only the best and brightest flee, preventing the resolution of the problems those countries suffer. Real progressives understand all of this.

Stop the hatred.

The preceding in black was sent and published by the New York Times. However, the global plutocratic propaganda media then realized its tragic mistake, and REMOVED MY COMMENT. They lie about saying comments are removed only if not civil. See the P/S.

Hatred is too easy, and resolves nothing.

Because the paradox is this: by hating Trump counterfactually, media such as the New York Times promote hatred as the great filter of cognition. 

For example the NYT trumpeted several times in the same article that “Trump built 300 miles of wall”. They never mention, although they know it very well, that most of the existing wall with Mexico was built well before the Trump administration (even Mexico is for it, for a number of reasons). And in some places the wall is multiple, hundreds of meters wide! And so on. The most scandalous anti-immigrant policies (such as DACA; or the immigration justice system, with no appeals and judges with extravagant powers) were in place well before Trump. Trump just advertises a reality Bush and Obama kept discreet. That’s no necessarily bad, as knowing there is a problem, and what it is, must precede solving the problem.

Promoting hatred as the ultimate filter of cognition is what true racists do.

Patrice Ayme



P/S: The most sedate parts of the mini-essay above were send and published as a comment to the article of the New York Times linked above. many readers approved of it, so they realized their mistake, and removed the comment, replacing it by:

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[NYT is the “newspaper of record” in the USA. It’s the reference. I also used to consider it one of the best media in the world. That was before the Iraq invasion, which it supported, and I stridently condemned, for all the right reasons. After that the NYT blocked me from commenting for a decade and a half until the publisher passed the job to his son. Now they censor may be 50% of my comments. But it is the first time they publish one, and then un-publish it.

The Case Against Handguns, Or Why US Progressives Don’t Progress

August 18, 2020

Selling handguns to the civilian population, is a US specificity. Most handguns in the world, aside from military possession, are owned by US civilians. Some carry 40 bullets or so… There is no justification for it… except for killing and maiming many US residents (a laudable goal, according to some, I must admit).

Outlawing handguns for non-military, non-police, non-threatened civilians: basic civilization 101.
Cause everybody knows criminals always obey the law.
Law enforcement, like health care, is best done by professionals. Police rarely assassinates unjustly a la George Floyd (70 cases a year?) Civilians, though kill dozens of thousands of people they didn’t even want to kill really, once they know all the disagreements that entails… every year…)
Several points here: there were 1004 fatal police shootings in the USA in 2019. The most recent year for all shootings is 2017, and it shows 39,773 deaths from guns. Most gun deaths (including self-inflicted) are from a significant other. In the case of Black Lives Matter, more than 90% of male Black Lives killed violently are killed by other male Black Lives. Some will say; Oh, but Black Lives live among Black Lives, so Black Lives live, cook, sleep and kill together, this is completely normal.
The Black Lives Matter Movement, formed in 2013, financed by plutocrats and their corporations, has protested police brutality in the U.S. by organizing “die-ins”, marches, and demonstrations in response to the killings of black men and women by police. There are around 200 Black Lives killed by police a year in the USA. In 2017, 457 whites were killed by police.

Those who are anti-police think Black Lives Matter so much, they should be free to kill each other as much as they want…

As Black Homicide Victimization puts it:…”black homicide victimization rate is four times the national homicide victimization rate, and more than six times the homicide victimization rate for whites. More than 85 percent of black homicide victims are shot and killed with guns. These facts are both appalling and unacceptable. An important part of ending the gun violence epidemic is to reduce homicides in the African-American community.
So one would think that great progressive Sanders is against handguns. Think again. But he will not tell you this outright. Instead, Bernie is a master of dissimulation. (Don’t accuse me to hate Bernie Sanders, I don’t have Political Derangement Syndrome, PDS: I voted for Bernie Sanders several times…) Here is Bernie Sanders’ gun program, from his web site, it’s most significant for what it doesn’t say:
  • Take on the NRA and its corrupting effect on Washington.
  • Expand background checks.
  • End the gun show loophole. All gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards.
  • Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed and sold as tools of war. There is absolutely no reason why these firearms should be sold to civilians.
  • Prohibit high-capacity ammunition magazines.
  • Implement a buyback program to get assault weapons off the streets.
  • Regulate assault weapons in the same way that we currently regulate fully automatic weapons — a system that essentially makes them unlawful to own.
  • Crack down on “straw purchases” where people buy guns for criminals.
  • Support “red flag” laws and legislation to ensure we keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and stalkers
  • Ban the 3-D printing of firearms and bump stocks

(Bump stocks can make automatic weapons of any gun.) I approve all these measures, of course. But they are all about military weapons… The sort of weapons explaining why US police tends to be trigger happy… There are at least 20 million assault rifles in the USA.

But handguns? Progressive Bernie has never heard of them, he won’t progress that way. The Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms. This amounts to “120.5 firearms for every 100 residents.”

More than 85 percent of black homicide victims are shot and killed with guns. Bernie Sanders does not mind. The guns. Black Lives Matter not as much as guns.

So today Bernie spoke at the Democratic Convention, supporting for president a guy who didn’t just crucially collaborate to invade Iraq in 2003, but also avoided 500,000 dollars of healthcare tax in two years by posing as an S Corporation. Hey Biden made only 13 million dollars in these two years.

Bernie Sanders attacks the National Rifle Association (see above). It reminds me of Hitler attacking plutocrats (who got him elected). Indeed the NRA financed Bernie Sanders. Official enemies, but, actually collaborators! The NRA did this by handsomely financing attack ads against Sanders opponents…

Sanders lies about guns. Biden lies about health care, or even having common decency. With progressives like that, who needs regression?

How to get out of this mess? By telling the truth. But if one tells the truth about Trump or the Democrats, one gets badly insulted by ignorant, hateful people, so it hurts. But it can be sustained, precisely because they are hateful, ignorant people, similar to mosquitoes, those stinging, ignorant creatures.

Truth hurts, but it is the Truth. And that’s the truth. 

(Trump spent most of his life as a very noisy anti-establishment, anti-globalization Democrat; things got sour when Obama personally attacked him… Then Trump took over the Republican Party; this is why the Republican plutocratic establishment prefers Biden: they hate the We The People agenda of Trump… and love Bernie, or Biden aptitude for lying…)

The truth shall not make us free, but it is a divinity worth worshipping.

Patrice Ayme

Camelot Harris Is The Proper Pronunciation, Not Kamala Harris

August 12, 2020

Biden had to select Kamala Harris, I pointed out in the past. She is a total arriviste, a consummate liar, and as Tucker Carlson said:”tell her to say something and she will say it, that’s the whole point of Kamala Harris“. Indeed. She will do, and has done, anything. Being girlfriend to the notorious Willie Brown, an expensive car collector long the most important politician in California, was the most blatant of these exploits…

So now say anything against Kamala, and you will be taxed a racist, and an enemy of Afro-Americans. Tucker Carlson was accused of mispronouncing her name, proof of his disrespect:

In truth, nobody knows how she pronounces her name. It’s an Indian name. And none of her two parents were African-American, for the good reason that they were aliens (that was long my title too, so I know).  By coincidence I am extremely familiar with where Kamala was living, and it’s not the worst part of town. I am OK with it, and that’s where plenty of little white and Asian children go to school nowadays. But Kamala says she was living in a terrible place, and saved by 80 minutes of busing, every day. Her bus was going mostly north and Kamala was going to a school at the foot of the hills (north north east of her apartment; west is supposed to be bad, east, up the hills, good; the point is that she was bused north).

The end result of the busing policy in Berkeley is that black children got a terrible bus experience, instead of going to good schools. This sort of idiotic pseudo-progressivism invented a new mental state: pseudo-leftism, where one achieves the opposite of what one claims to want to achieve. Pseudo-leftism is well financed, because it serves the plutocracy well, this is why billionaires fund it. It’s barking up the wrong tree all day long.

Racist parents switched to private schools, and Kamala’s home is now, ironically and tellingly enough, a Montessori School (a very expensive private school). The black population of the Berkeley flats (where I have lived four time longer than Kamala the racialized) went from 40% to neglectable…

Great job.

If one wants to help minorities, one installs superb schools where they live, one does not move them around all day long like cattle, or Cherokee Indians on the Trail of Tears.

Kamala, 12 year old, followed her elite mom professor to another elite university, in French Canada. Meanwhile her elite dad university professor went to elite Stanford. I was long at both Stanford and Berkeley, and I can tell you you get nowhere there if you don’t serve The Man.

Camelot was the court of the legendary King Arthur. a brief shining moment resisting the Anglo-Saxon invaders… It’s actually a French invention.

Camelot is a castle and court associated with the semi-legendary King Arthur. Absent in the early Arthurian material, Camelot first appeared in 12th-century French romances and, since the Lancelot-Grail cycle, eventually came to be described as the fantastic capital of Arthur’s realm…

“Camelot” was how one describes in the USA the dreamboat of the JFK presidency, which had it all: wealth (JFK was much wealthier than Trump), danger (the Kennedys had crucial mafia connections), heroism (JFK was a total war hero, and was crippled by disease), dashing (no girl left unturned), revolutionary (all businessmen are sons of bitches, declared JFK, quoting his mafia connected Nazi admiring dad),, and visionary (to the moon in ten years)…

Quoting Wikipedia: In American contexts, Camelot refers to the presidency of John F. Kennedy. In a 1963 Life interview, Jacqueline, his widow, referenced a line from the Lerner and Loewe musical to describe the Kennedy era White House: “Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.” She indicated that it was one of Kennedy’s favorite lyrics from the musical and added, “there’ll be great Presidents again, but there’ll never be another Camelot again. […] It will never be that way again.”

Camelot came to describe, in the collective unconscious, a world of degeneracy, luxury, shallowness… The present system of electoral politics selects for ruthless arriviste in the Kamala Harris mould, only believing that arriving to Camelot is all what counts…

So we select automatically for the worst to lead us, the basest, the vilest, the most materially interested. Trump Derangement Syndrome people are sure to say Trump is the same… However, there is this: Trump held some real political convictions from way back, when he was a teenager, when he sued the Federal government for discrimination (about his father company being discriminative, something The Donald found itself discriminative)… Later he really raged against Reagan’s economics and its friendly global plutocratization… The epitome of which was the Obama presidency. Obama was going around saying how much he admired Reagan (I always hated Reagan… he did nothing good, except nationalizing hundreds of banks, something Obama didn’t do, in a worse crisis). So Trump hated Obama for that, and Obama reciprocated. Hence one can say Trump has genuine political convictions.

Harris has none, no conviction, but for Harris achieving Camelot. Camelot Harris is what defines her. This being said she is much better than war criminal Neocon Rice (who hopefully Camelot Harris will prevent to resurface… I am not holding my breath…)

Patrice Ayme



[P/S: Upon lawyer’s unsolicited advice, minor parts of this essay were modified.]

Biden-Trump In A Few Words

August 2, 2020

How sincere is Biden when he is promising more than Trump? Not very much: not only he can’t explain how he will finance in excess of the many trillions of emergency spending mostly directed at We The People which President Trump is presently disbursing during The Plague, but Biden is surrounding himself with some of the worst operators, some going back to the Clinton financial pollution presidency. The New York Times, in a spectacular U turn, is becoming aware of this, and published:
Many of his aides and close allies are veteran Washington hands who have profited from advising big corporations. The Sanders-Warren wing of the party is not happy.”
“INFLUENCE” Industry? Really? Is that a euphemism? What about INFLUENCE CORRUPTION?
I sent a comment… And, amazingly, the New York Times published it! Here it is:
Aug. 1

Electoral politics selects for individuals who will say whatever it takes to get elected. It’s just greed for power. When I listen to Mr. Biden’s progressive discourses and compare them to his reality over the last four decades, I am mystified that so many “democrats” are so incredibly naive as to believe what Mr. Biden is saying.

In the 1980s, Biden was one of these many professional democratic politicians who made possible the right wing turn of the USA, by helping to convert Reagan’s oligarchic ideas into laws. It was more of the same in the 1990s, by passing a ferocious law which struck those who couldn’t afford expensive lawyers. Biden was the author of the law. My spouse worked two years to get a (black) gentleman a pardon from Obama. He had got a life sentence… for having a pipe in his pocket. He has four children. Speak of systemic racism. In preparation for the Iraq war, Mr. Biden set up a commission which came up with the idea of accusing Iraq of having WMDs. After resisting the suggestion, Bush used the lie and invaded Iraq. “People with both government and private sector experience” is a euphemism for plutocratic operators. Their real expertise is in how to rip off We the People. Real progressives may have fewer reasons to believe in the progressivism of Mr. Biden than that of Trump… who, at least, furiously opposed the Reagan plutocratic globalization of the 1980s… which had disastrous effects as so may good jobs and intellectual property went to China.

“So very true.”
OK, that was the end of the “few words”. Biden’s interface with plutocracy comes from people such as Mr. Ricchetti:

Lobbyist. Richetti at the White House under Clinton. Who elected him? Why is he reigning over us? One of the right arms of Clinton, and then Biden. Read the NYT on Richetti in the P/S below

Now for further analysis of the NYT article:
NYT: “Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is at odds with powerful elements of his party’s liberal base over the role former lobbyists might play in a potential Biden administration.
Then the New York Times narrates a very telling tale:
The vice president privately complained that his boss’s effort to slam shut the revolving door between K Street and the administration would deprive it of experienced talent, and he bristled when Mr. Obama’s aides tried to block him from hiring a well-connected Washington operator who had lobbied for pharmaceutical and insurance companies, credit agencies and others.
To give an idea of the context, a powerful Democratic Senator had just been defeated in his latest re-election campaign… and just got a compensation from the pharmaceutical industry in excess of ten million dollars (details are in some of my essays written at the time).

Eight years later, that same confidant, Steve Ricchetti, is helping to run Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign. Also involved to varying degrees are other advisers, operatives, fund-raisers and allies with deep connections to Washington’s lucrative lobbying, communications and strategic consulting industry.

That puts Mr. Biden at odds with powerful elements of his party’s liberal base. Increasingly, they are expressing concern that the military contractors, Wall Street banks and other major corporations that paid members of Mr. Biden’s inner circle while they were out of government could hold disproportionate power in a Biden administration.

It’s worrisome, broadly speaking, that a Biden administration could end up abiding by the unfortunate bipartisan norms of putting people in posts where they oversee industries or employers they just left,” said David Segal, co-founder of the liberal group Demand Progress.

His organization was among those that sent a letter to the Biden and Trump campaigns this week asking them not to appoint anyone to senior administration positions overseeing interests they served in the private sector.”

The corruption is deep. Obama had named as commerce secretary an hereditary billionairess. Her brother, also a multibillionaire, became “Democratic” governor of Illinois, after buying that position for roughly 200 million dollars, helped by the (plutocratically owned) “democratic media.

The objection that Trump does similar things is neither here nor there: the Trump networks are not as deep. When Trump deals with the “Democratic” governor, of, say, New Jersey, he is confronted with a DINO, a Democrat In Name Only, truly an extremely wealthy Goldman Sachs partner. Goldman Sachs led and managed the abrogation of President Roosevelt 1933 Banking Act (conveniently obscurantly nicknamed called “Glass Steagall”). Rubin, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, was GS ex-CEO. Whatever Trump did, it pales in insignificance relative to this. New York Times:

“Mr. Ricchetti spent years as a registered lobbyist, and through a company called Ricchetti Consulting Group is being paid by both the Biden campaign and AT&T, his only corporate client over the last nine years. Anita Dunn, Mr. Biden’s chief campaign strategist, was also still doing work for AT&T last month.

As of Saturday Ms. Dunn is taking “an official leave” from her firm, which had been paid millions in recent years to help an airline advocacy group, while also providing communications advice to an Israeli spyware firm and the fugitive Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn, for whom the firm had been registered to lobby. It ended all those client relationships in the past year.

A leading candidate to become defense secretary, Michèle A. Flournoy, started a firm whose website lists work for financial services, technology and pharmaceutical companies. The former C.I.A. and Obama national security official Avril Haines, who consulted for the data-mining company Palantir, on Saturday resigned from Ms. Flournoy’s firm to begin work on Mr. Biden’s transition team.

None of these advisers are registered as lobbyists, reflecting a trend in which major corporate and foreign players hire former officials as consultants, or as legal counsel, allowing them to use their connections and expertise, while avoiding the notoriety and disclosure requirements that come with formal lobbying. This phenomenon was exacerbated by Mr. Obama’s lobbying policy.”

The New York Times brandishes a bit of naive hope at the bottom of its long article; only fools will pay attention:

“Ms. Warren proposed a plan that would expand the definition of lobbying to include consultants and lawyers who try to influence government, while barring corporate lobbyists from joining the government for six years. Supporters of Mr. Sanders and Ms. Warren are pushing Mr. Biden’s team to go further than he has on those issues.”
One may as well ask a Black Mamba to use its venom less, next time it strikes.
The basic story of Biden is that he spent his entire life, after the age of twenty-nine, getting elected, and making money from that. He was elected to the US Senate before the minimum age. Then he spent decades in the Senate, before becoming Obama’s VP. Now elected politicians’ salaries are measly. However right now, Biden lives in no less than three mansions.
Biden likes to depict himself as “average Joe”, but he recently admitted that, when he was in his twenties his salary was $40,000 ($340,000 in 2020 dollars). Biden’s father, Joe Sr., was raised in a life of privilege, complete with polo matches and hunting trips in the Adirondacks, thanks to the lucrative career of his own father, Joseph, who ran a division of American Oil. In other words, we are dealing here with small scale hereditary plutocracy, complete with fossil fuels.
Right, Trump was incomparably wealthier, when young. However Trump was always an enemy of the system: his family, originally from Germany, considered itself a victim of racism, and adopted a low profile which The Donald, a rebel, didn’t embrace. The result is that Trump opposed fiercely Reagan’s global plutocratization, which is the very worst beast around: Roman plutocracy used that very exact trick to deprive the Roman People of all its capabilities, rights, aspirations and self-esteem. Global plutocratization escapes the law, which is the foundation of any Republic. Once that is in place, you will not even have the time to kiss democracy goodbye.
I hope this answer in more details’ Paul Handover from, recent query:
Paul: “I think I read in one of your recent posts that, on balance, you are in favour of Pres. Trump. Could you articulate that in more detail? (And I’m not taking a position here. Just trying to become more informed from someone, I suspect, knows a whole lot more about American politics that I.)”
I was indeed involved with US presidential politics in connection with Obama… I got there from family history much older than Obama’s relationship with his wife. Obama meant well, but he couldn’t get any traction: didn’t know enough, and not nasty enough.
The only thing Obama was right on, and I was wrong was Space X. Obama believed in Musk, and I didn’t. This is no small potatoes: technology does not just drive civilization, it is its savior. One day it has to be, and this day has arrived: consider the CO2 problem. China has the greatest renewable energy park, and has been making recently the largest coal investments ever. Why? Well, because we don’t have miracle batteries yet (although Musk and others are trying their best; the world’s biggest battery company is Chinese…)… and because we don’t seem in any hurry to make hydrogen fusion work (although on that point Trump has been significantly better than Obama).
So Biden? It’s more of the same same old. Same old smoke and mirrors. Whatever we need,  we don’t need this.  Right now Trump is presiding over an unrecognizable US economy, where renters and mortgage holders don’t have to pay either rents or mortgages… Lenin would have been stunned that a capitalist president would make such changes… However it had already been the same story with the two Roosevelts.
One thing Lenin was deeply leery of was global plutocratization…. although US plutocrats such as the Harriman brothers, pillars of the Democratic party, developed the Baku oil for the USSR… And not just that. Lenin joked that the capitalists were so greedy, they would sell the rope to hang them with… But the Harrimans became (literally), Heroes of the Soviet Union… And they had the last laugh, playing Hitler against Stalin, and reciprocally.
Having sincere leaders is the least we can ask for.  With Biden we get a huge lie, and it already shows so much, even the New York Times is starting to see it. It is a charming progress that the New York Times is coming close to admit that this is so. meanwhile, all those progressives who want to be stabbed in the back one more time, have the option to vote for the most professional politician in Washington, Biden Junior, son of Biden Senior, son of Biden…
Is this Saudi Arabia?
Patrice Ayme



P/S: Ricchetti started his career at the same time as Biden, around 1982… After three years in government, or so, using the so-called “Revolving Door”, which should be the Revolting Door, he came to be in charge of “Congress Communications” for a large private company. Stealth was essential. NYT on Steve Ricchetti:

“Mr. Ricchetti — a self-effacing fixer likely to occupy a top position if Mr. Biden is elected — personifies the prevalence of influence industry veterans in Mr. Biden’s orbit that concerns progressives.

He rose to prominence as a liaison to the Senate under President Bill Clinton. He left the White House in 1995 and opened a lobbying shop where he specialized in health care, with a goal, a person close to him said, of getting back into government once he had set up his family financially.

He was recruited to return to the White House in 1998 by the then-White House chief of staff, John D. Podesta. Mr. Ricchetti sold his firm to Mr. Podesta’s brother Tony, until recently one of the town’s best-known lobbyists.

In 2001, after Mr. Clinton left office, Mr. Ricchetti opened a new boutique lobbying firm, Ricchetti Inc.”

Covering Up Susan Rice’s Congenital Deep State Connections

July 30, 2020

Considering that dozens of millions of mail-in ballots will be sent before the first presidential debate (supposing there is one), there is a high probability that Biden will be elected [1]. As Biden indicated he would serve just one term, his VP has a high probability to become president. Kamala Harris is anti-progressive, a will-to-power machine. But Susan Rice is a global plutocratic, that is, satanic pawn, a living depiction of what is wrong with the world Davos oligarchy… Yes at least five million died in Congo, and Rice has everything to do with it.

Biden claims to embrace the progressive agenda, instead of China and plutocracy, as he used to. Wonderful. Only the naive and, or, senile will believe this. It will be all smoke and mirrors… Not to say it will not be an improvement over Trump, especially with green energy. But the great danger is that global plutocracy, headed by the Big Tech Thieves, goes back to the status quo ante, as found under Obama.

Hopefully, Biden will embrace the disingenuous, power hungry Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is no Obama: she wants power, for herself, she is not pushed into it by CIA (like) operatives (as Obama was). She does what she wants. She is no progressive. Anything to reach the top. She was girl friend to who was long the most powerful politician in California, Willie Brown (who is indeed brown verging on black). Kamala will do anything for power (including uttering pseudo-progressives inanities such as all illegal immigrants getting free health care… while US born citizens are ruined by it…) She lied about busing (Kamala was bused from wealthy are to wealthy area; my own daughter, not bused, is schooled in the dirt poor area two miles west…)

Wall Street and the like are scared of Kamala: from their point of view she is a loose cannon, and she will make sure she becomes president… somebody who thinks by herself, that makes her dangerous: what if Black Lives Matter and its dangerous radical halo, including “Bernie Bros” are still kicking around when she is president, and she decides to go with the flow… instead of doing discreetly what is necessary (as was dine with Occupy Wall Street)?

Clown Clinton and war criminal Kagame (left). Rise served in Clinton’s National Security Council (NSC) from 1993 to 1997 (as director for international organizations and peacekeeping from 1993 to 1995, and as special assistant to the president and senior director for African affairs from 1995 to 1997); and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1997 to 2001

What the establishment wants is Ms Rice. Because she knows that the establishment knows where the bodies are buried and she buried them herself. Never elected, always empowered, she has been groomed to be a (global) plutocratic operator from birth. Arguably both war criminals, Biden, co-invader of Iraq, and Rice, co-invader of Congo, have deep afinities…

Ms Rice wrote an email to herself in the last few minutes of the Obama administration. The email memorialized the meeting about Russia and Trump two weeks after it happened, claiming Obama wanted to be sure “every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities ‘by the book.’” “The president stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective,” the email continued. “He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.” She was told to write that email, it turns out.

Recent articles in the self-declared “liberal” press (truly a tool of international kleptocracy) scrupulously forget Susan Rice’s work for, and with, an impressive panoply of dictators. … To insure the procurement of precious minerals for the high tech industry… Articles in the new York Times fail to mention that Ms. Rice is a power structure heir: her father sat on the Federal Reserve board. Hence the high responsibilities jobs she was offered at a very young age. Nor do the articles mention the deep, affectionate and numerous ties of Ms. Rice with several African dictators [2]. Ms. Rice was on the payroll of the Rwandan dictator Kagame, for many years, acting as his publicist. Finally her investment in companies bringing Canadian tar sand oil to the US, in the millions of dollars, is not mentioned, either. This happened while she served in the Obama administration.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Sending mail-in ballots more than a month before the election should be illegal, unconstitutional…


[2] Rice refused to ask the US trained pet and dictator Paul Kagame of Rwanda to stop his war in Congo. This was thoroughly documented by the NYT even nearly a decade ago. The NYT also let an Ethiopian activist criticize Rice’s adoration of the late Meles Zenawi, dictator of Ethiopia.

Rice, an Africa manipulation specialist, invested in young, progressive-seeming operatives such as Kagame, Zenawi and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda. And kept on sticking with them when they turned out to be not so progressive after all… but instead bloody, war mongering tyrants.Even the NYT reported that Rice watered down a United Nations resolution condemning Kagame’s support for Congo’s M23 rebels, whose recent invasion of Goma, the major eastern Congo city, was internationally condemned. Even the so-called “liberal” press had to admit that Kagame had been a personal client of hers at Intellibridge, a Washington consultancy Rice worked for during George W Bush’s presidency.

FRANKLIN DC: Change The Name Of The Capital Of The US to “FRANKLIN”.

June 12, 2020

Washington was a systematic racist, who, propelled by greed, invaded entire countries. Time to expose his cover-up by revealing his criminal guiles. Rename the Capital City of the USA!

Why teenie-tiny ridiculous small symbolic changes of obscure places? Master some fortitude, and Go the Whole Way! Washington, in more ways than one, is the very symbol of institutionalized racism at the service of personalized greed. A much better name offers itself: FRANKLIN. 

Pelosi, much admired corrupt politician-plutocrat, war criminal, idol of fake left fronting for real plutocracy, came on TV with her plastered, great white shark of a smile, and surprise, surprise, recommended changing the historical names of many major US military bases, such as Fort Bragg and Fort Lee. Changing those names associated with slavery will fight “systemic racism”. Right. But why stop there?

Among the Founding Fathers, two, at least, were notorious slave owners: Washington and Jefferson. Jefferson, while US ambassador to France (he had succeeded to Franklin), was told, by the French Ancien Regime police, that he couldn’t keep slaves while in France, he had to free them, pay them a living wage, and let them go if they so wished. Some of these slaves were just children and he was sexually abusing them. They pondered staying in France. Jefferson promised to free them, when back in the USA. He lied. 

Washington managed 317 slaves, yes, 317, more than three hundred slaves at his Mount Vernon property alone. Washington refused the pressing, continual, multi-year entreaties of his friend French general Lafayette to entice him to propose the Abolition of Slavery. As Washington owed his victory to Lafayette, his resistance was remarkable. Washington confessed that his refusal to let go of his slaves was because he made a lot of money from his slaves. Excellent answer! One can’t argue with such towering greed. 

A WORTHY THINKER, Ben Franklin, circa 1770: American statesman, scientist and philosopher Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790). (Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images)

Ona Judge, a slave of Washington’s wife Martha was of mixed background: her father. Mr. Judge, was white. Born a slave of Martha, she was not taught how to read and write. After she learned that she, and her children would stay a slave, even after the death of George and Martha, she fled the presidential mansion in Philadelphia. Ona Judge died at age seventy-five, on February 25, 1848 in Greenland, New Hampshire. Attesting to the systemic ferocity of the US “justice”, at the time of her death Ona Judge was still not legally a free person; she is not mentioned in Washington’s 1799 will. She and her children stayed slaves. She spent her entire life as a fugitive, evading Washington’s agents, and those of his successor estate. Something similar happened with Washington’s famous cook, Hercules, who also escaped, never to be found again.


Many always want to erase symbols of the past, presumably so that we can relive history, as slaves: 

The correct way to do history is to teach what happened, all of what happened, and why it could have been vastly different, with small tweaks… Bringing down the statues, and forgetting any notion of what happened which was immoral, is exactly how not how to do it: this is Islamist State style action philosophy of history… Pretend the past never happened, so one can repeat it. If one removed any symbol of the exploitation of man by man, museums would be mostly empty, as they are full of them, since mostly only tyrants and their servants had the means of celebrating themselves and their pets. 

Instead of just removing persons, or symbols, one should engrave at their bottom what’s wrong with that person, or symbol. Let me give an example.


Louis XIV was a disaster France, and the world, are still recovering from… Don’t erase it from memory! Teach it!

I cordially hate and despise Louis XIV of France. But I want others to learn about all he did wrong, and why, and how… It’s interesting: it reflects possible, scary futures. And so would Louis have wanted, in the end, when he realized he had been wrong all along about war (we know this from his last words, dying from gangrene; as he was talking to his grandson, Louis XV, in spite of the stench, and maybe because of the stench, Louis XV would never forget, hence the loss of Canada, and then the revenge of the US War Of Independence). 

So I detest Louis XIV: he made France from the European superpower, into a fatally wounded beast, full of Catholicism, like he was full of gangrene. But would I want to erase Les Invalides, Versailles, and the dozens of forts Louis left behind? That would be a crime against the inheritance of humanity and a grave error. 

Instead one should teach Louis XIV correctly, in full, focusing on why all of Europe in a grand coalition against him. That would focus attention on this crime against humanity, the euphemistically named “Révocation de L’Edit de Nantes”, and its “Dragonnades”. Not quite Nazi Holocaust against the Jews, but nearly all the way there (so Louis XIV is actually a pathfinder for Hitler; if Louis could do it, why not Adolf?) 

Correctly studying the history of Louis XIV has not been done, yet. Thus, Louis XIV criminal propaganda is still alive and well.


So what to do with the renaming of names?

In Europe, capitals such as Paris, Rome and London have names more than 2,000 years old. Paris, which the Romans called Lutetia for three centuries, returned to its name from the ancient local tribe of the Parisii, during the Late Roman empire.

New York started as “New Angouleme”, then “New Amsterdam”… But George Washington city? Why? Because Washington went to war to steal Indian lands in the Ohio Valley (fighting the French and committing crimes against humanity in the process), so that he is a perfect symbol of all what’s wrong with systemic, inhuman greed?

Franklin persuaded the entire French plutocracy to finance the US Revolution, and got France to declare war to the United Kingdom, when the American Independence cause looked doomed. France would be in the war for 5 years, until victory. However, the war, worth around 5 trillion 2020 dollars, ruined France… And the US didn’t reimburse one dime. In conjunction with a bad volcanic eruption of Laki in Iceland, this ushered the French Revolution

The case of general Washington is outrageous. Right, he won the War of Independence (initially engineered by the French monarchy and revanchards). But the US would have become independent anyway (just like Canada, but earlier, being eleven times bigger). In the greater scheme of things, the US War of Independence was greatly a French belated retort to her defeat in the Seven Years (World) War of 1756-1763… The latter war was partly lost from Voltaire’s aggressive, anti-French pacifism (Britain went all out to fight the war, leveraging the central bank with a vengeance, France didn’t; Voltaire told his friend the King, and everybody worthy in France, declaration after declaration, that Canada was “only a few acres of snow…”).

As I said, why France lost in 1756-1763 is intimately tied to her losing the wars at the end of Louis XIV’’s dictatorship. Hence Louis’ throwing out the Protestants, also threw out France’s future… Although Protestantism, reform started there five centuries before Luther (yes, exactly in 1026 CE in north-west France, and the church got two dozens of their opponents burned alive)… So nothing was more French than Protestantism. But was Louis XIV really French? After all, his mother was Austrian, and she prevented very deliberately, switching to a Republic during La Fronde. So Louis’ excess of Frenchitude, may just have been the grasping for straws, of one who wanted to show that he was more French than the French… Similar, once again, to the Austrian mongrel Hitler who wanted to prove to the Germans he was more German than the Germans… by killing ten million of them… 

Naturally, French Protestants included much, if not most, of the brightest part of France (quite a bit the same effect as with the Jews: as they were hounded and in conflict, they had to justify their on-going existence as distinctive by achieving said superiority; that sort of effect was long operative in the nobility, and enabled it to justify its own existence). Once ejected out of France, the French Protestants wanted to destroy the tyrant, Louis, who had tortured them, and stolen their future. All correct french textbooks of the period, should contain special Louis XIV barf bags… 

These deductions are not made by historians, especially not historians of the French persuasion. Like most of those who eat crumbs, professionally, they want to eat, and a roof, and positive repute, so they don’t want to irritate their masters.  

To come back to the initial subject, the case that Washington is not to be adulated too much anymore is strong. Look at France: down ever more, and the admiration for Louis and Napoleon, those criminals against humanity, and strategic cretins, has much to do with it. Only the enemies of France, and civilization, should celebrate them. Right, they are legions.


French Canada Model: Greet, Trade and Civilize. Washington’s Model: Greed, Invasion, and Slavery:

At the time, many European individuals, desirous to enjoy the much better life of the new World, sold themselves in “Indentured Servitude”, a form of slavery (in Greco-Roman antiquity, selling oneself in slavery was common). So there were graduation in slavery in the Anglo colony.

French Canada didn’t allow slavery, but it was a completely different sort of colony, founded on trading peacefully with the Natives, and “Mission Civilisatrice”. 


George Washington, or the Institutionalization of Systemic Slavery:

Washington’s support of slavery was very personal and very greedy… just because he wanted to stay the wealthiest man north of the Rio Grande. Washington penetrated the Ohio Valley to conduct real estate grabs. Caught, he had to recognize in writing to the French during those “French and Indian Wars” (as the short sighted US sees the 7 year war…) that he was a war criminal (for having executed three dozen French prisoners)…

Washington had learned real estate grabbing by mentoring from Lord Fairfax, who owned the north of Virginia. Here is typical sample of his activities:

“George Washington, Dr. James Craik, his personal physician, and surveyor William Crawford spent nine weeks beginning in October 1770 surveying the 20000 acres that he had been awarded for his service in the French and Indian Wars. Always seeking to obtain the best lands for the least investment, this was an opportunity that Washington was determined not to lose. He “felt an acute sense of urgency, since settlers were already flocking to the Ohio and Great Kanawha rivers, and he feared they might preempt the most productive soil. He also got wind of a huge scheme by English investors to obtain 2.5 million acres and inaugurate a new colony, Vandalia, whose borders might further curtail the bounty lands…

Historian John E. Ferling noted that as “Washington was putting together his second team for the Great Kanawha, he received even more disconcerting news. Shortly after he returned from the Virginia convention sessions in Richmond, one of his old soldiers from his frontier days dropped by Mount Vernon bearing the tale that [British] Governor Dunmore was about to disallow all the land grants previously made to the colony’s veterans of the French and Indian War… Washington listened with disbelief. He could lose twenty-three thousand acres! He immediately contacted the governor, adducing evidence and entreating the executive’s beneficence. But Dunmore dryly responded that if Crawford was not properly certified ‘the patents will of consequence be declared null and void.

Washington’s land holdings clearly affected his political outlook – first regarding England, and later regarding the United States. Washington thought big and thought about the implications of thinking big. Glenn A. Phelps wrote that Washington’s “extensive land-holdings in the West, as well as his frequent surveying expeditions to the frontier, had placed him within a circle of Virginia politicians with somewhat more enterprising, expansionist, westward-looking interests than their tidewater brethren.”

In other words, George Washington should become the symbol of all what’s wrong with the SYSTEMIC GREED, RACISM and ANTI-HUMANISM which characterized the US ever since. That he is generally viewed as one of the three best US presidents only add to that systemic error. 


Franklin, Authentic Genius, Humanist: 

Franklin is a much better model than the hopelessly compromised Washington. Yes, he owned slaves, but only two, George and King, who were personal servants. Franklin led an abolitionist organization for the last ten years of his life

Franklin is doubly rare creature, an authentic American intellectual of civilizational weight, a real genius, and also an authentic intellectual who implemented practical progress (both in Europe and America).

The Declaration of Independence was signed by Franklin and others. HOWEVER, Franklin is the only Founding Father who signed all the founding documents of the USA. Benjamin Franklin was appointed minister to France in 1778, John Jay was appointed minister to Spain in 1779 and John Adams to Holland in 1780. Admired by the French for his experiments with electricity, inventions and for his homiristic, charming and humble personality, Franklin was a natural choice as ambassador. Franklin was the first official diplomat and ambassador to the 13 colonies.

War began, thanks greatly to French agents operating in America, who excited against Britain. On 4 December 1777, word reached Benjamin Franklin at Versailles that Philadelphia had fallen and that Burgoyne had surrendered. Two days later, Louis XVI assented to negotiations for an official alliance.The treaty was signed on 6 February 1778, and France declared war on Britain one month later, with hostilities beginning with naval skirmishes off Ushant in June, notably the Action of 17 June 1778. George III did not welcome a war with France, but he was “prepared” for it. The king believed he had tried to avoid the conflict, but “France chooses to be the Aggressor“, and Britain had taken “all the steps necessary if it should end in war“. George III was “prepared” for armed conflict with the French by remembering British victories over that Bourbon power in the Seven Years’ War.

However, then Britain had launched, and paid European powers to fight France, notably Prussia. It was not the case this time, and confronted by France alone, Britain lost. The war would last five years and finish with a Franco-American victory.

Between 1778 and 1782 France kept providing the Continental Army with arms, more than 90% of the cartridges, ammunition, troops, uniforms and naval support. That was Franklin’s work, to a great extent.


The inability of Washington to reach any semblance of post-Roman moral clarity relative to the exploitation of man by man is striking: slavery had been outlawed in France more than eleven centuries earlier (655CE), and reinstituted in the English American colony in 1619 CE (as I always remind readers; now even the NYT has embraced the notion…)

People are going around, looking for “institutionalized racism”. Where is it? Well, fist, in the name of the capital city, that of a major slave owner, who had it in his hands to at least try to imitate what had been done in France, eleven centuries earlier. As the Imperium Francorum dominated Europe then, the outlawing of slavery was imposed on all of Western Europe, outside of Muslim invade areas and Britain. However, by the end of the Eleventh Century, the Franks had liberated much of Europe, all the way to Sicily, and slavery was outlawed upon the invasion of England in 1066 CE.

Washington is not just hopelessly compromised, he is hopelessly compromising.

Having named the capital for him, is nothing to be proud of.

It’s not enough to not be a racist. One has to stop behaving as one. Changing the name of the capital to FRANKLIN will energize a conversation about how and why slavery was introduced to North America, and what it did to the American mind, to become so systemic. 

Patrice Ayme





Nota bene, slavery was outlawed after the Secession War. Yet, while the question of slavery was one of the causes of the SW, it was not the only one. Several dynamic imbalances between north and south played a role. In any case, the war was savage, and one of the worst civil wars ever in the history of all civilizations, and represents nothing to be proud of.  The US should have been able to find a more civilized way out of systemic racism, than to kill a million people, or so, 3% of the population (10 or 15 times, relative to population what the French “Terror” killed… but the Terror was propelled, and part of, a huge attack and conspiracy against France by all the plutocratic powers of Europe) … especially as it didn’t just changing from a form of racism which disadvantaged the north to one which looked more benign: factories of the South manned by slaves had proven at a competitive advantage to factories of the north where workers were treated like slaves (this fact is ignored; I read the study in Science magazine; looked very well done).     

Why We Need First Degree Murder Charges For The Assassins Of Mr. Floyd 

June 1, 2020

The independent autopsy report on the death of George Lloyd came out:”mechanical asphyxia and interruption of blood flow to the brain”. That was confirmed by the County Examiner roughly at the same time: homicide. Two independent studies, same conclusion. Three police officers sat on the victim, one on the neck, cutting carotid flow to the brain. In my opinion, the officer who sat on the back is probably even more culprit than the one on the neck, as he prevented diaphragm expansion.  

Now George pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. Spectators also pleaded. However the officers kept on smothering him. Here are George Floyd’s last words:

Deliberate Infliction Of Torture And Death

First-degree murder:

Any intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought

Once one is told: because of your action, I can’t breathe, and I am going to die, they are going to kill me, and one persists, even for nearly three minutes after perceiving no pulse, and informing all the officers that there was no pulse, one is certainly premeditating death, maliciously. Actually “pressing” was a recognized form of execution in Anglo-Saxon countries in the past. And it worked just like that. According to the New York Times, Mr. Floyd said at least 16 times in five minutes:”I can’t breathe!“.

Conclusion: this was premeditated murder. The assassins had plenty of time to realize they were killing the victim, and persisted. 

The Minneapolis chief of police considers the other ex-officers are accomplice of murder too.

Clearly at least two of the officers, whose actions killed, one white, the other “non-white”, should be charged with first degree murder. 

Some could say that I am throwing gasoline on the fire. Yes, well, the truth always lights a fire below obsolete perceptions of reality.  

Protest peacefully, they order us to. But you know what? Only protests which make a system unsustainable work well enough, to change the system. So if one really wants change, radicalism is where it’s at.

Patrice Ayme 

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