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Did Biden Just Tell Putin To Attack Ukraine? That Would Make Sense: The US Deep State Loves Wars In Europe! Yet, It Would Be Better To Deter Putin…

January 21, 2022

On Wednesday 1/20/2022, US President Biden told a news conference that Mr Putin would pay a “serious and dear price” for invading Ukraine, but also indicated that it will depend on how Russia went about it. Maybe, after all, there would be… no price. That would be nice for the hundreds of millions of Europeans who depend upon the astounding quantities of liquids and gas that farting Russia provides them with.  Europe gets 40% of its gas, and 25% of its oil, from Russia (2022)… making all too many powerful Russians feel indispensable, and their ways, splendid.

What you’re going to see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does,” Biden said. “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do etc.

Thus Biden said that a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine could make “we end up having a fight” with European allies about the appropriate response! Those comments flustered European leaders with their suggestion of divisions that could further embolden the aggressive imperialist, Mr. Putin

Biden, logic, and proper sentence constructing are different concepts… Biden also predicted that Mr Putin will “move in” to Ukraine anyway. To make sure that Putin got the hint, Biden said, speaking of Putin:”He has to do something!” Full sentence: “I’m not so sure he has, he’s certain what he’s going to do. My guess is he will move in. He has to do something.

Democratically elected Ukraine president Zelensky replied in a tweet: “There are no minor incursions. Just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones.”

Hey dictator Putin, Uncle Joe told you to do something! Remember Yalta, and before that, when Uncle Sam saved th skin of Uncle Joe? The other Joe, Stalin…

It’s freezing hard now in Ukraine… Finally… And Biden just gave the green light… For Putin’s “minor incursion“… Biden will apply minor sanctions, he hinted, thus, in practice, egging Putin on to attack… All that Putin worries about is to be able to sell his liquids and gas to Europe. Nothing else counts… relative to the great purpose of reconstituting imperial Russia… At its peak.

The US Deep State, a form of subconscious, and breathing or partying together, and also a business, the biggest business of them all, has long profited from wars in Europe. Starting in 1914-1918, then 1939-1945. The US was ambivalent: on June 1, 1914, Colonel House, right hand man of president Wilson, proposed a “racial” alliance to the Kaiser… against France!

As the world war started, US plutocrats provided to the Kaiser and his goons what they needed to pursue the war, while accumulating great profits… by breaking the Franco-British sea blockade. The short term profit motive was engaged, naturally. But the basic fact is that, while the two leading democracies, France and Britain, were fighting for their survival after being assaulted by the racist German dictatorship, US plutocrats were busy making a fortune from it, and the US government was betraying not just its allies and fellow democracies, but its parents and creators. In 1914-1917, the US was committing parricide, and again during the elaboration of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, and again in 1939-1941… 

In 1939, 1940, even 1941, US plutocrats profited from countless deals with Hitler. Prescot Bush quit his position as manager of “my most important war corporation” (dixit Hitler), only in August 1942. IBM leased his computer to the Reich throughout the war: IBM, managed from New York, had the monopoly of computing in the Reich. 

By 1945, all the victors were clients of the USA, depending on US big business to eat and reconstruct. 

Is this the US Deep State at work?. Once again? The US Deep State, made of countless universities, foundations, and businesses which live in symbiosis with the US government may, out of habit, believe that it would love another war in Europe…

But nowadays, things are different. Twentieth Century wars were mostly fought by proxies and drastically weakened European democracies… As intended by the US Deep State. Now the US can’t hide, and nuclear bombs could cause in the USA, in a few minutes, the sort of devastation which Poland (unsupported by the US in 1939-1945, and betrayed in 1945) suffered in World War Two. In World War Two around 20% of the Polish population was killed (including dozens of thousands of the Polish elite at the hand to the Soviets so admired by Putin). That was around six million people. In the USA, nowadays, that would mean 70 million killed… 

Now let’s be intellectually honest: the reason that the US Deep State betrayed France and Britain, its parents, and the leading democracies in 1914-1917 and 1939-1941 were multiple. There was, of course, the question that the USA was then a racist country (remember the work of MLK and the Kennedys, and even LBJ, to correct that, in the 1960s). Germany was racist, so the US, or at least its white leading classes, had great empathy for racist Prussianized Germany. More fundamentally even, the USA hoped to displace the European empire… as happened after 1945.

Now the latter point has been achieved, with America First and Amerika Uber Alles… The domineering instinct is still here, and pretty grotesque sometimes: consider the abrogation of Australian contracts with France in submarines and helicopters, under America First Biden. However, the US is only 350 million people, and Europe is closer to 600 million (excluding Russia, which is 146 million).

However, realism implies that the USA should make a strong alliance with NATO (30 countries; 945 million people…) and the European influence zone. Indeed to NATO one has to add the ex-European ex-empires (Commonwealth, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) which share lots of values in common (consider for example Brazil, and all the Americas…) So the time of abuse and Americanization in the guise of decolonization should be over. As Biden himself pointed out many times, a conflict between (representative) democracy and dictatorships is looming. A conflict between open, democratic societies and closed, fascist oligarchies.

Putin and his goons, Xi and his politburo, plus their propaganda machines are claiming,and have apparently persuaded themselves that the “West” is corrupt, weak and degenerating. They confuse the severe critique of progressives such as yours truly, with the superiority of their fascism… forgetting that one of the main arguments is the alliance of Western plutocrats with Russian and Chinese autocracies… The same maneuver of outrageous alliance of Western plutocrats with fascists as in 1914-1917 and 1933-1945 (IBM had the monopoly of computing with, and for, the Nazis, until 1945…) 

So we have seen it before… Actually the fascist Lenin got the military alliance with the fascist Kaiser going as early as 1916… Lenin even joked about his alliance with the “capitalists”, aka plutocrats… “they are so greedy they would sell you the rope to hang them with“… The Harrimans would develop the Baku oil fields which enabled the USSR to defeat the Nazis…

Being persuaded of the weakness of democracy, because democracy argues with itself, was the mistake the Achaemenids Persians already made… As Persia discovered at Marathon, then Salamis and Platea… Among other enlightening battles… The Kaiser, and then Hitler, made the same mistake. Putin and Xi are repeating it presently.

Putin will understand one thing well, and only one: the inability to win. For several weeks, the ground in Ukraine was muddy. Then it became harder, but it snowed a lot and visibility was no good: what is the point of having aerial superiority, when one cannot see from the air?

Ukraine should be given anti-aircraft means, ASAP. To be able to defend itself. United Nations law recognizes the right to self-defense (and the right to help those who self-defend).

Because, after Ukraine, if a dictator is left to conquer it, in the name of ethnic purity, same as Hitler in 1936-1939, it will be the rest. And when the “West” threatens to switch to carbon free energy sources, Putin and, or his cultural successor(s) will be faced with the same dilemma as the Kaiser and his goons in 1912-1914: time was a wasting asset, militarily… Nothing to lose, let’s use it now. Having killed, poisoned, terrorized or jailed all his opponents, Putin, or his psychological successor(s) will have nothing to lose… Putin and, or, his goons just threatened the West with another Cuban missile crisis. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the deployment’s possibility of nuclear missiles to Venezuela and Cuba “depends on the actions by our US counterparts”. This is a silly bluff, but indicative of a seriously delusional mindset in the Kremlin relative to the gullibility of the Western population. 

Patrice Ayme

Russian tanks deploying in Putin Occupied Crimea, Tuesady 18 January, 2022:

“We know that there are plans in place to increase that [Russian] force even more on very short notice, and that gives President Putin the capacity, also on very short notice, to take further aggressive action against Ukraine,” US Sec of State Blinken said on 1/20/2022.

Nota Bene: In an article the New York considered consequences of Biden’s “minor incursion” proposal.

Biden Strengthens Words on Ukraine After Flustering European Partners

After the president laid bare divisions over Russian meddling in Ukraine, his administration scrambled to get on the same page with European allies.

Michael Crowley and 

BERLIN — President Biden on Thursday strengthened his warning to Russia about a potential attack on Ukraine, saying that any movement of Russian units across the Ukrainian border would be taken as an invasion, a day after the president triggered alarm in European capitals with his suggestion of divisions among allies.

I sent a first comment, critical of the US Deep State misadvising Biden, which was censored… and then, understanding that my critique of the Deep State had been censored, I sent a second comment, which was also censored. Here it is:

The US profited from WW1 and WW2 in several ways… in both cases intervening too late to enable the democracies to nip in the bud the fascist violations of civilization. 


Cynics could argue that it could well be a US tradition to favor war in Europe, hence the trial balloon of the “minor incursion”. Or maybe it was not a trial balloon?


This, that US institutions do not look too unfavorably to war in Europe, is a subject which is very hard to evoke in the US cultural sphere. One is immediately considered a “conspiracy theorist”. However, the fact is clear that, after 1945, the US displaced Europe. Worldwide. Yalta was also very clear: over the objections of France (not invited) and Britain (invited but furious), the US administration decided to give half of Europe to Stalin (then an accord was made by the dying FDR with Ibn Saud) . 


Fortunately Biden seems inclined to express solidarity with democratic Europe, this time… It’s not the Suez crisis of 1956, when the USSR invaded Hungary, killing 40,000+, and threatening London and Paris with atom bombing while the US was condemning France and Britain in the UN General Assembly (yes, amazing, but it can be readily checked).


So Biden slipped, and corrected himself the next day… The main problem remains, though, that Europe depends energetically upon Russia. And the worst is that this will not stop: Putin makes no mystery that he would be happy to reconquer the entire Russian empire at its maximal extent (“USSR”)… 


I view this sort of censorship as extremely despicable, and I claim that it should be unlawful. Who elected Mr. Erlanger and Crowley to adjudicate the level of thinking and knowledge the general population should be exposed to? Who, what, authorize them to force the level of considerations they hold, barely higher than gossip, to be the limit of what the population should be exposed. Or then, as agents of US plutocracy, how come do they get also support from the government and thus taxpayers, with the special prerogatives they have, as journalists?

In particular, unelected censors Erlanger and Crowley block the apparition of the concept of “Deep State“… Also known as “established, institutionalized plutocracy“. Since they are employees of it, and its existence depends upon not being noticed, and not being theorized about… There is a clear ethical conflict.


Want to prevent further invasion by dictator Putin? Send anti-aircraft missiles discreetly right away, by executive order!

Insurrection Derangement Syndrome… Not An Insurrection

January 7, 2022

The only death caused by the January 6 demonstration was that of a combat veteran lady, a Trump supporter. She was unarmed, and, without warning, and without a warning shot, she was shot in the throat, by an armed guard, while she tried to go through a door with a window. Ashli Babbitt, 35, an Air Force veteran, died a slow death on the ground, drenched in flowing blood and bewildered.

Propagandists claim there were 5 deaths in what they call an “insurrection“, but that’s a true lie: the deaths happened among this huge crowd, but they were causally unrelated to the demonstration (an officer who was in the riot died that night of an unrelated natural cause, an autopsy showed)… And this was not an “insurrection” but rather a parody of an insurrection… in other terms, a vast joke. Fortunately most of the Capitol Police understood this. An insurrection requires a plot. The only plot found so far is that the chain of command from Speaker Pelosi decided to not use enough police to defend the US Capitol, an isolated gigantic building on a hill, up impressive stairs, deliberately so (see addendum). 

By way of comparison, rioters were never able to breach the French National Assembly or Senate, although they are much harder to defend inside Paris, and the riots have been much more violent there (one in the 1960s related to the Franco-Algerian civil war, killed more than 100). Why? Because enough police was used. The only time the Assembly and Senate fell was during a real insurrection, the Commune, in 1871. (A famous leader of the Commune, Louise Michel, was sent to New Caledonia later…)

By violent demonstrations standards, January 6 was a nothing burger. I have been in violent demonstrations, they are something else entirely. Flying molotov cocktails, fires, smothering smoke, police charges, beatings, tear gas, concussion grenades… Consider what just happened in Kazakhstan, with dozens dead, and shot to kill orders from the president… Even Kazakhstan is not yet an insurrection… Just very violent demonstrations by a legitimately angry population.

I was also, as a child in a country during an attempted coup (Senegal) and later lived in state-of-siege countries, or dictatorships (Iran, Peru, Bolivia). 

On January 6, 2021, A half naked guy with buffalo horn, carrying the US flag invaded an empty chamber in US Congress, followed by an armed police officer who asked him when he intended to leave (he got 41 months in prison, the most of any rioters). Viewing that as an insurrection, comparing it to Pearl Harbor or The Holocaust (as grandees of the “Democratic” Party just did, January 6, 2022, see below) is Insurrection Derangement Syndrome (ISD)

Gentlemen having an explanation and debate, as should be the case in the house of democracy. Notice that the police officer on the left is fully armed. The so-called “insurgents” in sight are rotting in jail in the last year. A federal judge sentenced Jacob Chansley, the Capitol rioter known as the “QAnon Shaman,” above with the horns, to 41 months in prison on Wednesday –
Prior to his sentencing, Chansley spoke at length about his time in solitary confinement and his respect for Jesus and Gandhi. He was not, he said, a violent criminal or an insurrectionist.
U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth told Chansley he was moved by his statement of contrition, but that he was unable to justify a downward departure from the sentencing guidelines for the obstruction charge Chansley pleaded guilty to.
“I guess the basic problem I have, in considering a departure downward, is that, although you have evolved in your thinking in many ways, what you did here was horrific. Obstructing the government… is so serious that I cannot justify a downward departure,” Lamberth said. “You made yourself the center of the riot.”

Technically, the demonstrators slowed down the “certification” of the election, one of several ridiculous and obsolete mechanisms related to the US presidential election…

Patrice Ayme


“Certain dates echo throughout history,” US Vice President Harris said. “Including dates that instantly remind all who have lived them where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault. Dates that occupy not only a place on our calendar but a place in our collective memory. Dec. 7, 1941, Sept. 11, 2001, and Jan. 6, 2021.

Harris said that the rioters that day sought to attack “the institutions, the values, the ideals that generations of Americans have marched, picketed, and shed blood to establish and defend. On Jan. 6 we all saw what our nation would look like if the forces who seek to dismantle our democracy are successful: the lawlessness, the violence, the chaos…


Biden: “The Bible tells us that we shall know the truth, and the truth shall make us free.  We shall know the truth.

Well, here is the God’s truth about January 6th, 2021:

Close your eyes.  Go back to that day.  What do you see? Rioters rampaging, waving for the first time inside this Capitol a Confederate flag that symbolized the cause to destroy America, to rip us apart.

Even during the Civil War, that never, ever happened.  But it happened here in 2021.

What else do you see?  A mob breaking windows, kicking in doors, breaching the Capitol.  American flags on poles being used as weapons, as spears…..” 


An “insurrection” it was not, but a security failure, certainly. And who is responsible? The Congress Speaker’s Office, who is the “top of command” (the US president is not).

Former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund has attested that before Jan. 6 he approached House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving about obtaining the assistance of National Guard troops on the day the electoral votes were to be counted, but Mr. Irving said he was concerned about “optics.” Mr. Sund says that during the violence he again urgently asked for troops, but help was delayed because Mr. Irving said he “needed to run it up the chain of command.” Mr. Irving disputes this version of events. One obvious way to settle it is to examine documents, and the Capitol Police have produced theirs to the House Administration Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Capitol complex.

But the House sergeant-at-arms and chief administrative officer—both of whom report to Mrs. Pelosi—have steadfastly refused to produce anything to HAC. Likewise, the House general counsel has stonewalled requests. The speaker’s office controls Capitol security decisions—as evidenced by Mrs. Pelosi’s decrees on fencing or magnetometers or National Guard troops—and any authetic investigation would start by looking at her office’s briefings and involvement in Jan. 6 security—as the top of that “chain of command.” But the Jan 6 com. of the so-called “Democrats”… does not. Instead it produced hundreds of documents from the White House, showing no connection whatsoever with the Shaman and his horns… or any of his hirsute colleagues…

Confusing Fundamental Research in Biotech And Greed, The Biden Administration Is.

November 10, 2021

 The Biden administration argues that, because the US government (under Trump) wisely gave ten billion dollars to the biotech startup MODERNA for researching and developing its successful COVID mRNA vaccine, and because US government scientists employed by NIH collaborated at some point in some ways with MODERNA scientists, the US government co-owns the MODERNA Patent. Weirdly. Biden and company have asked MODERNA to share its technology with the world. MODERNA has applied for a US Patent, but has also said it would not assert its patent rights. MODERNA has 20 billion dollars of contracts with various governments for vaccine deliveries at this very moment for 2022. mRNA vaccines are expensive to produce at this point, and cost up to 20 more to produce than simpler cold virus based vaccines such as the J&J or AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine [1]…

mRNA vaccines are sci-fi tech, but they do not penetrate the nucleus, differently from other vaccines… That makes them lighter on the body, so to speak, but also make the immunity they provide less sturdy than the one provided by vaccines using cold viruses as carrier of the adverse spike proteins…

There is major confusion between foundations and applications in the case of asking Moderna to pay for fundamental research made, or not, by NIH scientists.

One has to distinguish fundamental research, mostly motivated by the thirst for knowledge, and applied research, greatly, or mostly, motivated by financial profit. Major countries fund fundamental research, precisely because it is not profitable. By definition of “fundamental”, that research is NOT for profit. A profit motive would mean, by definition, a shorter vision, thus defeating the search for foundations. . 

Aerospace companies in the US (and overseas) profited from NASA research. None paid back NASA. Institutions similar to NASA, or NIH, or NSF, NCAR, USGS, DOE, DARPA, DOD, HHS and their foreign peers have to depend upon government funding to guarantee their will to foundational research. French government financed scientists discovered optical pumping (lasers!) and mRNA. There was no cash pay-back. No cash payback was anticipated, none given. The inventions of the , masers, lasers, and mRNA vaccines, among other things, are payback enough.

To insist on a payback for fundamental research is to guarantee a switch from foundational research to for-profit research, something which defeats the mission.

The most expensive government research adventure is ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, financed by 35 governments (including US, EU, China). No pay back required in cash: the discovery itself is the compensation. Europe’s CERN, a fundamental physics organization, has 39 participants (including Russia and the US).

Humanity has to learn to not just be motivated by profit, but also by the pursuit of life, happiness, and curiosity. Saving lives should be rewarding enough.

So let startups be startups, fanaticized by greed and all-out investing: we need them too, to go from abstract knowledge to effective technology. An example is NASA, which was the first to land rockets (LEM on the Moon, later Delta rocket). NASA, paralyzed by analysis, limited budgets, and massive federal and local government interference, couldn’t made anything out of it. Elon Musk a South African greed fanatic of sorts, though, having inherited from his adventurously wealthy father, a no-holds barred approach, crashed all the rockets needed to succeed in the new craft of landing spacecrafts… Nobody believed it could be done, a fortiori profitably, but greed has its way that the past did not have. Now Musk’s Space X is colonizing the space economy…

When MODERNA launched, more than a decade ago, with its French CEO, nobody believed that its mission, using mRNA vaccines to fight cancer could work. Whereas NASA had demonstrated rocket landings in the 1960s, mRNA vaccines had failed in France (where mRNA was discovered) in the 1990s…

If we want mRNA technology to work, we better not destroy its pioneer… Biden may feel differently… But he should remember his beloved elder son Beau, an attorney, elected politician, and Iraq war veteran, died of an unstoppable brain tumor.

In 2010, Beau suffered a stroke, probably caused by a brain tumor. Three years after the stroke, while on vacation, Beau Biden was admitted to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston after suddenly feeling weak and disoriented. A small brain lesion was located and removed from his brain. He was subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer later in 2013. He underwent treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to combat the cancer.

Sadly, Beau died at 46 years old, in May 2015. It remains unclear exactly what took Beau’s life. There is still a question of whether it was a primary brain tumor (originating in the brain) or a secondary brain tumor (spreading from another place in the body). In normal times, all sorts of mechanisms, many immunological, deal with cancer cells. But some cancers are not destroyed, the immune system doesn’t recognize them as dangerous. This is what MODERNA’s mRNA approach wants to fix.

The mRNA approach will turn the human cells into factories to make more than one million proteins. We could even imagine some of these designed to carry some incapacitating factor, and going to glue themselves on cancer sells… Thus fabricating a defense system within…

Last, not least: the private sector is spending billions trying to develop Quantum Computing. However this research is entangled with governments’ public funding of research in the foundations of Quantum Mechanics over the last 125 years… This would be a crucial scientific advance, if it is made to work… But the corporations which spend these billions would be upset if they felt that the governments would ask for some payback, just because governments’ scientists cooperated with said corporations…

Yet, this kind of dreadful feeling is permeating all of biotech now: biotech stocks, that means their financing, are in a bear market, down a third in the average, ever since Biden and company made their ludicrous claims… In other words, investing in better health is way down. Way to go, Biden! You call that progress?

Patrice Ayme


[1] mRNA vaccines have been successful against Ebola. However, in the case of COVID cold virus based vaccines are more suitable for the poorest half of the world’s population: not only are they up to 20 times cheaper, but they also provide better long term immunity (latest research, November 2021…) 

Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.

September 21, 2021

France created the USA, as a republic, in the name of diversity, humanism and freedom… against the British plutocracy. But plutocracy, that force which wants to destroy civilization always, rears again…. 

Neo-con Biden intervened,  between France and Australia. A somber machination was revealed. Setting up some preconditions for World War Three… Breaking a treaty between France and Australia was an aggression and it hides much greater ones, past and future. The US Deep State’s mentality was born before the first English colony, four centuries ago (it trained to massacre in Ireland, with the same “West Country Men” who financed the English colony in America). The main mentality of the US Deep State knows only one principle: maximal exploitation… Sustainability be damned. To get there the US Deep State will lie, dissemble and stab in the back, as needed.   

Native Americans were in the way, of the progress towards greater greed, they got exterminated. European empires were in the way: they got terminated from a crafty instrumentalization of German imperial racism and plutocracy with timely and judicious US support thereof.

The cancellation of the Australia-France defense contract is more of the same: upon deep examination, all the reasons presented by the Anglo-Saxon side are lies. What is left, is the truth… and it is definitively disconcerting.

Basically the Anglo-Saxon side hinted that the French submarines were not good enough. However France was designing a class of AIP(Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, with added fuel cells, at the request of Australia… Because Australia did not want nuclear submarines… That class of subs made for Australia, the “Attack” was derived from the SSN (Sub Surface Nuclear) type Barracuda, the existing class being the Suffren. AIP submarines do not have to continually move high temperature water and steam, so they are more silent than nuclear submarines (!). They also can stay under water without surfacing for a month or so… The contract was signed in 2016…

Suddenly, without any warning to the French, Australia decided to go nuclear, literally and figuratively, and announced its nuclear deal with Biden and cancelled the French conventional submarine contract.

The (implicit) presentation was hinted that the Anglo-Saxon subs were better. However the British attack submarines are not really British: their sensor and electronics are… FRENCH.

And the propulsion of the British subs of the Astute class, nominally by Rolls Royce is actually US American, under license. Plenty of other systems in the UK subs are US American. So the British subs of the Astute class are French and US American for their two most important elements: brains and nuclear power.

But it gets better than that: the Uranium the US uses in its submarines and its UK subs, is WEAPON GRADE (the French and the Chinese uses NON weapon grade uranium in their subs).  

So Deep State Biden is actually promoting NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION, WEAPON GRADE..   

Thus what is left is the truth: The US wants the Pacific to become a US lake, and New Caledonia is in the way, politically, geographically, strategically and civilizationally. More than half of the inhabitants of New Caledonia are Natives, demonstrating, once again, that France is too friendly to losers, and not oriented enough towards business… which, optimally demands maximal exploitation.

But not just this, it gets way worse: by unilaterally, without consulting with NATO, let alone Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel… Or Korea, or Japan, or Vietnam, or Brazil, and… Iran… The Biden administration is committing a major breach of NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION. 

Why would the US Deep State engage in such a deep, extremely dangerous international violation? Well, the obvious explanation is the only one visible, however troubling and despicable: the US Deep State WANTS NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS GRADE MATERIAL.   

Why? There again, the reason is disconcerting, but obvious: because it augments the probability of nuclear war. When the US fought the American Natives, it always had some on its side, at least for a while, and use them… against the other American Natives. The same method was used on a grander scale in the Twentieth Century: the US presidency and its plutocratic class, co-conspiring, encouraged the slightly demented leaders of Germany to attack in 1914, and then fed them materials for high explosives (among other things)… This made the Franco-British blockade much less efficient, and the war lasted 4 years instead of just one. After the bait, the US switched to the attack mode, intervening significantly in the war in the last few months, when French high explosives production was ten times that of Germany.

Something similar happened with Nazism. US plutocracy, discreetly helped by the Roosevelt administration (officially singing different tunes) encouraged, facilitated and enabled Nazism… Until the switch, massive aid to the Soviet Union, and Hitler understood he had been had and, enraged, declared war to the US in an act of suicidal bravado (Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the USA sent arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion… which it was simultaneously promoting through its plutocrats and their corporations; for example IBM had the monopoly of computation throughout Nazi Germany…)  

So now, here we are.

What’s the plan? Well, war, what else, between the Natives (whoever they happen to be)… The possibilities are endless, shifting alliances all over, just as during the French and Indian wars, and the 140 years after that… There has not been a real good war, with the biggest, most powerful weapons, since World War Two… What the Deep State of plutocracy needs, is nuclear war. 

You will tell me: this is monstrous, how depraved can you be? Well, not me, but those gentlemen, or, even worse, their subconscious. It is worse if what they are doing is subconscious, because they don’t even know what they are doing, but still do it. 

Meanwhile, France, very correctly, recalled her ambassadors to the US and Australia. This has never happened before. The hour is indeed grave: the US is getting rogue, conveniently hiding behind an apparently rudderless president.   

The US Deep State may feel: oh, you are overreacting, don’t you finally realize that you are all Indians?

The US Deep State forgets one thing: times have changed, the world has shrunk… And is more aware. When the US massacred the US Natives, the world was huge, and the US was conquering a continent. Canadians and Australians did the same, eradicating (most of) the Natives, with pack of lies and treason against reason but for the reason of rabid greed. However, now the world is small. It is a big village. Civilization is also pretty much one. China, for example, is, civilizationally speaking, strongly hybridized with Western European socialism… which the US is also hybridized with (consider Medicare)… Both giant countries, USA and China, although around the globe, on the other side, are on board with the technological, intellectual, and mental progressivism launched by the Franks after the collapse of the Roman state and which made the European Middle Ages the main motor of creation

That world coherence means there is no room for World War Three… Any world war now would have aspects of a civil war (not reassuring, considering US history!) Nor is it necessary to add another calamities to wake up from slumber: we already have several calamities on our hands, including the climate calamity… None of them are easy to fix, as they are entangled in industry, thus survival.  

It is high time to expose the US Deep Plutocracy and its Machiavellian tortuous conspiracies, where war among the others is leveraged for personal advantage… We need this exposition and explanation, so as to steer the future away from disaster.

As this enlightenment descends upon the planet, the US Deep State may find out that old allies may not share its enthusiasm for the the old White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) method of divide and conquer, eradicate and exploit. In other words if China does not engage in blatant worldwide aggression as the US of Biden is doing presently with its fostering of nuclear proliferation, it may find allies in Europe. Not everybody is so woke that they can’t wake up.

Progressives must mobilize to prevent Biden from introducing nuclear weapon grade uranium to Australia… Sneakily preparing conditions for a nuclear Armageddon: if Australia, a gigantic place without need, or enemies nearby, gets nukes, why not everybody?

Patrice Ayme


Australia could mitigate the situation by ordering the Suffren class of French nuclear submarines: those French subs use NON weapon grade uranium for propulsion. They are state of the art, and arguably way better for Australia (they are way cheaper, and already exist).

The submarines ordered to France by Australia five years ago were the Air Independent Propulsion diesel variant of the brand new latest French nuclear attack submarine below:

The French Navy vessel called “Suffren”, first of the nuclear Barracuda class attack submarines, leaves the workshops of its construction at the Naval Group site in Cherbourg, France, July 5, 2019. Picture taken July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier. These are enormous boats: look at the little worker to the right. They displace 5,200 tons. The UK and US submarines have 50% more mass. However that’s not necessarily an advantage as attack submarines are increasingly moving to LITORAL waters in which they are hard to detect from sound reflections, currents, waves, and also can better make their missions. The submarine above uses a hybrid steam-electric propulsion, steam for greater power, electric for greater silence…

US “Democrats” Destroyed Afghanistan; New York Times Part Of Plot Since 1979!

August 15, 2021

US President Carter, a so-called “Democrat”, attacked Afghanistan on July 3, 1979. The New York Times does not want its readership to know this, thus the NYT censored a comment of mine saying just that. This is a crucial piece of information: Carter did not just attack a country, Carter destroyed secularism in Afghanistan, and Carter also destroyed the Republic of Afghanistan. With that crucial piece of information: then Biden’s work, destroying Afghanistan some more, can be viewed as a continuation, a DEEP POLICY of the US “Democratic” Party. Here is the censored comment:

The US intervention in Afghanistan was launched July 3, 1979, by President Carter from advice of his National Security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Mr. Brzezinski said that the idea was to use Muslim Fundamentalists to destabilize the Afghan secular republic and force a Soviet intervention. The effect worked as anticipated, and then went further: Muslim Fundamentalists, worldwide, observed that they could get support from US strategists, and, given enough will and violence, could seize power, worldwide.

When the US intervened in 2001, it should have required just one thing: a return to the status quo ante… which was a SECULAR, decentralized republic. Instead the US established in Afghanistan an “Islamic” “Republic”, highly centralized.

“Islamic” is close to “Islamist”, conceptually, depriving the anti-Islamists from any moral ground. Centralization enabled corruption and the tyranny of Kabul, depriving the local tribal leaders of power, including military power, to resist the Taliban. Centralization also created a centralized army which depended huge mechanical power to exist. Air power left with the US army and US private contractors who made heavy US machinery function, from helicopters to armored personnel carriers.

So what is the interest of the present ignoble defeat? More war and destabilization. A war in which Russia, Iran and China will have to engage. Thus, this is very different from Vietnam. This is much worse. It was called “The Great Game”… between the UK and Russia. Now the “Great Game” will involve all of the world’s greatest nations.

The article was  “Taliban Sweep in Afghanistan Follows Years of U.S. Miscalculations
An Afghan military that did not believe in itself and a U.S. effort that Mr. Biden, and most Americans, no longer believed in brought an ignoble end to America’s longest war.

The article was by David E. Sanger and Helene Cooper. Sanger is the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times. A 1982 graduate of Harvard College, Sanger has been writing for the Times for 30 years covering foreign policy, globalization, nuclear proliferation, and the presidency.

Sanger has been a member of two teams that won the Pulitzer Prize, and has been awarded numerous honors for national security and foreign policy coverage. He is the author of three books: Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power[1] (Crown, June 2012); The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power[2] (Harmony, 2009), which was a best-seller; and The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age (Crown, 2018).

One can see that Sanger is an established member of the war mongering, Islam manipulating clique in Washington. His greedy mind, thirsty for the White House, publications and Pulitzer Pluto prizes, sees clearly how dangerous it is if the readership of the New York Times becomes aware that it has been had for 43 years, killing a few million Afghans on the way. This sort of censorship makes the New York Times part of a holocaust which, although a bit more subtle than those conducted by the Nazis, is perhaps even more dangerous, because, not only it kills millions, but it threatens billions, as war brings wars, and also keeps under delusion of innocence most of the US population, while sneakily conducting mass murdering regressive policies in its name.

Individuals such as Sanger are respected. However, should one respect deliberate propagandists who help to kill millions? At least one such propagandist, Rosenberg, was condemned to death, and hanged (slowly) at Nuremberg. Why should not Mr. Sanger be condemned to the same fate? Oh, no tribunal yet? Why not? Because the USA never did anything wrong in Afghanistan? Just got attacked out of the blue? How come this delusion?

Because US citizens have been deluded into the lying feeling and erroneous knowledge data point that Afghanistan attacked them in 2001… whereas it is the USA which attacked Afghanistan in 1979 (and actually before that, using Pakistani secret services, and the Pakistani ISI as proxies…). Thank Mr. Sanger and his ilk, and the institution of the New York Times for that.

Biden says he loves women. It is a lie. The Taliban hates women in any role, but baby making machines… Yes, that was a link to the New York Times, supposedly the newspaper of record in the USA.

Now some will feel, and not dare to say: “Oh, Afghans are savages, let them be!” It is not that simple: the Taliban army attacking on May 1, 2021, weeks after Biden announced the US would run out of Afghanistan, like scared rabbits, no matter what, was no more than 75,000… A fraction of the 300,000 underpaid and unsupported Afghan army of 300,000. The capture of an entire civilization by a small but determined horde of gangsters has happened many times in history, the best example being the fall of the Roman State in the Fifth Century in Occident. This is generally rendered possible by an entrenched, manipulative plutocracy which sees the small army of invaders as an help to its own control. In the case of Rome, Roman plutocracy made deals with the invading Germans (or even Huns!) Biden and company made a deal with the Taliban. Explicit or not. And the interest is to renew Muslim Fundamentalist control, which has proven extremely profitable to the US plutocratic elite over the last century, and counting….

US censorship is not all about the New York Times, of course. Just today the monopoly Google made it hard to find in searches my own 1979 US ATTACK AGAINST AFGHANISTAN Secretly Ordered

When one runs a dictatorship, nothing is worse than the truth… Reality itself becomes the enemy…

Patrice Ayme

US Embassy

Kabul US Forces

Repeat the Exit of Saigon,

The Ignominious Flight by Helicopter,

Thanks to Biden Giving

Afghanistan to the Taliban,

August 15, 2021,

To Foster Divisive Muslim Fundamentalist Rule

P/S: to quote the Wall Street Journal: “The scenes of triumphant Taliban fighters conquering city after city, parading their Humvees, artillery pieces and U.S.-made drones, have unnerved many of America’s allies. In an unusual criticism of America’s rush out of Afghanistan., U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace described the Doha agreement in a Sky News interview as “a rotten deal” that “effectively told a Taliban that wasn’t winning that they were winning.”

Once Biden told the Taliban it was winning, and acted as if it was won, the Afghan army and population were submitted to the will of the US, and the will of the Taliban. So they surrendered, trying to save their lives.

Mayan Electric Fallacy

August 5, 2021

Making transportation electric doesn’t solve the CO2 crisis per se. Maya shows that wrong tech choices when facing ecological disaster, can bring an even greater disaster.

We need clean transportation. We could use hydrogen, producing water. In the present and foreseeable state of technology, using batteries requires huge mineral extraction, itself very polluting. The same fundamental elements used in batteries are used in windmills [1]… causing a penury effect if pretending to use batteries and wind as a mass solution. What needs to be made CO2 free is energy production. Discreetly governor Newsom, a democrat, signed an order so that California goes through heat waves much better, producing electricity thanks to fossil fuels, as windmills, solar panels, and desiccated dams can’t produce enough “clean” energy (solar panels are made in China, using coal as energy source). Ironically, when the winds peak up, so do the fires: California, hoisted on its own petard of outrageous energy consumption, is burning ever better, every year…

Batteries are heavy and it is not clear that the full life cycle of an electric car uses less energy than an ICE car (ICE = Internal Combustion Engine). And the point is to some extent moot, as there are not enough lithium mines to electrify the entire planet… By a factor of ten… or much more.

Confronted to a drought they themselves caused, the Maya responded by doubling over on the technology they had which caused the crisis. That caused a megadrought. Instead Europe and Japan in the fourteenth century, took strong ecological measures: they saved the forests by restricting activity… The Maya did the opposite, cutting sacred old growth forests, replacing them by orchards and corn fields. Disappearing the tropical rain forests fully, far from augmenting agricultural activity, had the opposite effect: temperatures shot up, desiccation occurred, as humidity went down.

Europe, as it is, thanks to carbon taxes, produces half the CO2 per person than the USA does. In particular from massive investments in public transportation in adapted cities. Electric cars are a luxury solution for crafty investors, not a solution for the planet at this point. We need a carbon tax which will incite to produce energy in a cleaner way.

Instead of a carbon tax, which would be unpopular, Biden is proposing on 8/5/2021 to spend 174 billion dollars on electric car charging stations… There is little doubt that spending 174 billion dollars on thermonuclear would enable a to make a thermonuclear reactor connected to the grid (the bigger the reactor, the easier the fusion).

174 billion dollars on charging electric cars… So that people can spend hours waiting in the middle of nowhere doing what they do now in minutes, while enriching the Chinese dictatorship and making Biden’s sponsors wealthier. This is an exhibition of a mix of dramatic ignorance, corruption and stupidification. And also contempt for those who go long distance without using aircraft. Of course, the entire enterprise is just smoke and mirrors, a “shared aspiration” as the auto executives plotting with Biden put it… So much smoke and mirrors that nothing will happen… An aspiration of smoke and mirrors… The latter lack of logical substance being exactly what the Biden puppet masters are after… Learn to become stupid, little, deplorable people, by respecting your great masters’ professed madness…

Nobody said Machiavellianism was straightforward…

So poor people of the USA, rejoice! Your great “democratic” leader Biden wants your tax dollars so that the wealthy can drive electric in silence and comfort between their private airports and their mansions! Who needs thermonuclear, when one can have caviar?

Patrice Ayme

When Maya civilization collapsed, Yucatan was covered with orchards and fields, causing a megadrought. The tropical rainforest came back, centuries later, after the few surviving Maya had fled to the coasts. Uxmal temple.

[1] In some cases, electrification can be very useful, the archetype being electric trains. Hybridization can also help, especially for cars (it’s used massively for trains already).

Three Types Of Tax Criminality: Legal, Illegal, And Unprovable. “Democratic Party” Corruptocrats Sponsor The Latter

July 24, 2021

Mathematical logic discovered three types of propositions: true, false, and unprovable. This conceptology applies to politics, and tax avoidance. The definition of the ultra-wealthy is that they pay, basically, no taxes… and it cannot be proven they paid no taxes. Some “Democrats” make a loud noise about increasing the budget of the tax agency, the IRS… “Catch all the miscreants!” This is, typically, disingenuous: the same “Democrats” organized the world tax system so that the wealthy, especially if fiscally in the US, pay no taxes. There is legal tax cheating, and illegal tax cheating: everybody knows this. But there is also an intermediate zone, unknowable tax evasion. The legal cheating enables potentially illegal tax evasion which considerably leverages the legal cheating. In other words legal cheating also creates convenient massive dark and grey matter which make the IRS job very costly, if at all possible, when dealing with wealthy tax evaders, and their armies of lawyers and accountants. So the IRS is discouraged to pursue the wealthiest, it just does not have, and could never get, the means to do so.

The obvious example is given by Delaware. The laws of the state of Delaware, thanks to a long serving “democratic” Senator, prevent the IRS from knowing what is going on… Delaware does not require companies to identify their beneficial owners when formed. Thus, although it is technically illegal for US citizens to use Delaware as a tax haven, it does not matter how much money the IRS has to find out if tax evasion has been committed or not: a wealthy cheater is protected in Delaware by inexpugnable secrecy. Any tax haven overseas is easier for the IRS to figure out than the “Diamond State”. 

This is why more than one million companies and two-thirds of the Fortune 500 and 90% of startups are based in Delaware… That’s right: more companies than people call Delaware home. In the present situation it is not just that it is easier for the IRS to persecute small taxpayers, it is nearly impossible to figure out what the truly wealthy really earn. That should be fixed first.

Patrice Ayme

New triangular trade. The highest wealth value system involves “art”, old castles and other. Nowadays, Biden will sell you a painting for half a million, what the White House called “the right [for Biden] to make a living”. “Art” acts as a currency which escapes currency trading laws… That makes art very valuable to those who organize the planet, the plutocrats and their employed corruptocrats…

P/S: The preceding is a slightly extended version of a comment sent to Paul Krugman who published it immediately …are we friends again? Good. The Economist argued that the USA is “the Biggest Tax Loophole Of All”. Having launched and led the battle against offshore tax evasion, America is now part of the problem. 

Said the Economist:

“The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), passed in 2010, is the main shackle that America puts on other countries. It requires financial institutions abroad to report details of their American clients’ accounts or face punishing withholding taxes on American-sourced payments. America’s central role in global finance means most comply.

FATCA has spawned the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a transparency initiative overseen by the OECD club of 34 countries that is emerging as a standard for the exchange of data for tax purposes. So far 96 countries, including Switzerland, once favoured by rich taxophobes, have signed up and will soon start swapping information. The OECD is also leading efforts to force multinationals to reveal more about where and how profits are made, and the deals they cut with individual governments, in order to curb aggressive tax-planning.

Because it has signed a host of bilateral data-sharing deals, America sees no need to join the CRS. But its reciprocation is patchy. It passes on names and interest earned, but not account balances; it does not look through the corporate structures that own many bank accounts to reveal the true “beneficial” owner; and data are only shared with countries that meet a host of privacy and technical standards…”

FATCA and CRS became weapons to impose domination of the USA, thus of the US based plutocracy which employs the US government.

Hillary and Bill Clinton set up two shell companies listed at “1209 North Orange Street” in 2008 and 2013. The names of the companies, but not their location, weret made public in tax filings released by Hillary Clinton in 2015.  “1209 North Orange Street”  is the locale for 300,000 anonymous shell companies.

One of the Clintons’ “1209 North Orange Street” companies is WJC, LLC, which was set up by Bill Clinton in 2008 as a pass-through for his consulting fees.

Another company at the same location, ZFS Holdings, LLC, was set up in February 2013, one week after Hillary Clinton left the State Department. Hillary Clinton received $5.5 million from her book publisher, Simon & Schuster, through the company. The Clinton Foundation also has three shell companies in Delaware, according to its financial disclosures released in 2015.

While campaigning in 2008, President Obama slammed the “Ugland House,” a five-story building in the Cayman Islands that is reportedly home to over 18,000 companies.

“That’s either the biggest building in the world, or the biggest tax scam on record,” said Obama. “Some of you may have just heard about these disclosures about outrageous tax havens and loopholes that super-rich people across the world are exploiting in Panama and elsewhere,” said Hillary Clinton during her campaign in 2016. She added: “Now some of this behavior is clearly against the law, and anyone who violates the law anywhere should be held accountable. But it’s also scandalous how much is actually legal.

Individuals with Trump Derangement will want to talk about him. But Trump’s tax situations are different. I used to be critical of Trump’s activities many decades ago. However, in the meantime I saw the dearth of housing in the most developed metropolises, the devastation it caused (homelessness, and distorted, racist housing markets)…. and I came to understand wealthy developers were necessary evils. However the “Democratic” Party (I belong to) has still not seen the light, and the dearth of ecologically and sociologically correct housing is the most blatant failure of the so-called “West” at this point… And has to do with the dominance of plutocrats, especially of the real estate variety.

Governmental All Encompassing Censorship Made Official. Thanks To Tech Monopolies, It Said.

July 18, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said people who are removed from one social media platform for spreading misinformation should face the same consequences across the board of the “Free Speech” society.

“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation out there,” she said during a White House press briefing on Friday.

Psaki also said social media companies, such as Facebook, should “publicly” share information about the “impact” of misinformation.

Except who decides what “misinformation” is? And what grave misinformation is? Biden, who spread misinformation for a decade so that the USA would go invade and occupy Iraq, kill dozen of thousands and practice waterboarding there? … For reasons having to do with the price of oil and just imperial ire?

Thus the Biden spokeswoman said, and repeated later, that, if someone is banned on a social platform, thus, by a private company, that person should be banned on ALL other platforms, by all other private companies. Thus, since I was banned for life from a few social platforms already 12 years ago, and some were then much larger than Facebook, I should be banned on all? And what of the New York Times which banned me for years, and has now, under new management, reinstated me? Are they illegal according to the Biden White House? 

[In the picture above, the health minister of the UK is kissing the multimillionaire woman he made his deputy, on taxpayers’ salary.]

All these bans against yours truly arose because yours truly had the impudence of correcting misinformation found on these platforms. The sort of misinformation which brought the death of millions throughout the Middle East. Misinformation can be in the eye of the beholder, at first sight at least. Daunting opinions viewed initially as “misinformation” can lead to productive debate out of which new truths can arise.

One “leftist” platform I was banned from was the Daily Kos…  that particular platform was founded by Kos, an ex CIA officer (about as left as US pseudo-progressives can go)… At the time I was called a “troll” there, for expressing dissatisfaction about Obamacare, finding it insufficient (and I was hated for telling the truth). But also I claimed the Democratic Party was manipulated by its wealthy sponsors… That was one “misinformation” too far… I did not even point out that a “leftist” site founded by the CIA seems to be an intrinsic contradiction: I was careful to not indicate to all these pseudo-leftists that they were basically CIA agents… unbeknownst to themselves… Or so they claimed.

Armed with a bachelor degree in English, but a competitive swimmer, Jen Psaki became close to Obama in 2008, serving as his secretary. I like the personal aspect of these things. Psaki was named Deputy Press Secretary. On  9 September 22, 2011, Psaki left her Obama position to become senior vice president and managing director at the Washington, D.C., office of public relations firm Global Strategy Group. She returned later to Obama, and then CNN. Psaki is a full member of the Deep State. She is apparently on three different salaries right now, earning perhaps more than half a million dollars a year for…violating the Constitution? This kind of career entangling personal relations should be unlawful, because they trade in access to the power of the few, and transcend the electoral process.

In Britain the Health Minister, Hancock, offered a taxpayer paid job to a similar multimillionaire public relation woman as his deputy. He was also having sex with her in his office and it was documented on government video. The Prime Minister’s office declared that the video was of public interest and should be released. Hancock resigned for not respecting his own office stringent social distanciation orders during COVID. The fact that multimillionaire influencers without any respect for the constitution fester in all Western capitals contribute to a lowering of what common people feel the constitution is about.

Biden has blamed misinformation for stalling U.S. vaccine rates, and suggested, “They’re killing people… they are murderers” when asked what his message was to the social networks for allowing misleading claims to spread.

“‘Misinformation’ is covered by the First Amendment. Under the First Amendment, all information, no matter how wrong, is protected by the First Amendment. That is why, for example, Holocaust deniers can say what they say (and why in countries such as France and Germany specific laws make the holocaust of the Jews  by the Nazis, or that of the Armenians by the Turks, a crime). Justice Holmes’s exception for falsely yelling fire in a crowded theater carves out the exception it does because the 100% certain consequence that will follow is that there will be an immediate stampede and, as a result, immediate death. 

Publicizing military information in wartime is also an exception to free speech. However, right now, misinformation on vaccines is greatly from derelict teaching by the state at school level. The First Amendment has to protect misinformation, otherwise, someone would have to decide what constitutes misinformation… And also because in some cases we don’t know how misinformed misinformation is. Saying that existing COVID vaccines are 100% safe is apparently itself misinformation (as health authorities have given warnings, most of them directed at the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine). 

As it is the government clearly cannot be given the power of determining what disinformation and misinformation are: that’s a direct route to dictatorship. But the Deep State has made the argument that a private company like Facebook is not subject to the First Amendment – which, of course, applies only to the government – Private companies can decide that someone is spewing false information and can decide not to give that person their time and means, their platform and access to their users.

However, first of all Facebook, with nearly three billion users, is not a private company anymore, but a world public utility, the world’s most prominent monopoly. The Facebook’s leader has been welcomed in the presence of ultimate leaders and palaces, all over the planet. If there was a world monopoly ever, Facebook is it; even the oil giants of the 1950s never had that sort of power

Secondly there is judicial precedent saying that using private companies to do, or say what the government wants in matters of opinion, is unconstitutional. Third, the platforms are not private companies anymore when they do what the government is suggesting them to do. That the government claims to be merely suggesting that the platforms ban people who spread misinformation but not requiring the platforms to do so, is a distinction without a difference… especially as the White House admitted they “worked closely”.

In other words, no isegoria and no parrhesia... This is outright sinister.

The way out is to establish an independent court of truth, debate and plausibility which would just give explanations, debates, recommendations and stars.

Patrice Ayme

Debate rejuvenates society, just as fire rejuvenates a forest, by letting eternal truths stand bigger and stronger, by clearing the brush:

Greenhouse Crisis: No New Science, No Progress. Where Is The Science in Biden Climate Project? 

April 23, 2021

More than 174 billion dollars for electric cars does not impact the climate crisis. Yet it’s what the Biden genius is proposing. If anything, massive subsidies in electric vehicles make the ecological crisis worse: we would have to dig the entire planet for lithium all over, and it will not make a dent on overall CO2 production: digging requires CO2 production, oh Biden genius! (Instead, helping create a hydrogen infrastructure would be useful, all the more as much of the natural gas infrastructure can be repurposed that way; that was done in France in the distant past, for decades; 20% hydrogen mixed with CH4 works very well). 

The USA, as it does periodically, is displaying its future virtues in the matter of climate, giving the entire planet lessons. By now, everybody educated enough, and smart enough, and honest enough, should be able to understand that these US administration lessons are lessons in hypocrisy. Altogether, the US emitted more GreenHouses Gases, than all the jurisdictions which ever existed… Although China is now taking the lead, with one new coal plant a week or so; China installed 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity into operation in 2020; that’s roughly 30 large nuclear reactors equivalent in coal plants, in just one year: long live the Paris climate accord (for China to pollute as much as possible). 

This US virtue signalling is not just dishonest, but doubly dishonest, as usual: the emission of GreenHouse Gases (GHG) per capita has gone up in recent years in the US, from 16 tons up to a probable 18 tons in 2022. None of what Biden proposes will reduce this, as he refuses carbon taxes and carbon pricing, on a matter of principle. Not just this, but Biden proposes to cut the only leg carbon reduction rested on, innovation (by discouraging investments in new technology, by proposing the world’s highest capital gain taxes… Yes, the world’s highest… Above 55% in leading states…)

As it is right now, roughly 40% of emissions of CO2 are caused by 10% of humanity (Europe and North America). If there was a proverbial “equity”, worldwide, then CO2 emissions should be multiplied by ten (China is acting on this, and India rushing to follow… as is their right). Instead of wasting 174 billions on electric car, genius Biden should spend 174 billion dollars on (research in) thermonuclear fusion… That would enable to build a fusion production plant within a decade… Or then invest in 4th generation nuclear… or invest in an hydrogen economy. So why 174 billion on useless, polluting electric cars? Hey so that Biden friends can make money… This already happened under Obama. Friends, as early privileged private investors… Maybe AOC is on it? She liked those designer clothes… Surely Pelosi, that, we know for a fact is invested in the right stuff before companies go “public”…

By comparison, to the prospective emission of 18 tons of CO2 per person in the USA, France makes do with 5 (five) tons per capita. However, France paid a hefty price, in decreased GDP, lots of regressive taxation, and a chronic revolt (“Gilets Jaunes”, now discreetly cancelled by Facebook, the arbitrator of Thought on Earth). 

One can argue that the colossal increase of relative advantage in GDP per capita of the US relative to Europe has been caused by the advantage that enormous fracking brought to the US: the graphs are parallel

What else? Basically, the US gets its energy for free, while the Europeans have to perform like monkeys in a circus to get fuel (be nice to Saudis, be nice to Putin, be nice to the Americans, be nice to Chavez/Maduro, etc.) 

Biden scoffs all the way to the bank: fracking over 12 years of Obama-Trump has put the US ahead. Biden is ready to cash out. So Biden claims he will do great things about the climate… But without carbon tax nor carbon pricing, nor innovation. There will be giant subsidies for electric cars… One may as well subsidize lawn mowers. 

And where does the Lithium and other Rare Earths come from for all these batteries? China (see the one coal plant per week Xi climate plan, above). The Trump administration’s authorization of one lithium mine in Nevada (with approval of the local Native American government), brought three lawsuits: too much acid, too much water, to extract all this lithium. Better let the Chinese do it among Uighurs, in the Tarim Basin, we don’t want to pollute Nevada. And where does the electricity for electric cars come from? Fossil fuels, mostly. 

In super green California, sun and wind provided only 22% of the electric generation energy in 2019 (latest year). Notice the two words “electric generation”, they are crucial, each in its own way: exploring what they exactly mean will expose the gross lie: it’s mostly all smoke. Yet, California has made enormous efforts, and is basically the most energy efficient US state.

Coal is dying for reasons which have nothing to do with renewable energy, and that’s why coal died in Europe, well before the impact of wind and sun. Why are the US at 18 tons of CO2 per year per capita, and only 5 (five) tons in France?Because of the absence of major carbon taxes in the USA.

Digging a bit in the numbers of renewable energy is not readily done, because headline propaganda is very active, and people have little patience for the truth, which is rather catastrophic, and the opposite of headlines. 

If one looks at the total energy usage in California one realizes that electricity is just 15% of California energy consumption. Moreover, that electricity divides into 9% from electricity generated IN California, and 6%, imported from outside (a one million volt direct current line comes down from the states of Oregon and Washington, directly into Los Angeles. A similar line comes from the Hoover dam on the Colorado river in Nevada). 

California sun and wind is 22% of these 9% of total California energy made in California, as electricity. In other words, not even 2% of California total energy consumption is from renewable sun and wind! So much for the renewability of it all. Hot wind and smoke, all of it! In the same general mood of brazen fakery, private school addict governor Newsom of California announced today that the state regulators should evaluate phasing out all offensive rock oil production in the state by 2045 (California is one of the world top fossil fuel producing states).

As it is, even augmenting considerably renewables in say the South-West of the USA, which has plenty of sun and wind, changes nothing much to the GreenHouse Gases contribution: an enormous fossil fuel infrastructure has to be kept as a backup, for when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, as happened in California last summer. If one built it, one will use it, this fossil fuel infrastructure, and as it is, it has to be used; there is not enough storage for the pitiful “renewable” production, especially with empty dams. 

To cut emissions of GHG seriously one has to replace fossil fuels by nuclear, fission or fusion (to reach places the sun doesn’t much, and there are many of those). Also, one has to do as Europe does, and institute huge carbon taxes. Ultimately, though, one has to have no illusion: the GHG crisis will require the mass deployment of new energy, nuclear and hydrogen (or hydrogen derived). One cannot pave the ground with solar panels, tear the landscape with transmission lines, and operate giant washing machines in the sky all over (windmills; the newest of which are taller than most skyscrapers). Only fundamental research in basic science will solve the planetary crisis of GreenHouse Gases. Innovation is key. 

Such misleading virtue signalling on the part of government is counterproductive, because it enables public opinion, its makers, and leaders to feel comfortable and think of other things. It reminds us of Catholic missions sent to better exterminate the Natives. But counterproduction is often what is exactly intended (I hope Machiavel covered that one).

Much of the “infrastructure program” of Biden targets “human infrastructure”, a laudable goal. But, once again, is it what is really intended? 

One should start with schools. The USA’s top schools used to be public (say in 1950). But now such schools are “defunded” (like the police) in the guise of “equality”. 

An indirect proof of that is the sight of politicians (including Biden and Obama, those loud “democrats”) getting their children in the most expensive private schools. In the same spirit of hypocrisy, public union teachers literally refuse to teach, while admonishing us for “accountability”. Some public teachers’ union leaders joined the fray by getting their children in… private schools [1]. 

What causes a dissonant cognitive mess in climate and infrastructure? Uncritical admission of irrealism in too much of the influential population. Biden talks the talk, but he walks in the opposite direction, while insisting he is going the right way. Media carefully don’t notice

Biden got the most votes than a US president ever got… followed by Trump. The difference in the number of votes was six millions… And of these six millions, 5.5 millions came from… California, this temple of hydrocarbons and plutocratic hypocrisy (where yours truly is located, in full view of San Francisco…) So basically, Biden is California, at this point: talking the talk, walking the other way. None of this is coincidental. The temple of hypocrisy voted for the great master of hypocrisy and dissonance…

Patrice Ayme


[1] The head of a California teachers union has been blasted as a hypocrite after he was caught dropping off his 2-year-old daughter at her private preschool, since Spring 2020 — despite saying it was unsafe for children to be back in classrooms. “Meet Matt Meyer. White man with dreads and president of the local teachers’ union. He’s been saying it is unsafe for *your kid* to be back at school, all the while dropping his kid off at private school,” a group known as Guerilla Momz said on Twitter.

Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has fought for what he called the “gold standard” for the educators — saying the schools should only reopen to in-person learning when the teachers are vaccinated, among other criteria, KQED reported… Similar hypocrisy was demonstrated by the governor of California, who, while keeping public schools closed, sent his four children to private school. Hey, he can afford it; he owns eleven (11) companies, including a winery and a resort at the major olympic resort of Squaw Valley (soon not to be called “Squaw” because it reminds us that the natives were exterminated…)

America Was Always A Governmental Project

April 3, 2021

The colonization of the West Indies, Central and South America, but also North America, were all governmental projects manipulated by private individuals. The “Crowns” of Spain, France, Portugal, England (in that chronological order) financed them. And so it was for centuries: government first, organized everything. The myth that the “Free Market” colonizes all, and is the ultimate organizer was just a (self-serving) myth invented by US plutocracy to better colonized all. Wait, some will say, aren’t you contradicting yourself? No, century or so was a period when the wealthiest individuals in the world, US plutocrats, acquired a variable, but occasionally domineering level of control of the US government: cursus honorum, as the Romans used to call it, American style.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the government, in a real democracy (people-power)… Except for the flaws Athens exhibited in its short lived total democracy dominance (namely over-passionate, poorly studied, hubristic and intemperate decisions). Now Athens had a basic problem: it was not the domineering military power (Sparta was stronger on land, and Persia was immensely stronger on land, more than equal at sea). Right now, the West is domineering militarily. but democratically incomplete. Biden is trying to grow government. He can be exactly what the doctor ordered, IF done right (spending where government spending will change the future for the best).

Governmentalism, done right, is growing, and has to grow… Be it only because it works so spectacularly in China,while the “free market” is failing spectacularly in Europe (see the European COVID debacle; Europe did less well than China, or the US, the latter mostly at the origin of the vaccines, through Trump’s efforts).

Overall, since the Communists took control, China has been driven by smart (and violent) governmentalism… when the government intervenes in all ways. For example, the Chinese Communist Party intervenes decisively by outlawing marriage with close relatives (which bolster kinship). What the CCP was doing was to impose frantically laws similar to those of Western Europe. Western Europe, led that way mostly by France, had been, for two millennia, the prime actor of governmentalism. England, a subsidiary of France initially, was not far behind.

(I prefer the word “governmentalism”, to “statism” which is too… static. The most dynamic societies have practiced “governmentalism… but were, precisely, far from static. Landing on the Moon, a government project, was not static!)

In 2020, massive intervention of the US government in private research, through development funding and rewards brandished, brought the spectacular arrival of half a dozen vaccines (“Operation Warp Speed”). The European Union did nothing similar to what Trump did, brutal governmentalism. Instead Europe waited for private enterprise (much of it now financed by Trump or… Boris Johnson!) to come up with solutions. So Europe failed monstrously, and now depends upon Trump financed vaccines. Now this is not exactly about Trump: governmentalism and mercantilism (governmentalism applied to “free trade”) have always been American traditions.

The part of America which became the USA has long been a government enterprise. English America was first founded by the “West Country Men”, a group of famous plutocrats which had included Sir Francis Drake, who died in an American military expedition… and where King James I would be most prominent.  

The Erie Canal made New York the economic capital of the USA, displacing Philadelphia.

The English North American colony, the 1607 project, was founded by the Virginia Company, a joint-stock entity which was empowered by the Crown to govern itself… with the help of military officers (such as the fierce and experienced Captain John Smith who was part of the governing council). So, from the beginning, the North American colony was a joint military-government-investors venture. 

Biden wants to augment significantly government spending, in a reversal of the Reagan program of considering the government as the enemy. There are powerful antecedents to this: Roosevelt, Eisenhower, JFK and LBJ. Ike rose the marginal tax rate to 91% (a bit higher than Truman left it).

Nowadays, what needs to be industrialized correctly is the entire world. In particular, in the long term, no more fossil fuels, no more deforestation, no more environment killing plastics, chemicals, heavy metals, phosphates, etc.

This reconfiguration of the world economy can only happen at the direction of governments. Taxation, anywhere in the world, just as the economy, anywhere in the world, or democracy, anywhere in the world, is a global problem. There never was, and never will be, a free market as the adjudicator of all things economic: it is the government itself which is the adjudicator. The government determines what freedom is, and what the market is. 

Around 655 CE, the government of Queen Bathilde of the Franks ruled that trading slaves was unlawful: this restraining of the free market led to investments in education and higher technology, making Europe what she became: a fulcrum of progress and relative freedom… As usual the link is indicative; I do not fully agree with the description of Bathilde as given by Encyclopedia Britannica; in particular, the British encyclopedia lies about Bathilde freeing only Christians. Bathilde [correct spelling from contemporaneous 7C, Seventh Century Latin documents] OUTLAWED SELLING and BUYING SLAVES… Even from OUTSIDE FRANCIA: more exactly, a slave bought outside Francia was automatically freed when brought into Francia. The religion, ethnicity, gender and origin of the slave did not matter; the slave was freed. The Bathilde governmental policy of outlawing slavery did not just change the socioeconomy of Europe, but of the planet.

She outlawed slavery: Most important political leader of the planet? Ever?

All the great civilizations have been driven by smart governmentalism: Darius greatly improved the Achaemenid Empire by experimenting with the free market, while engaging in massive government spending in all sorts of infrastructure, canals, some underground, irrigation, communications, roads, state banking, a powerful navy, etc. China built a giant canal system, over millennia, and had a powerful educational system. Nowadays the most important spending should be research in fundamental science, something the “free market” and its greed can’t provide for… The world CO2 crisis can only be solved scientifically, not fiscally

Bidenomics consists, roughly speaking, of more of what I call “governmentalism”: large-scale public investment paid for with more taxes. 

The Biden administration infrastructure fact sheet alludes to part of that history, declaring that the plan “will invest in America in a way we have not invested since we built the interstate highways [Ike] and won the space race [JFK, LBJ].” I have long advocated to bring back the Dwight stuff — with much higher government investment as a share of gross domestic product than we do now, and also much higher tax rates on both high-income individuals and corporations.

The era of big government investment and high taxes on the rich coincided, not incidentally, with the US and Europe’s 30 glorious years the greatest generation — the post WW2 decades of rapidly rising living standards….

Public investment and progressive taxation in America in particular and the greatest civilizations in general goes back much further than the mid-Twentieth Century.

An example is the construction of the Erie Canal between 1818 and 1825. It imitated what the Romans and the French had done. When Marius’ legions arrived in Provence and waited two years for the savage German invaders to deign showing up, he occupied his soldiers by building a canal. The land which came to be known as France would keep on building canals, at government expense, for another two millennia. 

Unlike the privately owned canals of 18th-century plutocratic Britain, the original Erie Canal was built by the government of New York State, at a cost of $7 million (in 1818 dollars). This was carried out over the years 1818 to 1825. The canal is a 363-mile  (nearly 600 kilometers) waterway that connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River in upstate New York. It connected New York City to the Great Lakes, and through Chicago, to the Mississippi system. 

The legislative act allowing bonds to be sold to finance the canals’ construction specified a maximum interest rate of 6 percent… apparently was the interest rate which the bonds actually paid. Over the period from 1824 to 1882 the total tolls collected amounted to approximately $121 million. This ranged from $300 thousand in 1824 to $4.5 million in 1862. Thus the canal paid for itself in less than twenty years.

Britain had immensely wealthy individuals and banks, the USA did not (both the US Revolution and presidents such as Jackson made sure to keep away European plutocrats and their banks). So governmentalism was a necessity in the USA. As a share of state G.D.P., the canal was probably the equivalent of  $1 trillion today

Big public role in infrastructure continued down the generations, and it was accompanied by a policy not of “Free Trade” but “Mercantilism“: the US government would mostly maneuver to advantage private enterprise and greed, at the cost of all and any notions, including basic decency or filial piety… for example profiting from World War One by selling to racist fascist invasive mass homicidal genocidal Kaiser Germany what it needed to keep fighting World War One, by evading the Franco-British high seas blockade; this caused great suffering and weakening of France and Britain, the parents of the USA.

The US government would send the US Cavalry, massacre and clear the Indians, and distribute their lands around the newly built railroads. Land grants enabled railway construction and universities. Teddy Roosevelt finished the Panama Canal (started by the French Ferdinand de Lesseps and his French banks). F.D.R. brought electricity to rural areas. Eisenhower built the interstate freeway network.

So what is today’s infrastructure to be built? Mostly fundamental science. We need to leap scientifically: COVID was just a little warning. Very sophisticated scientific advances (mRNA vaccines and Adenoviruses gene carrier vaccines) enabled to solve the crisis promptly. Meanwhile the climate and toxic crises are squeezing ever more the world ecology. After the enormous expansion of the world population, it is to be feared that, barring spectacular scientific advances, cannibalism may come back. After all, it was practiced in the original English colony of 1610 CE, not just the Donner Party of the Nineteenth Century.  

When India was created as a modern country, respect was paid to Islam: (wealthy) Muslim men were allowed to follow their religious edict, the Sharia, and marry several women. Meanwhile, China, duplicating Europe, was explicitly outlawing polygeny. So India was created with a low level of government intervention, the opposite of the brutal dictatorship of the CCP. India was then wealthier per capita than China. Now China is much wealthier than India in capital (but not in capita).

In 2015, the India Supreme Court found that secular law should apply to Muslim men too. Thus governmentalism has been on the rise in India… And so has been the economy. The smartest governmentalism implies the smartest laws, the smartest “free market”, the smartest tech and science, and the smartest driver of them all, the smartest smarts… The latter point escapes autocrats. As Biden (who has personal experience with them) pointed out, autocrats such as Putin and Xi think the world has become too complicated for democracy and requires autocracy. Well, it is democracy, democratic governmentalism, which created that more complicated, smarter world. Yet, yes, it is a fine line, sometimes democracy backfires, as Socrates pointed out luridly, indeed, there are all sorts of thin red lines not to cross. But, done right, democratic governmentalism can’t be beat.

A piece of advice: too much spending giving money directly to low lives, is what was started in Rome, and it brought only the opposite of what it claimed to want to achieve. Besides many “Republicans” may resist it (rightly). The way to improve civilization the most is through education, availability of work, and fundamental science. A consensus should be buildable in that perspective.

Patrice Ayme

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century