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How & Why Plutocracy Fosters Islamism

January 10, 2015

In Saudi Arabia, the co-founder of a web site, Raif Badawi, was condemned to ten years in jail. He was also condemned to pay a $270,000 fine, and to be whipped in public 1,000 times. Fifty strikes each week, for twenty weeks. Plus a life-long ban from any media. His wife and three children fled to Canada. The public whipping started in January 2015.

His crime? Supposedly, he criticized Islam. (Badawi actually criticized some Saudi clerics’ interpretation of Islam).

In 2013 Raif was cleared of apostasy (= being found to be a Muslim no more). That was so kind. Among the barbarians, apostasy carries the death sentence. Hey, it is in the Qur’an. Islam, the religion of eternal peace, six feet under. Religion of peace: if all say it, it’s got to be true.

Mr. Badawi’s lawyer was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Master, Your Dark Side Is Strong. Making a Religion of Not Slandering Pluto, Under the Death Penalty, “That’s the Future”.

Master, Your Dark Side Is Strong. Making a Religion of Not Slandering Pluto, Under the Death Penalty, “That’s the Future”.

[Obama bowing to Arabia’s top Pluto. I used the picture 6 years ago, it’s worth recycling, as Obama confirmed in 2012, that “slandering the Prophet” equates with a “Holocaust”. Aside: the French novelist Hollenbeck published, the day before the Charlie Hebdo attack “Soumission” a novel about France under Islam… “Islam” means “submission“. ]

Obama has been back-pedaling on the so-called “prophet” in the last few days, reminding us of the fact that France was the USA’s “oldest ally”. A fact. In truth, not just an ally, but the doctor who rescued the USA from the London based tyrant.

When a tyrant, the Shah of Iran was in power, he executed many drug traffickers, every week. So that creep said. After Khomeini and his gang got to power, there was no need for such convoluted logic: executing people for insulting Islam was much more efficient, and glorious: it’s in the Qur’an. Fake drug charges disappeared.

My dad, a geologist, met with the Shah more than once: the NIOC, the National Iran Oil Company, did not have the technology to explore for unobvious oil and gas, but TOTAL did. My dad was told to bow, and avert his eyes. He did neither. The Shah lived with it: he needed new oil.

When savagery from a state is tolerated, it’s not just democracy that is threatened. It’s our lives. The planet has become too small for the lunatics and fanatics to be safely ignored, when they control a state.

Hitler proved this thoroughly. The Nazis thought the French would ignore them, and leave them a free hand to the East, as the Brits had agreed to do in 1935. However France marched to war, and, in retrospect men of good faith regret that France did not do it earlier (didn’t because Britain agreed to go to war against Hitler, if France did, only in spring 1939; that was in the appendix of the Franco-Polish defense treaty).

The two madmen shooters who killed top French intellectuals were programmed by Al Qaeda in Yemen. They said it several times during their terror streak, both to passerbys and in a deliberate, calm phone interview with BMF TV (American services were the first to point out the eldest had been in Yemen for terrorist training).

A third criminal madman, connected to the two who “killed” Charlie Hebdo, took over a “Hyper Kacher”, a Jewish supermarket in Paris, killing four. After speaking on the phone, he forgot to hang up, and he was recorded explaining to his Jewish victims that he was applying the “loi du Talion” (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, etc.). Although he had been born in Paris, and was of African descent, he claimed that colonialism had killed his children and his combatants (all imaginary: French soldiers basically fought no wars in Black Africa: Black Africa got pacified pretty pacifically).

The criminal proclaimed his will to kill a baby aged 11 months. He killed four (including a 21 year old, gentle Tunisian, who had arrived in France, a year ago) and wounded seven.

All together, the terrorist had Kalashnikovs, machine gun-pistols, RPGs, grenades, explosives, and several handguns. Stun grenades were not enough to neutralize them: they kept firing, even after being thrown on the ground by shockwaves.


How come so mad? How come so resentful? One can look at the unemployment rate in Europe, and observe the diminished prospects of Europeans. But that was truly a sleeper cell planted by Al Qaeda, among some French born, but thoroughly ignorant, uneducated, uncivilized youth.

Deeper down, thus, one observes the failure of the school system, and not just in France, but throughout most of Europe, and even the West.

In the 1950s, schools in France, Britain, the USA, were the best in the world. The best schools enabled young people to get the best jobs. Not so anymore. No wonder the young are angry.

Why don’t the states have the mean to provide with good schools, and good jobs?

Let’s do the schools first.

Because the states do not have the financial means to provide We The People with the best education.

So Imams financed by Saudi Arabia are in charge. OK, they came in illegally. Why don’t we issue an ultimatum to Saudi Arabia? Because it, and its even wealthier and more powerful masters, are in charge.

But why don’t the states have the means? Because the wealthy are refusing to pay enough tax, and they have made sure that a few thousands opinion and legislation makers.

This was seen before: under Marcus Aurelius, the plutocrats refused to pay enough tax for all the legions needed to keep two German nations, the Marcomanni, at bay. They were threatening to break through Austria, march on Italy, cut the empire in two. But the wealthiest Romans did not care. Marcus Aurelius had to sell the imperial palace cutlery to finance the army.

The problem with the plutocrats (who held most of the Senate in their mental grip) went from bad to worse, and was the proximal cause of Rome’s downfall. To save money, the Roman army took to contract with German armies for defense. (Finally, in 400 CE, the Franks were outright put in command and control of the entire North-West of the empire.)

We have a similar situation nowadays.

The great Roman emperor Trajan, initially a Spanish born general, financed his “alimenta”, a program of educative welfare for disadvantaged youth. How? With a global estate tax. Something a bit similar to what Piketty (and yours truly, for a decade) have proposed.

Under Trajan, the army was strong. Trajan conquered Dacia (in the middle of Eastern Europe; successors withdrew from it; the Franks came back, seven centuries later Europanizing, and “Christianizing”, the Frankish way, all the way to Ukraine. Trajan also visited the Persian Gulf.

However, after Trajan’s death, plutocracy, the system of thought that the base and wealthy ought to rule, came back with a vengeance.

This is quite a bit what is happening nowadays: after the interruption of World War Two, where a giant army came to power (see Ike, and JFK presidents in the 1950s and 1960s, two warriors), and being savagely interrupted by the Roosevelts, the spirit of plutocracy is back with a vengeance

The states are weak, because the plutocrats want them weak.

So the schools are weak.

And how come are there so few jobs in Europe? Neither Europe’s crackdown on CO2 (thus energy), not the soporific effect of the welfare state explains everything.

The rule of tax avoiding giant corporations of the USA explains much. And do they conspire? Of course they do. Looking at maps of where Airbus sells planes is telling: it’s basically everywhere, but for the USA. The USA and the countries submitted to it are under clear orders not to purchase the Franco-European planes.

Much of the electronic industry (transistors, integrated circuits, even the PC) were actually pioneered in France (for example, mass production of transistors in France started within days of the announcement of its invention in the USA!)

Why has Europe been incapable of defending itself? Look at who heads it: J-C Junker is now head of the European Commission. Under him the top 200 plutocratic corporations of the USA are conducting, through Luxembourg, a tax evasion amounting to more than 9% of the Federal budget of the USA (100 billion dollars). They hide this by claiming they are “philanthropist”, and making spectacular, well publicized gestures.

I don’t know how, and how much, Junker is paid. But he should be arrested, for indirectly fostering poor schools, lack of police, dearth of jobs, and thus, Islamism.

We have seen people like that in World War Two: they made a lot of money, and yielded a lot of power, as long as their sponsors the Nazis, had a big army.

Some may squirm that I explained that plutocrats, because they want power, don’t want to pay taxes, so, indirectly, they help Islamists and other enemies of freedom and democracy. This tactical, or strategic, alliance is clear.

But there is more than that. Islamists are enemies of dictatorship, because they want to be dictators and get all the milk, honey, nice flowing waters, and virgins with “deep dark eyes”, that the Qur’an promised.

Here is our friend the Qur’an:

“O YE WHO BELIEVE! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER.” (Qur’an’s fascist principle, Shura 4; verse 59).

In other words, obey authority as a matter of religion. This makes the Qur’an intrinsically hostile to democracy. Just as plutocracy is. Both are ideologies to justify the rule of a few.

Je Suis Charlie

Patrice Ayme’


October 2, 2008


Pakistan has a new “President”, Benazir Bhutto’s widower. Afghanistan has a “President” too. But what does that mean? During the Roman empire, for centuries, citizens could embrace whatever religion they pleased (before the rather short lived Christian dictatorship). In today’s Afghanistan the “law” has it that if a “Muslim” becomes a “Christian”, he shall be executed. What happened to civilization? Is it supposed to be going backwards? Are Western powers helping those vicious superstitions, and thus undermining themselves?

Pakistan is an Islamic Republic (since 1956, reviewed in 1973). This causes an insurmountable problem because Islam is not compatible with democracy. Although Benazir and her husband seem noble and extremely courageous, the task they gave themselves is hopeless. Islam was designed as a war machine against the West. That is why it succeeded, and only ultimate force stopped it (in Francia in the West).

Benazir Bhutto, in her posthumous book, “Reconciliation” observes that “a discussion of Jihad is critical to the world“. She presents what she calls a “thesis”, that “democracy and Islam are compatible“. But she admits that this is true only if Jihad is not “about religious war against other religions and Muslim sects“. But she is not sure. Maybe, maybe not. Hope is her only logic. And hope is not a logic, just wishful thinking.

Whatever. What part of the word “Jihad” did Benazir not understand? During that last bomb explosion, that killed her, did she see the light? The blazing light? Well, we sure saw it on TV. Islam is strictly not compatible with democracy, and I will show this below, quoting from the highest authority in Islam, namely the message of Allah Himself, the “Recitation” (Qur’an). Those who deny this are either ignorant, or liars, or both. Those who believe ignorant liars come, unsurprisingly, to bad ends.

Muslim fundamentalists have (correctly) counted nearly 200 passages containing calls to extreme murderous violence in the Qur’an. The Fundamentalists know best: they use those precise passages to justify their own murderous violence, including killing little girls that go to school, and women who go to work. Threatening to kill those who insulted “the prophet” is a particularly appreciated delicacy.

But the violence of the Qur’an against Western civilization is not restricted to calls for maximum and lethal physical violence. First, there is the fact that “Jihad” replaces all and any of the activities connected to democracy. Islam is about one man, one jihad, not one man, one vote. Moreover the Qur’an is full of statements such as: “And those who disbelieve in our communications, they are the people of the left hand. On them fire closes over.”  (S 90; v. 19-20). the left hand is used for the rest room, in the desert, you know. (Wash with dirt, recommends ‘the prophet”, always very practical!)

There is also a fundamental violence of the Qur’an against the very principle of democracy. The Qur’an enjoins that:

“O YE WHO BELIEVE! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER.” (Qur’an’s fascist principle, S.4; v. 59).

In other words, Islam orders to obey authority as a matter of religion. Islam is a dictator’s best friend. Dictatorship and Islam live in symbiosis.

Hitler, who admired Islam as a war religion, used to call this the Fuehrerprinzip, and it was the central functioning principle of his Nazi Reich. All Germans had to obey any authority as a matter of religion. The fascist principle makes Islam incompatible with democracy. (Of course, the entire point of Islam is that dictatorship is religion, so it’s no accident!)

Some will say: “Wait a minute! What about Christianity? Europe is Christian, and still became democratic! Indeed, Islam is the bastard child of some type of Judaism and Christianism, marinated in a pungent desert sauce. And indeed the West became democratic. But the West had been democratic before (republican Rome, many Greek City states). Even at the worst of the Roman Christian Imperial theocracy (fourth and fifth centuries), the law was mostly secular, and its own power, independent of religion. Even at the top of the Roman Christian Imperial theocracy, a woman, an Augusta, reigned (fifth century). She invented the theory of the STATE OF LAW: “The law shall apply to us just as much as it applies to our subjects.”

When the Franks took control in the West, they did not establish a Christian dictatorship. Quite to the contrary, they progressively transformed Christianity in an instrument for the advancement of civilization. The Franks, as good Germans, were more democratic and less sexist than the Greco-Roman. As good Germans admiring Greco-Roman civilization, they were dismayed by what Christianity had done to it. All in all, the Franks imposed on Christianity much higher ethics. They forced the Christian establishments to teach secular knowledge.

Saint Augustine and his accomplices, the Founding fathers of the Church, had justified slavery as a punishment from God (as the Quranic parrots would later do). The Franks just outlawed slavery. By 800, the Pope was the Franks’ pet, and the Carolingians (who had crushed Islamic invasions earlier) took a great dislike of the Eastern Christian Roman empire. In 1204 the Franks conquered Constantinople, smashing for good the remaining Roman imperial Christian power. the anti Christian humor of the franks could be tasteless: during some crusade, a bit short of food, they made fun of Christ’s recommendation to eat (his) flesh, by actually eating some of the (Muslim) natives.

Even as dedicated a Christian as the formidable Roman emperor Justinian, when he ordered a refurbishment of the entire Roman legal system, nominated a pagan law professor to head the commission, and the emperor instructed him to separate the huge body of secular law from the laws of a Christian nature. That secular body of law the entire world use nowadays, except for the Islamic states.

The secret of the success of the West is not Christ, it’s the Pagan Franks masquerading as Christians (proof: when they smashed the three Muslim invasions of the eight century, the Franks, after having nationalized the Christian Church to draft the entire economy, called themselves “Europeans”; they viewed Muslims as a new Christian sect).

During the later Middle Ages, the Frankish empire was breaking down in national powers. A Christian fanatic such as (Saint) Louis IX, hated the Jews. Still he could not do much against them: centuries earlier Frankish law, following Roman secular law, had recognized Jews as full citizens. In the end the holocaust of the Jews had to wait for the replacement of secular Roman law by Nazi garbage.

In Pakistan, according to the Islamic Constitution, only a Muslim can become President or Prime Minister. No law repugnant to Islam shall be enacted and the present laws shall also be Islamized. Injunctions of Islam as found in Qur’an and the Sunnah have to be obeyed. The 1973 (and current) Constitution of Pakistan gave a definition of a Muslim which states: ‘Muslim’ means a person who believes in the unity and oneness of Almighty Allah, in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Mohammed [PBUH: Peace Be Upon Him], the last of the prophets, and who does not believe in, nor recognize as a prophet or religious reformer, any person who claimed or claims to be a prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Mohammed.”

In other words, sheer superstition. Well, Poo Be Upon It [PBUI].

Islam has got a long way to go, before it can join Christianity, and be put to sleep…

The West may want to reconsider its attitude relative to all Islamic regimes, including “republics” such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Obama suggested this: next time bin Laden is in the crosshairs of the West, if Pakistan refuses to act, the West will; France, more directly, suggested that a French 9/11 may be rewarded with nukes for the host country.)

For a long time, Islamic dictatorships (a pleonasm, sorry) were the best friends of the oil thirsty USA. Oil was good, so dictatorships were good, so the dictatorship friendly Qur’an was good. Well, that was before Islamic Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now all these discourses about fire from the sky and holocausts, in the Qur’an, after 9/11, do not seem such a good idea anymore, even to the USA. It maybe time to encourage forced de-Islamization programs, somewhat similar to those implemented by the Franks against Christianity.

It’s better to put the Qur’an to sleep that way, rather than the alternative…

Patrice Ayme

P/S: Under the Hanafi jurisprudence of Afghanistan’s Sunni majority, favored by the Afghan Constitution, apostasy -abandoning Islam for another religion- is a crime punishable by death. it’s all about whether it’s the sovereignty of the people (democracy) or the sovereignty of God (a figment of the imagination and tradition of cavemen). It should not be tolerated anymore that Western soldiers die for this.

P/S 2: “In reality, the monotheist texts preach neither peace, love nor tolerance. They are texts of hate.” (Michel Houellebecq.)

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