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Really New Philosophy Fights, Or Is Not

April 14, 2015

When we look back on history, considering the greatest strides which were ever made, most, if not all, originated in strife.

Take the Heliocentric system. How many people got killed for suggesting it? Many. Millions were terrorized. There is an extant dialogue, deep in the Middle-Ages when the Duke Of Normandy relentlessly questions a top religious authority and professor about why is it that the Earth is not moving.

The eminent scholar insisted that the guy who suggested this heresy to William is no scholar, but a perpetual drunkard.

Nature Is Ruled By The Physical Law Of Basic Forces

Nature Is Ruled By The Physical Law Of Basic Forces

Correct ideas threaten the establishment.

But, then, one may want to ask, why is it that the establishment so often foster idiotic ideas?

I have a spectacular answer: the establishment fosters idiotic ideas, precisely because they are idiotic.

Idiotic ideas have two main advantages:

  1. The very idea of plutocracy is idiotic. Idiotic in a major way. So, should one be in the habit of ferreting out idiocy, one would ferret out plutocracy.
  2. Conversely, if one learns to tolerate idiocy, one would be naturally led to tolerate the biggest idiocy of all, plutocracy.

By making We The People stupid, herd like, the establishment, the oligarchy, the plutocracy, can rule better.

Those who love wisdom though, view idiocy as a prey. That does not mean they eat it with delight. Wolves are often hated because they enjoy killing and maiming much more than they can eat (ask French herders: sometimes dozens of sheep are found killed or otherwise mangled by a wolf).

Why wolves do this has to do with who they have evolved to become: not just eaters of vegetarians, but guardians of ecology.

Similarly, the philosophical drive in the genus Homo may have evolved to be guardian not just of wisdom, but the terror of brute force.

Hence we can tell real good philosophy by the power of the enemies it makes.

In particular, philosophy that caresses the masses the right way, is assuredly philosophy that fit their masters just right.

One may want to consider the following assertion: in the last 4 centuries, the politics and policies of the Anglo-Saxon immigrants to America were diabolically clever. Demonstrate. In full, to make sure of acquiring lots of enmity.

In particular the exact role played by the USA in the World Wars of the Twentieth Century, I suggest, have to be carefully considered.

My thesis differs vastly from official history’s main truth. It is a sort of meta-truth, a higher way to look at what happened. A good suggestion for leads to elucidate a crime is by checking to whom the crime profits. It is not too difficult to find out that:

The Equality Liberty Fraternity Republic of France was attacked by German fascists, in WWI and WWII, at least in part, because the latter were helped, aided, & abetted, by racist American plutocrats. 

I have written many essays demonstrating this in detail. Not surprisingly conventional historians would, correctly, view such an examination as a career killer. An overall interrogation, though, is what good would it make, to demonstrate this.

An excellent good: when We The People realizes how manipulative and lethal the present, plutocratically controlled political system can be, and how good a it is at covering-up its crimes, We The People will realize how serious the situation is.

Patrice Ayme’