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Why Did France Cease Fire With Nazis June 22, 1940?

December 26, 2021

The short of it: Because France had enough to be stabbed in the back by the USA, or, more exactly its leadership, the Deep Plutocratic state. Many guessed, deep down inside their minds that Nazi Germany was just what it was: an instrument of the USA. To be stabbed in the back once during and after World War One was enough (the US had broken the blockade of Germany in WW1). OK, that’s not the conventional answer, and nobody dared to say this aloud, before yours truly…. But history should also be the history of the subconscious. Now the details are numerous and full of evil, a real forest of them…

The French Republic was deliberately attacked by the entire army of fascist racist Prussianized Germany on August 2 1914, without even a war declaration. The Prussians intended to take France out, then Russia, and force Britain to negotiate. The Prussians believed they had the tacit, if not explicit approval of racist America. However, 5 weeks later, the French army nearly annihilated the German army. US plutocrats helped to break the Franco-British blockade, enabling Germany to fabricate high explosives. In the end, the US relented and the blockade worked and the French explosive production was more than ten times Germany by 1918.

In 1918, the US flew to the rescue of Franco-British victory… and then confiscated it. In the crucial battle of July 1918, only two US divisions were engaged (and were annihilated), in the company of a Senegalese division (which tended to make no racist German prisoner, and, and because, reciprocally). However the French engaged 45 divisions in the same counter-offensive, behind a deluge of explosive fire. The head Prussian (and future Nazi) Luddendorg told the fascist in chief, the Kaiser, that they had lost the war.

France had won the war, but the losses had been enormous. Officially 1.4 million KIAs. However, real losses, counting hundreds of thousands of MIAs, and thousands of executed deserters, were around two millions, around ⅓ of the 18-27 years old got killed. Just one single day, in August 1914, 27,000 French soldiers died during furious French offensives. And all this for what?

In 1919, French suggestions to do away with Prussian-German war capabilities were blocked by the USA, which proceeded to rob Germany blind, and make Germany into its own thing, for its own US plutocrats, one Wall Street plan after another. French PM Clemenceau declared France would be again at war with Germany within 20 years, as happened (and often with the same individuals… for example Hermann Goering, prominent in WW1 as he was in WW2)

The head of the German central bank, a creature of JP Morgan, the most prominent US plutocrat and then the eponymous bank, organized hyperinflation in 1923 to not pay repairs for the enormous deliberate damage to the French and Belgian industrial belts and their flooded, exploded mines and factories. That was fine with the US plutocrats, who viewed the European empires as the greatest obstacle to their rule over the entire planet.

US plutocrats proceeded to finance and arm Mussolini, Hitler and Franco (also fuel his imperial majesty Hirohito, so that he could kill lots of Chinese…) Meanwhile, through their control of US media, US plutocrats fabricated the pro-fascist ideology known as “isolationism”, which the US Deep State (the entanglement of US plutocracy with the US government) used to empower the Axis and its friends (Stalin among the latter, as US plutocrats, some of them “democrats” as US president Wilson of 1914, developed his oil fields, among other things…)

In 1939, France, followed by Britain, had enough with Hitler, who now wanted to do away with Poland. They threatened war, and marshalled their enormous resources and credit, especially in the US [1]… so Hitler made his alliance with Stalin official. Communists followed Stalin, even in France, so many in the French military, who already detested the “Popular Front” of 1936, led by PM Blum, a Jew, were reluctant to arm in a timely fashion the thousands of modern fighter planes France had… among other things. All too many traitors admiring Nazism were found in France.

Think about it: France was at war with the axis: Germany, Italy, Japan, plus the Soviet Union (German tanks were fueled by Caucasus oil). France had started the war with more than 5 million soldiers plus 300,000 British soldiers, but during a few fatidic days in May 1940, the French army got cut off from the rear. The hyper powerful Third French Armored division, just north of the German armor spearhead could not move: its fuel lines were cut off. It was a sort of giant Pearl Harbor on an unimaginable scale: millions of elite French soldiers were cut off from behind.

God had turned Nazi, and organized a succession of miracles which favored the Nazis. It’s a long story, and there were too many miracles, such as the case of the German plane which crashed with the plans that the French had anticipated… So the Nazi general Von Manstein and Hitler tried something real crazy. They had to.

Nazi tanks in the Belgian Ardennes

They had to go crazy because the French army was too powerful… and time was working against them, considering the immense resources and populations of France and Britain with their world empires. At Hannut in Belgium, 380 French tanks confronted 664 German tanks. The better armored and more powerful French tanks block the Germans for two days. The Germans lose 195 tanks, the French 105… mostly to Stuka bombers. This is world war two’s first tank battle, and the French win it. The drama, though, is to the south: disbanded Belgian soldiers coming out of the Ardennes forest.

The end result is that the Nazis launched a completely deranged offensive which had every reason to fail spectacularly, causing the annihilation of the Nazi army: 44 divisions jammed through three narrow roads in the Ardennes forest, including 7 out of 10 Panzer, the armored divisions. However, miracle after miracle: the Belgian army did not deploy there the few anti-tanks troops they needed to stop the German columns… thanks to a not enough British and French aerial reconnaissance, Belgian neutrality, lots of amphetamines, the Nazi army pierced through and cut all the crack French armies from behind. 

Nazi troops crossing the Meuse at Sedan, May 13 1940. Notice the destroyed bridge behind.

The Nazis used the entire Luftwaffe to break the one French Reserve infantry division at Sedan. The British Second armored division which was supposed to be behind the French 55th was not there, and the long range guns from the Maginot line didn’t fire (both facts are unexplained, at least, to me!) Guderian, commander and creator of the German armor was at its desk in the panorama hotel, directing the offensive. A hit by a British bomber on an amunition dump, caused the huge boar head above him to fall down, and Guderian nearly got decapitated. A few days later unstoppable French B1B heavy tanks came in immediate proximity of German headquarters (again with Guderian inside), but, in the night did not detect the German staff and left. 

Besides the hand of fate, and enormous quantities of amphetamines, some of it as candy, the Nazis got tremendous help from the French commander, Gamelin, who could not have done a better job if he had been Hitler himself. Gamelin was weak, stupid, didn’t like aviation, and feared German spying pathologically, to the point he would not use the radio.

Thanks to Pervitin, the Wehrmacht kept going without sleep for 30 plus hours – enabling them to plough through the Ardennes forest without getting bogged down. Allied troops confronted almost superhuman, suicide bomber style soldiers who seemed to know no fear, attacking relentlessly. During the entire armor dash across France, the week starting May 10, 1940, so it was, day after day, niht after night. Later the Nazis deplored many officers dying of heart attacks, so they diminshed the usage of Pervitin. All of Nazi Germany was using it, and should have screamed:”Sieg High!” instead of “Sieg Heil!” There were chocolate candy versions of methamphetamins: a chocolate version for pilots and tank crews known as Fliegerschokolade (flyer’s chocolate) and Panzerschokolade (tanker’s chocolate)

Gamelin launched the French reserve of seven armored divisions into the Netherlands (as far as it should have been). His second in command told him there was a danger that the Nazis would cut the entire French army from behind… as happened.

Also that the Prince of Wales informed Hitler where the weak point was, helped considerably (“The Windsor File.”published in 1997 by Paul Sweet, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and historian gave the Nazi background of the ex-king)… so did suicidary charges by bomb laden Nazi engineers.

Ultimately, the First French army blocked all the German army, and enabled the British professional army to escape (Dunkirk).

At this point, by June 1940, the treachorous US president did not deliver his “guarantees” to France (whereas Canada landed divisions in Britanny which were immediately beaten back by the Nazis). France could have kept on fighting, by evacuating to North Africa… and should have. Churchill, and the UK Parliament proposed a unification of France and Britain (to hinder Nazi extermination of the French). However, a few leaders in France, who ended in Vichy, felt that the same sacrifice as in 1914-1918, with the USA reaping all the fruits, once again, was not the wisest course. At that exact moment, France was at war with all the fascist powers, Germany, the USSR, Italy and Japan. The only ally was Britain, which mostly had an Air Force and a Navy. Half of the German Air Force had been destroyed in six weeks of combat, and France had 2,500 modern fighter planes in North Africa alone (plus a larger Navy than Hitler’s).

In 1936, US oil had allowed the Nazi Air Force to transport a rogue army to destroy the Spanish Republic. Hitler, encouraged that way by Von Ribbentrop, his foreign minister, thought that Britain loved Nazism, and the USA, even more so. Hitler would find out he had been played when first Britain declared war, and then the US flooded the USSR with crucial military aid in 1941, before cutting the US oil flow to Japan… Top German generals had wanted to get rid of the Nazis in 1937. They had asked for Anglo-American diplomatic support. Instead the Anglo-Americans denounced them to Hitler (who forgave them… he had no choice…) Thus many leaders, in France or Germany, thought the US approved of Nazism. Roosevelt rushed to recognize the illegal Vichy coup and sent his right hand man, 4 star admiral Leahy, as “ambassador” to Vichy…

France had enough elan to declare war to Hitler in 1939. The US never found that elan. The war was lost in four or five days in May. It had nothing to do with elan. If the Nazi army had been detected in the Ardennes the Nazis could have been defeated. If the 7th French army had been kept in reserve, with its seven armored divisions, the Nazi armor would have been cut off, and the war won right away. If the 2,500 modern fighter planes which France had at the ready on the theater had been engaged from North Africa where they were flown, France could have resisted indefinitively. But what for, as long as the US winked to Hitler?

It seemed wiser to make a ceasefire with Hitler (it was NOT a peace treaty). As it turned out, France suffered around one million deaths all told in metropolitan France, plus two million in Indochina (because of the Japanese war of liberation there, I’m ironic).

France was still in the fight. An example: On May 10, 1941, in a night raid on London, three Nazi Heinkel 111 were shot down. All victories were scored by French pilots. Pilot Officer Demozay of 1 Squadron shot his down over East London, whilst Pilot Officer Scitivaux and Pilot Officer Emile Fayolle, both of whom were serving with 242 Squadron, had their encounters over the London Docks. All three ‘kills’ were confirmed. Fayolle would go on, sink 28 Nazi boats and become RAF squadron leader. He died crashing in the Channel after being shot by German flak.

In June-July 1942, two years later, a French army lethally wounded Rommel’s Afrika Korps… the Nazi commander, Rommel himself, said it (so did Churchill). At the time of D Day, the French resistance occupied 17 divisions in south France, plus a few elite alpine divisions, including all Nazi SS paratroops in the Vercors combat (had they been used in Normandy, they may have been enough to throw back the allies in the sea).

By 1945 a million man French army (23% of the Western Allies’ army) crossed the Rhine under fire. In the last 5 weeks of the war, the French army, pushing through south Germany into Austria suffered 5,000 dead, 35% of the number of deaths as the US army (and a bit more than the British).

Following the war, the USA, having given half of Europe to Stalin, including Poland (!), proceeded to replace the Europeans worldwide, by a process called “decolonization”… thanks to an abuse of language.

Maybe the US Deep State should stop undermining France as it just did in Australia with submarines and helicopters?

In World War One a draw was snatched out of military victory, thanks to the intervention of influential Anglo-Saxon individuals motivated by greed or racism (the famous Keynes was an example of pro-German racism). The French army wanted to finish the work in 1918, occupy Germany, and try the criminals against humanity who had launched World War One. The US blocked that idea in 1918. This finally happened in 1945… And the problem posed by the Prussian racist and exploitative ideology from the Eighteenth Century found its final solution….

All well considered, the French Republic should have united with Britain, as proposed by Churchill, and pursued the war from North Africa. Blocked by the French Navy and French Air Force, plus planes ordered in the USA by France and Britain, the Nazis would not have been able to cross the Mediterranean (even with only the Brits in the fight, they could not make it enough to provide the Afrika Korps…)

That would have changed many things in ways hard to visualize. However, French losses may well have been higher.

Patrice Ayme 

139 Polish fighter pilots volunteered to join the RAF. Some expert French pilot also did. Émile Fayolle above was squadron leader RAF. Died in combat at the age of 25. Émile Fayolle had been a squadron leader in the French Air Force too. His squadron was based at Warmwell. He was a commandant FAFL (Forces aériennes françaises libres). Germany quickly ran out of expert pilots, as too many died in combat, mostly during the Battles of France and England in 1940, and lack of fuel, after attacking the USSR prevented training, so, later in the war, all too many German pilots could barely fly their planes. The most famous French pilot who died in combat was Saint Exupery, author of the Petit Prince, off Marseilles in 1944.. Émile Fayolle died in combat five months before Hitler declared war to the treachorous USA..


Left unsaid in usual description of WW2 and why Hitler wanted so much to attack in 1939, is the attempted preparation of a coup against the Nazis by the German military in 1937. Hitler knew that the generals were still plotting (and would attempt a coup in 1944). The German generals and admirals had asked in 1937 for Anglo-Saxon diplomatic support. Instead the treachorous Anglo-Saxon leadership denounced the generals to Hitler… So Hitler knew time was working against him, because French hostility was relentless, and both France and Britain were rearming monstruously, using credit and US industry.

An example: France and Britain launched the Mustang, P47 program, using a little known aircraft company, under their own specifications, mostly speed and endurance, in the USA. The plane was so good it got adopted by the US and became the main supremacy fighter.

Any Power Which Can Kill Hundreds Of Millions In A Few Minutes Is Great. Out With Greed And Grab US Mentality.

September 26, 2021


There are theories about Great Powers. First of them the so-called “imperial overstretch”… taught to my eleven year daughter at school… Many seem to equate greatness and military power. 

But it is more complicated than that: the Netherlands was not a great military power in the Seventeenth Century: it had defeated Spain, yes, but that was mainly because all Spanish armies attacking the Netherlands found themselves in turn attacked by the mighty French army. Later, the Netherlands conquered England, but that had much to do with internal English politics and France refusing to intervene. Meanwhile enormous Dutch fleets spanned the world, but that was due to concentrating. 

On the way the Dutch captain Abel Tasman saw what became known as Tasmania. 

In the brazen AUKUS alliance affair, where Australia UK, and US announced a nuclear proliferation alliance, joining insult to injury, the US side insisted that France, besides not speaking English, was not a great power. Why is France not a great power, whereas Australia presumably is? Like the US, Australia massacred the Natives, and now owns a continent. Is that it? Kill the Natives, rob a continent, and then call your self great?

Tasmanian. Portrait made around 1830. Tasmanians were killed to the last, thanks to the usual plutocratic trick called “liberalism”, “free enterprise”, Billionaires and the like, ruling.

And when does the tremendous influence of, say, Israel, sit? Israel gave rise to the religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianism, Islamism. It should count towards conferring some greatness to Israel.   

A French expedition showed up in Tasmania. Just as in Canada 250 years later, the idea was to establish friendly trade with the Natives. To show their good intentions, and that they had nothing to hide, the French sailors bathed in the nude, showing they carried no weapons: the French were following the teaching of Rousseau’s, the doctrine of the “Bon Sauvage“. At the time everybody, even the young queen, was reading master thinker Rousseau, who seemed to be attributing the Dark Side of humanity to civilization itself (whereas Christianism attributed it to the original sin, and I attribute it to an ecological protection mechanism) 

But the Natives ambushed them while bathing. Great Britain showed instead the correct way to deal with savages: Tasmanians were killed to the last. In the Tasmanian colony’s early decades, “extermination” and “extirpation” were words and concepts used by the English colonists to describe their strategy relative to the Natives whom they called “blacks”. Most of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania’s north west were methodically hunted down and killed by the Van Diemen’s Land Company VDLC, in hunting expeditions. Liberalism at its best, Locke style. Aboriginal Tasmanian languages were completely annihilated. As English colonists were in the habit of using Tasmanian women, often mass-kidnapped, there are a few thousand people of partial Tasmanian descent left today. The original population of Tasmania may have been as high as 100,000 (Tasmania, being more temperate, is more productive than mainland Australia).

To claim France is not a great power, coming from its descendants, is parricide… And a self-contradiction.



Powers are like person: they may have a descendance. A power with a great descendance is greater than one with no descendance. Descendance, in the matter of powers can involve ideology, or outright successor state status. Consider Israel again… or then Arabia, which is great, in great part because Islam is great. Rome is even greater than the Roman state, because it invented Christianism, a famous superstition, but also Roman law, and hundreds of other ways of being Roman faithfully replicated to this day, all the way to Beijing.

Successor status can be a complex matter, as when the US succeeded the 13 British colonies. 

In the case of France, the Imperium Francorum, was the one and only successor state of Rome in the West, as recognized by Constantinople. It then grew to create all of Europe… Scandinavia and Russia grew in part from Christianism, a religion the Franks used as a way to conquer minds by making them feel bad about their previous gods…

Is France great? France in the sense of the state founded by the Franks, is just as great as Europe… Because the Franks founded Europe. As simple as that. This enraging fact is carefully omitted from the Anglospheric version of history… which prefer to insinuate that Britain is a direct successor state of Rome. In truth, England was created into what became its present version by the French [1]… And much English, and then US law is actually directly derived from France, and its Lex Salica and revisions in the 13th century by Saint Louis and company…  

Why doesn’t France realize it is not great anymore? The question is all over the plutocrats-owned Anglosphere media. English speaking plutocrats know the answer: any power not in complete obedience to the great Anglosphere plutocracy is not great, and should be made smaller. To make sure of it, France has to be destroyed as a great power. France is the most prominent center of considerable military-industrial expertise in Europe, thus potentially independent. Give an inch to France, say the plutocrats, and next thing you know, we have to pay taxes i, say, Europe.

These are childish ways of thinking, from children with very bad education. But remember: a complete obsessive idiot such as Adolf Hitler could become leader of the most literate country, Germany, after it became insane. If it happened to Germany it could happen, say, to the Anglosphere.



Any power which can kill a few dozens of millions in a few minutes, using its own means, should be viewed as a great power [2]. France and the USA have this capacity in the West. Britain doesn’t, in the technical sense that its submarines, the only British deterrent, use… French electronics and sonar.

So the argument that French nuclear submarine technology is not as advanced as US, or a fortiori, UK, nuclear sub tech is a blatant lie. Actually, the British attack nuclear submarines, the Astute class, with their French electronics and sonar, are view as overall equivalent to the US nuclear attack submarines, the Virginia class… Except that the  Astute is much cheaper than the expensive three billion dollar Virginia.

The US and UK subs use highly dangerous weapon grade uranium (HEU) nuclear fuel, made in the USA. France instead developed non-proliferating Low Enrichment Uranium (LEU) propulsion. As does China. Ultimately all HEU subs will have to change technology and go to LEU.

If the USA were smart and deep, not just greedy and war mongering, they would ask the French to institute the change from HEU to LEU. 

The US is trying to torpedo the French advanced indigenous military capability, its only competitor in the West, using a combination of humiliation and pressure on other countries to force them to not buy French weapons. This is not because France is not a great power, but precisely the opposite, because France is too much of a great power and the US views France as its competitor. The risk is not that France is not a great power, or obsessed by her rank.

The problem the planet is having is the exact opposite: there are too many great nuclear powers in an increasingly small world. Even fools should be able to see that.

All and any country can be all arrogant now, but one single strategic ballistic submarine as France and the US have independently built and operate, is potentially capable of killing hundreds of millions of people.

The cause of US belligerency relative to France is simple: the US has relentlessly expanded at the cost of France in the last century. And the job is not done yet: France still controls more ocean than the US, around 11 million square kilometers. By trying to grab French ocean, the US validates Xi’s power grab in the South China sea… But, as I have explained, the US Deep State knows one thing in its deep subconscious: by causing more wars, the US has always won in the end. So weakening France beckons. But the French don’t get it: France just killed Al Saharawi, the Sahel’s top terrorist, who used to drive around with captured US weapons. Al Saharawi ‘s greatest feat had been to ambush US soldiers, causing their greatest loss of life, limb and honor since Mogadishu.

What makes a power greater, ultimately, then, is often its mentality. The Anglosphere eradicated the Natives in America and Australia. Was that great? Or is founding a civilization greater? The Franks outlawed European slave trading in 657 CE, more than 13 centuries ago: that was really great. And this is why, the Anglosphere thinkers will tell you, it should not be known. Nor should it be emphasized that Europe mostly evolved as, or from, the Imperium Francorum, for a millennium, after the fall of the Roman state from an aggravated state of delirious plutocracy.



In recent “California” elections, non-resident multibillionaires claiming to be pro-democracy, spend regularly millions of dollars… And the elections go with the money, thanks to cognitive barrages of devious and biased information all over all the media… Making the population stupid and corrupt is never how to make a power great. Instead it leads to mass hypocrisy to the point of inefficiency. The Californian homeless crisis, by far the worst in the US, with the most squalid camps in the world, is caused mostly by the fact that Californian “democratic” voters stridently talk progressive, to better act in a more regressive way than Trump. Actually Berkeley, universally viewed as a center of progressivism, invented (in 1916) apartheid real estate zoning… They don’t call it that way.. In 2021, Berkeley lost in the California Supreme Court, in its attempt to keep on going with apartheid… Under the pretext of protecting Indian artefacts… More hypocritical than that would probably cause instant death.

Central to a superior mentality, at least for a civilization, is being frank. Not by accident, that was the name of the Franks. Only by being frank were they able to redress the mental failures of the Roman state. That was attempted as early at the Battle of the Frigidus, in 394 CE. Yes the Frankish general Arbogast lost that battle and his life… But his successors won, a century later. 

If nobody fights the good fight, nobody will win it. 

The mentality of greed and grab which has brought the USA into existence has been great for the US. But it has no future for the planet distinct from Armageddon. The US Deep State should not assume that it is not in deep need of a correction… and that it cannot come from the mentality of its parental figure, France. 

Patrice Ayme


[1] Normand Dux (Roman military chief of a province) and his allies the French barons, in 1066 CE. All were in theory under the authority of the French monarch, “emperor in his own kingdom”, as West Francia did not want to be bothered anymore by the rest of the “Roman empire”, as it had been unable to solve the Viking problem and led to various conflicts.  

Thus the allies of the Normandy Dux were submitted to it only during the military campaign of conquest of England (which lasted more than a year)… But after that they, and their descendants, considering themselves basically equal to the new king and his descendants, ended up asking for a strong Parliament, and later a magna carta…


[2] The French subs carry 16 M45 or M51 missiles with six to ten TN 75 150kt thermonuclear warheads. One such missile can eliminate any city on earth, by direct explosions in a special pattern and the ensuing firestorm.  How many warheads does a Trident missile carry? The British Trident IIs are reported to carry an average of three 100-kiloton warheads each, while the U.S. missiles are variously reported as carrying four, six, eight, or even more 475-kiloton warheads. There again one can see the “British” weapon is actually a US purchase…  

French strategic nuclear submarine firing of a French M51 missile. Range around 8,000 kilometers, ten thermonuclear warheads with penetration aids…

Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.

September 21, 2021

France created the USA, as a republic, in the name of diversity, humanism and freedom… against the British plutocracy. But plutocracy, that force which wants to destroy civilization always, rears again…. 

Neo-con Biden intervened,  between France and Australia. A somber machination was revealed. Setting up some preconditions for World War Three… Breaking a treaty between France and Australia was an aggression and it hides much greater ones, past and future. The US Deep State’s mentality was born before the first English colony, four centuries ago (it trained to massacre in Ireland, with the same “West Country Men” who financed the English colony in America). The main mentality of the US Deep State knows only one principle: maximal exploitation… Sustainability be damned. To get there the US Deep State will lie, dissemble and stab in the back, as needed.   

Native Americans were in the way, of the progress towards greater greed, they got exterminated. European empires were in the way: they got terminated from a crafty instrumentalization of German imperial racism and plutocracy with timely and judicious US support thereof.

The cancellation of the Australia-France defense contract is more of the same: upon deep examination, all the reasons presented by the Anglo-Saxon side are lies. What is left, is the truth… and it is definitively disconcerting.

Basically the Anglo-Saxon side hinted that the French submarines were not good enough. However France was designing a class of AIP(Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, with added fuel cells, at the request of Australia… Because Australia did not want nuclear submarines… That class of subs made for Australia, the “Attack” was derived from the SSN (Sub Surface Nuclear) type Barracuda, the existing class being the Suffren. AIP submarines do not have to continually move high temperature water and steam, so they are more silent than nuclear submarines (!). They also can stay under water without surfacing for a month or so… The contract was signed in 2016…

Suddenly, without any warning to the French, Australia decided to go nuclear, literally and figuratively, and announced its nuclear deal with Biden and cancelled the French conventional submarine contract.

The (implicit) presentation was hinted that the Anglo-Saxon subs were better. However the British attack submarines are not really British: their sensor and electronics are… FRENCH.

And the propulsion of the British subs of the Astute class, nominally by Rolls Royce is actually US American, under license. Plenty of other systems in the UK subs are US American. So the British subs of the Astute class are French and US American for their two most important elements: brains and nuclear power.

But it gets better than that: the Uranium the US uses in its submarines and its UK subs, is WEAPON GRADE (the French and the Chinese uses NON weapon grade uranium in their subs).  

So Deep State Biden is actually promoting NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION, WEAPON GRADE..   

Thus what is left is the truth: The US wants the Pacific to become a US lake, and New Caledonia is in the way, politically, geographically, strategically and civilizationally. More than half of the inhabitants of New Caledonia are Natives, demonstrating, once again, that France is too friendly to losers, and not oriented enough towards business… which, optimally demands maximal exploitation.

But not just this, it gets way worse: by unilaterally, without consulting with NATO, let alone Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel… Or Korea, or Japan, or Vietnam, or Brazil, and… Iran… The Biden administration is committing a major breach of NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION. 

Why would the US Deep State engage in such a deep, extremely dangerous international violation? Well, the obvious explanation is the only one visible, however troubling and despicable: the US Deep State WANTS NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS GRADE MATERIAL.   

Why? There again, the reason is disconcerting, but obvious: because it augments the probability of nuclear war. When the US fought the American Natives, it always had some on its side, at least for a while, and use them… against the other American Natives. The same method was used on a grander scale in the Twentieth Century: the US presidency and its plutocratic class, co-conspiring, encouraged the slightly demented leaders of Germany to attack in 1914, and then fed them materials for high explosives (among other things)… This made the Franco-British blockade much less efficient, and the war lasted 4 years instead of just one. After the bait, the US switched to the attack mode, intervening significantly in the war in the last few months, when French high explosives production was ten times that of Germany.

Something similar happened with Nazism. US plutocracy, discreetly helped by the Roosevelt administration (officially singing different tunes) encouraged, facilitated and enabled Nazism… Until the switch, massive aid to the Soviet Union, and Hitler understood he had been had and, enraged, declared war to the US in an act of suicidal bravado (Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the USA sent arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion… which it was simultaneously promoting through its plutocrats and their corporations; for example IBM had the monopoly of computation throughout Nazi Germany…)  

So now, here we are.

What’s the plan? Well, war, what else, between the Natives (whoever they happen to be)… The possibilities are endless, shifting alliances all over, just as during the French and Indian wars, and the 140 years after that… There has not been a real good war, with the biggest, most powerful weapons, since World War Two… What the Deep State of plutocracy needs, is nuclear war. 

You will tell me: this is monstrous, how depraved can you be? Well, not me, but those gentlemen, or, even worse, their subconscious. It is worse if what they are doing is subconscious, because they don’t even know what they are doing, but still do it. 

Meanwhile, France, very correctly, recalled her ambassadors to the US and Australia. This has never happened before. The hour is indeed grave: the US is getting rogue, conveniently hiding behind an apparently rudderless president.   

The US Deep State may feel: oh, you are overreacting, don’t you finally realize that you are all Indians?

The US Deep State forgets one thing: times have changed, the world has shrunk… And is more aware. When the US massacred the US Natives, the world was huge, and the US was conquering a continent. Canadians and Australians did the same, eradicating (most of) the Natives, with pack of lies and treason against reason but for the reason of rabid greed. However, now the world is small. It is a big village. Civilization is also pretty much one. China, for example, is, civilizationally speaking, strongly hybridized with Western European socialism… which the US is also hybridized with (consider Medicare)… Both giant countries, USA and China, although around the globe, on the other side, are on board with the technological, intellectual, and mental progressivism launched by the Franks after the collapse of the Roman state and which made the European Middle Ages the main motor of creation

That world coherence means there is no room for World War Three… Any world war now would have aspects of a civil war (not reassuring, considering US history!) Nor is it necessary to add another calamities to wake up from slumber: we already have several calamities on our hands, including the climate calamity… None of them are easy to fix, as they are entangled in industry, thus survival.  

It is high time to expose the US Deep Plutocracy and its Machiavellian tortuous conspiracies, where war among the others is leveraged for personal advantage… We need this exposition and explanation, so as to steer the future away from disaster.

As this enlightenment descends upon the planet, the US Deep State may find out that old allies may not share its enthusiasm for the the old White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) method of divide and conquer, eradicate and exploit. In other words if China does not engage in blatant worldwide aggression as the US of Biden is doing presently with its fostering of nuclear proliferation, it may find allies in Europe. Not everybody is so woke that they can’t wake up.

Progressives must mobilize to prevent Biden from introducing nuclear weapon grade uranium to Australia… Sneakily preparing conditions for a nuclear Armageddon: if Australia, a gigantic place without need, or enemies nearby, gets nukes, why not everybody?

Patrice Ayme


Australia could mitigate the situation by ordering the Suffren class of French nuclear submarines: those French subs use NON weapon grade uranium for propulsion. They are state of the art, and arguably way better for Australia (they are way cheaper, and already exist).

The submarines ordered to France by Australia five years ago were the Air Independent Propulsion diesel variant of the brand new latest French nuclear attack submarine below:

The French Navy vessel called “Suffren”, first of the nuclear Barracuda class attack submarines, leaves the workshops of its construction at the Naval Group site in Cherbourg, France, July 5, 2019. Picture taken July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier. These are enormous boats: look at the little worker to the right. They displace 5,200 tons. The UK and US submarines have 50% more mass. However that’s not necessarily an advantage as attack submarines are increasingly moving to LITORAL waters in which they are hard to detect from sound reflections, currents, waves, and also can better make their missions. The submarine above uses a hybrid steam-electric propulsion, steam for greater power, electric for greater silence…

Why Did Hitler Start A World War In 1939, Instead Of Waiting For 1945… As The Plan Had Been?

September 5, 2021

The answer is that the Nazis did not start, technically speaking, and from their point of view, a world war in 1939. 

As the Nazis themselves whined many times, they did not start World War Two. Hated, racially inferior France attacked the poor Nazis savagely… and the French dragged beautiful, racially superior Britain into the conflict.

This is entirely correct from the Nazi perspective… And completely false otherwise.

France could see the mad Nazi armaments’ plan, its spoliation of Jews and other enemies, which were ruining the German economy, making war ever more probable, and France could see the racist, insanely fanaticized Nazi youth, which could not wait to kill and die on the battlefield. France had decided to not let Germany become ever more insane with its genocidal programs, and not to let the Nazis deploy more weapons and especially its new high tech submarines. On paper, France had enough forces to defeat the Nazis, and a much stronger strategic position. But the mood in France, with half the population of Germany, and no berserk racially charged youth, was grim.

By 1942, a Franco-British juggernaut, helped by US industry and credit, would swamp the crazy Nazis: that was the Franco-British plan. French and British planners had no doubt they would destroy the Nazis, it was just a matter of time. Once that psychology was installed, and the Nazis were aware of it, there was no turning back: time worked for the Franco-British alliance, as in WW1.

France also had a nuclear weapons program the Nazis knew of… But could not do anything about, as the top Nazi physicists thought a bomb was impossible (the French program ended in… “Manhattan”…) Except the Nazis knew French nukes had to do with Norway (where French heavy water was made to slow down neutrons). And Norway and Sweden, facing the indomitable Royal Navy at Scapa Flow in Scotland, was where Hitler’s iron came from… Also Britain was building a vast air force, larger than the Luftwaffe, and with long range bombers. The war had not even started and time was working against Hitler… Now that the two superpower democracies in the west had woken up.

So enmity against the Nazis was everywhere: Poland to the east, France to the west, and the threat of having the iron road cut off in the north, where the French were preparing some monster weapon. The Nazis went into world war, completely unprepared for it. They had less than 100 U boats, all of a type that was obsolete (relative to what they had on the drawing board). The Nazis had around 1,000 Czech rather light tanks, plus 1,400 of their own, with less than 400 of their best tank, the Panzer III (they had only a few Panzer IV). The French had more than 4,000 tanks, including German tanks were numerically and technically inferior to the Anglo-French armored forces, which were equipped with a greater quantity of medium and heavy tanks (however, German crews were trained and experienced in the new combined tactics of tanks, anti-tank guns and dive bombers, being able to exploit the advantages of the Panzer III, in particular, the modern radio communications system and the deployment of three men in the turret resulting in greater efficiency in the field, winning the Battle of France… from their experiences in Spain; France and Britain learned quickly, in less than ten days.. By then they had lost the Battle of France…) 

The Nazis suffered huge losses during the Battles of France and then England. Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain, was not a possibility: the Nazis did not have the ships, and they did not have the planes (they had lost 1,150 aircrew in the Battle of France, and 1,250 planes). Then Nazi paratroops were wiped out in Crete (their victory was posthumous). And the Nazis had little oil. Incapable of defeating Britain, attacking the USSR was thus a necessity, Hitler explained to his 10,000 general officers… with the perverse Nazi logic that, if things are bad, and one cannot make them better, one could always make them worse.

The Nazis had started work on one aircraft carrier. France had more than one operational or in the works, and Britain had several in operation. Roosevelt, in 1933, had launched a program to build 24 fleet aircraft carriers… Hitler could win, only if its adversaries help him. But this happened to him many times. And it happens regularly in history, the last example being the Taliban… In 2021.

However, France has the longest and fiercest military history in the world, and Britain is arguably only second to France. Winning so many wars, for so long, implies a knowledge of the breathing of war, how to pace oneself… and when to get serious. By 1939, both powers, long the dominant superpowers of Europe (France for 16 centuries, Britain for 9 centuries) understood institutionally that the situation was serious, and Nazism had to be eradicated.

The Nazis had lost control of the situation. They also had lost their minds to their own propaganda: they described Britain and France as weak democracies, and believed they never would become anything else. Whatever “democracy” is supposed to mean. In truth, France (and Britain) had military traditions going all the way back to Julius Caesar, and even earlier. France and Britain were, first of all, military powers with their own military traditions, honed fighting each other at some point for nearly 5 centuries…. Dealing with enemies on the battlefield is in their blood, so to speak. They know, or used to know, what it takes to survive.

History teaches well, but is bedeviled by details. So most of the teaching is in the details.

Patrice Ayme

This is an answer to:

Why did Hitler start WWII in 1939, even though some told him to delay the war until 1945, when Germany would have been much stronger?

1938. The French and British Prime Ministers arrive in Berlin to meet with Nazi dictator Hitler. The British empire had 550 million inhabitants (and would join the UK is the war, and the French empire more than 100 million. The Nazis had 80 million subjects… and were landlocked…

The 1609 CALAMITY: Founded The USA, Tempered By France

August 3, 2021

The 1609 Mental CALAMITY, Was Tempered By France’s Very Different Approach to Colonization and Human Rights. An Ongoing Project.

The biggest lie in the history of America is that the mentality of the founders and investors of the Jamestown colony of 1609, and that of their dependents, the Puritans of the Mayflower, was not a calamity for humanity. 1609 was genocidal and enslaving, with the goal of maximum profits, justifying the worst horrors… such as the formal introduction of slavery by 1619… for Africans… Actually correspondence of white masters among themselves showed that they referred to their indentured white servants as “slaves” (this is the word they used).

All the while the 1609 mentality hid behind the Bible, its convenient “chosen people” mantra, its jealous, genocidal god, and its military solutions for ecological limitations. (The latter is also found in writing. After pandemics had rolled through Virginia, Captain Smith marveled in the 1620s that “the whole country lays open before us“.

That 1609 mentality was not invented in America, but by the initial investors of the Virginia Company. They had made a fortune in Ireland, using quasi-genocidal means (the alley to the governor’s castle was lined up with Irish skulls…). The bloody conquest of Ireland by vicious plutocrats known as the West Country Men made them much more powerful and basically enabled them to also control of England… their next project was to establish colonies in the Americas; one of those West Country Men, Sir Francis Drake, died in Panama, trying to grab land from the Spanish; his friends went on with Jamestown, helped by the English military and the investor in chief, King James of England. 

The 1609 mentality considered that non militarily-authorized relationships of English colons with the Natives was a capital crime punished most atrociously by drawing and quartering the English traitors, no less. The Natives noticed and the father of Pocahontas deplored that the English refused to marry with his tribe. Along the same lines, the Puritans killed an entire English colony, around what is now the Boston area, because those “rough fellows” there had married Native women. An empowering mentality of the 1609 calamity was to make whatever eroded racism into a crime… a crime often punished by execution.

Two French armies and one French fleet, helped by general Washington’s continental army, won the world war known as the US war of independence, 1775-1783… Ten percent of dead soldiers in the US war of independence were French. Here a representation of French headquarters at Yorktown, with general Washington in attendance. Cornered by the French, besieged by French miners, blocked by admiral D’Estaing, pounded by long ranger French guns, the British army was made to surrender at Yorktown, ending the war.

The ultra-exploitative mentality of 1609 was fortunately somewhat corrected by the French intervention in the American war of independence, which injected a more civilized approach to progress…

For example, La Fayette tried to persuade, for years, verbally and in writing, his good friend Washington to outlaw slavery. Washington replied by flattering La Fayette for his great sense of humanity. La Fayette had played an outstanding role in persuading the French government to spend 5 trillion 2020 dollars in fighting Britain in America to create the USA. La Fayette, as a general, had led one of the two French armies which converged on Yorktown and forced the surrender of the British army.

The French 1789 Human Rights Declaration gave equality, freedom, and the right to vote to all men. It made the American owners look avaricious, petty, and as the slave masters they were… And showed to all the hypocrisy of the American master class. Slave trading had been made unlawful in France by Merovingian queen Bathilde in… 657 CE.

The gentler French approach to the colonization of America was less oriented towards enabling a few individuals and corporations to make huge profits, and become the law of the land. Thus, for example, the French would trade with the Natives, rather than exterminate them. The French would pay for furs, not scalps. This is of course also why the French failed and the English won the Seven Years world war (1756-1763)… at least until 1776… when the French instigation to rebellion bore fruit in America.

In a different context, the story of the virtuous too virtuous to fight efficiently for virtue keeps on repeating itself. This would happen in 1914-1917, and 1939-1941, when the USA refused to fight against racist fascism… by making up story of self-glorifying imaginary virtues (such as “pacifism” of racist president Wilson, who actually loved Prussian racism, and encouraged the Kaiser to go to war, thereafter facilitating said Prussian racist attack on the world… Or when in 1939, the US took sanctions against Britain and France for having declared war to Nazi Germany…)

Nobel Prize laureate Churchill said that he wrote “The Gathering Storm” to show:

“…how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the structure and habits of democratic States, unless they are welded into larger organisms, lack those elements of persistence and conviction which can alone give security to humble masses; how, even in matters of self-preservation … the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger … [how] the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bull’s-eye of disaster.

The gentler French approach made a lasting impression on America (all the way down to Critical Race Theory, originally a French creation). Ultimately, slavery was outlawed. The French mentality is bearing fruits to this day, and this is why the French help in creating America, and its more egalitarian and freedom loving orientation, is underemphasized by the contemporary ruling US plutocracy… which prefers to concentrate on exploitation, no holds barred, and with no benign hedonism in the way. As an anecdote, the more positive aspects of Critical Race Theory were invented in France, long before taking hold of US universities… France has also taken a very affirmative action against the greenhouse heating, with only one fifteenth (1/15) of the emissions of the US, thanks to carbon taxes, etc… And the French Republic has been at the forefront of taxing those tax havens… which make plutocrats that much wealthier and influential…

Thus, in a sense, the US war of independence against the plutocrats is still going on…

Patrice Ayme

The 1609 Project: Cancel Culture And People, Maximize Profits

March 6, 2021

… Profits for the few that is…

Identity politics is tribalism by another name. Tribalism is as old as apes cancelling others for territory. Tribalism fosters simple-mindedness, cancellation, alienation, hatred, annihilation. Jane Goodall found it was systematic when chimpanzees interacted with other groups. Tribalism is the opposite of the open society and the most human activity, debate. It’s as inhuman as it gets.

As I show here, identity politics covers up its true aim, the advancement of the mentality that institutionalized the worst angels of our nature in the US power structure.

Identity politics built the US. In 1609 the English colony was a venture capital firm with state military assistance, the aim of which was gold and extermination of the Natives. Tobacco rendered profitable by inhuman slavery made the English colony profitable in the first half of the Seventeenth Century, creating a virtuous circle calling for ever more slaves. 

The English colony divided the population into indentured servants, red, black, white, slaves, slave owners, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, property owners, and “races” with no rights. Punishment was severe: English colonists going to the Indians were condemned to death, executed by quartering alive. 

The “Market” was “free” to proceed with “creative destruction”, buying and selling people and territory which white men did not own (that tradition continued until the late nineteenth century, when the US offered lots of 10,000 acres next to railroads, to… white men). Result? The American Natives were mostly exterminated… Exterminating most of the Natives is something that happened nowhere else in the world to that extent (except in Australia, also a British colony; in Tasmania, the Natives were exterminated to the last). 

Romans said:”Divide et impera”… Divide and command absolutely. Alienating and alienated identities divide. Who rules and commands (impera) then? The wealthiest families, controlling, and, or, owning all the media in the USA in particular, and the West in general, including Internet social networks. Liberty, Equality, Debate are their enemies.

Identity politics is how the USA was won: by cancelling the “wrong” “identities”, increasing the profits, thus the power, of the exterminators. It is the opposite of how France was created, 15 centuries ago. The Franks, who were originally German, integrated all the Gallo-Romans, accepted all religions and identities, equally, and then outlawed slavery.

The present cancel culture festering in the USA is more of the same alienation, tribalism, violence and destruction, to serve the owners. Far from being a rebellion against the established order, it serves it.

Patrice Ayme

1619. Coming of Africans. But whites and natives had been enslaved and exterminated in the prior decade, setting the tune.

Slavery in the USA, to the extent it happened, was a unique phenomenon. Thus, to speak about a European slavery problem is to divert attention to a secondary problem: although some European slave traders profited from the slave trade, and all Europeans enjoyed tobacco and sugar (and thus shortened life spans from these drugs), most of the profiteering from slavery and its institutions and associated constitutional structures was by white English speaking Americans… the same descendants of whom are giving lessons now.


P/S: A much milder version of the preceding comment was sent to New York Times in answer to:

Is This the End of French Intellectual Life?
The country’s culture of argument has come under the sway of a more ideological, more identity-focused model imported from the United States.
By Christopher Caldwell. (Mr. Caldwell is a contributing opinion writer and the author of “Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West” and “The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties.”)

Mr. Caldwell did not publish my comment, nor any of the short and factual answers I made to other comments. This is a deliberate usage of vicious power to kill debate, which should be illegal (the NYT has state given privileges). Including the following correction, after it was asserted that France did not have female intellectuals:

There are several famous contemporary French intellectuals who are women, including the president of the French academy.

France has of course an immense tradition of female intellectuals, including the most important head of state ever:

@ES The French monarch, Queen Bathilde, outlawed slavery in 655 CE. As the “Renovated Roman Empire” of the Franks conquered Europe, slavery was outlawed all over Europe.

The article and its comments accused France of racism. The question is not whether racism was a force in the past. In truth, racism is, institutionally speaking, an English, and by extension, and reinforced, US invention. Neither Rome nor France had racist laws (with the ephemeral exception of laws passed against Jews under Saint Louis, Louis IX… Ironically and tellingly enough)  

The following comment was also blocked:

@rlschles Allegations of racism  against France have been used by the racist US elite, which ruled thanks to racist laws (that France never had). The US elite is much more abusive than the french one, and is afraid of LEF, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Hence its drive to disparage France (which does not have slavery since 655 CE, 14 centuries ago, at least formally)

What is going on? The New York Times is at the core of the US plutocratic establishment Its principal enemy is then LEF, Liberty Equality Fraternity. France was against the invasion of Iraq, and tried to block it. There was then a war between the New York Times and France. Now that the Iraq invasion president is ruling the USA, the New York Times is redoubling its efforts to destroy LEF. Catwell knows very well that I am for LEF, so he bans me. This is serious, it’s a war. It looks superficial like that, but, as during World War Two, it could end up with dozens of millions killed. No, the USA is not going to attack France. But the US elite is making it so to encourage others to go tribal, and that’s where future war lays. The NYT is telling Xi, the Chinese president, implicitly: go ahead, go tribal, you have the support of the USA… Go invade Taiwan… That’s your “identity right”. Then of course, there would be a big war. Guess who would come on top? Yes, the US plutocratic class, same as in 1945…


Here are extracts from the NYT article describing what is, from my perspective, triumphant intellectual, political and economic fascism:

After waging a decades-long twilight struggle against these movements, Le Débat has lost.

Intellectuals of all persuasions have been debating what that defeat means for France, and they have reached a conclusion: The country’s intellectual life has come under the sway of a more ideological, more identity-focused model imported from the United States.

Le Débat was always resistant to American imports. It never fully made its peace with the free market in the way that self-described social democrats in America did under Bill Clinton. Nor did it climb aboard the agenda of humanitarian invasions and democracy promotion, as left-leaning American intellectuals like Paul Berman and George Packer did. That was all fine.


The NYT turns me into an ally of Macron (should be rather vice versa, as I started decades ago…)

NYT: “Many French people see American-style social-justice politics as a change for the worse. President Emmanuel Macron does. In the wake of the death of George Floyd in police custody last spring, protests and riots across America brought the dismantling of statues and other public symbols — sometimes on the spot, sometimes after further campaigning and agitation. Aware that such actions had found a sympathetic echo among some of his fellow citizens, Mr. Macron warned that France would not follow suit. “It will not erase any trace or name from its history,” he said. “It will not forget any of its works. It will not topple any statues.”

By last fall Mr. Macron was also inveighing against foreign university traditions. “I’m thinking of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, which has another history, and it is not ours,” he said, before singling out “certain social-science theories imported from the United States of America.””


Debate is directly under attack, as a mental principle:

NYT: “To look at how Le Débat unraveled is to see that these tensions have been developing for years, if not decades. They bode poorly for the future of intellectual life in France — and elsewhere.

Not all what the NYT says is incorrect. The best lies are made with lots of truth therein. NYT: “Marcel Gauchet, is a philosopher of democracy and a historian of religion. Totalitarianism, and how to find a politics of the left that avoided it, absorbed Mr. Nora and Mr. Gauchet both.

Mr. Gauchet, for instance, has studied with alarm the slow ouster of democratic principles by the very different principles of human rights. “The touchstone in the system,” he warned in 2007, “is no longer the sovereignty of the people but the sovereignty of the individual, defined, ultimately, by the possibility of overruling the collective authority.” Human rights, often imposed by courts or centralized administrative bodies, could wind up pitting democracy against itself. 


Another perspective that is entirely correct is found in the NYT analysis. NYT: “The first sign in France of a politics focused on minority groups came in 1984. Activists close to the government of François Mitterrand sought to address the complex problem of assimilating France’s mostly North African immigrants by founding an American-style activist group called SOS Racisme. Le Débat reacted in 1993 by publishing a skeptical book by the sociologist Paul Yonnet. SOS Racisme was not replacing a stuffy idea of race with a hip one, Mr. Yonnet argued; it was introducing race theories into a country where they had lately been weak or absent, ethnicizing newcomers and natives alike, and encouraging the French to look at the minority groups in their midst (Jews, in particular) as somehow foreign.”


NYT:”Mr. Gauchet, Ms. Agacinski and many others in their intellectual circle have not changed their politics. Rather they have been outbid by radicals offering a more exciting, if not necessarily more rigorous, critique of society.


NYT:”One questions the “legitimacy”… Where did this very un-French attitude come from?an answer: America. A few days after announcing that the review would publish no more, Mr. Nora spoke about its closing on Alain Finkielkraut’s radio show. Mr. Finkielkraut was pointing to disturbing tendencies in French intellectual life, but Mr. Nora wanted to take the conversation in a different direction: to the “mouvements à l’américaine” that start on campuses across the ocean and tend to show up in France. “What they call,” he said, “to follow the argument to its logical conclusion, cancel culture, which is to say the extermination of culture, the will to. …

Here Mr. Nora paused before continuing: “Anyway, I daresay some of us are old enough to have echoes in our heads of Goebbels when he said, ‘When I hear the word “culture” I reach for my revolver.’”

[Actually it was not Goebbels, but in a Nazi play with the following memorable: “No, let ’em keep their good distance with their whole ideological kettle of fish … I shoot with live ammunition! When I hear the word culture …, I release the safety on my Browning!” Notice that the gun is a US made gun, a “Browning”, because it’s US plutocracy which armed the Nazis, with contraband weapons”]


Cluelessly the ignorant brutes at the NYT observe: “The Goebbels quote may be apocryphal, but it is worth pausing to ask why Mr. Nora — born in the first half of the 20th century and preoccupied with the moral legacy of World War II — should call such a name to mind when discussing the influence of American culture on his own country’s.

Yes, vicious idiots, it is your party, the US plutocrats, the equivalent of whom the Romans used to call the “Optimates”, the “Best”, which gave the weapons to the Nazis! Precisely! As I just said. But of course the NYT blocked hundreds of my comments explaining this, so it can keep on pretending that only idiots would say this.


NYT: ““There is a mighty ideological wave coming from the United States,” the philosopher Yves Charles Zarka wrote last fall in an article about the death of Le Débat. “It brings rewriting history, censuring literature, toppling statues, and imposing a racialist vision of society.” Nor is it as iconoclastic as it looks, according to Luc Ferry, a philosopher and conservative columnist. “However anticapitalist and anti-American they may think themselves,” he wrote last year, “these activists are only aping whatever has been going on on campuses across the Atlantic over the last four decades.”


And the lying plutocratic New York Times to conclude, mixing the true, the ludicrous, the vicious, the real and the imaginary:

The shoe used to be on the other foot. The United States used to learn a lot from France. Until a generation ago, into the age of Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, one could say America deferred to France on matters intellectual. It doesn’t any longer. The demise of Le Débat was marked by not a single mention in any major American newspaper or magazine.

There are still lessons Americans can learn from France, provided we approach it with the right questions in mind. A good one to start with might be whether the American academy of recent decades — with the culture it carries and the political behaviors it fosters — has been, in the wider world, a force for intellectual freedom or for its opposite.

Well, dear fascists, and obscene censors, what you are doing called intellectual fascism, and the day you see thermonuclear suns rising over your cities, don’t say the others came for you, they came from you. In particular, you are teaching Mr. Xi that he is right, and democracy is wrong, that the debate is wrong. There is only one way out of that: violent mass death.

On Pathetic French President Macron And His Lack Of A French Vaccine

February 13, 2021

To understand the world better, it helps to not just look at one country. Thanks to Trump financing massive financing of Moderna, I got injected by the mRNA Moderna vaccine roughly a year after COVID appeared. That incredible success led by the Moroccan born and raised Belgian PhD Doctor Moncef Slaoui was greatly Trump’s making. One can see this clearly by comparing with France.

France has been an abysmal failure in the matter of COVID vaccines. All the more shocking as France led the way, both in the discovery of mRNA and making a vaccine out of that… Seventy and thirty years ago, respectively. That failure has everything to do with being led by financier, instead of a maverick hack (Johnson), or a developer (Trump).

I know that critters with intellectual pretensions are supposed to despise Trump as a bullying idiot and praise Macron because he talks English, honors the established order, and is a financier. However, with his vaccines, Trump is saving many times more millions than Biden killed by invading Iraq, and Macron compromised the world’s vaccine effort.

Meanwhile the Biden government gave the order to never mention “Operation Warp Speed” again… Although Biden himself used the expression in January 2021, some of the crafty propagandists below him told him that the expression reminded people who brought five successful vaccines by financing them handsomely (Trump).

It is highly likely that, had Biden and company been in charge they would never have financed vaccines as OPERATION WARP SPEED did. How do I know this? Look at France. Or, for that matter the European Union in general: the successful vaccine effort in Europe was financed by… You guessed it… Trump. Unbelievable. But true.

Oh, there is French vaccine which works… But it is financed by Brexiter… and French speaker Boris Johnson, the British PM. Neither France of Macron or the famed European Union, finance that French vaccine. So, paradoxically, Brexit finances French Biotech, which neither the EU nor France finances.

Meanwhile, France is getting vaccinated by Trump financed vaccines…Trump spent nearly ten billion dollars financing the first three (UK authorized) vaccines: 4 billion for the mRNA Moderna vaccine (Moderna is a US startup led by a French CEO who stunned Trump by telling him he could mass produce a vaccine within three months if given billions); 2 billions for the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine (Marrying giant US Pfizer with a German Startup with mRNA tech led by a Turkish immigrant), and billions for the vaccine made by Astrazeneca, a British-Swedish company led by a French CEO who is an MBA and a veterinarian, in collaboration with the UK University of Oxford (which is around eight centuries old). Those vaccines are remarkably efficient…

France was supposed to go back up to 3% research/GDP. But then France got led by a lawyer married to a billionaire, a professional politician from ENA (a kind of MBA for gauche caviar, dominant in French governance), and finally a finance public servant turned money changer

in Marseille, France, the head of the intensive care ward at La Timone Hospital observes that the EU stumbled at the starting line of the vaccination program. Not counting Britain and its 120,000 (minimum) COVID deaths, the European Union has more than half a million COVID deaths (and probably much more).

There was a clear lack of anticipation. Then a lack of doses. Then we didn’t vaccinate the right people,” said Dr. Julien Carvelli.

Let me go at it in (shockingly scathing) French for the French readers:

Il est révélateur que la France de Macron, qui méprise tellement les USA de Trump pour cause de prétendu fascisme, agit de facon bien pire. Il serait inimaginable pour Trump ou ses supporters de refuser le droit de revenir a un citoyen. Et c’est bien normal. Priver les français de leur citoyenneté est un fascisme inexplicable… depuis l’occupation par les Nazis. Par exemple, je suis vacciné (COVID mRNA, Moderna). Pourquoi ne puis-je revenir ou je suis né? Suis-je un Juif sous l’occupation Nazie? Même ces victimes là pouvaient rentrer. De facon générale, l’incurie de Macron est effarante: les Français sont vaccinés avec des vaccins Américains (Moderna) ou Americo-Allemands (Pfizer-BioNTech). la France (et l’UE) a refusé de faire ce que Trump et Boris Johnson ont fait: financer des startups de biotech pour sauver les citoyens, et le monde. Même quand ces citoyens sont français.

Voici ce qu’en dit Associated Press: French pharmaceutical startup Valneva had big news in September: a government contract for 60 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine candidate. The buyer? The United Kingdom — not the European Union, as might be expected for a company on the banks of the Loire. “What a true waste,” bristled Christelle Morancais, president of the Pays de la Loire regional council, as she tried to wrap her head around the missed opportunity. The British, she told The Associated Press, “rolled out the red carpet for this company, helping with financing and the set-up. … And we were powerless.”

Macron est fondamentalement un inspecteur des finances tourné riche tripoteur d’argent chez Rothschild. Et maintenant il bafoue les droits des citoyens… sans se préoccuper du bon sens ou de la constitution. Macron est un president de plus qui a désindustrialisé la France… cette fois la déclassant au point de tuer des citoyens. Même Putin en Russie, et le dictateur Xi en Chine ont produit des vaccins pour leurs citoyens…et le monde. Le vaccin Russe marche a 91% d’après le Lancet. La France est le seul membre permanent du Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU sans son propre vaccin… Minable. Et meurtrier.

Patrice Ayme

Better Win War Now, than lose it tomorrow. 

January 4, 2020

The history of civilization is a struggle between fascism and democracy. Fascism confers military power and the extinction of the enemy. Democracy confers intelligence thus progress of the brutal evil of nature, and provides with the natural state of the genus Homo, comprising all the freedoms.

Thus any battle against fascism is a battle for humanity against the Dark Side… Except when the most advanced, most human party, has to use the power of fascism and the Dark Side to destroy its enemies… This later logical twist, that of the “Just War” has been known ever since civilization exists, and assuredly for much longer. Unsophisticated individuals friendly to fascism and the Dark Side always brandish the utilization of the later as the ultimate defense of the most advanced civilization to claim that the forces of greater light and goodness are not any better than their inferiors.

At the Battle de la Marne, Civilization, carried by the wings of the human spirit, Won Over Racist, Holocaustic Fascism, And That’s The Truth. Racist fascist prone to exterminate others (for example exterminate not just Jews, but Iraqis), will disagree… But with these truths we will extinguish them…

They even go further: they claim there is no such a thing as “better” (I have explained that this is exactly what the Nazis, and Soviet and US plutocrats wanted to hear, after 1933, and this is why the theme was embraced with such alacrity by European intellectuals basically paid, by the new masters, to destroy their own civilization. This is why someone like De Beauvoir served the Nazis, and then the Americans (under cover of “decolonization”), then Castro, Mao and other degenerate dictatorialists (Marxist In Name Only Weasels: MINOWs).

The incapacity of many indoctrinated since has enabled them to deny the very concept of superiority (thus progress). They became perfect slaves for plutocracy, the Sheep-People, the Sheeple. I talk to some recently, they attacked even the idea of controlled thermonuclear fusion, because it would lead to better tools, hence better weapons, hence the idea that there is such a thing as progress, thus superiority.

It’s not even the Inversion of All Values plutocracy is keen to achieve, it’s they very denial that there are values: nihilism to serve The Man, Pluto.

US President Trump authorized the attack early Friday at Baghdad International Airport that killed Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, Major General Qassim Suleimani, head of the Quds Force (declared a terrorist organization in the West).

White House: “Suleimani was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel. But we caught him in the act. We took action last night to stop a war. We did not take action to start a war.

The elimination of that famous enemy of democracy and friend of Allah (in His Shiite version), was achieved apparently with new weapons, ultra precise small rockets…

What was Suleimani, one of Iran’s most feared killers doing in Iraq? Was he invited there by the government? Why shouldn’t the lethal enemies of democracies not be destroyed in a timely manner? When Hitler rose, the US did just two things: 1) prevent the French Republic to strike in a timely manner to respond to the Nazi invasions of Spain and the Rhineland. 2) Let Texaco fuel the air bridge and then the rogue army which enabled the fascists to destroy the Spanish Republic… with Texas oil. That amused Hitler for years.

Superstitious religious terrorism, quickly followed by the invasion of small, very determined savage barbarian tribes, and alliances thereof, caused the Fall of the “Occidental Part” of the Roman state. In 394 CE, using savage Goths as shock troops, emperor Theodosius I destroyed the secular occidental Roman army led by the very experienced Frankish Roman generalissimo Arbogast. By 406 CE, the Roman Occidental Part was pierced through by many German nations… Soon all the way to North Africa.

Something similar, a brutal military collapse, unrecoverable and unrecovered, happened to the Oriental part when the small Arab army shattered the Roman army. In both cases, the consequences were civilizational collapse and an enormous diminution of the population.

Why did this happen? Why the collapse of the Greco-Roman world state? Democratic forces didn’t take seriously enough religious terrorism fed militarism, the exact mix Iran is now brimming with. “Taking seriously” means that you go to war and reduce the enemy into insignificance, before it grows too powerful… as Hitler had become in 1939, when France and Britain, unprepared, declared war to the Nazis. If the French army had fought the Nazis earlier, it would have learned the tricks needed May 10, 1939. But it didn’t. So French tanks didn’t have radio, and too few crew members. The suggestions of De Gaulle to create large tank formations had been followed by the Nazis more than by the French. Also the French and British air forces needed a few days to perfect the aerial air combat and ground support stunts the Nazis had three years to refine in Spain. So the British and French air forces couldn’t destroy the provisional Nazi bridges on the Moselle.   

The fulcrum of the Western Civilization which became the World Civilization most of the planet enjoys now, was France (long story, lasting more than 3,000 years…) Not by coincidence, France has also been the country most at war. Ever. And, also not by coincidence, the next most bellicose country was China.

War, fundamentally is not just always a deranged rage, but also, when it turns out to have been a good war, a debate where the best ideas won… An example is the crushing of German racial lethal fascism by France and her descendants. It promoted better ideas, for example the fact that the US Army realized it became a better fighting force by incorporating Afro-Americans and other “coloreds” in combat (see the Tuskegee Airmen of the 99th and 332th Air Squadrons, the Black squadron engaged spectacularly at the precedingly faltering Anzio beach head).

It’s not just that civilization has to be defended against fascism. It is also that it has to be born violently from the prior fascism it has to escape to rise again, like the Phoenix (example abounds such as the rise, and the rebirth, of Athenian democracy, or the rise of the Roman, French or American Republics, etc.)

The phoenix exists, it’s human intelligence, always born by branching out from the intellectual, and political, and economic, and plutocratic fascisms which preceded them.

Want progress? Engage in war, and it will be a good war, if it starts with an alliance with truths. Better and deeper truths. And remember this: it will be hard, and you better love fighting!

Patrice Ayme


A Cover-Up: ThanksGiving (To Holocaust!)

November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving”, in late November, is a US family celebration where thanks are supposedly given to the Native Americans for having made possible the colonization of America [1]. At Thanksgiving, the gullible, grateful Natives would have fed the starving colonizers who thanked them by serving dinner. All was good in the best of all possible worlds. Although the French had been around North America much earlier than the English, by a full century, the Gallic thinkers had forgotten to kill everybody in the name of civilization. English colonists soon remedied this oversight.

According to the apparently frank, yet subtly manipulative in the most devious, and plutocratic serving way

From the time Europeans arrived on American shores, the frontier — the edge territory between white man’s civilization and the untamed natural world — became a shared space of vast, clashing differences that led the U.S. government to authorize over 1,500 wars, attacks and raids on Indians, the most of any country in the world against its indigenous people.

Full of Indian nations all over! The French said that was a problem… they had to trade, couldn’t colonize. The plutocratic English investors of America, though, had a FINAL solution, the same one they used in Ireland…

As the excellent Charles Blow puts it in the New York Times in”The Horrible History of Thanksgiving”: 

“And this says nothing of all the treaties brokered and then broken or all the grabbing of land removing populations, including the most famous removal of natives: the Trail of Tears. Beginning in 1831, tens of thousands of Native Americans were forced to relocate from their ancestral lands in the Southeast to lands west of the Mississippi River. Many died along the way.

I spent most of my life believing a gauzy, kindergarten version of Thanksgiving, thinking only of feasts and family, turkey and dressing.

I was blind, willfully ignorant, I suppose, to the bloodier side of the Thanksgiving story, to the more honest side of it.

But I’ve come to believe that is how America would have it if it had its druthers: We would be blissfully blind, living in a soft world bleached of hard truth. I can no longer abide that.”

Thanks Lucifer (Enlightenment Bringer), here l am… Harsh truths foremost…

Having most profitably cleared North America of its original inhabitants, English America, the USA inherited a mentality of profit at the potential cost of extermination. This goes on to this day: Obama opened the US Federal lands to fracking, and, thus, his name is holy. I never met (yet!) a US citizen revolted by Obama’s fracking. No wonder: most Americans are gas guzzlers, and crisscross their continent sized country at the slightest pretext, including at Thanksgiving, fittingly enough…

Nevermind a large part of the continent will be destroyed from it. It’s as was done to the Indians, done to the land. By comparison, the French Republic outlawed fracking… Although France would have 100 year of gas to frack…

War, war of the hardest type, annihilation war, presided to the creation of the English colony. According to the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, Puritan inhabitants did not settle in Connecticut because of the “3 or 4,000: warlicke Indians”.  The war-like Indians refer to the Pequots. Destroying the Pequots thus became a primordial objective. Soon the Pequot war settled this. By 1637, the Pequots were annihilated. One memorable feat of the war included the entire surprise burning of a Pequot fortified city, at night in winter, killing 1,000 or so; those who tried to flee were shot. (I have read ridiculous contemporary racist cartoons for children misrepresenting what really happened to make the English Puritans look righteous.)


French Half-Breeds led the resistance to US plutocracy in Colorado. Edmond Guerrier above, reported the Holocaust to US Congress and the US military (those institutions gave a slap on the wrist on the perpetrators; yet they classified some actions in the Colorado War as “genocide“). Others French half-breeds fought, and were executed. Such Frenchmen had lived for generations in North America, blending with the Natives… The famous “Coureurs des Bois“…

Getting to know what happened when the English imperial system colonized America is an essential moral and cognitive step… for the entire world. Because the USA became the dominant country (in large part because of the Holocaust of the original inhabitants). How this all consuming greed mentality, ready to destroy all, was generated by the initial venture capitalists who viewed North America as a profit generator is a world problem.

(Same attitude, having originated in England, holds to some extent, for Canada, where the French, not just the American aborigines, were eradicated from many areas… Also Australia, South Africa.) Indeed it is how the mental foundation of the USA was generated. In particular, the holy “Founding Fathers” logico-emotional framework.

Once as a child, I went to restrooms in Gambia (an ex-English colony). I was struck that there were toilets more male/female (for the “colored”), and some for ladies/gentlemen (for the whites). Coming from French Black Africa, that was shocking.

The usual story of Thanksgiving is that the Puritans thanked the Indians. Whatever happened later was ordained by God and Indians. Not the fault of those who gave thanks, and keep on giving thanks… That version of Thanksgiving “history” absolves the Puritans of the criminal mentality which mostly defined them. Thus what is acknowledged and remembered in the US about Thanksgiving is mostly myth. 

Here is an example, let’s come back to the quote I gave above, where reality and lie are mixed in an easily absorbed poison:

From the time Europeans arrived on American shores, the frontier — the edge territory between white man’s civilization and the untamed natural world — became a shared space of vast, clashing differences that led the U.S. government to authorize over 1,500 wars, attacks and raids on Indians, the most of any country in the world against its indigenous people.

The latter statement is true. The 1,500 wars, more than any other invader against the natives, all the Natives, of an entire continent. And they were wiped out. Actually  the USA was founded on a holocaust, full ethnic annihilation. The idiotic Nazis tried, deliberately, to follow the US model of massacring the Natives… Not realizing how much guile had been put in the Anglo-Saxon American racial annihilation. 

So the part “U.S. government to authorize over 1,500 wars, attacks and raids on Indians, the most of any country in the world against its indigenous people.” is true… 

However, the part:”From the time Europeans arrived on American shores, the frontier — the edge territory between white man’s civilization and the untamed natural world —” became a shared space of vast, clashing differences.” …contains several grievous lies. There was no “untamed natural world”: native Americans were growing corn, a man-made plant, and getting most of their calories from it, in many parts.

Massive extermination wars created English New England. Hey, the savages resisted civilization. Slavery was of great help, not just scalps. Still, in modern US lore, one is much more ready to talk about the Salem with trials, than about the Holocaust of the North American Natives. Had the French been in charge, none of this would have happened…

There was nothing “natural” about the giant empires of the Andes, the Amazon, and Mesoamerica. The hint that only “white men” were civilized is not correct: the Mesoamerican civilizations were quite advanced in many ways. It is known that Spanish priests, a century before the Anglo-Saxons landed and massacred in North America, had a hard and interesting time trying to persuade Aztec thinkers of the error of their ways.

It’s true that the Conquistadors misbehaved against many of the empires and states they met… even seeing the rogue 1529-30 campaign of Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán attacking a state, west of the Aztecs which had nothing abusive about it and had carefully avoided any confrontation with  the Europeans…. However that was highly controversial in Spain at the time (16th Century), and the main perpetrator, Guzmán, was arrested in 1536 and spent the rest of his long life trying to justify his attack… And that attack was no holocaust: although lake Chapala (80 kilometers long) is the largest lake in Mexico, is lays in very productive region with a very nice climate (at 1500 meters). Although colonized by the Spanish, the local Nahuatl population remained primarily Amerindian through the next several centuries. 


1508: When the French Government of Louis XII Became Fully Aware of the Riches of North America: 

The French, arrived much earlier than the Anglo-Saxons in North America: in 1534 for Cartier in Canada, and even earlier, in 1508-1527, with various French explorers starting Thomas Aubert’s ship called La Pensée, for Verrazano… who went back for more on a French ship commandeered by the French government of Francois I. The French explorers discovered Nouvelle Angouleme, aka New Amsterdam, aka New York… 

As Aubert official report put it: American regions “pouvaient fournir de riches pelleteries, que les mers voisines abondaient en morue et que la pêche de ce poisson serait un élément inépuisable de richesse par les bénéfices qu’elle procurerait.” (American territories could provide wealthy fur industries, surrounding seas were crowded with cod, providing inexhaustible wealth.) 

Although tempted by the wealth of America, the early French explorers of New England, Canada and the Eastern Seaboard HOWEVER reported to French society and government that the Natives told them that trading with them was great, but that they were NOT WELCOME to settle and colonize. 

Now, at the time, France was the super power, with the highest civilizational level, the biggest, best army, and several times the population of England, long the other super power. France had an ongoing military conflict with England, which believed, due to dynastic considerations, that it owned France, and France was also engaged in war with expansionist, fascist, crusading, vengeful Spain, which had been busy expelling the French from Southern Italy and Mediterranean islands, which the French had reconquered from the Muslim invaders… three centuries earlier. Ironically enough, both England and Spain owed their existence to France. In any case, had France unleashed her power in conquering North America, she would have made short work of it. Why didn’t she? 

Yes, why didn’t France conquer all of North America? It was not out of military weakness: France was the world top military power. The war between France and Spain would end up, after two centuries, with the crushing victory of France (and part of it was the “80 year war” which created the Netherlands). It was very simple: France didn’t conquer North America the hard way, the Natives were willing to tolerate trading counters, but not much more than that. The French could have landed with canons (after all it’s with that French invention, the field gun, that the French had ended the “100 year war”, two centuries earlier)… Cortez’s way. 

In consequence of this situation, the reluctance of the Natives to be colonized that the civilized French established a trading, civilizing model which eschewed massacres.  When Champlain showed up exactly at the same spot as the Pilgrims of the Mayflower, in 1600, and went on to explore the entire region, he reported that there were too many Natives already installed to enable settlement of the French.


So, contrarily to what US mythology traditionally claims, it’s not true that as soon as Europeans started to arrive, so did the massacres, and Holocausts. This is a pathetic lie to justify the Anglo-Saxon massacring colonization model (still in power today)

The English colony was founded in a military-capitalist venture founded by the “West Country men”. Those plutocrats had made a fortune by over-exploiting Ireland. The governor there had alleys lined with Irish skulls, to instill the proper attitude in various guests.

Slavery had been made unlawful in 655 CE by Queen Bathilde of the Franks (truly an empress). In 1066 CE, the Franks outlawed slavery in England. Yet, the Anglo-Saxons colonists reintroduced slavery in 1619 CE. Shortly after, after the holocaust of the Pequot war, New England cities paid for Indian scalps.   

The Anglo-Saxon colonies soon made a fortune by growing tobacco, thanks to armies of slaves (sometimes more than 90% of some states were just slaves). 

The violence and brutality of the Anglo-Saxon colonizing model enabled it to beat the French and the Spanish (who were much friendlier to the Natives, and bred with them). All of this was justified by the Bible…which is a text which justifies, makes holy, colonizing the promised land after killing all the Natives: that’s how “God” orders it to be… If one obeys Him well….

Such is the paradox. The very evil of the “West Country Men” invading and holocausting colonization insured iits success. The French became victims of the all too advanced “mission civilisatrice” they abided by. Just an example: resistance to the US human right abuse in Colorado was led by five French half-breeds. They were all hanged (I searched the Internet in vain for that story I was familiar with, when I lived in Colorado, decades ago; another example of how the Internet buries reality to make it serve the established order).


Morality 1: Thanksgiving as usually represented is a manipulation of the grossest order… but it works. Talk to US children (as I do) and they will tell you the Indians happily fed the “Pilgrims”. Those “Pilgrims” have got to have been really nice. Not that said “Pilgrims”, morally justified by a strict reading of the Bible, stole a continent from its occupants… by killing them all [2]. Worse: US children have internalized the greed, profit, at the cost of the basest morality, fully. Watch the children (including my own daughter, nota bene) go around threatening “tricks” if they are not given “treats” at Halloween… And if you are skeptical, well, you are anti-American, anti-children inhuman, you will be “cancelled”. And then children are fully formed by the likes of “Frozen” were a self obsessed queen engineers (unwittingly, of course, it’s always… “unwittingly”) a climate catastrophe… [3].


Morality 2: There is a flaw such as being too much civilized, when one wants to advance… civilization, at some point, it has to get dirty. Amusingly, the Anglo-Saxons, when they got down to it, pulverized Hitler loving German cities: they applied to Germans the way that had been so fruitful for conquering North America. The Nazis were not eliminated with negotiations, but extermination. Nothing else could have worked.[4]

The colonization model of the French in North America, or elsewhere around the world failed, because it was too gentle.

Just an example: French women who wanted to go to Canada in the Seventeenth Century were only allowed to do so, if they were Catholics in very good moral standing (prostitutes not welcome). By comparison, English justice sent the homeless to America, as “endured servants” (slaves). England had plenty of homeless, as the plutocrats owned most of the country… whereas French peasants owned their land (however modest), so France suffered less homelessness than England. Something similar happened in Tasmania, Algeria. In New Caledonia, more than 50% of the population is aboriginal: compare to Australia, or Tasmania next door. Had the Tasmanian natives received the French more kindly (instead of ambushing nude French sailors)… Their descendants would still be around today. [5]

Want civilization? Prepare to win the war. Whatever the war, it’s coming. Moral righteousness won’t prevent it. This is what the history of Thanksgiving shows. Doing it the English way was too criminal, doing it the French way, not criminal enough. Only survival is perfect.

Patrice Ayme



[1] The 1619 arrival of 38 English settlers in Charles City County, Virginia, concluded with a religious celebration as dictated by the group’s charter from the London Company, which specifically required “that the day of our ships arrival at the place assigned … in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God.” The 1621 Plymouth feast and thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest, which the Pilgrims celebrated with Native Americans, who helped them get through the previous winter by giving them food in that time of scarcity.


[2] Yes, the aborigines didn’t died just from genocide. There was also disease; however, not just distribution of smallpox blankets… Virulent Eurasiatic contagious disease struck the hardest was at point of first landing, most civilized Mesoamerica: by 1600 CE, 95% of the aborigine Aztecs were dead, mostly from disease. Yet, if one goes to Mexico now, individuals with mixed European-Aboriginal genetics are thick on the ground. Bolivia is more than 90% descendants of the population pre-Conquista… In the USA, aborigines’ genetics was mostly extinguished… and Pocahontas-Elizabeth Warren gave an unwitting proof of this…) 


[3] I was condemned to watch Frozen II, the first movie during which the whole theater laughed several times when I saw nothing funny whatsoever, and, another first, I fell asleep (the movies was busy rectifying the lack of PC of the first “Frozen”, in a thoroughly pathetic way, getting the opposite effect). Fortunately, the power then blew up in the entire theater complex, 4,000 people got evacuated and Lucifer was saved from having to suffer any longer that insufferable obscurity…  


[4] The French were the first to bomb Berlin in WWII, showing some Gallic ferocity… But the Brits (under PM Chamberlain) had prepared gigantic fleets of long range bombers (which the Nazis didn’t have neither technically. nor industrially; when Hitler travelled to Finland on a long range “Condor”, the plane caught fire on landing… At a time when the Brits had long been launching entire armadas of night bombers, including over Berlin…)


[5] What of New Zealand? Aren’t there Natives there? Well the British governor there, Fitzroy (of the eponymous mountain), bent over backwards to save the Natives, enabling them to deal directly with the English settlers, and allowing for Maori law, judgment from Maori chefs… The British Plutos back in London were furious, and recalled Fitzroy after a decade (Fitzroy, depressed, later slit his own throat)

NO MILITARY SUPERIORITY, NO REPUBLIC, 30 Centuries of Franco-Gallic History Say

October 26, 2019

This is in answer to the following question:

How has modern France become such a military powerhouse? When did they become more powerful than Britain and Germany?

France did this by having the correct mindset, which has been necessary to the apparition of a large, unified military power where France and its Gallo-Roman predecessor has been for 20 centuries.

Arguably, France is, by far the country most involved in war. Ever. And there are three excellent reasons for that: location, location, location. 

France declared war to Hitler on September 3, 1939. The British army was tiny even smaller than the 400,000 men US army. So World War Two, initially was a duel between the French Republic and the unholy alliance of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, fascist Japan, and the fascist Soviet Union of Stalin. By 1945, Italy, Japan and Germany had been utterly vanquished, thanks to France and her Allies. They had no more army. However, France had reconstituted the strongest army in the West, behind the US and UK. The USSR had been forced to switch sides.

For reasons I will now expose, France is, first of all, all about her military.

Paul Jamin’s Gallic King Brennus “and his share of the spoils”. He contemplates Roman ladies at the ready. The Battle of the Allia was a battle fought c. 393 BC between the Senones (a Gallic tribe who had invaded northern Italy, who lived at the source of the… Seine, hence the name) allied to the Averni (modern name: “Auvergne”) and the Roman Republic. The battle was fought at the confluence of the Tiber and Allia rivers, eleven Roman miles (16 km, 10 mi) north of Rome. The Romans were routed and Rome was subsequently sacked by the Senones, who were bought out by Roman dictator Camille, to bring them to leave.

France is a Republic built at the crossroads. Some may sneer that it is only a Republic since September 21, 1792… But that’s overlooking the REPUBLICAN way political power in France was built and justified itself. Even before the Romans came, many of the 60 polities in Gaul had senates, and were de facto republic. Each of them struck coinage. After five centuries of Roman unification, invasions broke the unity. The latter, though was quickly rebuilt by the Franks, who were Roman Confederates.

Thus the Frankish army was a Roman army, and beat the Goths at Vouillé (507 CE). Far from being savages, the Franks endeavored to rebuild the State, using the general program of the “Christian Republic”… To understand the “Christian Republic”, one has to backtrack to the Fourth Century, when Christianism was imposed onto the empire: the excuse for that, among intellectuals, was that a “Christian Republic” would be established. The idea goes on, to this day.

The Founding Fathers of the Church” tried to establish the “Christian Republic” after emperor Theodosius I’s death in 395 CE: the bishops were in charge and governed (the Jew-hating bishop of Milan, Ambrose, after excommunicating him, got Theodosius I on his knees, begging forgiveness). That first attempt at establishing a Republic that would be “Christian”turned into a disaster. Indeed Theodosius’ military alliance with the Goths, plus the empire-ruling bishops’ hostility to military force, and funding the latter by force, brought the main Germanic invasions, in 406 CE. The most important thing the Roman Bishops’ government did was to formally put the Franks in charge of defending the three Roman provinces of the north-west: the two Germanias and Gallia.

The mass murdering Catholic fanatic, emperor Theodosius I, had hated the anti-Christian Franks (the Parisians had elected the de-Christianizing “Julian The Apostate” earlier). To the point that the god crazed Theodosius allied himself with the Goths, to defeat Arbogast, head of the mostly Frankish occidental Roman army at the battle of Frigidarius,in 394 CE. This destruction of the Occidental Roman army led, within 12 years, to the fall of the Occidental Roman empire… The catastrophic defeat of the Roman Occidental army at Frigidarius in 394 CE of secularism against Goths allied to fanatical Catholicism should be seen as the real moment the Roman state was mortally wounded in Occident.

The Franks, who were very fierce and free (that’s what their name means) understood, and all could see, that the Republic (Christian or not) could only be established by military force. In 507 CE, they did what Rome had never done before: they beat the Goths, and threw them out of Gaul. In the next three centuries, they would establish, through military force Western Europe as it is today (completed by the conquest of England in 1066 CE). The Franks also did something the rest of Roman power had been unable to do: they repel three invasions of the Muslim raiders between 721 CE (battle of Toulouse, huge Muslim defeat) and 748 CE (battle of Narbonne, another victory of Charles the Hammer, his phalanx and heavy cavalry). The Umayyad Arab Caliphate, based in Damascus, deprived of its army destroyed in France, then fell (750 CE).

In the Ninth Century, two things happened: disunion (think Brexit), leading to the monster (first) battle of Fontenoy, of Franks against the Franks, when the streams ran red (848 CE). Around 50,000 were killed in this fratricide (the second battle of Fontenoy would be of the French against the British, nine centuries later).

Soon enough, left without enough of an army, the “Renovated empire of the Romans” (aka Carolingian empire) was invaded on three fronts: Viking, Hungarians, Muslims. This showed to the collective French mentality, once again, as circa 400 CE, that military weakness led to devastating invasions. Disgusted by the attitude of the emperor, who negotiated with the Viking instead of destroying them during the siege of Paris, the Parisians and then the French, seceded from said empire (“Frexit”; turned out to have been a very bad idea, as it led to 1,150 years of war)… France didn’t secede formally, but by refusing to elect a Roman emperor, preferring to elect a French King “emperor in his own kingdom” as the official formula had it (so the elected French king was equivalent to the elected Roman emperor).

In the next millennium, that means in the thousand years prior to the present times, it would be proven again and again: the key to comfort, health, survival, morality, happiness, let alone sufficient food, was a strong French military. Everything else was secondary. (When the Germans invaded France in WWII, they stole as much food as they could so that the French would still be able to produce food and other stuff for them, Nazis…)

Why is France attacked so much? For the same reason as French is a melting pot, morally and intellectually superior: France is at the crossroads of Europe, it’s how one went conveniently from north to south in the last 12,000 years. If one is in the Mediterranean (thus coming from the Near East, or even further: Indies, Silk Roads, etc.), the way to reach the Atlantic or Northern Europe was through France (one route is to travel north of the Pyrenees, the other two go up the Rhone valley, one branching up right to Germany, the other, straight up to the Northern European plain and Great Britain.

The defeat of May 1940 occurred in a few days, when drugged out Nazis full of amphetamines, broke through where the Second British armored division was supposed to be, and was not, where the Prince of Wales, inspector of the British armed forces, had told his dear friend Hitler, that the French front was the weakest. Indeed, the French Front was held there by just one reserve infantry division, and three elite Panzer divisions attacked, helped by the elite Gross Deutschland regiment, and the entire Luftwaffe, concentrated their assault on a few kilometers. The French Republic had started a nuclear bomb program in January 1938 to drop bombs on Germany (it would take seven and a half year for the first bomb to be ready). The French were the first to bomb Berlin (the Nazis called for execution of the French fliers… although that was in retaliation of the bombing of French cities).

Ultimately British heavy bombers fleets (followed by US ones, years later) wreck havoc with Germany (one million soldiers had to man air defenses and German industry had to be relocated in the woods, underground…) This showed, once again, that if one is the most intelligent civilization, military superiority is all the moral right one needs to crush infamy.

The Romans purchased, for centuries superior Gallic armor and swords. At the battle of Poitiers in 732 CE, superior French steel and superior heavy cavalry on genetically formidable horses, destroyed the Muslim army (Muslim corpses were left to rot, out of contempt). The so-called “100 year war” finished when the Bureau brothers engineered the first battlefield guns. The 75 mm gun was indispensable in WWI. During the French Revolution, superior French artillery, with superior French explosives did much, if not most of the work (in particular at the crucial Battle of Valmy, September 20, 1792). Hot air balloons, invented in France, were militarily used. One of the first planes was also militarily financed, and flew, long before the Wright brothers. The first cars also made in France were the fruit of a military program: what was specified corresponded actually to tanks. The French taught the USA how to mass produce them with the required precision (this is how precision mass engineering was introduced to the USA). So the connection between superior tech and superior military was long ingrained.

The defeat of May 1940 was due in part to the exploitation by the Nazis of a few tricks which took the French military by surprise: amphetamines, good connection between the air force and ground forces, the usage of radios inside tanks… And lack of practice and arrogance of the top commanders. Morality: the Righteous should make war all the time, so as not be surprised by Evil.

All of these Nazi tricks could be fixed quickly, and they were, but not before the Franco-British being defeated in the most major battle of the Western front in WWII (the Franco-British never suffered a major defeat after that). The lesson for the future here was simple: if the French Republic had fought the Nazis in Spain in 1936, as it was asked by the Spanish Republic to do, it would not have been surprised in May 1940, and superior French military might would have done the rest. Why did France not attack the Nazis in 1936? Because the Anglo-Saxons asked France not to attack Hitler, who was, at the time, a source of enormous profit for the most major US corporations. So what is the meta lesson here? In spite of the affectionate parent to child relationship between France, England and the USA, the latter two self-obsessed buffoons should not be taken seriously all the time. France has 30 centuries of institutionalized, partly oral and behavioral tradition, that the UK and the US do not have. Only China or maybe India can reflect as deep upon the errors of history…

After World War Two, which started with the betrayal of the USA, France observed more betrayal, as the US Deep State was firmly intent to replace the French empire by an American one.

So now here we are. The defense of the West is mostly insured by a reconciled France and the US… which are at war in a dozen countries. This is good: in Libya, the French air force demonstrated it could overwhelm Russian air defense using stealthy Rafale fighters (the US is now using the same method in training with the stealthy F35). Recently, in the attack on French and US ally Saudi Arabia, the powerlessness of the most sophisticated US air defenses against drones and cruise missiles was demonstrated: now the US and France are scrambling to find counter-measure (it’s no coincidence, and entirely related, that the laser which blasted rocks on Mars was French made).

France has no oil, no gas, and no more coal. France can have only ideas; it is the only large country with a large economy which produces so little CO2 per capita that, if all countries did it, the CO2 cataclysm would be much delayed (only 4 tons/person/year for France; US is at 16 tons, and Canada and Australia are even worse). Ideas which can create technology enabling military superiority. The USA and Britain long embraced the same credo.

To be a real, thoughtful French citizen, steeped in history (as they used to be) is to learn that the Republic needs to be defended by force, that this is mission number one… of the Republic, something that the cultural ancestors to the French Republic, the Athenian and Roman ones, discovered 25 centuries ago. And just as 25 centuries ago, this superiority has to rest upon military and thus technological superiority.

As the ice caps melt, great wars are coming… And if they don’t happen this will be simply because potential aggressors understand they can’t win (as they do now). And the climate catastrophe is a war too, and only superior technology can win it. Same old, same old: if one wants a better existence, or existence at all, one has to fight for it.

Patrice Ayme 


P/S: Although the preceding is centered around France, it fully applies to her child, the USA. We have peace now because the relatively better guys (France, US, UK) have had military superiority, and the bad guys (Russia, China) aren’t that bad (although Putin engaged in invasion lately) and other guys surrended (Japan) to what passes for democracy, and the rest of the world is pretty powerless…

World peace depends upon the military might of that trio, another reason to look at Brexit with fear and suspicion…


Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

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in truth, only atoms and the void

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Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

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The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

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Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century