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Fascism Weaponized French Early Retirement

March 15, 2023

French retirement used to be at 65 during the “30 glorious years”, the time of reconstruction which followed World War Two [1]. Then Mitterand became president and lowered retirement to 60. This was a trick to weaken the French People. It worked. Mitterand was a fake socialist and true demagogue: as an authentic fascist, having launched his career wih fascism, Mitterand received the francisque medal from his boss the racist dictator Philippe Pétain, a collaborator of Adolf Hitler, who was condemned to death as a traitor upon liberation from Nazism [2]. Mitterand instead of having been tried as a traitor became a politician. The fascist Mitterand is vastly admired in France, a proof of national derangement.

The socioeconomic theory behind lowering to 60 was that the fewer older people worked, the more young people would go to work. The opposite happened: GDP grew less, and so there were fewer jobs overall. Indeed, older workers have expertise, younger workers do not. Left to the young and arrogant, France became incompetent. Mitterand and his right wing PM, Balladur privatized companies that Mitterand and his Communists had just nationalized, by giving their leadership to young people who knew-nothing, yet viewed with awe, as they came from grandes écoles (where their families’ background had made sure to put them).

The practical result was that the French economy crashed and is still crashing. Art 14.5% of GDP France spends twice more on retirement relative to GDP than the USA. Germany spends 10.4%. While tyrannies are doing their best to launch and win a world war, and hundreds of thousands were killed or gravely wounded as a result in Europe alone, Paris spends only 1.9% of GDP on its military… while leaving Africa to be reorganized by China and Putin’s Wagner “Private Military Corporation”…. Paid in part by a French deficit is 5% of GDP… and more borrowing, at ever higher rates, keeps the state going.

As work got decimated in France, the ultra rich rose to prominence and pulled the levers: France is embellished with the world’s wealthiest man, and the wealthiest woman… The former from selling overpriced trinkets (luxury), the latter from rents (and not paying taxes). 

France has also the second highest taxes in term of GDP, just behind Denmark… taxes for the common person, that is. The ultra rich families mostly avoid taxation, having engineered the tax code that way (as in the USA, but even relatively more so). 

17 million French retirees live from sucking the energy of 23 million workers. As recently as 2014, they earned 106%, that is, more, than the average French wage earner. As the country slowly collapses, from the lack of attractivity of compensated work, this strange dependency has bought civil peace. Ah, but there is a war…. And the war is actually related to the weakness of the West and of France in particular: leaving an entire continent such as Africa, to the mercy of dictators Putin and Xi has consequences: all Africans want to move to France (they get generous social benefits)… while, of course, as most of them can’t do so, hating France.

In 1940, Stalin was allied to Hitler, and brand new French planes were not armed because authorities were afraid that the Moscow addicted workers would seize the guns. Consequence? The defeat of May 1940… Which put Mitterand and his ilk in power…

A spectacular spiral of evil.


The power of hyper wealthy families has been growing in France enormously (that can be measured in their size in the financial markets). Following North America and Asia, Europe is controlled by the ultra-wealthy . In 2021, the top countries for the ultra-wealthy were France (30,000), Germany (28,000), U.K. (25,000) and Italy (17,000). Each of them has more than 30 million dollars of net worth, the level at which the 100% Roman Republic wealth tax applied. France, relative to population has nearly 1/3 more ultra wealthy than Germany… No wonder all the strikes…

The power of the ultra-wealthy is inversely related to the power of We The People. So to grow and prosper, the ultra wealthy need to weaken We The People. And how do they do that? As under the Roman Empire, successor to the Roman Republic: they deprive We The People of employment. So send the jobs to China, de-industrialize: in 1946, any little French town had a factory. Now, of the 20 or so so-called French car models sold in France, only one is really made in France. (Similarly US electric cars would not exist without Chinese manufacturing as the fundamental elements of batteries are made there.)

Early in the Roman Republic, 25 centuries ago, to get more rights, the Roman Plebs went on strike, retiring to a hill. Rome completely stopped functioning. The Plebs got its rights. Why? Because without the Plebs, Rome could’t not work. This is why the tyrannical empire made sure that the Plebs had no work, or at least no important work. In the modern Western world, the employed Plebs is in China, making important devices, and China is where the power is, and the French Plebs has little residual power: it goes on strike, but cars are made somewhere else.


David Mcmahon: “The socioeconomic theory behind lowering to 60 was that the fewer older people worked, the more young people would go to workThat is a key part of the flawed socialist outlook – they believe in a zero sum economy. In other words, there is a fixed pie, and for young people to work, old people have to exit the workforce. That is inaccurate, in fact reality is the opposite.

PA: Absolutely! I have a friend who is a senior French executive (C suite) long detached in the USA in a fully owned subsidiary company of a major international French company. When he decided to return to France he discovered that all his mentors had gone into “pre-retirement”. So those senior executives retired at a time when their expertise had fully matured! Their US equivalent had 8 years of maximum productivity, leadership and mentorship to contribute. My friend then discovered he had nothing to return to….

I think to call that self-destructive behavior “socialist” is too nice a euphemism. It’s more like vampirism: suck the blood until the victim collapses. Epic failures are multiplying in France and much of the rest of Europe. Some are totally self-inflicted, like the ban on gas fracking in France: French ecologists believe gas is OK, as long as it comes from Putin, Qatar, or Wyoming… Ironically, but as a direct consequence of these nonsensical policies, France is more and more controlled by the… hyper rich… thanks to the stupidification they generate…



Some will say: oh, but the retired French just want to party. However, it’s not that simple: France was the core of Western civilization, over a millennium, creating in the process Italy (freed from the Lombards, 8C, and Islamists, 11C), Spain (north freed from Islamists circa 800 CE), Germany (christianized, civilized and unified by Frankish conquest, 400s to 800 CE), England (conquered and re-romanized, 1066 CE), the Netherlands (80 year war against Spain in the Netherlands, part of the 200 year war between France and Spain, which Spain finally lost). 

France is also the geographical core, the crossroads, in more ways than one. 

As France goes, so does the rest (with the notable exception of the US, child of Britain and France, with its own teenage personality…. 

Actually Britain has been going through a similar process of deindustrialization, no better than France (better GDP behavior in the UK was correlated to more input from Russian oligarchs and their ilk… the result of which was the Brexit insanity ). Italy has been even worse.

Right now, the French population is clueless. It has been clueless before in similar sitation of grave danger.

In 1939, courageously, the French government declared war to Hitler who was allied to Francoist Spain, fascist Italy, Imperial Japan and the genocidal Stalin… among others. However, thereafter, France sort of relaxed: the mood, deep down inside was grim, but superficially all about dancing and the good life. It was called the “Drole de Guerre” (Fynny War). 

Well, come Spring, the gory Norwegian campaign started, with victory but severe Franco-British losses to the invading Nazis. Then came the catastrophe of May 1940, when the french army was sent on a foo’s errant, while the Nazi army fueled by Stalin cut it from behind. 

Let it not be the same!

Patrice Ayme 


[1] For more background see WSJ: The Party Is Ending for French Retirees
All advanced economies face demographic strains, but France’s stand out; now President Macron wants to raise the legal retirement age to 64.


[2] Pétain  was a complicated figure, and he had a hopeless task. Pétain had to navigate among the fascists (Pétain told Franco not to collaborate with Hitler to the point of letting Hitler’s army through Spain…). After Allied landings in November 1942 in North Africa, Pétain secretly ordered Admiral Darlan, then in Algeria, to merge the French forces in Africa with those of the Allies. But, at the same time, he published official messages protesting the landing.

Pétain’s double-dealing was probably necessary. But Mitterand embraced only one side of the double-dealing, the fascist side (although, like many fascists he proclaimed later it ain’t what it looked like… enough French believed him to elect hi president.)  

The inventor of retirement at sixty, Mitterand, on the right (of course!) receiving from Marshall Pétain, the fascist-in-chief, the highest medal of the Vichy junta. From Travail, Famille, Patrie to Chomage, Famine, Party.

France Wakes Up In Ukraine Bringing Fatally Comical Kremlin’s Antics

January 6, 2023


Abstract: Victim of its own philosophy of  hedonism, laziness, entitlement, superficialism, wokism, Politically Correct thinking and judiciary, Europe disarmed to the point that most European weapon programs were experimental and demonstrative, rather than practical and capable of fighting a serious war. Meanwhile Europe encouraged the Kremlin to believe it could get away with being a force that mattered, and still mysteriously profited from the aura of decolonization from way back in the 1950s, when the tyrannical USSR and its gigantic empire was presented as good and liberating, and democratic Europe colonizing and oppressive..

When Putin invaded in a way that couldn’t be denied anymore, European countries found themselves defenseless. This greatly explained the apparent French and German reluctance to help Ukraine: they were not ready to fight Russia, from lack of armaments. This has not changed much: building weapons takes years. But the Russian military power has been considerably degraded.

French president Macron suddenly changed his ways, deciding to send to Ukraine the world’s most sophisticated anti-ballistic … And then… tanks!


But there may be a method to the madness: European countries, NATO, were too weak militarily to counterattack boldly. Within a day, tyrant Putin proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire!

Just as in a comic book for little kids: the Putin chicken was not playing anymore!


So the ex head of Roscosmos, the Russian NASA is a fanatic of Putin and the Kremlin Above All spirit. So Dmitry Rogozin goes to Ukraine to fight.Next he and a vast throng of Kremlin grandees gather in a hotel to celebrate Rogozin’s 59th birthday. What do you think happens? Shells fired by Ukrainians explode, the head of Roscosmos is hit in the spine. He is evacuated, operated on. He is a man of the world, he has negotiated and collaborated with NASA, ESA, and the French CNES, among others. 

The surgeons extract shrapnel from the Roscosmos chief’s spine. The Kremlin grandees thought they were too far from the front to be shelled. But not far enough for GPS guided rocket assisted shells from a French Caesar gun. 

The French shell shrapnel is identified in that Roscosmos’ spine.

The head of Roscosmos thinks of himself as smart. So he sent the shrapnel to president Macron of France, the one who provided the Caesar guns. “Please pass on the fragment cut from my spine by surgeons to Emmanuel Macron,”

What does Macron do? Well, he reacts as he should have had, from the start. With a bit of delay, Macron has become smart too. Macron may have finally discovered that talking to Putin is like talking to Hitler: no point talking to hate personified, and self-delusion of such grandeur, one can remake history as it never was.

Or maybe Macron and France, just as Scholtz and Germany, confronted to the unthinkable, Hitler reincarnated, thermonuclear version, were trying to gain time. Eastern Europe gave lots of weapons to Ukraine, but often from old Soviet procurement.

You see, unbelievably, the leaders of the West didn’t see the obvious: in a mechanism very similar to what happened with Hitler, the leaders of the West and their think tanks, or more exactly their Western oligarchs, had decided that, because Putin, like Hitler, had been enabled by them, they owned him, just as in the 1930s their predecessors thought they owned Hitler, or Mussolini, or Hirohito, or Stalin… But all they were left with was Spain’s Franco.... 

Indeed, vainglorious vengeance minded idiots like Putin and Hitler resent being owned, and they are too stupid to know their masters

The end result is that the West, including to some extent the US, but particularly Western Europe, was not ready for war: they thought that, since they wanted peace, they should make war impossible, by being unable to conduct it. Putin only saw he could grab the cake, and nobody could stop him. The tyrant said so explicitly in 2014: “the problem Europe has is that I can be in Kyiv in two weeks“. To appease Putin, Obama sent MREs (Meals Ready to Eat to the Ukrainians). Later, Trump would send some anti tank weapons… But then, shortly after Biden’s election, the US Democratic Congress stopped the planned delivery of those weapons. Delivery was resumed six months later, in November 2021, but by then Putin had decided to attack (because he withheld gas delivery to Europe as soon as summer 2021)

Germany was, and is, incredibly weak, Britain had no army, as usual, and France was only strong in her aviation and nuclear forces. Western European weapons were better than the Russian ones (which used crucially Western electronics, or even French military equipment)… But there were all too very few. 

Thus France and Germany had little to provide, and budget constraints. Ukrainians, though, were told to pass direct contracts with the French and German military industrial complexes. Until recently, they didn’t (I don’t know why; maybe they have no  money; US weapons are free… They just buy good will…)

In any case, Macron gets Rogozin’s shrapnel… back to the sender!

What does he do? Macron suddenly sees at last that he is confronted to madmen who feel so entitled they take for granted that them getting hurt when they invade a democracy is… An outrage! In other words Putin and his entourage are maniacs beyond belief (Macron had already said this about Putin who, Macron said, was laughing when hearing about alleged atrocities of the Russians in Ukraine: those are actors, he told Macron… who added he really didn’t know what to say, in front of such a level of lunacy…

Once I knew a mad woman, and tried to help her. I even visited her in her psychiatric asylum (she apparently became psychotic from smoking pot, by the way…) I remember listening to her. She thought the CIA was after her… They were really coming, at the door… Listening to the entourage of Putin sounds similar… 

Macron decides that France will send French made tanks to Ukraine! These are the first  Western tanks sent to Ukraine… (And from a NATO founding member!).

The French decision was “the first time a Western-designed tank will be delivered to Ukraine. Symbolically, it’s important,” said François Heisbourg, senior adviser for Europe at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In the following days the US and Germany decided to send armored personnel carriers (which are not tanks)… because France decided to provide tanks with powerful guns, the AMX 10. Germany and the US followed, with simple armored personnel carriers a day later. Those APCs are armed with a 26 mm gun. The AMX10 French tank can pulverize dozens of armored personnel carriers in minutes with its 105 mm gun. By comparison, the famous M4 Sherman tank of WWII had a 75 mm gun…  AMX 10 are also mounted on enormous wheels, not tracks, and this means that they can move much faster, and further, than tracked vehicles… And Ukraine favor swift advances through bewildered Russian orcs (the “orc” label to qualify savage eastern invaders is more than 1,000 years old…)

France is also sending to Ukraine ASTER 30 NT, an anti-aircraft, anti-ballistic, 60 gs acceleration (that is 600 meters per second change of speed, per second, one mile per second interceptor also known as MAMBA, or “Sea Viper” (on UK Royal Navy ships). ASTER is for AeroSpatiale TERminale.  It’s the French Patriot, but more modern.

Finally. Advanced Western heavy weapons for Ukraine.

France often congratulates herself to be the country of human rights, and rightly so… Not just for enabling the USA to win its war of independence, or for the Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1789… Or for recognizing the equal rights of gay people in the… Sixteenth Century. But also for creating England, Germany, repelling enslaving Islam from 721 CE to… much more recent times… and for outlawing the slave trade of citizens as early as the Seventh Century… And even earlier than that, by putting an end to Christian anti-heretic terror.

One must crush infamy, as Voltaire put it.

What’s more infamous than Putin?

Even Hitler didn’t threaten to extinguish all of humanity, but Putin did (and his allies, friends if not lovers like the head of Russia Today insist that Putin will engage in a nuclear world war, and believe that’s a good thing! [1]. After the war, they should all be tried for crimes against humanity.)

Suddenly, apparently struck and dumbfounded by large Western weapons coming his way, Russian Tyrant Vladimir Putin’s claim that Russian forces will conduct a 36-hour ceasefire in observance of Russian Orthodox Christmas. It is likely an information operation intended to damage Ukraine’s reputation… but it may also reflect the desperate state of the Russian Donetsk front, and an attempt to reposition and arm units damaged by Ukrainian fire.

Putin has to be relentlessly defeated. Anything less will actually augment the risk of nuclear war. By encouraging him and his helpers 

Patrice Ayme
Sent to Ukraine now: French tank AMX 10 firing its main 105 mm gun in Afghanistan [2]:

[1] Margarita Simonyan, an intimate of Putin, obviously, and one of the primary mouthpieces for the Kremlin, said: “Either we lose in Ukraine, or the Third World War starts. I think World War Three is more realistic, knowing us, knowing our Putin.

“The most incredible outcome, that all this will end with a nuclear strike, seems more probable to me than the other course of events….“This is an horror… But on the other hand, it is what it is. We will go to heaven, while they will simply croak… We’re all going to die someday.”

(She said that as early as April 2022. Shortly afterward, RT and similar Nazi Kremlin propaganda was banned from Europe. Since then she repeated it many times. 


[2] The French invented tanks… Actually, French tanks were the first motor vehicles on land (18th Century; just a few were made). Here’s an excerpt from a former US Marine that once served together with the French forces in Afghanistan, detailing his experience about this Armored fighting vehicle in particular.
One giant advantage the French had over us was with their use of tanks. We maintain an armored force that’s fantastic at defeating T-80s crossing the Fulda Gap, not quite so fantastic at fighting insurgents in mountainous valleys. The French had AMX-10(RCR)s, light wheeled tanks that were perfect for counterinsurgency combat. They were a tremendous force multiplier.
One night before a major operation, I was laid out in the dirt on an outpost perimeter. I had fallen asleep at midnight. At 3 a.m. a tremendous explosion woke me. I lay still for a few moments, then asked a Marine on guard, “What the hell was that?”
He answered, “I don’t know, but something went right over our heads.”
When the sun rose, I was stunned to see an AMX-10 halfway up a mountain behind the outpost. A brave and/or stupid tank crew had rolled up a narrow trail in the dark, and hit some Taliban.
I didn’t envy the poor driver who had to negotiate that trail. Or the loader who I’m sure had to walk ahead of the tank, knowing that if he made a mistake his crew was rolling down the mountain. As a former tanker, I can tell you that driving a tank up a mountain in the dark isn’t something cowards do.” ~ Chris Hernandez, Former US Marine tanker and infantryman-turned-author.

Dumas Family Illustrates Color Blindness In France… And The Napoleons and Nazis Who Hated It.

September 21, 2022

Anybody obsessing about race and color in the first order is a racist (which makes much of the US old mental system racist, as it obsesses about race and color, to this day, and in official census and questionaires). Whereas worrying about those who obsess about race and color is not racist, but prudent. Racists and the color obsessed have obsessive systems of thoughts and emotions, which are reflected all over their mental systems.

Hence the admiration for Napoleon, a systemic, strident racist and enslaver, is an admiration for a racist and enslaver mentality… which shows up clearly in Napoleon’s obsessive fascism. Admiring Napoleon has united the most dangerous sort of scoundrels, worldwide. Admiring Napoleon is actually a form of racism. Several French generals of African ancestry opposed the forerunner of Hitler. Here is a portrait of one of Napoleon’s enemies, général Alexandre Dumas. 

French republican général Alexandre Dumas; Attributed tо Louis Gauffier/ Portrait d’un chasseur dans un paysage, dit portrait d’Alexandre Dumas père/ cm 34/huile sur papier marouflé sur carton/ 32,5 x 25 cm/ (c) Bayonne, Musée Bonnat-Helleu / Cliché A. Vaquero

Napoleon, a Corsican aristocrat, or let’s say hereditary bandit, was thus cut off from a completely different mental tissue than the best minds of the French Revolution, of which there were hundreds, if not thousands. Napoleon was felt, early on, to be a danger for the Republic, and the Revolution, and thus the glory seeking Corsican was encouraged to embark in his Egypt expedition: the French Republic’s leadership hoped he would die there (Napoleon went, in the hope of defeating the Ottomans, spreading the Revolution there, becoming a new Alexander; but he discovered that Islamists had no affinity for the concept of Republic, and besides he couldn’t get to the ammunition in Saint Jean D’Acre, which he besieged in vain, and UK admiral Nelson defeated the French fleet).

A post mortem painting of general Dumas.

The French Revolution and Republic had top generals who were of African descent, such as the father of Alexandre Dumas, Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, represented above in a Nineteenth Century painting (it’s actually inspired by the physionomy of his son, the author of the “3 Mousquetaires” and “Reine Margot”, who immortalized D’Artagnan, head of king’s Musketeers)… For what Dumas the general really looked like, see the sculpture below (which was melted by the Nazis…)

Thomas Alexandre Dumas, of his true name Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, was father of the famous novelist Alexandre Dumas père, whose son, Dumas Fils, was himself a famous writer and author of La Dame aux camélias. These three generations of Dumas have something which sets French civilization away from, and above, racist, color obsessed culture. In France the Dumas trio is famous and was memorialized in an entire city square in Paris…I was exposed to French culture for decades… 

But one day I came across some US writing informing me that Dumas was “black”. I had seen pictures of Dumas and I had not noticed, for decades, that he looked a bit African in some ways! But the US are all about “color” to this day, and many a US citizen has a keen eye for race. However, curiously, while the whites are white and the blacks are black (even when they look mostly white), the Asians are Asian (not “yellow” as they used to be… Some Asians are whiter than white, indeed…), and the RedSkins, well, now are proudly “indigenous”…

The Nazis went out of their way to destroy the memories of the Dumas family. They melted his statue! There are fewer things which the Nazis hated more than descendants of French, or French-like Senegalese with partial African ancestry. They found thousands in Germany and sterilized all of them. (A French-Senagalese military regiment was also assassinated by Rommel’s 7th Panzer division in 1940… To its eternal shame…)

Dumas was not the only man of mixed African parentage to have gained great prominence in Eighteenth Century France. Another son of a nobleman and a freed black woman from Guadeloupe became one of the most renowned fencers—and violinists—of the 18th century. Taking the title Chevalier de Saint-Georges, he went to a prestigious school, he had the patronage of Marie-Antoinette and served in the king’s honor guard. When the American founding father John Adams visited Paris in 1779 he wrote that this “mulatto man is the most accomplished man in Europe in riding, shooting, fencing, dancing, music.”

Raising spectacularly through the ranks, on merit alone, as his father died within days of him entering the army, Thomas Alexandre Dumas, Thomas Alexandre Davy de La Pailleterie, became general in chief of a major French army by age 32.

His mother, Marie-Cessette Dumas (1714–1786) was enslaved in Saint Domingue (now Haiti). His father was a French noble from Normandy, who “bought from a certain Monsieur de Mirribielle a negress named Cesette at an exorbitant price…” Several official documents describe her as pure “African”, “negress”, namely born in Africa, and then transported to Saint Domingue (and explicitly not of mixed race). It’s not clear when she died [1].

Thomas Alexandre Dumas was one of several famous French officers of color. Napoleon famously mistreated another, Toussaint Louverture….

A statue of General Dumas was erected in Place Malesherbes (now Place du Général Catroux) in Paris in Autumn 1912 after a long fundraising campaign spearheaded by Anatole France and Sarah Bernhardt. It stood in Place Malesherbes for thirty years, alongside statues of Alexandre Dumas’s descendants Alexandre Dumas, père (erected 1883) and Alexandre Dumas fils (erected 1906), as well as of Sarah Bernhardt. Offended by this triumph of African ancestry over racism in general, and Austrian troops in particular, the deranged Nazis, challenged by the indomitable warrior spirit of this half African, destroyed it in the winter of 1941–1942. The statue below is more faithful to the appearance of general Dumas than the painting above:


Tom Reiss, in his (Pulitzer Prize-winning) biography of Thomas Alexandre Dumas, The Black Count, writes that “[Dumas] was a consummate warrior and a man of great conviction and moral courage. He was renowned for his strength, his swordsmanship, his bravery, and his knack for pulling victory out of the toughest situations. But he was known, too, for his profane back talk and his problems with authority. He was a soldiers’ general, feared by the enemy and loved by his men, a hero in a world that did not use the term lightly.”  

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas was a man of African descent leading European troops as a top general officer. He was the first person of color in the French military to become brigadier general, divisional general, and general-in-chief of a French army with 53,000 soldiers. His military career started under King Louis XVI.

Born in Saint-Domingue, Thomas-Alexandre was the son of Marquis Alexandre Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie, a French nobleman, and of Marie-Cessette DUMAS, a slave of African descent. He was born into slavery because of his mother’s status, but his father took him to France in 1776, spent lavishly on him, and had him educated. At some point the father, destitute, sold the son, and later repurchsed him!

Slavery had been illegal in metropolitan France since 656 CE (re-affirmed in 1315 CE, under Louis X, son of Philippe Le Bel) and thus any slave would be freed de facto by being in France (or anywhere in Western Europe, where Bathilde’s law applied, as most Western European regime’s were descendants of the Frankish/Carolingian/Roman empire…)

His father helped him enter the French military. Dumas took his mother’s name, because his father didn’t want the family name soiled by a low officer’s commission. Dumas Senior rose through the ranks, starting in 1786… in the Queen’s dragoons… Under Lafayette, he helped to kill insurgents… and was later exonerated by a revolutionary tribunal when he explained that to kill those 50 insurgents had saved 2,000…


General Dumas made few political statements, but those he made suggest deeply felt republican beliefs. One month after the French National Convention abolished slavery in the colonies (4 February 1794), Dumas sent a message to troops under his command, and that was the entire Army of the Alps, fighting Italy’s Austrian occupiers and collaborating Italians, who had been trying to invade France in the name of plutocracy:

“Your comrade, a soldier and General-in-Chief … was born in a climate and among men for whom liberty also had charms, and who fought for it first. Sincere lover of liberty and equality, convinced that all free men are equals, he will be proud to march out before you, to aid you in your efforts, and the coalition of tyrants will learn that they are loathed equally by men of all colors.” 

At that point Dumas was higher in the military hierarchy than Napoleon (who had just been promoted to general from captain, for his exploit of defeating the British in the siege of Toulon). Dumas led the 53,000 soldiers of the army of the Alps to victory, in the battles of Petit Saint Bernard and Mont Cenis. Dumas’ soldiers used revolutionary ice crampons to go up ice cliffs during combat. 

General Dumas joined the Army of Italy in Milan in November 1796, serving under the orders of commander-in-chief Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was a political navigator, but also a bandit: tension between the two generals began as Dumas resisted Napoleon’s rapacious policy of allowing French troops to expropriate local property

In December 1796, Dumas was in charge of a division besieging Austrian troops at the city of Mantua. By Christmas he intercepted a spy carrying a message to the Austrian commander with important tactical information. On 16 January 1797, Dumas and his division halted an Austrian attempt to break out of the besieged city and prevented Austrian reinforcements from reaching Mantua. The French were thereby able to maintain the siege until French reinforcements could arrive, leading to the city’s capitulation on 2 February 1797. 

General Dumas was then forced by Napoleon’s hostility below his rank…. Under General Masséna in February 1797, Dumas helped French troops push the Austrians northward, capturing thousands. It was in this period that Austrian troops began calling him the der schwarze Teufel (“Black Devil”, or Diable Noir in French)

In late February 1797, Dumas transferred to a division commanded by General Joubert, who requested Dumas for his republicanism (in contrast to Napoleon’s dictatorial tendencies). Under Joubert, Dumas led a small force that defeated several enemy positions along the Adige River. Dumas’s achievement in this period came on 23 March, when the general drove back a squadron of Austrian troops at a bridge over the Eisack River in Clausen (today Klausen, or Chiusa, Italy). For this the French began referring to him as “the Horatius Cocles of the Tyrol” (after a hero who saved ancient Rome). Napoleon called Dumas by this, and rewarded him by making him cavalry commander of French troops in the Tyrol; he also sent Dumas a pair of pistols. Dumas spent much of 1797 as military governor, administering Treviso province, north of Venice. 

The expedition to Egypt was partly conceived by the Republic’s government in the secret hope that Napoleon would die there, but he didn’t. During the return debacle, Dumas was made prisoner, and spent several years in captivity. When finally liberated, he couldn’t restart his military career, as Napoleon’s dictatorship was in its bloom. Dumas soon died of stomach cancer…

His son and grandson would become extremely successful writers, a most honored profession in France. None of the Dumas got promoted and extolled as “black” men, because the French mentality was, and is, and should be, that they were men, great and glorious men, and no appearance could spoil or even interfere in any way, with their essence.

In recent years, though, under US influence, skin color has been advocated as an important factor to consider in France… This is an exact example of racism: judging people on how they look, or where their families came from.

Whereas skin color was not a consideration for advancement or minority status in Rome…for however long Rome lasted… And Rome lasted a long time… In Tenth Century “Francia”, peasants and aristocrats still thought they were living in Rome… And, we actually have strident revolutionary songs and philosphies from the time, where humanity is affirmed, and the equality among people, fustigating the pretentions of plutocrats (evil-power) soon to call themselves “aristocrats (best-power). In these ancient protests of the Tenth Century, which were crushed with mass massacres by the self-declared aristocrats, we see social justice struggling… but color never appears.  

In a way, so far, color blindness has been a Roman (not Greek! [2]) tradition which thereafter lived, and still lives in France. In what became the USA, we know exactly when the decision of brandishing color was taken: at the end of the Seventeetn Century, racist, greedy judges decided that “color” meant people were “aliens” and thus couldn’t own property. So wealthy and not so wealthy people with some African origins were dispossed by the thieves who founded what became the American US judicial system.

It’s no coincidence that the Frankish/Roman empire is at the cultural root of both the British and American regimes. The traditions of the Franks/Romans were the best, or, at least, on crucial points, superior. Thus any deviation should be carefully studied in the present civilization. But that starts with realizing that, until modern time, the color of skin was not a factor.

Patrice Ayme


[1] Dumas in 1801, states “Marie-Cezette” will be in charge of General Dumas’s properties in Saint-Domingue. This evidence makes it unlikely that Marie-Cessette Dumas died earlier.

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas may have deliberately entered a false death date for his mom on the marriage certificate. He had a good reason to claim she was dead at the moment of his marriage in Villers-Cotterêts, France, in 1792. If she were living, he would have been required to consult her opinion on the marital union!


[2] The Greeks were much more racist than the Romans, and this is why they failed and the Romans succeeded. The Greeks expressed racism towards non Greeks, the Athenians expressed at some point racism against non-Athenians (stupid laws passed under Pericles, affecting his own son), and the Spartans were certainly racist against everybody (and Sparta died from this racism)


Franco-British Strategic Nuclear Deterrence Is Considerable

September 13, 2022

Nuclear war may be around the corner, the deluded Putin, tail between his legs, is that crazy that he may not realize that his “escalate to de-escalate” insanity would be of no advantage to him and his criminal entourage. So it’s a good point to consider the main deterrent of the West: the strategic nuclear forces of the US, Britain and France (3 of the 5 powers allowed nuclear weapons under UN law). It turns out that, in a strategic nuclear exchange involving the ultimate weapon, the strategic nuclear submarines, the Franco-British contribution is equivalent to 50% of the US… No doubt that complicates considerably the computation of nuclear war planners who are criminal enough to work for Putin…

Who has a stronger navy: the United Kingdom or France (not counting nuclear submarines)?

Both European navies have Strategic Submarines Ballistic Nuclear. Four of them each. The French ones carry an armament of 16 M51 SLBM missiles manufactured by the Aérospatiale (now Airbus Defence and Space), plus conventional torpedoes and Exocet anti-ship missiles. The M51 missiles carries on a “bus” 6 to 10 MIRV warheads of 110 kiloton (kt) each, 8 times Hiroshima, with penetration aids, and a precision of 150–200 meters. One such missile could annihilate all the decision centers in Moscow (and millions of deluded Moscovites who watch too much Putin TV). The range of the M51 is secret, but believed to be around 10,000 kilometers (the same tech is used on the Ariane rocket).

These SSBNs are really Armageddon weapons… Yes Putin has them, sort of, namely at least on paper; but the devil is in the details: nukes have to work, and subs have to be undetected. France, the US, and the UK have dozens of hunter subs… Keeping nukes in good, that is explosive, order, cost a fortune (it’s unlikely all the 6,200 nukes of Putin work; it’s more likely that most of them, don’t work…)

To come back to France and Britain,

the two Navies are roughly comparable, and, the French having dutifully forgotten the tragedy of Mers El Kebir, and the Brits more than contrite about it, the two navies are more than friendly to each other. If Scotland seceded, British subs would use French bases. France Naval Group has launched its second 100 meter long nuclear powered Barracuda attack submarine, arguably the world’s most modern and silent sub. It is using a type of propulsion the US Navy plans to have around 2030… The Barracuda class subs can silence their nuclear reactors for long periods, something no other nuclear sub can do (yet). Hot nuclear reactors have always circulating water and tend to be noisy… whereas air independent diesel subs can made much more silent… and can be much more silent for a full month under water! The Barracudas have the best of the two technologies…
Although not directly strategic, such subs can hunt and destroy Putin and Xi’s subs…

One of the British SSBN used to be without nukes, but, considering the increasing Sino-Russian war noises, that has been reversed (nukes cost a lot of money to just keep ready to function; French nukes cost 5 billion dollars a year, just to keep them ready to explode with enough fresh Tritium, etc.). Also the French SSBNs have 100% French equipment, including French equivalents of the US Trident II. UK subs have US systems, US missiles, Trident II… Also the UK Navy uses Thales and other French electronics all over, for the UK subs and the UK ships. Thales is French (originally)… Thales also makes 24/7 in Belfast, Ireland, the British “NLAW” antitank weapons which have destroyed so many of Putin’s tanks.

British carriers are restricted to F35s, since they do not have catapults (which make the French carrier interoperable with the US ones; CATOBAR enables it to launch heavier, more capable planes).

The real defect of Franco-British defense is not quality, which is top notch, but having too few weapons. Macron, following Biden by a few months, has called the French military-industrial complex to go into a war mode. However the expanded French military budget has not been voted on yet, and it takes time to ramp up. Thales is producing nearly enough electronics for five Rafales a month.

All the British nuclear deterrent is in its 4 SSBNs… the French have the same number of SSBNs, but also also nuclear bombers and supersonic standoff 300kt nuclear missiles). So Franco-Britannia has 8 strategic nuclear subs so silent once two collided with each other while deep in the ocean… whereas the US has 14 such submarines… In other words, the nuclear strategic strike capability of the West is considerably augmented by the Franco-British arsenal. Just one of these 22 subs could kill of the order of 50 million people in 20 minutes, and as a French general officer commented:”We think that’s enough!”.

However, tyrant Putin has definitively demonstrated that this is not enough, because threatening the enemy with Armageddon does not help fight a conventional war.

British SSBN going back home in Scotland…

Le Pen Is Not Racist, But European Leaders Have Been Evil

April 22, 2022

Le Pen is “deeply racist” paid media writers say all over France and the Anglosphere [1]. Proof? Why do you want proof like a quote? Are you racist? Proof by innuendo! Le Pen is racist because she fears some aspects of Islam… In a country where significant portion of the population has feared the fascist Abrahamist religion in its variously delirious variants for 20 centuries, that’s only natural, deeply “French”…

US citizens are fully unaware of the way foreigners can abuse the French health care system (that could include US citizens, by the way). Show up in a French hospital and treatment will be free… whereas law abiding French citizens from overseas will have to pay an arm and a leg (happened to me).

This method of crossing the French border at the last hour before giving birth is used systematically in some border areas (say around Briancon). I have seen it twice from my very eyes. Once it was an Albanian woman (Albania is not in the EU; she paid nothing for the birth, nor could she; next door I paid more than  10,000 Euros…). Another time, an African woman who seemed ready to explode was helped in the bus, a kilometer from the French border in Claviere. The gendarmerie got her out the bus and called an ambulance in Briançon…

The trick of giving birth in France has even been used by terrorists to rear “French” children who are trained in their primitive lands to hate France… But have a French passport, and thus abilitated to help out with terrorism inside France.

“Islamophobic” is a strange notion in France, where a law was passed in 1905 exists which limits the role of Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism… But the 1905 law did not apply, nor limit Islam. (Yes Christian monks and priests at the time were furious and rebelled violently!)

The root of the 1905 separation of church and state law was centuries of religious wars, from the holocaust of millions of Cathars around 1200 to the Revocation of the Nantes Edict around 1700, which made two million, 10% of the population, flee France. In some families the fear of Christianism (Christianophobia), or anti-clericalism has run for centuries (half of my family was like that; they used to be protestant nobles, more than 5 centuries ago, and most were kicked out of France by the fanatical Catholic Louis XIV!).

Because Christian fanaticism has caused tremendous suffering, anti-Christianism and Christianophobia run deep in France: the Cathars are remembered, although all their writings were destroyed, and Louis XIV’s religious cleansing of Protestantism motivated the hatred of many Germans whose ancestors were French, centuries ago, before they were forced to emigrate by the tyrant Sun King.

. Cartoon from 1905, when the binding betwen Pope and France was cut (by the mighty fasces, notice!) Inspired by Voltaire (who also identified Islam to fanaticism), the pact between Napoelon and the Pope, dating from 1801, was abrogated in 1905. Inspiré par Voltaire, up in the cloud, Émile Combes, an ex-seminarist, s’apprête à trancher le nœud gordien entre l’Église (le pape) et l’État (Marianne) tandis qu’un moine cuve son vin. Notice drunk monk on the ground.

So, after five centuries and millions dead over five centuries in Christian religious wars, fear (phobia) of organized religions run deep in France and, far from being a form of racism, is a form of deeply enlightened humanism.

Islam has been basically respected and ignored by French authorities for 13 centuries (Islamist invasions were repelled thrice in the Eight Century with major battles in 721 CE, 732 CE, and 748 CE… And also in the Tenth Century; later Frankish and Normands armies freed Rome, Souther Italy, Sicily… However no restriction were ever taken under individual Muslims on religious grounds… A proof of this is the presence of Arab and North African genes in France, from more than a millennium ago. And historically speaking Muslim peasants left over were left alone, this is known: no forced conversions.

However now the situation is different because of a poisonous mix of anti-France rhetoric, anti-Enlightenment, anti-European, post-modernist hatred for civilization or even reason, and weaponized Muslim immigration… I am not saying all Muslim immigrants are bad: some are very good, and historically a lot of variants of Islam in Africa have little to do with Suni or Shia superstitions… However, propped by hydrocarbon money, just like Putin, many nasty ideologies have tried to carve their own empires, and have smothered advanced African Islams…

I am myself half African, so I have viewed the problems religions can cause (my first memories in life are from a charming oasis where most Muslims had been prevented to come for centuries: the local branch of Islam, older than any other, came under terrible repression from the tyrannical Shia and Sunni, thus defended itself by excluding them; I a pprove that sort of Islam, and many other sorts, just as I generally disapprove forms of Islam which treat women as lesser beings).

The hatred against Le Pen, resting on fighting words (accusing her groundlessly to be “deeply racist“) calls for a refusal of debate, and thus destruction of democracy. Unbalanced critique of otherwise honorable politicians and their demonization is not helpful to democracy [1]. It creates anger and even hatred. I was actually going to vote for Macron, with profond distaste, because I find Le Pen’s position on Russia even more friendly towards Putin than Macron’s (who has been all too friendly towards Putin over the years).

The way the French constitution is, the governmental program emanates from Parliament, not the President. le Pen could have Macron as Prime Minister… or even a real leftist: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the far-left party La France Insoumise, who came third in the first round of the presidential election, just behind Le Pen, on April 10 with 22% of the vote (she got 23% and Macron 27%), has called on people in France to “elect him as prime minister”.

So let’s relax.

And let’s reflect; a lot of the proposition of Le Pen, such as Proportional Representation and Direct Democracy through referendums, would be definitively progress. Even the question of the supremacy of European law over National law is a legitimate question: if it doesn’t apply to Swiss Canton, why should it apply to a country, Republic and Democracy, France, which is 200 times more populous than the average Swiss canton?

All the more as, as it is, the European army is NATO… giving a precedence to US weapons over, say, French ones (which can be be of higher quality than US ones)… 

In any case, it was hilarious to see an investment banker, and double dipper (Macron, who leveraged his previous state employment as finance inspector) accuse Le Pen of depending upon her Russian banker. Macron said Putin was Le Pen’s banker… Le Pen shot back that her party had been prevented of borrowing from European banks, so it had to borrow from a Russian bank, and she pointed out that Macron invited Putin over, all over, Versailles, Cote d’Azur, etc…

Let’s reflect how much of the anti-Le Pen hysteria has to do with the fact that Marine Le Pen is a woman (and not in the skirts of her husband or the establishment, as Hillary Clinton).

Not to say I agree with her position on Putin (I want full embargo, she doesn’t want it on energy). But then, again, the present, outrageously pro-Russian tyranny policies were put in place in the last 23 years, in spite of Putin’s vile tyranny… and not by Le Pen, but by dozens of very honorable Western politicians.

Democracy doesn’t demand one has to agree with everybody on all things, and should not require to demonize individuals who just want more direct democracy (the referendum of initiative populaire already has existed in Switzerland and California for more than a century, and neither fell into the sea…)  

So let’s relax… But let’s also view with suspicion those who are keen to demonize democratic opposition: we saw what happened when that was done to Tiberius Gracchus…

Patrice Ayme

[1] The NYT had a title “Marine Le Pen has not changed, she is as dangerous as ever“… the latest in many strident anti-le Pen essays (where my comments were censored), After my comment (on this latest insult torrent against Le Pen) was published (finally!), the NYT, finally aware of how vicious it looked, changed the title to something completely different, but anti-French in a worse way.


My first memories are from this place, Ghardaia, Mzab, Sahara (a tiny portion of the city)

US Pluto Media Pretends to Worry About French “Right” 

April 8, 2022

And what if the “Right” was right, and, to put it in one horrendous word, popular… Also known as “populist”. In Hungary, Orban “right wing” party won the legislative elections, for the fourth time in a row, with 54%… (Lest I be accused of being pro-Orban, just from observing reality, let me point out that Orban said, after his re-election, that Zelinskyy was an “opponent”… I am definitely pro-Zelinskyy)

The French extreme right, on the big practical items is left of the US extrme left…Why is US media so worried about the French “extreme right”?

The short of it: because France is a welfare state owned by oligarchs, who are busy destroying the middle class and even the lower class, in the same way as it was done in Russia between over centuries, until most Russians became “serfs” under Catherine II “the Great” Best way to optimize plutocracy! (The distant ancestors of these serfs, six centuries earlier, used to be free.) The same Catherine conquered Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, etc…

The following comment to the article The Man at the Center of the French Election Isn’t Even on the Ballot, April 7, 2022… was censored by the New York Times [1]: 

The French extreme right is on the left of the US left. It does not want to weaken the French welfare state with free healthcare, free education, all the way to professional degrees, free medical drugs. The existing French welfare state can indeed be abused. As a partly overseas French, I had to pay for the (difficult, by mandatory C section) birth of my (French) daughter, more than ten thousand dollars. The Albanian woman next door didn’t pay a dime. She had entered France, as many do, on the last day of her pregnancy, and was driven by ambulance from the border with Italy as is the usage of the French border police. Now her child was French, and she was free to go back to Albania (which is not in the EU). This is typical, very frequent, and one of the many ways in which the French welfare state has been abused.

Another is male Africans with many wives, gathering welfare checks from their many claimed children.  

In exchange for all this, the abusers of the French welfare state claim to have been abused, or, if not themselves, their ancestors ten generations ago. Law abiding citizens, though, can’t abuse the system, so genuine French citizens have fewer children than the replacement rate, as the welfare state is not generous with parents anymore… while the taxation rate in France is the highest in wealthy countries… And those taxes strike the middle class: the oligarchs do not have to pay inheritance tax, for example, while poor people pay inheritance tax as high as 60%. Oligarchs write the laws: owning a castle, works of art, factories exclude them from taxation….

A practical result is that French per capita GDP is going down relative to peer countries…


By censoring the previous, all true and unadorned comment, the plutocratic NYT showed how correct it was, and how wrong their posing as the adjudicators of virtue, is.

Patrice Ayme



From 1950 to 2006, REAL French GDP per capita went up steadily at a clip of nearly 5% a year. Since then, it has stalled. What happened? De-industrialization and stupidification from plutocratization!

[1] On the NYT piece typical of anti-French propaganda these days:

PARIS — Like the rest of Europe, France is gripped by the war in Ukraine…

But for all the talk of a united West, the truth is that a noxious blend of oligarchy, nostalgia and bellicose nationalism is ever more ubiquitous on this side of the new Iron Curtain. In France, it is led by a buoyant and confident new right, represented in this election by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Rally; Valérie Pécresse of the ostensibly moderate Republicans; and Éric Zemmour, the pugilistic proto-fascist commentator turned [presidential] candidate.

… a sideshow in a broader attempt to remake French politics. Behind them all, to one degree or another, is someone not even on the ballot: the media mogul Vincent Bolloré. The scion of an old industrial family, Mr. Bolloré wields a fearsome agenda-setting power; his outlets, known for adopting the flair, tics and style of Fox News, play an outsize role in directing the national debate.

A few remarks: all the French media is owned by oligarchs, but for the French state TV. It’s not just Bolloré. For example Le Figaro is owned by Dassault. Le Monde has several wealthy investors, not all French… Libération is owned by French telecoms giant Altice…  

Bolloré, who is worth around ten billion dollars, roughly 5% of the worth of the wealthiest French oligarch, like other French oligarchs, did not have to pay inheritance tax. Normal French citizens of the lowest middle class can pay more than 65% inheritance tax… For example there is minimum mandatory 5% of the value of total inheritance for “furniture”… even if there is no furniture… It’s Kafkaesque… And the result of Kafka is what happened in Eastern Europe and Russia: the systematic destruction of the middle and lower class, to leave only an underclass, the Lumpenproletariat of Marx…… And the noble oligo-plutocrats on top, owning everything, even minds, hearts and souls…

Amusingly, the NYT talks, correctly, about France, the way it should, but would not, dare to talk about the USA:

“Those trying to get a handle on developments in France… look to Mr. Bolloré, whose name is a byword for the political power of French oligarchs. Mr. Bolloré is a bellwether of a dangerous mood at the top of French society, one that extends far beyond the conservative wing of the elite. Fearful of decline, anxious about movements and ideas from below, the broader French establishment is eager to capitalize on the country’s divisions to cling to power.

Mr. Bolloré himself has ties in the most exclusive circles of the Parisian elite. After inheriting and reviving his family’s struggling paper business with his brother in the early 1980s, he developed a near monopoly on West African ports and logistics—activities from which he appears to be withdrawing. In the early 2000s, Mr. Bolloré set about building his media empire, which today encompasses two of France’s largest publishing houses, a major advertising agency, an array of society magazines and weeklies, a national radio network and the premium TV production group Canal+. Then there’s the jewel in the crown: the hard-right 24-hour news station, CNews.”

Mr. Bolloré portrays himself as above the partisan fray, yet by building an integrated media apparatus for a hysteric, inflamed conservatism, he has reshaped French political life. France, according to CNews, is on the cusp of a breakdown of order and civility, one spark away from civil war. American-inspired “wokistes” and “islamo-leftists” — terms wantonly used as synonyms for progressive activists, intellectuals and politicians — are concocting a plot to emasculate France and its republican traditions. Immigrants are the massed bearers of collapse… In January, to cite just one recent example, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer gave the introductory speech at a two-day colloquium at the Sorbonne on the perils of “wokisme” and progressive identity politics.


My comment to the NYT was all true, just as it is, and as it was. Censored. Putinized. 

Day after day the NYT publishes these anti-French articles. That particular piece of Americano-fascism was by Harrison Stetler, a journalist who writes about French politics.

Why Did France Cease Fire With Nazis June 22, 1940?

December 26, 2021

The short of it: Because France had enough to be stabbed in the back by the USA, or, more exactly its leadership, the Deep Plutocratic state. Many guessed, deep down inside their minds that Nazi Germany was just what it was: an instrument of the USA. To be stabbed in the back once during and after World War One was enough (the US had broken the blockade of Germany in WW1). OK, that’s not the conventional answer, and nobody dared to say this aloud, before yours truly…. But history should also be the history of the subconscious. Now the details are numerous and full of evil, a real forest of them…

The French Republic was deliberately attacked by the entire army of fascist racist Prussianized Germany on August 2 1914, without even a war declaration. The Prussians intended to take France out, then Russia, and force Britain to negotiate. The Prussians believed they had the tacit, if not explicit approval of racist America. However, 5 weeks later, the French army nearly annihilated the German army. US plutocrats helped to break the Franco-British blockade, enabling Germany to fabricate high explosives. In the end, the US relented and the blockade worked and the French explosive production was more than ten times Germany by 1918.

In 1918, the US flew to the rescue of Franco-British victory… and then confiscated it. In the crucial battle of July 1918, only two US divisions were engaged (and were annihilated), in the company of a Senegalese division (which tended to make no racist German prisoner, and, and because, reciprocally). However the French engaged 45 divisions in the same counter-offensive, behind a deluge of explosive fire. The head Prussian (and future Nazi) Luddendorg told the fascist in chief, the Kaiser, that they had lost the war.

France had won the war, but the losses had been enormous. Officially 1.4 million KIAs. However, real losses, counting hundreds of thousands of MIAs, and thousands of executed deserters, were around two millions, around ⅓ of the 18-27 years old got killed. Just one single day, in August 1914, 27,000 French soldiers died during furious French offensives. And all this for what?

In 1919, French suggestions to do away with Prussian-German war capabilities were blocked by the USA, which proceeded to rob Germany blind, and make Germany into its own thing, for its own US plutocrats, one Wall Street plan after another. French PM Clemenceau declared France would be again at war with Germany within 20 years, as happened (and often with the same individuals… for example Hermann Goering, prominent in WW1 as he was in WW2)

The head of the German central bank, a creature of JP Morgan, the most prominent US plutocrat and then the eponymous bank, organized hyperinflation in 1923 to not pay repairs for the enormous deliberate damage to the French and Belgian industrial belts and their flooded, exploded mines and factories. That was fine with the US plutocrats, who viewed the European empires as the greatest obstacle to their rule over the entire planet.

US plutocrats proceeded to finance and arm Mussolini, Hitler and Franco (also fuel his imperial majesty Hirohito, so that he could kill lots of Chinese…) Meanwhile, through their control of US media, US plutocrats fabricated the pro-fascist ideology known as “isolationism”, which the US Deep State (the entanglement of US plutocracy with the US government) used to empower the Axis and its friends (Stalin among the latter, as US plutocrats, some of them “democrats” as US president Wilson of 1914, developed his oil fields, among other things…)

In 1939, France, followed by Britain, had enough with Hitler, who now wanted to do away with Poland. They threatened war, and marshalled their enormous resources and credit, especially in the US [1]… so Hitler made his alliance with Stalin official. Communists followed Stalin, even in France, so many in the French military, who already detested the “Popular Front” of 1936, led by PM Blum, a Jew, were reluctant to arm in a timely fashion the thousands of modern fighter planes France had… among other things. All too many traitors admiring Nazism were found in France.

Think about it: France was at war with the axis: Germany, Italy, Japan, plus the Soviet Union (German tanks were fueled by Caucasus oil). France had started the war with more than 5 million soldiers plus 300,000 British soldiers, but during a few fatidic days in May 1940, the French army got cut off from the rear. The hyper powerful Third French Armored division, just north of the German armor spearhead could not move: its fuel lines were cut off. It was a sort of giant Pearl Harbor on an unimaginable scale: millions of elite French soldiers were cut off from behind.

God had turned Nazi, and organized a succession of miracles which favored the Nazis. It’s a long story, and there were too many miracles, such as the case of the German plane which crashed with the plans that the French had anticipated… So the Nazi general Von Manstein and Hitler tried something real crazy. They had to.

Nazi tanks in the Belgian Ardennes

They had to go crazy because the French army was too powerful… and time was working against them, considering the immense resources and populations of France and Britain with their world empires. At Hannut in Belgium, 380 French tanks confronted 664 German tanks. The better armored and more powerful French tanks block the Germans for two days. The Germans lose 195 tanks, the French 105… mostly to Stuka bombers. This is world war two’s first tank battle, and the French win it. The drama, though, is to the south: disbanded Belgian soldiers coming out of the Ardennes forest.

The end result is that the Nazis launched a completely deranged offensive which had every reason to fail spectacularly, causing the annihilation of the Nazi army: 44 divisions jammed through three narrow roads in the Ardennes forest, including 7 out of 10 Panzer, the armored divisions. However, miracle after miracle: the Belgian army did not deploy there the few anti-tanks troops they needed to stop the German columns… thanks to a not enough British and French aerial reconnaissance, Belgian neutrality, lots of amphetamines, the Nazi army pierced through and cut all the crack French armies from behind. 

Nazi troops crossing the Meuse at Sedan, May 13 1940. Notice the destroyed bridge behind.

The Nazis used the entire Luftwaffe to break the one French Reserve infantry division at Sedan. The British Second armored division which was supposed to be behind the French 55th was not there, and the long range guns from the Maginot line didn’t fire (both facts are unexplained, at least, to me!) Guderian, commander and creator of the German armor was at its desk in the panorama hotel, directing the offensive. A hit by a British bomber on an amunition dump, caused the huge boar head above him to fall down, and Guderian nearly got decapitated. A few days later unstoppable French B1B heavy tanks came in immediate proximity of German headquarters (again with Guderian inside), but, in the night did not detect the German staff and left. 

Besides the hand of fate, and enormous quantities of amphetamines, some of it as candy, the Nazis got tremendous help from the French commander, Gamelin, who could not have done a better job if he had been Hitler himself. Gamelin was weak, stupid, didn’t like aviation, and feared German spying pathologically, to the point he would not use the radio.

Thanks to Pervitin, the Wehrmacht kept going without sleep for 30 plus hours – enabling them to plough through the Ardennes forest without getting bogged down. Allied troops confronted almost superhuman, suicide bomber style soldiers who seemed to know no fear, attacking relentlessly. During the entire armor dash across France, the week starting May 10, 1940, so it was, day after day, niht after night. Later the Nazis deplored many officers dying of heart attacks, so they diminshed the usage of Pervitin. All of Nazi Germany was using it, and should have screamed:”Sieg High!” instead of “Sieg Heil!” There were chocolate candy versions of methamphetamins: a chocolate version for pilots and tank crews known as Fliegerschokolade (flyer’s chocolate) and Panzerschokolade (tanker’s chocolate)

Gamelin launched the French reserve of seven armored divisions into the Netherlands (as far as it should have been). His second in command told him there was a danger that the Nazis would cut the entire French army from behind… as happened.

Also that the Prince of Wales informed Hitler where the weak point was, helped considerably (“The Windsor File.”published in 1997 by Paul Sweet, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and historian gave the Nazi background of the ex-king)… so did suicidary charges by bomb laden Nazi engineers.

Ultimately, the First French army blocked all the German army, and enabled the British professional army to escape (Dunkirk).

At this point, by June 1940, the treachorous US president did not deliver his “guarantees” to France (whereas Canada landed divisions in Britanny which were immediately beaten back by the Nazis). France could have kept on fighting, by evacuating to North Africa… and should have. Churchill, and the UK Parliament proposed a unification of France and Britain (to hinder Nazi extermination of the French). However, a few leaders in France, who ended in Vichy, felt that the same sacrifice as in 1914-1918, with the USA reaping all the fruits, once again, was not the wisest course. At that exact moment, France was at war with all the fascist powers, Germany, the USSR, Italy and Japan. The only ally was Britain, which mostly had an Air Force and a Navy. Half of the German Air Force had been destroyed in six weeks of combat, and France had 2,500 modern fighter planes in North Africa alone (plus a larger Navy than Hitler’s).

In 1936, US oil had allowed the Nazi Air Force to transport a rogue army to destroy the Spanish Republic. Hitler, encouraged that way by Von Ribbentrop, his foreign minister, thought that Britain loved Nazism, and the USA, even more so. Hitler would find out he had been played when first Britain declared war, and then the US flooded the USSR with crucial military aid in 1941, before cutting the US oil flow to Japan… Top German generals had wanted to get rid of the Nazis in 1937. They had asked for Anglo-American diplomatic support. Instead the Anglo-Americans denounced them to Hitler (who forgave them… he had no choice…) Thus many leaders, in France or Germany, thought the US approved of Nazism. Roosevelt rushed to recognize the illegal Vichy coup and sent his right hand man, 4 star admiral Leahy, as “ambassador” to Vichy…

France had enough elan to declare war to Hitler in 1939. The US never found that elan. The war was lost in four or five days in May. It had nothing to do with elan. If the Nazi army had been detected in the Ardennes the Nazis could have been defeated. If the 7th French army had been kept in reserve, with its seven armored divisions, the Nazi armor would have been cut off, and the war won right away. If the 2,500 modern fighter planes which France had at the ready on the theater had been engaged from North Africa where they were flown, France could have resisted indefinitively. But what for, as long as the US winked to Hitler?

It seemed wiser to make a ceasefire with Hitler (it was NOT a peace treaty). As it turned out, France suffered around one million deaths all told in metropolitan France, plus two million in Indochina (because of the Japanese war of liberation there, I’m ironic).

France was still in the fight. An example: On May 10, 1941, in a night raid on London, three Nazi Heinkel 111 were shot down. All victories were scored by French pilots. Pilot Officer Demozay of 1 Squadron shot his down over East London, whilst Pilot Officer Scitivaux and Pilot Officer Emile Fayolle, both of whom were serving with 242 Squadron, had their encounters over the London Docks. All three ‘kills’ were confirmed. Fayolle would go on, sink 28 Nazi boats and become RAF squadron leader. He died crashing in the Channel after being shot by German flak.

In June-July 1942, two years later, a French army lethally wounded Rommel’s Afrika Korps… the Nazi commander, Rommel himself, said it (so did Churchill). At the time of D Day, the French resistance occupied 17 divisions in south France, plus a few elite alpine divisions, including all Nazi SS paratroops in the Vercors combat (had they been used in Normandy, they may have been enough to throw back the allies in the sea).

By 1945 a million man French army (23% of the Western Allies’ army) crossed the Rhine under fire. In the last 5 weeks of the war, the French army, pushing through south Germany into Austria suffered 5,000 dead, 35% of the number of deaths as the US army (and a bit more than the British).

Following the war, the USA, having given half of Europe to Stalin, including Poland (!), proceeded to replace the Europeans worldwide, by a process called “decolonization”… thanks to an abuse of language.

Maybe the US Deep State should stop undermining France as it just did in Australia with submarines and helicopters?

In World War One a draw was snatched out of military victory, thanks to the intervention of influential Anglo-Saxon individuals motivated by greed or racism (the famous Keynes was an example of pro-German racism). The French army wanted to finish the work in 1918, occupy Germany, and try the criminals against humanity who had launched World War One. The US blocked that idea in 1918. This finally happened in 1945… And the problem posed by the Prussian racist and exploitative ideology from the Eighteenth Century found its final solution….

All well considered, the French Republic should have united with Britain, as proposed by Churchill, and pursued the war from North Africa. Blocked by the French Navy and French Air Force, plus planes ordered in the USA by France and Britain, the Nazis would not have been able to cross the Mediterranean (even with only the Brits in the fight, they could not make it enough to provide the Afrika Korps…)

That would have changed many things in ways hard to visualize. However, French losses may well have been higher.

Patrice Ayme 

139 Polish fighter pilots volunteered to join the RAF. Some expert French pilot also did. Émile Fayolle above was squadron leader RAF. Died in combat at the age of 25. Émile Fayolle had been a squadron leader in the French Air Force too. His squadron was based at Warmwell. He was a commandant FAFL (Forces aériennes françaises libres). Germany quickly ran out of expert pilots, as too many died in combat, mostly during the Battles of France and England in 1940, and lack of fuel, after attacking the USSR prevented training, so, later in the war, all too many German pilots could barely fly their planes. The most famous French pilot who died in combat was Saint Exupery, author of the Petit Prince, off Marseilles in 1944.. Émile Fayolle died in combat five months before Hitler declared war to the treachorous USA..


Left unsaid in usual description of WW2 and why Hitler wanted so much to attack in 1939, is the attempted preparation of a coup against the Nazis by the German military in 1937. Hitler knew that the generals were still plotting (and would attempt a coup in 1944). The German generals and admirals had asked in 1937 for Anglo-Saxon diplomatic support. Instead the treachorous Anglo-Saxon leadership denounced the generals to Hitler… So Hitler knew time was working against him, because French hostility was relentless, and both France and Britain were rearming monstruously, using credit and US industry.

An example: France and Britain launched the Mustang, P47 program, using a little known aircraft company, under their own specifications, mostly speed and endurance, in the USA. The plane was so good it got adopted by the US and became the main supremacy fighter.

Any Power Which Can Kill Hundreds Of Millions In A Few Minutes Is Great. Out With Greed And Grab US Mentality.

September 26, 2021


There are theories about Great Powers. First of them the so-called “imperial overstretch”… taught to my eleven year daughter at school… Many seem to equate greatness and military power. 

But it is more complicated than that: the Netherlands was not a great military power in the Seventeenth Century: it had defeated Spain, yes, but that was mainly because all Spanish armies attacking the Netherlands found themselves in turn attacked by the mighty French army. Later, the Netherlands conquered England, but that had much to do with internal English politics and France refusing to intervene. Meanwhile enormous Dutch fleets spanned the world, but that was due to concentrating. 

On the way the Dutch captain Abel Tasman saw what became known as Tasmania. 

In the brazen AUKUS alliance affair, where Australia UK, and US announced a nuclear proliferation alliance, joining insult to injury, the US side insisted that France, besides not speaking English, was not a great power. Why is France not a great power, whereas Australia presumably is? Like the US, Australia massacred the Natives, and now owns a continent. Is that it? Kill the Natives, rob a continent, and then call your self great?

Tasmanian. Portrait made around 1830. Tasmanians were killed to the last, thanks to the usual plutocratic trick called “liberalism”, “free enterprise”, Billionaires and the like, ruling.

And when does the tremendous influence of, say, Israel, sit? Israel gave rise to the religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianism, Islamism. It should count towards conferring some greatness to Israel.   

A French expedition showed up in Tasmania. Just as in Canada 250 years later, the idea was to establish friendly trade with the Natives. To show their good intentions, and that they had nothing to hide, the French sailors bathed in the nude, showing they carried no weapons: the French were following the teaching of Rousseau’s, the doctrine of the “Bon Sauvage“. At the time everybody, even the young queen, was reading master thinker Rousseau, who seemed to be attributing the Dark Side of humanity to civilization itself (whereas Christianism attributed it to the original sin, and I attribute it to an ecological protection mechanism) 

But the Natives ambushed them while bathing. Great Britain showed instead the correct way to deal with savages: Tasmanians were killed to the last. In the Tasmanian colony’s early decades, “extermination” and “extirpation” were words and concepts used by the English colonists to describe their strategy relative to the Natives whom they called “blacks”. Most of the Aboriginal people of Tasmania’s north west were methodically hunted down and killed by the Van Diemen’s Land Company VDLC, in hunting expeditions. Liberalism at its best, Locke style. Aboriginal Tasmanian languages were completely annihilated. As English colonists were in the habit of using Tasmanian women, often mass-kidnapped, there are a few thousand people of partial Tasmanian descent left today. The original population of Tasmania may have been as high as 100,000 (Tasmania, being more temperate, is more productive than mainland Australia).

To claim France is not a great power, coming from its descendants, is parricide… And a self-contradiction.



Powers are like person: they may have a descendance. A power with a great descendance is greater than one with no descendance. Descendance, in the matter of powers can involve ideology, or outright successor state status. Consider Israel again… or then Arabia, which is great, in great part because Islam is great. Rome is even greater than the Roman state, because it invented Christianism, a famous superstition, but also Roman law, and hundreds of other ways of being Roman faithfully replicated to this day, all the way to Beijing.

Successor status can be a complex matter, as when the US succeeded the 13 British colonies. 

In the case of France, the Imperium Francorum, was the one and only successor state of Rome in the West, as recognized by Constantinople. It then grew to create all of Europe… Scandinavia and Russia grew in part from Christianism, a religion the Franks used as a way to conquer minds by making them feel bad about their previous gods…

Is France great? France in the sense of the state founded by the Franks, is just as great as Europe… Because the Franks founded Europe. As simple as that. This enraging fact is carefully omitted from the Anglospheric version of history… which prefer to insinuate that Britain is a direct successor state of Rome. In truth, England was created into what became its present version by the French [1]… And much English, and then US law is actually directly derived from France, and its Lex Salica and revisions in the 13th century by Saint Louis and company…  

Why doesn’t France realize it is not great anymore? The question is all over the plutocrats-owned Anglosphere media. English speaking plutocrats know the answer: any power not in complete obedience to the great Anglosphere plutocracy is not great, and should be made smaller. To make sure of it, France has to be destroyed as a great power. France is the most prominent center of considerable military-industrial expertise in Europe, thus potentially independent. Give an inch to France, say the plutocrats, and next thing you know, we have to pay taxes i, say, Europe.

These are childish ways of thinking, from children with very bad education. But remember: a complete obsessive idiot such as Adolf Hitler could become leader of the most literate country, Germany, after it became insane. If it happened to Germany it could happen, say, to the Anglosphere.



Any power which can kill a few dozens of millions in a few minutes, using its own means, should be viewed as a great power [2]. France and the USA have this capacity in the West. Britain doesn’t, in the technical sense that its submarines, the only British deterrent, use… French electronics and sonar.

So the argument that French nuclear submarine technology is not as advanced as US, or a fortiori, UK, nuclear sub tech is a blatant lie. Actually, the British attack nuclear submarines, the Astute class, with their French electronics and sonar, are view as overall equivalent to the US nuclear attack submarines, the Virginia class… Except that the  Astute is much cheaper than the expensive three billion dollar Virginia.

The US and UK subs use highly dangerous weapon grade uranium (HEU) nuclear fuel, made in the USA. France instead developed non-proliferating Low Enrichment Uranium (LEU) propulsion. As does China. Ultimately all HEU subs will have to change technology and go to LEU.

If the USA were smart and deep, not just greedy and war mongering, they would ask the French to institute the change from HEU to LEU. 

The US is trying to torpedo the French advanced indigenous military capability, its only competitor in the West, using a combination of humiliation and pressure on other countries to force them to not buy French weapons. This is not because France is not a great power, but precisely the opposite, because France is too much of a great power and the US views France as its competitor. The risk is not that France is not a great power, or obsessed by her rank.

The problem the planet is having is the exact opposite: there are too many great nuclear powers in an increasingly small world. Even fools should be able to see that.

All and any country can be all arrogant now, but one single strategic ballistic submarine as France and the US have independently built and operate, is potentially capable of killing hundreds of millions of people.

The cause of US belligerency relative to France is simple: the US has relentlessly expanded at the cost of France in the last century. And the job is not done yet: France still controls more ocean than the US, around 11 million square kilometers. By trying to grab French ocean, the US validates Xi’s power grab in the South China sea… But, as I have explained, the US Deep State knows one thing in its deep subconscious: by causing more wars, the US has always won in the end. So weakening France beckons. But the French don’t get it: France just killed Al Saharawi, the Sahel’s top terrorist, who used to drive around with captured US weapons. Al Saharawi ‘s greatest feat had been to ambush US soldiers, causing their greatest loss of life, limb and honor since Mogadishu.

What makes a power greater, ultimately, then, is often its mentality. The Anglosphere eradicated the Natives in America and Australia. Was that great? Or is founding a civilization greater? The Franks outlawed European slave trading in 657 CE, more than 13 centuries ago: that was really great. And this is why, the Anglosphere thinkers will tell you, it should not be known. Nor should it be emphasized that Europe mostly evolved as, or from, the Imperium Francorum, for a millennium, after the fall of the Roman state from an aggravated state of delirious plutocracy.



In recent “California” elections, non-resident multibillionaires claiming to be pro-democracy, spend regularly millions of dollars… And the elections go with the money, thanks to cognitive barrages of devious and biased information all over all the media… Making the population stupid and corrupt is never how to make a power great. Instead it leads to mass hypocrisy to the point of inefficiency. The Californian homeless crisis, by far the worst in the US, with the most squalid camps in the world, is caused mostly by the fact that Californian “democratic” voters stridently talk progressive, to better act in a more regressive way than Trump. Actually Berkeley, universally viewed as a center of progressivism, invented (in 1916) apartheid real estate zoning… They don’t call it that way.. In 2021, Berkeley lost in the California Supreme Court, in its attempt to keep on going with apartheid… Under the pretext of protecting Indian artefacts… More hypocritical than that would probably cause instant death.

Central to a superior mentality, at least for a civilization, is being frank. Not by accident, that was the name of the Franks. Only by being frank were they able to redress the mental failures of the Roman state. That was attempted as early at the Battle of the Frigidus, in 394 CE. Yes the Frankish general Arbogast lost that battle and his life… But his successors won, a century later. 

If nobody fights the good fight, nobody will win it. 

The mentality of greed and grab which has brought the USA into existence has been great for the US. But it has no future for the planet distinct from Armageddon. The US Deep State should not assume that it is not in deep need of a correction… and that it cannot come from the mentality of its parental figure, France. 

Patrice Ayme


[1] Normand Dux (Roman military chief of a province) and his allies the French barons, in 1066 CE. All were in theory under the authority of the French monarch, “emperor in his own kingdom”, as West Francia did not want to be bothered anymore by the rest of the “Roman empire”, as it had been unable to solve the Viking problem and led to various conflicts.  

Thus the allies of the Normandy Dux were submitted to it only during the military campaign of conquest of England (which lasted more than a year)… But after that they, and their descendants, considering themselves basically equal to the new king and his descendants, ended up asking for a strong Parliament, and later a magna carta…


[2] The French subs carry 16 M45 or M51 missiles with six to ten TN 75 150kt thermonuclear warheads. One such missile can eliminate any city on earth, by direct explosions in a special pattern and the ensuing firestorm.  How many warheads does a Trident missile carry? The British Trident IIs are reported to carry an average of three 100-kiloton warheads each, while the U.S. missiles are variously reported as carrying four, six, eight, or even more 475-kiloton warheads. There again one can see the “British” weapon is actually a US purchase…  

French strategic nuclear submarine firing of a French M51 missile. Range around 8,000 kilometers, ten thermonuclear warheads with penetration aids…

Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.

September 21, 2021

France created the USA, as a republic, in the name of diversity, humanism and freedom… against the British plutocracy. But plutocracy, that force which wants to destroy civilization always, rears again…. 

Neo-con Biden intervened,  between France and Australia. A somber machination was revealed. Setting up some preconditions for World War Three… Breaking a treaty between France and Australia was an aggression and it hides much greater ones, past and future. The US Deep State’s mentality was born before the first English colony, four centuries ago (it trained to massacre in Ireland, with the same “West Country Men” who financed the English colony in America). The main mentality of the US Deep State knows only one principle: maximal exploitation… Sustainability be damned. To get there the US Deep State will lie, dissemble and stab in the back, as needed.   

Native Americans were in the way, of the progress towards greater greed, they got exterminated. European empires were in the way: they got terminated from a crafty instrumentalization of German imperial racism and plutocracy with timely and judicious US support thereof.

The cancellation of the Australia-France defense contract is more of the same: upon deep examination, all the reasons presented by the Anglo-Saxon side are lies. What is left, is the truth… and it is definitively disconcerting.

Basically the Anglo-Saxon side hinted that the French submarines were not good enough. However France was designing a class of AIP(Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, with added fuel cells, at the request of Australia… Because Australia did not want nuclear submarines… That class of subs made for Australia, the “Attack” was derived from the SSN (Sub Surface Nuclear) type Barracuda, the existing class being the Suffren. AIP submarines do not have to continually move high temperature water and steam, so they are more silent than nuclear submarines (!). They also can stay under water without surfacing for a month or so… The contract was signed in 2016…

Suddenly, without any warning to the French, Australia decided to go nuclear, literally and figuratively, and announced its nuclear deal with Biden and cancelled the French conventional submarine contract.

The (implicit) presentation was hinted that the Anglo-Saxon subs were better. However the British attack submarines are not really British: their sensor and electronics are… FRENCH.

And the propulsion of the British subs of the Astute class, nominally by Rolls Royce is actually US American, under license. Plenty of other systems in the UK subs are US American. So the British subs of the Astute class are French and US American for their two most important elements: brains and nuclear power.

But it gets better than that: the Uranium the US uses in its submarines and its UK subs, is WEAPON GRADE (the French and the Chinese uses NON weapon grade uranium in their subs).  

So Deep State Biden is actually promoting NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION, WEAPON GRADE..   

Thus what is left is the truth: The US wants the Pacific to become a US lake, and New Caledonia is in the way, politically, geographically, strategically and civilizationally. More than half of the inhabitants of New Caledonia are Natives, demonstrating, once again, that France is too friendly to losers, and not oriented enough towards business… which, optimally demands maximal exploitation.

But not just this, it gets way worse: by unilaterally, without consulting with NATO, let alone Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel… Or Korea, or Japan, or Vietnam, or Brazil, and… Iran… The Biden administration is committing a major breach of NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION. 

Why would the US Deep State engage in such a deep, extremely dangerous international violation? Well, the obvious explanation is the only one visible, however troubling and despicable: the US Deep State WANTS NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS GRADE MATERIAL.   

Why? There again, the reason is disconcerting, but obvious: because it augments the probability of nuclear war. When the US fought the American Natives, it always had some on its side, at least for a while, and use them… against the other American Natives. The same method was used on a grander scale in the Twentieth Century: the US presidency and its plutocratic class, co-conspiring, encouraged the slightly demented leaders of Germany to attack in 1914, and then fed them materials for high explosives (among other things)… This made the Franco-British blockade much less efficient, and the war lasted 4 years instead of just one. After the bait, the US switched to the attack mode, intervening significantly in the war in the last few months, when French high explosives production was ten times that of Germany.

Something similar happened with Nazism. US plutocracy, discreetly helped by the Roosevelt administration (officially singing different tunes) encouraged, facilitated and enabled Nazism… Until the switch, massive aid to the Soviet Union, and Hitler understood he had been had and, enraged, declared war to the US in an act of suicidal bravado (Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the USA sent arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion… which it was simultaneously promoting through its plutocrats and their corporations; for example IBM had the monopoly of computation throughout Nazi Germany…)  

So now, here we are.

What’s the plan? Well, war, what else, between the Natives (whoever they happen to be)… The possibilities are endless, shifting alliances all over, just as during the French and Indian wars, and the 140 years after that… There has not been a real good war, with the biggest, most powerful weapons, since World War Two… What the Deep State of plutocracy needs, is nuclear war. 

You will tell me: this is monstrous, how depraved can you be? Well, not me, but those gentlemen, or, even worse, their subconscious. It is worse if what they are doing is subconscious, because they don’t even know what they are doing, but still do it. 

Meanwhile, France, very correctly, recalled her ambassadors to the US and Australia. This has never happened before. The hour is indeed grave: the US is getting rogue, conveniently hiding behind an apparently rudderless president.   

The US Deep State may feel: oh, you are overreacting, don’t you finally realize that you are all Indians?

The US Deep State forgets one thing: times have changed, the world has shrunk… And is more aware. When the US massacred the US Natives, the world was huge, and the US was conquering a continent. Canadians and Australians did the same, eradicating (most of) the Natives, with pack of lies and treason against reason but for the reason of rabid greed. However, now the world is small. It is a big village. Civilization is also pretty much one. China, for example, is, civilizationally speaking, strongly hybridized with Western European socialism… which the US is also hybridized with (consider Medicare)… Both giant countries, USA and China, although around the globe, on the other side, are on board with the technological, intellectual, and mental progressivism launched by the Franks after the collapse of the Roman state and which made the European Middle Ages the main motor of creation

That world coherence means there is no room for World War Three… Any world war now would have aspects of a civil war (not reassuring, considering US history!) Nor is it necessary to add another calamities to wake up from slumber: we already have several calamities on our hands, including the climate calamity… None of them are easy to fix, as they are entangled in industry, thus survival.  

It is high time to expose the US Deep Plutocracy and its Machiavellian tortuous conspiracies, where war among the others is leveraged for personal advantage… We need this exposition and explanation, so as to steer the future away from disaster.

As this enlightenment descends upon the planet, the US Deep State may find out that old allies may not share its enthusiasm for the the old White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) method of divide and conquer, eradicate and exploit. In other words if China does not engage in blatant worldwide aggression as the US of Biden is doing presently with its fostering of nuclear proliferation, it may find allies in Europe. Not everybody is so woke that they can’t wake up.

Progressives must mobilize to prevent Biden from introducing nuclear weapon grade uranium to Australia… Sneakily preparing conditions for a nuclear Armageddon: if Australia, a gigantic place without need, or enemies nearby, gets nukes, why not everybody?

Patrice Ayme


Australia could mitigate the situation by ordering the Suffren class of French nuclear submarines: those French subs use NON weapon grade uranium for propulsion. They are state of the art, and arguably way better for Australia (they are way cheaper, and already exist).

The submarines ordered to France by Australia five years ago were the Air Independent Propulsion diesel variant of the brand new latest French nuclear attack submarine below:

The French Navy vessel called “Suffren”, first of the nuclear Barracuda class attack submarines, leaves the workshops of its construction at the Naval Group site in Cherbourg, France, July 5, 2019. Picture taken July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier. These are enormous boats: look at the little worker to the right. They displace 5,200 tons. The UK and US submarines have 50% more mass. However that’s not necessarily an advantage as attack submarines are increasingly moving to LITORAL waters in which they are hard to detect from sound reflections, currents, waves, and also can better make their missions. The submarine above uses a hybrid steam-electric propulsion, steam for greater power, electric for greater silence…

Why Did Hitler Start A World War In 1939, Instead Of Waiting For 1945… As The Plan Had Been?

September 5, 2021

The answer is that the Nazis did not start, technically speaking, and from their point of view, a world war in 1939. 

As the Nazis themselves whined many times, they did not start World War Two. Hated, racially inferior France attacked the poor Nazis savagely… and the French dragged beautiful, racially superior Britain into the conflict.

This is entirely correct from the Nazi perspective… And completely false otherwise.

France could see the mad Nazi armaments’ plan, its spoliation of Jews and other enemies, which were ruining the German economy, making war ever more probable, and France could see the racist, insanely fanaticized Nazi youth, which could not wait to kill and die on the battlefield. France had decided to not let Germany become ever more insane with its genocidal programs, and not to let the Nazis deploy more weapons and especially its new high tech submarines. On paper, France had enough forces to defeat the Nazis, and a much stronger strategic position. But the mood in France, with half the population of Germany, and no berserk racially charged youth, was grim.

By 1942, a Franco-British juggernaut, helped by US industry and credit, would swamp the crazy Nazis: that was the Franco-British plan. French and British planners had no doubt they would destroy the Nazis, it was just a matter of time. Once that psychology was installed, and the Nazis were aware of it, there was no turning back: time worked for the Franco-British alliance, as in WW1.

France also had a nuclear weapons program the Nazis knew of… But could not do anything about, as the top Nazi physicists thought a bomb was impossible (the French program ended in… “Manhattan”…) Except the Nazis knew French nukes had to do with Norway (where French heavy water was made to slow down neutrons). And Norway and Sweden, facing the indomitable Royal Navy at Scapa Flow in Scotland, was where Hitler’s iron came from… Also Britain was building a vast air force, larger than the Luftwaffe, and with long range bombers. The war had not even started and time was working against Hitler… Now that the two superpower democracies in the west had woken up.

So enmity against the Nazis was everywhere: Poland to the east, France to the west, and the threat of having the iron road cut off in the north, where the French were preparing some monster weapon. The Nazis went into world war, completely unprepared for it. They had less than 100 U boats, all of a type that was obsolete (relative to what they had on the drawing board). The Nazis had around 1,000 Czech rather light tanks, plus 1,400 of their own, with less than 400 of their best tank, the Panzer III (they had only a few Panzer IV). The French had more than 4,000 tanks, including German tanks were numerically and technically inferior to the Anglo-French armored forces, which were equipped with a greater quantity of medium and heavy tanks (however, German crews were trained and experienced in the new combined tactics of tanks, anti-tank guns and dive bombers, being able to exploit the advantages of the Panzer III, in particular, the modern radio communications system and the deployment of three men in the turret resulting in greater efficiency in the field, winning the Battle of France… from their experiences in Spain; France and Britain learned quickly, in less than ten days.. By then they had lost the Battle of France…) 

The Nazis suffered huge losses during the Battles of France and then England. Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain, was not a possibility: the Nazis did not have the ships, and they did not have the planes (they had lost 1,150 aircrew in the Battle of France, and 1,250 planes). Then Nazi paratroops were wiped out in Crete (their victory was posthumous). And the Nazis had little oil. Incapable of defeating Britain, attacking the USSR was thus a necessity, Hitler explained to his 10,000 general officers… with the perverse Nazi logic that, if things are bad, and one cannot make them better, one could always make them worse.

The Nazis had started work on one aircraft carrier. France had more than one operational or in the works, and Britain had several in operation. Roosevelt, in 1933, had launched a program to build 24 fleet aircraft carriers… Hitler could win, only if its adversaries help him. But this happened to him many times. And it happens regularly in history, the last example being the Taliban… In 2021.

However, France has the longest and fiercest military history in the world, and Britain is arguably only second to France. Winning so many wars, for so long, implies a knowledge of the breathing of war, how to pace oneself… and when to get serious. By 1939, both powers, long the dominant superpowers of Europe (France for 16 centuries, Britain for 9 centuries) understood institutionally that the situation was serious, and Nazism had to be eradicated.

The Nazis had lost control of the situation. They also had lost their minds to their own propaganda: they described Britain and France as weak democracies, and believed they never would become anything else. Whatever “democracy” is supposed to mean. In truth, France (and Britain) had military traditions going all the way back to Julius Caesar, and even earlier. France and Britain were, first of all, military powers with their own military traditions, honed fighting each other at some point for nearly 5 centuries…. Dealing with enemies on the battlefield is in their blood, so to speak. They know, or used to know, what it takes to survive.

History teaches well, but is bedeviled by details. So most of the teaching is in the details.

Patrice Ayme

This is an answer to:

Why did Hitler start WWII in 1939, even though some told him to delay the war until 1945, when Germany would have been much stronger?

1938. The French and British Prime Ministers arrive in Berlin to meet with Nazi dictator Hitler. The British empire had 550 million inhabitants (and would join the UK is the war, and the French empire more than 100 million. The Nazis had 80 million subjects… and were landlocked…


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

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Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

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Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever


Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

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Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

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in truth, only atoms and the void

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Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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