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June 19, 2015


This is the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. History is our teacher, it’s more instructive, and surprising, than fiction.

Napoleon, at some point, turned into a tyrant, and, just as Roman emperor Augustus, buried the Republic. Or, at least, just as Augustus, much of it. Thus many celebrate Napoleon’s defeat.

However, who won that war? Arguably, Europe’s worst plutocrats, racists, and their banksters. At Waterloo, plutocracy, racism, and banksterism (let alone anti-French sentiment) won. We are living with the consequences. Yet, ultimately, how Napoleon started his career, the Revolution, is winning over civilization. As it has to.

Revolutionary General Napoleon On His Way To Free Italy From Outrageous Plutocracy & Occupation

Revolutionary General Napoleon On His Way To Free Italy From Outrageous Plutocracy & Occupation

Not so coincidentally, a white blonde supremacist youth went to a church in the USA , sat quietly for an hour, and then killed nine people there, just because he did not like their color. He probably did not know his own white skin was a recently acquired trait of darker skin ancestors.

What does racism have to do with Waterloo? Everything. The French Revolution had “black” generals, and so did Napoleon (an excellent example being Alexandre Dumas Senior, a top general). French anti-racism was also defeated at Waterloo.

In 1815, after Napoleon’s defeat, Prussian racist laws were extended to all of Germany. If one were of the wrong race, one could not be a lawyer, a doctor, etc. Karl Marx’s father, who was a doctor, was prevented to exercise as a consequence of anti-racism’s defeat at Waterloo.

Poles, in particular, were the object of INSTITUTIONALIZED racism from the Prussian (that is, “German”) empire. Poland was occupied, dismembered, treated worse than most African nations would be treated later under colonialism.

Napoleon went to military school under king Louis XVI, at age nine. He and his elder brother, did not see Corsica again, nor their family, for six years. After it was checked that the Buonaparte family belonged to the Corsican nobility, Napoleon and Joseph attended for free. Napoleon came out as an artillery officer. He stayed in the army as the Revolution happened.

In April 1792, all the plutocrats of Europe attacked France, although France was still, nominally, a Constitutional Monarchy headed by Louis XVI. In that period, Napoleon found himself in Corsica, trying to control Pasquale Paoli, the “dictator” of Corsica, who had led the ephemeral Republic there, before it had been expelled by Louis XVI’s army. Paoli had gone to live in England, handsomely paid by the British government. Twenty years later, the Revolution allowed Paoli to come back. Napoleon, an active Jacobin, organized elections which Paoli president. However, soon enough, Paoli was heading a weird “British Corsican” kingdom.

In July 1792, unbelievably the Duke of Brunswick, who led the plutocratic coalition against Revolutionary France, threatened to “execute” and submit to horrible “supplices” the entire population of Paris.

This is why Auschwitz was not an accident. Nor was the attack on Paris of Kaiser Wilhelm II in August 1914. Threatening publicly to torture to death Europe’s largest city, just because it enjoyed a revolution, was clearly the official launch of the Prussian Will to Genocide. (This did not come out of the blue: the initial invasion of Pagan Prussia by the Christian Teutonic Knights, the Prussian Crusade, was an extremely bloody affair, capped by a genocide of the natives.)

In Fall 1793, British and Spanish forces had seized Toulon. Napoleon, then a 24 year old captain, insisted that the two preceding generals be fired. His battle plan was finally implemented. It worked superbly. The British commanding general was captured, the British and Spanish fleets had to flee under the fire of red hot cannon balls (balls were heated in special ovens so that, when they landed inside a ship, they would set it on fire; many British boats exploded during the attack, some scuttled so that the French could not seize the munitions; the Brits had brought enough explosives to destroy everything on their way to Paris).

Napoleon was severely wounded during the assault by a British bayonet which went through his thigh. He kept on fighting.

After the victory and healing, Napoleon was convoked by the top generals. Wines, and a great meal were served. Laughing, the high command told the Corsican youth to change first to his brand new general’s uniform.

Often the Brits gloat that they saved the world against tyranny, by defeating Napoleon. Well, on the face of what happened in the following 130 years, not so. Prussia, Britain’s pet monster, came back to bite everybody. But not just that. The truth? British armed forces were on the side, of racism, fascism, plutocracy, imperialism, banksterism and exploitation. And this is what launched Napoleon.

Another lie, by the way, is that the Netherlands and Belgium were freed of France… by defeating the French.

Indeed, the Belgiae were always part of Gallia, Gaul, and the Franks were Dutch. Not just this, but, in an eighty year war, France around 1600, freed the Netherlands from Spain (before that the most powerful land army). If France had not been around to intervene each time the Spanish army attacked the Netherlands, the Dutch would be speaking Spanish.

As a telling aside, Edward III of England (grandson of Philippe IV Le Bel of France) launched the so-called 100 year war, at the urging of the count of Artois, who used to fight in a bright red costume and armor, just to make sure his combative nature was fully in evidence. He had been deprived of his land by the King of France. Artois’ land were fully in present day Belgium. Belgium was created, after Napoleon’s defeat, just to weaken France. The obvious truth, in the fullness of history, considering the jurisdiction given to the Francks in 400 CE by the Roman government, the entire west bank of the Rhine is clearly French.

The creation of the Netherlands and Belgium, to a great extent correspond to the attempt of creating a British controlled Provence in 1793.

The inheritance of Napoleon is mixed. Napoleon’s own younger brother Lucien, when he was 17, wrote prescient words about the danger his brother could become. However flawed, his unification of Europe worked in more ways than one. Germany found itself united, and liked it. Poland found itself sort of free, and certainly not grievously racially discriminated against, and loved it. Italy was united, and loved it too (Napoleon III would throw the Austrian plutocrats out at the battles of Magenta and Solferino, in 1856, making, Italy free and whole again).

The invasion of Russia was made necessary by Alexander III’s behavior, and on-going British interference. It failed for similar reason as Athens’ war with Sparta failed: a plague (of unknown nature for Athens, typhus for the Grande Armee). Napoleon’s greatest mistake, was to bend over backwards to integrate the old European nobility plutocracy inside his supranational state. He may as well have tried to cohabit with snakes in his bed.

“It has been a damned nice thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.” the Duke of Wellington, speaking of the battle of Waterloo (which was lost because Marshall Grouchy and his 30,000 man army got lost, and the Prussian Blucher 50,000 men intervened instead).

“Waterloo is not a battle; it is the changing face of the universe.” Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables.

And the universe did not change for the best. The idea of European supranational state was defeated at Waterloo, and replaced by racism, plutocracy, banksterism, etc. It made both Great Britain and the USA superpowers, while greatly dismantling France, as the War of the Spanish Succession finishing in 1713 already had .

Guess what? The supranational European state is back. Prussia and its racism were been annihilated in 1945. Instead, the German Republic became exactly what the French revolutionaries of 1792 wanted to see next door. And Napoleon was one of these French Revolutionaries. What Napoleon and Grouchy did not succeed to do in 1815, was done by other as Allies and extensions of the French Republic, in 1945.

Now, having saved the ruling banksters, we are being told by the dictators who govern us, that the Greeks need to be punished some more.  And the Republic of South Africa let the war criminal heading Sudan escape (in violation of the International Criminal Court, something undermined by the refusal of the USA to participate, an apparent admission that the policy of the USA is firmly committed to war criminality, looking forward…).

Napoleon started his career fighting for independence, freedom, and against plutocracy. But one does not fight hell with flowers. Napoleon vastly overshot on the Dark Side. In 1815, human rights were defeated, and the way to Auschwitz, cleared. However, the tide has turned in 1945 (after much French sacrifice, and more than 100 million killed in the 1914-45 war).

It’s time for the right side to win more Waterloos. Not only do we need a European Supranational state, but we need a World Supranational state. And it needs to be led by the best ideals of Revolutionary France. The rest is hopeless babble heading irresistibly to humanity’s Waterloo.

Patrice Ayme’

Nota Bene: .17% of the Chinese (PRC) population is incarcerated. 3% of the population of the USA is either incarcerated, or on probation. The world’s highest rate. Plutocracy financed by banksters, also translates as incarceration violence.


January 7, 2012


How can entire countries, or civilizations go so wrong, for so long? Because of vicious ideas that, instead of being condemned and vilified, become adulated and celebrated, sometimes under the respectability of religion. Then the Dark Side itself becomes the object of a cult. Here is an example, how Germany became deviant.

It is often said that Germanic fascism and genocidal proclivities started with Hitler. But this is not true at all.

Genocide was part of a system of thought, Lutheranism, that Prussians were conditioned to respect as the highest religion for more than 400 years (And, in my generosity, I did not go back to the heydays of the Teutonic Knights who fabricated Prussia to start with, because they found the Middle East too hot in more ways than one!)

France and her National Constituent Assembly had made the Declaration of Human Rights the basis of her constitution. It was duly signed by King Louis XVI in August 1789. All men were supposed equal, including equal for tax purposes. That drove the plutocrats into a lethal fury.

Paris in 1792 was officially threatened of the exact same sort of Final Solution deployed at Auschwitz, 150 years later. And the reasons were even flimsier.

OK, maybe not. After all plutocrats will go to great extremities to avoid paying taxes. Yes, some things don’t really change, as long as one has not exerted really great, deep, mental and civilizational efforts, followed by thorough legislation. The great age of Greece, or the glorious centuries of the rise of the Roman republic, were preceded by extensive anti-plutocratic revolutions, all over.



Torturous, murderous anti-Judaism was fully written down by Luther. Luther was ever more inclined to utter criminal, lethal threats towards the Jews, the more famous he got.

Josel of Rosheim tried to help the Jews of Saxony. He wrote that their plight was “due to that priest whose name was Martin Luther — may his body and soul be bound up in hell!! — who wrote and issued many heretical books in which he said that whoever would help the Jews was doomed to perdition.”

Josel asked the city of Strasbourg to forbid the sale of Luther’s deadly anti-Jewish trash; the city did so after a Lutheran pastor in Hochfelden argued in a sermon that his parishioners should murder Jews.

Jews were the object of Luther hatred in his 65,000-word treatise Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen (On the Jews and Their Lies) and Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi (Of the Unknowable Name and the Generations of Christ). It was reprinted five times within his lifetime.

As the (German) philosopher Karl Jaspers wrote regarding Luther’s treatise, On the Jews and Their Lies: “There you already have the whole Nazi program“. Everything is there indeed. And it’s there for all to see. How come does one not talk about it then? Has the Nazi program long been the program?

According to Martin Luther the Jews are a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth”… They are full of the “devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine.” The synagogue was a “defiled bride, yes, an incorrigible whore and an evil slut…”

Luther argued, or one should say, more pertinently, argues, because that system of thought is still alive and influential, the following. “Synagogues and Jewish schools [should] be set on fire, sacred Jewish books destroyed, rabbis forbidden to preach, Jewish homes razed, so that Jews can live in ruins underground, moaning, and Jewish property and money confiscated.” Jews should be shown no mercy or kindness, afforded no legal protection, and these “poisonous envenomed worms” should be drafted into forced labor or expelled for all time.

Actually Luther preaches the Final Solution “We are at fault in not slaying them.” Hitler was never that loud and explicit.

In modern France, such a hating creep would be repeatedly condemned to jail, and never see the light of the day. Since 1945, the French republic has rightly decided to punish some forms of hate crimes, and many countries have followed (for example Germany and the USA).

So can one equate Hitler and Luther? Sorry, that would be unfair. Unfair to Hitler. Luther came first. He was the teacher, he was the preacher. Hitler was imprinted on that venom.

And what of all those countless millions who admired Luther and produced his venom, for centuries? They, too came first. They too, advocated Lutheranism, that means, mass murdering anti-Judaism. Some will say:”Oh, no, there is much more to it than that!

Whatever. When one has threatened to have people killed, just because of whom they were born from, what can one do for an encore? Suppose someone goes around preaching, and writing than some categories of children ought to be slayed. And then he claims he wants to take care, and he wants to offer icecream to children, out of love, he says. Is not that even more disturbing?

Another thing: the top Nazis kept the Final Solution secret enough so that the average German could plausibly argue that he, or she, would never have suspected such a thing. But there was nothing secret about Luther’s writings and sermons.

Still another thing: mass murdering anti-Judaism was made in the name of Christ, a non-entity (nobody of official governmental record had ever seen his face; so his age varied by at least 7 years and his birth changed to the winter solstice 400 years later: imagine that we did not know when Augustus was born!) Let alone the slight contradiction that Jesus himself, supposing generously that he existed, assuredly existed as a Jew. So why did Luther hate Jews murderously, while loving Jesus to death? The answer is obvious.

In other words, it’s not really about Jews, and Jesus, or god needing some help with the multiverse. It’s all about mass murdering frenzy on the slightest pretext. It’s all about accepting mass murdering frenzy as a great organizing principle. So no wonder the Communists, the Slavs, the Poles, the Gypsies, the French, etc. were next in line. Luther, and his enraged followers, were insane maniacs, and all the worse, as they successfully persuaded themselves that they were the lamb of god. The latter enabling the former.

In truth they were raiding murdering chimps equipped with the printing press. Thus the mass murdering frenzy had a tribal character. Philosophers such as Kant and Herder only accentuated it. The former with the cult of obedience to his Lord and the associated social order, the latter with the cult of tribal spirit and the closed mind, the exact opposite of Pericles’ Open Society. By then, as France had taken Athens’ torch, the appropriately named Herder hated the appropriately named French, all the more since many German intellectuals looked up to the Closed Society and military order so much.



The Second Reich was created by Bismarck, in a succession of wars, starting with enormously dangerous Denmark. The wars stroked the nationalist and fascist fiber, which kept on growing until it devoured Bismarck himself in 1890.

Anti-Judaism was rabid by 1880 CE, all over Germany. Nietzsche had to give up on many friends, including Wagner, and his sister. He headed towards France and Bizet. Nietzsche had started as a German nationalist but the encroaching madness of the entire country turned him into a total enemy of the system of thought he saw rising there. He predicted that German hyper nationalism and racial hatred would cause the greatest wars, come the following century. This is all over Nietzsche’s later books, and thus demonstrate that the German catastrophe was thoroughly predictable, for anybody with an open mind.

Now, precisely because Luther, Kant and Herder had taught the closed mind, as a highest virtue, and precisely because those ideologies were now in power, throughout the Prussian university system, the average German was not programmed to understand what Nietzsche was talking about. To the point that the Nazis successfully turned Nietzsche’s message on its head, presenting him as their prophet, when he hated their sort to the greatest extent (something like that also happened to Muhammad’s message, his (ex) child bride Aisha herself had argued forcefully, around 660 CE) .

Starting in Namibia, the Prussian army committed systematic, deliberate, premeditated and threatened mass murdering atrocities. Goering, the father of Hermann Goering, and other Prussian occupiers of Namibia conducted at least two genocides there.

The French and the British did not do so in the gigantic swathes of Africa they ruled over (although the British engaged in a de facto genocide against the Boers). The genocides in Namibia were official, deliberate, premeditated, and aimed at the complete extermination of the locals.

Prussian war atrocities occurred in World War One. They were not just committed. They were threatened first. So they were deliberate, premeditated, and justified by the mass murdering system of thought reigning over Prussia. The Prussian army declared that, if it was fired on, it would deliberately kill civilians. In Belgium (a neutral country it had just invaded, itself a war crime).

Whereas the British, French and Italian did not commit any atrocities we know of in World war One.

Where does all this come from? As, I said, Luther’s mass murdering frenzy preaching had left a deep imprint on the souls.



Once the metaprinciple of mass murdering has been accepted and made into a sacred religion (Lutheranism), one can apply the sacred principle of utter destruction all over.

Starting in August 1789, France had become a Constitutional Monarchy headed by King Louis XVI, who had been for 15 years prior the absolute, legitimate King of France. Thus the French Constitutional Monarchy was fully legitimate (if it pleased the French King and the French Parliaments to change the constitution, it should have been their business, and theirs alone!)

However the plutocrats outside were furious, because the Upper Ones, the top 2% (the Second Estate, the Nobility) was forced to pay taxes, like everybody else. In this new Constitutional Monarchy.

No, I am not making this up.

Never mind that the constitutional king in the Ancient Regime, Louis XVI himself, once again, had tried to make them pay tax, from day one. So not only the plutocrats were furious against the constitutional monarch, but against that monarch’s old program, same old, same old, which he had tried to impose, from day one, 15 years before the revolution of 1789. Of course that is what was going on, but they did not couch it that way in 1792

So the plutocrats and their emperors and kings declared war to France. To the Constitutional Monarchy of France. And how did it do that? By threatening France, the French People, with the modern definition of GENOCIDE. Here it is:



“Their Majesties the emperor [of Austria] and the king of Prussia having entrusted to me the command of the united armies which they have collected on the frontiers of France, I desire to announce to the inhabitants of that kingdom the motives which have determined the policy of the two sovereigns and the purposes which they have in view.

After arbitrarily violating the rights of the German princes in Alsace and Lorraine, disturbing and overthrowing good order and legitimate government in the interior of the realm, committing against the sacred person of the king and his august family outrages and brutalities which continue to be renewed daily, those who have usurped the reins of government have at last completed their work…

His Majesty the king of Prussia, united with his Imperial Majesty by the bonds of a strict defensive alliance and himself a preponderant member of the Germanic body, would have felt it inexcusable to refuse to march to the help of his ally and fellow-member of the empire. . . .

To these important interests should be added another aim equally important and very close to the hearts of the two sovereigns, – namely, to put an end to the anarchy in the interior of France, to check the attacks upon the throne and the altar, to reestablish the legal power, to restore to the king the security and the liberty of which he is now deprived and to place him in a position to exercise once more the legitimate authority which belongs to him.

Convinced that the sane portion of the French nation abhors the excesses of the faction which dominates it, and that the majority of the people look forward with impatience to the time when they may declare themselves openly against the odious enterprises of their oppressors, his Majesty the emperor and his Majesty the king of Prussia call upon them and invite them to return without delay to the path of reason, justice, order, and peace. In accordance with these views, I, the undersigned, the commander in chief of the two armies, declare:

1. That, drawn into this war by irresistible circumstances, the two allied courts entertain no other aims than the welfare of France, and have no intention of enriching themselves by conquests.

2. That they do not propose to meddle in the internal government of France, and that they merely wish to deliver the king, the queen, and the royal family from their captivity, and procure for his Most Christian Majesty the necessary security to enable him, without danger or hindrance, to make such engagements as he shall see fit, and to work for the welfare of his subjects, according to his pledges.

3. That the allied armies will protect the towns and villages, and the persons and goods of those who shall submit to the king and who shall cooperate in the immediate reestablishment of order and the police power throughout France.

4. That, on the contrary, the members of the National Guard who shall fight against the troops of the two allied courts, and who shall be taken with arms in their hands, shall be treated as enemies and punished as rebels to their king and as disturbers of the public peace. . . .

7. That the inhabitants of the towns and villages who may dare to defend themselves against the troops of their Imperial and Royal Majesties and fire on them, either in the open country or through windows, doors, and openings in their houses, shall be punished immediately according to the most stringent laws of war, and their houses shall be burned or destroyed. . . .

8. The city of Paris and all its inhabitants without distinction shall be required to submit at once and without delay to the king, to place that prince in full and complete liberty, and to assure to him, as well as to the other royal personages, the inviolability and respect which the law of nature and of nations demands of subjects toward sovereigns. . .

Their said Majesties declare, on their word of honor as emperor and king, that if the chateau of the Tuileries is entered by force or attacked, if the least violence be offered to their Majesties the king, queen, and royal family, and if their safety and their liberty be not immediately assured, they will inflict an ever memorable vengeance by delivering over the CITY OF PARIS TO MILITARY EXECUTION and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION, and the rebels guilty of the said outrages to the punishment that they merit. . . .

Given at the headquarters at Coblenz, July 25, 1792.


Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg.


How genocide as a cultural habit starts, indeed….


Get it? That was a year before the “Terreur”. Hence the terror was INITIATED and caused by the plutocrats, those self-declared “sovereigns” attacking France in July 1792… And, as I said, in this light, the monstrous crimes against humanity of 1914 and Auschwitz are put in the different light of blatant cultural habit of Germanic “sovereigns”….



The criminally inclined Brunswick captured the French city of Longwy, August 23 1792, and Verdun, September 2. Marching on Paris, he was cut from behind by general Dumouriez coming from the north, and general Kellermann coming from the east. Brunswick was sorely defeated at Valmy on September 20, in an artillery duel, where French artillery, using new technology, proved superior.

The King was deposed as head of state on September 21. The Austrian born and raised Queen had been sending secret messages to the plutocratic coalition about the deployment of the armies of France (made mostly of veteran professional royal troops…) The First French Republic was proclaimed the next day by the National Convention. Mr. and Mrs. Capet were condemned for high treason.



Thus one sees that the will to mass murder out of tribal hatred passed from Luther to Brunswick, and from there all the way down to Hitler. Now Luther did not invent criminal anti-Judaism of the gory type. Famously, Saint Louis (IX) had written that nothing would please him more than to twist a knife around the belly of an unbeliever or Jew. But this is precisely the point: the words of Saint Louis, who was himself making a show of many of the principles Luther later adopted, were no doubt very well known to Luther.

Thus Saint Louis was an earlier apologist of genocide purely to satisfy hatred, the Dark Side. And that system of thought was actually present even earlier in Saint Bernard, and the Roman emperors who invented it in the Later Roman empire. How did the same monstrous system of thought propagate from the Fourth Century to the Twentieth Century? Well, because nobody attacked it with the most substantial arguments. Mass murdering hatred progressed under the cover of Jesus and his pretended religion of love (many workers of Christ worked really for love, and only for love, but that does not include the mythical founder, and certainly not his most powerful advocates!)

And, of course, much was about plutocracy all along. High time to raise their taxes sky high. If you don’t want the eagle to keep on eating you alive, just don’t wait for Heracles, clip its wings, now! At least that is what Prometheus would not doubt recommend.

Some things don’t really change, unless one exerts really great and thorough mental efforts. But the latter, by themselves, are the only god we need.


Patrice Ayme