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Great Leader Obama Teaches Ambitious Killers Like Himself To “Lead” Us All The Way To Hell

July 11, 2022

Obama has founded a school of “leaders”.

“The program will build lasting relationships among emerging leaders who are committed to working together to solve the most pressing challenges of our time, thereby creating a global network that reaches across issues and borders. After completing the program, Obama Foundation Scholars will:

  • Return to work on their global issue of focus and implement their personalized action plan to accelerate positive change within their community
  •  Have an opportunity to play a role in the Obama Foundation’s efforts to inspire, empower, and connect rising leaders from around the globe.

You can get to know our previous classes of Obama Foundation Scholars”

Obama went on a vacation to the Netherlands, all expenses and CO2 paid, to select European “Obama Leaders”.

Yes, modestly, Obama calls those future servants of the established order, “Obama Leaders”.

The idea is apparently that Obama knows how to “lead” (… so as to please the powers that be, and “navigate” better). So Obama can teach that leadership quality that he has. 

Where did Obama, the great leader, lead us to? Did he lead us to Putin v2.0?

Well, he led Putin into Crimea, that was the famous “reset” with Putin which Hilarious Clinton presented to war criminal Lavrov. Obama, the great leader, in a famous hot mike leak had instructed, as the great leader he is, Medvedev, the Putin understudy, to “tell Vladimir he would have more freedom after the elections” That freedom was to send Meal Ready To Eat to Ukraine, when Ukraine was invaded by Putin in 2014…

Here the comparison with Trump and Biden is clear: Trump and Biden sent very effective weapons to Ukraine.. Instead Obama, great leader he is, sent a few meals.


Another Obama great leadership, most profitable, was Obamacare, which boosted profits of the private healthcare industry… and the salaries of non-profit healthcare administrators… Ever since US life expectancy has collapsed, by making healthcare even more impossible to more US citizens. As intended, very officially.

Obama also led in the usage of drones to kill innocent civilians and children in countries the US was not at war with… No doubt very instructive, and inspirational to Mr, Putin… Especially because Mr. Obama was widely, not to say wildly, admired for it… Everybody knew about Obama considering carefully, with his fake deep thought frown on his face, whether that wedding in Yemen with 200 people, would be blown to smithereens, or not, and then deciding in the affirmative.

The slide detailing the kill chain indicates that while Great Leader Obama approved each target, the Great Leader did not approve each individual strike, although news accounts have previously reported that the president personally “signed off” on strikes outside of Afghanistan or Pakistan. However, the slide does appear to be consistent with Obama’s comment in 2012 that “ultimately I’m responsible for the process.”

In October 2011, a 16-year-old U.S. citizen named Abdulrahman Awlaki, the son of Anwar al Awlaki, died in an Obama strike while eating dinner with his cousins, two weeks after his father was killed by a CIA drone. Other children were also killed in that strike. Leadership leading to hell, indeed…

Yes, war is hell… But this was not war… It was Obama leading in his own special way. The way he wants to teach.

Obama’s Leader Principle is not fundamentally different from that of Hitler, with the same exact name. Hitler was obsessed with “leaders”, just as Obama.

Democracy, however, has no leader, As a principle.

Modern tech has made leaders more dangerous than ever, and unsustainably dangerous. Obama’s first name basis friend, Vladimir Putin, the one Obama encouraged, is a perfect illustration of that.

Patrice Ayme


Obama Led The Kill Chain

Anything Less Than Hating Putin Is Treason Against Civilization

March 30, 2022

Abstract: Hate, by itself is strong enough a motivation, in some human beings, to dominate any other consideration, or emotion. The roots of this psychobiology are millions years old This is why Hitler risked having a world war he couldn’t win: the world war enabled Hitler to feed his hatred. Putin is a similar individual, similarly motivated by hatred. His real aim, proximally, is not to win in the “Western” military sense, but to feed his hatred, and that means his hatred for the Ukrainian People, or all other “gnats” found inside Russia. Putin’s hate wants to eradicate the Ukrainian People. That some “Western” leaders do not understand this, although it’s happening in front of their eyes, is not just a civilizational problem, it’s a strategic problem.


During WW2, Churchill joked that he hated “nobody but Hitler… but that’s professional.” Well in retrospect the killing of 5% of humanity by Hitler (100 millions), directly, or through inciting allies, was well worth hating. Hate can be noble. At the last count, 17 millions civilians died in extermination camps, directly at the hands of the Nazis (including 6 million “Jews”). Many millions of other civilians died from other causes, and so did more than twenty million soldiers. Meanwhile in China, the other “master race” Hirohito’s devoted goons, killed another 40 million civilians or so. 

As Ukraine democratically elected president Zelinskyy said, “there are no words“… He had just been told by various “Western” authorities that sanctions would be increased if Putin used weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine… So basically the Ukrainian president was told to pray that Putin will use WMDs, and then Europeans would scratch a bit more sanctions in the direction of Putin (but no tanks, said a scared, uncivilized Macron, peeing in his pants, that would be going too far). As if the crimes against Humanity committed by Putin were not obvious enough, and as if Ukrainian cities had not been erased already…. Putin’s objective, long proclaimed, is to eradicate Ukraine… His apparently bungled military campaign achieves just that. Enlisting in the process the clueless “Western””leaders”, led by the nose by a crafty mass murdering monster.

Treason Against Civilization

So why did Hitler kill so many, including more than ten million ethnic Germans? Hate… Hate of Germans! Hate of self! Not just hate of Jews, Slavs, French, Russians, etc… Same with Putin!

When considering Hitler, and the holocaust he brought, pseudo-thinkers pontificate that one thing led to another, and there is somemerit to the idea. However, the Nazis themselves used that argument, somethig which should arose suspicion… The Nazis accused the French Republic to have caused World War Two, and thus the Holocaust, by intervening when Poland got attacked by Hitler…

This argument is superficially true, but neglects the fact that the Nazis had started mass executions in the name of humanity (the most ethnic way Nazis defined humanity!) before 1939. Also, the program of mass extermination of the Poles was formally (and secretly, of course) launched September 1, 1939, 56 hours or so before the French declaration of war (which took the top Nazi leadership by surprise, as it meant that France was simultaneously, by her own choice, at war with Germany, Italy, Japan, the USSR, Spain, etc…).

But let’s get deeper in human, all too human, psychology, and discard Nazi logic. What were Hitler’s motivations? Yes Hitler exposed official motivations for threatening a world war: Germany needed to liberate, save and be reunified with oppressed German minorities (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Dantzig, Prussia, etc.). Nuclear tyrant Putin uses the exact same ethnic argument: he needs to be reunified and to save Russian and Slavic minorities all over… All the way to Kosovo! Even the Poles have to be saved from being converted to Catholicism!

However, doing so by force risked war: the main achievement of the Versailles Treaty had been the liberation from the subjugation of German speaking overlords of many nations of Eastern Europe. France was behind it. France’s preoccupation with Eastern Europe came all the way from Charlemagne. Roman emperor Augustus had said in his testament to never try it again. Trajan begged to differ, conquering Dacia, now called Romania (but the emperor suffered an early natural death). The conquest of Eastern Europe by Charlemagne had been a security, economic, and even financial achievement which had eluded the Roman state… and made it so that Europe has been unconquered ever since. 

Starting towards the end of Charlemagne’s rule, and as a consequence of it, directly and not,  the Viking invaded all over. In particular, the Varingians, coming out of southern and easter Sweden, created a state east of the “March” states of the Carolingian empire: Kyivan Rus. The Normans also established themselves all over Western Europe’s sea front, from Normandy to Sicily. France then allied herself with Ukraine (Eleventh Century), the highly educated, polyglot Kyivan princess became queen and ruled over what she viewed as the French savages.

All of this to say that Hitler, by fostering ethnic supremacy over Eastern Europe, was going against some of the deepest principles of European construction… Hitler the hater risked his puny military against the mighty French army. Thus Hitler took the challenge seriously and trained his army in Spain, crushing the local democracy. However the odds were against Germany in such a huge way that his own generals (some of them authentic Nazis!) plotted to “remove” (talking like Biden) in 1937… Indeed France was not alone, but fully united with her ex-vassal and creation, the United Kingdom… And then there was the looming question of that other French creation, the USA… An obvious potential rescuer of its own parents, France and Britain… 

Hitler’s generals may have been Nazi, but they didn’t feel suicidal, nor were they particularly interested in destroying Germany. That’s why they plotted in 1937 to get rid of the Nazis.

By not been conquered by the unifying Roman state, the German people were left to the tender mercies of tribalism,and obscurantism, making them more susceptible to the leadership of Luther and Hitler. Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler are inseparably linked with their extreme anti-Judaism, racism, and strident nationalism. It is impossible to assume that Luther did not have an enormous influence on Hitler, directly or not. Anti-Judaism was cultivated during the creation of Germany under Bismarck: unification through common hate.

But once again, the question remains: why the madness of engaging in a war Germany was most probably going to lose? First, because it was already tried in 1914. The  world war planned in 1912 by the Prussian high command, was launched in 1914, after a sort of US encouragement (riding the Sarajevo incident and its consequences as a pretext and coverup). For Germany to win that world war, the Prussian High Command decided to follow a strict schedule: first defeat France, then defeat Russia, and finally Britain. That rested on the military mobilizations: France had a large and ferocious army, readily mobilized. Russia had a gigantic army, but obsolete and extremely slow to mobilize (a month, not days). “Britain had no army” (as Lord Kichener, UK defense secretary, put it): it would take many months for the UK to draft an army.

So the German world war plan of 1914 was foolhardy. Hitler’s plan was even more foolhardy: it assumed that France and Britain would calmly wait until 1945, when Hitler was ready to wage a world war… Because in 1914, France and Britain were clearly not getting ready for war, by being extremely unwilling to wage war, calculating then that Germany would not miscalculate. Instead, Germany calculated carefully that the impreparation of Britain, France and Russia made a surprise world war win possible.   

Hitler, self-persuading that democracies were cowardly, unwilling and degenerate, thought that, like the German generals of 1914, it would be in his power to choose the day world war will start. Instead, France and Britain declared war to him on September 3, 1939, six years before the Nazis planned to be ready to fight them.

Putin made a roughly similar calculation, after the debacle of Afghanistan, the insistence of Biden and his partisans that Trump was too rough, and the pushing back of weapons deliveries to Ukraine in 2021, to not irritate the ruler of the Kremlin.

So Hitler took the risk. However, a cursory look at the numbers would have shown him that the military might of France and Britain left no chance whatsoever to Germany (the defeat of France in may-June 1940 was caused by the confluence of several extraordinary events, including, but not limited to betrayals of various sorts). 

Moreover, France and Britain were backed up by gigantic empires powerful economically and militarily (Senegalese troops in 1918 were extremely feared and hated by the Germans)… Let alone their rambunctious child on the other side of the Atlantic.

But Hitler hated. Yes, he hated the Jews. But he also hated the Slavs, the French, the Germans, and himself. After Pearl Harbor, in a fit of hatred supreme, Hitler declared war on the world economic superpower, the USA (right, he had something to be angry about: the US military industrial complex had been feeding the UK and the USSR).  

Salvador Dali said Hitler launched world war two, just to lose it. This is not exactly what happened, but close. Hitler didn’t mind to go down in defeat as much as being able to express his hatred

For years, Hitler, like Putin, was driven by hate. The origins of these two buffoons is somewhat similar: somewhat difficult events in their childhoods and early adulthoods. Hitler was destitute, rejected, WW1 saved him, but also the French nearly killed him. Putin was put back in a more modest place by the KGB twice at least, and presided over the debacle of the fall of the Iron Curtain in his KGB office… Burning papers frantically… Putin was very clear that the fall of the USSR was worse than any Holocaust or World War… Putin’s hate is as clear as Hitler’s anger. Hate is, of course, worse than anger…

Underestimating hate is the shortcoming of traditional humanism. The silly ones come around and ask: what is hate good for? Well, hate fosters the continuation of the species, by periodically culling it, so that the ecology the human species needs can survive. That makes hate a crucial safety mechanism of humanity.

But of course now we can turn around hate, by diminishing the ecological load with more advanced techs, for example by augmenting considerably the area at our disposal, with the colonization of Mars, the Moon, Vesta, etc…

Hate has become obsolete… But Russia is owned by a hater, and haters such as him and Xi prevent the advancement of tech… except of course, when democracies make new weapons to defeat them… By preventing the advancement of tech, hateful tyrants create the very ecology which makes them prosper…

Patrice Ayme  

Putin And Hitler Rescuing Minorities: No Lie Is Big Enough

March 12, 2022

Russians are told that Putin is morally superior, just as Germans had been told that Hitler was morally superior. The Nazis said they were liberating oppressed (German) minorities. Putin is following the same method: rescuing Slavic minorities.

The worst thing about Putin’s propaganda is that so many in the West believe it. That turns them into collaborators of Putin. They do not just repeat fake news, false facts, and deep fakes, They also repeat viciously tweaked logic, much of it invented by the cruel and deranged proponents of Kremlin domination influencing Putin, one shaman at a time..

This is a major problem. Social media is inundated by counter-truths such as Ukraine is full of Nazis and not a democracy. Also that Ukrainians have committed genocide in Ukraine, killing thousands of Russophones. They link to fake pictures where Nazi flags have been crudely added. Now some of these western supporters of Putin have PhDs, or are radio hosts.

The French Republic has great experience in war, especially world wars (France spent 10% of the Twentieth Century waging world war). France knows one cannot win a war if one does not achieve moral superiority. But that is impossible if one believes all what Putin and his criminal organizations say. So France banned the Putin propaganda channels Sputnik and RT a few weeks ago, and the entire European Union followed. To end this horrendous war, Russians have to realize that they have been lied to by a gang of criminals who took over their country.

Patrice Ayme

[“Times Pick”]

Russian bombing in Sumy, Ukraine, February 24, 2022.

This Is TOTAL WAR, Appeasing Putin Makes Him Worse… As Happened With Hitler.

March 5, 2022

Only a force greater than his own, can stop a criminal against humanity. Because he has nothing to loose, having burned his bridges with humanity, busy as he is, killing children, the criminal against humanity is in the mood of his victory, by all and any means, or his own death (the latter to be avoided at all and any cost).

True evil is a demonic neurology which feels that fear, pain and punishment, anguish, horror and consternation are their own rewards. Evil carries its own rewards.

However, if, on top of being rewarding by itself, evil bring in material goodies, a plush life, so much the better! So it has been for Putin and his fellow criminals, since 1999. But now they are older, running out of time, thus more ambitious. The top Prussian generals in 1914 felt the same: old and on their way out, it was their last chance to use their wonderful war machine, and leave a mark for centuries to come.

The more successful evil is, the more evil captures the neurology of the perpetrator(s). Evil is a neurohormonal chain reaction. The more successful horrendous criminals against humanity are, the worse they get. The more democracies let the nuclear tyrant become ever more successful, the worst he will get. Appeasing him, hoping he will get reasonable, making him concessions, is encouraging him.

The Secretary General of NATO begged Putin to become reasonable (on 3/4/2022). This weak and uncomprehending character, curiously at the head of a military alliance when he does not understand the first thing military, does not understand that Putin is reasoning on a completely different scale, where the reasons of cockroaches are just all about cockroaches, not about the reasons of those who crush cockroaches.

The nuclear tyrant Putin is coming for you, he is just warming up by targetting civilians, killing little children, setting fire to nuclear power plants… This war where Russia becomes the world’s greatest power for all to obey, is just starting. And in the way that is already true that Russia is the world’s greatest power, because it is 6,257 nukes!

Not fighting with full force as early as possible against Putin makes him successful, hence worse. We had the same problem developing with Hitler, Mussolini, or the Kaiser, a while back… Too little, too late, and too much hope that evil would restraint itself if one behave.

Thus all too many victims of the Nazis tried to be nice to their executioners.

This time what we risk is full blown nuclear war, if we do not crush Putin while his evil has not yet contaminated too many of his servants. If Putin becomes more successful he will make more adherents, admirers and accomplices.

The more the war last, the more Russians will sink with their evil Fuhrer Vlad the Mad into insanity, and criminality. Thus we may get the same situation as with the Nazis, when most Germans kept on fighting precisely because such terrible horrors had been made in their name, and by themselves… By 1944 most Germans knew they had killed the Jews and they had a feeling of collective responsibility, and they grimly kept on fighting because they knew they had taken part in a collective crime.

And when one is a criminal, one may as well go all the way. 11 women raped by Putin’s soldiers have been reported in Kherson (many of the southern soldiers, displaying a “Z” are tough professional soldiers coming from Crimea). Five of these eleven were killed: hey no witness, no bother…

We are strategically somewhere between 1936 and 1940 [1]… But the more we wait, the bigger the nuclear war. If Putin is defeated thoroughly now, he may explode a few nukes, but he will be thrown out.

However, if we let Putin turn his massacre of Ukraine, the destruction of a democracy, into an undeniable military success, Putin will be confirmed in his conventional and nuclear ferocity. He will be on a roll, he will have to be on a roll, for reasons I will explain in another essay.

Wisdom, now, is to go all out. If Ukraine falls, we are doomed.

And what about the nukes? Weak cowards will whine, and tremble. Well, if they are to fall, they were to fall anyway. The last thing to do with a madman who threatens to use nuclear weapons, is to start doing what he wants.

Patrice Ayme

One of Putin’s bombings in central Ukraine, February 2022. Putin has been using bombs over Ukrainian cities bombs so powerful that these bombs have replaces nukes in the Russian arsenal.

[1] If France and Czekoslovakia had rejected Hitler’s ultimatum in 1938, and it had come to war, they would have won. Instead Czekoslovakia was betrayed, and forced to surrender without fighting. Two prominent results: 1) Hitler captured the important Czek armament industry; in 1940, half of the 2,000 Nazi tanls were captured Czek tanks. 2) By 1939, the Russians made official their (previously secret) alliance with the USSR. When Nazi tanks drove into France, they were fueled by Stalin.

Right now, Putin is allied with Xi, but Xi is still careful, because he is not sure that Putin will win. However, Xi’s fanaticized, anti-democracy public Internet opinion is fanatically pro-Putin…. If Putin wins, Xi will constitute with Putin a new Axis for all to see…


March 1, 2022

Putin is the first criminal ever to blackmail all of civilization. Putin has repeatedly threatened to extinguish all of humanity, turn us all to “radioactive ashes”, if his deranged will is not obeyed. Putin is so much worse than Hitler, that Sweden and Switzerland have joined the European Union in giving lethal help to Ukraine. Sweden and Switzerland had notoriously stayed “neutral” with Hitler… (actually helped Hitler militarily; Sweden with the 88mm guns and as main supplier of high quality iron; Switzerland even making Nazi ball bearings…)

Putin decided to operate outside of normal and expected reason, putting what he doesn’t like, Western style civilization, at risk. This rational decision to act irrational is core to Putin’s strategy. He wants to look scary and unpredictable: an enraged chimp uses the same method of striking terror in potential opponents. It is not reassuring: crazed chimps kill other chimps with gusto.. but chimps can never threaten all chimps, because chimps don’t have nukes.

Prior to Putin, the most famous criminal against humanity had been Adolf Hitler, supposedly a famously irrational actor. Comparing how Hitler and Putin marched to war show that their broad reasons are similar, namely that their dictatorships were doomed (this is the Kaiser Trap, in contradistinction with Thucydides Trap), and war was their last chance to impose their way.    

However, Hitler never explicitly threatened to extinguish any human group, let alone humanity. Hitler was hiding his evil, and the respect he commanded from the Germans depended upon it.

Putin flaunts his evil and has drenched the Slavic soul with blood. Hitler had weapons of mass destruction which he did not even consider using. Putin’s propaganda, and he himself and his sidekicks, are loudly threatening humanity with nuclear bombing.

A drastic conclusion arises: Putin has to be personally neutralized ASAP (the ICC can help). Putin should be treated like any other major terrorist… because he is the most major terrorist of them all. 

Putin wrote clearly that he wanted to reconstitute the Russian empire at fullest extent, including Poland, in the name of “similar”, or a “unity of language” and common mystical Slavic nature (it’s all pretty much delirious Polish and Serbo-Croat, or Ukrainian, are not Russian; Russians can’t understand Ukrainian).

Cowards say: let him have it, let Putin have all the Eastern Europe which used to be under Kremlin’s dominion. Such cowardice will only delay subjugation to Putin, rise the anxiety, and make worse the ultimate mayhem. The tyrant will be resisted, so will be able to achieve this, by becoming ever more evil, to the point he will lash out at the entire planet… as Putin is already doing. Like Hitler, after he defeated France, Putin will only grow stronger, more vicious and more ambitious if he defeats Ukraine. 

Hitler made clear that he wanted to unite all lands where Germans were found… including Poland… as a greater Germany…. So, basically, Putin and Hitler’s goals were the same: possessing Eastern Europe (in Hitler’s times, Eastern Europe was full of German and Jewish communities, even within greater “Slavic” ensemble. After 1945, surviving Germans were expelled, and the Jews were mostly dead).   

The Slavic commonwealth theory of Putin, where the Slavic soul has been victimized for centuries, according to an alternate theory of history, has much to do in spirit with the Nazi German superiority theory, a pile of self-contradictory garbage. Hitler used a biased version of history. Putin uses completely invented history, which is often the exact opposite of what happened. For example Putin claims that Poland used to be an Orthodox country (Poland was introduced to imperial Catholicism by the time of Charlemagne, well before the foundation of Kievian Rus, 5 centuries before the creation of Moscow).

Instead of being always victimized by the West, as Putin claims, the Slavs were often favored: Roman emperors authorized the Serbs to settle in what became Serbia (7C).  



The Nazis were mad to start with. Their racial superiority theory was a pile of self-contradictory lethal garbage, demonstrating their madness. Although Nazi actions resulted in the death of 100 million people, the Nazis had not planned this holocaust for all to see. The Nazis did not declare to the world: “Oh, we will kill all Poles, all Jews, all Gypsies, all Slavs, and all the individuals and races we don’t esteem”. Putin of course did. 

The Nazis started genocide as euthanasia (Aktion T4) in 1939. However, the mass extermination of innocent human groups and cities was accomplished by the Nazis and their organizations during the war, mostly out of vengeance… Vengeance started early, because the Nazi top leadership understood it had little chance of wining the war as soon as France and Britain declared war. Extermination was also convenient, as he created “Lebensraum”..

The Nazis had thousands of tons of nerve gas. However, the Nazis did not consider using nerve gas on CITIES… the same nerve gas that Putin and his allies used in Syria, killing thousands at a time. The Nazis knew that using nerve gas to kill dozens of millions, as they could have done, would have resulted in the annihilation of much of the German population, so they did not risk it. This shows that the Nazis were projecting, and acting upon, a more human image than Putin.

This informs us of four things: 1) Putin is worse than the Nazis: Putin threatened to kill all humanity, and uses this to impose his tyranny on civilization. With Putin the drawback of nuclear war, the extermination of humanity, becomes a virtue which is advertised

2) Out vengeance, like the Nazis, that war that he will lose, will make Putin more criminally inclined,lethal and vicious.  

3) A study of several major wars shows that drastic and brutal intervention by the good side early on would have prevented mega death. If the US had intervened by the side of France in WWI and WWII on day one, the fascists would have lost extremely fast (probably from internal coup, if not from embargo).

4) In 1939, when the Second World War started, the Nazis were posing as good guys for the whole world to see: they were just trying to reunite their country, and Poland had attacked them. These were lies: Nazis were no good, and Poland had not attacked them. 

Putin utters lies too, but Putin’s lies are obviously delirious, such as his call to “denazify” Ukraine, or that Ukraine, occupied by Russia since Catherine II, is actually a dependency of the Kremlin (when even the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, recognized Ukraine as a republic part of an “Union”).      



Hitler and his closest accomplices engaged in deliberate genocide. Hitler killed 6 millions Jews, 6 millions Poles, more than 17 millions civilians in thousands of extermination camps. Hitler killed more than twenty million Ukrainians and Russians. Hitler constituted a worldwide coalition of genocidal dictators like him. In chronological order: Stalin, Franco, Hirohito, Mussolini. Encouraged and incited by Hitler, Hirohito, fueled by US plutocrats, invaded China in full force, killing at least 40 millions Chinese. 

Yet Hitler never said publicly that he planned a genocide, or would engage in one. He was discreet about it. He had too, because he knew that the world, and even the Germans, would not tolerate it [1]. When German Jews disappeared, neighbors were told they had been removed for their own safety [2].

In Poland, Nazi leaders launched a genocide secretly, as early as the first day of invasion. Flour mills were destroyed, to starve Poles to death. The Auschwitz extermination camp was built for millions of Poles, and Jews. 

This Hitlerian genocide was enabled by Anglo-Saxon media which stayed mostly silent about it. Anglo-Saxon media was nearly as discrete about the Hitlerian genocide as the Nazis themselves. 

What Hitler was afraid of was to alert world public opinion to what the Nazis were really doing. Hitler gave orders to the US Nazi to not cause troubles in the USA.

Officially, the Nazis were angry against Poland because of the Dantzig (now Gdansk) corridor which the Versailles Treaty had given to Poland, cut off (“East”) Prussia from the rest of Germany. So the Nazis had a plausible reason to be unhappy.

The Poles, stiffened by a military treaty with France, were hard to negotiate with. At that point the UK, observing the fall of the Spanish Republic to the Nazis, finally aligned themselves with France. So Hitler made official his (previously secret) alliance with the Soviet Union, to try to scare off France and Britain. Then, after false flag operations, attacked Poland. Hitler was shocked when the unimaginable happened: France and Britain gave him an ultimatum to get out of Poland, and then declared war 48 hours later. The Soviets waited a few days to see if the French army was going to roll across the German frontier. When it didn’t, as previously convened, the Soviets invaded Poland from the east (that frustrated Hitler as the Soviets got the oil fields). 



The Nazis tried to hide their holocaust and were mostly successful about it because of the media control they had achieved within the Anglo-Saxon democracies. That happened because wealthy media owners, or wealthy capitalists in general, are intrinsically friendly to other individuals of great media power and even more real military power, in other words, political fascists. Great capitalists can make great deals with great fascists: the Harrimans made great deals with Hitler and Stalin, crucially (re)developing the giant Baku oil fields for Stalin. US capitalists flocked all over Nazi Germany to invest in a way not legally permitted in the US democracy. Similarly US capitalists bankrolled the acquisition of enormous materiel by the Spanish fascists: those loans created a rent for the wealthiest persons in the US for decades to come (as wisely the Spanish Caudillo stayed nearly neutral after he won power, so the Allies did not attack him).

There were officially more than a hundred cases of German soldiers arrested for refusing to follow orders they considered criminal, none prosecuted judicially. German soldiers of the Wehrmacht or SS did not actually face drastic consequences if refusing to obey a criminal order during the war.[3][4] Refusing a lawful order did however result in consequences, with 23,000 German soldiers executed for refusing orders.

There too we know that the highest Nazi authorities ordered to NOT prosecute such cases (of soldiers refusing to obey unlawful orders). Nazi authorities were afraid that if ONE such case became known, there would be a pandemic of disobedience in the German army.



On Monday 28 February, French president Macron called Putin. “Vladimir Putin stressed that a settlement is possible only if Russia’s legitimate security interests are unconditionally taken into account, including the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, the demilitarization and denazification of the Ukrainian state and ensuring its neutral status,” according to a Kremlin readout of the call, which was confirmed by French presidency. 

Denazification of Ukraine? The president, Zelinskyy is Jewish. Crimea became Ukrainian more than a millennium ago, centuries before the creation of Moscow. And why would a country monstrously threatened and devastated consent to disarmament? Even after the Nazis made a ceasfire with France at the end of June 1940, the Nazis did not even try to ask for French disarmement! The Nazis knew that if they asked for disarmment, the French would have kept on fighting.


‘Mama, I’m in Ukraine. There is a real war raging here. I’m afraid. We are bombing all of the cities, even targeting civilians’: Ukraine’s UN Ambassador reads texts from a Russian soldier to his mother moments before he was killed [3]…

In the Donbass, among those Putin pretend to be saving, the cruel tyrant is massively shelling civilians, and children, as he is doing in Kharkiv, also a Russian speaking city. Like the Catholic terrorist Inquisition of the Middle Ages, Putin saves people by killing them. Putin also destroyed the Babi Yar holocaust Memorial, a mass grave for 34,000 Jews assassinated by the Nazis in a ravine (criminal Putin may say it was an accident , but the Memorial was hit by three cruises missiles). Meanwhile 7,000 Russians were arrested in demonstrations against the war. The tyrant and his subjugation apparatus consider this high treason, and people can get twenty years in prison for it.

Putin’s internal propaganda claims that the West will stop interfering once a “small nuclear bomb” has been used… Well better a small nuclear bomb now than a huge nuclear war later. Huge nuclear war is what will have if we let the nuclear tyrant have his way now.

Putin delendus est!

Patrice Ayme

Bombing Of Residential areas of Kharkiv by Russian Forces, 28 February 2022. There is evidence, watching the videos of the usage of cluster bombs (designed to inflict casualties on civilians).


[1] The method Hitler used was to give clues to his “will”. When the Nazi “Justice” minister was told to not interfere with the killing of disabled German people, he was shown a (very rare) letter of Hitler.The Nazis exterminated around 250,000 Germans who were considered to be mentally or physically deficient. The first genocide Hitler had engaged in, the killing of 300,000 disabled people, was protested. The program was decried in Germany, and the Nazis had to stop making it official. In 1939 the killing of disabled children and adults began. All children under the age of three who had illnesses or a disability, such as Down’s syndrome, or cerebral palsy were targeted under the T4 programme (Aktion T4). A panel of medical experts were required to give their approval for the ‘euthanasia’, or supposed ‘mercy-killing’, of each child. On 24 August 1941, Hitler ordered the suspension of the T4 killings. 


[2] (because people were so very angry against the Jews for having started a world war… in truth it’s the French Republic seconded by the UK which declared war… because they were forced to by Hitler, as it was the only way to save civilization from an exterminator. The “Jews” had nothing to do with it.


[3] “We were told that they would welcome us and they are falling under our armored vehicles, throwing themselves under the wheels and not allowing us to pass,” the soon to be dead soldier wrote, according to Mr. Kyslytsya. “They call us fascists. Mama, this is so hard.

Biden: If You Have To Decide Between Me And Trump, “You Ain’t Black”… But “I will Beat Joe Biden”!

May 22, 2020

By selecting Biden, the quintessential plant for the plutocracy, not too bright, but very greedy, the so-called “Democrats” have provided us with serious comedy. (BTW, I am a registered Dem, so I have a bias towards comedy.) Very greedy? His son Hunter flew with him as vice President to China, in Air Force Two… and walked out with a billion and a half deal. This is not corruption but business as the Romans used to say in the Late Empire. Ah, and how come the Democratic voters are so corrupt? Because they have been programmed by the plutocratic media. The New York Times in particular has been controlled by the same (originally Jewish) family since the Nineteenth Century.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger (September 12, 1891 – December 11, 1968) was the publisher of The New York Times from 1935 to 1961.  His parents were Cyrus Leopold Sulzberger, a cotton-goods merchant, and Rachel Peixotto Hays. They came from old Jewish families, Ashkenazi and Sephardic, respectively His great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Seixas,brother of the famous rabbi and American Revolutionary Gershom Mendes Seixas of Congregation Shearith Israel, was one of the founders of the New York Stock Exchange. His great-grandfather, Dr. Daniel Levy Maduro Peixotto, was a prominent physician, director of Columbia University’s Medical College and a member of the Philolexian Society. His great granduncle was Jacob Hays, the High Constable of New York from 1801 to 1850.

NYT Arthur Hays Sulzberger Hitler’s Friend and Collaborator. Some will say: Oh, just a publisher… but most influential, and of Nazi propaganda.

You would think that with so much Jewishness piled up, the NYT would be very keen to save the lives of Jews. Well, think again. Greed beats breed.

AHS became publisher when his father-in-law, Adolph Ochs, the previous Times publisher, died in 1935. In 1929, AHS founded Columbia’s original Jewish Advisory Board and served on the board of what became Columbia-Barnard Hillel for many years. He served as a University trustee from 1944 to 1959 and is honored with a floor at the journalism school. He also served as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1939 to 1957

All of this to say that, when the Nazis, financed by the likes of Henry Ford, JP Morgan’s agents, etc. appeared, and started to kill Jews, Arthur Hays Sulzberger had his newspaper publish only lies on the most important subject: because lies are greedy, and so was the US plutocratic society engaged with Hitler… In many ways comparable to the present US plutocratic society engaged with Chinese dictator Xi. Actually plutocracy 2020 is mostly a direct descendant of plutocracy 1940.

Make no mistake: many were screaming the truth, including the French and Polish governments (what was left of them, anyway), and various Jewish organizations. bu the New York Times didn’t tolerate discordant voices. Just as now, when they censor a long time subscriber such as yours truly… as they did it during the Pelosi-Biden driven Iraq war invasion preparation. In other words, they did not learn the most important lesson: harmony comes from dissordance mastered, not from discordance, ignored.  

So Biden said he had 40 years of experience, enough to beat… Joe Biden. Right, very deep, for once, but… didn’t sound very good. Hence the New York Times immediately published an article certifying that Biden had said he was going to “be” Joe Biden. Biden did not say he would “beat” Joe Biden. Get it? It’s in the NYT, it has got to be true, this side of Hitler.

But then, well, reality intruded grossly and the NYT had to print: Mr. Biden also made clear that he felt there was no reason black Americans would consider voting for Mr. Trump.“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black,” Mr. Biden said.”

I sent a little comment right away, which was not published, or then maybe published next week, when nobody reads it (so the weasels can feel they are tolerant of the smirky mouse). Imagine thousands of censor beavers, all over the US media, trying to make the Biden-Xi system look good, never mind Hong Kong being enslaved 27 years early…. Here is my censored comment:

It’s clear that Joe Biden is going to “beat” Joe Biden. In any case, when people realize that, among other things, in 2002, being the chair of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee, Biden invented the Weapon of Mass Destruction argument to justify the invasion of Iraq… which was, after a few months, adopted by Bush, who had just as disingenuously claimed Hussein supported Al Qaeda. The Bush Al Qaeda argument to invade Iraq got no traction, but the Biden WMD argument worked… because Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who was then the Ranking Member of the Congress Intelligence Committee did not reveal that she was explained in great detail that the argument was a complete lie, and just a fake reason to go to war.

4,500 US troops died in Iraq, 32,000 were wounded, and up to 2.4 million Iraqis killed… Once this, just this little Iraq adventure is known, and meditated upon, being Joe Biden will smell very differently… 

Some will ask what the motivation could be for invading and destroying Iraq? Well, Iraq’s oil reserves, the second largest in the world, were then removed from the market (and have mostly stayed this way). That made fracking in the USA, which was financed by Wall Street, very profitable. (Only if oil was above $60/barrel.) Fracking was developed massively under the Obama-Biden administration. 

It’s not just the dignity and intelligence of blacks which is demeaned, but of the whole population.


As far as the game with Xi is concerned, just watch Bill Gates going all around for Xi. Precedent? Watson, the head of IBM, going all out for Hitler. Watson managed Nazi IBM from New York, throughout the war, because IBM had a monopoly on computation and Hitler couldn’t have done anything without IBM. Meanwhile, the NYT had spent the crucial first nine years of Hitler’s Reich denying that the Jews were getting killed by the minions of US plutocracy.

Oh, and how did Billy boy, the college drop-out make his money? Well, he got the contract from IBM to use the operating system called DOS (Disk Operating System) basically stolen from universities (that is, whether private or not publicly financed institutions [1]). And who was on IBM’s board? His mom! of course, the world’s most generous person. Plutocracy is hereditary, or is not.

Hitler repeating itself? Not really: we have nukes now. They work faster than ovens.

Patrice Ayme




Ooopsss… turns out the guy who wrote the preceding article was paid by Microsoft, and IEEE didn’t know about that until well after publishing it.

Microsoft stole the “86-DOS” operating system, owned by Seattle Computer Products, and written by Tim Paterson. Bill Gates conned Tim Paterson into signing over all the rights to 86-DOS for only $5,000, without telling him that it was for what would become the most famous operating system in the world. Plutocrats, those with Evil-Power, are tricky, that’s why the devil is called “le Malin” in French, the crafty one, who is… malignant…


P/S: I didn’t say I would vote for Trump, BTW…


Nazi Heidegger: Faith In Wishes; Morality, Reason Be Damned

February 5, 2019


Many of the various ills which affect the West are caused by the way leaders, the elite, learned to think while in universities. The rationally poisonous Heidegger, a Nazi, is a regular fixture in philosophy departments around the world. Many “humanists” view him as the greatest philosopher. Yeah, he is, the greatest NAZI philosopher. He has even infected the Anglo-Saxon world (which saw him for the Nazi he was half a century ago). Why? Because anything, anybody, attacking reason, is most precious to plutocracy.

However, since the Great Recession, ten years ago, STEM majors have pulled ahead of humanities majors. It makes sense: after all the humanities have been enable to stem the organization of society as a plutocracy… precisely because of having been rotten at the head by the likes of Heidegger and its related descendant “French Theory“, black holes of thought.

This is the companion essay to:

(Naive readers will get outraged and claim I understood nothing, and scream with Gallic enthusiasm that Heidegger and French Theory are critical of the Neoliberal order (=plutocracy). Yes, they are, superficially, just like a vaccine is apparently critical of the body, but then protects against alien agents. Heidegger and French Theory are vaccines against what is for them an alien agent, reason… As the French Latour now admits…)

Many go around, howling against Trump, an hirsute bankers’ toy, with some basic common sense on some most significant points, such as deindustrialization, and brain drain by Xi, and then, satisfied with their great “liberalism”, they go back to their altar, revering Heidegger. They turn to “Being and Time“, and haughtily pretend, as if they knew how to read, that they find nothing therein about races and racial competition, thus ain’t Nazi. Those pseudo-intellectuals don’t understand Nazism was much more than that. Nazism was, most basically, a will to fight to death (to select the strong, eliminate degenerates, Nazis sang), underlaid by a method to apprehend the world mentally: Nazis preached irrationality, and will as the best interface. Faith dominated reason, in the Nazi approach to the world. As with Heidegger, our awareness of beings depended on our feeling of dread in the face of nothingness (and an obsession with race filled that void). Thus Heidegger made nihilism primary.

Is it possible to be very clever and, at the same time, very idiotic? Is it possible to be very irrational, and very rational? Yes. Hitler is case in point. Hence a morale, and a warning: one shouldn’t judge individuals globally, inasmuch as their ideas, emotions, moods, and tropisms…

In his December 1949 Bremen lecture, “Das Ge-Stell” (the second lecture of a four-part series), Heidegger said that:

…”farming is now a motorized food industry, in essence the same as the fabrication of corpses in gas chambers and extermination camps, the same as the blockade and starving of the peasantry, the same as the fabrication of the hydrogen bomb.

Heidegger was unable to make moral distinctions. More than ten million died in gas chambers. Heidegger compares this to the food industry. He specifically writes that “they were in essence the same” (im Wesen das Selbe)… (The passage was excised in later editions of the book, after 1953…)

“Racial breeding” stems from machination, claimed Heidegger, observing Jews live according to the “race-principle,” and “this is why they resist its [i.e. the race principle’s] unrestricted application.For Martin Heidegger, philosopher to vicious idiots, assassinating six millions Jews, and double that of all sorts of “inferior races”, including at least four million children, is “unrestricted application of the race principle”.  Who admires that pig, that mass murderer? Other mass murdering pigs? In Heidegger’s imagination, the Jews invented the logic of machination that brought about their annihilation. The great philosopher of the idiots blames the assassinated babies for “resisting”.

The “race principle” among Nazis, was to a great extent a pretext to launch the struggle for existence: war. Hitler talked in terms identical to Heidegger on that subject. Hitler viewed Chinese, Japanese and Arabs as superior races. In some ways, Hitler was less racist than standard US racism (a statement to make one shiver a long time…)

Contemporary Heidegger scholars keep on claiming, in their unfathomable ignorance, and greed, that the Nazi (member of the Nazi Party) Heidegger never said anything Nazi. That’s beyond “FakeNews”, it’s outright lying. They lie, because Heidegger, that is, Nazism, is their own business model: that is why they have a career.

Besides being the Nazi in chief of his university, tormenting all Jews, and other enemies of Nazism, Heidegger wrote in 1935, in one of his major books:

“What is peddled about nowadays as philosophy, especially that of National Socialism, but has nothing to do with the inner truth and greatness of that movement is nothing but fishing in that troubled sea of values and totalities.”

  • Introduction to Metaphysics (1953) — a publication of lectures of 1935.

Inner truth and greatness? Precisely the “irrationality” that is the spine of Heidegger’s “Being and Time”.The irrationality stems from Heidegger’s a twisted, extreme, and obsessive rejection of a very old meta-evidence, called “representationalism

Representationalism” observes that the world we see in conscious experience is not the real world itself, but goes through internal representation… something confirmed by neuro sciences. Thus, we know and sense only our emotions, ideas or interpretations of objects in the world, because a barrier (or veil of perception) between the mind and the existing world prevents first-hand knowledge of anything.

That is, of course, an idea so simple, Homo Erectus already operated according to it, to be able to establish Homo erectus science, which included a crucial mastery of fire. Homo Erectus knew that he had to be defiant of direct sense perception, but not so with Heidegger or Homo Nazicus.

Thus Heidegger denied the idea that the most important thing about us humans is that we have minds and that our minds make pictures of the world. For Heidegger, that would put the mind outside of the world, looking over at it. Instead, as many a top Nazi, Heidegger was busy engaging his mind fully in extramarital affairs with prominent Jewish intellectuals: for example Elisabeth Blochmann and Hannah Arendt. (It was not just the Nazis who were sick in Germany; the Jews too, as Hannah Arendt herself pointed out, in involuntary contrition…)

Indeed, the truth is, added the idiotic Heidegger and his fellow Nazis, that we live immersed in the world and cannot get outside of it, not even in thought, and not even in science. Thus, the Nazis insisted, our mind is the world, and by sheer force of will, will we change it… just as we can change our mind That’s why the Nazis refused to surrender to the Allies in a timely manner, and, more generally, refused to surrender to evidence the eyes could see. Instead, they trusted the most basic neurological substrate, emotion itself.

So why is it that so many philosophy departments teach Heidegger, that is, the deepest essence of Nazism? Precisely because of this deepest essence is an attack against the most basic human rationality. That makes them “donors” (Plutos) friendly.

“It is more difficult to undermine faith than knowledge, love succumbs to change less than to respect, hatred is more durable than aversion, and at all times the driving force of the most important changes in this world has been found less in a scientific knowledge animating the masses, but rather in a fanaticism dominating them and in a hysteria which drove them forward.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

To better understand what Hitler means here, one has to realize that he uses, implicitly, science in the most correct, that is, the most general sense of the term: what is known (roughly for sure).

Instead, of being about what was known, Nazism was all about faith, as faith was stronger than knowledge. It was all about how Heidegger wanted the world: not the mind examining the world, setting little stages to examine, but the mind romping around, exerting extremely hurtful antijudaism on colleagues, while doing, at the same time, his best to sleep with Jews (lame child killer Goebbels was just the same). That sort of behavior was fully exhibited by the worst Nazis (Eichman paid a female Jewish student for “private lessons”… while he massacred millions of Jews… and tried to save a Jewish friend of his…)

The Nazi approach to thinking, all about being dominated by feelings, rejecting logic, is pretty much alive and well. This is exactly why we got Trump, while, arguably, Obama was even worse. This is exactly why so many educational standards have gone down in the West… while East and South Asia, having learned its lesson in recent centuries, is making an enormous effort in science.

The Chinese Research and Development budget was around $279 billion in 2017. A year-on-year increase of 14 percent and a rise of 70.9 percent from 2012. It’s now 2.1% of Chinese GDP (2.8% in the USA, 2.9% in Germany, 3.3% in Japan)

Meanwhile, India announced in 2019 a national effort towards the hardware for Quantum Computing. Major European countries have been slow in following (with promised financing not even 10% of what the Chinese Alibaba, a private company, promises…)

This worldwide competition for scientific inquiry is, of course, healthy. It’s a worldwide competition for rationalization. It forces our plutocracies to pay a modicum of respect to thinking. In a sense, the entire world is getting divided in states competing with each other with understanding, just as happened with Greece in its greatest age

So dumping Heidegger and his Nazism is not just just a question of not confusing imbecility and intelligence. It’s also a question of national security for the West.    

Patrice Ayme

Deep State, Deep History, Deeply Satanic Mood

February 22, 2017

Reducing the Deep State to inertial bureaucracy is misinformation.

Reducing history to what is taught in textbooks is also misinformation.

Misinformation feeds those who inspire the Deep State, namely, those who profit from the plutocratic state of affairs.

Karen Garcia in her site “Sardonicky”:

“Deep State, Shallow Swamp”

Since the election of The Donald, you’ve probably noticed a sudden uptick in that erstwhile arcane term “Deep State”. It’s become so ubiquitous that it may well end up in one of those lists of the most overused phrases and words of the year.

My own habitual usage of the term in these pages derives from Mike Lofgren’s original thesis:

There is the visible government situated around the Mall in Washington, and then there is another, more shadowy, more indefinable government that is not explained in Civics 101 or observable to tourists at the White House or the Capitol. The former is traditional Washington partisan politics: the tip of the iceberg that a public watching C-SPAN sees daily and which is theoretically controllable via elections. The subsurface part of the iceberg I shall call the Deep State, which operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power….  Yes, there is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose. My analysis of this phenomenon is not an exposé of a secret, conspiratorial cabal; the state within a state is hiding mostly in plain sight, and its operators mainly act in the light of day.

The Real, Most Terrible History Of The Twentieth Century, Has Been Rendered Unexamined, Even Secret

The Real, Most Terrible History Of The Twentieth Century, Has Been Rendered Unexamined, Even Secret

[Much of what we know about the Mongols of Genghis Khan was contained in a book just one copy of was saved:”The Secret History Of the Mongols”. Well, in many of my essays is found the secret history of the Twentieth Century…]

The “Deep State” guy pursues: “Nor can this other government be accurately termed an “establishment.” All complex societies have an establishment, a social network committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. In terms of its scope, financial resources and sheer global reach, the American hybrid state, the Deep State, is in a class by itself. That said, it is neither omniscient nor invincible. The institution is not so much sinister (although it has highly sinister aspects) as it is relentlessly well entrenched. Far from being invincible, its failures, such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, are routine enough that it is only the Deep State’s protectiveness towards its higher-ranking personnel that allows them to escape the consequences of their frequent ineptitude. The New York Times, which itself might be considered part of the Deep State, describes the term quite differently: an authoritarianism that hasn’t happened here yet, but very well might. According to the “explainer piece” by Max Fisher and Amanda Taub, the recent torrent of leaks from spy agencies in the chaotic regime of Donald Trump has only led to “fears” of an American Deep State:

Though leaks can be a normal and healthy check on a president’s power, what’s happening now extends much further. The United States, those experts warn, risks developing an entrenched culture of conflict between the president and his own bureaucracy. Issandr El Amrani, an analyst who has written on Egypt’s deep state, said he was concerned by the parallels, though the United States has not reached authoritarian extremes…. Though the deep state is sometimes discussed as a shadowy conspiracy, it helps to think of it instead as a political conflict between a nation’s leader and its governing institutions. That can be deeply destabilizing, leading both sides to wield state powers like the security services or courts against one another, corrupting those institutions in the process.”


My take is much deeper and much more cynical:

First, the US assaults on Afghanistan and Iraq were not failures. They are painted as such by the establishment, but they achieved what they were supposed to achieve. Destroying progress, and French and Russian influence in a democratic, socialist republic, Afghanistan, while turning the latter in a fundamental Muslim theocracy offering plenty of opportunity for practicing war, was a complete success. We have to thank the demonrat Jimmy Carter for that far-fetched vision. OK, 9/11 happened as a consequence, but that was very juicy for the plutocracy.

The various assaults on Iraq, starting in the early 1990s, were a total success: the price of oil shoot up, and thus the US could afford enormous capital spending in oil and gas, with advanced fracking technology. Now the US is the number one producer of oil and gas (at it was in the 19 C and most of the 20 C).

The Deep State is, truly, the hereditary plutocracy and its hereditary structures (for example the plutocratic universities, and their provisions for scions, or the plutocratically owned, or influenced media, which is nearly all the media in the USA; or the connection between the health care system, the drug companies, politicians; in general political-corporative system).

The Deep State has also a Deep Mood, which is trans-generational The Deep State mood can be observed to flow from the richest families hereditary grip on wealth, power, foundations, universities, politics.

The Deep Mood hides the deep conspiracies and the plots which really worked so well (WWI, WWII, Islamism, etc.) that the vulgum does not even suspect their existence. Realizing that World War One, World War Two and modern Salafism are actually deliberate plots, not just conspiracies, is not found in any textbooks. Instead we are told fables for little children.  

Page 4, Bridgeport Telegram, Dec 19, 1922. Hitler, financed by the American Henry Ford would try a coup against the German government ten months later.

Page 4, Bridgeport Telegram, Dec 19, 1922. Hitler, financed by the American Henry Ford would try a coup against the German government ten months later.

Karen Garcia said…


Excellent point. We must not forget the handful of families which fund our “elections” and usually get what they want in the way of policies. Why are the Democrats so gung-ho on marriage equality and bathroom rights as opposed to other civil rights? Because they doesn’t rob the rich of one cent, and the rich feel they can afford to be generous when it doesn’t cost them anything but furnishes them with a publicity buffer with which to shine and protect themselves.

Dynasties are indeed an integral part of the deep state, ruling class, whatever you care to call it. Thomas Piketty spelled it all out. Funny how he and his inequality thesis is no longer all the rage with liberals, now that they have Trump to signify all the evil that ever was.

February 22, 2017 at 8:22 AM

Dear Karen:

Excellent observation: insulting Trump 24/7 has replaced any analysis of US/Global plutocracy. That’s excellent for the plutocracy. Howling against Trump to the sky, is viewed as the noblest conquest of thought. We are led to believe that, if only the GLOBALOCRACY was re-established, complete with hordes of Sharia believers, everything would be alright…

I own but never read Piketty’s big book (I read enough other things of him to get an idea that Piketty does not fly as high and broad that we eagles of truth, need to). I read the Devil’s Chessboard (some of it). That’s about the Dulles Brothers. They represented around 1,000 (German) Nazi companies in the USA, before the war. The book hint that the Dulles who created the CIA organized JFK’s assassination. As Alan Dulles put it:“that little Kennedy, he thought he was God

All these books, in particular the latter, come short on the Pluto/fascist/Nazi/Ford/JP Morgan/Wilson connection.

I wrote many essays on this. They fell, with the mighty noise of a tree on the Moon.

Much of the most tragic history of the Twentieth Century was a massive conspiracy and a plot, we enjoy its ongoing fruits, as it was not only not  counterattacked, but most (pseudo) liberals have no notion of it whatsoever.

Surely they know not of the Kaiser-Wilson-extreme Anglo-Saxon, anti-French racism-WWI-Ford-Hitler-Schacht-JP Morgan-Wall Street-Morgenthau-countless US plutocrats and their corporations, and then Hitler, connection.

In that mighty galaxy, the Kennedys, Bushes and Dulles were initially second knives. By 1941, they had become major actors. Right now, the plutocracy is intense, extremely institutionalized, from plutocratic university to perverse health care, to plutocratically owned media, to the Deepest State (whose retirement depends upon pleasing the powers that be).

The only thing that’s clear, is that obsessing about Trump, who did not create that intense, thick and deep plutocracy, while feigning to believe that he did, is a way to try to perdure the ever-deepening Pluto state.

That Pluto, deeply satanic state, is complete with federal judges, free to judge when they can suddenly “retire” to the “private” sector, earning millions, and picking up the rewards implicitly promised to them. Verily, when one goes seamlessly from the private sector to the Deep State, and back, and forth, evil learns to rule civilization, no holds barred, into oblivion.

Patrice Ayme’

Islam: Lies & War Above Peace

November 17, 2015

More than 99% of known religions are, by the standards of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, not just evil, but illegal. And that includes Catholicism as practiced in, say, France, in 1700 CE.

The Islamist State has an ideology, and its name is Literal Islam, the one and only (anybody else is an apostate and Allâh ordered to kill them). John Oliver about the fuc*ing giant ass*olery which masquerades as something honorable:

The “Enlightenment”, mostly a French centric invention, consisted in asserting the Rights of Man and the Citizen, and destroy whatever was in the way of those rights, to impose them universally. When the French Republic declared war to the Nazi Reich (and to Hitler’s ally, the USSR), on September 3, 1939, it was more of the same. It was precisely to destroy ideologies which industrially violated the Rights of Man, while claiming to be for peace, freeing minorities, fighting an unfair treaty which had freed Eastern Europe, saving the pure races from bastardization, rescuing civilization, fighting “plutocrats” and all the grossest lies the Nazis could possibly imagine. As we will see below, the ideology known as Islam rests on a similar dynamic of the grossest lies.

 Islamophilia Kills

Islamophilia Kills

[ISIS declared that going to concerts or bars was “idolatry”, and that’s punished by death, according to the Qur’an, the message of Allah.]

The going was tough for France in 1940, and not just because of unusual left field attack planned by a couple of Nazi generals. That was recoverable, but not the attitude of the USA then. Indeed the USA, at the time did not hesitate to violate its mother, France, to advance American business (also known, aka, as plutocrats). So the USA helped, de facto, in more ways than one, the Nazis, by operating the same bait and switch as in World War One. Germany ended with 10% of its population killed, the European Jews got nearly annihilated, etc.

France would not have been occupied in 1940, if only the USA had barked (because the French Air Force has the means of counter-attack). But, instead of barking, Roosevelt recognized Vichy, a subsidiary of Hitler, as the legitimate French State (it was not).

Fortunately, the present American leadership has learned from the history of infamy to which Roosevelt and his accomplices brought so much. President Hollande proclaimed yesterday the USA and France to be “sisters”, and the U.S. Secretary of State, basking in front of the Red White And Blue U.S. embassy in Paris, proclaimed that the USA and France were “the same family”. Whereas Roosevelt disliked France intensely (after all, he was a plutocrat from a long lineage of plutocrats), Obama loves France (discreetly).

Islamophiles claim that “Islam is a religion of peace”. They also claim Islam respects other religions. Both statements indicate they have not read the Qur’an. They are sheer propaganda, but an extremely old, crafty and interlocked propaganda, set during the bloody decades when  Islam, and its various strifes and hatreds got established.

One call to violence in a religious text is enough to make the religion in question violent. Roughly 10% of the 80,000 words Qur’an are sheer calls to violence: please consult my “Violence in the Holy Qur’an” which consists of violent quotes from the Qur’an. They cannot be explained away.

One call to murder in a religion’s most sacred text, especially to murder of the obviously innocent, is enough, in my own sacred book of humanity, to make such a religion a call to holocaust.

In the New Testament, Jesus calls, in a few places, to murder “unbelievers”. There are not many of these quotes. Indeed, one is enough. Then, in the name of the Bible, “believers” could go out and kill millions of “unbelievers” (millions of those were Europeans). In the Qur’an, there are probably hundreds of calls to murder of entire categories of people. When ISIS struck in Paris, it said it had killed “idolaters” (one of the categories the Qur’an marks for murder.

So how come people who are often viewed as intelligent proclaim that “Islam is a religion of peace”? Because Islam says so. (Hitler said he was protecting minorities: hundreds of millions, not just Germans, but also Americans, believed him.)

Islam says it is a religion of peace, and this lie has elements of truth in it: surely, when you are dead, you are at peace.

What happened was this: the revelations of the “recitation” (= Qur’an) happened to Muhammad over a number of years. During those years the so-called “Messenger” was attacking caravans he was raiding, Jews whom he wanted to annihilate, and making war to Mecca who viewed Muhammad stridently revised Judeo-Christianism a threat to the holy city’s thriving religious business, led by the goddess Moon and 365 lesser deities, plus the same old meteorite Muslims turn around to this day (so Muslims are actually reproducing the acts of 2,000 year old, pre-Islamist IDOLATRY, ironically enough for people who want to kill all idolaters: why don’t they start with themselves?… Ah, but, yes, of course, I forgot, that’s the exact idea of suicide attacks…)

Muhammad won an important battle against Mecca, where he was born, from the leading family.

So Muhammad had to tame mighty Mecca, lest the city go in a total war mode. And, instead Muhammad had to make sure Mecca would accept to lose a few battles graciously. Thus Muhammad was accommodating, and made gentle statements, such as:’you can have your religion, I can have mine’. Muslim scholars interpret this as Muhammad being under duress.

Here comes the all important concept of taqiyya, or lying when in fear: it’s OK to do so. (It’s also OK to lie to reconcile a couple, or to get a woman in bed.).

Taqiyya appears in Sura 3:28:

“Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends; and whoever does this, shall have nothing to do with Allâh in any matter; unless you do this to protect yourselves from the unbelievers.  Thus Allâh cautions you to have reverence only for him. To Allâh is destiny.”

[My translation.]

Regarding 3:28, Ibn Kathir writes, “… believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers… are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.” Ibn Kafthir quotes Muhammad‘s companion, Abu Ad-Darda’, who said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” and Al-Hasan who said that “dissimulation (Tuqyah) is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection.”

How can you have peace when you are supposed to religiously lie to “Non-believers”?

So what of that Islam is peace BS? How do we know that Islamist scholars who believe in the Qur’an, all of the Qur’an and nothing but the Qur’an, know that it is BS? Especially once completed by the much worse Hadith?

A common defense of Islam is to say that, like the Bible, there is everything, including the kitchen sink, in the text, so one cannot single out one or two bad elements. Out of just 80,000 words, the argument is obviously ridiculous: I publish as many words in barely more than a month, and I don’t include the kitchen sink.

As I said, there are more than 10,000 words in the worst verses of the Qur’an, many of them, lethal orders to kill. In this age, when the rage against plutocrats and their obsequious servants is so high, the orders to kill miscreants can only make a sacred text very tempting.

I claim the orders to kill miscreants, unbelievers. “idolaters” (ISIS word of the week), pagans, apostates supersede the “religion of peace” aspect.

Why? Because Muhammad feared for his life from Mecca and his own tribe, when he made this call: it’s straightforward taqiyya. Moreover, there is a general metaprinciple that a later verse takes precedence over an earlier verse. When Muhammad was dictator of Mecca (not expecting to die at the early age of 61), he issued the orders of “God” (namely himself), right and left, and for no good reason whatsoever (at least by then 15 centuries old Roman law standards).

Hopefully the holy alliance of France with the USA (“sister” country, said president Hollande… Actually, daughter) and rogue, but repenting Russia, will stamp out the Islamist State within months.

No pity should be shown, and heavy, relentless bombing used. Special Forces should be sent, in vast quantities. The three countries have plenty of them. A deal should be made with some of Saddam Hussein’s old officers, presently in ISIS.

In May 1940, France fought the unholy alliance of Hitler, Stalin and their friends, financiers, technologists and enablers, American plutocrats, not so discreetly supported by the American Congress and the White House.

This time Putin is no Stalin (I must admit with a reluctant smile) and president Obama is no (plutocratic and French backstabber) Roosevelt. Who said there could not be progress.?

A unique occasion is offering itself to get rid forever of Literal Islamism, as we got rid of Literal Christianism during the Enlightenment. Let’s outlaw the former, as we did the latter. Ferocity for the better is in order. Let’s go. This is how to recover an Islam we can live with, a seriously improved version of the one the Persian Caliphate knew, in the age of the House of Wisdom.

Patrice Ayme’

Lies, Here, There & Everywhere

October 19, 2015

Patrice: Too much power would not be fun without lying for the heck of it. Rumors that the Bin Laden’s elimination did not go as officially announced are getting thicker. Even the New York Times has an impressive spread on it: “What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death? Famed journalist Seymour Hersh, smells a rat. Hersh exposed many cover-ups, including about the  false pretenses fabricated to launch the Vietnam and Iraq wars, the Mi-Lai massacre, the usage of torture by American troops, etc. Hersh worked at The New York Times for seven years in the 1970s, and didn’t think the paper would allow to take his claims about Bin Laden’s dismissal seriously. ‘‘If you did so,’’ he wrote, ‘‘you better be sure not to let your wife start the car for the next few months.’’

Nice ambiance, in the USA. Talk the truth, die. With a reality like that, who needs fiction?

The worst may well come, if present governance, or lack thereof, persists. We are governed by greedy children educated in the plutocrats’ playground.  Democracy by representatives is an oxymoron (from oxy, sharp, and moron, stupid). Democracy, People Rule, cannot be “represented”. Either it is, or it is not. Either The People rule, or it does not.

Because dictatorship by a few representatives is still dictatorship (or, more exactly, oligarchy). It ought to be easy to get out of oligarchy: just copy Switzerland.

Right Wing UDC Just Elected In Switzerland, Says It Can't Ally Itself With French National Front, Because the Latter is "Too Left Wing".

Right Wing UDC Just Elected In Switzerland, Says It Can’t Ally Itself With French National Front, Because the Latter is “Too Left Wing”.

[“Keep your head on your shoulders“, an expression for “keep your cool”.] Considering the European Union (EU) a terrorist organization is in good jest, not to say well deserved. Other Europeans have been ready to accuse the Swiss of xenophobia (hey, it prevents the focusing of ire where it should go, namely the European Union, and its governments by bankers, for bankers). It is actually the other way around. 7% of people are foreign born in France, 9% in Germany, 13% in the USA… And a whooping 25% in Switzerland. 25% foreign born in Suisse. Instead of Swiss xenophobia, we have Swiss xenophilia.

Eugen R: The worst rule the world, because they are the worst.

Grossly Deluded: Not for long.

EugenR: For ever.

GD: What about Non Violent Civil Disobedience ?

EugenR: At the end the “Non Violent Civil Disobedience” is a human organization, and as such it will either die out, or in worse case will have an organizational structure in which the worst bullies will be on the top. There is nothing new under the sun.

Patrice: It’s even worse than that. “Civil Disobedience” is a sham. It can work, only when the worse, the masters on top, allow it. For example Martin Luther King’s sing-song of America, serves the masters well. The heavy lift was made by president Eisenhower and Earl Warren’s Supreme Court, in the 1950s. Then the Kennedys saw to it that the reforms get finished. “Civil Disobedience” facilitated the work of the highest authorities. It was in no way disobedient.

GD: At the end the truth, that, in the age of internet is a simple finger click away, will win.

Patrice (smirking): Especially when one click away is a lie. The grossest lies are on the Internet, either factually, or emotionally. Putin’s organization, which extends all the way to the USA (where obviously some writers on the pseudo-left are paid by him), has successfully duplicated the methods of the fossil fuel industry, which has inundated the world with a sea of lies rising even faster than the ocean.

Eugen R: In the end the truth wins, the question is when and at what price.

Patrice: Not really true, sorry Eugen. Just something people like to say. Historically, thus factually, it’s not true that truth always win, and it is also philosophically erroneous…

Factually: just ask the Aztecs, the Incas, North American Natives, Jews stepping in the gas chamber, European serfs serving their so-called “Lords” for nearly a millennium, Cathars, and Tasmanians, or Patagons, exterminated to the last, even including the unique genetics of their dogs.

A holocaust is a truth which makes all the lies forever win.

Philosophically: Keynes noted:”In the end, we are all dead”. That truth wins “in the end” means nothing. The truth has to win before the end of the lives of those submitted to the lie, or before causing them grave injury… At the very least. But Eugen, please proceed, sorry to go on a tangent which is at the heart of the problem!

Eugen R: In between the lie and the victory of truth, lies and cruelty celebrate. Just remember the last century events (Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Mugabe, I mean Dr Mugabe, etc.). All of them are gone (except the least evil, Dr Mugabe). Did you know Pol Pot studied in Paris?

Patrice: Not only did Pol Pot study in Paris. So did Chou En Lai. Chou was the perpetual Chinese Prime Minister under Mao. After the latter’s death, he insured the transition to Deng Tsiao Ping, a colleague of his in Paris. Both were workers there, and were taught Communism, there, in Paris. Hannah Arendt fled to Paris, Marx used the British Library massively, paid by his capitalist friend Engels, Beethoven got enamored with Napoleon before realizing his mistake. But I am digressing.

Eugen R: Don’t be upset by history but learn from it. And now you have the Islam fundamentalism, that is all about cultural and religious non-tolerance, racism (Sudan, Darfur, etc.), legitimization of enslavement of the non Muslims, intellectual degradation of women, death penalty for apostasy (Under current laws in Islamic countries, the actual punishment for the apostate (or murtadd مرتد) ranges from execution to prison terms. Islamic nations with sharia courts use civil code to void the Muslim apostate’s marriage and deny child custody rights, as well as his or her inheritance rights for apostasy. Twenty-three Muslim-majority countries, as of 2013, additionally covered apostasy in Islam through their criminal laws.), etc.

GD: The real question is do we have less fear because we have more access to knowledge? Or more fear because the media has portrayed fear as the new normal? I am not sure that mass herd mentality works in modern society anymore. And that is how dictators ruled. The new fear is forced acceptance. It is worse. Or should I say financially forced acceptance.

Patrice: Fear is how to control the masses. The USA is often cleaner and more orderly than comparable European countries, because the repression is Prussian style: steal a pizza slice, go to jail for life, throw a banana peel, enjoy a $1,000 dollar fine (2% family income), etc..

Alexi H: I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant. Take the example of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Patrice: Dear Alexi, this statement is as clever as claiming that the dinosaurs did not die, because they knew love and truth. Which they did.

Eugen R: Yes, they were in history few good leaders who won. Martin Luther King is among them, others are Nelson Mandela, M. Gandhi, V. Havel all of them won, but at what personal price. Two of them murdered, two served years in jail. And anyway after them came some scoundrels destroyed anyway their achievements. Still the strife for self evident justice (that’s what these leaders were after) must go on. But who are the new Mendelas, Gandhis, Kings or Havels? In the best case those who came after them are at the best Obamas.

Alexi H: It is a process. In the last 500 years from time of Galileo (who was threatened by his Church for telling the truth about the nature of the planets) to today there has been tremendous progress on a global scale. We, endowed with progressive values and committed to the path of love, must remember that darkness is also part of human nature (perhaps an essential part) and remain vigilant — and hopeful.

Patrice: Cruelty and ferocity made humanity master of its fate. Hence our quandary. “Tremendous progress” has to be taken with a bucket of salt. It’s a preferred sing-song of the right, which is that we live in the best of all possible worlds.

Simplicius: What’s your point, Patrice?

Patrice: The fascist plutocrats took over the Roman Republic, and made it increasingly grotesquely horrible… Until the Roman empire became desperately dysfunctional in the time of the “Barrack emperors” of the Third Century. Soon the extremely ferocious teenager Constantine, son of his imperial father, having made himself emperor,  imposed Catholicism (which he considered to have invented, modestly defining himself as the “Thirteenth Apostle”).

Christian fanaticism, entangled with Constantine’s tyrannic rule, so cruel, he killed the individuals closer to him (except his mother, “Saint” Helena), got ever worse, and Christianism, driven by the Book of Apocalypse”, embarked on the fundamental Biblical mission of destroying civilization, necessary for the Second Coming of Christ. To this day, nearly completely destroying civilization is the greatest achievement of Christianism.

Thereafter, most of the philosophy, books, sciences, arts and even techniques of Antiquity were destroyed. Civilization got nearly annihilated, and saved, in extremis, by the Franks. The rest of the Roman empire was not that lucky, while the Frankish reconquista from Christian and Muslim theocracy, went on certainly for eight centuries, and, arguably, to this day (through descendant regimes such as all European powers, and their colonies, such as the USA).

Coming out of near implosion into terminal obscurantism, fascism, theocracy and plutocracy, the illusion that we have progressed so much. Nothing to celebrate without a twinge of horror. OK, we have come out of the abyss in which we had fallen. Is that “tremendous progress”?

But let Eugen roll:

Eugen R: Alexi, I assume you never lived in a country where the government terrorizes its citizens. Try to express your truth in one of the terror countries, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Try to say there, it is wrong not to let women to have education (about 50% of them are illiterate). Try to say something about freedom of faith. Communism was wiped out only 20 year ago, its leftovers are regimes like the one in N. Korea but also Cuba. You say, ……darkness is also part of human nature…. The question is not if darkness is part…… definitely is and nobody can deny it, but how do you fight it. In most of the cases the fight is with even more darkness.

Patrice: This is the point made in “Star Wars”. There is the Dark Side of the Force. That means there is a Bright Side to the force. Force, Bright or Dark, brutal or clever, is what characterizes humanity. Now it’s applied to the entire planet. We are terraforming Earth.

Alexi H: I have never lived in a terrorizing country. I did have terrorizing parents and an entrenched belief in a terrorizing Pentecostal God. I am a racial minority in a world that devalues everything I do because of my skin colour. We all have our challenges. In the end, it is arrogant for me to think you can make (force) people do what I think they should do or feel what I think they should feel. This is exactly the mindset of the dictator and I reject that thinking completely.

The best I can do is look at my inner signaling. I seek to elevate my own consciousness and change myself for the better. The next step is the social conversation. I share my thinking and values with others in the hope that they too will be inspired to change themselves for the better.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

“Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

Patrice: Martin Luther is the Kim Kardashian of thinking. He sold well obvious lies serving the violent men at the helm. Serious hatred is driven out only by force greater than it can muster. Claiming otherwise is showing off one’s ignorance of history, hence one’s ardent proclivity to repeat it.

Eugen R: Sorry Alexi, this time M.L.King had it wrong. The Nazis were defeated by Stalin, just because his cruelty did not have limits, while the Nazis limited their cruelty only to the non Germans. Without Stalin the Western powers would never stand against the Nazis.

Patrice: Without the Western powers, Stalin would have been defeated. The Nazis lost the Battle of Moscow (December 1941-January 1942) only because the Siberian army of 250,000 elite polar soldiers had been transported by train from East Siberia, once Stalin was sure that the Japanese were going to attack the USA, not the USSR. That army skied around the frozen Germans, enjoying the coldest winter in 50 years (same act of God already used with Napoleon to help Russia), and cut them from behind everywhere. The Nazis tried to retreat, but could not even dig holes in the rock solid icy ground using explosives and howitzers.

Western material help, through Murmansk and Iran, was enormous. It also brought crucial intelligence, thanks to code breaking, such as for the battle of Kursk (largest tank battle ever fought, the crucial stake through the Nazi vampire’s heart).

Alexi H: If you think about it carefully, the darkness of Hitler was replaced by the darkness of Stalin. This was true for the USSR, East Germany, East Berlin and most of East Europe. So Stalin did not drive out darkness, he just replaced it with his own dark shadow.

Patrice: Careful thinking in matters of causality requires correct chronology. Also Marxism itself, a German idea, was a maddening confusion between “capital” and “dictatorship”, thus justifying, and calling for, the “dictatorship of the proletariat”.

Eugen R: Alexi, Stalin was in control by 1923, ten years before Hitler (Lenin tried to stop him at the end of his life).

Patrice: Moreover, Hitler was not really in control before 1935 (when he persuaded the army to make him Chancellor-President).

German and Russian fascism were entangled since 1915. The German High Command, under Ludendorff’s personal direction,  ferried Lenin’s government across Germany from Switzerland in 1917. From early 1915, agent  “Parvus” (Israel Lazarevich Gelfand) channeled German government financial support to Lenin’s Bolsheviks. The support went on, even after Lenin took power. Sure enough, Lenin offered Eastern Europe to the Kaiser, and after a time of trouble post 1918, the Stalinists helped Germany to secretly rearm.

The French started the nuclear bomb program in 1938. Nobel Laureate Irene Curie was certain that a bomb could be made. The program went to Manhattan, in total secret to the Nazis, and total opening to Stalin. Hitler would have been nuclear bombed into submission. The French were first to bomb Berlin, in 1940, driving the Nazis into apoplectic fury.

EugenR: If we speak about destiny probably Hitler would survive even the nuclear bomb, as he survived about 30 assassination attempts. If to believe in God, here you have him. God is against humanism and humanity, and mainly against his “chosen people”.

As God misled His Own People, some Jewish rabies made a trial of God in some extermination camp, and their verdict was, Death penalty. But then after the verdict they went to the next ceremonial pray. The religion is not about morality (mostly in contrary), not about reality or evidence, not about belief in truth (I know many skeptic believers), not even about tribalism since there are religious newcomers, who did not grow in the tribal tradition.

It is all this about some false answers to questions of eternal life? It can be right for some, but not for everyone. So tell me, what it is all about? The faith in communism did not include even belief in eternal life, and still it has so many followers. It seems religion or faith is a need of the human spices to believe in some fundamental dogma, be it even an obvious lie, all it needs is enough followers, and supporters of a false idea. In a way to be a football club fun is also a religion.

Patrice: Hitler’s charmed lives have lots to do with the collaboration he was getting from Anglo-Saxon countries plutocratic governments, its intrinsic fellow souls (hence the very bad relationship of the French Republic with the USA, starting in 1934, and extending all the way to 2003, for the same sorts of reasons!)

Churchill had given explicit orders to not try to assassinate Hitler. Yet Hitler was a case where a particular guy, Hitler, was exerting a particularly evil influence. If any of the top Nazis had replaced Hitler, things would have improved. The same situation is happening with Assad.

(Notice in passing that when the British government wanted Reinhart Heydrich, official number two of the SS, and “Himmler’s brains”, assassinated, they made it so!)

Top German generals tried to incorporate the governments of Great Britain and the USA in a conspiracy to kill Hitler, arrest the Nazis, and avoid World War Two. Instead, they were denounced to Hitler… By the Anglo-Saxons. Hey, business is business, and business is the business of the USA, or, at least, its financial masters. Why would the USA help France, or Britain by helping German generals avoid a world war? Exasperated by his anti-Nazi ambassador, Dodd, a university of Chicago historian, who was plotting at the Tier Garten (zoo) with his friend the French ambassador, Francois-Poncet,  good plutocrat-president Roosevelt had him replaced by a pro-Nazi, and that was it.

At that point the top German generals could only deduce that the Anglo-Saxon governments were supporting Hitler’s aims, and were, objectively, his allies. They looked around, and saw that Stalin’s USSR, Mussolini’s Italy, Hiro Hito’s Japan were also supporting Hitler. France was completely isolated. The Jews were toast: they could only flee to South America, or… France.

However, had the German generals knew their history better, they would have realized that this was, again, the same exact trick as in 1914: France all alone, apparently isolated, with a world alliance pointed at her, and a friendly Uncle Sam ready for ever more business with fascist, racist imperial Germany.

What could go wrong?

Patrice Ayme’


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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever


Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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