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Pétain, Racism, Treason, Racist World Wars, USA, Macron: the Eternal Wheel of Hateful Infamy, & Smugly Ignorant Complicity

November 8, 2018

The young, yet arrogant merger and acquisition banker turned French president, Emmanuel Macron, decided to honor Marshall Petain. Parroting Chirac, Macron said Petain was a hero who made “funestes” (lethal) choices (funeste comes from the Latin “funus”, namely a burial…)

Macron’s infamy encountered an outcry, in particular from Jewish organizations.

Indeed Petain’s criminal organization (“government”) passed a number of racial laws in particular against the Jews.

Petain had succeeded to hold the German fascist invaders at Verdun in 1916. (France had plenty of other generals who could have done the same.)  

The Battle of Verdun fought from 21 February to 18 December 1916, was the largest and longest battle of the First World War on the Western Front between the German and French armies. The battle took place on the hills north of Verdun-sur-Meuse in north-eastern France. The German 5th Army attacked the defences of the Fortified Region of Verdun (RFV, Région Fortifiée de Verdun) and those of the French Second Army on the right bank of the Meuse. Inspired by the experience of the Second Battle of Champagne in 1915, the Germans planned to capture the Meuse Heights, an excellent defensive position with good observation for artillery fire on Verdun. The Germans hoped that the French would commit reserves to recapture the position and suffer catastrophic losses in a battle of annihilation, at little cost to the Germans in advantageous positions on the heights.

The Germans captured Fort Douaumont in the first three days of the offensive. The German advance slowed in the next few days. By 6 March, ​21 French divisions were in the RFV and a more extensive defence in-depth had been constructed. Pétain ordered that no withdrawals were to be made and that counter-attacks were to be conducted, despite exposing French infantry to fire from the German artillery. By 29 March, French artillery on the west bank had begun a constant bombardment of German positions on the east bank, which caused many German infantry casualties.

In August and December, French counter-offensives recaptured much of the ground lost on the east bank and recovered Fort Douaumont and Fort Vaux. The battle had lasted for 303 days, the longest and one of the most costly in human history. In 2000, Hannes Heer and K. Naumann calculated 377,231 French and 337,000 German casualties, a total of 714,231, an average of 70,000 a month. In 2014, William Philpott wrote of 976,000 casualties in 1916 and 1,250,000 suffered around the city during the war.

World War One had been launched deliberately by the German imperial fascists in early August 1914. Their aim had been to destroy France first, then Russia, and finally, after it got an army together, force Great Britain to surrender. However after smashing into Belgium, and crushing northern France, the racist fascist invaders suffered a brilliant counterattack at the First Battle of the Marnes between 6 September and 13 September 1914.

Fascist German Troops Fighting the French REPUBLIC At Verdun, France, 1916. Ultimately more than 1.2 million casualties at Verdun alone, in a radius of a few kilometers.

French Commander In Chief Joffre was able to bring General Michel-Joseph Maunoury’s newly-formed Sixth Army into line northeast of Paris and to the west of the BEF. Using these two forces, he planned to attack on September 6. On September 5, Kluck learned of the approaching enemy and began to wheel his First Army west to meet the threat posed by the French Sixth Army. In the resulting Battle of the Ourcq, Kluck’s men were able to put the French on the defensive. While the fighting prevented the Sixth Army from attacking the next day, it did open a 50 kilometer (30-mile) gap between the First and Second German Armies.

Utilizing the new technology of aviation, French reconnaissance planes quickly spotted this gap and reported it to Joffre. Moving to exploit the opportunity, Joffre ordered General Franchet d’Espérey’s French Fifth Army and the BEF into the gap. As these forces moved to isolate the German First Army, Kluck continued his attacks against Maunoury. Composed largely of reserve divisions, the Sixth Army came close to breaking but was reinforced by troops brought from Paris by taxicab, buses and other motorized vehicles on September 7. On September 8, the aggressive d’Espérey launched a large-scale attack on Bülow’s Second Army driving it back.

By the next day, both the German First and Second Armies were being threatened with encirclement and destruction. Told of the threat, Moltke suffered a nervous breakdown. (The breakdown lasted months and was kept secret; Moltke had been the main fascist behind the foolhardy German attack onto the world and civilization.) 

During that week on the Marnes, 80,000 French troops died, and so did 68,000 Germans. (1,700 British, fighting under French command, also died.; the BEF, equivalent to a French army corps was not aggressive, because of its commander, also named… French. That enabled the german invaders to escape…)

The German retreat at the Marnes marked the abandonment of the Schlieffen Plan, that sneak attack on civilization. Overall German commander, and war plotter Moltke is said to have reported to the Kaiser: “Your Majesty, we have lost the war.” In the aftermath of the battle, both sides dug in and four years of stalemate ensued.

I went into some length about the First Battle of the Marnes to explain that, relative to these great feats, by great generals, in a war of movement, Pétain’s work pales into obscurity: his main battle, Verdun, was one of fortresses. One kilometer here, one kilometer there… But there is worse.


So yes, Pétain was a hero at Verdun. But he was put there, under orders from higher-ups in the French hierarchy. Pétain was following orders. He organized supply lines (Voie Sacree), got French soldiers executed.

When I heard of Macron’s temporary collapse of reason, I sent a message to a number of organizations.

Marshall Pétain obeyed at Verdun. However, when dictator of France, he chose to set up racist anti-Jewish laws. A crime against humanity. Pétain also agreed to a pro-Nazi ceasefire in June 1940, instead of pursuing the war from Algeria (Nazis couldn’t seize that). So he is a Nazi traitor to France & civilization, worthy of death!

Pétain was indeed condemned to death in 1946, and struck with national indignity.

Let me repeat my points:

  1. When Pétain was a hero, he was actually not just executing soldiers, but executing orders. Executing soldiers? The orders not to retreat were given using the old Roman method of executing those who disobeyed.
  2. When Pétain was on his own, in June 1940, he betrayed, first the Republic (France was a Republic fighting a lethally racist invading tyranny, the natural scion of the despicable tyranny of 1914… Not to speak of the holocaust in Namibia earlier…). Then Pétain betrayed civilization with his racial laws.  

In 1940, France had been the victim of her own commander-in-chief, who didn’t see the trap Hitler and the German High Command had led him in (although his second in command told him it was a possibility). A number of incredible coincidences made the situation worse (for example the absence of the Second Armored British division, which was supposed to be where the Nazi tanks passed). In 40 days the Battle of France (as it came to be known) caused 360,000 dead or wounded French soldiers, and around 164,000 casualties on the Nazi and Italian side (a bit more than 6,000 Italian died, and more than 50,000 Nazis).

Considering perhaps the callous disregard the USA showed for the peril in which France and britain, its parents, were. Pétain called for a ceasefire.

Asking for a ceasefire with the Nazis in 1940 was a mistake: it made the French empire weak, when it was far from defeated. The French fleet and French aviation were ultramodern, mostly intact and in great numbers. Retreating to North Africa, they could have prevented indefinitely the Nazis to get to Africa (the British, with much smaller forces than the French had, all by themselves, succeeded to nearly do so).   

Paradoxically, by holding Africa (and the Middle East), the French Republic would have been in better situation to protect French citizens in occupied France.

But then, of course, the population of France in 1939 was less than in 1914. Thanks to the butchery of WWI. Many French didn’t feel like dying for another war whose great and only victor was going to be the USA again… French die, US profits. (And you tell me Trump is bad? Relative to what?)

So why didn’t Pétain choose that route? Because he was a racist (against Jews, at the very least). A closet Nazi. It’s also for the same reason that De Gaulle, also a racist (this one against North Africans), was so fond of Pétain’s memory.

Actually, Pétain was filth. He should be celebrated as such. And only as such. His glory in WWI is nothing: it was ordered to him. Pétain clearly deserved death much more than King Louis XVI. Ah, but then, Macron said France couldn’t get over the execution of the king (although Britain clearly had). And that France still longed for a king… So, if Louis XVI was not that culprit, then neither was Pétain…

US citizens, reading all this, could smirk: who cares? Well, the French Republic, and her multiethnic empire twice saved the world by fighting to death German lethally racist fascism in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. Pétain was Hitler’s soulmate. It’s important to be able to distinguish who was with Adolf and his ilk, and who was against.

The USA played a crucial Deus Ex Machina role in both world wars, encouraging & enabling lethal fascist German racist militarism in many ways. Now many (pseudo-) progressives in the USA vent hatred at Trump. As if Trump were culprit of what the USA did for real with its German proxy in 1914-45! It’s clearly unconscious, but those (pseudo) progressives would gain in power if they knew what truly happened, in the real world of real fascism and real racism, and how US plutocracy enacted its hatred.

In 1914-1917, the USA helped the Kaiser (and then did a 180 degrees as it became clear France and Britain were going to win). In 1933-1941, the USA and its plutocracy helped Hitler (and arguably more, as many US firms collaborated with Hitler, throughout the war… IBM, for example, from New York, through Geneva, kept on managing all the computers of Nazi Germany, all the way to May 8, 1945…)

Those who judge others, as if they knew history, should learn it first.

To finish with the traitor Pétain, traitor to France, the Republic, civilization and humanity, rightly condemned to death and national indignity. Pétain’s greatest glory in WWI was to order shot to death panicked soldiers, to make French soldiers fear their own generals more than the robotic racist fascists they were fighting. The least that could have been done, was to give him some of his own medicine, all the way. (Some, who were much less culprit than Pétain were executed; France executed up to 40,000 Nazi collaborators in 1944-45-46…)

Because it was not done, now we have ignorant, arrogant twerps telling us Pétain was a great man, at some point. One can be great, according to Macron, although one engaged in racist genocide. If Pétain had been executed, as he should have been, Macron would have reviewed his copy, before uttering his racist drivel.

Patrice Ayme



The French REPUBLIC suffered 1.4 million KIA and 4.2 million wounded, including 15,000 “gueules cassees”, soldiers with atrociously destroyed faces.  Ten billion letters between French soldiers and loved ones were exchanged.


Mathematical Terror

May 7, 2016

Mathematics is dangerous. It has endowed a creature from the Sol system to acquire ever greater powers, including jumping off planet. Fortunately for the future of cockroaches, idiots are striking back. Contemplate the following: an associate professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania was doing what I have done for longer than him: scribbling equations. Then…

This Post Was Deleted. Why? Fear Of Fighting Back? Fear That The Expression Of Fighting Back Is Too Offensive To The Idiots?

This Post Was Deleted. Why? Fear Of Fighting Back? Fear That The Expression Of Fighting Back Is Too Offensive To The Idiots?

Our world is doomed… Except if it is saved by the honor of the human spirit, raw intelligence unleashed. That will entail partial differential equations propelled deep down inside by the most revolutionary philosophy.

The power of the mind has never been greater. This can be seen: watch Obama and Clinton lie about who they helped under their watch (hint: the most useless financial  types, the hedge fund managers, the brokers, those who are behind Brexit). How do they do that? By hiding behind the complexity of Quantitative Easing (what they did was Quantitative Easing for the useless part of finance… Instead of Quantitative Easing for We The People).

This can be seen: watch Putin invading Georgia, Ukraine, chuckling about his “little green men”, denying they are Russian soldiers and then confirming that, indeed, they are.

Hitler used to laud what he called the “Big Lie” technique. Correctly, though, Big Lies should build Big Faith. Hitler observed that: “It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” Now we have the Big Hypnosis technique. It requires collaboration not just from the Main Stream Media, but the entire intellectual class. Take for example the fascination for novels: what can novels do that this crazy world is not already doing? Indeed, this is why (good) science fiction is precious: because it looks at possible worlds, instead of just arcane details of Conventional Wisdom.

People are fearing Islam, while having been told it was racism to do so. Islam has become a division of the minds.

Meanwhile, in the French Republic, Joan of Arc is getting ever more popular. There, once again, just as with Islam, Obama, Quantitative Easing, it’s all about not knowing what really happened, or what is going on. Ironically, it is the same problem as with Brexit. The real problems in today’s Great Britain have little to do with the European Union. Similarly what Joan of Arc helped to solve was the alliance between London and Paris: Joan of Arc was a Brexiter with a sword, who hacked her way into Paris, so as to separate Paris from London. I told you: reality beats fiction.

But how does one learn real history, and real facts, when all what matters is the fake passion of sports scores? The other day, I passed by a public transportation bus in a large city, and, where the destination should have been written, instead could be seen in huge letters: “Go Warriors!” I never heard of “Warriors” before. Obviously the local sport team. All I know is that this was free public advertising on public transportation. Governments carefully organize fake passions to divert attention from what they are doing. They, their friends, clients, bosses and patrons.

Menzio denounced a “broken system that does not collect information efficiently.” He is troubled by the ignorance of his fellow passenger, as well as “A security protocol that is too rigid–in the sense that once the whistle is blown everything stops without checks–and relies on the input of people who may be completely clueless.”

Mr. Menzio adds: “What might prevent an epidemic of paranoia? It is hard not to recognize in this incident, the ethos of [Donald] Trump’s voting base.” Education my dear Menzio, education. So how come average US citizens are so ignorant? Could it have to do, by any chance with educational inequality? And even “Cognitive Inequality“?

However, professor Menzio works in a university system where people have to pay a fortune to attend, and Mr. Menzio is happy to get a much higher salary than he would get in his native Italy, so his complaints about ignorance are (unwittingly, or should I say cluelessly) hypocritical.

Mr. Menzio complains about ignorance, but he seems himself blissfully ignorant of the fact that he is himself part of the system which generates ignorance, the plutocratic university system, where, to attend, one needs more, in tuition, than the median family income. He can write all the PDEs he wants, but, without the correct philosophy, they cannot bring real understanding of the socioeconomy.

In Isaac Asimov’s first novel, which he wrote in his teens, a planet in a six suns system does not ever know night. A rather primitive (human) civilization eeks a living… until, as astronomers predicted, at a particular time, all suns are on one side, and night comes. Then the savages make a mob, and go kill the astronomers. This could very well be our future if we don’t react fiercely to the savages who confuse beautiful monuments of the past, as in Palmira, or differential equations, as the work, even the world, of the devil.

But reacting fiercely means terminally offending the savages. Tolerance cannot extend to the intolerant ones. This is where it becomes delicate and subtle. It is not just the Devil who is in the details, it is also philosophy itself.

Patrice Ayme’



Vice Has Many Parents, It’s Not Just Mothered By Ignorance

July 19, 2015

Vice has many parents, INCLUDING KNOWLEDGE, And Thirst Thereof:

Doctor Rabelais said, five centuries ago: “L’ignorance est la mere de tous les vices.” That naivety was a social, civilizational and juridical error well known to the Romans, which Sade corrected stridently. The broadly educated professor Rabelais wanted to foster knowledge. That meant to destroy the power of the Church (to which Rabelais belonged, as a Franciscan monk).

The Church, the Bible, Jesus, Mohammed, the Qur’an all insist that disobeying (Allah) is the source of all vice. Rabelais said: no. Instead, being brought up affectionately by ignorance is where viciousness comes from.

Rabelais Made The Church Grotesque

Rabelais Made The Church Grotesque

However the truth is more sinister: ignorance mothers most vices, in otherwise good people.  Yet, there are also plenty of bad people out there, motivated not by ignorance, but by knowledge.

Those cognoscenti can be motivated by Vengeance, Imagined Victimization, The Will To Power, the Will To Extermination, Cruelty, Sadism. Those emotions are not the children of ignorance. Far from it. They are children of knowledge.

That was a point of the Marquis De Sade. This is one reason why many of his anti-heroes are politicians: they know human nature, and, during their vacations, torture people, to foster this knowledge some more. Far from protecting from vice, knowlege, and the thirst for knowledge, can attract vice.

Sade’s heroine Justine, is more successful, the more wicked she gets, thus demonstrating that viciousness rules not just logic, but apparently the universe (the point the Cathars had already made, on a grandiose scale).

Many people will whine that such moral turpitude could not possibly be. Sade had got to be a very bad person for just having such an idea to tarnish all of humanity with. The idea that knowledge can be criminogene, and vicious is intrinsic to man. Napoleon agreed: he imprisoned Sade, for life, because the philosopher had caricatured the dictator and his countess of a spouse (the plutophile creole Josephine). Yet those ideas were the central principle of the Roman Republic, and the religion it brought forth, Christianism.

The very fact that the 99% do not want to understand what Sade pointed out, that vice was a central part of human nature, and that having plenty of knowledge could make someone more, rather than less, prone to vice, enables the banksters to own the world, and to claim that all the problems with finance have to do with their victims, the … Greeks, and not at all with those bankers who stole, with a little bit of help from their plutocratic friends, all the money.

Ignorance enables the exploitation of the 99% by the .1%. Cruelty, Will to Power, Metaphysical Denial, the rage of the Dark Side, explain the motivation of the .1%. Denying the latter, the vices which motivate the .1%, enables to deny the former, that there is an exploitation by the .1%, that we are all Greece. It’s a sort of religion of cluelessness.

Among the sheep, there is happiness in congregating around simple, time honored ways.

Patrice Ayme’

Ignorance As Capital Sin

October 1, 2012


The really optimistic bask in bad news, the erroneously pessimistic cling to daddy, that is Father Christmas, Christ, God, Muhammad, Huitzilopochtli. Is daddy all what the superstitious cling to? Or is the clinging to infantile superstition part of the vertiginous intoxication of the herd with erroneous mental strategies, most favorable to those inclined to rule, and the cruel brutes in their service? Yes to all! Even bacteria have found those tricks.

Many are the reasons to be opposed to superstitious religions. Today I will focus on just one.

The respect, love, and tolerance of ignorance, excuses all, even the greatest crimes. It’s intrinsic to superstition. And enough to nail the Christian moral system:

“Forgive Them, Because They Know Not What They Do. Most Convenient Excuse Ever.”

Aztec philosophers told the Conquistadores that brandishing torture to death as the symbol of their religion of proclaimed love was outrageous. The conquistadores agreed. They removed the squirming Christ from the crosses of Mexico.


Ignorance is the perfect justification for murder. If a brute wants to commit a great crime, an unjust war, he can be a Christian, hide in the Bush, and join the Legate of the Pope proclaiming:“Tuez-les tous, Dieu reconnaitra les siens.” “Kill them all, God will recognize his own.”

The occasion for this all encompassing, fundamentally Christian declaration was the crusade against the mighty County of Toulouse (1209-1255 CE). Toulouse was a Roman Republic in all but name. The Pope could only hate a secular Republic that admitted one could NOT tell on which side of the devil the Catholic church was.

That particular crusade against the original Protestants killed one million innocent French victims. Crusades were not just something to kill Jews and Orientals with, and steal their riches. Crusades was something plutocrats did to whoever they could do it to. (In the end the Crusades backfired: the church came out of them fighting with itself, and so many nobles died, they were washed out by history next.)

On the internet nowadays the feeble minded herd is in full evidence, warts and all. Its ugly stampeding nature resonates all over. Anonimity allows the greatest cheating. There are actually companies making false reviews (they typically dispatch their employees to make false comments from cyber cafes, so that’s untraceable). That is punished by law in some countries (Suisse).

A strident woman claimed that Obama’s ambassador in Libya was killed because he, Obama, was in the process of invading this peaceful land.

I pointed out that the truth was dramatically the other way around. She then hurled at me in public the intriguing theory that I was, obviously, a woman who had suffered abuse in my childhood. Living in denial of Obama’s ongoing invasion of Africa had led her to discover who I was. On the way, she boasted that she had been herself abused, it took one to know one. Narcissism and exhibitionism are strong Internet medecines.

Here is another example of Internet infantilism. Someone insinuated that World War One happened because: …”The government faced two choices: ban the use of coal or impose further restrictions. And then, by a curious set of circumstances, World War I happened, and people had something more urgent to think about. After the dust had settled, the pollution question seemed to have been forgotten… Again: coincidence?”

The real truth is more sobering. There was a  true conspiracy, but not about coal pollution. That was fully documented in several ways. I commented about what really happened:

“War was decided, in December 1912, by four Prussian Staff generals, the top guys, and very reluctantly agreed by the two top admirals. Then the American presidency pushed, very secretly, the Kaiser to war in May 1914. France and Britain did not see the war coming.”[Note 1]

An anonymous Don Quixote named “Lionel” snapped: @ Patrice Ayme: “France and Britain did not see it coming etc!
And your sources to back up that astonishing bit of information are….? Suddenly a flat earth seems more probable.”

The Internet is all about quoting “sources“. Bacteria, individually are weak, and stupid, but they form bacterial mats or film, full of channels, and then they are hard to destroy, even with antibiotics. They are still stupid, but very strong as a mass.

Much of the Internet consists into morons linked to each other like bacterial films. Not only do Islamists networks and American neocretins organize themselves that way. In 2012 Wikipedia told Philip Roth that he was no authority on… Philip Roth; if he wanted to be taken seriously, about Philip Roth, he, Roth Philip, would have to quote sources on Philip Roth. It’s all about sources, not basic facts and elementary logic. It’s all about quoting those who, most often, have a perverse interest to spread disinformation.

The madness of the crowds is well known. The nastiness of crowds, even more striking, is a close relative. “Lionel” apparently subscribes to the well known disinformation that war was intrinsic to imperialism in general, and also to France, Britain, Germany. In other words World War One was not about a fascist Prussian plutocracy attacking democracy, it was about something else, whatever it is, denied by morons like me. Anything but the truth.

Indeed it’s rather inconvenient to observe that, in the most literate country, a fascist plutocracy could be so much in command of men’s hearts, that it could launch a world war as if it were a weekend excursion. And an entire nation would goose step behind. I replied this to his brutishness: 

@ Lionel: Why do you need to insult me? I am a physicist, not a flat earth person.

That France and Britain did not see the attack of August 1914 coming is a historical fact. If they had seen it coming, they would have been more ready. That you do not know that they did not expect war does not make it less so, and does not give you a right to assault those who know, when you do not, by calling them morons.

Verily, the French Republic and Great Britain did not see the First World War coming. To wit:

Britain had “no army”. Lord Kitchener, recalled precipitously from Egypt, confirmed this in a famous joke, after being named Secretary for War. As he contemplated the seven British divisions. [Note 2.]

Great Britain was all into Irish problems, up to the end of July. Reading the British press of the times shows this. The entire British army in Europe, or in the world, consisted of the equivalent of just one French army corps.

France was expecting a war so little in the summer of 1914, that the entire French government was out on vacation. When it was clear the Prussians had ordered a full mobilization, and were going to attack, the under-secretary of agriculture in Paris had to decide, on his own, to order General Mobilization. Most of the French government was on a boat, incommunicado.

When the Prussians attacked, the surprise was so great that the Grande Duchesse du Luxembourg, not too clear about what was going on, put her large limousine across a bridge in a determined attempt to stop the Teutonic horde.

Even the Austrians were surprised when Berlin ordered them to declare war to the democracies. Vienna, horrified, resisted for several days the pressure from the Prussian General Staff (so much for the Sarajevo assassination being the direct cause of WWI; its role was mostly indirect, as the Austro-Hungarian heir was the closest friend to the Kaiser, and determined to keep the peace no matter what; once he was dead the greatest obstacle to Prussian militarism was gone).

It is not a strange thing when people who are completely ignorant hide their ignorance below insult and offense. Ignorance is one of the sins the Bible does not recognize. An unrecognized sin is a healthy sin, it can keep on devouring the spirit.

The failure to recognize ignorance for the sin it is makes the Christian moral system quaint, obsolete. Christianity makes ignorance into an innocence. It should not be, as Christ famously said while rubbing his behind: “Forgive them father, because they know not what they do!”

But it should be, now and thereafter: “Forgive them NOT, for protecting their crass ignorance below furious aggressivity, and leveraging their lack of knowledge into personal abuse.”

I am used to critters insulting me because their (lack of) knowledge, a precious flower they are cultivating, and that rose can only be defended by equating facticity to flat earth.

One should stop just searching for authority, and a hyperlink to it, instead of thinking by oneself. What’s my source for 1 +1 =2? I am sure some will ask malignantly. They got me there, I must confess my ignorance. I cannot provide with the “sources”. Sorry, it’s just something I know.

Anybody can access the British press archives of July 1914. Look at the front page of the Times of London, seven days before Earl Grey went to the House of Commons to request a war declaration against the fascist Reich.

A week earlier, the front page of the Times of London was all about Ireland (by then the fascist generals in Berlin had closed their trap, their plans were unfolding like clockwork. They had even sent the Kaiser away in vacation incommunicado, under false pretense, because they were afraid that His Majesty would stop them, after He realized the enormity of what was going to happen, namely a deliberate world war, and against the empire His own grandmother he admired so much, Queen Victoria, reigned over so long).

Yes, France and Britain did not see World War One coming, and it was a sneak deliberate attack. [Note 3 on Asia.]

Malevolent ignorant brutes are worse than malevolent knowledgeable brutes. Why? Because the ignorant ones think they are righteous, whereas the knowledgeable ones at least know that they are in the wrong. I also know that there are two types of ignorance: the one from happenstance, and the one from a willful cover-up, when ignorance itself is viewed as power, something to be desired that is deliberately cultivated, as the Little Prince does with his rose.

Why is ignorance so desired? Because the herd is ignorant, and welcomes only those so endowed. low mental power is cheap and comfortable. It just does not tolerate interruptions. A bonus is that those who stampede with the herd are mighty.

So far, though, real history, made of real facts, always won, in the end. All what’s left of the efforts of morons is that their little cover-ups and non sequiturs become themselves part of history.

So who invented the myth that the two democracies, France and Britain caused World War One, just as much the fascist Reich? Well, the same malevolent ones who created the myth that the Versailles Treaty caused Nazism… The same ones who are finding fascism superior to democracy, the same ones who much prefer plutocracy to our better angels. The same ones who feel that cruelty is how to get even, or even how to get ahead. The spiritual equivalent of bacterial film: strong, stupid, and nothing human about it.

Saint Paul and company were careful to incorporate the “Logos” within the core of Christianism. It’s also known as the “Verb” and “Holy Spirit”. They had too, lest the resistance of the Neo-Platonists to their fascist friendly superstition would be too great. But speech without knowledge is pure intellectual fascism. (And the fascist side is what seduced the Roman emperors in the version of Christianism they imposed.)

Verily, the essence of humanity is the generous striving for the truth. The Will to Truth is the core of the evolutionary morality hard wired into us, and no superstition can claim to be fully moral without it. [Note 4.]


Patrice Ayme


Note 1: Why was the Prussian General staff and German plutocracy so desirous of war? Their explicit reasoning was that time was working against Prussian fascism, when the ever more powerful French Republic was helping the quick democratization and industrialization of Russia. The admirals were against the war, because they knew the Royal Navy, especially with the French “Royale”, could not be defeated.

Note 2: Lord Kitchener, upon being named Secretary of War, August 1914: “No one can say my colleagues in the Cabinet are not courageous. They have no Army and they declared war against the mightiest military nation in the world.” Kitchener told a startled cabinet that the war would last at least three years, and that Britain needed to rise immediately a million man army. Kitchener died in combat, 22 months later, when his ship sank off Orkney after hitting a German mine.

Note 3: In the same vein, if some incident occurs in Asia, and a war starts, it will be because of the deliberate policy of China in search of a Lebensraum at sea. It will not be a bout whatever tiny incident will be construed as of great significance. And that, the Lebensraum, aggressivity-towards-others in turn will a repetition of the fascist plutocratic mental syndrome, in the German Second Reich style. I have long held to that theory, and I was pleased to see The Economist rolling it out on its front cover in September 2012. Complete with how little Chinese minds are molded into hatred. Same as little German minds, a century ago.

Note 4: Do I know what morality means? Yes. The word was coined by the (lawyer-Consul) courageous philosopher Cicero (later assassinated by one of Cleopatra’s boyfriends), from the Latin mos (gen. moris) “one’s disposition”. Certainly hundreds of millions of years of evolution have engraved our disposition.

The Euro Is A Trap For American Supremacy.

April 30, 2010


Abstract: Driven by impotent tribalism, some American economists have gone over the deep end about Europe. This is serious, because these are the same people who advise the Obama administration to pursue a zero interest rate policy (which advantages huge banks and Wall Street, but only encourages the little guys to get more in debt, while punishing the little savers, while not bringing real jobs back).

In other words, the European case shows that many American economists, even among those who, like Krugman, have been on the right side on health care or the stimulus, have a clear propensity to talk loud and clear about what they know not, because of their active anti-Europeanism.


American economists award themselves profusely with an imitation Nobel Prize, to be taken seriously. Here is yet another rant of Paul Krugman against the Euro, mocking “European economists”, etc… Never mock, if you do not want to be mocked back. Says Krugman, abstracting himself in the comments section:


“When Greece, Portugal and Spain joined the euro zone, they put themselves in a policy straitjacket. Now they face a debt crisis. There is a lesson here.”


Cute. What an impressive set of sentences. This is written for general readership in the New York Times, and will be reprinted throughout the USA, and innocent children will read it, unbeknownst of the bare facts, and how they logically articulate. Or not.

Krugman’s turn of sentences gives the impression that joining the Eurozone had to do with being crazy (“straitjacket” is the garment restraining those who foam at the mouth in a mental asylum), and that joining the Eurozone created a debt crisis.

This is completely erroneous. A deliberate lie, in other words. And it is hard to see how it could: the Eurozone regulations specify a maximum of 3% current yearly public debt, relative to GDP, and a low maximum total public debt. As it turns out, individuals in the Greek administration conspired with the gang at Goldman Sachs to lie to Eurostat, the statistical institution in charge of checking the finances of Euro members, which is based in Luxembourg.

Krugman finishes his editorial with a magnificent demonstration of his misunderstanding of the European Union. He pontificates thus: “And when crisis strikes, governments need to be able to act. That’s what the architects of the euro forgot — and the rest of us need to remember.”

No, the architects of Europe did not forget what it means when “governments need to be able to act… when crisis strikes”. It means war, and devaluations have often preceded wars, indeed. The whole idea of the European union, precisely, is that the governments of the various states are NOT able to act to do whatever when a crisis strikes. When governments in Europe could do whatever they please, the USA was king of the world. The plutocracy of the USA, if not its government could set up business with fascist regimes, and undermine the democracies. And they did. In Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain… and Germany.

But this era of wars partly telerobotized by predators from Washington and New York is over, so neoconservative economists for USA supremacy such as Krugman (who used to be, with Larry Summers an architect of “Morning in America” of Ronald Reagan, hence my carefully considered adjective of “neoconservative”) are now increasingly sad and spastic.

Hence Krugman’s basic anti-European rant, understanding totally nothing, except irrelevant superficialities. The euro is here to prevent war in Europe, not to please the USA. And the euro is still massively overvalued, relative to the dollar. Let the “euro crisis” go on! Of course, as the euro plunges, so will the economy of the USA: imagine, if the euro was where it ought to be, at parity, BMWs, VWs and Audis, Mercedes, Airbuses, French cars, Eurocopters, launches on the Arianne rocket, European nuclear power plants, Very High Speed trains from Alstom and Siemens, and countless other machines and devices would be one third less expensive… with the same profit margins, as seen from the EU (the EU has more large companies than the USA). The economy of the USA, already reeling from having given all its money to gangsters, would definitively collapse. No wonder Obama asked Kanzler Merkel to do something (but she has crucial elections within 2 weeks, and, after years of austerity in Germany, people there are, understandably, little inclined to work more than the Greeks, to serve the Greeks… and moreover there is the problem of the massive fraud perpetrated by Goldman Sucks).

It does not come to Krugman’s mind that maybe, just maybe, we are also dealing here with European politicians (especially French ones) who try to change, and fix a few things, such as French retirement at 60, and German over-exportation inside the EU itself. The PIIGS (= “Portugal Ireland Italy Greece Spain”) crisis will allow to address these problems, through a discourse AROUND Greece. If Greece has to fix its retirement system, so does France. If Germany has no one to sell its goods to, because Greece is broke, maybe Germany ought to buy more of its own goods, as stiff lipped French officials pointed out.

All what Krugman knows is that devaluation is good, union is bad. In other words: Weimar republic good, Eurozone bad. In the early 1920s. the Weimar republic, in a plot with Wall Street, had let the German currency collapse, to keep a comparative advantage over France, instead of repairing the deliberate damage and sabotage of a huge portion of France, French mines, industry, infrastructure, and castles the retreating and surrendering German imperial army had just perpetrated. In particular Germany had deliberately destroyed hundreds of thousands of telephone poles, and refused to replace them in sufficient numbers. Exasperated, France and Belgium invaded, and soldiers of African origins bred with German women, causing great revulsion in Germany, hence Nazism. Or so said the Nazis… but I digress. Let’s go back to our war monger at hand, the American Reaganite Krugman… (One should set up a Reaganites’ Anonymous associations where addicts to profiteerism would confess and self criticize.)

Devaluations are horrible, it’s not just deflations which are bad. Greece and company will get some guidance from steady hands. The IMF is called in, but it is led by the most prominent French socialist (who would handily crush Sarkozy in a French presidential election, according to polls).

Devaluations have caused horrible wars in Europe, but Krugman, like most Americans did not study history, enough, so he plain does not know, and says whatever.

By the way, French financial institutions, banks and insurance companies, are the most exposed (the German total exposure is second). It would not change ANYTHING if those institutions had invested in a Greek currency: they would still be dangerously exposed just the same, and the French and German governments would need to intervene.

Actually, Greece’s membership in the Eurozone decreases the potential of a nasty default. And why did the French, and German, and other northern Europeans lend so much to Greece? Well so that Greece could purchase goods and services made in northern Europe.

Krugman calls the euro a “trap”. Indeed, the euro is a trap. For the supremacy of the USA.

Today Belgium found the guts to outlaw tent like outfits for women, in the guise of religion, that was much more important than the Greek problem, and the proof that Europe addresses the most important questions.

Please would American economists mind their gangsters in high finance… Instead of being ravaged with Euro envy… And the fear that the same ardor to punish Greece be extended someday, should it not be stopped right away, to California (say), which is not a in a much better situation. Meanwhile the Obama’s administration silly target of doubling exports in five years, is showing itself to be the silliness it is (with the euro going down, it’s European exports that will go up).

But it is not Obama who is to blame, as much as the poor instruction that American economists received when they were students, and apparently seriously not studying enough history.




P/S:  The euro was a calculated French creation obtained in exchange for the reunification of Germany. Although I do not like French president Mitterrand, it was his idea, and certainly by far the best he ever had.

There are about 27 countries in the EU, for 500 million people, on an area the size of the American West, they can’t all use their own currency, it is as simple as that. Not anymore than the USA could use 50 different currencies (remember, when you are driving a truck, and cross several countries in one shift, you would have a serious problem, if you had to keep all the currencies in your pocket!)

Hubris As Laziness, Economy Of Intelligence.

October 10, 2009



Abstract: The USA used to be proud, independent, self reliant. For example, 100% of US planes flying in the USA used to be made in the USA. But now only fast shrinking small portions of new planes are. Even getting to space is becoming a problem, for the USA. The proverbial ‘rocket scientist’ is becoming an endangered species, at least in the USA (not so in Russia, Europe, China, India).

Why is this diminution of American technological expertise happening? Some will say: not so, look at all the American Nobel Prizes! But a closer inspection shows that many came from overseas, and have dual citizenships: long ago, they followed the gold, and went where the labs were.

All serious objectives criterions show a serious devaluation of education, both in money circulating through it (too much going to private bankers instead), and in the regard the society has for mental achievements. How did this happen? Well, the simultaneous rise of hubris in the oligarchy is related to the decay of intelligence and education. (This hubris is expressed by far flung wars through false reasons, as if having a war for breakfast goes well with croissants, and as if having too much money for the oligarchy was a sustainable feat.)

I explain the strange decay of education, while the oligarchy rose, and the explanation exhibits a mental complex that played in other times and places (the educational decay of the USA also shows up in other advanced large economies, such as France, although not to the same extent; conversely many small economies with big ambition, such as Finland, have done extremely well, by throwing money and consideration at the problem.)


Education in the USA used to be one of the best in the world, and the superiority of the USA rested on it. Nowadays, though, it is approaching gravitational collapse. Although Obama made a very laudable effort, the collapse of the states’ educational budgets has made matter worse, overall.

The word "collapse" is not an exaggeration. An example: the budget of the University of California, once the world’s top public educational institution, was cut by more than 800 million out of a total of 3.2 billion (a cut of 25% qualifies as a collapse, in my opinion). Now, sure, California is led by an Austrian born body builder, whose father was a Nazi and SA: thus one may suspect that Californian leaders are not selected for a propensity to high mental achievements. In the last year, at least 40,000 teachers’ jobs were cut in the USA (some say up to 143,000). What is clear is that a few top traders at Goldman Sachs, a government bank, privately managed, will share 20 billion dollars in bonuses of public, taxpayer money, while teachers working at some prestigious universities cannot afford a home on their salaries alone.

Now, of course, for saving Goldman-Sachs and allowing the top traders there to pursue their notion of happiness, same as they did before, his greatest achievement so far, Barack Obama amply deserves the Nobel prize in economics, but that’s another story…

The decay of education in the USA is directly related to the rise of hubris of its exaggerated oligarchy. In three ways:

First, the more uneducated the oligarchy, the more hubristic it gets. Second, the more uneducated the People, the easier the rise and reign of the oligarchy. Third, and more subtle of them all, hubris is fundamentally a form of mental laziness. Hubris displaces the intelligent, adapted answer, the expression of a fresh brain, and replaces it by rote and trying to violently force through what has worked before… even when it does not work anymore.

Intelligent creatures, when they got safe, comfortable and lazy long enough to forget the advantages intelligence provides with, prefer this, being mentally lazy, because the brain devours more than 20% of the body’s energy. Thus few things are more tiring than re-arranging one’s brain. Hence it is understandable, and usual, that particularly successful societies tend to suffer mental collapses into hubris. Not just this, but the very attraction of mental laziness, drawing the People towards the bovine, is best realized by putting an oligarchy in increasing charge. So the People is accomplice in its own future oppression, and finds bovine comfort in it. This is the mental phenomenon that led the Roman empire to decay, and actually one of the main reasons for the rise of empires.

A really sustainable society is therefore organized so as to provide with a minimum of internal strife, be it only of a mental character. Bovine contemplation does not sit well with a healthy human society. The USA has to learn that arguing -presenting arguments- is not just healthy in all ways, but also a life saver, especially at the civilizational level.

The concept of "transformation" is brandished a lot in the USA these days. Positive transformation, progress, means applying more intelligence and that can only rise through more education. Education means a huge societal effort, led by the government. It cannot be led privately alone. Anti-government propaganda in the USA, on the very merit of the concept of government of the People by the People, prevents this, though. education is the first victim.

Patrice Ayme