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Pluto Propaganda Censors Critics Of Obama The Great

July 8, 2019

Anti-Trump Pundits, Lying About What Their True Aim, Use Methods Which Should Be Illegal: Censoring Comments….

Machiavellianism is doing something for all to see, to get what one is truly looking for, the opposite effect.

Everybody asks me: who do you think will win the presidential election? The answer should be: which ideas do you think should win the next presidential election? Trump’s answer is: America First and MAGA. That will win the election… Except if better ideas can be imposed… Say America First and MEGA (Make Earth Great Again).  

The reason Brexit is such a mess, is that British media lied for so long, that the British public can’t even feel, let alone think, right anymore.

Brits are now a bit like those Germans who believed all their problems came from the Jews and the French. 2019: Boris Johnson, the future PM, said ‘I’m wrenching Britain out of Europe, I think the French are turd…” 

The point of view that all what ailed Germany were the French and the Jews (and the Poles, etc.) was so prevalent before 1888, that Friedrich Nietzsche wrote dozens of pages about it… to harshly criticize it and declared prophetically it would bring the greatest wars… As it did: 1914, 1939, and the Holocaust. Nietzsche didn’t write that much, so this is all the more striking… He dined himself as a “good European” rather than a “good German” (there couldn’t be such a thing according to him, pointing out his family came from Poland…). 

I will consider a small and telling example of the attention plutocratic propaganda pays to detail: an article of the New York Times from Roger Cohen raged against Trump, after identifying The Donald to Boris Johnson. Silly:  Just 0.3% of registered voters will pick the next UK’s Prime Minister. They are mostly white, aging and male – the Conservative Party’s grass roots members. Boris Johnson is all about Brexit, something grotesque… [3]

Whereas many issues tackled by Trump have value as serious problems. Obama wrestled with many issues presently handled by Trump: North Korea, Iran, Immigration, space colonization. A specific Trump issue is crucial: globalization, and the Chinese invasion of intellectual property (an issue I have seen close at hand)…

Trump was voted in by nearly half of voters, not .3%. The core of Cohen’s editorial closely embraced critiques I made more than ten years ago. Thus my comment pointed out that the mistakes were made ten years ago, not by Trump the Dismal, but by Obama the Great. 

My comment was censored. The intolerable mood I tried to convey? That many things plutocratic didn’t originate with Trump, but with Obama the great, of before. This is of import as the Democrats try to fight what ails the US and the World. The disease, and why it was left untreated, better be defined correctly first.

Media pundits, are very well paid, very influential individuals working to please the plutocrats who own the media they work for. Just from their very definition, they are not working for We The People… But for the world’s wealthiest, or most powerful, people (from Gates to Putin). 

Censoring my comment violated the new comment policy of the  NYT (which supposedly checks only for “civility” of comments, not whether the ideas therein are pleasing to editorialists).

Censoring, or massively delaying critical comments matters, because, by putting our collective heads in the sand, loudly anti-Trump pundits are actually preparing for Trump’s victory. How does that make sense? As I said in the beginning of this essay, Machiavellianism is doing something for all to see, while arranging for the opposite effect to triumph.

Harris demolishing Biden by throwing buses at him, while Sanders, looking aghast, caught in the crossfire, wished he would die peacefully, in a galaxy far far away…

Willie Brown was the Democratic Mayor of San Francisco, for years… When he was 60 years old, his girlfriend was… Kamala Harris. [1] I agree with his opinion below.

Willie Brown June 29, 2019:
Bad news for Democrats — none of these candidates can beat Trump.
The first Democratic debates proved one thing: We still don’t have a candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

California Sen. Kamala Harris got all the attention for playing prosecutor in chief, but her case against former Vice President Joe Biden boiled down in some ways to a ringing call for forced school busing. It won’t be too hard for Trump to knock that one out of the park in 2020.

Biden did himself zero favors by telling Harris that he opposed only busing that was ordered by the federal government. It was a weird endorsement of states’ rights and local jurisdictions’ right to segregate schools. That’s the best argument he could marshal against busing little kids miles across town?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came across as Rip Van Bernie, looking and sounding as if it were still 2016.”


In response toTrump, Johnson and the Hole in the Doughnut. Will two charlatans and narcissists with hollow centers lead the free world?

I sent the following comment censored by New York Times, July 6, 2019. To fully appreciate the comment, one has to read the gist of Roger Cohen editorial… with which I agree. [2]

“Confusing Trump and Johnson has merits, but only so far. Boris Johnson helped cause Brexit: short of the dismal Cameron, and the perfidious British Parliament (which retrospectively made the Brexit poll legislating), Johnson was the most important actor in Brexit. Trump didn’t cause most of the surrounding disasters

Trump didn’t cause the rising inequality in the US and the West. Nor did Trump cause the decrease of life expectancy in the USA, which started under Obama the Great thanks to the excellent Obamacare he instituted (which prevented our family doctor we have had for 30 years: it would cost us $700 to do, for each visit). Nor did Trump cause the impunity of the bankers: here again you have to thank Obama the Great. And the destruction of the financial safeguards instituted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 happened under Clinton, another “Democrat” well to the right of Reagan.

Reagan and Bush Senior nationalized more than 2,000 (two thousand) banks. Confronted to a more terrible financial crisis, how many banks did Obama the Great nationalize? Zero.

But Obama the Great saw that many plutocrats had lost all their money to smarter colleagues. How could the economy, and society still function? As Joe Biden said, billionaires are nice people.  Promptly TARP (Transferring Assets to Rich People) send them trillions.  

A lot of the destruction of the Roman republic, and the present West, was caused by globalization, which enables the wealthiest to evade the laws of Republics, and makes them accomplices of overseas dictators. This happened with Hitler.

Plutocratic globalization nowadays, just as 2,000 years ago, had the exact same effect. To wish to return to the state of globalization, as in the last year of Obama the Great, is not a progressive option.”

After he was done serving plutocrats as president, Obama the Great flew out of Palm Springs on the private jumbo jet of his friend plutocrat Richard Branson of “Virgin”, directly to the latter’s private island, a tax haven.


One thing we know about plutocrats is that, as per their definition, they love to make, and, or, see common people suffer.So do their servants, and they work to make us suffer… Be it only by confusing us. It’s intriguing that the New York Times, although much of its commentariat is just made of pseudo-leftists on automatic, is so insure that its readership will realize how biased their propaganda is, that they still use dirty tricks against my comment (delaying them two days is another favorite… While checking with all secret plutocratic conspiracies?)

Patrice Ayme  



[1] Dirt California Politics; The Brown Connection:

Kamala Harris’ first significant political role was an appointment by her powerful then-boyfriend Willie Brown, three decades her senior, to a California medical board that has been criticized as a landing spot for patronage jobs and kickbacks.

Then 30, Harris was dating 60-year-old Willie Brown, at the time the Democratic speaker of the California State Assembly, when he placed her on the California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994. The position paid over $70,000 per year, $120,700 in current money, and Harris served on the board until 1998.

Harris (right) advancing her career, one cuddle at a time… With Brown as cuddly bear…

The medical commission met twice a month. Harris, now a United States senator for California since 2017 and Democratic presidential candidate, missed 20% of the meetings each year, according to commission records obtained by the Washington Examiner. The seven-member board was mostly composed of late-career semi-retired former state officials. At 30 years old, Harris was the youngest appointee by three decades.

Brown, in a letter to Harris, wrote that he was “pleased to appoint” her to the board, which oversaw the payment of insurance providers for state-subsidized MediCal recipients. “I am confident that your knowledge and experience will contribute significantly to the important work of the Commission,” he wrote.

Harris had no medical background, according to the resume she submitted to Brown at the time. Her experience consisted of four years as a deputy prosecutor.

Granlund, a former California Republican state assemblyman who worked with the commission while Harris was on the board said: “The boards are considered plumb appointments as they require no work, no policy credentials, and are paid the equivalent of a full-time [state] senator for arriving at a one- to two-hour meeting each month… crewing the speaker has its rewards.” 

Brown recently acknowledged in the San Francisco Chronicle that “Sure, I dated Kamala Harris. So what?… I may have influenced” Harris’s career. “Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago. Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker.” Money for nothing… Brown noted that he had helped other politicians throughout his career: And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco. I have also helped the careers of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a host of other politicians. Harris was the “only one, who after I helped her, sent word that I would be indicted if I so much as jaywalked’ while she was D.A.” He added: “That’s politics for ya.”

It gets better than that. Harris and Brown broke up after Brown met 32-year-old San Francisco socialite Carolyn Carpeneti, a woman with whom he would later have a daughter

While those two were dating, Carpeneti was paid (at least, and probably much more than) $2.33 million for campaign work from a network of nonprofit groups and committees run by Brown and his associates, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

If this doesn’t cross the line, it comes awfully close,” Jim Knox, executive director of California Common Cause, told the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. “At the very least it seems questionable for [Carpeneti] to have free use of a public resource in her role as private campaign consultant.

That wasn’t the first or last time Brown would steer benefits to women he was dating. In the 1980s, he reportedly hired his girlfriend Wendy Linka as a fundraiser, and she was later hired as a marketing director for city commissions after Brown became mayor.

Machiavellianism again: Brown also continued to aid Harris’s political career after their split, supporting her successful 2003 campaign for district attorney (powerful San Francisco mayor, Brown knew all the powers that be in California, from present and ex governors to assembly speakers).

An spectacularly ingrate Harris called Brown an “albatross hanging around my neck” in a 2003 San Francisco Weekly profile, in which she said that the “mere mention of their former liaison makes her shoulders tense, her hands clench, and her eyes narrow… His career is over; I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing … Willie Brown is not going to be around. He’s gone — hello people, move on.



NYT Cohen on Trump-Johnson to which I responded in my censored comment: 

“How did this happen? How did two nations of laws dedicated to individual liberty come around to the semiotics of Trump: It’s O.K. to stiff people; it’s O.K. to lie; it’s O.K. to wink at racism?

The answer lies in the Six I’s: Inequality, impunity, invisibility, immigration, inversion and the internet.

Inequality that has risen as workers in the bottom 60 percent of American society have seen no real wage increase since 1980 while the richest 1 percent now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent.

Impunity that allowed the designers of the financial weapons of mass destruction that bankrupted many millions of people in 2008 to walk away. To conclude that the system was rigged was then only logical.

Invisibility that gave many citizens living far from the wired metropolises at the nexus of globalization the impression that they counted for nothing, as their hospitals died, public transport disappeared, their schools closed and their jobs went elsewhere.

Immigration that, in both Europe and the United States, brought millions of undocumented migrants to the borders without these societies showing the capacity to agree on a policy that was humane, firm and clear — and, in the American case, that reconciled the demands of a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.

Inversion of the values of what had been white-male-dominated societies, giving rise to culture wars ranging across the charged questions of race, gender and identity, with cities and the hinterland often at violent odds.

The internet that, through social media, destroyed traditional mediators of society, like established political parties, and empowered politics of the mob. What counts today is not persuasion but mobilization.

Here was the grist for Trump’s populism — and that of his acolytes across the West. Here were the sources of anger and fear that could be exploited. Here’s “the American carnage” he could leverage. Here’s why, in the name of America First nationalism, he went about trashing the multilateral postwar order America had forged. Here’s why he tweets not only of a second term but of staying in power beyond that if the masses demand it. Trump’s inner despot is like Dr. Strangelove’s arm: He can’t keep it down.

Like Johnson, Trump is not an “aberration,” as Joe Biden has suggested. He’s a symptom. He won’t go away absent treatment of the symptoms. That won’t be easy, but it’s doable because Trump’s doughnut not only has a big hole in it; it’s rotten to the core.


The preceding is indicating that Cohen is not all together well: if the situation is as bad as he describes, if Trump is a symptom, well, why not to focus on the disease, rather than the scratch, Trump which irks him so much?



[3] The EU had already been on its knees, for decades, begging Great Britain to do as it pleased, and to get ever wealthier at the detriment of the rest of Europe. Great Britain  had the best imaginable deal. (So did Switzerland, also now the object of an EU crackdown…)

The UK got a big rebate from the EU. The UK was not in the Schengen area… while profiting of an immigration which it didn’t stop, by refusing appropriate police controls (slaves for free).  The UK was an exception to the Euro currency… while being allowed to become the main clearinghouse for EURO trades. The UK was an exception to the principle of ever closer Union and would continue to be so in the future, indefinitely.

Then the EU announced the coming of new, stricter tax avoidance regulations in 2016, and a crackdown on tax havens. Suddenly the glorious British leaders, and their global plutocrat friends, with their offshore, or ill-gained wealth, decide they would rather get the UK out of the European Union, rather than having them and their friends pay their fair share of tax. For a better idea, consider many Obama friends such as Richard Branson.  

That’s all there is to know about Brexit.






Busing: A Racist Fake Herring. Kamala Harris’ Disingenuous Berkeley Jeremiad

July 2, 2019

Preaching the Good Lord, to better practice being a Devil, what’s more human?

Kamala Harris, US Senator and the youngest of the top four presidential candidates, demolished ex-Vice President, and leading candidate, Joe Biden, in a pulverizing exchange, in her first democratic debate. A baffled Biden is now history, I reckon (or hope). 

Now I don’t like Biden, mostly because he is a “moderate” whose business model used to be right of Reagan, thus empowering plutocracy ever more… But I despise Kamala’s “busing” bandwagon.  Warren presents really new ideas, whereas Harris takes the same old bus to Political Correctness. It’s precisely because the unjust stupidity of busing was so passionately promoted by pseudo-progressives, at the detriment of real solutions, that lethal inequality was allowed to grow, unnoticed.  That was so insane, it promoted insanity some more.

Clearly Harris has a very high probability to be US president someday; she has presidential presence, and the killer instinct of the prosecutor she was. Had I been her, I would have made the same point on busing, just to demolish Biden (philosophers on the edge of human understanding have to be the most cynical creatures). But, eschewing Harris’ excellent (for herself) tactics, busing is not a good thing. Busing was, and is, mostly a red herring, it has very bad consequences today. Not just per se, but as an example of diabolical diversionary tactic impelling the exact opposite of what it claims to fight (more on this in another essay). Such diversions have replaced the desired ends: see the destruction of murals proclaiming precisely the horror, and error, of real history.

Let me explain busing, for those readers not from the USA who can’t conceive of that peculiar madness. “Busing” consists into driving children to schools far away, in the misguided hope it will drive down segregation and racism. All what busing achieved was a mad drive towards wealthy, tax reduced, distant, segregated suburbs, so-called “Gated Communities”… And thus “busing” made worse what it was pretending to cure, segregation in the USA… thus busing ended up building worse problems than what it was fighting (see below). 

And, importantly enough, Berkeley, where Harris grew up, is a perfect example that the problems got worse. [1] 

Busing in the USA. Instead of going to school, you shall go to bus, to make sure you stay stupid. The children are removed from their neighborhood, to be brought to a school in another distant neighborhood supposedly with a different “race”. Kamala Harris, who was not from US parents, spent more than an hour and a half in and around buses, each day, instead of going to a school next to her home. Guess what? In Berkeley, everybody left, in the end. Especially the “blacks” busing was supposed to help. The likes of me are now living there, and doing everything there, including having lots of anti-racial and anti-racist thoughts, and sentiment… And not liking polluting buses, and pseudo-progressives whose true calling is colossal hypocrisy.

Some progressive friends (who, overall, are against busing) advised me not to vocalize against busing because, as the time, they say, it helped to fight segregation. The funny thing is that there is colossal and increasing segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it’s all about money, not skin color. Besides, Kamala Harris is not an African American, she just masquerades as one…

Busing helped with what? It was pretty obvious that the madness of putting kids up to two hours a day in buses would have the opposite effect, long term. Busing helped towards accepting to be ruled by a mood of irrationality. And deciding that make-belief was best. What busing provoked, the flight towards the suburbs, and supergiant gated communities, was entirely predictable. Actually, Palo Alto (30 miles south of Berkeley), outright split itself in two. The servants were made to live in the newly created “East Palo Alto”, on the other side of the giant 101 freeway. In the SF Bay Area, a plutocrat who just died, made his billions by building entire gated cities along the I 680 corridor… As a reaction to busing, wealthy folks fled there. [2].


I know the geography of the area very well, and the school where Kamala was “bused”, at the foot of the hills. I also criss cross, on foot and car, West Berkeley all the time, where I live, shop, and my child goes to school. I lived there longer than Harris, I saw the evolution, and view many powers that be in Berkeley, as perfect hypocrites, preaching the Good Lord, while practicing the Devil. 

There are huge problems in Berkeley now, arguably even greater than during the few years when Harris lived here.  There are much fewer African-Americans, but the non-“white” minorities are a majority. 

The main problem of Berkeley, the Bay Area and California, is housing. Berkeley NIMBYs have systematically refused the construction of high density living, using absolutely any argument they could possibly imagine. That NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitude is generalized in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has prevented high density living, electrification and improvement of metro and train lines (it would ameliorate commuting, reduce pollution, and that matters in people who, as I do, live in West Berkeley: a busy train track sees 100 carriages fracked oil trains going to the Richmond refinery, and giant merchandise trains going to the East Coast all the time).

The housing crisis has created squalor. The homeless live in incredible filth, greater than anything seen in the 1960s. The other day, in Oakland, one of the squalid tent cities caught fire below the 14 lane freeway. Enormous black smoke was pouring out both sides of the humongous freeway. Such fires of the filthy homeless camps happen all the time. Berkeley is very good at just one thing: keeping the homeless completely away from the wealthy parts of town.

The solution to bad schools is good schools with well paid teachers… not hitting the road in a bus, with the preconceived attitude that it’s better among the “whites”.

Harris should call for better schools and decent housing. Equality, not yesterday’s racism, and busing around clapping children.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Here is the NYT about the Harris-Biden story: 

Kamala Harris and Classmates Were Bused Across Berkeley. The Experience Changed Them

“BERKELEY, Calif. — In 1967, the superintendent of the Berkeley, Calif., school district had resolved to desegregate the city schools. “We will set an example for all the cities of America,” he wrote in a report called “Integration: A Plan for Berkeley,” which he presented to the Berkeley Board of Education. “The children of Berkeley will grow in a community where justice is part of their pattern of life,” the report stated.

Several years later, a young girl named Kamala Harris, the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, boarded a school bus — part of that school integration program that would change her, the city and the country’s conversation about racial politics.

“There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day, and that little girl was me,” Ms. Harris, now a senator and candidate for president, said on Thursday evening onstage at the Democratic debate. She was directly addressing former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and what she described as his history of opposition to mandatory busing.

In that moment, Ms. Harris invoked a complex part of American history, and the way cities tried to address how segregated the country’s classrooms remained…”

Complex, and ineffectual, not to say decerebrating… Little girl Kamala spent forty (40) minutes, each way, twice a day, in that polluted, polluting bus. NOT getting instructed. Instead… My own daughter has gone to school in West berkeley, and only in West Berkeley, all her life. Does that make her racially inferior? Less bused?

Burning Housing Projects of high density living is a San Francisco Bay Area NIMBY occupation, a new form of racism… Santa Clara, SF Bay Area, June 28, 2019….

New York Times going lyrical on (not so) poor Kamala motoring around town: 

She and her peers played hand-clapping games to pass the time, one classmate remembered, aware that their bus ride took them to a neighborhood different from theirs, but not that it was something a superintendent had to fight for.

Students who attended Berkeley public schools during the early years of the integration effort recall the experience as a defining one for them.

“Racism didn’t go away because we were bused,” said Doris Alkebulan, 58, who was part of the initial group of black students in Berkeley to be bused to a majority white school. “What about play dates? Were you going to be invited to the birthday party? Would you be chosen for the team?””


[2] “Ms. Harris onstage at the debate reflected on a time in Berkeley history when moderate politics were falling apart. Though the city was a microcosm of seismic political changes in the country as a whole, including antiwar sentiment and free speech activism, one major catalyst for transformation was school busing. As white families who opposed busing left town for the suburbs in 1967, they gave way to an insurgent new left.

“Busing was really when Berkeley split and became leftist because a lot of people who couldn’t handle that change, they left,” said Jef Findley, a librarian at the Berkeley Public Library specializing in city history, who helped make an oral history of the city’s busing and desegregation. “The moderate, pro-business rightist town became a leftist town.”

Except, as I pointed out in my essay above, not really: Most powers that be in Berkeley talk as if they were leftists, but most act as what they are, property owners living in multimillion dollar homes. Plus actually, maximum Berkeley activism was in 1968, when busing had just started, and the wealthy had not moved out yet… And, it turns out, never really did… 

New York Times again: 

“Carole Porter, 55, who now works in information technology, lived around the corner from Ms. Harris. The two girls took the bus up the hill from the middle-class Berkeley flats where they lived to Thousand Oaks, a school in the white, more affluent Berkeley hills. Ms. Porter recalled that the ride took about 40 minutes.

Ms. Harris attended a Montessori school for kindergarten and joined Ms. Porter at Thousand Oaks in first grade.”

Patrice reality check: Montessori schools are private schools. Harris was going to a private school. Their cost is typically around $20,000 (2019 dollars). So Kamala Harris was far from destitute. “More affluent” relative to what? Private school children?

The New York Times produced specious statistics on “race” in Berkeley (let alone that Harris who is half-Indian, half-Jamaican, is viewed as “black”). According to those, when “Ms. Harris joined the class in 1970, her first grade year, which was the third year of integration. The school had been 2.5 percent black in 1963. In 1969, it was 40.2 percent black as a result of integration.”

However, my daughter has played on the playground of that exact same school many times… And the notion of “black” is, simply, not relevant. Basically all races are represented… Yet the “African-American” “race”, to speak like an American racist, is, ironically enough, the rarest, it has basically disappeared from Berkeley: the darkish colored are typically recent immigrants. It is as if “busing” bused the “blacks” out of town…

Actually the NYT recognizes that: 

“Now, Berkeley is a wealthier and whiter town than when Ms. Harris was growing up. In 1970, the city was 23 percent black; today it is only 10 percent black. The median sale price for a two-bedroom apartment is $1.2 million…” 10% is obviously an overestimate. Most “blacks” in Berkeley are recent immigrants who do not view themselves as “African-American” (rightly so). There is a large Asian and Hispanic contingent….

And the NYT also recognizes, towards the end of its own article, that busing was a dismal failure: Given alternatives like low-income housing in middle-income areas or changed school boundaries, only 9 percent of blacks said they preferred busing, and just 5 percent of whites did.” At the time. Busing is still practiced in parts of the Bay Area and viewed by its potential victims as a terrible oppression to be avoided at literally all cost… But it keeps on going because the pseudo-progressives who vote for it in city governments, typically have no children, or send their own children to extremely expensive private schools…. So busing has become an instrument of racial class subjugation: if you are poor, your child shall be submitted to the horror of the bus which never ends, and clapping games is all the education the child will get.

Meanwhile, rabid NIMBYs keep on killing as many density housing projects as they can… When not outright burning them….

Consider this from 2017: Tuesday morning’s big fire in West Oakland marked the ninth time since 2012 that a fire broke out at a housing construction site in the East Bay, leaving housing developers on edge. Many of the blazes have been intentionally set in the middle of the night, and in two cases surveillance video captured suspects, according to investigators. This keeps on happening, all the way to June 2019, massive fire housing project in Santa Clara