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Plutocracy, USA, Switzerland, EU.

April 13, 2014

Plutocracy is to politics what cancer is to life. It’s malignant, invasive, pervasive, and a killer.

Such is the obvious banner one should use at the top of one’s thoughts, when reading:

As said there: “When organized interest groups or economic elites want a particular policy passed, there’s a strongly likelihood their wishes will come true. But when average citizens support something, they have next to no influence.”

Representative politics is already, to start with, if not dictatorship, at least intrinsically oligarchic.


What to do about it? Well, do what works. Other countries, from Japan to the EU, have tried to reduce the influence of money in politics, just as it was augmented in the USA. But one has to go much further.

A way out is to do what Switzerland has been increasingly doing in the last three decades; have We The People vote the laws (through “votations”, every three months), and let the parliament (= Congress; or the “Federal” as the Swiss put it) figure out the details of the laws We The People passed (Courts and the like also chip in to check the proposed laws are constitutional).

As a result, Switzerland has an increasingly mighty anti-plutocratic arsenal, including all sorts of caps and regulations on the wealthy and banks. And more are coming… Every three months. Income caps have even been proposed (Republican Rome had those, 23 centuries ago!). They were rejected, but more subtle caps are coming.

Being a professional politician in Switzerland is increasingly difficult, and of little interest. The People (demos) is increasingly ruling: People-power: Demos-kratos.

Another positive effect has been on wealth of the Demos and the economy. Switzerland’s unemployment rate has collapsed (in spite of colossal immigration, higher in percentage than the peaks ever experienced by the USA). The wealth per capita is now much higher than in the rest of Europe, or the USA (main source of wealth: pharmaceuticals, and high tech).

Nowadays, everybody who can, and know, wants to live in Switzerland: the population has augmented by 15% in ten years.

So We The People (of Switzerland) voted an obscure law that demands, within three years, to somehow constrict the migratory flux from the EU to Schweiz. The EU screamed a lot, in righteous indignation.

(The German president even allowed himself to suggest, several times, that total democracy went a bridge too far in Switzerland, in obvious allusion to Nazism… Thus demonstrating that he was not aware that Nazism was a plutocratic phenomenon masquerading as populism. Nazism had nothing to do with the democracy in Switzerland, and more to do with what Putin is doing: sending armed assassins.)

An obvious solution to Europe’s Swiss problem is to realize that it’s Europe that is the problem.

The solution? Make the rest of Europe more democratic, and thus wealthier, by imitating what is done in Suisse.

Lack of democracy is leading to the greatest evil of them all, the destruction of the biosphere. See how dramatic it is getting:

What’s the relationship between deterioration of the climate, and deterioration of the democracy? It’s not just that fossil fuels favor top heavy organizations. It’s also that evil is what evil does: Pluto, by definition, loves what’s bad, and even satanic…

The deterioration of the democratic climate implies that of the planet.

Patrice Aymé

Pluto’s Prostitutes

February 2, 2014

At this delicate point, the rise of plutocracy is all about the details of its implementation. Once plutocracy has grown enough, it will be fully arrogant and call itself loudly an aristocracy (“rule of the best”).

Already in the USA, plutocrats say that they need more money and should pay less taxes, because they are the best, and ought to be rewarded, because they are the best. Topologically the argument is close to defending the notion of aristocracy, it establishes a mood conducive to aristocracy.

Plutocrats do not say loudly, yet, that they ought to rule. Instead, more humbly, they content themselves with ruling through their agents (most of them multimillionaires).

Naked Slave To Plutocracy

Naked Slave To Plutocracy

[Adapted by Karine Percheron-Daniels from the Portrait D’Une Negresse, by Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist 1800, Louvre, Paris.]

Can you point to me what part of the Constitution of the USA created a “First” person? Right. Rome’s Octavian, called himself “Princeps” (“First”) informally introducing the notion. But he has been dead nearly 2,000 years.

The New York Times explains how Congressional aides turned lobbyists evade a law saying they have to wait a year, if they earned a bit more than $130,000. They just have non-governmental organizations, or individuals (such as their own Congressman!) paying their incomes over 130 K.

Says the New York Times:

“A top aide to a Republican congressman from Arizona helped promote a legislative plan to overhaul the nation’s home mortgage finance system. Weeks after leaving his government job, he reappeared on Capitol Hill, now as a lobbyist for a company poised to capitalize on the plan.

A former counsel to Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee left Capitol Hill a year ago. He, too, returned to the Hill just months later, lobbying committee aides on behalf of Wall Street giants like JPMorgan Chase and Bloomberg L.P.

And the chief of staff for the Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee left his government salary behind in January 2012. Yet for months afterward, he continued to manage his boss’s re-election campaign, even while serving as a lobbyist for financial industry clients.

The experiences of the three Capitol Hill aides-turned-lobbyists — traced through interviews with political operatives and a review of public records — illustrate in new detail the gaping holes in rules governing Washington’s revolving door.

Federal ethics rules are intended to limit lobbying by former senior officials within one year after they leave the government. Yet even after the ethics rules were revised in 2007 following a lobbying scandal, more than 1,650 congressional aides have registered to lobby within a year of leaving Capitol Hill…

[these aides go] from government pay to six- and seven-figure private sector salaries.

In the three cases identified by The Times, the interviews and records suggest, the former House staff members did not violate the rules but rather seized on loopholes to lobby within one year.”

Seven figures means those aides earn more than one million dollar a year.

Loopholes everywhere, to serve the hyper rich and their plutocratic corporations. The largest loophole being the 90,000 pages Obama tax code (and growing!). (It was “only” 16,000 pages in 2006 under Bush, when democrats took control of Congress. Meaning that most of the growth in loopholes was accomplished by democrats.)

Plutocracy is strong, and smart, We the People are dumb, and weak. Thus the Greater Depression will go on, as ever more money is deflected to those who have nearly all the power, giving them ever more power to infuse the entire mood of civilization with the poisonous atmosphere they secrete as the lethal critters they are.

On Thursday, the first lady attended two Democratic National Committee fundraising events in San Francisco, a roundtable at a restaurant in Jackson Square and a reception in the Financial District. Closed events, plutocrats only.

The First Lady attended the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Women’s Lunch and VIP reception around 11:30 a.m. on the second day of her fundraising trip to San Francisco.

A small group of protesters gathered outside San Francisco’s Fairmont hotel late Friday morning as First Lady Michelle Obama joined lesser lady House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for a Democratic fundraising event. Pelosi is a second generation politician (her dad was mayor of Philadelphia).

Health care activist Joan Intrator, 86, a low lady of San Francisco, said she was sending the message to the First Lady and Commander In Chief Obama that there should be access to Medicare for all Americans.

A lone Occupy San Francisco organizer passed fliers against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a fast track trade agreement between a grand total of 36 officials from12 countries including the U.S., Japan, and Mexico, and more than 600 representatives of plutocratic corporations. 36 representatives of the Peoples, versus 600 Plutos: fair enough.

The downtown march from Secondary Lady Pelosi’s San Francisco office to Third Rated Lady Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s happened at 4:30 p.m. The crowd was boosted by a few gulls.

Friday morning’s DCCC event was sold out. According to the DCCC’s website, tickets cost from $500 to $32,400 per adulating and most grateful plutocrat. $32,400, that’s more than half of the median family income in the USA.

Just before 12:30 p.m., First Lady Obama’s motorcade crossed Market Street at Eighth Street on the way to the airport.

If Americans don’t get the message that the USA is ruled by an aristocracy, they are really dense. As far as plutocrats are concerned, the denser We The People, the better.

Not seeing what Michelle Obama is doing, selling her charms and influence, is an occasion to learn to become even dumber than before. But did not Obama propose to raise the minimum salary by 15% for a few thousand people, sometimes in the future? Will whine those who are stupid enough.

Yes. But why did Obama not propose to triple the minimum wage for everybody when he could, five years ago? That would have brought it to the old level (in constant dollars). Because Obama the Real has nothing to do with Obama the Charmer. They are antipodal.

Just as Obamacare is nearly antipodal to universal healthcare.

Prostitutes get motorcades, plotters make millions for all to see. And We The People is getting habituated to the increasing corruption. Progress, totally, from the point of view of the Demoncratic party.  Yet, queens and corruptocrats have no place in a Republic.

But how to make the rabble understand this, in a country where supermen are steroid laden brutes whose loftiest ideal is to bang into each other’s brains at full speed, until they get neurodegenerative encephalopathy? While stuffing themselves with “superbowls”? First the brains get turned off, by First Persons, and other prostitutes, then the Republic will also suffer neurodegenerative encephalopathy. The fact People love that symbolically is no good omen.

Patrice Ayme’