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Suleiman Aleikum: From Mubarak To Moo-Barack

February 8, 2011



Abstract: Something funny happened. After decolonization, in many countries, things got drastically worse. In many countries, such as Nigeria (population 152 million), the GDP per head has gone down since the 1960s. Plenty of other things went down too. Although stoning went up.

Of course, some aspects of real colonialism were aspects of plutocracy, and I am not going to defend them. But the entanglement of (mostly) European powers with Third World countries did not reduce to having colons on the ground. Many countries had none (where were the British colonists in India?).

However, in many countries European imperialism was more a form of administration with more or less European standards. Removing the imperial power removed those administrations, and thus many European standards, including those pertaining to justice and fairness.

Who did that removal profit? Well, Americano-European plutocracy profited enormously from decolonization, as it covered the world with potentates it made deals with. Plutocracy was suddenly free to do whatever it wanted, such as buying off local potentates, or even creating them, and ruling through them.

Thus: decolonization often meant plutocratization.

In particular, as early as 1945 the USA made a deal with the Salafist owners of Arabia: Give them Islam, the old fashion way, give us the oil, and we will give you Wall Street, and all the riches you can possibly imagine.

Thus all of North Africa and the Middle East became a giant machine profiting the worldwide plutocratic order, with the tacit approval of the masses of the West, who learned not to ask too many questions, like the Germans of old. Little did they understand that plutocracy would thus gain so much power that it would be able to turn around and master and enslave the West, as it is in the process of doing, modulo the "finance crisis" deal.

Plutocracy is global, the law is local, and thus the former can turn around the later, and enslave the planet.

Some strategists in the USA have become aware that a fresh coat of paint is needed. So they push for the sumptuous idea that Egypt’s torture chief since 1993, as tight an American collaborator as they ever get, be named to replace their old employee Mubarak. The shadow will wander in the light. All by itself. Change you can’t believe in. As usual. Hey, was not American preceding president a would be torturer in chief too? G. W. Bush has been going around, celebrating with gusto his hundreds of torture orders, in the grand tradition of his grand father, who expanded enormously the family fortune through Auschwitz’s slave labor. Pluto reigns over the minds of plutocrats! 

It would be funny if real people were not oppressed, spoiled, tortured, and killed. Just in the recent insurrection, more than 300 people got killed in Egypt.

It would be funny if the financial artists, in the sense that Nero was a self described “artist”, had not put the entire planet at their beck and call.

For once, don’t look at slave work in China. For once don’t look at the way the fossil fuel guys made the planet dependent upon the CO2 addiction. Look instead at how the financial artists have made speculation in food possible by buying off the local potentates. Never mind if some people starve; the glory of Pluto is where it is at.

Man does not rule just with light and reason, but walks the valley of the shadows of death, and become Death, the destroyer of worlds. (Bhagavad Gita, with Bible parroting).



The Mubarak family grabbed at least 70 billion dollars in assets (say the Swiss). The wife, is, by herself, a billionaire. The sons may be so too: they pile up high fancy buildings in some of the fanciest neighborhoods, in places such as London, or Paris. The typical Third World plutocratic family: in the employ of the West, sucking it all up.

Notice that the Mubarak family fortune is roughly commensurate with the size of official American help to Egypt. Does that mean that all taxpayer money is going to a particular plutocratic family? Well, not really: plutocrats can leverage their control of the military, so it is enough to support financially the army, as the USA does, and then the local controllers of the military, encouraged by the world plutocratic order, are free to serve themselves. It could be Jordan or Morocco, so it works. And the Irish government’s decision to have its own taxpayers reimburse private lenders they had no previous connection to, is roughly just as big an example of systemic corruption for all to see (of course the USA, and then the EU, preached by example) .

So indeed, let’s talk about the third world plutocrats, but, well, what about our Western plutocrats? Were they not the ones pulling the strings of nearly all the dictators in Arab speaking countries? Why not a warrant of arrest, or at least a freeze on all (extravagant) properties of the so called leaders of Third World countries?

However, we were told that the Arab speaking countries had it good, because they were dominated by "Islam". It was great that the Arab speaking countries were dominated by "submission", with the benediction of the West. Hence the insistence, by American politician of the greatness of Islam. Good, old fashion Islam, and thus the exploiters of the people celebrate Islam through the Middle Ages (just when it turned into a disaster). It’s the proverbial package deal. Muslims ought to be happy to have these Western sponsored dictatorships, as Islam was a great religion?

True grit, in the West, will be shown when the fight against plutocracy will be joined, by asking for the departure of our own plutocrats, the plutocrats of the West, who are truly leading the world dance of plutocracy. Western plutocrats pull the strings of Western politicians, and, from there, the strings of Third world plutocrats (euphemistically known as "autocrats", another lie, connived to hide the fact that they generally depend upon strings originating in the West). Time to put the head of the snake back in its bag, lest it invenominate us all.



Frank Rich wrote an editorial critical of average Americans, and their lack of interest for the knowledge necessary to be good citizens of the world. See some of what Rich said below, in the Note. I then sent the following to the New York Times, which decided to save my reputation, by not publishing it.

The isolated brain, the American brain, is a form of extreme hubris; gimme your oil, and leave us alone, we are the super power, to all superior, and we don’t know you from the dogs. All what we care about is black oil. Ah, yes, of course, Islam is a great religion: that is what we thought you wanted to hear, so give us the oil, and we will tell you who your latest moo-Barack will be. Barack will tell you how to moo. Mubarak, that was before, it’s all over, moo-Barack, that’s now.

Barack thinks Islam is great. So he says. Suleiman aleikum: Suleiman be with you. A good man. Suleiman, Mubarak’s long time "intelligence chief". He knows how to organize elections.

Just like American potentates are on Goldman Sachs or Citigroup payroll, Suleiman, Egypt’s intelligence chief is on American payroll. So Suleiman is Goldman once removed. The eternal braid of plutocracy, nicely entangled, as usual. And thus American potentates hope that the oil will keep on coming, hushing We The American People, and the money will be recycled through Wall Street, flying above the great unwashed.

Suleiman is the torture chief of Egypt, one of the torturers the American dark forces have used industrially in the program of "extraordinary rendition". In other words, a dictator, the one who speaks, will be replaced by a torturer, the one with the pincers.

As the New York Times (02/08/11) puts it: "Vice President Omar Suleiman of Egypt says he does not think it is time to lift the 30-year-old emergency law that has been used to suppress and imprison opposition leaders. He does not think President Hosni Mubarak needs to resign before his term ends in September. And he does not think his country is yet ready for democracy… The Obama administration is still trying to balance support for some of the basic aspirations for change in Egypt with its concern that the pro-democracy movement could be “hijacked,” as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton put it, if change were to come too quickly.

The result has been to feed a perception, on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere, that the United States, for now at least, is putting stability ahead of democratic ideals, and leaving hopes of nurturing peaceful, gradual change in large part in the hands of Egyptian officials — starting with Mr. Suleiman — who have every reason to slow the process."

Hey, no doubt Himmler was the best guy for "nurturing peaceful, gradual change… ahead of democratic ideals".



Some will smirk that, once again, I committed the heavy crime of blatant anti-Americanism, aggravated by saying nice things about European imperialism.

So let me relax the atmosphere by attacking a pseudo-colleague of mine, BHL. Bernard-Henri Levy, the French philosopher. Because he self defined as a “New Philosopher”, French president Mitterrand (who had trained under Vichy) found alluring to befriend BHL. BHL found interesting to replace his own father at the head of the failing family business. Mitterrand, helped by his devious son, forked over the juicy contracts with the local African potentates, and then, presto, BHL was richer than ever. And many a place in Africa had no more primary forest (wood is what Levy harvests).

Thus, do not expect BHL to rile against plutocracy. Since he and his friends own palaces in Morocco, do not expect him to say anything untoward about the plutocratic dictator of Morocco, either.

Aristotle and Plato were famously sympathetic to dictatorship and slavery. Both had tight links to plutocracy, so that is not surprising. To present as new, the same old crocodile drifting to look like an innocent tree trunk is not reserved to politics. 



How did Nazi Germany come to be? Well, old fashion Germans minded only their business, they had been imprinted that way. That came, at the cost of emotional and cognitive dwarfism. They knew little else, except what their profession required. A society of artificial robots. Clogs in a machine, unthinking, unfeeling.

That was pretty much the logico-emotional path followed by Rome before. Hence the constant reminders, in Nazi Germany of eagles, domination and predation (following also Napoleon, himself mimicking imperial Rome).

Fascism is compatible only with a reductive, and reduced emotional system, where the only emotions worth having are about domination, predation… and submission (Hitler admired Islam, a society of warriors according to him).

In a fascist regime, most people obey: "O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER." (Quran, S.4; v. 59)."

Thus most people learn to find their emotional reward in submission, and being happy not knowing too much. That makes fascist regimes fundamentally hostile to cognition.

In Nazi Germany those who knew too much were anti-German. (That is one of the reasons the regime could only hate the Jews, who, coming from at least two cultures, were fundamentally more cognizant).

In Rome those who appreciated more than the games were living dangerously. In the USA, knowing more than team sport is to thread where culture is confused with rancor.


Patrice Ayme


Note: Says Frank Rich: "A month ago most Americans could not have picked Hosni Mubarak out of a police lineup. American foreign policy, even in Afghanistan, was all but invisible throughout the 2010 election season… And so now …does anyone seriously believe that most Americans are up to speed? Our government may be scrambling, but that’s nothing compared to its constituents. After a near-decade of fighting wars in the Arab world, we can still barely distinguish Sunni from Shia."

Verily, the USA has been fighting for more than two decades of in Iraq, and fighting more than 30 years in Afghanistan (since 1979: the direct American armed intervention was started by Jimmy Carter, Mr. Nobel (in War and) Peace Prize). And the USA destroyed Iranian democracy in 1953, and has been supporting evil Salafism in Arabia for 65 years. What is there not to like? Pass the pop corn, and watch the steroids on TV. Just don’t stand below the walls when they come down.


The Obama administration sent Frank Wisner to Egypt, as a Special Envoy. Wisner is currently working for the firm Patton Boggs, which has represented and currently represents the dictatorship of Egypt and its cronies.

The French Prime Minister, and the French foreign Minister, spent the 2010-2011 Solstice vacation as honored guests of the Egyptian and Tunisian dictatorships respectively, and as guests of their friends, the local plutocrats.