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Why Putin Will Use Weapons Of Mass Destruction

March 25, 2022

Putin Does As Evil Wants

War writes history. Always had, always will. The war in Ukraine is the largest sort of war, a world war: 141 countries, and all democracies, voted against Russia accusing it of war of aggression, the fundamental crime against humanity ( a legal, philosophical, and UN conviction). The two largest wheat producers are at war, famine has a high probability to follow in many parts of the world, which eat mostly cereals, and produce none or too little [1].

The perpetrator, an oligarchy, is controlling the Kremlin by reinstalling the mentality of its mentor, Ivan The Terrible (no, I am not trying to be funny, Ivan IV is really the hero and role model of Putin’s more cerebral advisers)… This perpetrator has a powerful ally, Xi, the dictator of China. All other autocrats, worldwide are tempted to ally themselves with the Kremlin.

This is a war of democracy against fascism, similar to that of the Greek cities fighting the Persian empire, 25 centuries ago. The Achemenid Persians had established an immense empire, resting on fascism and local oligarchies, from Central Asia to Ethiopia, and the Mediterranean to India.  Greek cities were free and more intelligent: the Persians couldn’t stand their insolence… and the fact that the superiority of their innovations and ideas contradicted the Persian civilizational model. 

The Russian oligarchy has embraced a bellicose ethnic ideology to instigate wars and militarization to distract from its capture of the country, and justify the terror it exerts inside.

The alliance of all democracies is the most powerful, but fascism has nuclear weapons, plenty of them, and the advertised will to use them. Several US presidents ago, the Kremlin dictator developed nuclear armed hypersonic weapons, detectable only at the last moment, making intermediate ballistic missiles obsolete.

Worse: the war against Ukraine was engaged for ethnic reasons, the displayed conviction of a small oligarchy that another ethnicity, a democracy with its own language, does not have a right to exist, and thus should be under the control of said oligarchy. It is rare that the advertized goal of a war is the extermination of an ethnicity.

All Russians are supposed to approve the notion: otherwise they are “scums and traitors”, to be spit out like a gant which comes accidentally into one’s mouth” as Putin himself put it.

So, to justify its war, the oligarchy built an argument which is essentially racist: another ethnicity doesn’t deserve to exist. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant to the main effect: it makes racism into a virtue, and impells everybody in Russia to partake into evil, thus an accomplice of the evil oligarchy, an evil-power, a plutocracy.

Of course, the plutocracy is in it to gorge itself on riches and power, it’s evil, and thus to become part of the landscape, needs the entire landscape to be evil too.

These sorts of situations have happened before: history is full of hundreds of plutocracies, from all continents and islands. Still now is different, because of the powers vested into just one man. The greatest emperors had armies, bodyguards, secret services… But a modern emperor such as Putin has powers no emperor had before. Some of these powers are cognitive powers. Putin persuaded most of the Russian population, and much of the world, that he was fighting Nazis in Ukraine.

The situation is also without precedent: the Russian government has expressed the opinion that, should it lose a war, it would reduce the rest of the world to “radioactive ashes“. Putin threatened those who interfere with his war of aggression on tribal “with seen never seen in history“.

This astoundingly evil attitude, never seen before in history, indeed, with such a level of demonicity, has predictive value: it makes it likely that weapons of mass destruction will be used.

Putin’s entire vision of civilization, something embodied by the KGB, a direct descendant of Ivan The Terrible’s secret police, is unraveling in Ukraine… Lest, by sheer will, he can call the greatest evil, “never seen before in history”, to the rescue.

Our best hope is a coup in Moscow, and soon. Let’s hope many Russian generals are thinking the same.

If that does not work, and in the meantime, democracies have to stand so firm, resolute and unafraid, that they will leave no hope that the “escalate to des-escalate” doctrine of the Russian military relative to WMDs could work.

Patrice Ayme

One Russian “Large Landing Ship”, Saratov on fire after March 2022 attack, with Ropucha-class Caesar Kunikov and Novocherkassk (built in Poland) steaming out of port of Berdyansk, sea of Azov, after the attack by the Ukrainian army. They were unloading armored vehicles… Another ship seems to have been damaged too. How the Ukrainians did it is not clear…

[1] MENA, Middle East North Africa eats mostly cereals, half of them coming from Ukraine-Russia…

Facebook Suspension For Informing Of Nazism. Facebook Calls True Facts About Nazism “Hate”

June 2, 2021

Two truthful (and not flattering) historical facts about Nazism, one of them in a private group, got me suspended from Facebook (one of the suspension was for 30 days). It is as if Facebook did not want its two billion participants to know about Nazism as it really was (that is even worse than people think… and all too familiar…). There are Holocaust Memorials, like there is matter. Now we have apparently anti-Holocaust anti-Memorials, like there is antimatter.

I am in no way a Nazi sympathizer: my family resisted to Nazism, some in uniform and in combat (an uncle, an officer was in uniform for 6 years, combating the Nazis in anti-tank units; he told me about successful “hedgehog defense” by using villages as fortresses in June 1940). The Gestapo hunted my family on my mother’s side through the woods for saving Jews and others. My father fought the Nazis in Italy and France and was bombed twice by Me 262 jets (he was in a flak unit).

On March 13 I said the Nazis praised the Japanese (as a master race, Herrenrasse). This is a historical fact. On June 1 I quoted the main Nazi slogan in 1933: “Deutschland erwache” (Germany awake). Facebook considered this “multiple violations”. Got history? We see violations!

Facebook suspended me for quoting the Nazi slogan of 1933-35: “Deutschland erwache”.. As if just quoting it made me approve of it! The rape victim is now identified to the rapist, after all, she mentioned rape! Violation! Facebook seems to be unaware that the main force behind Nazism, on the psychological level was sheer stupidity, like confusing reports and advocacy. 

Interestingly, Facebook uses the same exact colors, red, white and black… Of the Nazi flag. On the face of that book, it looks like Facebook will ban those who say bad things about Nazism…

If someone mentions Trump’s slogan MAGA, that doesn’t mean they are for Trump. I do not approve of Nazism, just the opposite: I have written hundreds of pages very very strongly AGAINST Nazism. I absolutely excoriate Nazism, and want to explain to other people why exactly. Facebook told me that mentioning a despicable Nazi “racial” policy constituted “hate” and that I “violated community standards”. So, if one explains what the Nazis did, that constitutes “hate”… even if one disagrees vehemently with what the Nazis did! 

My family resisted the Nazis, and suffered immensely as a result. Am I to understand that Nazism is a subject to be absolutely avoided at Facebook? Are we supposed to ignore what the Nazis said, felt and thought? Are we supposed to ignore the part of history impacted by the Nazis? As Santanya said, that would invite repetition. 

Facebook could check “Deutschland erwache”, and the other fact which Facebook defined as “hate” on my part, that the “Nazis extolled the Japanese”. Indeed, the Nazis claimed that the Japanese were a “master race” (Herrenrasse”). That claim enabled the Nazis to constitute with the Japanese what they called the “Axis”. I would have no problem publishing those well-known historical facts in, say, Israel. Saying what the Nazis did is not “hate”. If one describes the thousands of extermination camps the Nazis had (and to which part of my family was sent), that does not mean that this is hate speech (just the opposite). But now I am afraid that Facebook may decide that mentioning death camps is “hate”… On MY part. The end result of being unable to ever say what the Nazis did and held is going to be the exact opposite of what all Holocaust Memorials have been build to do, inform everybody of what happened under Nazism. 

Describing, and condemning, infamy should not be described as “hate” (as my descriptions were). This confuses facts and the one who reports them. I urge Facebook to reconsider and not describe descriptions of Nazism as “hate” on the part of those who report them. Otherwise, next we will be unable to describe what the Holy Inquisition did, and so on. 

If someone describes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that doesn’t mean that one approves of it, and a mention of the crucifixion should not be described as “hate” and earn a violation of community standards. I urge Facebook to remove both of my alleged violations, which were just descriptions of what should be well-known historical facts.  

My guess is that I am on a secret banishment list at Facebook, and it is just trying to ban me by claiming I am full of “hate” (and Nazism!)

Facebook functions as the world debate forum. Unfortunately it is also a private company with one man at the helm, who did not do more than a few months of formal college studies. How Facebook connects to the US Deep State is a matter of debate, but some believe that Facebook is an outgrowth of the US Deep State spy and dagger agencies. Having the whole world expressing ideas in one forum is ideal for spring, cataloging threats… And neutralizing them (some of my posts were discreetly removed; my public probably restrained). If one can never quote the Nazis, one cannot make analogies between the present situation and Nazism.

Over the years, I have been banned by many publications which claim to be guarantors of democracy and debate (say The Guardian in the UK, which got enormous sums of money from… Bill Gates; I was told one condition was to ban me from comments). In some cases powerful individuals intervened… Some of them bankers, or tech titans, to get me specifically banned. The list is long, the effects drastic, as I disappeared from much of the Internet…

I believe that I was not blocked from Facebook for these two quotes, but because I am on some sort of black list, and other statements. The account was blocked after I posted this:

Finnish homelessness solution can’t be duplicated here, too many influential “Democrats” being way right of Trump even at city council level (that’s why they claim to hate Trump so much). My local (“democrat”) city is finally building the cheapest housing ever below my eyes, and some of my neighbors think it’s just to bug me personally…

Like I saved the forested hill from developers of hyper wealthy homes, by organizing grassroot protests, and now the hill has been entirely poisoned…  Hundreds of trees are dead in one of the last western monarch butterfly refuges. Gee, I wonder how that happened… The city has hired a consultant to inquire……/how-finland-solved…/…

Or then:

Actually the worse there was not revealed; the judge who was offered 5 million dollars by FB (and more!) the very day of his last judgment hurtful to small tech companies… That judge is the friend of a friend…

And then of course:

Are Many “Liberals” Hiding Their Segregationism With Loud Vociferations?

I believe that it is essays, analyses and comments of mine like the preceding ones which truly triggered the ban… Because they have appeared on Facebook. Although Facebook cannot admit that it my domestic observations they are after. Because it will show itself for what it is: sheer political censorship, and steering of Democratic Party opinion towards simplifications compatible with plutocracy and tech monopolies…. and only them….

The Facebook review board is headed by Nick Clegg, the artisan, with David Cameron, of the Brexit referendum… Small world of violence and oversimplification, where, when one says what the Nazis did, one is a Nazi.

Intellectual fascism, pure and simple, arguably even worse than under Mccarthyism.

Patrice Ayme 


P/S: The next day and after many pages of protest letters in various places in Facebook:

Support Message
Today at 10:12 PM
Your post is back on Facebook
We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards.
We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.

[It was not just a post: some of the suspension were for entire capabilities, for 30 days… The fright that suddenly one cannot tell the truth about the Nazis: nothing like it…]


When Did Nazi Commanders Realize The War Was Lost? September 3, 1939!

March 23, 2021

September 3, 1939 is the day the Nazis understood they were going to lose the war. Before that fatidic day, the Nazis always got their way. That fatidic day in 1939, they saw they would have to fight the world’s most extended empires, that is, to fight the world: all of Africa, most of Eurasia, Canada, Australia.

The Nazis should, and some did, at least subconsciously notice a crucial historical ingredient. Any sane person would have noticed that France and Britain had a child, the United States of America, an obstreperous child… But their child nevertheless, quite healthy, of gigantic proportions, and even greater ambition… The Nazis also knew, because they tried to duplicate them, that the USA had, when need be, genocidal capabilities.

In spite of their alliances with Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito, how could the Nazis win the triple alliance of France, Britain and the USA? The disaster was obvious, and even inside their puny brains, they perceived it.

Top German generals themselves had arrived to the same conclusion two years before, when they realized that the Nazis really intended to take so many risks that war was unavoidable… And the generals knew that Germany was obviously not ready to fight France and Czechoslovakia.

A problem in stopping the march to war had been that the Nazi leadership believed that racist and class-ridden Britain and America were not going to follow the multi racial, colored, Africanized, socialistic and Jewish led French Republic in unhinged hatred of the Nazis (the socialist Jew Léon Blum was Prime Minister of France twice… while Hitler ruled…)

Thus, the top German generals and admiral reasoned, if Britain and the USA declared that they stood with France, and would go to war, should the Nazis attack, they, the top German military command could make a coup against the Nazis. An admiral actually told casually US diplomatic personnel the plotters were ready to kill Hitler if need be. However the crafty Anglo-Saxon leaders informed Hitler of the plot. Paradoxically, this reinforced Hitler’s belief that the Anglo-Saxon leadership was on his side, the racist, anti-French, anti-Semite, anti-Bolshevik front…


After the fall of the Spanish Republic to the fascists, with the crucial help of Mussolini and Hitler’s Luftwaffe, on April 1, 1939, British leadership finally decided to remove the gloves, and discreetly joined the Polish-French defense Treaty, in the addendum. At that point, the Nazis were stuck, they got the impression it was too late to back off, and they decided to scare France and Britain some more, by making their alliance with dictator Stalin official.

It did not work. But the Nazis could not stop themselves, from the considerable inertia of all the forces they had launched, including their own mindset. They could only feel that they were doomed.

I am not trying to be cute. The Nazis were at a loss about what to do.

On September 3, 1939, Hitler was in the Reich Chancellery. 48 hours earlier, Great Britain and the French Republic had given the German-Austrian dictator 48 hours to get out of Poland. More than nervously, a crowd of the entire German Nazi government was milling around Hitler’s gigantic office, and the hallways leading to it.

First came the British declaration of war. Then the French one, a few minutes later. Hitler said nothing. He went to a gigantic window and looked at Berlin. Von Ribbentrop, the Foreign Minister, who had insured Hitler for years, that Britain would not join France, was aghast, but silent. Nobody said anything. The minutes went by, Hitler still watching Berlin. Eight minutes elapsed, said some witnesses. The crowd was silent.

Then Hitler turned around, and with an anger none of those present had ever seen before, said in the loudest and most savage voice:”NOW, WHAT!!!???

Nobody said anything. The Nazi elite was obviously crestfallen.

The lessons of the past were obvious to them, and staring them in the face. They were gripped by fear. In 1914, Germany felt ready to attack the world… and attacked. In 1939, Germany was obvioulsy much less ready than in 1914, and her adversaries were stronger.


Starting in 1912, the so-called “Second Reich” had meticulously prepared a surprise attack to annihilate the French Republic (the “First Reich” had been founded by the Frank Charlemagne).

In August 1914, the entire German army, but for eight divisions protecting Eastern Prussia, attacked France. Germany had twice the population of France, and had been preparing its world war attack for twenty months. The French resistance was ferocious: day after day of butchery. Just on August 22, three weeks in the German all-out attack, furious French counterattacks cost the French 27,000 soldiers killed in action, all wearing red pants. German losses are unknown, but they were so serious that, in their rage, the Germans committed well-documented atrocities. Worse was to come: a monster counterattack by the French armies on September 6, using thousands of motor vehicles, even taxis, nearly destroyed the German armies which had to promptly retreat and entrench themselves.

In 1914, the German army was ready to fight a world war, even though the timing was everything: first France had to be defeated before the British army could be created and intervene in significant numbers. Then Russia, known to be slow to mobilize, had to be defeated thoroughly, and Britain somehow to be persuaded to make peace. US and Dutch “neutrality” would enable to break the British blockade. But then, of course, the French nearly destroyed the German army, so the entire plan collapsed.

In 1939, Germany was absolutely not prepared to fight a world war. When it dawned on German generals that Hitler was using tactics so dangerous that he was going to cause a world war, they decided to organize a coup, as early as 1937. But Britain and the US told Hitler, of the preparations the German generals had naively informed them of, so the coup petered out.


Now, on September 3, 1939, what the German generals had feared, happened: war with the two superpowers, the world empires of France and Britain… With America waiting in the wings. Germany was allied with… its natural enemy, Stalin. The entire German army was invading Poland. 110 French divisions were mobilizing in the west. French tanks forces were much larger than the German ones, and with better tanks. Together, the French and Royal air forces were larger… navies did not compare; the two democratic allies had a much larger fleet, with aircraft carriers… The Nazis had only two modern battleships, no aircraft carrier. The blockade had strangled Germany in World War One… even though the US and the Netherlands had enabled to evade it for a while. But now the Netherlands had to be invaded to fight Britain. Obviously, for the Nazis, the situation was grim. They had persuaded themselves, for years, that Britain would never side with France in opposition to Nazism, that the two allies would never declare war… that the Nazis would be free to attack in the east (that was made explicit with Britain during the negotiations leading to the British-Nazi Naval Treaty). And now what?

Finally, after a silent disarray caused by Hitler’s savage outburst, Hermann Goering, second in power in the Nazi regime, head of the Luftwaffe, among other things, calmly, and sorrowfully, declared:”If we lose this war, God help us all.

Throughout the Second World War, Germany was horse-drawn. Why? Not enough oil, to start with. Also, hard to believe, blinded by their hubris, Hitler and his idiotic colleagues in the National-Socialist Party had not anticipated war against highly mechanized France (and soon the highly mechanized British, Russian and US!) Yes ten Nazi Panzer divisions, and a few other units, were highly mechanized, but that was it.

It looked completely impossible, even to Hitler and his second in command, Goering, that Nazi Germany could defeat France and Britain… even to the Nazis. Britain had not much of an army, as usual, but a formidable Navy. France had the world’s strongest land army, and a significant navy. Together the French and British air forces were superior to the Luftwaffe. Even the Nazis, in spite of their colossal stupidity, could see this.

France had a gigantic empire spanning the globe. Britain had an even bigger and wealthier empire, spanning the globe. British empire forces and French empire forces provided enormous manpower, from all over, many of them expert at war.

As in World War One, the French and British navies stood ready to strangle Germany, by cutting off vital supplies. High explosives and food in World War One. In World War Two, high quality iron came from northern Sweden, transited through Norway, and sailed down the coast, facing the main Royal Navy gigantic basis at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands.

If anything, the situation was worse in World War Two: Britain and France had access to world oil. They could blockade Germany. And the strangulation did happen: Nazi Germany would run out of oil so much it could not train air crews, and had to drag jets with oxen. Said jets had aluminum engines that would burn up in a few hours because the rare elements needed to make high temperature steel alloys were not available anymore, after declaring war to everybody, etc.

Britain and France had also access to world finance, and could make deals with US companies to manufacture whatever they needed. This is actually how the superlative fighter of World War Two was created: France and Britain made a contract with a little known US manufacturer, with tougher requirements than for any other aircraft prior. Thus the “Mustang” was born, as a Franco-British aircraft (later the US Army discovered it was superlative and ordered it in great quantities to escort bomber streams over Germany)


So why did the Nazis persist in a war they were sure to lose? Mental inertia, hubris… To avoid disaster, the Nazis had to give up on Nazism, surrender, or trust in God.  “Gott mit Uns!”, God With Us, proclaimed their belts. In the first ten months of the war, a perverse God sided with Nazism, indeed, from a whole succession of unlikely events, several miracles, the incompetency (at best!), if not betrayal, of the French top commander, Gamelin, and the betrayal of France and Britain by their ungrateful American child (and apparent correspondence between Hitler and the top inspector of the British armed forces, the pro-Nazi ex-king…) 


History does not just repeat, it repeats mental behaviors.

So when looking at Chinese dictator Xi, or the Russian czar, please do not underestimate their mental inertia and hubris. They could well ride, of their own volition and hubristic stupidity, a world war they would be bound to lose.

It is not because one is an anachronism, and feels like one, that one does not ride history to one’s doom! It is precisely the opposite! Xi and Putin are anachronisms, enraged tyrannosauruses snarling furiously at forces which spell their worlds’ doom. This is precisely their anachronistic despair which make tyrants so dangerous.

Twice Germany’s leadership fell into the trap of mental fascism in the Twentieth century, and US bait and switch. Once should have been enough: the lesson is apparently hard to learn.

Why France and Britain did not fall in the same fascist trap is simple: they had been the European superpowers, 14 centuries in the case of France, eight in the case of Britain, even before Germany was created as a state. That’s a total of 22 centuries in which to make mistakes, but never mistakes so bad as to terminate the state. Thus French and British leaderships had plenty of time to learn about the pitfalls of mental inertia and hubris, and learn to avoid their exaggerated expressions. France was pretty much continuously at war… But never so seriously as to compromise the state: it took two centuries to defeat fascist all too Catholic Spain, for example… Never fighting too hard in southern Italy or northern Europe… But still hard enough to create the Netherlands on the way…

To help Russia, China, and the world, then, one must do what was not done in the 1910s, or 1930s. What we need now is a united democratic front, ready for anything. The US now cannot anymore hold back, let other democrats struggle, while favoring dictators in the hope they would overstretch themselves. If the USA had told racist German fascists clearly that it would side with its parents in the end…. Neither World War One, nor World War Two would have happened. Reason would have prevailed. It did not, because misinformation and disinformation was rife.

Patrice Ayme

Who Did The Nazis Fear The Most?

October 6, 2020

Let’s rephrase this slightly. The question is WHO, not what, the German military feared the most in World War Two. The answer was given by Adolf Hitler himself, in 1942 (and he was following declarations from several of his own generals and marshals).

At Bir Hakeim in May June 1942, 3,750 French prevented the entire Afrika Korps and Italian armor to encircle the British army. The stakes were so high, Rommel went to the front line and exposed himself to French fire. He said: “The fate of my army depended upon it!”. Actually, it was the fate of the entire Thousand Year Reich: if Rommel had encircled the British Eight army, there was no significant allied force all the way to eastern India. The Nazis planned to seize Palestine, kill all the Jews, and then grab Iraqi oil: the Nazis needed oil desperately, be it only to have enough to train their pilot and motorize their armies.

French Legionnaires counterattacking at Bir Hakeim. The entire French army had burrowed in the sandy desert.

The resistance of general Koenig at Bir Hakeim lasted three weeks, long enough for the British army to escape. Bir Hakeim was more crucial than the battle of Thermopylae: the Eight Army lived to fight another day, and crushed an extended Afrika Korps a few months later, on the border of Egypt.

Hitler told his cabinet that Bir Hakeim was one more demonstration that the French were the second best soldiers after the Germans, and that is why France should be completely destroyed. (His cabinet pointed out that doing this would guarantee that Germany would lose the war. Hitler had to agree.) After the war, Generalmajor Friedrich von Mellenthin wrote, “In the whole course of the desert war, we never encountered a more heroic and well-sustained defence

As the Nazis kept on pointing out, especially after they got defeated, it is the French who attacked the Nazis in 1939, not the other way around. French diplomacy stiffened the Polish spine and then persuaded the British to add an addendum to the Franco-Polish Treaty (Britain had sobered up from the fall of the Spanish Republic). The Nazis replied by making their alliance with the Soviets official. When the Nazis attacked France, in May 1940, they were using Soviet oil. Prior, they had used US/Texaco oil…

Why is this so important? First, the Jews and the nascent reborn Israel would have extinguished. Second, with Iraqi oil and the entire Arab world to help them out, the Nazis could well have cut off the US Lend Lease line to the Soviet Union, crucial to Stalin. Third, the performance of the Luftwaffe would have climbed considerably, with enough oil to train pilots, and the main problem with Nazi jets, gas guzzling, would have been less of a consideration (and more importantly getting some rare minerals the Nazis needed for jet engines’ alloys). Fourth, Stalingrad would not have happened as its strategic importance, holding the left flank of the drive to Baku oil fields, would have been irrelevant.

The Second World War would have taken a very different turn… 3,750 heroes (and one woman!) prevented this.

Patrice Ayme


Note; answer to Quora: Who did the German soldiers fear the most?

Why Giving So Much Space To Nazis?

October 19, 2016

For Evil To Rule, Give The People Evil Heroes To Look Up To: Their Tolerance For Pluto Will Be Heightened

The following is on the borderline of subconscious theory applied to the collective (more on the subconscious, pretty soon). Psychological analysis, without sex, but full of rockets. I explore why the US gave such a prominent place to Nazi scientists after World War Two. The probable explanation is not obvious. And it is not pretty, and has a bearing on the subsequent US subconscious, that we are enjoying, to this day. Yes, because there is something as the national subconscious, and yes, the masters of a nation know how to make it their nest. It is in part because top Nazis were promoted as great minds in the 1950s, that we now enjoy ever worse political choices, as our masters succeeded to change our very values deep down inside.


Space And The Nazis:

The Saturn V program made the Apollo landings possible. The head of the program was Von Braun. The program could have been led by a born US citizen, educated in the USA. Instead, top Nazis were chosen in a leading role, and it was known with 100% certainty, as early as Spring 1945, that those individuals were major criminals

SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun was a Prussian aristocrat (as the “Freiherr Von” label indicates). Most Prussian aristocrats did not like the Nazis, and very few enrolled in the SS. Yes, less than one million individuals served in the SS. The SS was recognized, after the war, by the Allies, as a criminal organization. In the state of Alabama alone, at least 118 top US space program engineers were Nazis. Many of them, as Von Braun, in the SS. They directed personally the extermination of dozens of thousands of slave laborers (in their drive to build “revenge weapons”).

Right, the Nazi, Russian, US, French Chinese rocket programs were developed for military reason (after 1942, rockets had been brutally efficient in WWII, against ships, planes and troops; it became clear that top military needed the best rockets). However, the usage of rocketry in the military happened thanks to the Mongols, even before the inventions of field guns by southern French.

The State Of The Art French Vulcain Hydrogen-Oxygen Engine Lifting This Ariane V, And Actually The Entire Rocket, Was Developed Without Any Nazi Help

The State Of The Art French Vulcain Hydrogen-Oxygen Engine Lifting This Ariane V, And Actually The Entire Rocket, Was Developed Without Any Nazi Help


Von Braun developed the V2.

The first V2s were fired on Paris (some hours later by some hit London). The V2 was the first ballistic missile. It could get out of the atmosphere, and reach Mach 5. Von Braun had pushed for a rocket to bomb New York with, and sang of the charms of orbital warfare (the US Space Shuttle had huge wings to go sideways and help wage nuclear war).

Several French slave-prisoners testified that they witnessed Von Braun’s personally oversight the abuse, torture, terrorization, and the extermination of dozens of thousands of slave workers. The Dark Side was strong in the “charismatic” Von Braun. (An Internet lie is that von Braun donned his black death head SS uniform just once. Not so, said former colleagues and witnesses.).

In a just world, and for future reference, Von Braun should have been executed 100 times. Instead his agents went to the moon. And his face to Time magazine’s cover. He rose to the top of NASA, and got the National Medal of Science (although rocket “science” is not really “science”, but technology). 

A Hero For Our Times. SS Major Von Braun On Cover, 12 Years After He Commanded the Extermination of Dozens of Thousands Of Slaves

A Hero For Our Times. SS Major Von Braun On Cover, 12 Years After He Commanded the Extermination of Dozens of Thousands Of Slaves

Thus a main motivation of the space program was by and from the Dark Side. It is neither bad, nor good. Just a fact to keep front and central: it plays in all ways.

Admittedly, not having enough of the Dark Side can lead to slumber. The Ariane V rocket was developed by Europe (mostly France and Germany). It is human rated (that is safe enough for launching people). However the European (mostly French Dassault) shuttle, the Hermes, was never launched. Why? Europe does not have enough of the Dark Side (differently from Brexiting Britain, the US, Russia, or the PRC).  

The USA tends to be motivated by war best (because, historically, war has been a mostly win-win proposition for the English colony in North America) . After getting to the Moon, beating the USSR (whose Big Rocket exploded spectacularly), the US public did not find space exploration appealing. It did not help that the McCarthyist Nixon, then president, selected the incomparably dumb Space Shuttle as the new US space effort.


Was It Technologically Necessary To Involve The Nazis In The US Space Program? No!

The involvement of Nazis in the US space program was opportunistic, but it could have been avoided. Indeed the top expert of liquid fuel rocketry was not German, but a US citizen, American physicist Robert H. Goddard.

Before 1939, German engineers and rocket scientists contacted Goddard directly with technical questions. As Von Braun said in 1963: His rockets … may have been rather crude by present-day standards, but they blazed the trail and incorporated many features used in our most modern rockets and space vehicles.”. Von Braun used Goddard’s plans from various journals and incorporated them into the building of the Aggregat (A) series of rockets.

Thus the US could have developed rockets without any Nazi help. Several important components of the US space program (such as the rockets of the Mercury and Gemini programs, which launched the first Americans in orbit) were 100% American.

Another proof that Nazis were unnecessary? The most sophisticated rocket in the West is the Ariane V (it launches most of the mass of the geostationary satellites, and is scheduled to launch NASA’s James Webb telescope, the successor of Hubble). Ariane V has mastered the very difficult  hydrogen-oxygen propulsion system (in its latest version a stop and go hydrogen engine is developed, with laser ignition).

All this state of the art French rocketry was mastered without any Nazi help.


Glorifying Nazis Like Von Braun Was Part Of The (Deliberately Subconscious) Nazification of the US:

Let’s go back to that Time cover. Why the glorification of a major Nazi criminal? I confess that I used to admire Von Braun too. I was a victim of pernicious propaganda, like hundreds of millions of others. Although coming from a family of “Justs” (de facto: saving 100 Jews qualifies in my opinion, although some official woman I wrote too told me to get lost, something I found rather strange…) on one side and an authentic anti-Nazi warrior on the other, I cannot let it pass…

So what was behind the glorification of Nazis? Well, the implicit glorification of many of Nazism ways and means. This had started by adopting the SS motto: “God With Us” (Gott Mit Uns), and morphing it into “In God we trust” (not to be confused with my personal motto: ‘In God we thrust’).

Mostly, by glorifying Von Braun, one of the most mass criminal of the major Nazis, the American Deep State, or its collective subconscious habituated the American public to overlook massive war criminality. Good things happen to plutocrats who rig the conceptual debate.

Nazification of the American psyche by mitigation of major crimes against humanity, by presenting one of the worst perpetrators as a saint for the space age would all blossom later. Not just with the Vietnam War. Not just with the will of destroying Iraq (the Bush-Clinton-Bush signature achievement).


No. In the end, what the American Deep State and its propaganda machine imprinted in the minds of the gullible was that it was OK to use some of the worst criminals ever, as long as it was opportunistic. So using hordes of Nazis provided some advantage, so let’s use them. In other words, opportunism rules, even if it means rewarding crimes against humanity.

And what was the advantage? As I said, overlooking the commission of major crimes. And even, to brandish top Nazis as great heroes, fit for unabashed worship. And this is exactly why the US presidential elections now pits a most corrupt plutocrat against a pretty stupid plutocrat.

More generally, the unabashed rule of the financial plutocracy, a form of mass criminality of the type which gives rise to massively unequal society and a new tyranny could be inaugurated under Bill Clinton (by repelling FDR’s “Banking Act of 1933”, so-called “Glass Steagall”).

To this day nobody has noticed, not any more than the colossal jump in incarceration of minorities, under Bill Clinton was noticed by the same minorities, which adore him, because he plays the saxophone with them.

Why all the blindness? People had been trained to not notice major ethical breaches. Let alone trained to expect not to see them punished. Thus, the same financial plutocracy, or at least the same mood of said financial plutocracy, which made the Nazis possible (contemplate Dr. Schacht, a creature of top world banker, JP Morgan), are now in the driver’s seat. Who said space and it rocket scientists did not impact the bottom line?

For tyrants to rule, terror and torture are not enough. One needs to control the mood of the slaves. And the way to do this can be subtle.

Michelle Obama recently said that:”If they go low, go high” (and everybody has lauded this recycling of the building principle of the European Union, which consists into “sortir par le haut”, finding a way out by going high… and which worked fine until the UK government sabotaged it). To exit by the top works, except if all values have been inverted. In particular if the notion of high is admiring some of the most cruel masters the world has ever known. Go back to that Time Magazine cover, typical of the times: the most glorious “rocket scientist” was one of the most towering criminal against humanity ever known. And that was on purpose, to make the Dark Side in its most evil aspect, most glorious.

A job obviously well done: please enjoy the present US election, where evil and infamy mock fight each other to death by hurling sex accusations, and the like. While plutocrats, the world over, enjoy caviar topped by gold leaf, silently chuckling, sailing the oceans of dark, undetectable money that their political servants made possible. It all started with flaunting major war criminals as those who incarnated the future. Here it is.

Patrice Ayme’

Nazi King Betrayed France

June 11, 2015

For the gullible, and thoroughly manipulated public, worldwide, British king Edward VIII abdicated because he wanted to marry an American. How silly is that story? Churchill was himself born of an American heiress née Jennie Jerome (who slept all around society high and low, from king Edward VII to all sorts of businessmen, who got much richer as result, some from the colonies). So Winston Churchill was, actually, half American.

The truth about Edward VIII? It is sordid. Edward was a Nazi King. Edward VIII had a romance with Hitler, while the woman he fancied to sleep someday with, got from the Nazi foreign minister, 17 carnations for every time he, the Nazi plutocrat, had slept with her. Ms. Simpson had free access to the king’s residence, while he courted her (and she slept with others, besides Nazi plutocrats). Simpson was widely suspected to be a Nazi spy by Western counterintelligence agencies.

Plutocrats Of The World Unite: The Secret They Want To Hide Absolutely

Plutocrats Of The World Unite: The Secret They Want To Hide Absolutely

[Simpson on the left, Nazi King center, “Guide”, to the right.]

The book was contaminated by some deliberately planted forgeries in national archives, on secondary points, in the hope of discrediting the entire research. It worked. See below.

Speaking of Churchill, he and his entourage, like much of top British society, longed to German style plutocracy (no wonder as Churchill was of plutocratic descent from both sides of the Atlantic). Churchill in 1929 threatened to bomb France, because France had detected secret, unlawful German rearmament programs hidden in Portugal and the USSR, and wanted to do something about it.

In 1935, at the apex of Nazi influence in the UK, Great Britain concluded a treaty violating the Versailles Treaty with Hitler’s dictatorship. France, and the anti-Nazis, were livid. As Admiral Chatfield, main negotiator of the Treaty stated in 1938 “that we might say that we now understood Herr Hitler had in 1935 thought that we had given him a free hand in Eastern and Central Europe in return for his acceptance of the [Treaty]…”

In fact, the secret understanding was of trilateral trade between Germany, Britain and the British Empire. Basically raw materials versus German high tech, in exchange for letting the Nazis carve an empire in the East.

By 1936, the king threatened to abdicate if britain protested the invasion of the Rhineland by Hitler’s army, and then Nazi Germany attacked the Spanish Republic. At that point, things had clearly gone too far, and the anti-Nazis overwhelmed the pro-Nazis in Britain. His delirious Nazism is why the king was thrown out.

The ex-king, as Duke of Windsor, was made Inspector General of the Armed Forces. The Duke, a honorary field marshal, and a major-general, was attached to the British Military Mission in France.[11] In February 1940, the German ambassador in The Hague, Count Julius von Zech-Burkersroda, claimed that the Duke had leaked the Allied war plans for the defence of Belgium.[77] (Consecutively, the Nazi attack plans were changed; to devastating effect.)

However, the Duke was not removed from the military, and spent more than a month inspecting the French fortifications (while communicating with Hitler in several manners).

Not surprisingly, this part of history cannot be found on the Internet. It has been carefully buried by the powers that be. I read the documents on paper, long ago. However the Nazi King was there, inspecting the French defenses, as a British Pathe newsreel show.

For now seventy years, all British governments have been involved in a systematic destruction of all and any proofs of Edward VIII’s betrayal (and thus the betrayal of those who supported him strongly, such as Winston Churchill). When one tries to consult Edward VIII’s scrapbooks, there are none surviving, even in the USA, for the period when he was sending “Dear Mr. Hitler” letters to Adolf Hitler. The situation is actually astounding. The British government has admitted that very sophisticated false documents, and forgeries, pertaining to Edward VIII, some made on laser printers, were spread throughout national archives. Still no elucidation of the mystery was made (even documents relative to Himmler’s possible assassination are kept secret).

The advantage that the existence of these official forgeries provide, for those who want to hide the extensive cooperation between the highest Anglo-Saxon authorities and the Nazis, is that, whenever one evokes an inconvenient document or fact, now the authorities claim it may well be a false document (since said false documents were found throughout). This method is used to systematically discredit those who want to expose the relationship between plutocrats and the Nazis (it started with the Simon Warburg affair of 1934, when the French secret services tried to divulge the relationship between American plutocrats, some Jewish, and the Nazis; Anglo-Saxon plutocracy successfully extricated itself from it, by having some Dutch judge call the book inaccurate, and order its destruction, worldwide; only one copy survived in Switzerland).

Edward the Nazi King then communicated the result of his observations to Adolf Hitler, according to Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect, confidante, and minister of armaments. Speer stole a compromising paper signed by “EPW” (“Edward Prince of Wales”; the signature was authentified), from Hitler’s desk. Speer left the document with his son, to be revealed at a time after his death, when the document would not be outright destroyed. In it, the Duke of Windsor recommended to Hitler to attack exactly where the Maginot Line ended, as that was the weak point. Indeed most of the Nazi army was committed there.

So the Duke of Windsor was a serious traitor. He was not the only one. The Treaty with the Nazis of 1935 was signed on the anniversary day of Waterloo, when a British and Prussian coalition defeated the French. So is this why a British armored division arrived too late in May 1940 to make a difference? Or why it took a month after the hostilities started between the Nazis and the French in 1939, for the first British soldier to show up?

In May 1940, France and Britain were defeated, unexpectedly, and astoundingly, by the Nazis. A factor in the defeat had to do with the Nazis having practiced the art of war in Spain and then Poland, for four years. Thus the Nazis knew how to use modern weapon systems.

Another factor in the defeat was sheer luck: most of the German army was on three small roads in the Ardennes mountain, and, although detected by a British pilot, this seemed so unlikely, that he was not believed.

Yet, the main factor in the defeat was an incredible succession of extremely bad, quasi insane decisions at the highest level of command. the entire strategy of throwing the best armies into Belgium, at the risk of an attack at Sedan, exactly as in 1870, was, unbelievably, neglected. Both by the French and British government.

We know the King betrayed. But who else did?

The answer is simple; when too much power is in too few hands, civilization is betrayed. Watch our potentates going around, traveling in style, brainless as they are, secretly deciding the world’s fate, from their whims and greed. A “democratic” system where greed for power is needed to be elected to lead, breeds corruption absolutely: it selects greedsters for leaders.

Patrice Ayme’

8 May 1945 Versus 8 May 2015

May 8, 2015

That was the second day when the Nazis surrendered. The true capitulation, without conditions, had been made May 7, in Reims, France. (The Soviets insisted to conduct another ceremony in Berlin, the next day… and they celebrate it the 9th…)

As the French Republic had declared the Second World War, the surrender in Reims was appropriate. At the time when France declared war to Nazism, the USSR was allied to Hitler (and it as also, de facto allied to the USA, as the president and congress of the USA took sanctions against France and its belated ally, Great Britain… on the ground that those two parents, direct genitors of the USA were “belligerents“).

The rendition of Nazism was celebrated with extreme seriousness, and the same spirit, in France and Germany, on May 8, 2015.

France, Joined By USA Sec. Of State John Jerry, Celebrate V Day, May 8, 2015

France, Joined By USA Sec. Of State John Jerry, Celebrate V Day, May 8, 2015

[Republican Guards Horsemen.]

May 8, 1945, is also the same exact day the Franco-Algerian war started, with a wound that was pretty much fatal. Both facts are related. French civilization (and lack thereof) was central to both facts. While racial fascism was smashed in Germany, for all to see, it exploded on French soil (in an atrocious contradiction).

Let’s recapitulate.

1) The leaders of the French Republic knew, as early as 1919, that there would be another war with Germany. That was mostly caused by the hyper-nationalism, racism and fascism mindset which reigned in Germany. Also Germany had been immensely successful industrially, technologically, economically, leaving both Britain and France behind.

That very successes of German fascism (under Bismarck and then the Kaiser Wilhelm II) seemed to prove that fascism was a system superior to the degenerating democracies of Britain and France.

2) France, all along, prepared for the third round with German racist fascism. However, Great Britain and the USA had opted for the opposite approach. It is of course insufferable for contemporary citizens of the UK and the USA to read that their countries aided and abetted the Nazis (some come to scream about that periodically on this site).

However there is a deep lesson there, a warning for tomorrow: British and American plutocrats drove the collaboration of the UK and the USA with the racist and fascist mindset. So doing, they set-up the conditions for the violent death of more than 70 million people, among other inconveniences. Indeed, if the USA and the UK had made a block with the French Republic, in the 1920s, and especially in the 1930s, the fascists in Italy, Japan and Germany would not have had the possibility to dream that they had a chance in the land grabs they envisioned.

Actually the plutocrats which helped the fascists so much were nearly as culprit as the crazy, murderous tribal nuts they encouraged.

Lessons? Plutocracy can manipulate not just the minds, but history itself.

When democracy stand divided, tanks can roll all over it. Something to remember with Putin. Those who cannot stand firmly for democracy, encourage fascism.

3) War can turn badly, unexpectedly. The Nazis use insane, desperate, strategies which turned around the mightier French army and its slow poke little British bulldog. This military disaster of May 1940 is nearly impossible to reproduce in war games.

Lesson? Don’t underestimate the ability of fate, incredible stupidity, really very bad luck, to surprise even those who felt the best prepared.

This is valid now more than ever. A few nuclear bombs could bring losses comparable to all of World War Two, within hours. North Korea is arming itself to the hilt, and threatened to use its nuclear devices, even against the USA. This should not be taken lightly.

The Franco-Algerian Massacre in Setif:

As in places all over France, there was a massive demonstration of joy in Setif, Algeria. A young demonstrator carried an Algerian flag. He was killed by a gendarme. A first wave of retaliation led to the death of a few dozen colons (or more). The later, in further retaliation, supported by the French army, tanks, even planes, killed in turn tens of thousands of Algerians.

Philosophically, this was a tribal reaction not substantially different from Nazism and the like.

This event is not commemorated enough (neither the French state, nor the FNL, which became the Algerian state, but got started in a different mindset in 1954 are anxious to remember it).

It exhibits a lot of warnings about human nature. It needs to be analyzed more. How could the French forget 15 centuries of tribal tolerance? Because they just finally defeated the Nazis, they could act like them? Inhibitions were lifted for a day? Well, whereas France and Germany are now (re)united, and now share a common fraternity, much work remains to be done in the case of France and Algeria.

A work of truth. Thorough truth.

And that’s not just about Europe and Africa, and the USA. Establishing, and imposing the methods to elucidate, uncover, and make everybody admire truth, is the general first order strategy to deal with the world’s ills.

Patrice Ayme’

Of Jewish Europe & Mad Germany

April 6, 2015

Jews lived in Gaul before the invention of Christianity. So Judaism is the oldest European religion in existence. The problem of Judaism in Europe originated in the Middle East, so fleeing back there, as Netanyahu suggested, is counter-intuitive. That Jews should flee Europe would of course profit Israel. Americans tend to find everything worse in Europe than it really is. It makes them feel better. Moreover, the more intelligent immigrants to the USA, the stronger, richer the USA.

I was just telling a few truths to a site managed by Jewish Americans who installed themselves in contemporary Germany. Those truths are generally either unknown, or deliberately ignored. Revealing that, in various ways, including antiquity, Judaism is more European than Christianism itself, is sure to ruffle a few feathers! Yet, it is the truth. And it means, practically, that to be anti-Jewish is to be fundamentally anti-European. Many “European” ideas are actually Jewish, starting with, well, Christianism (mythically founded by a crucified rabbi).

So how come Nazism?

"Wir Sind Adolf." Mass Criminality, Germany.

“Wir Sind Adolf.” Mass Criminality, Germany.

Long story. As long as Christianism? Even longer. The Roman imperial state had problems with the Jews from Jerusalem, not fully of its own making. Shortly after Emperor Julian started to make up, he was killed (in present day Iraq). But let’s go back to 20C Germany.

I was listening to a show on the rise of the Nazi engineered holocaust. In passing contemporary professors were claiming that Germany was the most intellectually advanced, the most literary, the most civilized nations on Earth.

Heidegger was presented as the world’s most advanced philosopher of the Twentieth Century. He is nothing of the sort. At best, Heidegger was Nietzsche’s mentally retarded parrot. (Heidegger stole a lot from Friedrich… In the rare cases he has something valuable to say.)

Heidegger was proud to have kicked out all the Jewish students and professors from the university he led (Nazis are leaders… And all too many leaders suffer from the same sort of occupational hazard…)

In the SS and the like, top German intellectuals were recruited. Heydrich was an expert violonist; his father owned a music school. Goebbels was a German PhD (something long and hard to get at the time). In literature.

And here we see the problem: intellectuality, as defined in Germany, was an erroneous notion. The attack against the Jews, under the Third Reich, was mostly an enormous mass theft organized by the state. By stealing the Jews, riches and businesses were redistributed to Nazi supporters.

Roosevelt, trying to hide that he prevented Jews to come to the USA (except celebrities) decided to organize a conference. Nobody wanted to host it.

Finally, in Évian-les-Bains,, France, 32 countries, and many organizations came to a conference to accept the “refuges” from “Central Europe (namely, the Jews expelled by the Nazis, nobody wanted to name a car a cat).

Hitler agreed. The mustachioed inferior mental, and cultural retard pontificated that: “I can only hope and expect that the other world, which has such deep sympathy for these criminals [Jews], will at least be generous enough to convert this sympathy into practical aid. We, on our part, are ready to put all these criminals at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships.”

Canada, the USA and the UK decided to do nothing. Some added refined cruelty: Australia declared officially that “we can’t accept Jews, because we don’t want to encourage anti-Semitism”.

Canada did better declaring: ”One Jew is too much.” (“Un. C’est trop”)

Switzerland did was tops, declaring that “no Jew was already too many Jews”.

The Confederatio Helvetica asked the German State to mark the passports of Jewish Germans with the letter “J”, for Jew; non-Jewish Germans were welcome to Switzerland, not the Jews! Although of course, their money was welcome.

In the end, nearly all countries closed their borders to the Jews. It was the time of the Great Depression, and Jews left Germany without a Mark: the Nazis took all their property, not just houses, but bank accounts. (The Nazi state allowed 60,000 Jews to migrate to Israel.)

After the Evian conference, Adolf Hitler spewed his contempt: “It was disgusting to see democracies oozing pity about the poor Jewish People, and then do nothing when it came to helping them.”

This is why Hitler could not believe it when the hereditary enemy, the French Republic, sent him an ultimatum on September 1, 1939 (Britain joined France, but Britain was not ready for a world war, having no significant army; France was, and was to take the brunt of the clash with the Nazis.)

Well France did a lot for the Jews, accepting hundreds of thousands. But France fell to the Nazi army in June 1940 (in part because Britain could not engage enough planes and tanks, in a timely manner).

If there was one cause in this whole tragedy, what is it? Intellectual self-satisfaction. Glorification of German culture then. All of this tragedy happened because Germany, then, was viewed (and still is!) as towering mental, cultural giant. In truth, it was a country so idiotic that it let itself be led by the lowest of the low.

What was glorified then was one of the worst culture, and meta-culture, ever.

Were there ever lower mental forms than the top Nazis? Well, of course, in Germany at the time, most Germans were unable to think.

Mass book burning started in May 1933. This was a demand from German students TO Goebbels (as he visited some universities). Goebbels was stunned, charmed and persuaded. Goebbels was a fanatic anti-Semite: a beautiful Jewish girl whom he had courted, had rejected him (instead he found himself married to his wife, a crazed out assassin of children).

How come Germany had got so idiotic and base? Reading Nietzsche shows that the problem had exploded sixty years earlier, under Bismarck. Nietzsche dissected the German mind, vomiting it thoroughly when he realized what he had swallowed all too long.

Nietzsche observed that the clash between Jews and Anti-Semites had become so fierce, that the only solution was to force out the Anti-Semites, so that the superior race, the Jews could grace Germany in peace. But that seemed unlikely as his own sister married the top Anti-Semite.

Nietzsche observed, again that Germans had become “Herd Animals” (“Herdentieren”)

Herdentieren, Herd Animals, are not smart. And they charge, all going one way. So the problem of Germany in the 1930s was not that it was on top, mentally and culturally, but instead was hugging the bottom, as a vast herd of stupid animals. Yes, 1930s Germany was a stupid herd.

It is high time to understand this. Be it only because the lesson is timely.

Patrice Ayme’

Sometimes, The Ends Justify The Means

March 6, 2015

Putin’s Reich, like Hitler’s Reich, can be thoroughly surrealistic.

Russia captured an Ukrainian army pilot, a well-known woman who served against in the Middle East. That an Ukrainian combat helicopter pilot ended in a cage in Russia is even stranger: did Ukraine invade Russia? No. Did Russia invade Ukraine? How else does Putin capture famous Ukrainian pilot (and then accuse her of “murder”).

Meanwhile, all over the Middle East, The Islamists bulldoze the past, as it proves that their so-called Prophet was just an analphabet raider who came thousands of years after the invention of civilization and secular law, in exactly the same place. The advantage, is that they show Islamist ideology for what it is. Here is how Islam conquered the Middle East:

Nazis Hid Such Pictures, Islamists Gloat About Them

Nazis Hid Such Pictures, Islamists Gloat About Them

OK, 13 centuries ago, they used swords, not guns. The child is Christian Armenian in Syria. Armenia was the first Christian nation (early Fourth Century, more than 400 years before the invention of Islam by a raider called Muhammad).

Per Kurowski, having read my Savage, The Franks? Islam Is Worse in Learning From Dogs, made the following comment, which I found weird (but it gave me an opening for a strong retort):

“Here a (nasty) question asked by Daniel C. Dennett in the book “Thinking” (2013) edited by John Brockman.

“Suppose that we face some horrific, terrible enemy… and here’s two different armies that we could use to defend ourselves. The Gold Army and the Silver Army: same numbers, same training, same weaponry. They’re all armored and armed as well as can do. The difference is that the Gold Army has been convinced that God is on their side and this is cause of righteousness, and it’s as simple as that. The Silver Army is entirely composed of economists. They’re all making side insurance bets and calculating the odds of everything… Which army do you want on the front lines?”

And Dennett has introduced the question by citing William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902) with: “Far better is it for an army to be too savage, to cruel, too barbarous, than to possess too much sentimentality and human reasonableness”. 

So now you ponder on that for a while.”

Thanks Per, for mentioning Daniel Dennet, a well-known American philosopher, with a towering reputation, and this ineffable property of colossal boredom that seems to emanate from all American philosophers.

Like a giant Black Hole at the heart of a galaxy, I need to swallow stuff, so I can make light. Dennet will do for now.

First, let me say that I approve Paul’s answer 100%. Here I go:



The big mistake in World War two was to realize too late that Nazism had to be physically destroyed, with maximum savagery.

The French Republic understood it: by January 1938, the French War Ministry launched a hyper secret NUCLEAR bomb program (Irene Curie, daughter of Marie, had not already a Nobel Prize, but she also had discovered the nuclear chain reaction, and taught it to Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner, both German, who, fortunately, had not understood too well what the much smarter Irene had found).

The aim of the program was to atom bomb Berlin: Nazis were to get what they deserved (the project fled later to England, and then MANHATTAN, becoming the project by that name).

Morality? Against those who have none, but the Dark Side, only darker ways win. 

The British followed the French example (Churchill of course knew about the nuclear bomb project): against the Nazis, only a deeper darkness would do. So they prepared a strategic bomber fleet. The idea was to eradicate Nazi cities, if it had to come to that. The British were ready for the worst.

The British were ready for the worst, the Nazis were not: it would have meant, for the later, to look deep in their ugly souls.

So they did not look.

So they did not anticipate that they ugly souls would lead them to be at war, again, with France and Britain. Or, maybe in 1945 (some of them, including Hitler, planned, secretly). But not in 1939. Thus the Nazis did not prepare with a bomber fleet and enough anti-aircraft defenses. Britain did, because Britain anticipated the ugliness of what could follow: as the British soul was pure, it could look into the possible consequences of Nazi evil. So Britain prepared for the worst, all-out war (something the ex-director of Mi6 just suggested may happen with Putin).

To fight evil, one has to draw the line somewhere. Thus, in 1939, Britain followed France, which had a defense treaty with Poland, and told Hitler that invading Poland was out of the question.

Hitler, stuck, made his hyper secret alliance with Soviet dictator Stalin official.

France and Britain, and Poland were undeterred. Poland refused to concede any territory for its Prussian tormentors who had occupied her for centuries.

Hitler attacked. France and Britain declared war.


At that point, it was clear Hitler had lost. It was just a matter of time. The Nazis tried to get lucky, and they were, in May 1940, after several inconceivable blunders by the French and British commands, who had not anticipated how insane the Nazis were. And Lady Luck was Nazi in May 1940.


When the Nazis had to turn to air war against Britain, though, they were not ready. But the Brits were. Nazi attacks against English cities met the wrath of the RAF. Ultimately savage city bombing at night reduced Hitler’s Reich to smoldering ruins. One million men manned the anti-aircraft guns, but still, British bombers inflicted war hindering damage. (By comparison, the Nazis had never more than three million men trying to invade the USSR.)

Why could not the Nazis reciprocate in kind? They had no (long range) bomber fleet. Their puny force was mostly wiped out in 1940. they had never anticipated they would find themselves in total war with Britain… While they were still unprepared. They had not anticipated that the French and the British would see all the way through their nasty Nazi souls and decided to do away with them, mustering whatever it took.

Later the USAF joined, and the Nazis ran out of everything. Especially the capacity to make ammunitions, explosives, and fuel.

Was it rough? Sure. But there was no other way to win the war.

And if that war had been lost, the Nazis, in the end, would have simply killed most of humanity.


That the ends never justify the means is cheap metaphysics. It’s a perfect metaphysics for slaves to have, if you are a master, as the servants will thus never revolt.

In practice, metaphysics ought to never contradict physics. In the real world, absolute force is justified by absolute morality.

Pointing guns at a toddler, and, or, gloating about it, is an absolute wrong.

Chimps or simple monkeys, or even dogs would understand this (once they have been shown what guns can do). Not only is morality absolute, but, ethological research shows, it is shared among all advanced species.

This is why dolphins rescue people at sea. It is also why dolphins do not attack people, although people do hunt, kill, and eat people in some parts of the world (I discovered that myself as a child in Africa; I have more to say on this another day).

Why is the genus Homo so demonic?

Well, it is a question of superiority.

However, that sense of superiority, with its Dark Side can only be moderated with even greater force. God is not our friend, as it is just an illusion, and allusion, that primitives have. However, force, inflicted with enough demonicity, is all the god we need.

Obama has learned that way: he has, de facto, allied himself with Iran (whose Prime Minister Abadi justified said alliance by claiming it was like that of the West with the USSR against the Nazis; I wonder if he realizes this means that he is working for Stalin…)

One should go one cynicism further: the strength of the Islamist State has come from officers from Saddam Hussein’s army. Should one want to finish the conflict, one could make them an offer they cannot refuse. But then, of course, does not want to really finish that conflict?

Situations develop an intelligence of their own, and conflicts are debates, at another level.

When rats are pressed in a cage, they become vicious. We have been building a cage, and it has not become more comfortable.

Belgium had, a little while back, 381 species of wild bees (crucial to the survival of the biosphere). Three years ago, it was down to 11, and a recent survey found only 5.

What, or rather, who, is killing the bees?

More on this later, and the connection with the world’s richest, and, according to himself, best man, the one who should pay no taxes, Bill Gates. Gates of hell are for those who make it so that too much power comes into too few hands.

Patrice Ayme’

WRONG HISTORY, WRONG PHILOSOPHY: Nazi Lies Still Ruling In 2015. Exposing the Real History Of Germany And Its Culpability, Starting In 1912!

February 16, 2015


Misinterpreting the history of what happened centuries, or even millennia ago, can have drastic consequences today. A ready made idea as simple as calling Western civilization “Christian” is an example. It is easy to argue that the “Christian” influence was not the most important influence on civilization: Greco-Romans, with law and democracy, and the Franks, with tolerance, universal education and outlawing slavery… were clearly more important than a fascist cult imposed by emperors.

As the European Union is still under construction, it is important that the enormous lies of the past get exposed, for the lies they were… Especially when they are still viewed as the truth

Example? It is important to expose the all-powerful Christianism of the Middle-Ages, and especially of the Late Roman Empire for the civilization devouring monster it was, Having reminded us of this historical set of facts, the Catholic Inquisition and all that… we can then turn to it scion, its heir, all-powerful fundamentalist Islam, and condemn it, just as vigorously, for the exact same reason, instead of licking its toes, respectfully, as Obama did. Reading history, and its biggest lies, then correcting them, enables to address the present.

All too many contemporary prominent US historians  still claim that it is “nonsense” that Christianism caused proximally the fall of Rome… When that idea, found explicitly in the works of philosopher-emperor Julian is 17 centuries old… And obviously correct as the Frigidus River battle, in 394 CE, annihilated the Occidental Roman army at the hands of Goths and fanatical Christians united.


Greece owes around 65 billion Euros to Germany, from the Greek “rescue” plan, a neat trick to have the Greek People pay for (mostly foreign) banks. Syriza, the new government in Greece (a party from the left in coalition with a nationalist party) is asking for more than 160 billion Euros in reparations for the assault, invasion of Greece by Germany in 1941… Which may have brought the death of more than 800,000 Greeks.

Do Those Who Hate The Versailles Treaty Also Believe the Nazis’ "Work Makes Free"?

Do Those Who Hate The Versailles Treaty Also Believe the Nazis’ “Work Makes Free”?

[As we have seen before, and will see again below, the tradition in American circles, is to accuse the French to have invented Nazism… And that’s exactly what the Nazis said. It’s also a giant lie. A racist, holocaust force lie.]

The Nazis’ exactions in Greece were so extensive, that it is difficult to know how many died; a typical assassination by the Nazis was not an orderly extermination in an extermination camp involving processing by IBM computer (!), but shooting of an entire family in some thicket, as the Nazis wanted to leave no trace of their activities.

Paul Krugman is getting bolder Weimar on the Aegean:”Try to talk about the policies we need in a depressed world economy, and someone is sure to counter with the specter of Weimar Germany, supposedly an object lesson in the dangers of budget deficits and monetary expansion. But the history of Germany after World War I is almost always cited in a curiously selective way. We hear endlessly about the hyperinflation of 1923, when people carted around wheelbarrows full of cash, but we never hear about the much more relevant deflation of the early 1930s, as the government of Chancellor Brüning — having learned the wrong lessons — tried to defend Germany’s peg to gold with tight money and harsh austerity.

And what about what happened before the hyperinflation, when the victorious Allies tried to force Germany to pay huge reparations? That’s also a tale with a lot of modern relevance, because it has a direct bearing on the crisis now brewing over Greece.”

Krugman argues that the policy imposed on Greece now is what sank the so-called Weimar republic. Nice on the surface, false when one looks at the details. (Weimar was NOT a republic, to star with.)

But here I am going to set Krugman right about history:



In 1953, the victorious Allies decided Germany ought nothing for Nazism (this is what Syriza is now contesting). The history of Germany in the period 1912-1953 is relevant to the present Greek tragedy.

On December 8, 1912, it was a Sunday, the Kaiser brought his six top military men in a conference. It was decided by that august assembly, that the ascent of the ever more prosperous French Republic and her vast empire, combined with the democratization of Russia, left the German plutocracy behind, and that only attacking them militarily, as soon as possible, would solve the problems.

The two admirals objected that they would never be ready to fight a world war within 18 months. The Kaiser insisted that they had to work more on the press to get the German population ready for war.

On June 1, 1914, Colonel House, the right hand man of USA president Wilson, secretly proposed to the Kaiser an alliance, with Britain, against France, if the Kaiser would stop his naval force built-up. This meant the US would not tolerate an embargo against Germany (more may have been said in private). This is what happened and enabled Germany to extend the war.

Germany attacked on August first, and nearly lost its entire army in a French counter-attack next to Paris, in September (in the First Battle of the Marne).

However, corporations of the USA, for years, fed the otherwise landlocked Kaiser kingdom with war supplies, for years, through the Netherlands.

France and Britain complained to Washington, but they were not going to declare war to the USA.

After Wilson re-election in 1917, the USA declared war to Germany, just as the Soviets made peace with Germany, conceding a gigantic territory Russia had occupied in Eastern Europe since 1815 (including Poland, Ukraine, etc.).

In 1918, Germany lost the war it had started deliberately, taking  everybody by surprise.

A last, all-out attack by the German army on Paris, the second Battle of the Marne, was decimated by a deluge of French artillery fire, and was finished with a pincer counterattack by 50 Allied divisions (including 2 American and 45 French).

The retreating German army, under orders, scorched north-eastern France, flooding the mines, dynamiting all production centers, and even Middle-Ages castles, burning all telephone poles.



The Kaiser fled. However, the Prussian-German plutocracy he left behind still controlled most of the press, and the legend took hold in Germany that the German army had not been defeated.

Instead, Germans were indoctrinated: their army had not been defeated, it had been stabbed in the back. Germans were told that traitors inside Germany made the revolution that caused the defeat (the other way around from the real reality).

Those traitors were the Communists, and the Jews, they had to be killed. A civil war started, and units of the German army were employed to do just that.

As Germany was not occupied by the Allies, the Allies basically did not prevent those satanic ideas to take hold of Germany.

The Allies had not cut-off the head of the snake (as would be done after May 1945). Clemenceau predicted in 1919 that Germany, would attack 20 years later, again (as it did).

Except, next time, Germany was out to kill all the Communists and Jews.

The Paris peace conference of 1919 forced Germany to give independence to the countries it had long occupied, such as Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

It is shocking to see Paul Krugman repeat what would become one the mantra of the Nazis. Krugman: “First, Germany’s economy had already been devastated by the war.” It’s France, Belgium and Eastern Europe who had been devastated. Not one square meter of Germany had been occupied and thus “devastated”.

“Second, says Krugman, the true burden on that shrunken economy would — as John Maynard Keynes explained in his angry, powerful book “The Economic Consequences of the Peace” — be far greater than the direct payments to the vengeful Allies.”

Yes Keynes may have said this, but this was not his most important message. Lord Keynes explains in his book that amputating the German empire from all the nations it occupied (“the economic consequence of the peace”) would indeed devastate the German empire.

And that it sure would, because the entire idea of many nations in 1919, including the French, was to dismantle the plutocratic empire Germany had set for itself in the middle of Europe. Lord Keynes showed his true intent, when he wrote in his racist book, that the Poles were an inferior race, and that they cannot manage an economy.

Such things are never said, so nobody knows them.

Thus our friend Krugman intones what became the German credo: “In the end, and inevitably, the actual sums collected from Germany fell far short of Allied demands. But the attempt to levy tribute on a ruined nation — incredibly, France actually invaded and occupied the Ruhr, Germany’s industrial heartland, in an effort to extract payment — crippled German democracy and poisoned relations with its neighbors.”

What is truly incredible is how ignorant of true history Krugman is.

My opinion, shared by Belgium and France in 1923, is quite the opposite. Even Paris itself had been bombed by the attacking Germans, and under long range artillery fire. That’s devastation. Germany was intact, differently from devastated Belgium and France.

The legend that Germany was devastated was most profitable to the Nazis and their plutocratic collaborators, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Repeating The Biggest Lies of the Nazis Is Still Common Wisdom

Repeating The Biggest Lies of the Nazis Is Still Common Wisdom

“The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” Joseph Goebbels (Nazi propaganda minister).

The biggest Nazi lie of all was that the Versailles Treaty devastated Germany. And this is what many an American university parrot has said ever since (as it allowed to punish France, that was USA profitable!). For more on the Big Lie Technique, see: “Mediating Pluto“.



Germany was intact, but Germany did not want to pay. That would have been to recognize what happened in 1914, namely that Germany attacked France and Russia deliberately, knowing full well it would cause a world war (that its racist plutocracy hoped to win, with the a little help from the USA).

Why was history not learned in 1919? Some of the worst men who had caused World War One were in power in Germany, after the war.

An example is Dr. Schacht, a protégé of JP Morgan (yes, the American banker). Schacht was such a crook, his commanding Prussian general fired him for exploiting occupied Belgium. However, in 1923, he commanded the German Central Bank. To foil the French, Dr. Schacht decided to make German money worthless, by hyper inflating the money supply.

Paul Krugman wrote in his blog: “We know that part of the reason large postwar reparations were such an unreasonable and irresponsible demand was the dire, shrunken state of the German economy after World War I.”

Large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations” were a German Nazi legend.

Why did the Germans think of this legend? Because they had tried that trick, just prior.

Indeed, Chancellor Bismarck, after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, imposed on the French Republic exactly that sort of “large, unreasonable, irresponsible postwar reparations”.

Bismarck’s hope was that France would not be able to pay, and so war could be started again. In any case, his plan was to hinder the French economy indefinitely.(He got disappointed, as France paid, unexpectedly, in five years!)

So Germany was expert at the idea of mutilating reparations: after all, it invented the idea. (That’s why it should pay Greece now!)

The German economy shrunk by 25% in GDP, most of it during 1914, the year Germany attacked the world. Pushing a two million man army through Belgium will make your economy shrink.

What are those “large postwar reparations”? Intact Germany disingenuously argued that it could not pay, except in worthless paper.

The French Republic insisted that Germany had enormous forests, and could easily replace the tens of thousands of French telephone poles it had just destroyed. Was replacing the telephone poles the German army had deliberately destroyed in 1918 throughout a large part of France “large, unreasonable, and irresponsible?”

It was the refusal by Germany to replace these telephone poles that precipitated the crisis of 1923.

The French Republic, reasonably enough, decided that the German refusal to replace the telephone poles it just destroyed was indicative of a total lack of cooperation. So France, accompanied by Belgium, invaded the Ruhr.

What went really wrong is that it did not stay until reason had prevailed in Germany. Suppose that the French army had occupied Germany, until the Germans calm down, and wiser heads told the Germans what had really happened in World War One? How bad would have that been?

No Auschwitz?



In 1945, the French military fought inside Germany, and would stay there for the next 54 years, until the creation of the Franco-German brigade in 1999.

Properly digesting history is what enables civilization to survive and progress. History cannot turn into civilization unless it has been thoroughly examined.

Krugman is a Jew. He had said so himself, while recognizing he was very much cut off his roots. For Jews (!) to repeat like deranged parrots the very legends that gave rise to Nazism is beyond the pale, it’s falling into the abyss.


Because sometimes in the future, people in the West will ask: ‘Why was Israel created, if what the Nazis said was true?’ If it is true, as the Nazis claimed, that the French were the ones who launched Nazism with their exploitation of Germany, treacherously using the German Jews to stab the glorious German military from behind, did not the Jews deserve to be punish?

Well, the answer is the Nazis lied, and having Jews like Paul Krugman telling us that they did not, cannot change the reality of what happened.

Human minds cannot distort reality all they want. Nature, even human nature, is out there to correct outrageous errors. The hard way.

Patrice Ayme’


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

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Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

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in truth, only atoms and the void

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Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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