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Cap Wealth To Decapitate Plutocracy

January 30, 2014

By law, under the Republic, Individual Roman wealth was capped at the equivalent of a few dozens of millions. The reason why is that the Roman had great understanding of the reasons exposed below.

That capping of the wealth of families was the law for more than 250 years (before that, there simply were no Romans rich enough to make such a law necessary). A conservative Consul, and great general who had been elected dictator during the invasion of Rome by a Gallic army had the law passed around 380 CE.

That law capping wealth became ineffective when Rome conquered most of the Mediterranean. By then hyper rich Roman invested overseas. The hyper rich created the Republic Of Offshore, and avoided taxation all together.

That caused, first, enormous inequalities. Then, when righteous politicians tried to enforce the law a civil war that, thanks to buying politicians, and using political assassinations, the plutocrats won. After that, the Roman Republic declined and fell, until, in 400 CE, the Roman government, unable to pay the army, put the Franks in charge of the defense of Gallia and both Germania Inferior and Superior.

We are launched in the same exact same pattern nowadays. Plutocrat Tom Perkins’s loud claims that the Jews were the 1%  in Germany is delirious. Just as his claim that the hyper rich are persecuted, same as the Jews were.

It’s actually plutocrats similar to him who created, financed, enabled, armed and fueled the Nazis. Let alone exerted undue influences on the Anglo-Saxon government to isolate the French Republic in its attempts to throw Nazism out.

American plutocrats’ influence on the Congress of the USA explains why the Congress, having legislated against France and Britain’s attack against Hitler in 1939, refused absolutely to give an ultimatum to the Nazis, and waited bovinely until Hitler declared war to the USA well after Pearl Harbor. Those years of infamy, were the years of gathering plutocratic strength in the USA, as American plutocrats carefully nurtured Hitler and Mussolini.

The immensely rich are intrinsically evil, for the good and simple reason that primates are just, and the hyper rich’s very existence is not. After all, money is power, and immense money is immense power. Power on whom? Other people.

Feeling their intrinsic evil, the hyper rich sink ever closer to Pluto, by using their power to pay politicians and media to distort reality ever more. We see it in Ukraine, in Russia, in Turkey. How much do we need to see here, before realizing that it is after civilization itself that plutocracy is?