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GENERALIZED PLUTOCRACY Rules, Or Why We Are Heading Towards Mass Extinction

July 14, 2019

WHAT IS PLUTOCRACY? Literally, EVIL RULE! The Notion of “Plutocracy” Is Thus Crucially More General Than Is Usually Suspected. The Present Political System Is Intrinsically Evil… Something Rather Foolhardy In The Thermonuclear Age!

This essay is not just about plutocracy in the way it is usually understood. Because therein is, once again, pointed out the fact that “representative democracy” is a contradiction in adjecto, and what we really have, when we talk of “representative democracy”, is plutocracy light, and calling it “democracy” is joining insult, irrealism, to injury.

Plutocracy light, at the local level, this so-called “representative democracy” sustains and supports what we have, de facto, potentially the greatest plutocracy, ever, in the history of the known universe. The maximal rule of hell, ever. As a result, the history of history may turn out rather short.

Verily, “Representative Democracy” is neither “democracy”, nor “representative”.

Plutocracy is instigated by the monopoly of power, made possible by the domination of an evil mentality (“Pluto”). A trivial example is Hitler, Stalin, Augustus, Ceausescus and hordes of other dictators, who, having monopolized outrageous power, could only keep alive with ever more mass murder and mass atrocities. 

Indeed, this is true even at the individual psychopathic level: the crazed neurology of the low lives serial murderers craves for ultimate power, that of destroying others, and even oneself. Fatally, the same exclusive craving for that same subjugation characterizes most of those who aspire to the highest positions of power [1]. 

Plutocracy is the monopoly of power. All the more dangerous, as power becomes ever more powerful, to the point it makes minds as it wishes, logically, cognitively, emotionally. Thus, in an age where monopolies grow, and when monopolies grow on minds, so does plutocracy. 

Plutocracy lives from the assent of the upper classes, which, as in the fascist Roman empire, are part of it, profits from it, and are occasional victims of it (see Putin’s Russia for the clearest examples). 

A US cartoon from 1911 (when the US still had a class struggle consciousness). The Pyramidal Organization of Plutocratic Society. This not human, because humans are not ants, bees, or termites. Humans are not meant to live at the bottom of the pyramid.

It is illustrative that, as the French Republic just took tax action against the tech monopolies, a bipartisan effort in US Senate screamed “injustice”. This bipartisan defense of monopolistic plutocracy shows how much sold to plutocracy and monopolies, US politicians are that they find French politicians unfair to US plutocracy, and want to legislate [2].

The full concept that the word “plutocracy” depicts, is not just what is usually assumed. That assumption, per se, is misinformation. According to a partial, and actually minor, interpretation of the concept “Pluto” as the god of wealth, plutocracy would just be the rule of wealth

For example when the Macedonian fascist Uber dictator Antipater, senior successor of Alexander took control of Athens, he decided that only wealthy individuals could vote… On the surface, that looks like just this: only the wealthy took part in government. But, actually, it meant that those not part of the oligarchy, such as non-collaborating philosophers, such as Demosthenes, were executed at will. So the government of a few wealthy ones was extremely bloody. And so it always will be, as human beings are not made to be treated as things.



This is clearly the case etymologically and historically speaking: Pluto is the god of hell, not just wealth. Plutocracy, rule of hell, corrupts everything, not just finance and the economy, but also psychology, morality, an even rationality, cognition, and motivation. How one wants to move, what moves someone, is different under plutocracy.

Conventional wisdom constrains the concept of plutocracy to only be the rule of the wealthy. Then plutocracy is only viewed as “excessive wealth disorder”. Viewed this way, plutocracy has mostly economic impacts. Big money has been able to imprint the multitudes with big lies, capturing the judiciary, misinforming about global warming, immigration, fossil fuels, the ecological crisis, even nuclear energy (which is not a friend of fossil fuels). 

Plutocracy is much more than a type of economy, or politics, it’s a power obsessed sadomasochist mental derangement so friendly to oligarchy that only perfusion with the Darkest Side makes it sustainable. 

So naturally, plutocracy verses in the cruellest activities, such as torturing youth. As the second Roman emperor, Tiberius, adoptive son of Augustus, did on the island of Capri. Or as billionaire Epstein, a personal friend of Clinton or Trump, did on the island of Manhattan [3]. Media (such as the New York Times) don’t understand why Epstein left so many proofs of his illegal tortures of children… but absolute power is made to be flaunted absolutely. Only then does it subjugates.

Real wisdom, in full cognizance of the mental panorama at our disposal: Plutocracy is much more than the rule of wealth, it’s the rule of hell


A bit of revealing etymology: 

How the word plutocracy, in Greek “ploutokratia” arose is tells much. Initially Πλούτος (Ploutos) means wealth in Greek. Πλουτων or Πλουτωνας (Plouton, Ploutonas) was means “he who gets rich/wealthy” and was another name for Hades the God of Underworld.  “Hades”, the god of the underworld, acquired such a terrible reputation, that no decent Greek would dare to utter His original name anymore… However the wealthy were obviously felt to be hellish, so the word “Pluto” came to be used… to designate Hades. It all made sense in more ways than one: wealth was associated with precious stones and other underground riches. 

Associating hell, wealth, power, the underground and obscurity was not new: Angra Manyu, the Babylonian god of obscurity, the Dark Side, had been fighting Ahura Mazda, the god of Enlightenment, for millennia, right in the middle of Mesopotamia. (The equivalent Jewish concept is Satan, and it was passed to Christianism and Islamism through the Bible.)

A characteristic of Pluto is that he can make Himself invisible. So, naturally, its contemporary admirers denies the Dark Side, Pluton, is of any importance; nothing to see here, move on: the free market is an intrinsic good.

Jesus declared the wealthy had as high a probability to end in paradise as a camel through the eye of a pin. Summing up, all the mythologies of the Dark Side agree that wealth and hell are intimately tied together

Philosopher scientist Hypatia teaching a class. The philosopher was destroyed by the divinization of the spirit of Roman plutocracy grandly called “Catholic Orthodoxy” (Common Opinion Universalism), Christianism, then in full bloom. Christianism brought us extremely close to the total destruction of civilization in Western Eurasia.

How does the tie up between wealth and hell work? 

Money is part and parcel of power: it enables us to get other people or institutions to do what we want them to do. Thus huge money is huge power onto others. Reciprocally, huge power is the equivalent of extreme wealth

However, having huge power onto others is a violation of fundamental violation of the conditions enabling normal, evolutionarily anticipated human behavior: human beings didn’t evolve to do whatever other human beings wanted them to do. In other words, huge power on other human beings is intrinsically evil… by god given, that is evolutionary given standards.

However, there is a side of human nature which, given huge power of some individuals on humanity, makes matters much worse: human beings come equipped with a Dark Side… more or less present, according to individuals. 

In other words, although human beings come equipped by standards of good and evil, there is a meta system controlling simple goodness and badness, where all values become inverted. Good becomes bad, bad becomes good. This is how the divine species, Homo, prevents Homo to ruin it all for us, by massacring enough Homo, as needed. In other words, not only is demonicity strong in human beings, but, like Pluto, it is buried and knows how to make itself invisible. Moreover, it appears preferably as a bait and switch. 


The present political system selects for psychopaths, perfect operators for plutocracy:

All variable natural phenomena, are situated on a Bell Curve (exp – (x^2)). For the examples at hand, plutocracy and demonicity, this means that the evl streak is more or less represented in human beings. However the Will to Power itself acts as a filter: it will be stronger in the most evil ones. 

For example, many individuals become billionaires because they want power onto other individuals more than normal people do: the Dark Side, the Will to Power Onto People, is stronger in them (think of the characters at the head of the Galactic empire in Star wars; human history is full of them; actually in Star Wars the head of the Senate conspire to become emperor… just as Octavian really did when he became Augustus…). 

Enabling, and a fortiori encouraging, the occurrence of immense wealth, and immense power thus fosters the Dark Side, Pluto, Hell, in part by encouraging preferentially psychopaths to reach the greatest power. It is only natural: exerting maximum power onto others is intrinsically evil, psychopaths fit the job description best. 

The psychopathic leeches who lead us (to Armageddon and Mass Extinction) enjoy their power on us, including that of playing with the law, throwing basic decency to the winds. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein… seriously why has nobody noticed this? because they didn’t want to notice we are under plutocracy, the power (kratia) of evil (Pluto)… The pundits who massage and brainwash our minds are paid for us NOT to notice, or even suspect this. Like they didn’t notice that Obama landed in a big private jumbo jet in another tax free private island next to Pedophile Island… Clinton was accompanied with up to ten secret service agents on some of the Lolita express flights….

The characters so encouraged are often going to be among the silliest of men, most full of themselves: Trump is an example… but, once again, history is full of them: most monarchs had that streak of self-obsessed babyhood (it’s not just Caligula and Nero, it’s also Constantine, etc.)

That sort of organization percolates down society. The Nazis called it the “Guide Principle”… but it’s not just the Third Reich which is organized that way. Lack of Direct Democracy is thus pervasive in the entire socioeconomic organization… which depends upon a hierarchy of little chiefs all the way down. One problem with that is that the collapse of the biosphere is everybody’s business. Another is that Artificial Intelligence and the concentration of Instruments of Mind Manipulation threatens to turn all into slaves, without them even suspecting it…  .


Remedies: Limit Absolutely Wealth, Power, Privileges…

Accordingly to the preceding fundamental observations, the Roman Republic limited both power and wealth strictly, and at a very low level. This is probably why it lasted 5 centuries in unadulterated form. 

However, globalization, from Roman military conquests enabled the wealthiest Romans to go overseas and escape Roman law, stricto sensu, as this extended only over Italy (not Spain, nor Africa, nor Gallia). Thus the limits on wealth and power were circumvented. Roman  plutocrats thus created, became so powerful, they were able to make it so that anti-wealth laws were not applied anymore. Then their power increased to the point they could employ private armies and kill progressives (such as the Gracchi). 

Plutocracy is an effect of the power chain reaction which enables a small elite to enslave the majority, thanks to the intrinsic leverage that civilization provides. Thus, it’s a danger in all and any civilization, at all and any time. 

Once again, plutocracy is, first of all, a psychological, one should say spiritual, phenomenon. Plutocracy corrupts minds, often by example. As most people see what the higher ups get away with, they themselves engage in something similar, to the much smaller case that is their adobe.


Hence, after Roman emperors came to be seen as living gods, and then representants on Earth of the one and only god, most people tried to emulate them in Christian fanaticism… and go further (see the death of Hypatia by torture, at the hands of a Christian mob).

Civilizations die from plutocracy. Any civilization is a balance between the necessities of the multitude (law, order, etc.), and the human ethology, which evolved for small human groups. Plutocrats can only enslave the multitude by persuading it, brain washing it, conditioning it, to not think and feel right. Thus, an effect of plutocracy is that the entire civilization it affects is impacted in all ways and methods which require reason, and a correct sentiment.  

A civilization with metastatic plutocracy is thus unable to handle any crisis: it becomes as stupid as possible. So plutocracy is characterized with dementia; all sorts of bad decisions are taken. It is even worse than that, because the will to stupidity is deliberate under plutocracy: the way plutocrats see it, bad decisions distract people, and are actually good, if they subjugate, hurt and weaken We The People.

In particular, a plutocracy will have a bad economy, as plutocratic Rome got, in the Third Century CE. A further example is the Late Roman empire, which became such a plutocracy that it was too stupid to solve around 200 different crises which were allowed to fester… and then the Roman empire was fatally weakened by a resource crisis and pressed by the Germans themselves pushed by the Huns… Another example is the Maya, struck by a very severe drought, who took the wrong decisions, making the ecological crisis worse, bringing total war.

The usual concept of plutocracy needs to be generalized, to see it for what it is: plutocracy is a rotting of minds. Only rot makes it possible, only ever more rot makes it sustainable.

Society could be organized differently, say as real Demos-Kratia, real People Power, with Referenda all over the place. Thus, one further question is why do people tolerate to be living like worker ants, insignificant termites? 

In other words, why nihilism, sadomasochistic society, etc? Because human beings are made for these behaviors. The Darkest Side is always how ecological overstretch was handled. Lebensraum for real. A result is that human beings are, potentially, to some extent, Machiavellian in the worst possible ways [4]. Moreover, a plutocratic mood, as presently pervades society, encourages the darkest of the Dark Side.

And this is why we have “Launch On Warning” (LOW)… and nobody of significance seems to care, let alone even seems to know about it…. 

Patrice Ayme



[1] … With the quasi-exception of those who really purely crave to implement some progressive political Revolution. Solon, the Gracchi, Marius, Caesar (!), Emperor Julian, Queen Bathilde, Charlemagne (!), William the Conqueror (!), Henry V, Henri III & IV, Louis XVI (!) are such possible counter-examples… The point is not that they didn’t destroy people (perhaps more than one million Celts in the case of Caesar… however he didn’t start it…), but that those means were imposed on them, and the ends they aimed for were laudable (and partly achieved; Caesar, as head of the Populares, had identified Rome’s most major problems: Germans and Parthans).


[2] US President Trump ordered an investigation into France’s tax on tech monopolies – a move that could result in retaliatory tariffs… with full approval of the so-called “Democrats”.

The tax will target around thirty (30) firms such as Google and Facebook with a 3% levy on revenue made inside France. The tax is expected to raise about €400m ($450m) in 2019. Any digital company with revenue of more than €750m – of which at least €25m is generated in France – would be subject to the tax.

[Mr Trump] has directed that we investigate the effects of this digital services tax law and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce,

The inquiry was welcomed by Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Ron Wyden, the senior Democrat on the panel.

Senior Democrat? Senior People-Power person is all for tech monopolies which pay no taxes?

The digital services tax that France and other European countries are pursuing is clearly protectionist and unfairly targets American companies in a way that will cost US jobs and harm American workers,” they said in a joint statement. Protectionist? US companies, including the GAFA are crawling all over France, where they have achieved monopolistic powers, tax exempt. So much for “Democrats” being against plutocracy. 

The digital tax is a risk for France, for the country at the origin of the Human Rights Charter, is now isolated. Talk of a Europe-wide tech tax, faltered thanks in part to opposition from countries such as Ireland, Luxembourg or even the Netherlands, which benefit from being able to attract tech firms to set up quasi tax-free bases through which to launder their world profits. This is reminiscent of the plutocratization of the Roman empire.


[3] Wealthy plutocrat Epstein connected to the greatest,was condemned for among other activities, soliciting sex from 12 year old girls: 

in full knowledge of what he was doing, Epstein was on first-name terms with two presidents, Bill Clinton (“Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist,” Clinton once said) and Donald Trump (“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,” Mr Trump said almost two decades ago, in a wink to pedophilia). 

Since Epstein was charged in 2006 both commanders in chief distanced themselves from Mr Epstein. However, shortly before that, Bill Clinton had taken at least 26 trips on the “Lolita Express”, Epstein’s private jet. Top democrats (Cyrus Vance, etc.) intervened on behalf of Epstein to reduce his status of sex offender. It’s not just Tiberius who tortured people on his island of Capri… Much of the present highest level society is entangled with sex trafficking… in no small reason because individuals such as the obscure and mighty Maxwells are pulling the strings. (As PM Shamir of Israel said when Maxwell senior was buried, he couldn’t reveal all what he did; Maxwell owned media and made a killing from huge margins on scientific publishing… One more way in which the university system reveals itself to be plutocratic as public funds are used to finance astronomical private wealth…) 

The world in general, and the US in particular, should reconsider the enormous powers it institutionally gives to psychopaths… 


[4] As Balances of Good and Evil, Human beings are intrinsically Machiavellian. So Machiavellian, they play themselves, and only by some of their distant acts, sometimes, their true nature is revealed… to themselves 

Many love some of the advantages plutocracy provides, or could provide them. So they pose as if they were pure, fanatical opponents of the system, but actually are there to sabotage opposition, by exhibiting crazed fanaticism.

Politics is a war, not just of classes, but of ideas. Not all ideas of Trump are bad and against the times. French socialist PM Michel Rocard said: France can’t welcome all of the world’s miserable people. 

Enabling mass immigration to the West is not the panacea, the global solution for billions of people living in less fortunate circumstances. One can’t just say: it’s criminal to reject those who have no legal right to live here. 

Similarly, in a country which doesn’t provide free healthcare, why should unlawful immigrants, and the whole planet be told, in advance, that they would be treated better than US-born citizens? 

Such silly declamations will insure a Trump victory. Way worse: they are will foster ever more plutocracy. The way to insure progress is by focusing on a few points, such as Medicare For All, or a Public Option… A wealth tax, a transaction tax, breaking monopolies, etc. while leaving alone outrageous racist accusations and the like.

Posers who are keen to destroy any chance of serious progress, know they will be rewarded by the powers that be. That’s why they pose. Treachery and backstabbing, to be sustainable, has to be well rewarded…


Yes, published on July 14, 2019… 230 years after seizing the Bastille, symbol of executive privilege… 😉




New Definition Of A Planet Makes Pluto A Planet

March 5, 2019

In the past, one distinguished among three sorts of bodies in the Solar System: planets, satellites, asteroids. However, it turned out that Pluto, once thought to be Earth sized, is much smaller… Although its atmosphere extends way out, it’s nearly extended as far as the diameter of Earth! Yet, some smart ass astronomer, greedy for fame as academic types tend to be, their feeding depends upon their renown, then made his claim to fame by demoting Pluto. He even sold T-shirts, I have one.

Planet means “wanderer”, in greek. Because the planets wander across the stars without reason which prehistoric men, or even the Greeks, could discern. Upon closer inspection (astronomer Tycho and his pupil Kepler), planets turned out to follow slowly changing ellipses.

The modern scientific sense of planet as “world that orbits a star” was prominent in Giordano Bruno’s cosmology, giving the sadists in the Vatican a reason to torture him to death for seven years (Catholic sadistic abusers are persistent, they have been around for nearly two millennia).

Very round, and very blue. Don’t tell me that’s not a planet. Real picture of Pluto from nuclear energized New Horizon Spacecraft, as it left the planet behind….

Pluto was loudly demoted, officially speaking, because it was argued that “Pluto didn’t clear its orbit”. The statement sounds superficially impressively scientific. But, as always in science, the devil lurks in a more careful examination of the situation. Actually, Pluto, as far as I can see, does clear its orbit. So this was an example of the “Big Lie Technique” dear to Hitler: the bigger the lie, the more it convinces people… Just like Obama fixing healthcare with “Romneycare“…

Pluto clears it so well it is accompanied by an entire cortege of satellites, including the relatively enormous Charon, a companion so large Pluto and Charon orbit around a common point exterior to Pluto.

Pluto is usually farthest from the Sun. However, its orbit is closer than Neptune’s orbit for 20 years out of every 248 years. Pluto got closer than Neptune on February 7, 1979, temporarily becoming the 8th planet from the Sun. Pluto crossed back over Neptune’s orbit again on February 11, 1999, resuming its place as the 9th planet from the Sun for the next 228 years. 

In truth (see Note), Pluto overflies Neptune orbit, when at closest point to the Sun. So the two orbits never intersect. One could introduce the notion of orbit disk (the part of the planetary plane of a planet inside the orbit). The intersection of the planetary disks of Pluto and Neptune have planar measure zero! (First Objection to the “clearing” notion).

Anyway, one may as well say that Neptune didn’t clear its own orbit (as Pluto occupies it sometimes, according to those who aren’t smart enough to understand the First Objection, namely that the orbits don’t cross).

Pluto could be more colorful than expected… Charon hanging through the blue haze, which is bue for the same exact reason as Earth atmosphere (Rayleigh scattering….) Mountains are made of water ice with very different properties than terrestrial ice (it’s much harder).

To satisfy all, it was decreed that Pluto was a “Dwarf Planet”… Other Pluto-sized objects have been found since, further out. But some have weird shapes… Some expected Pluto’s atmosphere to freeze down… But the New Horizon robot found it alive and well. The Pluto system has turned out to be very complex.

As one finds exoplanets, the possibility exists that Earth-sized satellites will be found in orbit around giant planets. As in the movie Avatar. Actually one may have been discovered (there is a controversy, as with all new scientific discoveries).

One will want to call Earth sized moons orbiting giant planets “planets”.

So what would be a planet? One can still use the official criterion brandished by the International Astronomical Union. And then I would add the following NEW criterion:

Worlds around giant planets do exist, and one may have already been found. (from variation of the light of the local sun, with slow downs and accelerations similar to those observed in Jupiter’s satellites in the 17C…)

An object large enough, and round enough, to hold an atmosphere all around its entire surface should be called a planet. That would make the giant asteroid Ceres NOT a planet: it doesn’t hold an atmosphere, and didn’t clear its orbit (it’s part of the asteroid belt). According to that definition Ganymede, which has an oxygen atmosphere, and a diameter of 5262 kms, is a planet, so is Titan (very thick atmosphere; 5150 kms diameter). Mercury, clearly a planet, has a diameter of 4880 kms, a tiny bit larger than Callisto, Jupiter second largest satellite… which also has a tenuous atmosphere.

Whether one wants to call large moons equipped with atmospheres planets is a matter of taste.

But, “Pandora” like world would be planets (Ganymede is 4.5 billion years old, at least as old as Earth… Plenty of time to evolve life…)

So what’s a planet? As Giordano Bruno said, a world. And certainly an atmosphere all around, especially if propitious to life, makes it a world. Pandora is a world, that is, a planet. It doesn’t matter that, as it turns around its sun, Pandora also turns around a hyper giant planet.

And certainly, Pluto is a world, too. A much smaller one, but still a world.

Worlds, here we come!

Patrice Ayme



Note 1;

Pluto has cleared its orbit. That’s why it’s so full of satellites….

Diagram of Pluto’s and Neptune’s orbit, on a distance scale in AUs.

Pluto and Neptune will never collide. You can see this in the image below, which shows a view as seen from the side as the planets orbit around the Sun.

Neptune is cleared of Pluto’s orbit, and reciprocally

Most planets only make small excursions in the vertical and radial directions, but Pluto makes large ones. Pluto at times will move closer to the Sun than Neptune, but it is always well “below” the orbit of Neptune when this happens. The orbits never actually cross the same point in space. Simulations have shown this is stable for the next 4 billion years.


Note 2:

Could one have an irregular shaped body with an atmosphere only in some basins? Probably, but unlikely to be naturally sustainable (one would need to make computer simulations taking into account the Roche limit, and Quantum effects on geological stress… Atmospheric pressure varies significantly on parts of Mars… which has giant high mountains, but also deep basins…)


Clinton Pluto Campaign, Trump Delusion

March 28, 2016

Just when you thought American politics could not get anymore ridiculous… It has got outright “obscene”. And no, this is not about the antics between Republicans, comparing their wives and the sizes of various members. Nor is it about vulture entrepreneur and past presidential candidate Mitt Romney condemning Trump for having had two foreign born wives (out of three):”apparently there are really jobs Americans won’t take”.

Plutocracy Is When The Filthy Rich Have Access, And We The People Don’t:

Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver wrote that donors to Clinton were being asked to spend an “obscene amount of money to attend,” various “fundraisers” for Hillary the Plutocrat.

“In the movie ‘Ocean’s 11,’ a gang of lovable thieves successfully heist $150 million from a vault in the basement of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,” Weaver wrote. “Fueled primarily from high-dollar donations, Hillary Clinton has raised more than that in this campaign, and is now enlisting the support of George Clooney (Danny Ocean) to pad that total at a dinner event that will cost people up to $353,400 to attend.”

Clowney Says: We Are The People, Let US help You. [Disclaimer: I love Clooney's Loony Acting.]

Clowney Says: We Are The People, Let US help You. [Disclaimer: I love Clooney’s Loony Acting.]

According to Politico, that is the sum those who want to sit at the table closest to Clinton are being asked to raise or contribute for an April 15 event in San Francisco that the Clooneys are hosting.

Compare this with the Roman Republic, where, for centuries, the wealth of families had an absolute cap. When that cap blew away from globalization (which allowed to escape Roman legislation),

The Roman Republic got mortally wounded by the rise of plutocratization. It took centuries to die, until emperor Constantine could proclaim: …”the Highest Divinity may perhaps be roused not only against the human race but also against myself, to whose care he has by his celestial will committed the government of all earthly things.” Official letter from Constantine, dated 314 AD.


Facebook Censors Anti-Clinton Links:

The monopolists (not the geniuses, the monopolists) of Silicon Valley have profited immensely from their connection to the Washington establishment, Deep State, generous subsidies, and non-application of anti-monopoly laws passed more than a century ago by Teddy Roosevelt.

Emails surfaced in the last few days of the connections between the likes of Hillary Clinton and the richest people in the Silicon Valley. Some people quoted them and provided links in their facebook pages: that was blocked.

Of course, this may change. The Silicon Valley monopolists are afraid that Trump will fire them. So they let it be known that they approved of a $15 an hour minimum wage in California. Which was duly passed. A higher minimum wage beats Sanders or Trump, any day.


Trump Is Saying Allies Will Pay, But They Already Do:

America First? Since when was it second? Superficially, it looks as if the USA pays for a lot of things. And it’s true. However, what is superficially true, is not necessarily so, viewed in toto.

The USA profits stealthily of its apparent generosity: most contemporary world institutions, especially the economic ones, have been set-up to the advantage of the USA. It’s not by coincidence that the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund are based between Washington and New York. Those leading international institutions are entangled with Wall Street, and the Judicial Institutions of New York, let alone the American Congress and the US presidency, which are habituated to behave as if they have jurisdiction on the entire planet.

If one ask other nations to pay for services the USA provides right now for free, the same nations will not be as keen to provide the USA with the privileges it presently enjoy.

Ah, last, but not least. Trump has said he would erect a wall between the USA and Mexico, and that Mexico will pay for it. Clinton played that like a violin, ironically musing about “the very tall, beautiful wall“… She forgot an important detail, and so do her frantic $350,000 a seat partisans: the wall already exists, it’s fully functional. And it was paid by US taxpayers. OK,  in some places, parched, water-less, road-less desert patrolled by infrared vision drones, is not technically a wall. Yet, it’s even more effective than the gigantic double walls crowned by barbed wire that the European Union erected in some places. The desert is a very dangerous place, festering with rattlesnakes, and even jaguars…

Patrice Ayme’

Hawaiian Savagery & Planet Nine

January 20, 2016

New Giant Planet Around Sun? Hawaiian Savages Learned Nothing Important Yet?

After all these hard discourses, my friends, as Ludwig Van would say,  time for a little levity. Could spaceships some day fuel far out? It has long been suspected. And now indirect, computational proofs are piling up.

Science is just common sense. The edge of science is the edge of common sense, thus on the edge of the totally unfamiliar. Thus, it’s not obvious. But still, common sense should stay front and center.

For example, the dwarf planets around the orbit of Neptune and beyond, have extremely weird orbits. Pluto actually cuts the orbit of Neptune. And others do. These highly elliptical orbits always baffled me.

Or Maybe Planet Ninth Is All Frozen, Its Atmosphere All On The Ground?

Or Maybe Planet Ninth Is All Frozen, Its Atmosphere All On The Ground?

[Hypothetical lightning has been represented on Planet Nine, in this art from Caltech; this was observed with other giant planets; distant Sun is visible, but won’t warm things much; at this sort of distances, only  energy of  nuclear origin could enable colonization, except if one make work completely new sources such as my suggested vacuum energy method. See: Zero Point Energy Machine.]

Caltech’s Batygin (theorist) and Brown (experimentalist) published their work in the current issue of the Astronomical Journal: “Evidence For A Distant Giant Planet In the Solar System”. “Planet Nine” explains a number of mysterious features of the orbits of icy dwarf planets, objects and debris beyond Neptune known as the Kuiper Belt.

“Although we were initially quite skeptical that this planet could exist, as we continued to investigate its orbit and what it would mean for the outer solar system, we become increasingly convinced that it is out there,” says Batygin, an assistant professor of planetary science. “For the first time in over 150 years, there is solid evidence that the solar system’s planetary census is incomplete.”

The discovery was long anticipated: I mentioned myself many times that the weird orbits made sense only if there was a huge weird planet out there. Although a star dashing through the solar system could have brought the same effect, and there was indeed such a star!

(A red dwarf star zoomed through the Solar System 70,000 years ago, at 20% of the distance to Proxima Centauri, the (red dwarf) star closest to the Sun.)

In 2014, an ex-postdoc of Brown’s, Chad Trujillo, and a colleague, Scott Shepherd, noted just that: 13 of the most distant objects in the Kuiper Belt are similar in some orbital features. To explain that similarity, they suggested the possible presence of a small planet.

The six most distant objects from Trujillo and Shepherd’s original collection all follow elliptical orbits that point in the same direction in physical space (with a thirty degree angle off the plane of the ecliptic, the plane of planets). That is particularly surprising because the outermost points of their orbits (“perihelions”) move around the solar system, and they travel at different speeds.

“It’s almost like having six hands on a clock all moving at different rates, and when you happen to look up, they’re all in exactly the same place,” says Brown. The odds of having that happen are something like 1 in 100, he says. But on top of that, the orbits of the six objects are also all tilted in the same way — pointing about 30 degrees downward in the same direction relative to the plane of the eight known planets. The probability of that happening is about 0.007 percent. “Basically it shouldn’t happen randomly,” Brown says. “So we thought something else must be shaping these orbits.”

The researchers tried different possibilities, quite a bit as Kepler did with Mars. Whereas Kepler, using Tycho’s work, took decades, modern computers compute fast. It soon became obvious that only a massive planet explained what was observed. In particular it explains the orbits of  Sedna and 2012 VP113 which never get very close to Neptune, yet behave as if they were “kicked” by something (as Pluto and others which, coming close to Neptune, are kicked by Neptune).

The Ninth Planet would also explain the weird orbits perpendicular to the ecliptic of some objects, which were recently discovered…

Science is not over. Actually, it’s barely starting. Ironically only telescopes based in Hawai’i have enough light gathering capability to detect the hypothetical Ninth Planet, if it is close to its furthest point from the Sun. It’s ironical: these telescopes are on one of two giant volcanoes in Hawai’i (the other, just as tall, explodes periodically). Those telescopes, the largest functioning telescopes in the world, ten meters across, profits from the fact they are, atmospherically speaking, half way to space.

The savages in Hawai’i, apparently gravely offended by all this science, persuaded the Hawaiian Supreme Court to order to stop the construction of a giant Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) in Hawai’i. The TMT offends the Hawaiian gods. So Planet Nine now has a good chance to not be discovered in Hawai’i, and the savages there can keep on roasting people according to their old religion.

For those who forgot: the famous Captain Cook was captured, roasted and devoured in Hawai’i. (Hence the allusion to roasting, as this was not just culinary, but religious.) And the global mood, promoted by the powers that be is to respect all religions, especially if they are gravely offended by common sense and basic humanism. Or offended by free, unaccompanied German women in front of Cologne’s cathedral.

Hawaiians, I am afraid, learned nothing. In spite of their tragic history.

In the early Nineteenth Century, American missionaries came to Hawai’i and persuaded the authorities of that independent nation, to persecute Catholics.  That was promptly done, maybe in the hope of Hawaiian authorities to ingratiate themselves with American plutocracy. The French military intervened twice to force Hawaiian authorities to stop abusing Catholics (the first treaty was signed, but then violated, bringing the second French intervention, a decade later).

Ultimately American plutocrats and their Protestant missionaries acting as a fifth column, staged a coup against the legitimate Queen of Hawai’i. The Hawaiian Constitutional monarchy and its national assembly was then destroyed and annexed by the USA, to plant pineapple, sugar cane, and now tourists and pot. Fortunes were made. By American plutocrats. Hawai’i, for 15 centuries independent, and a civilization, not to say a culinary hot spot, became an other possession of the American empire.

One would think that Hawaiians would have learned that blind anger, irrationality and scorn for common sense only bring their doom. But apparently, not so. Instead of contributing to the Enlightenment, Hawai’i has decided to contribute to Obscurantism, in a frantic rage against astronomy, and the discovery of worlds untold.

You would think that Barack Obama, who was born in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, Hawai’i, would have said something loud, along the preceding lines. Not so.

Abysmal. Astronomically abysmal.

Patrice Aymé


How Plutocrats Buy God, the Logos

January 6, 2015


The idea is not new: consider the Gospel of John, quoted below: it starts with GOD IS THE LOGOS (logic!) Thus, the elite of the Roman empire saluted the Christian God, that Logos, and marched into decadence, as one, behind the emperors of imposed Christian vice.

Verily, God, the ultimate ruler of the world, Is the Logos. The greedy Establishment, that Elite of Rule, knows this all too well: it enforces the tranquility It profits from, by fostering Selected Thinking, rewarding those tame minds it likes.

Human beings are thought machines. Thinking is our divine principle. Controlling humanity, is controlling its discourse. That means, control the leading intellectuals. Either by buying them, or by fabricating them.

Obama had been president for nine months when he got the Nobel Peace Prize… Having done strictly nothing particularly peaceful. Cynical analysis: ‘here you are boy, here is a nice tip, just to get you started, remember this as you go on, serving us: we can do anything, foster any reward’.

We Have Been Bought By Great Men, & You Ought To Love Them

Top mathematicians thrilled for the gold coin a modern emperor sent by Putin, gave them. Admire our costumes,and our gratefulness to wealth, criminally obtained! We Have Been Bought By Great Men, Internet criminals and their dark puppets, & You Ought To Love Them

[Mathematicians Beaming With Three Million Dollar Prizes, In Official, Appropriately Dark, Pluto Garb, Enforcing The Order of Money, & Correct Thinking, by Exchanging Aura With Celebrities & Tax Evading Wealth @ NASA. Yes, NASA! Where Space Telescope Used to be Made, Celebrities & Stolen Money Rule.]

Life on the plantation, also known as the banana republic: well treated boys are grateful to the masters. Grateful thinkers beats grating thoughts, any day, say the wealthiest, and they chuckle. Reward them, and they will be on their best behavior.

Michel Foucault said the power was in the discourse. The idea is not fresh, but is more important than ever.

The Evangel of John starts this way: ”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

In the original Greek, the last four words of John 1:1 are: “θεὸς ἦν ὁ λόγος”. Literally “God was the Logos”.

(Notice my magnanimity: instead of bullying Christ and his little helpers, like Saint John, as I often do, I am ready to recognize, and celebrate, their good ideas. I would extend the same to Putin, or even Saint Louis or Hitler. For Putin, I am still searching… Yes, I know, the idea that God is Logos was put there to disarm the Neoplatonist intellectual elite of the Greco-Roman empire…)

So Christ is the Logos. Now the Greek: Λόγος, LOGOS, is usually (mis)translated as “word”. Whereas in truth it is “discourse” or “reason”. Does that mean that a philosopher who reasons a lot is divine? (The possibility is intriguing, and warrants a healthy, skepticism for atheism, on the ground of self-esteem.)

Where the early Christians really that smart? Well, let’s say they were thoroughly molded by Greek philosophy, which then ruled the Greco-Roman empire, and especially its “Pars Orientalis”.

Thomas Piketty was made a knight of the Legion of Honor. In his “Capital in the 21st Century, he bemoaned the richest getting richer, thanks to (what I call, because it is what it is) the exponentiation of capital, and tax evasion by pro-wealth tax legislation.

Piketty was apparently not born yesterday. He could see what the scavenging, greedy elite was up to: buying his mitigation. Economist Piketty joined those rare French intellectuals who refused the Legion of Honor from the Legion of Horror.

Is it the Legion of Honor, or the Legion of Horror? That was the question. Now we know the answer.

Although close to the ruling Socialist Party, Piketty, to his horror, discovered, that, once feeding at the through of power, French “Socialists”, just as American “Democrats”, were just pigging out, having forgotten all the principles they had advocated, and asking to be honored, on top of that.

Here is the way it works: make thinkers into celebrities, give them money. Then, from sheer basic human decency, they owe those who brought the honor, the partaking in the church of elite, the implicit sharing of leadership, the power, and the promise, when not the actuality, of wealth, treasure when not outright gold coins. (See the beaming cone heads above.)

Human beings are most sensitive to power structures, conspiracies, peer pressure and groups: this is how baboons work. Even super-baboons.

No tribe, no power. However, tribes are affected with group-think. Great breakthroughs in thinking are never achieved through group-think.

In the case above, a few thinkers are made into celebrities, and lionized. In the ceremony depicted above, those mathematicians dressed fancy, were newly knighted into celebritism, so to speak. Indeed, they mingled with plutocrats, and Hollywood and Pop celebrities, whom the plutocrats had brought along, like one brings champagne, including a fleshy giant chested platinum blonde bellowing away, with plenty of Silicon in the right places (the ceremony happened in the assembly hall where NASA had prepared the Kepler mission, to find exo-planets; now there is no more money for Kepler, because “Zuck” and his ilk, perpetrators present in the audience, have sucked all the money from NASA; tellingly they celebrate their victory on the battlefield they devastated.)

Celebritism fosters tolerance for plutocracy. After all, plutocrats are the ultimate celebrities. That’s why those prone to the Dark Side handsomely finance it, if wealthy enough.

Recently revealed, 28,000 documents exposed massive tax evasion by the very corporations of these individuals who set-up these prizes. No wonder they can afford three million dollar prizes, as if they were morning buns. Through Luxembourg alone, more than 100 billion dollars of “legal” tax evasion, from American companies alone. Each year. That’s nearly 10% of the entire Federal budget of the USA.

The whistle blower, a computer specialist, was indicted. The tax evader in chief, J-C Junker, was made head of the European Commission. Meanwhile, basic science is getting squeezed.

Crumbs offered to a few thinkers do not replace the diminution of public financing for the most advanced research, and basic education. They are part of a cover-up hiding the fact that austerity is for everybody except for plutocrats and their extravagance. It is part of a magic show: as the plutocrats brandish their glittering prizes, they divert everybody’s attention from their massive tax evasion, and how they have captured the public discourse to foster their ever increasing power.

The ancient myth of Faust is all about rejecting the Demon when it comes with His irresistible gifts.

I do not know if souls exist, but minds sure do. A mind sold to money is lower quality. It’s not a problem for common folks: after all, they have to eat. However, to designate top minds, it sure is a problem.

Never were intellectuals as honored, by cities and Court, as in the Second Century of Imperial Rome (under the Antonine emperors). Yet all the thinking elaborated then was second rate. Just at a time when the Empire needed enormous breakthrough in the deepest thinking.

So what happened? Those honored thinkers sunk into greed: too anxious to please their masters, and to become billionaires, they produced only superficial thoughts.

If one wants deep thinking, one needs a deep field of thinking. It starts with financing public elementary school, though taxing of the hyper rich (1). Instead, here we are, and we have to celebrate the world’s top tax evaders, as they give crumbs to brainy pigeons.

Patrice Ayme’

  1. Antonine emperors’ welfare and education called “alimenta” were financed by taxing wealth; not enough, as it turned out, when Rome imploded in immorality and corruption, immediately afterwards.

Pluto’s Crafty Anti-Intellectualism

April 29, 2014

Public Private Confusion, And Other Deliberate Craziness

The rise of plutocracy is stealthy. It rests in great part on having bought the economists serving in the influential “private” universities. Those economists were selected, during their graduate studies, to see only what would please the wealthy sponsors of said universities.

Thus, for example, the economist unlearned the fundamental reason for the existence of taxation: prevent the rise  of an all-consuming oligarchic plutocracy (that is having a few reigning satanically on We The People).

Krugman still does not get it (although he is trying, and pointing out, justly so, that “Paradigming Is Hard”):

“we have a body of economic theory built around the assumptions of perfectly rational behavior and perfectly functioning markets. Any economist with a grain of sense — which is to say, maybe half the profession? — knows that this is very much an abstraction…”

It’s not just an abstraction, it’s an error. What is the Genus Homo? Ms. And Mr. Market? What is the main motivation of the genus Homo? Perfect reason? Perfectly functioning markets?

No. For reminder, the genus Homo is the world’s top predator, in the process of killing the entire biosphere (by acidifying the phytoplankton, the main source of oxygen). Is that perfectly reasonable? Is that perfectly functioning? A market?

What have the economists been doing? Building little fables that completely neglect the real nature of man, while claiming they can predict the behavior of man (that is what, after all, economics claim to do, with consummate modesty).  Greenspan and similar characters of with a very low product of intelligence  and  morality, told us, over decades that all we needed was the intelligence of the markets.

But what are markets? Crowds. Tribes. What are tribes for? Ask Putin, he knows. War. Economists have hidden that breast that they could not possibly see. (Nota bene for the clueless: allusion to Moliere’s Tartuffe).

Their colossal, deliberate, venal naivety has led economists to oversee what was bound to happen: as the hyper rich reached a critical mass, their influence got so great that they have been able to dismantle the democracy that is in their way.

How? By reducing the taxes that prevented the hyper wealthy to go exponential (as Thomas Piketty noticed).

But also the hyper wealthy, through their purchase of politicians, established various confusions and legislation that served them well.

Any attempt to justify mass or individual behavior in humans, without pondering the Dark Side, makes one an accomplice of said Dark Side. I agree it’s hard to be hard when pondering the abyss, increasingly down below.

Many individuals from the far right and vampires from the plutocracy delve in convenient confusions between what is public and what is private. They make elaborate theories to exploit the public thing for their own private pursuits, but they hate the reciprocal.

For this system of exploitation covered up by denial to keep on going, they manage it with colossal anti-intellectualism. This way, they don’t have to answer questions, that, by playing the roles of stupid brutes, they could not possibly understand, let alone answer.

This sustainable parasitism is not just found with ranching and mining, but all over the large corporations, and especially in the so called financial industry. Private banks are little more than public institutions managed privately to benefit the few, always ready to be rescued by the public, in those cases when the transfer of property from We The People to the hyper rich suffers some sudden mishap.

The far right and the plutocrats are surrounded by an enormous cloud of hanger-ons, supporters, servants, plutophiles, and hired guns. That army of the mediocre is dedicated to the triumph of lies and the unreal. As they are, fundamentally, brutes, and admirers of brutality, they will never, ever, surrender to reason.

Quite the opposite. Anything outrageous denying reason, is experienced by the party of Pluto as a victory. Surrendering to reason would be like denying their entire strategy in life, which is centered on the neurohormones of predation, and of others suffering.

The rise of externalities in economic activities, such as mercury poisoning of the oceans, and the rising acidity, are not necessarily perceived by those who govern us as major inconveniences, but, in their universe of the inversion of all values, as major assets. This is the crux that all of economics, not to speak of sociology, has neglected.

This goes beyond Marx. It’s Marx, rolled over by tanks.

Patrice Aymé

Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Atrocity

March 14, 2014

Either We  Kill That Entanglement, Or It Will Exterminate Us.

“Oligarchy” means the rule of the few. In representative democracy, as only a few really rule, it’s a pleonasm. So why do the Main Stream Media use the word “oligarch” so much? To hide a terrible concept with a more mundane one.

“Plutocracy” is what is really going on, what the word “oligarchy” hides. The rule of the invisible Pluto, of Satan, the Dark Side… And of the wealth found by mining underground.

Small minds ardently believe that “plutocracy” is only about the rule of wealth. That allows many of them to adore the “Golden Calf” in peace.

However, plutocracy is much more than the rule of wealth. It’s the rule of hell.

It’s empowering to know what we are dealing with.

Thus, naturally “The Economist”, organ of the plutocracy, and tax evasion, obfuscates the situation in its main editorial in “The New Age Of Crony Capitalism”: Political connections have made many people hugely rich in recent years. But crony capitalism may be waning (March 15th 2014).”

It’s hard to see how it could be waning as in the USA, the leading country (de facto), people have been conditioned to pay for everything.  And first of all, politicians (Obama is always asking for money). There thrives a legalized system for injecting giant amounts of money in a hyper professionalized political class trafficking influence through revolving doors between private and public.

Part of the problem with Putin, just as with Hitler, is the certainty of those dictators that they had the world’s plutocrats as their tools (instead of the converse). Thus the leaderships in the Kremlin, Ukraine and London are deeply entangled now, just as they were in the 1930s (with Berlin, Washington and Wall Street thrown in the mix). This theory that I loudly promoted for more than a decade, is starting to get some traction, as The Economist admits:

“AS THE regime of Viktor Yanukovych collapsed in Ukraine, protesters against it could be found outside One Hyde Park, a luxury development in west London. Their target was Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man and a backer of the old regime. “Discipline your pet”, they chanted.” 

Ukraine’s troubled state has long been dominated by its oligarchs. But across the emerging world the relationship between politics and business has become fraught. India’s election in April and May will in part be a plebiscite on a decade of crony capitalism. Turkey’s prime minister is engulfed by scandals involving construction firms—millions of Turks have clicked on YouTube recordings that purport to incriminate him. On March 5th China’s president, Xi Jinping, vowed to act “without mercy” against corruption in an effort to placate public anger. Last year 182,000 officials were punished for disciplinary violations, an increase of 40,000 over 2011. 

As in America at the turn of the 20th century, a new middle class is flexing its muscles, this time on a global scale. People want politicians who don’t line their pockets, and tycoons who compete without favours. A revolution to save capitalism from the capitalists is under way.”

Apparently, The Economist is not following the news: Crony capitalism has basically been made legal in the USA, in the last two decades: watch the flow of money from the government to the political class revolving between filthy rich compensation in the private sector, and the government’s levers. Crony capitalism is becoming best business practice.

It’s rather saving capitalism from thieves, The Economist! Yet, as long as there is no revolution in the USA, nothing will happen. And the USA is asleep under the seducer-in-chief, the languid, self-described “navigator” who nominated to power again, exactly the same teams that made Clinton and the Bushes’ presidencies.

Legalized corruption is the problem in the USA, not the illegal type. And that’s worst.

To undermine plutocracy, one has to undermine the nature of the economic activities that foster it, such as the secretive, unregulated nature of the public-private fractional reserve, money creating system. All tax evasion, tax havens, shell companies and lack of transparency have to go with that.

Why have we been unable to get rid of plutocracy? It is not just that it holds the Main Stream Media. It’s more general than that.

The principle of plutocracy is intrinsically sadistic and cruel: there are its rewards. So its practitioners, followers and servants call for a society reflecting those values. It makes psycho sense, and the economy to reflect that.

Beyond this, we have to impose real, that is, direct democracy. It has gained in Switzerland in the last three decades, and has contributed obviously to the success of the Swiss economy, by creating a much more equalitarian, meritocratic and caring society, with fairer rules and regulations (hence the 3% unemployment rate in Switzerland, the lowest anywhere).

Direct democracy makes oligarchy, a crucial element of which is professional politics, difficult, and plutocracy, impossible. So to reduce plutocracy, one has to reduce oligarchy, and, in particular professional politics, the intrinsic enemy of direct democracy.

That’s the future we need, because plutocracy’s ultimate hide-out is war itself. And this, in full, neither we, nor the biosphere, can afford.

Understanding that plutocracy is not just the rule of wealth, but the reign of hell outright, is of the essence. One cannot understand Putin, Hitler, or World War One, without it.

Weirdly, Obama pontificated that “we are not in competition with Russia”. Of course, not. But the better angels of our nature are in competition with hell. And this starts with the oligarchs our political system consists of, at home.

Patrice Aymé

Note: That plutocracy is the definition of hell is not a new insight. That hell thrives on the Dark Side, far from the light, and “enlightenment” was already central to the ancient Babylonian religion (“Zoroastrianism”). That ancient version of the devil was called Angra Manyu.

The Greek birth of the concepts of hell with Hades and Ploutos (or “Pluto”), and how Pluto came to replace Hades was a purely cosmetic replacement, because Hades had such a terrible reputation. I guess you would not be familiar with the hellish conditions of deep silver mines in Ancient Greece, or Rome.

Finance Worth: CERN, Not Pluto

February 7, 2014

CERN, the Centre Europeen de Recherche Nucleaire, one of Europe’s greatest successes, proposes to make a new collider, the Future Circular Collider, with a circumference of up to 100 kilometers. The present largest accelerator at CERN, the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is 27 kilometers around (at a depth of up to 175 meters, to shield from radiation). The new machine would use the existing particle injectors (worth billions of dollars). It would be mostly south of the present one, mostly under France.

One aim? Searching for Dark Matter. Dark Matter seems to constitute about 25% of the mass-energy in the universe. Most of the rest is “Dark Energy”. The physics some claimed to understand, the TOE, the grotesquely named Theory Of Everything, including the much ballyhooed “Higgs” are only about the remaining 4%. Never, ever, has physics being in such a crisis: it has no idea what 96% of the universe even looks like!

LHC & Proposed FCC Lurk Mostly Below France
LHC & Proposed FCC Lurk Mostly Below France

The loud mouth celebrity physicists, explain everything with their nothing theories. “Big Bang” theorists create universes out of nothing. Yet, they had not seen Dark Matter coming, nor, a fortiori guess it could exist. Dark Matter is, so far, a purely astronomical discovery. “Theories Of everything” bang everything big time, but only within the 4%.

At least I have a theory for Dark Matter… But it is in a completely different explanatory universe: it goes back to the Foundations of Quantum Physics, and it asks: What if? What if Quantum Theory was incomplete? What would be the simplest way in which it would be completed?

This is how Dirac invented Quantum Field Theory and predicted both spin and antimatter. Dirac started from the general Quantum Principle of De Broglie: all and any particle is associated to a wave. De Broglie has also came up with the idea that said wave ought to be compatible, somehow, with Special Relativity.

A Zoo Of Pre-Existing Accelerators Inject Into LHC

A Zoo Of Pre-Existing Accelerators Inject Into LHC

Special Relativity is the Poincare’-Lorentz theory of a mechanic compatible with electromagnetism (which was splendidly abstracted by Albert Einstein a bit later). Dirac guessed an equation for the electron that was relativistic. There was already such an equation (“Klein-Gordon”), but it was a second order Partial Differential Equation (“PDE”), and, for reasons I forgot, it was not satisfying. Dirac got the bizarre idea of taking the square root of the equation, so to speak.

A reason is that the most general wave equation is actually simply a First Order PDE. So Dirac wrote his guess. There was just a problem: it lived in a four dimensional space one had never seen before. That was spin space. So guessing the equation led to guessing the space… a space were spin was natural.

Then Dirac invented an even weirder space, full of some stuff, with holes therein, of opposite charge. At some point it was guessed one could view these holes as anti-electrons, and it was much simpler that way, philosophically speaking.

It was completely unexpected triumph: spin and antimatter were soon discovered, as predicted by Dirac’s equation. Philosophically speaking, the big idea extended further (Huyghens-)De Broglie’s big idea, that waves with frequencies determined by Energy-Momentum were what nature was all about.

It was also the inception of Quantum Field Theory. The next big idea there, at least big idea that I understand, was renormalization. That was also a far-fetched idea, a non-linear feedback of the Field (whatever the Field was) on particle creation, modifying the Field.

(To this day what this all these computations really mean is hotly debated: the philosophy in power was called “shut-up and calculate”… even if it’s not clear what it is one calculates!)

There have been many proposals to “explain” Dark Matter. One of the most spectacular is “Supersymmetry” (“SUSY”). That postulates a symmetry between bosons and fermions. So all the bosons and fermions we know would have a “supersymmetric” partner. As there are lots of bosons, SUSY would create a lot of mass, a lot of Dark Matter.

LHC found no evidence of SUSY. However, SUSY solves neatly other difficulties in QFT (Quantum Field Theory), so even if the giant successor to LHC found no SUSY, SUSY believers would still believe (and they said as much already).

That is, except if someone comes up with a completely unexpected, completely shattering explanation. And the proof thereof, like Dark Energy and Dark Matter, could come from astronomy. So build those giant telescopes!

Some will object about the colossal spending (at least 20 billion Euros for the FCC). But it’s only new science and the new tech it will produce and necessitate, that will avoid the incoming catastrophe and feed the mouths.

The LHC is the largest, most powerful superconducting machine in the world. That led to progress in basic superconducting tech (including safety mechanisms, as the energies involved are huge)

Those who ask to curb spending in science and the futuristic tech enabling it are not just idiots, they are accomplices of the world’s greatest criminals, those who defend the party of obscurantism (like BHL).

Governments and the clueless who vote for them have entrusted, in recent decades,  the so called “bankers”, who are, in volume of stolen goods the greatest criminals ever. And this will go on as long as the ring leader banksters don’t do very hard time, after seeing their assets and properties confiscated as is done for drug dealers (drug dealers are a subset of the banksters community, as banks launder drug cash).

In the very latest scandal, revealed today, most of the world’s largest banks manipulated foreign currency exchanges. If you had told that to the New York Times a year ago, it would have censored the comment (and he did). Krugman, that big leftist, at least from the Wall Street’s point of view, was all for “Quantitative Easing”. What’s that? Sending banksters ever more money, they will save civilization. No wonder Krugman is fat: he probably eats too much caviar.

Yet, don’t be afraid for the banksters, and their caviar stores: this latest massive, multitrillion dollar heist, is not going to send them to jail. Their boy is in the White House, Oblabla his name, feels all self-important, especially when he golfs with, or serves, banksters. The thrill of it.

What can people do? Well, ask for more money, for science and education, pointing out that, whereas Obama and his Republican Congress give their co-conspirator Elon Musk $7,500 each time Musk sells a coal-electric car, the Tesla Model S, they suggested to cut Thermonuclear Fusion research… months after inertial confinement fusion has achieved break-even.

How did the Allies win in World War Two? Because they had more advanced science and technology (radar, more advanced computers and computer scientists/code breakers, more advanced practical plane tech, such as self-sealing tanks, and electronics for proximity fuse inside artillery shells, resisting to 20,000 gs).

Now we can see living corpses of old time fascism: Juan Carlos of Spain, head of a corrupt family put in place by the guy, Franco, that Hitler, Mussolini and USA plutocrats had put in place.

is another living skeleton, inaugurating the most expensive Olympic games, ever, exactly where the last great battle of the Caucasus happened, 150 years ago.

For those who don’t know, Putin led a war that killed 150,000, officially, in Chechnya (said war was started with 5 mysterious hugely lethal bombings of apartment buildings, never elucidated, in the late 1990s… probably the work of Mr. Putin’s KGB). Putin had the Olympic torch carried by famous warriors of the war against Georgia, a few years ago. The region of Georgia annexed by Putin starts 15 kilometers from Sochi. War games or Olympic games? The answer is obvious.

To displace Pluto, we have to displace Pluto’s activities. Spending in physics means indulging in the Enlightenment. If we do not do this, economic activity will happen nevertheless. Somewhere else, less productive. Pluto will find servants, and it’s his activities, not the activities conducive to the Enlightenment, that will dominate.

The Enlightenment is a curious thing. When strong, it dominates. Even those who reject it.

The present president of Algeria, Bouteflika, long a top general, is original FNL stock. The FNL conducted an enraged, hyper cruel war against France, to “free” Algeria (15% of the population succeeded to flee when it was “freed”). OK, I am not denying that (part of) the French government had started (some of) it. It’s besides the subject.

In recent years, Bouteflika has been sick. What did he do? Get the world’s best, most enlightened medical care he could find. He spent months at the Val De Grace, a military hospital, next to Paris. Yes, French military, exactly the fiend the FNL fought like crazy for 10 years or so, now a friend.

So the Enlightenment can win. But it has to be fed. Fund CERN.

Patrice Aymé

Europe: Dawn & Lesson

November 9, 2013

Europe and her colonies, extend all around the planet, from Patagonia, to both sides of the Behring straights. More importantly, European philosophy dominates at the United Nations. And Human Rights reign within since the official proclamation of the European Union. As, and because, tribalism, also known as nationalism, the preferred weapon of plutocracy, was beaten back.

Core of Europe's Worldwide Philosophical Empire

Core of Europe’s Worldwide Philosophical Empire

Yet, a worm is in the fruit, best illustrated by the grotesque spectacle, since 2008, of plutocrats whipped in a feeding frenzy, gorging themselves on public funds, like the pack of sharks they are. How come nobody is arresting them yet?

That’s consecutive to a legal, judicial and political failure of the Republic rendered mad by plutocracy in its brain. Many are the parasites who kill their hosts.

Worse: American leaders, political and intellectual, don’t get it (although Paul Krugman is showing signs of improvement in his cultural and mental condition).

Tyranosopher: Plutophile American economists keep on being invited to conferences where the fate of the civilization is thrown to the rabid dogs of the free market, Obama Wealth Care style.

Let’s try to teach these ignorant, lethally vicious people the correct ideas, lest it has to be done at the point of a gun. They talk about Europe, but they don’t know what it is.

Simplicius Maximus: Point of a gun? Really? So what’s the problem?

Tyranosopher: The problem is that even Krugman, Stiglitz, Obama and company well meaning American economists or leaders, teach the world lethal lies, not because they are vicious bastards, just, but because they have no idea what the truth is. And of course, right of them, it’s way worse.

Watch Obama, who believed, really believed, the poor fool, that greed would solve health care in the USA. Now he finds out, but does not understand, that the greedsters are all over his Obamacare, to the point he can’t even fake it.

Each times Obama opens his mouth, it’s an avalanche of lies about the “marketplace”, the “consumers” “navigating”, “exchanging”, buying and selling health plans with the cooperation of the IRS, like all the rich pigs who make the atmosphere Obama breathe. After all, that’s the way the rich pig made their money, why can’t the poor make their health care that way?

Krugman got a Nobel Prize in Europe, and spoke authoritatively about the disaster that, according to USA plutocrats, the euro was.

Yet, years later, Krugman discovered that Europe had founding fathers (Robert Schuman, Jean Monet, etc.). And that there was a plan to fabricate a European Union, and that the euro was a crucial piece of that machinery. Only now does he start to slowly get it. People like this dine at the White House, and are taken very seriously by the ignorant ones above them in that military hierarchy one calls democracy.

Obama never knew a plutocrat he did not love to death, like a dog living among sausage makers.

Simplicius Maximus: But Britain, while in Europe, is against the euro.

Tyranosopher: Sheer recent plutocratic propaganda. What the plutocrats mean is that the City of London, technically a plutocracy, does not want to be in Europe.

Actually Churchill himself qualifies as a founding father of Europe in no uncertain terms.

Winston, his cabinet and parliament, after thinking it out with De Gaulle, decided to unite France and the United Kingdom on June 16, 1940. The PM gave De Gaulle his personal plane to go persuade the French government; the French PM agreed, but his cabinet of spastic traitors refused. That was a disaster. France was actually far from defeated, and could have kept on fighting from Africa.

Individuals who are against Europe now are just greedy barbarians who know no history, or regret Auschwitz, or both.

SM: Are you not exaggerating?

Tyranosopher: No. Look at World War One. The war was a blunt, direct fascist attack by a desperate plutocracy, against democracies that were totally surprised: a week before, neither France nor Britain expected war. To the point that’s hilarious.

The war would have been over in months if the USA had not helped the Kaiserreich. The free market supremacy, according to which profits are always right, has long been an accomplice of the worst fascism, and plutocracy.

Simplicius Maximus: So you are saying that the exploitative doctrine reigning in the USA was a major cause of World War of 1914-45?

T: Absolutely. If not hindered by the USA, France and Britain would have quickly defeated German plutocracy, thanks to a sea blockade, and given the levers of power to the SPD, the Socialist Party of Deutschland, which is all what the war in 1914 was about.

Although most American intellectuals are not explicitly evil, they are implicitly so, because what they say, research, and learn, is all about what their wealthy masters want them to say, research, learn. We have to try to teach the honest ones, optimistically supposing there are some, what Europe was, is, and should not be again.

Although the Obama presidency proved me aplenty that knowledgeable advice is not what power in the USA is after. At this point American power thinks it’s smart to be dumb. Rarely have people that ignorant been so smug.

SM: What’s Europe? How did the concept or word even originate?

Tyranosopher: The Franks are the ones who named and defined Europe. The Merovingian Franks.

Simplicius Maximus: Surely you are joking, Tyranosopher. Everybody knows that “Europe” was how the Greeks designated, in Greek,  present day Greece. It apparently came from the Phoenician “ereb“, “west”. The Romans deformed this into “Europa”.

Tyranosopher:  Europe was not just a history, it’s also a myth that haunted, well, Europe. The Franks, like other Celto-Germans, were well versed in mythology. They knew what one was supposed to know about Troy.

Simplicius Maximus: How come they knew so much?

Tyranosopher: The history of the Celto-Germans is poorly known, mostly because Roman imperial power had no interest to let it be known. But it was rich.

However, in recent years archeology has made great progress. The Celtic world was old and most advanced in some technologies. 25 centuries ago, the Celts had the world’s most advanced metallurgy: the Roman army was equipped by Celtic forges, to make strong, light armor, and adopted the Celtic-Iberian sword.

The Celts had ocean going vessels, the best in the world, direct ancestors of the ships Columbus used. The Celtic world was greatly about shipping all over, from Ireland to up rivers in Spain, France, Germany. All the way to Anatolia.

SM: What does that have to do with Greece?

T: Well, the Celts traded with the Greeks and the Carthaginians. And not just metals. Also plenty of ideas. The Celts adopted Mercury as a great deity, perhaps because trade, exchanges and globalization were so big in the Celtic world.

SM: How come?

T: Trade was a giant advantage in the past. You could not just go to your basement and ask your 3D printer to make a carbon fiber reinforced gun, go two miles down and break the rock to extract fuel, or grow genetically adapted bananas in Alaska. You heavily depended upon distant resources, if you wanted a superior socio-economy.

Thus the societies that came to dominate the ancient world were all well travelled: the Cretans (Minoans”), the Phoenicians, the Mycenaeans, the Etruscans, the Celts, the Carthaginians, the Greeks.

That, in turn, was related to how they were founded, or their geographical situations, or both. Crete and Gaul, for example, were central.

SM: Ah, here comes the French. Long time, no hear.

T: It’s a fact that what is presently called France, is, first of all, a crossroad. There are no less than three major ancient trade routes through France. One from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, and two from the Mediterranean to the North Sea, and Germany. Europe’s mountainous terrain made it much more difficult to go through anywhere else. That difficulty of travelling was much greater, the more you go back in the past; probably that’s why the Celts invaded the whole Gallic area to start with.

SM: What of the Romans in all this?

Tyranosopher: The Romans evolved an excellent Republic and quasi direct Democracy. Differently from Athens, the Romans did not have rabidly murderous hyper plutocrats next door. Both Etrusca and Magna Grecia instructed Rome. Their student, Rome, grew to overwhelm its teachers, thanks to its greater democracy, but it did not deny them.

Roman anti-sexism grew from Etrusca (Augustus’ wife was Etruscan, and showed it). Educated Romans learned Greek first. Caesar’s last words were in his first language, Greek.

Athens’ second rise was interrupted by Macedonia. That direct democracy, having survived the war against Sparta and other powers paid by plutocratic Persia, was crushed by Macedonia’s Antipater. Antipater, an experienced elder Pluto, a great general, may even have poisoned Alexander. Antipater made Athens’s rich captains an offer they could not refuse.

Although Athens had fought Persia to death, the Macedonians, who parroted the Greeks in some ways, did not bring in their leading men as great a passion. Although Alexander was a confirmed mass exterminator.

Because the Rome was such a democratic Republic, it could not be defeated by Celtic bands, Carthaginian plutocracy, or the (fascist) “Hellenistic” regime.

However, by the time Rome liberated Greece, the Roman elite had turned to the Dark Side. Thank Hannibal for that.

Simplicius Maximus: So what happened next?

Tyranosopher: Well, the Roman senate, in a few years, ordered the legions to destroy all the free democracies in the Mediterranean world: Carthage, Numantia, Corinth, etc. A warning to Athens.

SM: Did you not just say that Carthage was a plutocracy?

T: Well, having understood the errors of its ways, Carthage, an enormous, splendid city, full of knowledge, trading all the way from Armorica to the Congo, turned to democracy. Too late. That made her an even greater peril for the inchoating Roman plutocracy.

SM: OK, can we go back to Europe?

Tyranosopher: Carthage was also Europe. In an important cultural sense. You have to understand first that the Greco-Roman empire was an error.

Simplicius Maximus: I know your theory: slavery made the Greco-Roman empire fundamentally flawed.

T: Yes, it was not just creating a hyper violent society that self devoured, too friendly as it was, to Pluto’s brutally exploitative philosophy. Slavery and plutocracy also hindered technological development.

Hence the clear technological stagnation of the Roman empire, just when the exhaustion of resources begged for new technology to be able to exploit new resources.

Watch Obama give money to his sponsors and starve fundamental research, while never knowing a Pluto he did not want to pat in the back. Same stuff.

SM: Are you back, hitting at poor Aristotle?

Tyranosopher: Aristotle was never poor, always privileged. His father was Philippe of Macedonia’s own doctor, he taught Alexander. When the Athenians tried to examine his plutocratic drift, he fled, arguing, in an allusion to the more courageous Socrates’ fate, that he “did not want Athens to sin again against philosophy”.

Aristotle argued that citizens needed slaves, because they had no machines. Aristotle was using inverted, self destructive logic. In a modern version of this, Krugman says that Europe needs division, because it is divided.

Simplicius Maximus: Before we get into dissecting feeble minds,  can we finish with Europe? What’s the big picture, according to you?

Tyranosopher:  Rome spent 550 years ever more degenerating into ever greater plutocracy. This all ended at the peak of Christian terror imbibed plutocracy in 400 CE, less than 20 years after emperor Theodosius, a Spanish general, “war against the philosophers“, and his Christian terror decrees.

SM: What happened in 400 CE?

T: The Roman government told the Franks they were in charge of the defense of Gallia, Germania Inferior and Germania Superior.

Just like Obama, the Roman leaders had not taxed the plutocrats enough, and, so, like Obama, they could not pay for the army anymore. Except, by 400 CE, the process had gone so far, for so long, the empire was incapable of its own defense. In 406, for the same budgetary reason, the legions  and their auxiliaries were ordered out of Britannia, leaving only local militia to defend the island.

SM: Where did these Franks come from?

T: The Franks were actually a confederacy of the willing more or less organized by anonymous Roman shock intellectuals. Let their memory be honored.

SM: How do you know this?

T: Because the Franks’ basic law, the Salic law, was written in Latin, to start with. It was also more civilized than Roman law: much fewer death penalties, women could accede to full inheritance. Salic Law, written for a NON Christian society, immediately defanged Catholic terror.

SM: Still, how did the Franks come to power?

T: They acquired power, thanks to superior metallurgy, bigger muscle, multiculturalism (and the discreet support form far sighted Roman generals/lawyers, as I said).

The Franks were the early Vikings. In the Third Century, they raided the Roman empire, sailing up the rivers, all the way down to Spain. Constantine and his Augustus of a dad, fought them in Germania.

The young Constantine, a super warrior who was well known, hated, and feared at the imperial court, realized that he had worse enemies, in said court, and associated himself with his Frankish alter egos.

They lived happily thereafter, had many children, conquering the entire empire for themselves. Still the Franks were not amused by the Christian circus Constantine and the three sons who survived their homicidal, infanticide father. The Franks kept on trying to de-Christianize the empire, in a succession of plots, coups, and outright wars.

Finally, the Roman Catholic government just gave up, and killed two birds with one stone, putting the Franks in charge of the entire German limes by 400 CE.

SM: On December 31, 406 CE, Germans from several nations, some just arrived from way back east, galloped on the frozen Rhine, surprised and broke through the Franks, penetrating the empire, all the way to Africa!

Tyranosopher: Yes, greenhouse deniers always go around, claiming it was much warmer under the Romans, but that’s an explicit example of much greater cold then. This deep freeze did not happen again.

SM: What did the Franks do next?

T: Well they grew their power and population over the next three generations. They were fundamentally farmers using new heavy ploughs (metallurgy again) to bring more intensive agriculture, with new crops, to the North’s rich soils.

By 476 CE, the Franks were the greatest military power in North West Europe, and the elected king cum imperator cum Consul Clovis, son of his Roman imperator dad, Childeric, spent 30 years establishing absolute Frankish power over Gallia and Germania. In particular Clovis defeated the Goths, scourge of the Roman empire since Valens.

Frankish power was not just a military power, but, more importantly a philosophical power never seen before, the power of the spirit of the Salic Law. The adventure of the Franks, initially a small population, reminds one of Isaac Asimov’s novel, “Foundation”.

SM: So when do you put the Dark Ages?

T: The ages became ever darker after 150 BCE, and the darkness became terminal after Julian’s mysterious, violent death (363 CE); Jovian, who succeeded the great philosopher-emperor, burned down libraries in the name of Christ.

One can say that the ultimate darkness was from 363 CE to 476 CE. At least in Gallia-Germania. The fanatical Christian emperor Justinian destroyed Italy and Rome three generations later (in the guise of saving it). So in Italy the Dark Ages, after a monetary relief under the enlightened Arian Ostrogothic rule, came back with a terminal vengeance later.

Still by, say, 550 CE, most of the European population was dead. The cities shrank. At some point, Rome, all its water sources destroyed, was totally uninhabitable.

SM: So what of the word Europe?

Tyranosopher: In 721, the Muslim warriors, undefeated on land for one full century, invaded Francia. They had discovered that the Romans could not be defeated on sea anymore. To defeat Constantinople, the Muslims opted for the strategy the Turks would themselves follow seven centuries later: conquer the European side of Constantinople. The way to do that was to go from west to east, through Spain, then Francia, Italia, Illyricum…

Next to Toulouse, the Franks of the Dux Eudes fled for their lives when the Muslims charged. But it was a ruse (that the Mongols copied systematically later). Eudes’ men came back, from the sides and behind. The Muslims were annihilated. Francia, later known as France, became warring Islam’s bête noire, for the following (2013-721 =) 1292 years.

Ah, I forgot. The next giant Islamic invasion was broken at Poitier in 732 CE. Charles Martel (the Hammer)’s professional army, made of North-Western Franks, was truly a European army, and that’s how the Franks called it, remembering the assault of fascist plutocratic Persia against, well, Europe.

That’s where the name and concept of Europe comes from.

SM: Then what?

Tyranosopher:  Just as the contact with Rome had militarized Germany more (archeology shows), the eternal war with Islam militarized France. Things really got out of control when the Franks, who had spied on Islam since inception, decided to reconquer the Middle Earth in 1100 CE. That’s not finished, but it’s a side show, anyway.

SM: What is the main show?

Tyranosopher: the cradle of Europe is the tension between civilization and fascization. Civilization brings ideas, fascization, order. Power needs to find the right balance, depending upon circumstances.

Roman fascization, spurred by slavery, cruelty and brutalization, went overboard, and ended with global plutocracy. The Franks, the Free, were anti-fascist, and anti-plutocratic, lethally so, a tradition that perdures to this day (consider La Fronde, 1789, 1848, 1871, 1914-45).

Yet, Clovis told his ferocious, fanatically free warriors, in no uncertain terms, that, from thereupon, Roman fascism would order the Frankish army (a tradition that also perdures to this day: see the 750 or so soldiers executed in WWI, or the 40,000 collaborators executed in 1944-45). That was famously symbolized by the episode of the Vase de Soissons.

Simplicius Maximus: We are very far from American economists and their poisonous emanations.

Tyranosopher: Not really. First, the USA is a direct descendant of the Imperium Francorum. The fact that most Americans can’t distinguish between a Frank and frankfurter, does not make it any less so. Actually, the siege of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt, is the fort of the Franks. But that’s already too poetical and evocative by half for American economists.

Second, American plutocracy hates and fears a united Europe. Always had, always will.

SM: What’s the solution?

Tyranosopher: Well, same old same old, since civilization exists: break them. Destroy plutocracy. The reigning plutocrats and their direct ancestors are worse than the Jihadists, since actually, they are the ones who fabricated and used the modern Jihadists that they used from Egypt to Afghanistan, to the Caucasus (just ask Putin, ha ha ha).

SM: What happened to the Imperium Francorum?

Tyranosopher: The empire was divided between Charlemagne’s grandsons. Division through equal inheritance was tradition among the Franks, and prevented strong hereditary plutocracy. The real cause of the split between Francia and Germania, on the face of it, was Parisian ennui with the uncouth easterners. The Western Franks were supposed to present a candidate for election to the imperial position, but they gave up before the time of Otto I, in the early Tenth Century.

There was no will to constitute a strong military core, although, because Europe was the richest place, Avars, Mongols, Slavs, Muslims, Vikings, kept trying to invade. The local military was, generally strong enough to handle the threat, although the Romans were asked to help with Gregian fire equipped ships against the Saracens in the later Tenth Century.

However, as Medieval plutocracy showed its ugly snout, wars between German and French plutocrats became a feature of the landscape. Plutocrats were good at playing war games against each other, and the increasing nationalism they fostered insured their domination for eight centuries, until 1789.

In 1789, the plutocrats saw the mortal danger Human Rights constituted for their universe, and they fought to death to crush them. Yet, the Republic survived, and thrived. The USA itself became a democracy in 1865.

Although Human Rights make the skeleton of the United Nations, the war is not over, as plutocracy has grown in power ever since Thatcher and Reagan. As the biosphere is under attack, Pluto’s achievements have never been as great.

Simplicius Maximus: So nationalism was a plutocratic weapon?

Tyranosopher: Assuredly. Contemplate what the Kaiserreich plutocrats did in July 1914. This why European construction, and the euro, are so important: they are anti-national weapon. We want to dial back to 800 CE, when Europe had a common currency. The apartheid that was tried later brought a millennium of tears, pain, death, horror.

This, the Americans do not learn at school. Europeans ought to remind them of that.

The lesson of 30 centuries of European history is that, although diversity is instructive, nationalistic and tribal disunity is lethal. Not just for people, but for civilization itself.

So leave the euro alone, vulgar plutophiles. The euro is not a subject in economics, nor even politics. It’s a matter of the philosophy of survival.


Patrice Ayme

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century