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Fuck Europe!

February 9, 2014

So said Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland discussing the political situation in Ukraine with the USA Ambassador Geoff Pyatt.

Nuland said: “I don’t think it’s a good idea” for opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko to be given a role in the government. She then tells Pyatt that the United Nations agreed to send someone to help “glue” the deal.

And you know, fuck the EU,” Nuland says.

Exactly,” Pyatt said.

The More We Fuck Europe, The Richer We Get

The More We Fuck Europe, The Richer We Get

Yes, I know, “Fuck Europe” has long been the master idea of the USA. “Fuck Europe!” is the main policy of the USA, ever since that pragmatic entity refused to pay even a symbolic penny of the colossal, many trillion dollar debt owed for the war France made to Britain, that created the USA.

(As a result, Louis XVI’s Ancient Regime fell, and Europe was engulfed in war for 25 years, a real problem that the USA could have alleviated by threatening the shaky British government of the fanatically anti-French Pitts, when it invaded France.)

“Fuck Europe!” was also the main idea of the Monroe doctrine, according to which the USA owned the Americas. That was enforced with a war of the USA against Spain, culminating in the forced sale of the Philippines to the USA in the Treaty of Paris of 1898 (Filipinos had not been consulted, so the USA made a terrible war to them, for 5 years, to insure that plutocrats from the USA could profit handsomely from the mines of the Philippines; a generation later, the top general of the USA would conclude that “war is a racket“).

“Fuck France!” was the proposal Colonel House, representing USA president Wilson, made to the Kaiser, dictator of Germany, on June 1, 1914. An alliance, a worldwide co-government of the USA, Germany and Britain, against the “racially inferior French” was proposed to the mentally unstable Kaiser. One may as well have agitated a piece of meat in the face of a crazed, starving lion.

The Kaiser attacked, deliberately launching a world war. Luxembourg, Belgium and France were invaded. But the Netherlands was left untouched. That was a crafty trick that made the fortune of the USA, while raping Europe through the agency of the worst plutocrats.

Indeed it allowed the USA to get rich by feeding and  supplying the otherwise blockaded Germany (Britain and France controlled the seas, and would have quickly starved Germany, as they did in 1918… but for the pro-Kaiser, pro-plutocratic, pro-fascist intervention of the USA, deliciously called “isolationism“).

“Fuck Europe” was again the program of the USA, starting in 1919, at the Paris Conference that culminated in the Versailles Treaty. That Treaty freed Eastern Europe from subjugation to Germany and Austria, and also freed minorities, such as the Jews from aforesaid racial subjugation. The USA, in accord with most other Anglo-Saxon plutocrats (led by Lord Keynes) sabotaged the Versailles Treaty as much as possible, and the Society of nations in charge of overlooking it, while, at the same time confiscating German property and redistributing it under un-documented circumstances, to American plutocrats.

“Fuck Europe” went on with the incredible support to the Nazis provided by the most powerful men in the USA, including Congress and the president (FDR). More “isolationism”. Literally, without American support, Hitler would have been quickly defeated, or even unable to move.

Moreover Hitler’s 10,000 generals would have done away with him, if they had seen the USA allying itself to France and Britain. However, as long as Hitler had the support of the USA, said generals did not know where their patriotic duty was! (After all, in 1935, Britain had signed a “Fuck France!” treaty with Hitler; so German generals had not even know where Britain stood until Britain followed France, and gave Hitler an ultimatum in summer 1939.)  

“Fuck Europe” was also the policy at Yalta: Churchill, Roosevelt and their administrations proposed half of Europe to the ursine Stalin. A bear is always hungry. Yet, there was no necessity to feed the Georgian thug: Western forces had 16 million soldiers, fresh, but experienced, plus superior military technology the USSR did not have (computers, radars, proximity fuses, jets, atom bombs). Soviet forces were exhausted, and had depended upon Western supplies. Moreover the main Soviet military commander, the prestigious Joukov, was known to be hostile to Stalin.

President Roosevelt, though, made clear that he wanted to own all and any of the ex-European empires. The best way to do that was to fuck Europe by giving half of it to Stalin. Speaking of Britain he said: ”All they want to do is recover Singapore.”

Then, of course there was the Suez Canal incident, in 1956. Khrushchev, allied to Eisenhower, threatened to atom bomb Paris and London. As a warm-up, Khrushchev, who had been Stalin’s personal butcher at Stalingrad, invaded Hungary with his tanks, killing 40,000 or so, and subjugating We The People. His accomplice, president Eisenhower blocked in the UN Security Council by the British and French vetoes, went to the UN General Assembly to get its client regimes to condemn France, Britain and Israel.

“Fuck Europe!” has been the master policy. It was long kept under cover, thus evading direct critique. At least, now, it should be clear for all to hear.

Patrice Aymé


Notes: 1) Some told me “She said fuck the EU, not fuck Europe.” The distinction is as silly:”Fuck the USA, not America.”

2) When the “Fuck Europe” policy was fully effective, the growth of the USA was 3.3% average annualized. As the EU ramped up in power, the growth of the USA collapsed to 1.5%.

3) Right now, the USA is fracking monstrously, without stressing about how much methane is emitted. Thanks to 20,000 fracking wells, there is independent scientific evidence of gigantic continent-sized methane leaks over the entire middle and southern USA. Now, above 3% leakage, methane is worse than coal. There goes Obama’s “bridge fuel”.

Bridge fuel to hell. In this case, the policy is more like:”Fuck the Planet”. A generalization, I guess, of “my way to hell, or the highway!”

Sex & Drug Legalization Unavoidable

June 11, 2011


Abstract: Police and judicial work can be used to enforce not just the established order, but organized crime. Contrasts between vultures, sex, and drugs.



The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have been following theories elaborated in Washington. Krugman, the “New Trade” theorist and his accomplice Larry Summers, were advisers of Reagan when Reagan became president. That’s how they started their careers. They were not even 30 years old.

Ever since, just as for American homeowners, a policy of making the poorest countries dependent upon debt servicing has been enforced. Same idea of how serfs came to be in the Middle Ages.

Serfs in the European Middle Ages, worked for the Lord at most one day a week. In exchange the Lord was in charge of the highest governance, justice, law enforcement, and defense. The serfs lived of sustainable agriculture the rest of the time.

The “New Trade” theorists established a system of exploitation of Africa (among other places), way worse than “colonialism” (that is why they bad mouth “colonialism” so much, they want to hide that the situation actually deteriorated under their evil guidance).

The Kensington Fund, based in the Cayman Islands, bought at some point, for 2 million dollars some company in Africa, and then asked for 120 million dollars in debt service, fully backed up by the might of American law, and New York law. Funds doing this sort of things are called Vulture Funds. Some African officials went to Washington at an official IMF conference, to complain about Vulture Funds. They got arrested (for complaining about Vulture Funds).

So what did Dominique Strauss-Kahn messed up in all this? Well he redirected the IMF towards “helping” Europe (by far the largest contributor to the IMF). This was a grave deviation from servicing New York inspired vultures as the IMF is supposed to do. It was unavoidably going to attract European attention towards what the IMF, and Washington, and, behind them, Wall Street and the Cayman islands, and other tax havens, stuffed with plutocrats, consider to be normal practice, in their over exploitation of the whole planet.

When one looks at the full work of the World Bank and the IMF, especially in Africa, one looks at countless murders too. But things are changing for the better. South America has progressively been coming out of the financial terror, and China, with nearly three trillion dollars officially in play, has become a new source of loans, combined with barter as the PRC offers public works reminiscent of the old fashion “colonialism”.  

But the fact remains that vulture funds have worked the political system in New York. Whereas initial judicial decisions in New York, went against Vulture Funds, now New York justice, corrected by appropriate legislative work, finds that supporting vultures around the world is the best thing since motherhood and hard cash.  



In Malaysia, the main opposition politician is continually prosecuted for “sodomy“. The same charge had been used, in conjunction with pedophilia, to allow Philippe (IV) Le Bel to burn (alive) dozens of the leaders of the Templar Monks (1310 CE). Examples like that crawl all over history. Sex is not just handy, it’s shameful.

Sex Crime Unit“, New York. The Pride Of A Big Apple, or Just One More Snake in the Garden of the Beasts?

The “Sex Crime Unit” is famous for punishing the old, weak, overweight, sick, oxygen deprived, brainy head of the International Monetary Fund, the economist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, for “subjecting another person to sexual contact without the later person’s consent“. Apparently the Jew Strauss-Kahn “attempted” to cavort with a mysterious towering young muscular maid of the fanatical Muslim kind, whose legal migrant status is far from clear.

The old, weak, overweight, sick, oxygen deprived Dominique Strauss-Kahn is supposed to have overwhelmed the physically powerful, without causing any physical injury, probably using his dirty, powerful French mind. Powerful French minds, and the “French Theory“, not far behind it, should be illegal, as they cause grave injury to the New York Centered World Trade plutocracy.

It is turning out that Ms tall, young and muscular victim, posed for racy and provocative pictures which ornament the frontcover of a magazine in Switzerland. You will not see those pictures in the USA, for obvious reasons of basic propaganda of the plutocratically financed politicians in New York. Don’t be surprised if Ms Provocative shows up at the tribunal in a veil, clutching some beads, shaking all over with fear! Greed does that, sometimes, or more exactly the fear of not satisfying it enough.

The New York Sex Crime Unit is the object of a cult in America. It has 40 detectives: sex is big in New York, and its crimes numerous. Everybody says that the “Sex Crime Unit” is “very respected“. It prosecutes, namely puts in cages and treats as dogs, 1,000 individuals a year. OK, I am exaggerating: one does not chain dogs, that would be cruel to the animals, especially if innocent. Only 20 of those prosecutions of the “very respected Sex Crime Unit“, result in condemnations, though. Let’s think a second about what that means.

I am not saying that there should not 1,000 inquiries on “Sex Crimes”. I think that any “Sex Crime” lead ought to be followed diligently, and even ferociously, in the case of possible “pedophilia”. But I think that, as for other suspicion of possible criminal activity, prosecution ought to be done very discreetly, to protect the innocent.

So let’s consider the innocent. It turns out that the innocent are 98% of those whom the “very respected Sex Crime Unit” puritanizes, chains, locks up and terrorizes every year.

I am just observing that 980 people a year get treated worse than dogs, like criminals, American style, and are found to be innocent, every year, in New York, about alleged sex crimes they did NOT commit. Although they were publicly humiliated, condemned in the court of public opinion, and punished for all to see, for crimes they did NOT commit. Punishing the innocent, especially publicly, is outlawed in fully civilized society. Protecting the innocent is actually why the law exists in the first place.

Now, if you beat a dog, he will turn nasty. Especially if you do it for no good reason. Just try it. Moreover, far from being a deterrent, a rush to condemnation and so publicly, encourages many to cross the Rubicon. Thus the question is this: is the “Sex Crime Unit” itself crime generating?

If police brutality itself is criminogenic, a much needed explanation for the high rate of crime in the USA, would offer itself. Criminogenic police activity would go a long way towards explaining that about 10 million Americans are actively punished, under official judicial condemnations, every year, with 2.5 million imprisonned. That is the highest rate in the world. By far.

A prestigious United Nation commission found that the “War Against Drugs” has not worked any better than the famous prohibition against alcohol in the USA, in the 1920s. The later had increased considerably organized crime activity, by making many in the USA accomplice with the mobsters. Prohibition was terminated by president Roosevelt.

Interestingly “drug abuse”, which is punished, implies that “drug use”, a milder form, should go unpunished. The point is that very dangerous drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and various “medical” neurological drugs, some given to children (Ritalin), are authorized. So why is not mild use of some other drugs also authorized?

The president of Bolivia has insisted that some mild coca should be allowed for sale outside of Bolivia (where it is legal).

Funny aside: although I use tea and coffee, I have never ever used alcohol and tobacco. I just did not like the idea to have to drink something to be merry, or poison the atmosphere, to look cool. Happiness and calm ought to be spiritually generated, for those who live by the superiority of human thinking.

However I have resided at high altitude in Bolivia, and loved coca tea (sold there in grocery stores). It’s quite different from normal tea, but extremely nice. Energetic, soothing, friendly to the mind.

I can’t imagine how one could abuse it, and what is wrong with it. Thus I deduce that the screaming against some drugs is highly hypocritical, and it’s not our confessing ex-“blow” (cocaine) using  president who is going to contradict me.

Let’s remember that coffee, at strong dosage, is forbidden at the Olympic Games. At very high doses (100 standard US cups), coffee is lethal (so is water). However, correct usage of coffee is good for the mind, and for health in general (it is full of antioxidants, and has been proven to reduce Alzheimer).


Patrice Ayme