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Too Little Debt & Too Much Blood Money Kill

February 9, 2015

Dying Of Too Little Debt, and Too Much Institutionalized Crime:

Nobody Understands Debt” says Paul Krugman, and he demonstrates it in an excellent editorial. I am happy that he is finally getting black on white, what I wrote long ago. He does not put it as spectacularly as I have: at worst, debt becomes tax.

From Krugman’s description Dr. Merkel comes out as a complete fool (so it is not reassuring that she goes around the world that the Ukrainian Republic should not be sold lethal defense weapons: is she Putin’s agent?). Krugman concludes: “…if the euro does fail, here’s what should be written on its tombstone: “Died of a bad analogy.

The world economy can die of other things too, such as massive corruption under the increasing weight of global plutocracy.

The presence of more than 30,000 known tax evaders in just one subsidiary of the British bank HSBC in Switzerland alone, between 2005 and 2007, has been revealed today. The total amount of tax evasion is 180 billion euros (200 billion dollars; lower numbers were initially announce, in good disinformation style). The accounts tied to politicians, royalty, designers, sports figures, corrupt businessmen, dictators, arms industry officials, drug traffickers, and high-end criminals.

The bank actively helped customers conceal the accounts from authorities. The bank also provided customers with cash under the form of bundles of old bank notes, in various currencies so they couldn’t be traced. Organized crime, also known as banking, is in charge of creating money… as debt. (97% of money is created by banks as credit, worldwide.)

The data was “illegally” downloaded by bank employee Herve’ Falciani, who later fled to France. Falciani told CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday night that colleagues at the bank helped him with the data.

“Friends — let’s say partners — gave me these data,” Falciani says. “I’m not the only person in banking system that wants to raise alarm.”

60 Minutes made a biased report, insisting on Falciani wearing disguises, etc. Falciani was in jail in Spain (because of an Interpol warrant for his arrest launched by Switzerland, at the British bank’s prodding) for 5 months. During that time, Spanish authorities, fearing for his life, let him appear only under a heavy disguise (“60 Minutes” did not mention that the authorities disguised him; instead, “60 Minutes” insisted that Falciani wearing a disguise reflected the general mental derangement “60 Minutes” was anxious to impart to its viewership that Falciani was suffering from! Of such little details good propaganda is made of). Falciani has now police protection in France (and I would suggest that France sends warrant of arrest against various Swiss “authorities” instead; actually what about Putin’s 40 billions residing in Switzerland…).

Many heads of states were involved in HSBC Switzerland, including the King of Morocco, who had 8 million dollars on one account alone at HSBC Suisse. Ironically enough, Moroccan law forbids foreign bank accounts. The King of Jordan had 41 million in one account.

Also several dozen major Arab plutocrats owned accounts obviously set-up to feed Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. Terrorism can be so expensive nowadays… Plenty of accounts of HSBC could be traced to blood money.

The brother in law of the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali. Family members of the Syrian blood bathing dictator, Assad. A major woman politician from Burundi. Money from major drug traffickers, being laundered.

HSBC says that it did not know. That’s a lie: the bank called all the owners of the accounts exposed to politics “PEP” (“Politically Exposed People”).

Why don’t banksters go to prison? Say, for decades. Why, instead of asking the Greek people to pay for bankers, we don’t systematically recover all the properties of all the officers, and shareholders of all the banks which lent to Greek plutocrats? One should also expropriate said plutocrats. Let’s do it, and see what’s left… If anything.

Here is Krugman again: “Many economists, including Janet Yellen, view global economic troubles since 2008 largely as a story about “deleveraging” — a simultaneous attempt by debtors almost everywhere to reduce their liabilities. Why is deleveraging a problem? Because my spending is your income, and your spending is my income, so if everyone slashes spending at the same time, incomes go down around the world.

Or as Ms. Yellen put it in 2009, “Precautions that may be smart for individuals and firms — and indeed essential to return the economy to a normal state — nevertheless magnify the distress of the economy as a whole.”

The worst thing that can happen with national debt is that it does not get reimbursed. Then debt will act as a tax on those who had money to lend it. Not a tragedy. The failure of the Euro would be a tragedy, though.

So is sub-performing economic activity. It’s not a question of not buying enough cars, TV, pants and houses. It’s also a question of the educational system going down (so kudos to Obama for proposing to make college free… Although that just part of the problem).

What does debt do?

It augments the quantity of money on the economy while allowing greater economic activity. So, when demand is faltering, it makes demand higher than it otherwise would have been.

With all the infrastructure decaying, or proven insufficient, such as the educational system, one can only observe that more activity is needed.

A related problem is that the velocity of money has collapsed… Another indication of the insufficient economic activity.

Krugman again: “This was a prescription for slow-motion disaster. European debtors did, in fact, need to tighten their belts — but the austerity they were actually forced to impose was incredibly savage. Meanwhile, Germany and other core economies — which needed to spend more, to offset belt-tightening in the periphery — also tried to spend less. The result was to create an environment in which reducing debt ratios was impossible: Real growth slowed to a crawl, inflation fell to almost nothing and outright deflation has taken hold in the worst-hit nations.

Suffering voters put up with this policy disaster for a remarkably long time, believing in the promises of the elite that they would soon see their sacrifices rewarded. But as the pain went on and on, with no visible progress, radicalization was inevitable.”

Radicalization? It looks more like Enlightenment to me. Or then, one should go at the root of radical, which is root. Voters are starting to get to the root of the problem: they were manipulated by a class of greedsters who hold power…. And lied to get there.

Insufficient economic activity creates a plebs that does nothing but getting enough subsidies to get by, while a plutocracy rules above it. This is what happened to the Roman empire. Starting around 160 CE, taxes, especially on very rich estates became insufficient to support even the military.

Taxing the hyper rich then (as was done earlier under emperor Trajan) would have allowed to re-institute welfare for children, and make the military as strong as it was under Trajan (that, in turn brought peace and prosperity).

Are we not learning history?

Patrice Ayme’

State of the Bunion

January 21, 2015

Once a year, the “Commander In Chief” of the USA gives a “State of Union” speech, in front of the entire Congress of the USA (that’s the 500+ members of the House of Representatives plus the 100 Senators).

It is an enormous, deliberate propaganda show. It’s quite a bit like Disneyland. Selected guests and stars are in the audience. It’s set-up, Hollywood style: many are there to play a role, as if in a movie. They are actually in a movie, but it’s for real: as the President speaks, the cameras focus on the character in the “public” who he just mentioned. The character exhibits the emotion he, or she, is supposed to exhibit: a tear here, quiet satisfaction there, beaming, triumphant smile, here. The cameras pan expertly. If somedody fidgets, the camera is switched to another one, right away. Ms. Obama leaving for a second her plastic smile? The camera is switched again, until she has recovered her magazine cover plastified, happy, beaming look. Overall, everybody is supposed to exhibit astronomical pride and satisfaction in “America”.

On cue, every time the president finishes a paragraph in his discourse (known in advance and exhibited on TV screens), the audience rises, and applauds frantically. One feels as if one were in North Korea. Except, there, the “Commander In Chief” does not read his discourse off a teleprompter.

If one reads a text, one has still to understand it, enough to memorize it for the few seconds one needs to say it. No such a thing with a teleprompter. Understanding not required. If one substituted a discourse about bananas, Obama would probably go on that way for quite a while, and the audience would raise and applaud on cue, with rapt attention.

Only once in the whole show did Obama got off script, when Republicans applauded him, predictably, when he said he would not “run” again. He smirked, big time. There, for a few seconds, the President did not play the game of self-satisfied, deceptive, scripted lying. He showed his true inner self: this is all theater, and he showed more teeth than when he beamed smiles, but those teeth were in a snarl. Happily for his wealthy sponsors, he recovered his Presidential Persona, and plodded on…

Obama made the discourse he should have made 6 years ago, on wealthy individuals and corporations having to pay for the infrastructure of the USA, with more taxes. Then it was not safe to say it: We The People could have asked for more. Instead, then, under order advice from the plutocrats and their servants, Obama reduced taxes on the wealthiest, and even inverted the whole financing structure: the richest got trillions of help, as they had been stolen by their peers.

The people went back to work, as they had no choice.

Now it’s safe to propose to tax the rich, so Obama is doing so. There is not a snow ball in hell chance that the Republicans who own Congress will dare infuriate their financiers. Everybody in the know knows this, but the show is for those whose exercise routine consist into watching American football every week, on a wide screen TV.

Just yesterday, the Swiss “National”, announced that the collective presidency of Switzerland will have to be enlarged. Right now the collective presidency has seven members, with one more prominent for a year, giving a face to the Swiss presidency (as far as the rest of world is concerned). The Swiss have decided to become even more democratic.

Of course, the USA could not afford such a democratic system as a collective presidency. Who would personally order drone strikes against civilians? If seven persons were involved, one of them would be bound to disagree with collective, public assassination, and one, or actually many, would explain who was all for assassinating innocent civilians, etc.

Indeed the Swiss presidents have to explain themselves: they don’t have around them the security bubbles of French or American president. When the French president arrives somewhere, once all the security is in place, sometimes for hours, he is immediately preceded by a neatly dressed officer in magnificent uniform, with a red ribbon, carrying the case with the nuclear codes.

What’s astounding by European standards, during the State of the Union, is the ambiance, as America, the Myth, is been created for TV. Obama, the Drone in Chief, announced that “drones were constrained”. The audience rose and applauded. So far, only the USA has used drones for assassinations, and thousands of innocent civilians have been killed. That mostly happened under Obama. The naïve ones will believe that was a blunder, as the invasion of Iraq was a blunder. But neither of these two policies was a blunder, as they profited the USA Commanding Class immensely.

Invading Iraq enabled the USA to become, once again, the world number one producer of fossil fuels: fracking was profitable, only if Iraq was removed from the equation.

Killing innocent civilians at random instilled respect in the USA in goons, and plutocrats, worldwide. It also enticed the Goon In Chief in Russia to do the same, inflicting conflict in Europe, thus dividing to conquer).

The USA is an imperial power running a tight plutocratic ship. It has a tight national government doing exactly what the “deep government”, or “real government” of the USA wants (the government of plutocrats, military, and all sorts of secret agencies and the .01% conspiracy (that’s 30,000 people), and their obsequious servants want it to do. It’s all pretty much united by a spirit of greed and competition (sport scores!), a materialism, some will say, united by formalities.

This is not a grown up system: it just plays one on TV. But it works. Meanwhile, Europe, thanks to its disunion and lack of a deep government, is unable to even comprehend that it is cooperating in its own demise.

The USA maybe just a bunion for civilization. But bunions can kill, when they turn so handicapping that the predator, hobbling along, becomes prey. It’s in the best of the real interest of the USA to not destroy the civilization it came from. The Union has to be considered at a larger scale, and with a deeper vision. There was some of that in Obama’s speech.

So State of the Union, or State of the Bunion?

In any case, it’s not in the Democrats’ hands. After they gave birth to Obamacare, the ultimate smoke and mirrors of gift to the rich, presented as charity to the ditch, they lost all elections, while gaining all confusion. All Obama can do now, is to be the best president the Republicans had, since Ike. But, of course, it will not happen.

In the Republican “response”, a robotic woman read-off the teleprompter mechanically, showing even less emotion than the talking heads on North Korean TV. This “Senator” is described as a rising star of USA politics. She made George W Bush look warm and cuddly. One does not stop progress.

Patrice Ayme’

Elect Ideas, Not Clowns

November 6, 2014

Obama Versus Brown. Obama’s  Inexistence Made Blatant. Last Twitches Coming?

Obama, the Resident of the White House, said something particularly deep and clever today:”… to the two-thirds of Americans who did not take part in the process yesterday, I hear you too!”

Which process is Obama alluding to? Voting. Two-thirds of eligible Americans did not vote. American citizens are voting out the conventional electoral process. Although I always voted, and although I spent two years, and a fortune, in effort and treasure, to get Obama elected, eight years ago, this time I did not vote.

Your humble servant, and We The People have had enough of electing little dictators.

Antares Rocket, One Of Obama's Pluto Pet, Goes The Way Of His Presidency

Antares Rocket, One Of Obama’s Pluto Pet, Goes The Way Of His Presidency

If one wants democracy, We The People has got to vote on (most) laws. Politicians ought not to be called “legislators”. Instead, they should be just in charge of the details.

In the meantime, refusing to vote is a king of sitting in the middle of the street.

Brown is Obama’s skin: it turned out that color of the skin did not bring change. Duh. Brown is also the name of the governor of California, re-elected in a triumph, for the FOURTH time.

Brown did two terms as California governor, three decade ago. When he was re-elected 4 years ago, the situation was abysmal. Several governors could do anything to the California deficit. To raise taxes required 2/3 majority (66% for).

What did Brown do? He said: ”I’m raising taxes on the rich. You better vote for it. If you, Californians do not vote at more than 66% for that, I will close all your state parks.”

Californians love their parks. They screamed, and then voted as told. Plutocrats had said they would flee California. Guess what? They found they had nowhere else to go.

(BTW, had a referendum about taxing the plutocrats been proposed, I would have gone to vote.)

Brown spent 4 years training as a Jesuit for priesthood, in silence, prayer, and Latin. Later he went to UCB, became a lawyer, and worked, and studied (including Zen) in many countries (including Mexico and Japan).

He was not born yesterday.

Obama looked condemned to me the day after he got elected, 6 years ago: he went to work at a hedge fund. Hedge Fund: money changers, as president Roosevelt called them contemptuously (and FDR was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and basically brought up by Teddy Roosevelt, himself president of the USA).

That Obama went to work at a hedge fund told me he had understood nothing. Or, rather, strong supporters such as me, had understood nothing: Obama was the plutocrats’ candidate.

(That Obama was facing the wealthy Senator McCain, who did not even know how many mansions he had, does not make him any less the plutocrats’ candidate. Passing remark: Seneca, the philosopher, and Nero’s teacher, chuckled that he had no idea how many giant agribusinesses and properties he had on the various continents. Those who partake in the Stoic Religion, worship Seneca. And that’s a basic problem with the (hypocrisy of) stoicism.)

The leader of the Republicans, McConnell, Senior Senator of Kentucky, just said the Senate needed to be fixed. “We have an obligation to change the Senate”. He said he was going to fix the Senate, making it work on Fridays, even at midnight, and also Saturday, if need be.

McConnell’s head is entirely white: he has been elected to the Senate continuously, for 30 years. Hardly not an insider.

Question: what happened to the Tea Party? Well, it never really existed. It was one of the tricks used by Obama’s political allies to do nothing.

McConnell was asked whether he was afraid of Obama’s veto. He smiled: “the president vetoed 2 little bills in 6 years. In the first 2 years, he loved everything he saw.”

And nothing happened.

(Obama would say Obamacare happened. Or, as he calls it, proudly, in a marked cognitive dissonance, Romneycare. Even November 4, 2014, Obama gave a whole lesson to the press corps on how much Obamacare was actually his “former opponent” creation. That Obamacare was actually Romneycare should have told progressives something. In truth, Obamacare is an excellent deal for health care plutocrats. Everybody else? Not that much: the deductible on my health insurance is something like $9,000. So my family has to spent $9,000 from our pockets, before reimbursements kick in. That means if I spend $9,000 in the next 7 weeks in a hospital, I have to pay the whole thing. The clock restarts January 1. That, by the way, is on an expensive plan, $1,500/month.)

Nothing could happen under Obama, because he was, whether he realized it, or not, an agent of Wall Street, and various other plutocrats. Same problem with the Clinton. The Clintons’ “Global Initiative” has offices a rock throw from Wall Street.

Obama showed this in a telling way, supporting short term tweak to existing and past technologies, calling this support for Research (support for private entrepreneurs to get to orbit, such as the Antares rocket which exploded a week ago, is exhibit number one; the government of the USA ought to support only fundamental research, such as for thermonuclear fusion, or through schools).

We are still waiting for the reform of the financial system. It was not difficult: president Roosevelt’s system had to be dismantled. But then that would have dismantled Clinton Global Financial Initiative (I’m ironical).

And this is not just a USA problem. The European Central Bank just mentioned hundreds of billions of “financial derivatives” that European banks hold. Well, that cancer which spread form Chicago ought to be unlawful: banks ought to invest in the real economy, not in a parallel universe.

In case you wonder why financial derivatives billionaires give multi-million dollar prices for the Multiverse in physics, I just gave you the reason.

Is there anything to save from this Obama shipwreck?

Well, and this is what the colossal abstention vote is suggesting, we have to change the Constitution (all over; not just the USA and France, or Britain). No need to scream in my face, as a very busy San Francisco’s architect once did, and pontificate that this is not serious, and nobody would take me seriously, if I persist with my folly. It is. The best way is to do as Switzerland is doing, that is sensibly, and insensibly.

The Swiss Constitution was not designed for direct democracy, it’s just growing into one, with ever more referenda of We The People, on all important issues.

Interestingly (one of the) the “votation” coming in three weeks has to do with limiting immigration. It will not pass, but it has furthered an even more sophisticated reflection on the subject (a Swiss referendum against immigration from (the rest of) the European Union passed last year; negotiations Swiss-EU on it are intense).

Referenda are healthy. In Great Britain, immigration is a burning hot subject (people hate it). But because We The British People cannot vote directly on the issue, they have made the European Union (which has little to do with it) into the scapegoat.

We have to ask more from politics. This starts by voting out the conventional electoral process.

Elect grand ideas, not clowns.

Patrice Ayme’

Plutocracy, USA, Switzerland, EU.

April 13, 2014

Plutocracy is to politics what cancer is to life. It’s malignant, invasive, pervasive, and a killer.

Such is the obvious banner one should use at the top of one’s thoughts, when reading:

As said there: “When organized interest groups or economic elites want a particular policy passed, there’s a strongly likelihood their wishes will come true. But when average citizens support something, they have next to no influence.”

Representative politics is already, to start with, if not dictatorship, at least intrinsically oligarchic.


What to do about it? Well, do what works. Other countries, from Japan to the EU, have tried to reduce the influence of money in politics, just as it was augmented in the USA. But one has to go much further.

A way out is to do what Switzerland has been increasingly doing in the last three decades; have We The People vote the laws (through “votations”, every three months), and let the parliament (= Congress; or the “Federal” as the Swiss put it) figure out the details of the laws We The People passed (Courts and the like also chip in to check the proposed laws are constitutional).

As a result, Switzerland has an increasingly mighty anti-plutocratic arsenal, including all sorts of caps and regulations on the wealthy and banks. And more are coming… Every three months. Income caps have even been proposed (Republican Rome had those, 23 centuries ago!). They were rejected, but more subtle caps are coming.

Being a professional politician in Switzerland is increasingly difficult, and of little interest. The People (demos) is increasingly ruling: People-power: Demos-kratos.

Another positive effect has been on wealth of the Demos and the economy. Switzerland’s unemployment rate has collapsed (in spite of colossal immigration, higher in percentage than the peaks ever experienced by the USA). The wealth per capita is now much higher than in the rest of Europe, or the USA (main source of wealth: pharmaceuticals, and high tech).

Nowadays, everybody who can, and know, wants to live in Switzerland: the population has augmented by 15% in ten years.

So We The People (of Switzerland) voted an obscure law that demands, within three years, to somehow constrict the migratory flux from the EU to Schweiz. The EU screamed a lot, in righteous indignation.

(The German president even allowed himself to suggest, several times, that total democracy went a bridge too far in Switzerland, in obvious allusion to Nazism… Thus demonstrating that he was not aware that Nazism was a plutocratic phenomenon masquerading as populism. Nazism had nothing to do with the democracy in Switzerland, and more to do with what Putin is doing: sending armed assassins.)

An obvious solution to Europe’s Swiss problem is to realize that it’s Europe that is the problem.

The solution? Make the rest of Europe more democratic, and thus wealthier, by imitating what is done in Suisse.

Lack of democracy is leading to the greatest evil of them all, the destruction of the biosphere. See how dramatic it is getting:

What’s the relationship between deterioration of the climate, and deterioration of the democracy? It’s not just that fossil fuels favor top heavy organizations. It’s also that evil is what evil does: Pluto, by definition, loves what’s bad, and even satanic…

The deterioration of the democratic climate implies that of the planet.

Patrice Aymé

Representative Politics Is Dictatorship

January 25, 2014

Representative Dictatorship Is Not Democracy

I know a young lady who was elected for the first time in California. She is sent to a posh resort for a week to learn the basics of her new job, being a “Democratic” politician. Everything is wrong with this picture (not just the mansion she lives in and her million dollar family income, while claiming to be a leftie). Everything is wrong, but it’s typical: all elected representatives in the USA are treated very well, and get to meet who, it dawns on them after a while, can insure for them, and their families, much nicer lives. (The New York Times, to its discredit, just discovered this PACS trick in 2014.) How many states? 200 St? Yes, But Just One Republic Of Off-Shore. And it’s not restricted to China:

Republic Of Off-Shore, Invisibly Dictating To All

Republic Of Off-Shore, Invisibly Dictating To All

A gigantic manipulation industry has developed, with its own strategists. Barack Obama seemed to have come out of nowhere, but, even before he started to score big, he was viewed as the anointed one, by the highest powers in “Democratic” circles: Axelrod,  a professional manipulator who had just led Kerry’s campaign, was sent to Obama, just a modest Senator. Obama then gave a keynote speech at the Kerry convention, etc.  When he campaigned, Wall Street money started to flow, more than towards any other candidate, by orders of magnitude, etc. No wonder Obama has found so hard to bite the hand that fed him.

The USA has 320 million inhabitants, 550 representatives in charge of legislating. That’s roughly one representative for 600,000 people.

In Switzerland the ratio is one to one: one citizen, one vote for legislating. Banks had found harder to buy the citizens, and the reserve requirements there, are roughly eight times what they are in the corrupt rest of the West.

I call the ratio of how many legislate for how many they claim to represent, the DEMOCRATIC INDEX. In a democracy, it’s one.

In the USA, for 600, 000 citizens, there is just one vote for legislation. It’s democratic index is roughly ZERO.

So Switzerland is 600,000 times more democratic than the USA, at the legislative level.

In truth, it’s way worse than that, because representatives, in the USA, are bought by the plutocrats (see Obama, Barack, above). That is why, right now, the banks and the financiers leading them, are doing with legal impunity things that would have sent them to jail eighty years ago. Because, recently, plutocrats and their agents bought enough legislators, around one thousands Senators, Congressmen and Presidents, to repel the law, the Banking Act of 1933.

It’s also why the tax code’s length and complexity exploded under Obama: so that legal thievery could exploit all that fine print.

Representative politics has got to be eliminated. Switzerland has eliminated it at the legislative level.

Why can’t all other countries of the West do the same? Because the present plutocracy rules through the representatives, especially in the USA. Thanks to their control of the media, they have made it so that normal, decent people sincerely believe that it is reasonable to feel that they are living in democracy.

However, the present day USA is closer in many ways to North Korea’ s present dictatorship, than to democratic Athens, 25 centuries ago..

After we have done away with representative dictatorship in the legislative realm, the executive could also be democratized.

Enough to be led by clowns playing Darius, 23 centuries later.

To handle the executive along democratic lines, we don’t need very much imagination. There are Roman Republican lines and Athenian lines.

The Romans opted for ferocious, extreme checks and balances, all over: if you were eligible for this, you were not for that, and if you had wealth, it could not be more than the equivalent of a few dozens of millions. Roman Consuls, for example, had full power only for one month at a time.

The Athenians just stuck to democracy. In Athens enormous quora (a minimum of 8% of the potential electorate) had to be found, before any decision of the National Assembly (where all sat, and all talked), could be reached.

Nowadays, of course, with the Internet, We The People could be constantly, and thoroughly consulted.  By the way, polls show the following: if this Internet direct democracy was implemented in the USA, the country would become very progressive in a matter of days.

So ladies and gentlemen, this is the way: fight for direct democracy. The alternative is ever more plutocracy, inequality, inequity for this circus led by clowns who know just one thing: military and secret services, media and games, tax free corporations, and respected illusions, are all what they define as goodness, their power, rests on.

Obama wants to jail Snowden to satisfy the law of the strongest over the spirit of democracy. Just as when Manning revealed a war crime, he had to be punished, according to the law of the strongest. Might is all the right might needs (By that token, Hitler’s prosecution of the anti-Nazis was fully justified.)

In democracy, We The People rule, and lead. But this will not happen before They The Clowns leave the stage of power. What does history say? That will not happen without violence. Do not just brace yourself, call onto the coming struggle as the physical and mental activity that we need for health. Not just physical and mental health, but civilizational and ecological health. Sitting is the new smoking.

Patrice Ayme

Representation Is No Democracy

October 25, 2013

Imposing Representation Is Not Real Democracy

In 1789 the USA settled on a Constitution of “We The People” that set-up a “Congress” elected by the rich of the right color and religion. The president was elected by a few representatives (something that allowed to select the plutocrat G.W. Bush instead of the one who had won the election, by a few million votes, Gore).

A few people, easily bought, selected for their vainglorious greed, and anxiety to please, are in charge of the planet. This is not the rule of the People, it’s the rule of a few (=”oligarchy”). Can we do better? Yes.

Elevate Yourself With Towering Examples

Elevate Yourself With Towering Examples

Simultaneously, in 1789, France distinguished herself by the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen“. Although those Rights looked a product of the enlightenment, that Enlightenment was an outgrowth, a renaissance, of the spirit of the empire of the Franks (Imperium Francorum), that started around 300 CE with the “Lex Salica” (that went later through dozens of revisions, as it quickly grew to 65 chapters).

An example of this rediscovery of old values: the slave trade was made unlawful again, nearly 12 centuries after the Franks had done it the first time around.

The Rights of Man more or less grew into the Charter of the United Nations. The European Union made mandatory the “democratic” form of governance to belong to the EU.

Yet the problem is: what does democracy mean? The last law forbidding marriages of “mixed races” was outlawed in the 2000s.

The USA outlawed slavery only in December 1865. One cannot say the USA was a democracy before that. It was just the democracy of a particular We The People, before that.

How did the Athenian system work? Well, everybody had the same right of vote, and… speech. Mandates were widely spread (more than a thousand judges sometimes), and short. The Roman Republic used similar tricks (Consuls were elected in pair, but had full power alternatively, for a month, during just a year!).

The Athenian Assembly was open to the entire population. It had a quorum of 6,000 for some decisions.

Athens’ Democratic Index was ONE: one man, one vote, one voice.

The democratic index of the USA is roughly 600/200,000,000. 600 representatives (Congress plus Senate plus President), 200 million adults. That’s roughly one three divided by one million. In other words: ZERO, for the democratic index of the USA. No wonder the long faces.

Could we establish a democracy such as Athens’ nowadays?

Of course. It exists to some extent already: Confederatio Helveticae  (CH), Switzerland. The Swiss suggest, and vote on all the big decisions. Then elected representatives are in charge of enacting the decisions of the People. In Switzerland, the government officials of the seven members governing councils are really servants of the People, not big masters (by the way, the four most popular such officers are women).

Switzerland has more than eight million inhabitants, thus of the order of one hundred times the population of Athens. Modern telecommunications allow to conduct national debates before the “votations”. The results are often unexpected, as when a recent referendum prevented the further sprouting of speculative secondary residences for the rich in the magnificent landscapes.

Land speculators, especially in scenic Valais (see Matterhorn/Cervin above), were disgusted. They wasted big money fighting the measure. But, whereas in the USA, it’s easy to buy a big fat Clinton, or two, how do you buy six million Swiss voters?

So why is the rest of the so called “democracies” deprived of this direct, real democracy? The answer is obvious. Recently, the Swiss People voted systematically for anti-plutocratic measures. In the next referendum, in November, a proposed law would limit salaries to one million Francs (roughly one million dollars).

Representative democracy is not democracy. It’s a parody of democracy, perfect for the enormous buying power of the plutocrats, who can easily afford to buy body and soul a few hundred representatives.

The Dark Side’s secret will, is not the will to power. Nietzsche was naïve that way. The Dark Side’s secret will is the will to extermination. Ignore at your own risk. Or subjugate with real democracy: one person, one vote, one voice.


Patrice Ayme


P/S: The Salic Law born in 300 CE, broke the back of Greco-Roman self-destructive inhuman madness, that had ended devouring itself. The Salic Law replaced very systematically the death penalty by fines, and outlawing the slave trade. The law also re-established total religious tolerance, allowing Jews, Pagans, Atheists, and even Muslims to worship whichever way they wanted.

(I say “even Muslims” because the Muslims came in through violent full scale military invasions, starting around 715 CE until the end of the Tenth century. Yet, Muslim inhabitants were left alone, after the armies were thrown out; they were absorbed, leaving only African and Arab genetic markers behind.)