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Lao Tzu Rejuvenated

October 10, 2015

Lao Tsu, Lao Tse, Lao Zi  mean “Old Teacher”… Or “Old Master”. Teachers are very respected in China, and have been very respected, for 26 centuries (Mao would add forcefully: ‘all too respected’). “Tse”, “Master” is used routinely, from primary school on, with the appropriate concentrated respect.

(Lao Tse, Tzu, or Zi? it all depends how you transliterate the Chinese sound for “teacher”, using Latin, or Anglo-Saxon pronunciation). Here is my running commentary of one of Lao Tse’s most famous poems (chapter 33), from the  foundational text, Tao Te Ching:


Lao Tse: “Knowing others is intelligent. Knowing yourself is enlightenment.”

Enlighten the world you thought you knew, with a more faithful reality,

Teaches cosmic humility,

Tells you a world about how you think,

What makes you tick, and how you err.

So enlighten yourself, with learning, about learning,

And from appraising, what does not hurt,

About the world, and cosmos, inside out,

Not forgetting those old errors in fact, thought, deed, mood and feel, once held to be the truth.

If you want to know yourself, learn to travel the world, the world of thought, of moods unchained,

Lao Tse: 26 Centuries Young. Yet Wisdom Has To Grow Now As Never Before

Lao Tse: 26 Centuries Young. Yet Wisdom Has To Grow Now As Never Before

Learn to master yourself, as you learn to know and master, all what is out there,

And the more exotic, the better.

Learn how you got, how one gets, out of yesterday’s logical and emotional boxes.

Lao Tzu: “Bending the world to your will, takes force. Willing yourself to bend is true power.”

Yet you shall not bend so much that, you cannot stand straight anymore,

Yet you shall not bend,

To empower those infamous ones whom wild abandonment to cruelty drives,

To degenerate into their obsequious, all so very serious servant.

Warlords, bankers, legal tax cheats, plutocrats, generals, fanatics, money changers,

Ought not to be allowed to rule states, heavens, and Earth,

Grow ever more powerful, call it democracy, chuckling, joining insult, injury,

To humiliation and dehumanization.

It takes force to be a master, and weakness to be a servant.

Both are addictive. Learn about neurohormones, and how the organs which produce them grow.

Do not reward others’ violence with your abject, decerebrating submission.

Tolerating violence goes hand in hand, with applying it viciously.

Letting it happen, or happening to let it be, a crime either way.

Man was born free, and carries chains willingly,

Because it’s easier to feel, exist, blossom and thrive as a servant,

Just kissing the mighty’s dirty feet, celebrating that as fortitude,

Never making the effort of mustering the will, and wits, to rule over goodness.

Do not abuse of either force, violence, surrender, or submission.

Anger and humility have their use, but it is no use to religiously avoid either, as a matter of principle.

Principle can be intelligent, wise, kind, and helpful,

Yet only when it is best adapted to improving the situation at hand.

Lao Tzu: “Succeeding in the world yields riches. Being content with what is yields wealth.”

Yet the meaning of success is to be questioned,

While we should not forget,

That the planet is a garden,

And our forlorn species the fateful gardener,

Since well before cities rose, and domesticated species fed, protected, and dressed us.

There is nothing supernatural, but for man, who is above the world,

Just as the mind is above the body.

Lao Tzu wanted to: “Apply Tao to the physical world and you will have a long life.”

Long life is dear, yet other values are dearest.

The Tao, at the very least, all of human ethology includes,

While the longest life we have is that of human values,

As incarnated with said human ethology.

Thus the Dao itself is the life, which our species aspire to.

Lao Tzu wanted us to: “See past the physical world to the enduring presence of Tao and death will lose its meaning.”

Yet, we are the physical world,

So strong, that we think about it.

We can see past ourselves though, this is what the best of our ancestors,

Have always done, and what we are meant to do, be it just to live life to the fullest.

Lao Tzu hopes to kill death.

However, if death loses its meaning, don’t we lose something?

What is the ultimate test of strength?

If not the avoidance of death?

Humanity is a strength that goes. It needs its challenges.

Any claim it ought to be otherwise,

Surrenders to the Darkest Side, the exact opposite of what man is.

Fight nature if you wish, but pick your fights.

Of all the nature there is,

That of man is the hardest.

Be forewarned.

Patrice Ayme’

How Plutocrats Buy God, the Logos

January 6, 2015


The idea is not new: consider the Gospel of John, quoted below: it starts with GOD IS THE LOGOS (logic!) Thus, the elite of the Roman empire saluted the Christian God, that Logos, and marched into decadence, as one, behind the emperors of imposed Christian vice.

Verily, God, the ultimate ruler of the world, Is the Logos. The greedy Establishment, that Elite of Rule, knows this all too well: it enforces the tranquility It profits from, by fostering Selected Thinking, rewarding those tame minds it likes.

Human beings are thought machines. Thinking is our divine principle. Controlling humanity, is controlling its discourse. That means, control the leading intellectuals. Either by buying them, or by fabricating them.

Obama had been president for nine months when he got the Nobel Peace Prize… Having done strictly nothing particularly peaceful. Cynical analysis: ‘here you are boy, here is a nice tip, just to get you started, remember this as you go on, serving us: we can do anything, foster any reward’.

We Have Been Bought By Great Men, & You Ought To Love Them

Top mathematicians thrilled for the gold coin a modern emperor sent by Putin, gave them. Admire our costumes,and our gratefulness to wealth, criminally obtained! We Have Been Bought By Great Men, Internet criminals and their dark puppets, & You Ought To Love Them

[Mathematicians Beaming With Three Million Dollar Prizes, In Official, Appropriately Dark, Pluto Garb, Enforcing The Order of Money, & Correct Thinking, by Exchanging Aura With Celebrities & Tax Evading Wealth @ NASA. Yes, NASA! Where Space Telescope Used to be Made, Celebrities & Stolen Money Rule.]

Life on the plantation, also known as the banana republic: well treated boys are grateful to the masters. Grateful thinkers beats grating thoughts, any day, say the wealthiest, and they chuckle. Reward them, and they will be on their best behavior.

Michel Foucault said the power was in the discourse. The idea is not fresh, but is more important than ever.

The Evangel of John starts this way: ”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

In the original Greek, the last four words of John 1:1 are: “θεὸς ἦν ὁ λόγος”. Literally “God was the Logos”.

(Notice my magnanimity: instead of bullying Christ and his little helpers, like Saint John, as I often do, I am ready to recognize, and celebrate, their good ideas. I would extend the same to Putin, or even Saint Louis or Hitler. For Putin, I am still searching… Yes, I know, the idea that God is Logos was put there to disarm the Neoplatonist intellectual elite of the Greco-Roman empire…)

So Christ is the Logos. Now the Greek: Λόγος, LOGOS, is usually (mis)translated as “word”. Whereas in truth it is “discourse” or “reason”. Does that mean that a philosopher who reasons a lot is divine? (The possibility is intriguing, and warrants a healthy, skepticism for atheism, on the ground of self-esteem.)

Where the early Christians really that smart? Well, let’s say they were thoroughly molded by Greek philosophy, which then ruled the Greco-Roman empire, and especially its “Pars Orientalis”.

Thomas Piketty was made a knight of the Legion of Honor. In his “Capital in the 21st Century, he bemoaned the richest getting richer, thanks to (what I call, because it is what it is) the exponentiation of capital, and tax evasion by pro-wealth tax legislation.

Piketty was apparently not born yesterday. He could see what the scavenging, greedy elite was up to: buying his mitigation. Economist Piketty joined those rare French intellectuals who refused the Legion of Honor from the Legion of Horror.

Is it the Legion of Honor, or the Legion of Horror? That was the question. Now we know the answer.

Although close to the ruling Socialist Party, Piketty, to his horror, discovered, that, once feeding at the through of power, French “Socialists”, just as American “Democrats”, were just pigging out, having forgotten all the principles they had advocated, and asking to be honored, on top of that.

Here is the way it works: make thinkers into celebrities, give them money. Then, from sheer basic human decency, they owe those who brought the honor, the partaking in the church of elite, the implicit sharing of leadership, the power, and the promise, when not the actuality, of wealth, treasure when not outright gold coins. (See the beaming cone heads above.)

Human beings are most sensitive to power structures, conspiracies, peer pressure and groups: this is how baboons work. Even super-baboons.

No tribe, no power. However, tribes are affected with group-think. Great breakthroughs in thinking are never achieved through group-think.

In the case above, a few thinkers are made into celebrities, and lionized. In the ceremony depicted above, those mathematicians dressed fancy, were newly knighted into celebritism, so to speak. Indeed, they mingled with plutocrats, and Hollywood and Pop celebrities, whom the plutocrats had brought along, like one brings champagne, including a fleshy giant chested platinum blonde bellowing away, with plenty of Silicon in the right places (the ceremony happened in the assembly hall where NASA had prepared the Kepler mission, to find exo-planets; now there is no more money for Kepler, because “Zuck” and his ilk, perpetrators present in the audience, have sucked all the money from NASA; tellingly they celebrate their victory on the battlefield they devastated.)

Celebritism fosters tolerance for plutocracy. After all, plutocrats are the ultimate celebrities. That’s why those prone to the Dark Side handsomely finance it, if wealthy enough.

Recently revealed, 28,000 documents exposed massive tax evasion by the very corporations of these individuals who set-up these prizes. No wonder they can afford three million dollar prizes, as if they were morning buns. Through Luxembourg alone, more than 100 billion dollars of “legal” tax evasion, from American companies alone. Each year. That’s nearly 10% of the entire Federal budget of the USA.

The whistle blower, a computer specialist, was indicted. The tax evader in chief, J-C Junker, was made head of the European Commission. Meanwhile, basic science is getting squeezed.

Crumbs offered to a few thinkers do not replace the diminution of public financing for the most advanced research, and basic education. They are part of a cover-up hiding the fact that austerity is for everybody except for plutocrats and their extravagance. It is part of a magic show: as the plutocrats brandish their glittering prizes, they divert everybody’s attention from their massive tax evasion, and how they have captured the public discourse to foster their ever increasing power.

The ancient myth of Faust is all about rejecting the Demon when it comes with His irresistible gifts.

I do not know if souls exist, but minds sure do. A mind sold to money is lower quality. It’s not a problem for common folks: after all, they have to eat. However, to designate top minds, it sure is a problem.

Never were intellectuals as honored, by cities and Court, as in the Second Century of Imperial Rome (under the Antonine emperors). Yet all the thinking elaborated then was second rate. Just at a time when the Empire needed enormous breakthrough in the deepest thinking.

So what happened? Those honored thinkers sunk into greed: too anxious to please their masters, and to become billionaires, they produced only superficial thoughts.

If one wants deep thinking, one needs a deep field of thinking. It starts with financing public elementary school, though taxing of the hyper rich (1). Instead, here we are, and we have to celebrate the world’s top tax evaders, as they give crumbs to brainy pigeons.

Patrice Ayme’

  1. Antonine emperors’ welfare and education called “alimenta” were financed by taxing wealth; not enough, as it turned out, when Rome imploded in immorality and corruption, immediately afterwards.