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Meiji’s Wisdom On “Wild Beasts” Trampled By His Grandson And Putin

March 19, 2023

“WILD BEASTS” Of The Kremlin. Lies Foster Lies, Violence Makes Them Worse. Thus Emperor Meiji’s Order To Civilize War:

Putin, with his collaborators in the West, has instituted a culture of brutalization based on lies hidden behind the appearance of true valor. Although Putin behaved as a war criminal for the entire world to see as early as 1999, he was treated with respect by the leader of the West and made an indispensable cog to civilization itself. Now the same Western leadership has to arrest him on sight, no question asked.

The fact that Putin, an obvious war criminal, was treated with respect by the entire West has deeply confused and damaged Russian society. Violence fosters ever more violence. Violence to reason itself is the worst sort of violence.

In a typical of Putin’s pantomime, once a warrant for his arrest was issued for Putin’s crime against children was issued by the International Criminal Court, Putin went to Mariupol, where he killed at least hundreds of children, and deported thousands. A deliberate precision bombing of a theater which the entire world knew contained thousands of refugees, mostly women and children, and the deliberate precision bombing of a maternity (which Putin’s goons insisted was a military target), happened in Mariupol. Among other horrors.

We saw this descent into infamy in Japan, a century ago, when the Japanese army turned from a force exhibiting great valor and civilized behavior… to abomination. For 50 years, Japanese troops had been exemplary in highly civilized behavior, they followed Hirohito’s grandfather, emperor Meiji, who wrote in an order (“rescript“) to soldiers and sailors (1882): 

“The soldier and the sailor should esteem valor …. To be incited by mere impetuosity to violent action cannot be called true valor.  The soldier and the sailor should have sound discrimination of right and wrong, cultivate self-possession, and form their plans with deliberation.  Never to despise an inferior enemy or fear a superior, but to do one’s duty as soldier or sailor—this is true valor.  Those who thus appreciate true valor should in their daily intercourse set gentleness first and aim to win the love and esteem of others.  If you affect valor and act with violence, the world will in the end detest you and look upon you as wild beasts.  Of this you should take heed.”

However, consecutive to their occupation of Korea and violent, impulsive, rogue invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Japanese army started to behave like “wild beasts”, nurturing a culture of savagery which could only grow (and became fully obvious with the rape of Nanjing in 1937, hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, or Manila in 1944).

Putin has instilled the same spirit of ultra violence masquerading as valor throughout Russian society which griped societies as that of Hirohito’s and Hitler’s. This, in combination with  threats against all of humankind Putin and his subordinates made, gives to the war in Ukraine an apocalyptic dimension that the Cold War never had.

Mariupol, a city of 400,000 destroyed by Putin and his “wild beasts” (as Meiji said).

Patrice Ayme

What Happened When France Fought Hitler In 1939-1940? Huge Fighting, Followed By A Temporary Ceasefire. Then War Again Until Nazi Defeat.

February 4, 2023


History, in first approximation, is the history of war. Civilization is, in first approximation, how to achieve military supremacy. This is what the powers that be never want We The People to perceive, here, there and everywhere, because, if they did, they have a higher probability of revolting.

Putin is, not kindly, reminding us of this. And now the tyrant from the Kremlin intends to win, with meat waves tactics: start by killing on the battlefield thousands of convicts.Putin and his gang have adapted to their surrprise, dismay and despair. Just like the Nazis, who knew they were probably doomed as early as 1939, hope springs eternal, even, and especially with, the most hellish miscreants one can find anywhere.

It is therefore timely to remember that World War Two proceeded by fits and starts in a stop and go fashion. As I have advocated, WWII truly started in 1931, when a rogue Japanese army invaded Manchuria. WWII started, because the rogue Japanese high command got away with it: a massive war crime was found to pay handesomely. Same when Putin invaded Georgia, Crimea and the Donbas, or Hitler Austria.

Any strong coordinated reaction of the leading democracies in the next eight years, would have aborted WWII. But it didn’t happen, as the Anglo-Saxons refused to collaborate with the French until it was too late to prevent the alliance of the tyrannies: Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Mussolini’s, Franco’s, and others… until 1942, much of US plutocracy was more interested in financing Hitler, Franco and Stalin…

Similarly WWIII may have started with the invasion of Georgia, and certainly Ukraine in 2014, with the active complicity of Obama (who disguised his collaboration with infamy, by claiming infamy had no power, thus was a friend…) A firm war now of all the united democracies against tyranny could well abort WWIII, as other tyrannies may think twice to join Putin if he looks like a loser.


FRANCE FOUGHT THE NAZIS FOR 6 YEARS… With A Little Intermission While The US Was Not Even In The War:

With these admittedly violent and sinister observations above, out of the way, let’s have fun with Quora and its often debasing, perverse and twisted sense of exploitative reality. Here is a Quora question: 

Are the French proud of their military history despite surrendering early in WW2? [1]

France’s military history is 17 centuries when about the Franks/French alone. If one counts the Gauls, 30 centuries… My answer:

Please be informed and learn that a ceasefire is not a surrender. France did not surrender in 1940. France and the Nazis instituted a time out…an armistice…and that’s what the Nazis wanted too, because the Nazis had no hope of conquering French North Africa , or defeat the French Navy, and would soon find themselves fighting a three-front war (as they did anyway, but just over a year later).

A French junta agreed to a conditional ceasefire on June 26, 1940 with the Nazis, upon the dissolution of the French Republic. Within two years, both sides would violate the ceasefire and parts of French territory would be liberated, as the French armed forces continued the war. In 1944-1945, more than a fifth of the Allied forces in the west belonged to the French army which liberated the major cities of southern France, and was going to enter and liberate southern Germany from the Nazis (more of 5,000 French soldiers were killed in the last weeks of the war fighting Nazi formations inside Germany).

The fact is that in May-June 1042, a small French force under General Koenig prevented Rommel from winning his war by surrounding the retreating British Eighth Army… So the facts say, and Winston Churchill himself. That French force was eleven times more numerous than the Spartans at Thermopylae. It suffered a casualty rate of 50%, but succeeded in its mission, which was to prevent Rommel’s Afrika Korps to encircle the Eight Army.

The Nazis’ losses in France in May-June 1940 were such that it took them a year to regain enough strength to attack Stalin. It was Hitler himself who said it, and more than once. Hitler even specified that this was why he, Hitler, was losing the war against the Russians: he had to attack the USSR 18 months later than he wanted, because of those cursed Frenchmen… This delay allowed Stalin to over-arm himself… said the Nazi leader.

In May-June 1940, more than 13,000 soldiers were killed or injured every day. The total of Allied and German-Italian military losses in May-June 1940, in six weeks, is heavier than the three months of the Battle of Normandy in June-August 1944: 610,500 Allied and German-Italian soldiers hors de combat ( killed or wounded) in May-June 1940, compared to 466,000 German and allied soldiers (killed or wounded) in June-August 1944. The Nazis admitted to having lost 50,000 killed… But these were soldiers and elite airmen. The losses of the Nazi aviation are also gigantic.

France therefore participated in the Second World War more than the United States (which cowardly, but profitably, waited for Hitler to declare war on them).

Claiming that France did not fight in the Second World War, when in fact it declared war on Hitler on September 3, 1939, is an attempt by the Anglo-Saxons to hide the culpable and voluntary collaboration with Hitler, Mussolini , Franco, Stalin and even Hirohito of the Anglo-Saxon oligarchs… Collaboration which allowed the existence of fascism. This allows, in passing, to refute the existence of these.

Interestingly, the same pattern of Western oligarchs collaborating with abject tyranny and the same type of cover-up has resurfaced in relations with the Kremlin, yet again, over the past few decades… This time, however, the French oligarchs and Germans helped the tyrant become all he could be…

Patrice Ayme

Nazi tank destroyed by the French army in 1940. And what were the US doing then? Money from Hitler’s hell.


[1] This question is not phrased with neutral and sincere language  Its wording makes a derisive statement, rather than looking for an helpful answer. This is typical of the old racist anti-French Anglo-Saxon attitude, which is worse than racist, as it is a cover-up of something much worse: friendliness to Nazism and supremacy of the profitability race.

If You Want Peace, Arm Ukraine To The Max ASAP

December 28, 2022

There is such a thing as military science, comprising, in part, the study of past wars. There are patterns.

Humanity is good and, or evil, according to prospects and circumstances. According to the law of action equals reaction, any violence will bring at least the same equal and opposite violence. One does not stop a modern military force through negotiations, but by defeating it on the battlefield. Defeat does not imply necessarily direct confrontation: McArthur, through island hopping, defeated the Japanese imperial army by circumventing its strong points and cutting it off: no food, and no fuel or ammunition. Most Japanese imperial soldiers in WWII in the Pacific theater died from starvation.

In 1931, a rogue Japanese army attacked Manchuria, seizing it from China. Tokyo was aghast. But the offensive was lightning fast, and a success, so Tokyo did nothing. In retrospect, World War Two had started: for the next ten years, the Japanese army would invade China ever more, fostering a genocide. Japanese army brutality would encourage Stalin to kill 6 million Ukrainians in 1933 (Holodomor). Hitler followed suit, making the “Axis” with Japan and fascist Italy, and invading Spain in 1936. France nearly helped the Spanish Republic… But the UK and US were opposed to it.

And Japan was fueled… by US oil. 

When France and Britain declared war to Hitler, that dictator was allied to the Kremlin (providing oil to the Reich, among other things). The US reacted by accusing France and Britain of “belligerence” and applied sanctions.

When France fell to the Nazis, the US didn’t even bark (Canada sent troops, which were beaten). Instead, FDR, having forgotten his “guarantees” to France, and after seven years of effectively pro-Nazi policies (covered up by criticism of Hitler), sent his right hand man to the junta in Vichy. The very dark deep US state, its universities, etc. had interest to see the French empire collapse: it would become part of the US empire. World government, ladies and gentlemen! 

Two to three million died in the French empire during WWII, up to 15 times US loss of lives. It’s a general feature of WWII that, so great was the destruction, including of archives, that sometimes one has no idea how many people died. Early estimates of the number of Chinese killed were from six to ten million. Most recent estimates are more than 50 million (even Japanese media now admits very high numbers)! After the war, many governments had no interest in revealing the extent of their failure to protect their own population… Or that they unconditionally, yet stealthy, surrendered to the victorious US deep state and its greedy plutocratic corporations…

In other words, WWII happened greatly because of divisions among the leading democracies and their friends… Many pursued their personal agenda. As usual, US plutocrats were allowed to run rampant, creating not just profit, but havoc by empowering dictators. 

This time, contrarily to what happened in the 1930s and early 1940s, confronted with the blatantly genocidal invasion of Ukraine, democracies have been in one block. Democracies have apparently been instructed by what happened in WWII: then, in the 1930s and early 1940s, the initial languor and disunion of democracies, and even their crass interest (not just the USA, but also Switzerland, Sweden, etc.) made the tyrannies strong. The democracies did not react properly when fascist Japan (invading China), fascist Italy (invading Ethiopia, Spain), and fascist Germany (invading the Rhineland, Spain) engaged in world war activities. Had the democracies acted in one block, early on, World War Two and its holocausts would not have happened.

So the democracies acted correctly this time: a fascist acted up, Putin, and invaded a democracy, which cried for help. The democracies passed the ammunition. In 1936, when fascist Germany organized the invasion of the Spanish Republic by a rogue army, the Spanish Republic asked the democracies for ammunition. Socialist France said yes, and then no, because the Anglo-Saxon leaders seemed to have liked what they saw, war in Europe. 

So this time the democracies are passing the ammunition. Good. But they are running out of ammunition.

At the peak of the fighting in East Ukraine’s Donbas region, Russia was using more ammunition in two days than the entire stock of the British military, according to the Royal United Services Institute, a British think tank. Europe has ideas, but no weapons. The Kremlin is the opposite: plenty of weapons, little mind. 


It has helped this endeavor, helping Ukraine to survive, that the USA is, in the guise of reinforcing and arming Europe, has been able to extend juicy military contracts all over, turning all European powers, except France, so far, into military satellites. In particular, the US has sold F35 “stealth” fighter-bombers all over, and these are contracts meant to last 40 years… When a power agrees to buy 50 F35s, that’s 5 billion dollars, before maintenance and support, and there is no money for an equivalent European system. Now the increasing dependence of US manufacturing and military has been extended to anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems [1]. 

Negotiating with Putin is impossible: as a tyrant who has killed too many already, he has to win, or die, he and his kind. Right, the US is extending its empire, somewhat irreversibly… But, well, the Europeans made love, not war, and now that war is upon them, they are not ready physically or mentally to engage that way. Loving Putin is not an option anymore, love didn’t capture Putin and his clique, so Europeans have to let the US make war on Putin. As ancient Greeks used to say, the weak do what they must, the strong, what they can. By giving Ukraine the means to defend itself, the US incited all of Europe but France to become a US client state. This is a giant investment coup, which will profit the USA long term. The rest is creative destruction, nothing that high quality immigration can’t easily overcome.

The choice now is between the not so benign US empire of plutocracy, or thoroughly genocidal Kremlin Nazism (fake National-Socialism of real oligarchy).  

To prevent Putin’s win, all and any classical weapons should be provided to Ukraine, As Soon As Possible. Ukraine can bomb all Russian cities, just as Russia has bombed all Ukrainian cities. WWII blossomed because maximal war measures were not taken by democracies early enough.

In war, momentum is important: Ukraine has it now. If Putin can get Russia in a state of total war and total mobilization, thus total tyranny, so much the better for him, because he is the tyrant. Now if that tyrant blossoms that way, many other tyrants, or would-be tyrants, will be so inspired. This basically happened after a rogue Japanese army invaded Manchuria: tyrants, would be tyrants and their fellow travelers got inspired all over.

And history doesn’t truly repeat itself: now there are nukes. The Chinese tyranny is set on acquiring enough to destroy the world (by more than quadrupling its strategic nuclear weapons). All this will make the world ever more unstable, by switching from a two body problem (Russian tyranny + USA) to a three body problem (Russia, US, China).

In 1939, it took barely more than a week to expel Russia from the Society of Nations (UN version 1), after the Kremlin attacked Finland to invade and eradicate it. What are we waiting to expel Russia from the UN? That would solve the problem of the Russian veto at the UNSC. 

Russia should stick to culture, and sort of disarm, like the rest of Europe: here below a cathedral in Saint Petersburg… Magnificent:

[1] France has the Rafale active stealth fighter-bomber. The F35 is actually an imitation of the Rafale, but more oriented to passive stealth from the frontal aspect in some radar frequencies. The F35 would be better in some SEADs (Suppression Electronic Air Defenses). The Rafale has proven imminently capable in SEADs during a real war in Libya (F35 has barely been engaged by Israel in combat in Syria). Moreover, the Rafale is much more competent in “beast mode” (fully loaded with ammunition.


Europe, but for France (and Italy), have opted for US anti-ballistics with Patriot… While France produces the just as competent anti-ballistic Aster (and Italy and the UK are also Aster equipped). By ordering Patriot instead of Aster, countries such as Germany and Poland ingratiate themselves to, and become clients of, the US, not France. Ordering Patriot is an application to the status of a US subsidiary state

Democracy Against Fascism. So Boost Defenses: This Is World War Three.

October 22, 2022

This is a world war of democracy against fascism, it has to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Islamist Iran has chosen to help the Kremlin, and should be treated accordingly. Iran should be fought, and Israel should be aware that Iran is training in Ukraine. Silly Iranian drones produced in great quantity with tech grabbed all around the world, are having devastating effects. Not just in killing civilians, but in draining stocks of Ukrainian air defenses (which are refurbished S300 from the USSR, mostly).

Europe should not turn over-confident that Ukraine will win. Rifts may be appearing, because Germany is more willing to finance the US military-industrial complex… by purchasing US made systems rather than financing existing European ones which are similar or even better [1]. 

China is staying out of full involvement in Ukraine, but not out of sympathy for democracy. China is presently helping Russia a lot, for example, by buying hydrocarbons to Russia. Some experts claim that Russia would collapse in three weeks without Chinese help. An historical reminder: without Russian oil, Nazi Germany could not have fought, at all, in 1940. The Nazi tanks and planes would have stayed nailed to the ground. (Nazi Germany developped massive production from secret US Standard Oil process only later, and only later did Nazi Germany gain access to Rumanian oil fields, also in consequence of the defeat of France… Even then, Germany was not producing enough fuel, and thus, later in the war, German pilots could not be trained for little more than basic flying… This means that the alliance between the Nazis and Russia was crucial in 1939 to 1941… crucial to Nazu aggression…)

China is careful in not sending weapons to Russia that we know of, because it knows that it would lose if hostilities culminated into all out nuclear war. (In an all-out nuclear war with Russia, Western forces would direct nuclear fire not against cities, but against Russian nuclear forces. By precaution, they would also have to annihilate Chinese nuclear forces.) 

Fortunately, differently from what happened in WW1 and WW2, most democracies are reacting accordingly. Most democracies have understood that this is the war of one man against the world… So 143 countries voted against that man in the United Nations in October 2022.

Fifty (50) democracies are giving weapons or military help to Ukraine, including Sweden and Switzerland. The case of those two is interesting: Sweden and Switzerland, especially Sweden, helped the Nazis with their “neutrality” in World War 2 (Swiss help consisted in financial arrangements and crucial industrial production, for example the production of ball-bearings for Nazi war machinery… Until, by “accident”, the US Air Force bombed said factories…).

This time, confronted to this latest imperial fascist aggression, the USA is leading in the fight. This is a vast difference, with the years 1914-1917 and 1938-1940, when, very opportunisitically, cynically, and inhumanly, a treachorous USA let France and Britain fight for survival against fascism.

(The reason for the US not helping European democracies, for so many long years, when those were under fascist attack was that, as far as US plutocrats and the US Deep State were concerned, the colossal European empires stood in the way to the even more hummongous US empire to come. By weakening, damaging or even killing, France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, the world promised to become  anew wilderness in which, helped by the US Cavalry, US capitalists could roam… A reproduction of how the US Wesr was won, … and exactly as it happened… This is why the US helped characters such as Mao and Ho Chi Minh, or even Khomeiny, and Muslim Fundamentalism, during that crucial juncture… Well done, Machiavellian style…)

In the present crisis, just as in World War One and World War Two, there is only one way out, the total defeat of fascism. Even more so, because, for the first time ever, a superpower used nuclear blackmail… On all concerned (the case of Japan in 1945 was different: the Japanese army had committed huge massacres, and was actually not blackmailed, but came to its leaders came to their senses, accepting surrender, within 12 hours of learning of the bombing of Nagasaki). 

Trying to mitigate and navigate around dictators is short sighted, especially when nuclear weapons are involved. Dictators, or at least the spirit which animate them, per their reigns, are intrinsically deranged and nilihilistic: they tend to prefer to die, rather than not to achieve their cruel goals.

In the invasion of Ukraine, nuclear weapons are involved, because of “nuclear blackmail”, an expression Putin himself used (accusing others to do it, but that’s the usual trick of the perpetrator accusing the victim of victimizing the aggressor..)

European unilateral disarmament of the last few decades, and will not to impose peace and order, in the name of an unreal view of human nature, has been a catalyst for the growth of fascist dictatorships, all over the world.

In particular, Xi’s China and the Kremlin have not been blocked in Africa, Europe’s own backyard, as they should have been…

All possible weapons have to be sent to Ukraine, and Europe has to scramble to arm itself (especially with anti-missile forces). Not defending democracy is the same as welcoming fascism. Not preparing for war is lethal to peace. Not preparing for nuclear war is lethal to civilization. Disarming when facing a nuclear tyranny is preparing for a worst so bad, only the grimmest science fiction, the sort with cannibalism, has imagined it.

And all this because idiots imagined that wolves could be persuaded to eat salad, through the sheer power of example… and didn’t want to be bothered when told that was unrealistic. In other words, sheer idiocy.

The world “idiot” came from the Greek. idiotes… literally “private person”  as opposed to one taking part in public affairs, politics. “Idiot” came then to be used patronizingly for “ignorant person,” from idios “one’s own”… and then passed in Latin and later French medieval usage. In other words, idiots are individuals so preoccupied by their personal, inner world, that the world escapes them. This is what happened when self-glorifying “pacifists” took over… And decided to buy all manufacturing in China and gas in Russia… while retiring at age 60 (as is the case in France).

Similar idiocy is deployed in the climate crisis. The French Prime Minister actually declared that energy consumption in France will have to get lowered by 10% next year (because of the war in Ukraine, supposedly, coincidentaly with Macron closing or neglecting nuclear reactors to the point that half of them are stopped for maintenance and two have been dismantled). In either case, strategic idiocy… a form of hubris

No US soldier was injured during the shooting of that movie. London on fire, 1940. Where was US help? A few month before, Roosevelt had sent his right hand man, 4 star Admiral Leahey as ambassador to Vichy, recognizing this way the Hitlerian friendly junta of Petain and other traitors…


[1] The French Mamba made of Aster 15 and 30 missiles in a Thales and MDMA collaboration, is as good and probably better than its US equivalent the Patriot system (Italian, French and UK navies use Asters for air defense). However Germany prefers to ingratiate itself with the US military-industrial complex… And that’s ironical, not to say foolhardy, especially considering how negative Germany was about Trump (and Biden is like Trump, just more polite, as a German minister in Merkel’s government pointed out… even Trump asked Germany to boost defense spending, and that must mean not just buying more US equipment, but building a European military-industrial complex…).

No Eternal Return Of The Same: Putin Is New

January 9, 2022

A basic, fundamental lesson from science is evolution, cosmic, biological, human, and civilizational. And it’s not just evolution, but also progress. So, in a sense, science validates progress. Progress of what? Complexity. A human brain is more complex than the brains of lesser species, those which cannot achieve as much. The genetics driving organisms are also more complex, even from chimpanzee to Homo.

The idea of evolution was already familiar to the Greeks. Philosophers such as Anaximander believed we evolved from fishes and Ancient Greece exported a lot of genetically improved animals, especially horses and cattle. Judeo-Christianism and Islamism captured the idea of evolution, as the Bible evolves towards the revelation, the apocalypse, final judgment, etc….  

Pythagoras said “after certain specified periods, the same events occur again… nothing was entirely newEudemus of Rhodes also references this Pythagorean doctrine in his commentary on Aristotle‘s Physics. In a fragment preserved by Simplicius, Eudemus writes:

One might raise the problem whether the same time recurs, as some say, or not. “The same” has many senses: the same in form seems to occur as do spring and winter and the other seasons and periods; similarly the same changes occur in form, for the sun performs its solstices and equinoxes and its other journeys. But if someone were to believe the Pythagoreans that numerically the same things recur, then I also will romance, holding my staff, while you sit there, and everything else will be the same, and it is plausible to say that the time will be the same.

In Stoic physics, the universe is periodically destroyed in an immense conflagration (ekpyrosis), and then experiences a rebirth (palingenesis). These cycles continue for eternity, repeating the same events in every cycle.

Why did the Stoics love the return of the same so much? Because it was saying there would be no progress, whatever We The People did. So they may as well endure fascists, plutocrats, oligarchs, all sorts of “Hellenistic” kings and queens, and other arrivists. In turn, autocrats, in particular plutocrat in chief Domitian, did not treat the Stoics as severely as other philosophical schools, and they maintained an existence in the triumphant empire, blossoming with Roman emperor Nerva and his successors. Emperor Marcus Aurelius would repeat Stoic teachings he had been taught, faithfully.

Pascal refurbished the idea on the more human level:”Tout a été dit, depuis qu’il y a des hommes et qui pensent” Funny but both some of the ideas of Pascal in computer science and math had been indeed already expressed in Ancient Greece and China, respectively. 

With “eternal recurrence”, one of his obsessions, Nietzsche invented nothing new… And the idea is wrong, whether on the cosmic, Nietschean level, or Pascal’s more basic human angle. This can be seen most clearly when one considers wars, real or potential. War is sometimes a return of the same, sometimes not.

French Air Force patrolling off Ukraine. No eternal return of the same. An image, taken from video released by the Russian Defence Ministry, shows two French warplanes Mirage 2000 and Rafale and a French refueling aircraft tracked by a Russian Su-27 fighter jet (left) in international air space over the Black Sea, December 9, 2021. Russian Defence Ministry/Handout via REUTERS. The Russians claimed they had prevented a penetration of Russian air space (the Mirage on the right has a reconnaissance pod, fully visible hanging below). The French jets were armed with radar and infrared missiles. The US conducted equivalent sorties at the same time… And were dangerously harrassed.

So now we have this self-declared pan-Slavic reuniter and imperator, KGB Vladimir Putin, who wants to put in Moscow’s orbit (Moscovia, as he calls it) all countries he decided are “Slavic”, all the way to Poland and the like. Putin explained to us that Poland and other Slavs, have been victims of Catholicism, and now, NATO… (Never mind that France and Poland have been allies for at least 5 centuries…)

The degree of delusion apparent in the master of the Kremlin has not been seen since before… Hitler. Hitler’s viewpoint was that he wanted to save the German minorities from the Slavs… So Putin shows Hitler in some sense was right: deluded Slavs accusing the West of everything do exist. Putin apparently wants to save Poland, he seems to say… Let alone Ukraine.

Let’s observe France was at war with Russia three times in the last 210 years (1812-1815; 1853-56; 1939-41)… The USA never was at war with Russia, but, contrarily to what Nietzsche and Stoics claimed, things change, and it could well happen. War with a nuclear super power should be new and different. 

Another difference? Differently from what happened in 1914 and 1939, France and her creation, the USA, are, this time, allied from the start.    

We evolve.

Even change evolves. 

War with nukes is not war with sticks.

Patrice Ayme.

Understand, Predict, Innovate Judiciously or Die: Why The Maya Collapsed

May 12, 2021

Civilizations are dynamically technological, or they are not, and they fall, like a cyclist trying to stand on just two wheels without moving. It is actually worse than that: the man-made ecology, the bicycle any civilization is riding, is always changing, as the civilization depletes whatever it is exploiting.

And the more successful it is, the more the ecology a civilization depends upon gets depleted. It is not just a question of having limits to growth in general, but of a progressive collapse of the particular type of growth which brought success… to a given civilization, so far. When old growth is sick and exhausted, one has to get a divorce, and adopt a new growth model which is smarter. Staying faithful to an ecology one has killed, brings only more killing. We will focus here on the Mayan collapse which overall, lasted three centuries, and was characterized by a megadrought. Changes of Mayan behavior occurred during the collapse, but they proved insufficient to stop it. One can compare with other (partial) collapses, the most famous being that of the Roman empire in the Fifth Century.

The change from the Latin-Roman Catholic civilization to the Latin-Frankish civilization which succeeded it was primarily a change of growth model: the basic law, the spirit of Roman Republican law, was unchanged. The Franks adopted a superior growth model (in this order: religious tolerance, more secular education, no more slavery).

Eurasia and the “West” provide many examples of this, changing growth models in a smart way. This is why and how “the West” and East Asia came to dominate the world. A case in point is the contemporary rise of China, which, in light of full Chinese history and the secular technological-legal mood which often drove it, is more of the same “socialism with Chinese characteristics”… which is at the core of the Western success too.


The Maya provide a warning of what happens when one succumbs to hubris while lacking long duration smarts:

The Maya did not understand, predict, and innovate in a timely manner, and hubristically adopted an erroneous growth model, making a bad situation worse. By the Eighth Century, around 750 CE, Mayan society had thrived for more than 2,000 years. The population was at an all-time high: high-tech mapping suggests that at least 10 million people may have lived within the Maya Lowlands alone. 40 major new stone buildings were built every year (it used to be 10, it would fall back to zero after 900 CE). Mayans were experts in astronomy, mathematics, architecture, with a complex language of written symbols. The city-state of Tikal comprised more than 61,000 stone buildings.

Then a megadrought struck. It was the worst drought in 7,000 years, it lasted more than two centuries, and became terrible after 1000 CE (when most of the Mayan civilization had already disappeared). That megadrought was partly a consequence of human, Mayan, activity (greenhouse warming plus deforestation so drastic fundamental some raw materials were gone). Devastating wars of cities against cities, rebellions, killing of the incompetent elites, and the burning of cities followed.

Population collapsed. Less than 200 years later, the core of the Maya civilization (the southern lowlands) was no more (most of the rest would progressively go down in the next two centuries, as the drought kept on going). A civilization that had stretched across southern Mexico and Central America was nearly completely gone (the Conquistadores would meet its haggard remnants). 

The Mayan collapse was not caused by invasion (Toltec influence or not)… whereas Athens, Rome, Constantinople, the Xi Xia, and of course the Mexicans, fell partly, mostly, or completely, from invasion, the Mayan collapse is a study in self-generated devastation. (It is not that the Mayans were particularly stupid; just the opposite: they succeeded to create a massive civilization in an unlikely place, thanks to advanced technology, massively deployed; but that civilization was vulnerable: there had been a first collapse after a megadrought around 200 CE; see graph below.)

There are a number of theories to explain what happened to the Maya. However, from my point  of view it is possible to gather all these theories in just a single logic. The Mayan collapse was greatly an implosion of a highly technological society from ecological collapse with population, war and hubris loss of control as triggers: the social and religious implosions are consequences of the technological implosion

Graph from Professor Kennett, expert of the subject. Several things from it. Around 200 CE there was a first drought, and a first collapse. It is imaginable that the causes were the same, and that the absence of books and a strong intellectual class led to a repeat. When the late classic collapse started the drought was not that bad and just reflected poorly from the wet 2 centuries prior. However, the wars and the ecological devastation this relative difficulty caused made the situation way worse. Then the terrible drought after 1000 CE prevented any recovery.

There is evidence that the fall of Rome shares some of the elements of the Maya collapse:

Let me repeat this slowly: the Mayan ecological collapse started before the full impact of the mega drought. It was obviously caused by a population explosion in combination with mismanagement (namely Mayan wars; in the Seventh Century, Tikal lost its prominence thanks in part to an uppity warrior queen from a lesser city; Tikal would regain the upper hand, but with a mood that had changed towards more hubris than the climate could take).

Europe would experience something similar around 1300 CE. In the last two decades before 1300 CE, there were a few severe winters (foreshocks of the Little Ice Age). At the time, ushered by a technological and rational revolution, the European population was exploding, severely stressing the ecology. Successful intense agriculture and construction devoured the forests (a bit like Brazil nowadays)…

However, instead of sitting on their hands or going to war against each other, the European governments took ferocious countermeasures around 1300 CE, outright banning people from some mountainous regions to limit erosion and deforestation (Japan did something similar at the same time). When the Little Ice Age struck, followed by the Plague of 1348 CE, half of the population was killed, but society itself, give or take a few roasted noble families, and a few thousands peasants butchered, in the Jacqueries… society itself survived intact. Actually the economy rebounded and the Franco-French and Anglo-French gaily persisted into fighting each other for the control of France and Britain.  

Rome is another case of ecological implosion: clearly the metal mining of Rome collapsed a full century before the empire started to collapse socially, financially, militarily, and into barracks’ emperors anarchy. We know that Roman metal mining went down before anything else went clearly very wrong, by studying traces of metal in Greenland ice cores.

Why would the collapse of metal mining bring Rome down? Rome high tech society was extremely dependent upon metals. No more metal, no more economy, currency, military… or even roofs (!) When one reads Viking sagas, one is struck by the importance of mining, swords and forging. Superlative swords had names and were passed over the generations, and between clans. Rome had, by far, the largest army in the world all equipped with swords, helmets, armor, and other metallic objects. A Roman emperor would come to Rome in the Seventh Century to strip the metallic roofs, to make weapons to resist the Muslim invasion.


Often triumphant technology creates the conditions for its own failure. As shown by the Maya:

The Mayan irrigation system was gigantic. It used special materials. The Maya’s home was a tough environment plagued by droughts: what is called a seasonal desert. The land that they farmed was often porous limestone, rocky terrain with the water table often 100 meters below the surface, but also massive wetlands. How did they manage to feed their huge population in this chaotic environment?

It is estimated that the Mayan population may have been above 18 millions… Well, to start with, Mayans used the swamps, next to which their cities were located. About 40% of the Yucatán Peninsula is swamp today. The Maya mucked out the ditches, and tossed the soil onto the adjacent land, creating elevated fields which would kept the root systems of their crops above the waterlogged soil, while allowing access to the irrigation water. They also drained some land outright. That irrigated land is hundreds of kilometers across. Sixty or so cities each with a population of 60,000 to 70,000, sprouted during two centuries of abnormally wet weather, setting the Maya for a fall. 

On satellite pictures forests around Mayan sites look discoloured. On the ground remnants of orchards and edible plants are still in abundance.

Mayan lands are now a sea of green forest. However, their appearance in the Seventh Century was that of a man-made landscape. By 700 CE the Maya had completely run out of their main construction trees. It has been suggested that massive deforestation helped cause a megadrought. When the elites proved they had no solution but war of all against all, devastation followed.

The Mayan megadrought was caused mostly, or at least severely aggravated, by human ecological devastation. 

Not all megadroughts are that way. Across the Mediterranean and west Asia, the effects of the 4,200-3,900 years Before Present megadrought included synchronous collapse of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia, the Old Kingdom in Egypt and Early Bronze Age settlements in Anatolia, the Aegean and the Levant. That megadought left marks all over the planet, including in Alaska and the Yukon. There was an estimated 30-50% reduction in precipitation delivered by the Mediterranean westerlies in the eastern hemisphere, where they provide for dry-farming and irrigation agriculture across the Aegean, Levant, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Iran. There was a synchronous disruptions for the Indian Summer Monsoon. That was clearly a larger scale disaster where the human influence is not obvious… keeping in mind that a greenhouse caused by the rise of human agriculture, and herding which may have prevented what would have been otherwise significant cooling, 8,000 Before Present.

The Mayan megadrought was roughly coincidental with the “Middle Age Optimum”, when a warmer clime enriched Europe as glaciers retreated spectacularly (and the Viking got to Greenland and America). the phenomena are probably related (science to come). But the point is that Mayan agriculture made a bad situation way worse.


Agriculture Can Cause Ecological Devastation:

… This is something that the promoters of agriculture as a panacea keep on forgetting. Plants interact with the atmosphere and the climate. Large dark plants—such as dense tropical forest—absorb a lot of energy from the Sun. At the same time, they prevent much evaporation, thanks to their shade: a tropical forest is darker than a cathedral. Tropical forests restitute the sun energy, and the moisture, in the evening, making warm moist air rise high; it falls back as rain. 

Lighter colored plants (crops and dry yellow grasses like wheat) reflect some, and sometimes most energy. They act like snow, rising the albedo of the land, sending back sunlight energy to space. 

When a forest is replaced by thinner, less massive and less shady, lighter colored plants, the land reflects more sunlight, which cools the atmosphere (because the ground does not warm up, filling up with sun energy to give it back later). Cool air sinks, while water vapor needs to rise and condense to create a rainstorm. Without warm, unstable air rising into the atmosphere, rainstorms became less common. 

The lack of rain helps raise temperatures on land. When energy from the Sun reaches the ground directly, it either bakes the ground or it causes water to evaporate from the soil or transpire from plants. With forests producing less moisture and croplands holding less water, droughts deepened as more and more of the Sun’s energy heated the ground. Thus deforestation makes  droughts worse, and may even create a desert. An excellent example is an Hawaiian island which was deprived of its forest, and is now a baked red piece of land with low bushes, Kaho’olawe. 

In ancient times, the Maya had practiced good forestry management. They were not allowed to cut down the sacred groves. That changed during the Late Classic period with the adventures of Jasaw Chan K’awiil. The Tikal Maya had been defeated and had fallen to second-rate status prior to his ascendancy. Jasaw Chan K’awiil led an army to the competing city, Calakmul, captured its ruler, bound him, brought him back and sacrificed him. There was plenty of instability at the times, including the rise of ferocious warrior queens; one queen built the longest plastered white road going north among orchards and cornfields… to enable her army to go defeat a rising northern city, Chichen Itza.

In any case, Tikal had a one century hiatus characterized with neighboring competing cities having plenty of warrior-queens (at least ten). So agriculture can cause devastation and women can mean trouble… Queen Bathilde of the Franks outlawed slavery, successfully, not because she was weak, but because she was stronger than the (male) Chinese emperors who tried the same. Some of the pseudo-“woke” may be be rendered too awake from this essay….

Nice Quetzal hat… Maya Holy Snake Lord known as Lady K’abel who ruled El Perú-Waka’, a city-state one hundred kilometers west of Tikal…. for more than 20 years with her husband, King K’inich Bahlam II. She was the military governor of the Wak kingdom for her family, the imperial house of the Snake King, and she carried the title “Kaloomte,” translated as “Supreme Warrior,” higher in authority than her husband, the king. This representation is not a figment of imagination: we have actually ceramic figurines of her!… And much documentation besides. The exact chronology of what happened is not fully clear yet, but plenty enough for the theme of this essay!

After these wars between cities, the Maya rebuilt the city of Tikal in a way never seen before. They began building huge temples that required considerable resources, especially large, straight trees whose wood could withstand the weight of tons of stone. Their choices were limited to two types of strong trees.

Jasaw Chan K’awiil tapped into their sacred groves to do this. The stands of virgin timber were more than 200 years old in some areas. After building a few of the temples, the Maya ran out of timber from the Manilkara zapota (sapodilla) tree. That wood is easy to work, until it dries up and becomes very strong. It’s denser than water. Then they switched to an inferior tree —Haematoxylon campechianum, logwood or inkwood — which is found in swamps. This had adverse consequences on the maintenance or expansion of the irrigation system.

Tikal’s irrigation system was high tech. It contained at least eight large dams, the largest with 75,000 tons of water, was used as a causeway linking two parts of the city. Dams were equipped with filtration sand boxes, to produce clean water. The quartz sand is not found in the Tikal area; it was imported from more than 30 kilometers away.

How permanent was the change the Mayan civilization at its apogee inflicted on Yucatan? Climatologist Ben Cook from NASA compared climate conditions during the late Mayan era with conditions during the early colonial era (1500-1650 CE), when land use was at a minimum and forests had regrown over Central America. The warming and drying trend had disappeared. 

However the Mayan civilization had not recovered its splendor: after 1200 CE and until the Conquistadores appeared, it was a shadow of its former self, the population being perhaps just a tenth of what it used to be… But it was not for lack of aggressivity: a severe and vast ambush was set by Mayans for the Conquistadores who had to flee back to their boats… And the last free Mayan city, Nojpeten, would fall only in 1697. Some have suggested that the remaining Maya went to the coast, where the Spanish found them. It is fascinating to see that the Mayan civilization couldn’t get restarted: the numerous giant cities were gone for good. But this is often the case of civilizational collapses…

What probably happened is that the Mayan way of life was a huge system which needed a technological know-how which had been acquired during millennia, and then was lost. A broken system can’t be reinstated overnight: the system may have been elaborated over centuries (the case of Rome, Athens)… or even millennia: the case of Mesopotamia, Egypt… And the MesoAmerican civilizations. 

Moreover books are important, as they store information, and not just the concept of the proverbial wheel. This has long been known: when Rome annihilated Carthage, all Punic books were destroyed. Except one: a treaty on agriculture. And indeed the Romans would make Africa a Roman granary, the region became more productive than it would be until the arrival of French. 

The Greek dark ages after the adventures of the Trojan War lasted 4 centuries. However, Western Europe and China have proven quite collapse resistant, probably for having cultural systems smarter than most, thanks to all the books… and aware of collapse, thus keen to take resistant measures. For example when the “First” Qin emperor ordered books to be destroyed, especially of the 100 philosophical schools, many Chinese knew what to do: they copied and buried the books. 

In the 1970s, most Maya scholars concluded that the demise of the Classic Period Lowland Maya was the result of complex systems interactions. Another way to put it is that a civilization has a mind of its own

A civilization doesn’t truly collapse until its culture and know-how have been eradicated. In the case of the Maya remnants of the culture survived (they still knew how to write codices)… but what did not survive was how and why to make Yucatan work, as it did at the apex of civilization.

Could the Maya have prevented their collapse? Some will shake their heads and observe that Mayans would have had to understand science we are barely establishing now pertaining to drought and deforestation. Some of the conclusions above have a fair amount of guesswork, philosophy and modelling, and a few obstinate ones would disagree. However, this guesswork, this philosophy was done in Europe in 1300 CE, and a terminal ecological crisis avoided.

So let me tell a personal anecdote: the philosophical method rises the personal and anecdotal to the general and systemic. When I was in Africa I saw municipal authorities cut a number of magnificent trees. Apparently, inspired by a devious sense of esthetics, they had decided an immense plaza looked even better by making it more desolate. I was shocked, and revolted. How could Senegalese, in a country that was obviously desiccating, cut trees which provided shade, cooling and moisture? Tropical trees can have these huge, incredible thick oily leaves which block sunlight. For me it was glaring that this policy favored desertification, and I had seen many examples of it around Senegal already, so I viewed it as a systemic policy symbolizing a perverse mentality. I was ten years old. So if a ten year old can figure out, that cutting trees dries the climate, and causes a desert, no wonder more ancient Mayans protected sacred groves. And then the question becomes how come Tikal changed ecological policy? The answer is the war mood and the hubris it brings: flushed by taking enormous risks defeating their enemies, Tikal leaders kept on taking risks, this time with the ecology, flaunting, to themselves and others, their covenant with god(s). 

Human reality works that way: exaggerated behavior, thanks to hubris and provocation, fail, fix it, fly again. This is how humanity learns… in a tribal setting. Civilizations can also learn that way. In the best places of Eurasia, like the Fertile Crescent, the Latium, India, China. In such places of Eurasia, the collapse of one civilization taught others nearby: this is the story of the Middle East where civilizations kept on crashing and rising again, until the double headed shock of Islam, followed by the Mongols (after that it was pretty much all the way down)…

But it’s not how all civilizations can learn. A civilization can become such an immensely complicated systems, that, once broken, it can’t be readily reconstituted... Such is the sad story of the Maya.

Patrice Ayme


February 18, 2020

What was the fundamental truth of World War One? That civilization was assaulted by tribal barbarians who thought they were civilized.

Because plutocracy has make it so that it is fashionable to believe that the concept of civilization is not fundamental,  this lesson has been forgotten. Yet, the world was organized according to this lesson, if while the Second World War, a continuation of the First, was going on.

The movie “1917” relates a small piece of action in World War One [1]. It features telling contrast between the Democratic Allies and the fascist invaders. The Allies are human, humanistic, heroic, ethnically diverse. The Germans are pretty much depicted as the opposite. And so, indeed, it was. 

The story itself may be fiction, but actions similar to it, or even more dramatic, did happen continually during World War One. Some of these played a crucial role. French reconnaissance behind German lines before the Second Battle of the Marne come to mind: exquisite French intelligence helped to win that battle of July 1918, when Germany lost the war… according to its operational commander, Ludendorff. Ludendorff would go on to found the Nazi Party even before Adolf Hitler was assigned by the Bavarian police to spy on it. 

French intelligence based on aerial observation gave clear warning of the July 1918 onslaught,designed to occur before the US army’s might could be brought to bear.

The arrogant plume covered peacocks who launched World War First, so that they could preserve their position on top of the planet, exploiting everybody. So they deliberately launched a World War to make preserve their luxury and prerogative. The way they looked at it, if they did it serially, first France, then Russia, then Britain, it could work. (Dictator Kaiser Wilhelm II and his six sons…)

Heroes Can Turn Bad:

The main hero of French reconnaissances behind German lines was warrant officer Joseph Darnand. A reconnaissance patrol of the French Fourth Army, headed by  Darnand, deep behind German lines, in the evening of 14th July 1918, captured twenty-seven (27) German soldiers. Brought back and interrogated, the prisoners revealed the German attack plan for the next day, to the minute… so the French fired 40 minutes before the Germans attacked, disorganizing them, while evacuating the first lines, so the German artillery barrage, when it finally arrived, hit only empty positions. [2]

A dedicated fascist, but Germanophobe, Darnand would become head of the fascist, racist, anti-Jewish French Milice in World War Two. Being Germanophobe, whole fascist, in those times, was a mighty contradiction. Darnand tried three times to join the French resistance, but was rebuffed (because of his racist fascist leanings, trust didn’t flow). Then he turned to full collaboration (finishing with a rank in the SchutzStaffel, the SS!) Captured by the British in Italy, Darnand was brought back to France, sentenced to death on 3 October 1945 and executed by firing squad on 10 October 1945 at the Fort de Châtillon.

My grandfather found himself in a railroad engine, behind German lines at some point, and escaped capture or death by the Huns with a similar jaunt, for three days, through devastated landscape and the no-man’s land. He would be drafted again in WW2, and then joined the Resistance, early on, saving all sorts of fugitives and wanted (by the Nazis) “criminals” (although mostly Jews).


Britain and France Were Ethnically, Thus Mentally Diverse Democracies in 1917:

The “1917” movie represents that some of the British troops were actually… not British, but Commonwealth. That’s entirely correct. Huge contingents of non-ethnically French or British fought in the french and British armies. And they played a crucial role to change mentalities. At the Second battle of the Marne, the french command, may be deliberately, engaged a Senegalese division along the two US, white, divisions. The Senegalese, being all black, hated the very racist Germans, and reciprocally. Neither side was in the habit of making prisoners, when dealing with each other. Inspired by their fierce Black African allies the US troops did just the same: they didn’t focus on making prisoners, either… 

The first trench raid appears to have been mounted on the night of 9/10 November 1914 near Ypres by the 39th Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Corps. Fierce irruptions into enemy positions under cover of darkness was a traditional feature of Indian frontier fighting and this first murderous little action may have represented an introduction of tribal military practice into the ‘civilised’ warfare of western armies.

There were so many Indians in the trenches that the British army was asked to supply 10,000 live goats a month to meet the ritual dietary requirements of Indian troops in France.


WW1 Broken German robots resting in eternal peace with the flies among barbed wires, France, 1914… There was no excuse for Germans to take part in a war of aggression in 1914, especially because a few lunatic, despicable plutocrats gave them the order to make their utmost, to take over the world…

OK, as they say, spoilers ahead!

German WW1 Killer Robots obeying plutocrats were the main problem, but the USA made the situation worse, early on:

“1917” correctly represents German invaders as war robots, so proficient at killing, little humanity is left to them: they kill cows, cherry trees, all trees, terrify (French) civilians, and will keep on killing, even when facing certain death if they so persist. A rescued, burning German aviator, rescued at great peril, stabs (to death) his rescuer, and even when hit back by a bullet, is apparently keen for more. 

Politically Correct thinking, confronted to such scenes have long pretended that, to depict German invaders as the way they were was unfair, and a misrepresentation of reality. PC thinking insists that there were guns in August (as a famous history book title goes) and they fired, all by themselves, there just too many guns. Nobody’s fault. One should have killed the guns. But, in real life, it’s French guns, especially the 75mm field gun, which killed the war.

Indeed, it’s the PC view which is incorrect. It’s not the “Guns of August” which killed people, inasmuch as the savages who used guns in August to enact exactly the same feat tried again in 1939: win a succession of adversaries at such a fast pace, that they would be destroyed one after the other, and Kaiser Germany would rule the world. In 1914, the trick was to defeat the French Republic before Czarist Russia and Britain could intervene. It failed, because the French counterattack at the battle of the Marne, five weeks later, nearly destroyed the Kaiser’s war machine. 

Why the German leaders thought such a lunacy possible as making a world empire for them, had to do with stealth enticement, encouragement and support from the hyper racist US president Wilson. This, I allege, made the difference. The USA provided Germany, through the Netherlands, with enough goods, including military goods, to break the otherwise fatal Franco-British high seas blockade. 

Right, you will never read about this, USA as Deus Ex Machina, in official history textbooks as found in, say, Princeton University, where “Democrat” Wilson was president (before he became US president). Wilson was the most racist US president, even more so that the many US presidents who owned slaves. You will never read it, because it puts the entire history of the two “German” instigated world wars (1914-1945) under a completely different light, namely a tool of US plutocratic supremacy, a Deep State agenda…

WW1 German position of heavy artillery in France. Long range German guns hit Paris.



Belgium was more than overrun by the Germanic horde, it was deliberately terrorized to encourage submission. The German robots, under orders, razed Belgian villages and executed villagers—men, women, and children, eventually numbering into the thousands—en masse. Priests, and Nuns, as authority figures and potential symbols of moral resistance, were chosen targets. Outrage was deliberate, as when general Ludendorff, basically founder of the Nazi party, ordered the burning and looting of the famous university town of Leuven/Louvain. Over the course of five days, beginning on 25 August 1914, the Germans pillaged the city. Using petrol and incendiary pastilles. 230,000 volumes were lost in the destruction, including Gothic and Renaissance manuscripts, a collection of 750 medieval manuscripts, and more than 1,000 incunabula (books printed before 1501).


The Germans, in their insanity, their Terror Derangement Syndrome, believed they were fighting a war for civilization—for German Kultur against Latin decadence and Slavic barbarism. The highly educated German general staff, having read all the same books and drunk the same wines, had adopted social Darwinist ideas and applied them to the conduct of society (‘plutocracy”) and war (as rule of Evil)

An example: General Friedrich von Bernhardi’s book Germany and the Next War (published in 1911) called war “a biological necessity” in the struggle for existence. He added that war “is not merely a necessary element in the life of nations, but an indispensable factor of culture, in which a true civilized nation finds the highest expression of strength and vitality.

Basically, the entire Kaiser army which invaded France, Belgium and Luxembourg on August 2 1914 (starting without even a war declaration), was an army of war criminals… and acted accordingly. Right, this is a philosophical point of view: yours truly against Immanuel Kant’s grotesque morality.

WW 1 German Troops advancing in Ham, France, 1914. They all read Kant, or took orders from officers who read Kant. What literacy can lead to.



I found my morality upon basic humanity, our creator, the crown of evolution. Kant found his morality “a priori”. Namely according to what is providing him with everything, the murderously racist Prussian State. Kant concludes that “Duty is the necessity to act out of reverence for the law”. When the law is made by the Kaiser, a crippled mass, war criminal, and certified criminal against humanity (per his racially motivated genocide in Namibia), duty, according to Kant, is then to violate all of humanity. This was exactly SS mass murderer and criminal against humanity Eichman’s line of defense in Jerusalem (the judges, rightly, condemned him to hang… and so should all the followers of that reasoning who practice murder).   

Only in August 1914, we have the very well documented proof of hundreds of crimes against humanity committed by the Kaiser’s invading hordes, down to mass murdering nuns, or killing two (2) year old girls. The invasion itself was a crime against humanity, and, just on that ground alone, the Kaiser and his main accomplices should have been judged and executed. 

That’s why, when supposedly educated individuals come around, and attribute Auschwitz only to Hitler and his gang of maniacal murderers, they are misinformed: what would come to be called “Nazism” was already fully grown by 1914. Yes, most of Germany became criminal by following the Kaiser. That’s why, just 15 years after goose stepping behind the Kaiser, the german nation was goose stepping behind Adolf Hitler. That’s why Germany, under the Nazis operated no less than an unbelievable 42,000 death camps (or ghettoes meant, and organized to kill people through disease, starvation, physical abuse). My own family barely escaped a round-up, before being outright being hunted by the Gestapo in the forests around Grenoble (for having saved 100+ Jews, among other “crimes against Germany”).


The Kaiser and his class were “PARASITES”, plutocrats making a country criminally insane Fundamentally, the movies “1917” and “Parasite” both depict what the Dark Side of Humanity leads to:

“1917” represents male Germans invading France as they were: killing robots. Is it why the movies didn’t get “Best Pictures” at the “Oscars”? Instead the prizes went to “Parasite”, a dismal Korean horror tale. Whereas “1917” is about what happened (reconstituted in a movie), “Parasite” is a complete fiction. Both movies, though, fundamentally address the same subject: beware because humans, even though they may look civilized, will partake in the greatest crimes, if given the opportunity. 


The roots of German Criminal Insanity in 1914-1945 were very deep, centuries deep. Much German culture and history came in play:

The mass criminality against humanity of Germany in 1853-1945 had very deep roots. Maybe as deep as Arminius, a German who had become an Roman officer, and then brought three Roman legions to their annihilation. Arminius was a traitor… still he came to be celebrated as a great German hero by Prussian nationalists. Celebrating treachery as heroism is a slippery slope. In the end, Arminius (“Hermann”!) was assassinated as other Germans suspected he wanted to become sole autocrat.

In any case case, the deadly cocktail of racism, extreme tribalism, intolerance, extermination and nationalism started with the crusade of the Teutonic Knights against the original, Pagan Prussians. It had dawned on the Knights that the Muslims were too hard to exterminate (especially after Saladin passed laws to punish Islam Fundamentalism with the death peanalty). So they went to invade Prussia instead. It was a long and hard war of extermination. It lasted decades. Next the Teutonic Knights turned against the Russians… and were crushed by Alexander Nevski during the Battle of the Ice on 5 April 1242… Hence a durable German ressentiment against “Slavs”. 

WW1 German soldiers having fun with Polish girls, WW1. Saying no would not be polite

Prussia, became legally racist against Slavs, Poles and Jews in the Eighteenth Century, Financed by Britain, Prussian then became a war machine against the Austrian empress, and France. Ultimately, by 1815, that turned out immensely successful, and racist militaristic Prussia was able to extend its racist militaristic Zeitgeist all over its empire in Central Europe. That’s when the young Marx, a German Jew, learned to hate, while at the same time, imprisoned by the Prussian mentality that dictatorship was the way to efficient governance. 

To prevent Nazism, one would have had to invade Germany in 1918, take control of it, arrest the top 1,000 war criminals, and hang them. In other words, do to Germany in 1918 what was done in 1945: a thorough cleaning and cleansing. Hanging a thousand war criminals would have prevented the Nazi Party to sprout: many leading Nazis were actually young (or not!) commanders in World War One. Of the young ones, an example if Hermann Goering. Of the old ones, the initil sould of the Nazi Party, Ludendorff, definitively a criminal against humanity… With lots of guts. The German army opened fire on the Nazis who were attempting to stage a putsch in Munich in 1923 (financed by hyper racist, anti-Jewish  US plutocrat Henry Ford, a US car maker). Many Nazis fell dead, Hitler was wounded, and fled. Only one man was left standing, and kept on marching towards the firing troops: Ludendorff (recognizing their famed commander, they finally stopped).



“1917” depicts British and Commonwealth heroes, with a French heroic background, fighting a monstrous fascist war fighting machine devouring humans and humanity alike, in the name of a perverse notion of morality as obedience. 

The English heroes depicted are thoroughly human: they are attached to life, to their own lives, dearly, but transcend them in the name of the highest values. The fascist German invaders, however devoted to killing they are, do not rise to the same level of heroism, precisely because they are Kant killer robots dying in the name of the Kaiser World Empire project (same as, a few years later, the Nazi World Empire project: it is easy to see where Adolf Hitler and his goons got the inspiration).

This is of course why democracies win wars. And why at Thermopylae an army of a few thousand Greeks (including 300 Spartans headed by the Lion-like Leonidas) blocked, for days, the Persian juggernaut of three millions (says Herodotus; some modern historians, to show they were smart, have contested Herodotus number by an order of magnitude; truth is probably in between…).

The defeat of the Achaemenids in Greece preserved democracy… which lived strongly to the West, in Greek cities of independent republics along the Greek model, say in Magna Grecia, Rome and Marseilles.

The fascist plutocratic temptation is always strong, because a fascist dictatorship mustering evil to the rescue is always better at sudden vicious attack shattering the peace: August 1, 1914 is the best proof of that, when Kaiser Germany attacked the world, but imperial Japan proved that when it attacked China, especially in 1937, etc. But such demonstrations are found throughout history, as on December 31, 406 CE, when several German tribes galloped across the frozen Rhine, surprising the Frankish(-Roman) army. 


WW1 A convoy of German prisoners escorted by French Algerian Spahis, of which there were 14 regiments in the French Army.

french army Spahi regiments had 1,000 men. The First Moroccan Spahi Regiment 75% Moroccan, 25% European, was the most decorated unit in the entire French army. This was not bad colonization, but good globalization, ladies and gentlemen… Multi-ethnicity won first on the battlefield.


When Evil Mentality Rules When The Herd Is More Valued Than The Rest:

Some will think I am going overboard, telling too many truths above, my usual sin, and the one philosophers are always charged with. And this is why “1917” didn’t win the Oscars: too many truths. 

But we have a problem. The “Axis”, Germany, Japan, Italy demonstrated that, using modern technology, then the radio, one could make the herd believe anything, as long as the herd believed the essence of morality was to be a herd. 

It is completely obvious that the German attack on the world in 1914, same as in 1939, was caused by the evil mentality which animated Germany at the time. Instead, a persistent myth has been successfully implanted that the first World War was purely mechanical, no one was to blame. This is hogwash: it was all caused by the Evil-Rule in Germany (Pluto-Kratia) [3]. 

The excursion of Germany into a mentality, fascism, completely opposed to the old German mentality, freedom, as in the Franks, is a precious (the price was high!) story, rich in wisdom. One has to learn from it. The Germans thought they were hyper civilized, when they were mostly just the opposite. So one would expect the youth to learn from that tragedy, right?

OK, Israel learned the lesson well: one should have listened to Hitler more carefully (this is an inner slight directed at Isaac Berlin, a British Jewish philosopher who had learned nothing from Nazism). But what about the rest of the world?

An obvious case of herd phenomenon is Islam, and the apartheid it calls its home. Fundamentally Islam distinguishes the “House of Peace” (where Islam is) and the “House of War”. A distinction which French president Macron just called “Islamist Separatism“… a good concept. Islamism, as Catholicism before it, rests upon the herd instinct: who is in, who is out. hence the importance of “excommunication” or “apostasy” (both initially Catholic obsessions, three centuries before Islam was invented.


Lack of Awareness:

In 2017 a Körber Foundation survey found that 40 percent of 14-year-olds in Germany did not know what Auschwitz was. What in the hell? A 2018 survey organized in the United States by the Claims Conference, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and others found that 66% of the American millennials (and 41% of all U.S. adults) surveyed did not know what Auschwitz was. No wonder I have so few followers when many 20 year old credit card fraudsters can get 400,000 followers (there were several such cases; now in prison). OK, the fraudsters propose money, whereas I propose knowledge non conducive to money, just to save civilization. In 2019, a survey of 1,100 Canadians found that 49 percent could not name any of the Nazi camps in German-occupied Europe. There were 3,000 camps in Berlin alone. Twenty million innocent people, millions of them children, died in Nazi camps.

Nowadays fools such as all too many so-called “millenials” feel that, as long as it is Politically Correct to not know any history, to show one belongs to the herd, the head deep in the sand, they and their values are safe. Well, not so. The German orchestrated holocaust of 1914-1945 was plotted, and enabled by people who thought they knew, and had a good feeling, for all that was important.

And they were wrong. To start with, a herd can’t replace a heart.

World War One was a plutocratic phenomenon. Plutocrat Duke of Brunswick, Kaiser son in law, former Duke of Cumberland, behind German lines in occupied France. The Kaiser was the grandson of UK Queen Victoria, and cousin to the Czar. Kaiser, empowered by Wilson, also enabled Lenin and Stalin…

This 1914-1945 German lesson in abomination has extreme validity nowadays. In the USA, a presidential election is in the process of being bought as never before [4]. In China, a pandemic was allowed to proceed, thanks to the extreme secrecy, thus information impotence, of the population. In either case, mechanisms similar to Nazi Germany are at play. Europe is not doing much better, as plutocrats are all the more firmly in command there, because they have learned to operate stealthily.

Ignorance was the main engine of the world wars: it enabled very dark forces to operate from beneath without everybody knowing. And that goes on to this day: the troubling role of the USA in 1914-1917, and again, in 1933-1942 was not properly analyzed by historians… because it’s way too dangerous. (I do not have a career to lose, being an independent scholar…)

World War One “Crown Prince”, the eldest son of the Kaiser, and would be dictator of Germany, commander of the largest army groups with death cap on his hat. The analogy with Nazism is total: the famous SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV; literally “Death’s Head Units”) was the SS organization responsible for administering the Nazi extermination camps for Nazi Germany, among similar duties. The SS TV used the same symbol, the exact same drawing, a few years later.

The essence of plutocracy is that it feels, and knows, and wishes, and enforces that hell can be construed as paradise. This goes to the core of the human condition. Hell as paradise goes to the core of the human condition. Carefully studying 1914-1945 shows this. It got so severe because of technology… which has considerably in power since.

The world doesn’t want to be ruled by Lords. Because human beings are not meant to be ruled by anything else than reason. Only war justifies otherwise. Thus Lords love war, another reason not to like them!

Patrice Ayme



[1] To remind readers unfamiliar with my version of the most significant facts of World War One, the Kaisers and six other plotters had decided upon preparing public opinion through media action for war as early as eleven December 1912. By July 1914, under the pretext of Russia stiffening Serbia about unacceptable Austrian demands consecutively to the Sarajevo assassination of the Archiduke, Germany executed its detailed plan for war. The other powers had only defensive, belated reactions. The French leaders, in particular, were in vacation (surprise). The German plan was named after the army chief of staff who drafted it, Alfred von Schlieffen. It solved the problem of Germany’s two-front war against France in the west and Russia in the east. The solution was to invade France from the north (through Brussels and Belgium, bringing it into the war as well), sweep around Paris, and turn east to crush the French army in the rear where it would be deployed on the German border. The idea was to go fast enough that Britain could not intervene in a significant manner to help its ally and relative, France. This would take the Germans, Schlieffen calculated, 42 days. This was less time than Russia needed to mobilize, and after finishing off France, Germany would then invade Russia. 

Unfortunately for the fascists, fortunately for civilization, desperate Belgian and French resistance slowed them down (the counterattacking French lost 27,000 soldiers Killed In Action, in one day, on August 22, 1914, alone; 10% of the French officer corps was killed in action in August 1914 alone;  after staggering losses, the French army would change its striking red white and blue colors to something as drab as the Germans). 

Slowed down, confident that the French had lost all their heavy weapons, the Germans shortened their swing from west to east of Paris. Meanwhile the Russians attacked faster than anticipated, necessitating transfer of eight German divisions to East Prussia (which arrived after a tremendous German victory at Tannenberg). Plus the British Expeditionary Force, equivalent of one French Army Corps, was in the war. Finally, using all motor vehicles they could find, the French Paris garrison was flung into the side of the German army juggernaut… At the First Battle of the Marne, from 5 September to 12 September, 1914, two million men fought; only fast action by some German army corps commanders preserve the German army from annihilation.


[2] Guderian, chief, soul and early organizer of Nazi armor, said he learned the usage of tanks in coordination with planes, when French general Mangin (10th French Army) and general Degoutte (6th French Army) counterattacked on July 1918 (using Allied troops besides 44 French divisions… US troops were massively used, for the first time, two US divisions were courageously victorious… and annihilated). Ironically enough, World War One was a learning experience for the Nazis.


[3] Conventional description of why the First World War was fought, instead of accusing the racist, fascist, militaristic, dictatorial, expansionist, plutocratic “Second Reich” insist on something mechanical, a clockwork shared by all, from various unstoppable mobilizations. For example, French mobilization, with three million men and 4,278 trains on the move, couldn’t be stopped. That forgets that said mobilization was ordered by the under Secretary for Agriculture, the only government official in vacationing Paris, when it became certain that the Germans were going to attack.

This forgets that German mobilization was fast, a few days, whereas Russian mobilization would take weeks. It also forgets that Britain had, basically “no army” (as its chief, Lord Kirtchner declared at the time, after he was nominated). It also forgets that Germany supposedly attacked to help Austro-Hungary which obstinately refused to declare war, days after the Germans had invaded Belgium and France, in spite of Berlin’s pressure…


[4] The establishment always feared Sanders much more than Trump… All the more as much Trump hatred was just an orchestrated circus act. So is now doing whatever needs to be done to stop Sanders.  Fortunately for plutocracy, Bloomberg is riding to the rescue with many billions, buying all that can be bought, including hearts and souls. Voters believe whatever the plutocratic media is telling them to believe… And not just in the USA. France, Britain and their ilk have the same problem. Direct Democracy would help, as voters would have to learn to become more discriminative… By themselves, the exact behavior Germans were incapable of, in depth, a century ago. 

Better Win War Now, than lose it tomorrow. 

January 4, 2020

The history of civilization is a struggle between fascism and democracy. Fascism confers military power and the extinction of the enemy. Democracy confers intelligence thus progress of the brutal evil of nature, and provides with the natural state of the genus Homo, comprising all the freedoms.

Thus any battle against fascism is a battle for humanity against the Dark Side… Except when the most advanced, most human party, has to use the power of fascism and the Dark Side to destroy its enemies… This later logical twist, that of the “Just War” has been known ever since civilization exists, and assuredly for much longer. Unsophisticated individuals friendly to fascism and the Dark Side always brandish the utilization of the later as the ultimate defense of the most advanced civilization to claim that the forces of greater light and goodness are not any better than their inferiors.

At the Battle de la Marne, Civilization, carried by the wings of the human spirit, Won Over Racist, Holocaustic Fascism, And That’s The Truth. Racist fascist prone to exterminate others (for example exterminate not just Jews, but Iraqis), will disagree… But with these truths we will extinguish them…

They even go further: they claim there is no such a thing as “better” (I have explained that this is exactly what the Nazis, and Soviet and US plutocrats wanted to hear, after 1933, and this is why the theme was embraced with such alacrity by European intellectuals basically paid, by the new masters, to destroy their own civilization. This is why someone like De Beauvoir served the Nazis, and then the Americans (under cover of “decolonization”), then Castro, Mao and other degenerate dictatorialists (Marxist In Name Only Weasels: MINOWs).

The incapacity of many indoctrinated since has enabled them to deny the very concept of superiority (thus progress). They became perfect slaves for plutocracy, the Sheep-People, the Sheeple. I talk to some recently, they attacked even the idea of controlled thermonuclear fusion, because it would lead to better tools, hence better weapons, hence the idea that there is such a thing as progress, thus superiority.

It’s not even the Inversion of All Values plutocracy is keen to achieve, it’s they very denial that there are values: nihilism to serve The Man, Pluto.

US President Trump authorized the attack early Friday at Baghdad International Airport that killed Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, Major General Qassim Suleimani, head of the Quds Force (declared a terrorist organization in the West).

White House: “Suleimani was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel. But we caught him in the act. We took action last night to stop a war. We did not take action to start a war.

The elimination of that famous enemy of democracy and friend of Allah (in His Shiite version), was achieved apparently with new weapons, ultra precise small rockets…

What was Suleimani, one of Iran’s most feared killers doing in Iraq? Was he invited there by the government? Why shouldn’t the lethal enemies of democracies not be destroyed in a timely manner? When Hitler rose, the US did just two things: 1) prevent the French Republic to strike in a timely manner to respond to the Nazi invasions of Spain and the Rhineland. 2) Let Texaco fuel the air bridge and then the rogue army which enabled the fascists to destroy the Spanish Republic… with Texas oil. That amused Hitler for years.

Superstitious religious terrorism, quickly followed by the invasion of small, very determined savage barbarian tribes, and alliances thereof, caused the Fall of the “Occidental Part” of the Roman state. In 394 CE, using savage Goths as shock troops, emperor Theodosius I destroyed the secular occidental Roman army led by the very experienced Frankish Roman generalissimo Arbogast. By 406 CE, the Roman Occidental Part was pierced through by many German nations… Soon all the way to North Africa.

Something similar, a brutal military collapse, unrecoverable and unrecovered, happened to the Oriental part when the small Arab army shattered the Roman army. In both cases, the consequences were civilizational collapse and an enormous diminution of the population.

Why did this happen? Why the collapse of the Greco-Roman world state? Democratic forces didn’t take seriously enough religious terrorism fed militarism, the exact mix Iran is now brimming with. “Taking seriously” means that you go to war and reduce the enemy into insignificance, before it grows too powerful… as Hitler had become in 1939, when France and Britain, unprepared, declared war to the Nazis. If the French army had fought the Nazis earlier, it would have learned the tricks needed May 10, 1939. But it didn’t. So French tanks didn’t have radio, and too few crew members. The suggestions of De Gaulle to create large tank formations had been followed by the Nazis more than by the French. Also the French and British air forces needed a few days to perfect the aerial air combat and ground support stunts the Nazis had three years to refine in Spain. So the British and French air forces couldn’t destroy the provisional Nazi bridges on the Moselle.   

The fulcrum of the Western Civilization which became the World Civilization most of the planet enjoys now, was France (long story, lasting more than 3,000 years…) Not by coincidence, France has also been the country most at war. Ever. And, also not by coincidence, the next most bellicose country was China.

War, fundamentally is not just always a deranged rage, but also, when it turns out to have been a good war, a debate where the best ideas won… An example is the crushing of German racial lethal fascism by France and her descendants. It promoted better ideas, for example the fact that the US Army realized it became a better fighting force by incorporating Afro-Americans and other “coloreds” in combat (see the Tuskegee Airmen of the 99th and 332th Air Squadrons, the Black squadron engaged spectacularly at the precedingly faltering Anzio beach head).

It’s not just that civilization has to be defended against fascism. It is also that it has to be born violently from the prior fascism it has to escape to rise again, like the Phoenix (example abounds such as the rise, and the rebirth, of Athenian democracy, or the rise of the Roman, French or American Republics, etc.)

The phoenix exists, it’s human intelligence, always born by branching out from the intellectual, and political, and economic, and plutocratic fascisms which preceded them.

Want progress? Engage in war, and it will be a good war, if it starts with an alliance with truths. Better and deeper truths. And remember this: it will be hard, and you better love fighting!

Patrice Ayme


NO MILITARY SUPERIORITY, NO REPUBLIC, 30 Centuries of Franco-Gallic History Say

October 26, 2019

This is in answer to the following question:

How has modern France become such a military powerhouse? When did they become more powerful than Britain and Germany?

France did this by having the correct mindset, which has been necessary to the apparition of a large, unified military power where France and its Gallo-Roman predecessor has been for 20 centuries.

Arguably, France is, by far the country most involved in war. Ever. And there are three excellent reasons for that: location, location, location. 

France declared war to Hitler on September 3, 1939. The British army was tiny even smaller than the 400,000 men US army. So World War Two, initially was a duel between the French Republic and the unholy alliance of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, fascist Japan, and the fascist Soviet Union of Stalin. By 1945, Italy, Japan and Germany had been utterly vanquished, thanks to France and her Allies. They had no more army. However, France had reconstituted the strongest army in the West, behind the US and UK. The USSR had been forced to switch sides.

For reasons I will now expose, France is, first of all, all about her military.

Paul Jamin’s Gallic King Brennus “and his share of the spoils”. He contemplates Roman ladies at the ready. The Battle of the Allia was a battle fought c. 393 BC between the Senones (a Gallic tribe who had invaded northern Italy, who lived at the source of the… Seine, hence the name) allied to the Averni (modern name: “Auvergne”) and the Roman Republic. The battle was fought at the confluence of the Tiber and Allia rivers, eleven Roman miles (16 km, 10 mi) north of Rome. The Romans were routed and Rome was subsequently sacked by the Senones, who were bought out by Roman dictator Camille, to bring them to leave.

France is a Republic built at the crossroads. Some may sneer that it is only a Republic since September 21, 1792… But that’s overlooking the REPUBLICAN way political power in France was built and justified itself. Even before the Romans came, many of the 60 polities in Gaul had senates, and were de facto republic. Each of them struck coinage. After five centuries of Roman unification, invasions broke the unity. The latter, though was quickly rebuilt by the Franks, who were Roman Confederates.

Thus the Frankish army was a Roman army, and beat the Goths at Vouillé (507 CE). Far from being savages, the Franks endeavored to rebuild the State, using the general program of the “Christian Republic”… To understand the “Christian Republic”, one has to backtrack to the Fourth Century, when Christianism was imposed onto the empire: the excuse for that, among intellectuals, was that a “Christian Republic” would be established. The idea goes on, to this day.

The Founding Fathers of the Church” tried to establish the “Christian Republic” after emperor Theodosius I’s death in 395 CE: the bishops were in charge and governed (the Jew-hating bishop of Milan, Ambrose, after excommunicating him, got Theodosius I on his knees, begging forgiveness). That first attempt at establishing a Republic that would be “Christian”turned into a disaster. Indeed Theodosius’ military alliance with the Goths, plus the empire-ruling bishops’ hostility to military force, and funding the latter by force, brought the main Germanic invasions, in 406 CE. The most important thing the Roman Bishops’ government did was to formally put the Franks in charge of defending the three Roman provinces of the north-west: the two Germanias and Gallia.

The mass murdering Catholic fanatic, emperor Theodosius I, had hated the anti-Christian Franks (the Parisians had elected the de-Christianizing “Julian The Apostate” earlier). To the point that the god crazed Theodosius allied himself with the Goths, to defeat Arbogast, head of the mostly Frankish occidental Roman army at the battle of Frigidarius,in 394 CE. This destruction of the Occidental Roman army led, within 12 years, to the fall of the Occidental Roman empire… The catastrophic defeat of the Roman Occidental army at Frigidarius in 394 CE of secularism against Goths allied to fanatical Catholicism should be seen as the real moment the Roman state was mortally wounded in Occident.

The Franks, who were very fierce and free (that’s what their name means) understood, and all could see, that the Republic (Christian or not) could only be established by military force. In 507 CE, they did what Rome had never done before: they beat the Goths, and threw them out of Gaul. In the next three centuries, they would establish, through military force Western Europe as it is today (completed by the conquest of England in 1066 CE). The Franks also did something the rest of Roman power had been unable to do: they repel three invasions of the Muslim raiders between 721 CE (battle of Toulouse, huge Muslim defeat) and 748 CE (battle of Narbonne, another victory of Charles the Hammer, his phalanx and heavy cavalry). The Umayyad Arab Caliphate, based in Damascus, deprived of its army destroyed in France, then fell (750 CE).

In the Ninth Century, two things happened: disunion (think Brexit), leading to the monster (first) battle of Fontenoy, of Franks against the Franks, when the streams ran red (848 CE). Around 50,000 were killed in this fratricide (the second battle of Fontenoy would be of the French against the British, nine centuries later).

Soon enough, left without enough of an army, the “Renovated empire of the Romans” (aka Carolingian empire) was invaded on three fronts: Viking, Hungarians, Muslims. This showed to the collective French mentality, once again, as circa 400 CE, that military weakness led to devastating invasions. Disgusted by the attitude of the emperor, who negotiated with the Viking instead of destroying them during the siege of Paris, the Parisians and then the French, seceded from said empire (“Frexit”; turned out to have been a very bad idea, as it led to 1,150 years of war)… France didn’t secede formally, but by refusing to elect a Roman emperor, preferring to elect a French King “emperor in his own kingdom” as the official formula had it (so the elected French king was equivalent to the elected Roman emperor).

In the next millennium, that means in the thousand years prior to the present times, it would be proven again and again: the key to comfort, health, survival, morality, happiness, let alone sufficient food, was a strong French military. Everything else was secondary. (When the Germans invaded France in WWII, they stole as much food as they could so that the French would still be able to produce food and other stuff for them, Nazis…)

Why is France attacked so much? For the same reason as French is a melting pot, morally and intellectually superior: France is at the crossroads of Europe, it’s how one went conveniently from north to south in the last 12,000 years. If one is in the Mediterranean (thus coming from the Near East, or even further: Indies, Silk Roads, etc.), the way to reach the Atlantic or Northern Europe was through France (one route is to travel north of the Pyrenees, the other two go up the Rhone valley, one branching up right to Germany, the other, straight up to the Northern European plain and Great Britain.

The defeat of May 1940 occurred in a few days, when drugged out Nazis full of amphetamines, broke through where the Second British armored division was supposed to be, and was not, where the Prince of Wales, inspector of the British armed forces, had told his dear friend Hitler, that the French front was the weakest. Indeed, the French Front was held there by just one reserve infantry division, and three elite Panzer divisions attacked, helped by the elite Gross Deutschland regiment, and the entire Luftwaffe, concentrated their assault on a few kilometers. The French Republic had started a nuclear bomb program in January 1938 to drop bombs on Germany (it would take seven and a half year for the first bomb to be ready). The French were the first to bomb Berlin (the Nazis called for execution of the French fliers… although that was in retaliation of the bombing of French cities).

Ultimately British heavy bombers fleets (followed by US ones, years later) wreck havoc with Germany (one million soldiers had to man air defenses and German industry had to be relocated in the woods, underground…) This showed, once again, that if one is the most intelligent civilization, military superiority is all the moral right one needs to crush infamy.

The Romans purchased, for centuries superior Gallic armor and swords. At the battle of Poitiers in 732 CE, superior French steel and superior heavy cavalry on genetically formidable horses, destroyed the Muslim army (Muslim corpses were left to rot, out of contempt). The so-called “100 year war” finished when the Bureau brothers engineered the first battlefield guns. The 75 mm gun was indispensable in WWI. During the French Revolution, superior French artillery, with superior French explosives did much, if not most of the work (in particular at the crucial Battle of Valmy, September 20, 1792). Hot air balloons, invented in France, were militarily used. One of the first planes was also militarily financed, and flew, long before the Wright brothers. The first cars also made in France were the fruit of a military program: what was specified corresponded actually to tanks. The French taught the USA how to mass produce them with the required precision (this is how precision mass engineering was introduced to the USA). So the connection between superior tech and superior military was long ingrained.

The defeat of May 1940 was due in part to the exploitation by the Nazis of a few tricks which took the French military by surprise: amphetamines, good connection between the air force and ground forces, the usage of radios inside tanks… And lack of practice and arrogance of the top commanders. Morality: the Righteous should make war all the time, so as not be surprised by Evil.

All of these Nazi tricks could be fixed quickly, and they were, but not before the Franco-British being defeated in the most major battle of the Western front in WWII (the Franco-British never suffered a major defeat after that). The lesson for the future here was simple: if the French Republic had fought the Nazis in Spain in 1936, as it was asked by the Spanish Republic to do, it would not have been surprised in May 1940, and superior French military might would have done the rest. Why did France not attack the Nazis in 1936? Because the Anglo-Saxons asked France not to attack Hitler, who was, at the time, a source of enormous profit for the most major US corporations. So what is the meta lesson here? In spite of the affectionate parent to child relationship between France, England and the USA, the latter two self-obsessed buffoons should not be taken seriously all the time. France has 30 centuries of institutionalized, partly oral and behavioral tradition, that the UK and the US do not have. Only China or maybe India can reflect as deep upon the errors of history…

After World War Two, which started with the betrayal of the USA, France observed more betrayal, as the US Deep State was firmly intent to replace the French empire by an American one.

So now here we are. The defense of the West is mostly insured by a reconciled France and the US… which are at war in a dozen countries. This is good: in Libya, the French air force demonstrated it could overwhelm Russian air defense using stealthy Rafale fighters (the US is now using the same method in training with the stealthy F35). Recently, in the attack on French and US ally Saudi Arabia, the powerlessness of the most sophisticated US air defenses against drones and cruise missiles was demonstrated: now the US and France are scrambling to find counter-measure (it’s no coincidence, and entirely related, that the laser which blasted rocks on Mars was French made).

France has no oil, no gas, and no more coal. France can have only ideas; it is the only large country with a large economy which produces so little CO2 per capita that, if all countries did it, the CO2 cataclysm would be much delayed (only 4 tons/person/year for France; US is at 16 tons, and Canada and Australia are even worse). Ideas which can create technology enabling military superiority. The USA and Britain long embraced the same credo.

To be a real, thoughtful French citizen, steeped in history (as they used to be) is to learn that the Republic needs to be defended by force, that this is mission number one… of the Republic, something that the cultural ancestors to the French Republic, the Athenian and Roman ones, discovered 25 centuries ago. And just as 25 centuries ago, this superiority has to rest upon military and thus technological superiority.

As the ice caps melt, great wars are coming… And if they don’t happen this will be simply because potential aggressors understand they can’t win (as they do now). And the climate catastrophe is a war too, and only superior technology can win it. Same old, same old: if one wants a better existence, or existence at all, one has to fight for it.

Patrice Ayme 


P/S: Although the preceding is centered around France, it fully applies to her child, the USA. We have peace now because the relatively better guys (France, US, UK) have had military superiority, and the bad guys (Russia, China) aren’t that bad (although Putin engaged in invasion lately) and other guys surrended (Japan) to what passes for democracy, and the rest of the world is pretty powerless…

World peace depends upon the military might of that trio, another reason to look at Brexit with fear and suspicion…


80 Years Ago, France Declared War To Hitler

September 3, 2019

September 3, 1939. Hitler had invaded Poland two days before, and had been served by an ultimatum from France and the UK:”Get out of Poland, or we declare war!” Yes, Great Britain declared war too. But the UK had just a few divisions, and France more than 104 divisions… on the north-east front, ALONE (2.25 million soldiers on that frontier)! France would engage 11 armored divisions in May 1940, one more than Germany… Britain would engage just one armored division; the absence of the Second Armored British division at Sedan, enabled the Nazi “Sickle Cut“… With its superior Matilda tanks, and highly trained professional soldiers, there is little doubt that the British Second Armored division could have held up the Nazi army long enough until the main French formations could have maneuvered to back it up… And crush the Nazi snakes.

In 1939, Germany mobilized some 7 % of her population, France 12.5 %. French public opinion was grim in 1939, but determined: one had to do away with Hitler. Both in Britain, and France, all believed that, because of their gigantic empires, the Franco-British victory was unavoidable, and would follow the same pattern as during 1914-1918: a successful blockade, and blocking, followed by revolution in Germany.

However, France had lost more than 1.4 million soldiers killed, fighting German fascists, just 20 years earlier…  And now, France was facing a conspiracy and alliance of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Even for the combative French. that was a bit much. And then there were snakes like Sweden, arming Hitler to the hilt, with the “Iron Road”…. We are still waiting for Swedish collective psychoanalysis.

I followed a documentary of WW2, to commemorate September 3, 1939, on the Franco-German channel Arte. The writers didn’t find anything better than extensively quoting Simone De Beauvoir, who, sure enough, claimed nobody knew why WW1 was fought… Well it was fought because the fascists attacked…. Now, for De Beauvoir the concept of “fascists attacking” doesn’t exist. By 1944, De Beauvoir would pursue a career of collaboration at Radio Vichy, tight with one of the worst collabo… who was executed by the Resistance in 1944 (De Beauvoir being smart, she was able to put the mask of a feminst and leftist later).  

Bombing of Warsaw, September 1939, Luftwaffe picture… Zentralbild
II. Weltkrieg 1939-45 Überfall der faschistischen deutschen Wehrmacht auf Polen am 1.9.1939.UBz: Flugzeugaufnahme des brennenden Warschaus, das am 27. September 1939 kapitulieren mußte.

Hitler’s ally, Stalin, attacked Poland jointly with the Nazis, and then attacked Finland late in 1939 (with the idea of grabbing all of Finland; Stalin would end with smaller, yet crucial parts). The French government then outlawed the French Communist Party and stripped of French citizenship those who fled to the USSR. It was then decided to attack Hitler’s crucial ally, Sweden, to come to the rescue of Finland. France was really fighting over all fronts, including an internal one.

This outlawing of Communist Party is not an anecdote but the cause why many French fighter aircraft were armed too late in Spring 1940 (smart politicians were afraid of French communist workers seizing weapons). By 1940, the French government of PM Daladier was losing its smarts, often freaking out about the hundreds of thousands of German refugees in France (who were of course all anti-Nazis, but that the French government suspected nevertheless…)

Attacking Poland from west (Nazis) and east (Stalin) was no accident: German generals, now Nazis, had trained in the USSR, secretly, in violation of the Versailles Treaty, for years… Poland capitulated in 4 weeks. France would be attacked later, by tanks fueled with Soviet oil….

Bravely, the US, after first condemning and punishing France and the UK, finally instituted “cash and carry”. The grim determination of the French and British navies may have helped. Although out gunned (280 mm against 200 mm), the Royal Navy destroyed the battleship Graf Spee in Rio Della Plata…

The destruction of the Graf Spee clearly showed that France and Britain were going to strangle Germany.. as long as they could separate it from Stalin…

A major problem was that Belgium was “neutral”. It means that the French army entered Belgium only after Hitler invaded Belgium. Worse: it means that, when two-thirds of the entire German army entered Belgium… Belgium did NOT notice! The French High Command was not told. Had it been told, huge French forces, like the unstoppable Super Heavy Third French armored division, just north of Sedan, could have been fueled and move south and block, or, better cut from behind, the Nazi armor thrust. Also forces could have been moved from the Maginot Line and long range guns thereof got ready (they didn’t in the few hours they could have been effective).

9 April 1940, Hitler attacks Denmark, Norway:  they are neutral, but Hitler and the Nazis were aware of a secret alliance between Norway and France to produce heavy water, as part of the French nuclear weapon program (somehow the Nazis could tell when the heavy water was transported to France, and intercepted the aircraft… However, by then the French had substituted on the airfield the heavy water for granite; the heavy water made to France, and, later, Buckingham Palace’s deepest and most secure cellar… With the Corwon Jewels…).

Even more worrisome for Hitler, France and Britain were getting ready to attack Sweden, Hitler’s ally (yeah, I know, the Swedes claimed, claim, to be neutral… they were not. Not at all. Sweden enabled Hitler in a crucial way, with the 88mm gun, and all that high quality iron ore to make hundreds of thousands of tanks and planes with…) 

Even before invading Poland, Hitler had given a (very) secret discourse to his top commanders, explaining that speed and brutality would win the war in Poland. Hitler explained that the “SS units with death heads” would kill all the Jews and Poles to enable the Germans to acquire the “Lebensraum” (life space, vital space) they needed. Accordingly, Hitler displaced 600,000 Germans of German ancestry, to settle them into West Poland. There they created the Warthegau, nicknamed, the “Blonde Province” (Himmler:”I am going to create here a blonde province!” … funny neither he, nor Hitler or Goebels were blonde… And lots of Poles were blonde… such blonde kids were taken from their parents, and “germanized”. We know of 30,000 such cases. There were more.) 

When the Nazis killed the Poles, they killed some secretly, but they also killed dozens of thousands, very publicly… To scare the rest. 

10,000 assassinated in the first few weeks in the Warthegau alone, for all to see, 10,000 leading Poles, typically intellectuals, doctors, etc…

Between 12 November 1939 (first attempted attack, stopped by weather), Hitler gave 20 orders of attack of France. However his generals were not keen… and resisted The generals knew that they were going to be defeated. But then they had no choice: time was working against them. The Manstein plan finally selected had a low probability of success. But, at least, it had some. The other plans (dully anticipated by the French) had none. The Prince of Wales, Inspector General of the British army, helped, telling his friend Adolf where to strike. Gott mit Uns did the rest…

Finally, the USA relented a bit, and established the “Cash and Carry” program, enabling France and Britain, and only them to use the USA to help arm themselves (as the Nazis were locked out of the Atlantic, by the French and British navies, they couldn’t carry anything…), to buy weapons in the USA (one such weapon ordered by Brits and French was what became the famous “Mustang” fighter aircraft, later the main long range superiority fighter of the US Air Force!)

The Nazis expelled the Jews from Germany, threw them in Poland, and in ghettos, but then those became unmanageable. Then a propaganda operation over Germany claimed the Germans had build lots of western Poland, just to see it invaded, starting in the 17 century by eastern ethnicities (the Jews).

The US Americans finally clicked morally in a correct way later in the war (after Hitler declared war to the US, Dec 11, 1941). By then they reacted similarly to the French in 1939, 1940…

Detailed Nazi plans had anticipated to kill all the Jews, and then march to death, towards the Urals, 50 million Slavs. Then German colonization could proceed, in axes of cities, towards Leningrad, Crimea…

Why the USA didn’t move immediately to help its parents, France and Britain, against Nazism, stays a mystery as US intelligentsia refuses to consider the subject [1]. Ah, you may say, there is not such a thing,as a US intelligentsia… Yes, but then loom at French intelligentsia: De Beauvoir, the collabo, is a towering figure there, so low have the expectations sunk…

Madness of the crowds need to be analyzed… So that, for example, one can steer better as in crises such as Hong Kong, Brexit, or biosphere collapse. That is why the US American attitude astoundingly inhuman at the beginning of WW2 will have to be answered… Only by effecting such analyses will things turn out for the best (often, they don’t, but now we have no choice)

Anyway, that was just a little memorandum, a community service… Remembering that France and Britain did the right thing on September 3, 1939. Not only they end up losing their empires, replace by the US empire, but, together, they suffered more than three million killed… The French empire alone suffered nearly three million killed (worst estimates) most of these losses in French Indochina… Such losses are hard to understand to Anglo-Saxons: the UK (451 K) and the US (419 K) suffered together around as many killed as metropolitan France.

World War Two end up killing 85 millions (at least; latest evaluations, 2019; for political reasons, massive underestimates were long presented)… That’s 3% of world population… Killed, by the Second World War. If the USA had come to the help of its parents, France and Britain, in 1939 or 1940, it would have kept losses at a fraction of that. No Jewish holocaust

Had the US intervened in the first half of 1940, there would have been an anti-Nazi coup… German fanatical support for Hitler paradoxically augmented later in the war, not really because it was nice to see German cities burn, like the Jews, but because too many military personnel and authorities, let alone simple Germans, had helped the Nazis with their crimes

Weirdly, the Allies were kind with many of the top Nazis. For example Field Marshall Erich Von Manstein was capable of exerting his evil Nazi influence on the German army in the 1950s, 1960s and beyond. Never mind that he ordered all Jews to be killed at some point: he couldn’t quite recall… Manstein became militärische Kult- und Leitfigur… who made sure that those who organized the coup against Hitler were NOT honored (German policy has changed since Von Manstein died in 1973… Weeks before the last Nazi Feldmarshall, another condemned war criminal).

To learn to analyze madness of the crowds, one needs to study particular cases. All the more, as much worse is potentially around the corner

Patrice Ayme



[1] My well known position is that the US Deep State and US plutocracy had empire envy, and felt Hitler was a good enough tool to grab the European empires. So US media and Plutos and Deep State all collaborated with their C in C, FDR…


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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever


Human Biodiversity, IQ, Evolutionary Psychology, Epigenetics and Evolution

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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