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September 2, 2022

WW2 Could Have Been Avoided If The United States’ Deep State Had Not Intended To Use WW2 To Seize World Power! A Most Brutal Truth About World War 2!

Both in World War One and World War Two, the US economic and diplomatic might was originally allied, for years, with various German and European fascism regimes, including the USSR, and thus enemy with “representative” democracies France and the UK… The US de facto help to fascism weakened both France and the UK crucially… as intended.., because the US Deep State wanted to subjugate the world, and that started with the subjugation of Europe. All the more as Europe had established gigantic protectorates around the world, which adminstratively hindered giant US corporations (but fascist regimes, just as China today, and for the same reasons, were enthusiastic in cooperating with US plutocracy! [1]) US plutocrats could not muster armies to invade Europe directly, as the US is a offshoot of Europe, and especially of France and Britain. The solution for US plutocrats, and it presented them with many opportunities, was to foster fascism in Europe, from Moscow to Lisbon.

In particular, US busting of the blockade of Germany and Austria-Hungary enabled those fascist powers to keep on waging war (when the blockade became effective after the US had finally joined France and Britain, German explosive production collapsed to a tenth (10%) of the French one, which enabled the French to crush the last, and most massive German attack on Paris in a deluge of steel (second batle of the Marne, July-August 1918). 

So great was the pull of German fascism that it succeeded to put Lenin in power, and then, until Hitler attacked the USSR, the latter was an ally of German fascism… And US plutocracy… which heaped gigantic investments on all European fascist regimes (mostly Italy, the USSR, Germany, and Spain in this chronological order).

The US Deep State (prominently represented by oligarchic heirs such as the Harriman brothers, etc…), wittingly or not, pulled the strings just right, so that the world order came to be ruled after the war… by the USA. Even Stalin, initially allied to Hitler, was helped by the US government in a way the French Republic was not… and just a year after France fell to Nazi tanks fueled by Russian oil… [2].

Had the US directly helped France and Great Britain in 1939 or 1940, the war would have turned completely differently: the Nazi Reich would have been promptly defeated, Japan would not have attacked the US… Instead the US applied sanctions for belligerence, in 1939… against France and Britain, for having declared war to the Nazis. Later in the war, starting as early as mid-1941, massive US governmental help to Stalin, extending the private help from US plutocrats, blossomed into the Yalta Treaty, which gave half of Europe to Stalin. Then FDR rushed to make another evil pact, this time with Ibn Saud, a triangular exchange of fostering Fundamental Islamism against oil, the revenues of which would be placed on Wall Street.

Harriman was viewed by many Soviet leaders as more important than Stalin, and the real Czar, because the American enabled the Baku oil fields production to thrive, through massive investment providing US know-how. Many other US plutocrats played similar roles in fascist Italy, Germany and Spain. A lot of the help was provided with credit lines, nit just direct investment. Harriman was the only one to get the top honors of both the Reich and the USSR. Harriman was also the puppet master of the Democratic Party.

This world order has been in place since. It is covered up by the blanket declaration that only lunatics make theories about conspiracies, and impudent US declarations against colonialism and genocides, supposedly historically committed by the Europeans, in the grand hypocritical tradition founded by Washington and Jefferson. But actually the country that committed the greatest colonialism and genocide was the US itself (Australia and Canada are very distant second). This is why, historically speaking, the US was white and Latin America much less so.

The US strategy of favoring fascism in the 1930s was clearly evidenced in the way in which FDR treated his own ambassador in Berlin, his friend, the University of Chicago historian Dodd. Dodd, a Southerly gentleman specialist of the Secession War, and excellent friend to the French ambassador Francois-Poncet, thought the Nazis had to be fought to death, and could not be negotiated with. He so informed Roosevelt in 1937, and FDR reacted by replacing his ambassadors in Berlin and London by Nazi friendly characters (the one in London was Kennedy, father of JFK). When France made a cease-fire with the Nazis at the end of June 1940, FDR sent his right hand man, 4 star admiral William Leahy, to Vichy, thus recognizing that fascist dictatorship collaborating with Hitler as a legitimate regime (it was not).

Some will contest the very notions of conspiracies, plots, uppermost classes, social networks, plutocratic universities, corporations and corporate board class, old boys network, and how all these social connections created a US upper class which longed to help fascism and undermine democracy, knowing full well it was a win-win situation [3].  

It is a hard pill to swallow that Auschwitz and its ilk were among the deliberate costs for establishing the US world empire (the US Deep State and its media hid the holocaust the Nazis organized. Indeed, they were told explicitly by French, Polish and Jewish authorities, among others, of millions already assassinated). But, as long as reality is not faced, it can’t be improved.

Blitzkrieg: German armor, fueled by RUSSIAN oil, invades France in 1940. The proximal reason for the fall of France in May-June was the effective betrayal by the top general, Gamelin. The basic reason for the fall was that the US Deep State did its best to make it happen, including giving guarantees to France which the FDR government then ignored.

In the 1930s, obsessed by its own advancement, the US government and its pupett master, the US Deep State, betrayed democracy. It is a most brutal truth. It is also true that the Biden adminstration did not repeat the mistake in 2022. Why? Things have changed, and the confused knowledge of what went wrong in the 1930s, although the US profited from it, is slowly rising to the surface, as is the notion that, with weapons more powerful than ever, fascism, especially of the invasive type, is better nipped in the bud.

Humanity progresses, one wisdom at a time…

Patrice Ayme


The US Deep State, ever since Obama day number one, has pushed frantically for transitioning to a 100% battery economy (by contrast to partly green hydrogen or nuclear). This is an example of a maneuver to cooperate with fascism, disguised as its exact opposite: more than 80% of the batteries, worldwide, are made in China; 7% in the USA. Watch what they do, not what they say they do..


[2] There was private US help to France and Britain, the best example being the fighter bomber Mustang, originally a Franco-British government contract with a private US company… The plane was so well designed from Franco-British requirements, that it became the best US fighter later.


[3].  (They will prefer to talk about the Ku Klux Klan… because the latter did not achieve to do much, in the end, and turned into a clownish distraction.).  

Way Too Polite: ”Your Leaders Are Crazy!”

October 26, 2017

Contrarily to what old PC behavior inculcates, insults have their, irreplaceable, use. An immense occasion was missed, before World War Two. The war could have been avoided by properly insulting (and threatening) the Germans and Japanese leaders and threatening them with annihilation.

In the case of the Germans, it is certain that it would have avoided the war (as I have explained many times with excruciating details). And remember that the Japanese were following the Nazis and Italian fascists. By insulting the leaders, the populations would have realized they were going down the abyss.

In 1942, Professor Frederick Lindemann (later Lord Cherwell) was appointed the British government’s leading scientific adviser (with a seat in the Cabinet) by his friend, the very scientifically minded Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Lindemann presented a paper to the Cabinet advocating the area bombing of German cities. That was accepted by Cabinet and Air Marshall Harris was directed to carry out the task (Area bombing directive). It became a crucial part of the total war against Germany, as it deprived the country of fuel, and forced the Nazis to mobilize 30% as much soldiers in ground air defense as they had, fighting in the USSR.

At the start of the bombing campaign, Harris said, quoting the Bible’s Old Testament: “The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.”

Harris, head of the British bomber command dropped a leaflet on Nazi Germany in 1942. Important notions are absent; the mass massacre, the holocaust, of civilians, in particular Poles and Jews (something that was well-known by 1942). An occasion was missed to tell the Germans that their crimes would not be forgiven, until they threw the Nazis out and capitulated to the United Nations. It would have stiffen the spines of German generals who thought the Nazis were nuts.

Here is the leaflet penned by Sir Arthur Harris and dropped over Nazi Europe in the late Spring of 1942:

First Page of Leaflet Dropped by Bomber Harris on German Cities in 1942, translate below:


“We in Britain know quite enough about air raids. For ten months your Luftwaffe bombed us. First you bombed us by day. When we made this impossible, they came by night. Then you had a big fleet of bombers. Your airmen fought well. They bombed London for ninety-two nights running. They made heavy raids on Coventry, Plymouth, Liverpool, and other British cities. They did a lot of damage. Forty-three thousand British men, women and children lost their lives; Many of our most cherished historical buildings were destroyed.

You thought, and Goering promised you, that you would be safe from bombs. And indeed, during all that time we could only send over a small number of aircraft in return. But now it is just the other way. Now you send only a few aircraft against us. And we are bombing Germany heavily.

Why are we doing so? It is not revenge — though we do not forget Warsaw, Belgrade, Rotterdam, London, Plymouth and Coventry. We are bombing Germany, city by city, and even more terribly, in order to make it impossible for you to go on with the war. That is our object. We shall pursue it remorselessly. City by city; Liibeck, Rostock, Cologne, Emden, Bremen; Wilhelmshaven, Duisburg, Hamburg — and the list will grow longer and longer. Let the Nazis drag you down to disaster with them if you will. That is for you to decide.It is true that your defenses inflict losses on our bombers. Your leaders try to comfort you by telling you that our losses are so heavy that we shall not be able to go on bombing you very much longer. Whoever believes that will be bitterly disappointed.

America has only just entered the fight in Europe. The squadrons, forerunners of a whole air fleet, have arrived in England from the United States of America. Do you realize what it will mean to you when they bomb Germany also? In one American factory alone, the new Ford plant at Willow Run, Detroit, they are already turning out one four-engined bomber able to carry four tons of bombs to any part of the Reich every two hours. There are scores of other such factories in the United States of America. You cannot bomb those factories. Your submarines cannot even try to prevent those Atlantic bombers from getting here; for they fly across the Atlantic.

Soon we shall be coming every night and every day, rain, blow or snow — we and the Americans. I have just spent eight months in America, so I know exactly what is coming. We are going to scourge the Third Reich from end to end, if you make it necessary for us to do so. You cannot stop it, and you know it.

You have no chance. You could not defeat us in 1940, when we were almost unarmed and stood alone. Your leaders were crazy to attack Russia as well as America (but then your leaders are crazy; the whole world thinks so except Italy).

How can you hope to win now that we are getting even stronger, having both Russia and America as allies, while you are getting more and more exhausted?

Remember this: no matter how far your armies march they can never get to England. They could not get here when we were unarmed. Whatever their victories, you will still have to settle the air war with us and America. You can never win that. But we are doing so already now.

One final thing: it is up to you to end the war and the bombing. You can overthrow the Nazis and make peace. It is not true that we plan a peace of revenge. That is a German propaganda lie. But we shall certainly make it impossible for any German Government to start a total war again. And is not that as necessary in your own interests as in ours?”


So what happened? By 1943, the Germans were widely talking about the fact that the holocaust of the Jews had brought the calamity of aerial bombing of German cities, that it was deserved, in a sense. Later, encouraged by a Nazi crack-down, the feeling passed, and the Germans fought to the bitter end.


Leaflets Over Japan:

General Curtiss LeMay craftily and morally warned the Japanese to evacuate their cities. It was crafty because most of Japanese war production was within cities. (This was the justification for the massive bombings of Tokyo, which killed more than the bombing of Hiroshima.)

Long range B-29s US bombers dropped 10 million propaganda leaflets in May, 20 million in June and 30 million in July. The Japanese government implemented harsh penalties against civilians who kept copies of these leaflets:

“Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or a friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. These cities contain military installations and workshops or factories, which produce military goods. We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique that they are using to prolong this useless war. Unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s well-known humanitarian policies, the American Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate the cities named and save your lives.

America is not fighting the Japanese people but is fighting the military clique, which has enslaved the Japanese people. The peace, which America will bring, will free the people from the oppression of the Japanese military clique and mean the emergence of a new and better Japan.

You can restore peace by demanding new and better leaders who will end the War.

We cannot promise that only these cities will be among those attacked, but some or all of them will be, so heed this warning and evacuate these cities immediately.”

To dare say that the fascist leaders which brought World War Two were crazy was way too polite, and it was done way too late.

True enough, thus rough enough propaganda could have done much more in World War Two. It could have prevented the entire world war and its holocausts. But of course the Anglo-Saxons would have had to want to prevent the disaster in a timely manner. They didn’t. Or, at least, their leaders didn’t want to. As simple as that. But, if the measly JFK files can’t be all released, one should not expect to examine what really happened with fascism before World War Two.

Patrice Ayme’


December 11, 2016

What are the duties of love? How does love arise? What are the duties of a human being? These are some of the themes touched in the excellent fictional story “Allied”. “Allied” is happening between Morocco, London, and a bit of France in the period 1942-1944. The movies stars Brad Pitt (excellent) and Marion Cotillard (stupendous, Oscar deserving for her great facial expressions).

The movie is a mix of historical realism and a serious distortion, I should even say, violation thereof. the distortion is essential to the story, but fatal to the understanding of why it is that Britain won the war, and the Nazis lost it. Basically, the British were extremely tough, and even tougher than the Nazis, that’s why they won. The British could be tougher, precisely because they had humanity on their side (the part not just sorely, and erroneously missing from the movies, but even deeply obliterated in the movies).  

This has consequences for the now famous subject of “fake news”. In a sense, the entire “Allied”, although an excellent movies, and precisely because it is an excellent movies,  is fake news writ large. Deep disinformation. Maybe I should give stars to fake news and disinformation. When Hillary and Barack says companies reimbursed TARP, that’s five star disinformation. When US propagandists, so-called “historians”, say from Harvard, claim that the US acted only as liberator and savior in World War One and Two, that’s ten star disinformation. “Allied” is a good eight star disinformation about how smart British Intelligence was, and how deeply democracy connects with civilization.

Two Stars & The Sahara, What Could Go Wrong? Well, Depicting Civilization As It Was Not. As It Ought Not To Be.

Two Stars & The Sahara, What Could Go Wrong? Well, Depicting Civilization As It Was Not. And As It Ought Not To Be.

So what is the story told in “Allied“?

All right, all spoilers out, we are landing on the world of real here. Pitt lands in the desert, and goes to Casablanca, where he meets Cotillard. He is a Canadian special agent, she is a top French resistance fighter who has infiltrated Nazis and collaborators in Morocco. He poses as a phosphate industrialist from Paris. He tries not to talk too much, because his Canadian accent is detectable. Together they kill during a reception the Nazi ambassador. It was a quasi-suicide mission, and they get neurohormonally transformed from it (they fall in love) and marry in England.

Next they have a baby, a little girl. Now here comes the maximum spoiler. Even knowing it, the situation is still heart wrenching, though. Cotillard is suspected to be a Nazi spy. Pitt is charged to execute her, should her guilt be confirmed. This is when my heart-strings started to pull hard. He flies to france, and determines, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she is indeed a Nazi double agent.

He confronts her, she admits her guilt. She said she did not believe the Nazis would find her in England. They threatened to kill her baby Anna, so she revealed to the Great Reich what her husband, a high intelligence officer, knew. (Through a little Nazi network of fanatics, one a degenerate smallish woman, the other an apparent Jew resembling Sigmund Freud.)

So far, so good, in the plausibility department. Every single detail of the movie could be correct. Indeed, there were indeed plenty of double, even triple agents (agents known to be double who betrayed those in the know), during World War Two. Many got executed. Many got tortured to death over days, even months.


Yet “Allied”Establishes Not Just A Fake World, But a Fake Civilization, Vastly Inferior to the Real One:

There were indeed Nazi spies in England. Some even got executed. For example the three idiots who knew nothing, and crossed from the Netherlands by paddling to commit sabotage, in 1940. Why were they executed? Precisely because they were saboteurs rather than informants. And to set-up a nice terror mood among Nazi spies.

Most Nazi spies in Britain who were detected were proposed a deal: work with us, British counter-intelligence, MI5, to disinform your superiors, or die. None of the Nazi spies chose to die whom I know of. And this is what the movies gets completely wrong. Had really Cotillard existed and been found to be spying, her husband would have been ordered to divulge to her only false and carefully manipulated data.  


This way of having a world had a name: The DOUBLE CROSS SYSTEM XX:

Nazi spies in Great Britain were systematically made into double agents. Not all these spies were detected by MI5. Many, seeing that the war was turning against Nazi Germany, and, thus, or, seeing that Nazism was not their cup of tea (as the very head of army intelligence, the Abwehr, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris decided; Canaris was ultimately discovered, arrested and executed). ALL Nazi agents sent to Great Britain were detected and made to work for the Allied cause (some were from standard military intelligence, Abwehr and some from Nazi intelligence, the Sicherheitsdienst (SD)).

All the more in a case as delicate as that exposed in “Allied” were a high officer is married to a spy. As delicate, and as potentially fruitful.

(There were double agents at an even higher level, but they were not detected during World War Two)

Such subtleties are not just about reevaluating history. Nor are they about understanding which way civilizational progress goes, and how to evaluate it. They present immediate interest in appreciating the brouhaha about, say,  Russia having “hacked” (whatever that means) the US elections. If one analyzes deeply and subtly, beyond the headlines, in the claims of “interference”, one realizes that there is nothing there.

“Double Cross XX” was humanly superior:

  1. It was human and had more altruism and empathy than the equivalent strategies in the fascist system.
  2. It was smarter. Smarts is the essence of humanity. Denying smarts deny humanity. Fascism is intrinsically single-minded: thereupon its strength in combat, and stupidity, long, or even short-term (when combat is not at hand).

Movies such as “Allied” are not innocuous, when they drag the edge of civilization in the mud. By representing allied counterintelligence as cruel, vindictive and stupid, it is extolling these characteristics.

After all, the Allies, who quickly self-described as the “United Nations” won because of superior values. Three years before their formal declaration as an organization in San Francisco. An interesting aside is that the “Declaration of the United Nations” was explicitly founded in its first clause on the Atlantic Charter. This is something Russians ought to want to think about when they view NATO as a fundamental adversary.

Take one example out of millions. A German general of the Wehrmacht (a standard general, not a SS), Anton Dostler, ordered the execution of 15 US soldiers who had been made prisoner when, while wearing the American uniform, they tried to blow-up a tunnel in Italy. The general ordered them executed. Subordinates knew well that this violated the Geneva Convention. They stalled, and asked for confirmation of the order, and again and again. The general insisted, and the US troops were assassinated.

The general was subsequently tried. He argued that he was acting under an order from Hitler. However any member of the Wehrmacht had the right to refuse to obey orders in violation of the Geneva Convention, and the order was not direct and reiterated in the specific situation. The Nazi general was condemned to death, and executed.

Where does the superiority of civilization intervenes here? Simple: the subordinates of the general executed an order they knew was anti-civilizational. At that point they had to decide whether they wanted to risk disobeying a direct order from a maniac, or not. Earlier in the war, they could have said no, and the case would have been considered for prosecution (no such prosecution was ever engaged, because the Nazis were afraid of a judicial precedent going against them!).

However, late in the war, when, clearly the 1,000 year Reich was on its ignominious way out, summary execution for disobeying orders became wanton and frequent. Thus the subordinates could not feel that they were fighting for the right cause, under smart and wise leadership, but under idiotic gangsters. That, in turn, would focus their minds not on winning the war (how could vicious imbeciles win the war?) but on saving their skins.

Whereas, it was exactly the opposite on the Allied side: there the mentality was that the cause was just. Greater than a soldier’s fate, worth dying for.

As Britain was more human, more emphatic, vibrant with a higher civilization, German agents willingly went to the British side. And conversely. After the war, it was discovered that Nikolaus Ritter, the Air intelligence chief under Canaris, had known that the cover for the agents in Britain had been compromised, but due to the fear of repercussions, in the cruel, demented, unpredictable, unlawful, wanton, self-destructive nature of the Nazi regime, Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) Ritter was too scared t0 inform Canaris (who was long a devotee of Hitler). Thus we can see directly that the less civilized a regime is, the harder it is to win a war.


Why To Insult (Britain Or Civilization In General? 

And once again, I will ask the same rhetorical question: why do those with money (like Hollywood movie producers, and investors, Trump just made one his Secretary of the Treasury!) have interest to misrepresent civilization, drag civilization deep in the mud? Because they have had so much money, in recent years, they feel like gods, and their pleasure has become to overlord people with all their taxpayer paid five star travelling around the world, their power talk with other rulers, their philanthropy, prizes, etc.

And their enemy? Civilization. Hence the interest to make us believe that British intelligence during World War Two was so brutish, vicious, stupid, short-sighted and inhuman to exterminate Nazi spies it could have manipulated, and did manipulate, in real history, as it happened.

To believe that British intelligence was so brutish, vicious, stupid, short-sighted and inhuman that it would have insisted to assassinate the beloved wife of one of their most esteemed operatives, a commander of the fully sovereign state of Canada, is well beyond ridiculous. Had such a case occurred, British counter-intelligence would have viewed it as a godsent, a fantastic occasion to make the Nazis believe more fake news, disinformation, misinformation and stupendous lies. (There may have been similar cases, with extremely high level spies, who got doubled-crossed… but they are kept secret to this day.)


The Double Cross System Double Crossed Adolf Hitler:

In the end, Adolf Hitler and his minions were persuaded, from fake intelligence, mostly from Double Cross XX, that the main D Day was not the one which happened in Normandy, on June 6, 1944, but one which was going to happen in the Pas De Calais (facing Dover, where the Franco-English Channel is narrowest). Double Cross XX had persuaded Hitler that an enormous army led by US General Patton (the most famous tank general of the Allies, professor of all top US generals, well-known for his ferocity), was going to rush across.

Actually that was a complete lie: all the Allied forces were concentrated to land in Normandy. Nazi forces basically held the Allies roughly two months, bottled in Normandy. Had Hitler understood on June 6, 1944, that the real D Day had just happened, in Normandy, the Allies may well have been defeated.

Then Hitler could have sent most of the troops in North West France to fight off the Franco-American Provence landing (where my North African dad fought, after the Italy campaign). Gott knows how this would have turned…

Had the Provence assault failed (that’s a big if) the Allies would not have had a second chance, for years. Moreover, the US strategists had warned that, thanks to new jet fighters and jet bombers, Nazi Germany would recover air supremacy by June 1945.

So Double Cross XX (crucially helped) won the war. The Allies won, because they were more civilized.

Allied is a magnificent movie. However, it is also a magnificent lie. And a vicious, deep lie, construed to make us believe superior civilization, and humanity is not what it is. And make no mistake: human beings are sensitive. I knew all the preceding, while I watched the movie. I knew perfectly well that the threat of executing Cotillard was grotesque, unreal, contrary to all what happened and should happen. I knew it was an attempt to confuse the Allies and the Nazis. Still when I saw the horrible fate of the innocent fictional toddler in that outrageous story, deprived of her fictional mother, I felt horrible.

Now Obama is in danger of insinuating that Russia stole the US election: he asked for a special report. That introduces a pretty horrible emotion. Even if we know that it is a fiction that a Russian is standing behind all US election official, the potential for emotional damage is enormous.

Trash civilization, by making us believe it was not the way it was. Now trash the US election system, by putting it in doubt. It’s the industry of doubt, destroying the foundations of value: a potentially lethal industry.

Patrice Ayme’


May 27, 2016

Yes, the fate of children in Hiroshima brings tears to one’s eyes. However… However optimizing morality is not just about crying about what happened. Optimizing morality consists in doing the best one can do, to influence the course of future events, for the better, considering the circumstances.

And the best, at the time, in August 1945, was, clearly, and in retrospect, to use atomic weapons exactly as they were used. It was a rolling of the dice which came out optimally, considering the actors involved. Thanks to a bit of luck, it worked splendidly.

The nuclear bombs shortened the war by several months and several million dead, minimum. Inside Japan, the military had been mostly untouched and ready to inflict millions of deaths, in the greatest battle. The fanatical general officers leading Japan knew when, and where the Allied invasion was going to happen, destiny had been written by history and geography, there was no choice.

The US army knew Japanese generals knew, and “Operation Olympic“, D-Day for Japan, was going to involve possibly millions of casualties, and the use of nerve gas and atomic bombs.

Moreover 10,000 civilians were dying each day, from the Japanese occupation in China.

A shock treatment was needed. The atom bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki avoided all this by giving to the war criminal, emperor Hirohito, the opening he needed to redeem himself, and he courageously terminated the war by ordering the suicidal fanatics at the head of the military to stand down, and surrender (many of his underlings relished suicide: the entire kamikaze command, 60 planes of them, would disobey the formal order, and kill itself at sea; so would the commander in chief, who, after vaguely trying a coup, also committed suicide).


Obama is talking (live) to the US Marines, next to Hiroshima as this is published (“I will visit this afternoon, Hiroshima!”). Obama, correctly, will not apologize for the nuclear bombings of Japan in 1945. However, it’s a good time to reiterate my old position on this subject.

The “Hitler line” had been erected across very mountainous ground in Italy, south of Rome. It was a natural barrier, the last one for hundreds of kilometers. It stopped the Allies for six months. The Commonwealth troops, Poles, British and American armies had suffered immense losses. And not advanced a mile. In 1944, the French army broke through it near Monte Cassino.

French General Juin, was nicknamed “Hannibal by the American command for his ferocity, calm and strategic cunning. After a first test and diversion, the French army pierced in two days through the twenty miles thick with Nazis, fascists and mountains, like a hot knife through butter. This was really a Franco-North African army. And its ferocity was unequalled. Ferocity starts, but also wins wars. And the ferocity of the just always surpasses that of the unjust.

Want Peace? Don't Make War For the Worst Reasons. Hiroshima Roasted, 8 September 1945.

Want Peace? Don’t Make War For the Worst Reasons. Hiroshima Roasted, 8 September 1945.

Stabbed in the center and through the heart, the entire Nazi line soon collapsed. However, the American powers-that-be got soon worried that the “French”, those racially impure Franco-Africans, were committing acts of war going over the line of what they considered proper. The American generals went to see the French generals… who laughed to their face: ”C’est la guerre!” The French explained they had no love lost for the treacherous Italians. In June 1940, fascist Italy joined Hitler in attacking the French Republic. Thus the honor of Italian women was not high on the list, considering that the Italians had shown they had no honor. After covering 50 kilometers in a few days, through the mountains, giving no quarters, killing the most contemptible forces in the world, love acquired the same old meaning that real war calls for. Real tough love!

And, as far as the French were concerned, a good Nazi, was a dead Nazi. The French army would keep that relaxed attitude through the rest of the war (the US Army had a pretty similar attitude, and the Nazis were dismayed to be out-Nazified, so to speak…) In the last few weeks of the Second World War in Europe, in April-May 1945, the First French army charged through the two German states of Bade Wurttemberg and Bavaria, suffering more than 5,000 dead in combat… while destroying all Nazi units in south Germany, killing untold thousands. That’s war! Although Nazism was clearly already finished then, an unforgettable  lesson still had to be taught, a punishment for the ages (the Nazis had sent all the armies they had to try to stop the French, whom they hated the most among those they confronted in 1945; they feared the Russians more, but the French had declared war, and brought the destruction of the 1,000 year Reich).

Punishing the Nazis was the moral thing to do. The French finished the war by killing as many Nazis as they could, precisely because a hard, cruel and thorough finish was needed. The sort of hard, unforgettable finish that German racist fascism was not given in World War One. And thus it did it again, as it felt that lack of punishment meant approbation!

The German Republic we all enjoy now was born in the blood and ashes of prior fascism and barbarity.

By summer 1944, the American generals learned, indeed, and learned from the French, that ferocity was called for. During the (mostly failed) Operation Market Garden, the Nazi command bitterly complained that the Americans were taking no prisoners, even when the SS surrendered. Why not? Was not the idea of the SS that there should be no surrender?

Although technically France had declared war to Nazi Germany (with the United Kingdom and its puny army in tow), it was the Nazis who had decided to destroy civilization. They had started the war (contrarily to what they pretended later).

Who had started the war in Asia? The Japanese military command. A coup was actually attempted against it, by lower officers (in 1937). The coup failed and was repressed in (a lot of) blood. However, the fact remains that Japanese society, like the German one, or even Italy, engaged in collective mass murder.

The Japanese army massacred at least 15 times more (innocent) people than the total of Japanese (mostly military, mostly by their own hand) who died. Japan losses were of the order of two millions, mostly troops dead from bad treatment by… the Japanese high command (yes, this is a slightly biased description, but only very slightly: most Japanese who died in the war were Japanese soldiers mistreated by the conditions their command put them in!)

True, a two month old Japanese baby was innocent. And maybe her parents, too. However, collectively, all of Japanese society was culprit. Proof? The US could atom bomb, and it was the highest moral way.

Yes, I know perfectly well that the “collective responsibility” doctrine was rejected in 1945. That was clearly idiotic (and a political manoeuver, thinking of Stalin and Mao).

On the island of Okinawa, the civilian population resisted with a fanaticism that the Islamist State envies, no doubt. A consequence is that most of the civilian population of Okinawa died (I have covered all these arguments, with detailed numbers, in the past).

Hiroshima killed 70,000 right away, and for a total of 140,000 later. Nagasaki killed much less. And  the war was over within three days.

And that high rate of atrocious atom bombing was all a lie, a make-belief.

Bombing August 6, and again August 9, should have induced the Japanese High Command to believe that a bomb would be coming every three days. Several Japanese cities, including Kyoto, were still untouched. All Japanese industry was within those cities. Clearly, Japan could not sustain an atomic bombing every three days.

In truth, there were no more bombs at the ready. A few could have been dropped over the next few months. Not enough to have a big military impact. Japan could have held into 1946. The landing prepared for Fall 1945 was expected, in light of what had happened at Okinawa, to kill at least one million.

Announcing a demonstration atomic bombing would have been a very bad idea, for a variety of reasons.

So, considering the situation, the atomic bombing were morally optimal. Those who don’t want to be atom bombed, better not start a world war.

A lesson for the future, averse to war. Those who got zapped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not get zapped in vain: they gave their lives, and a lesson. Yes, it was horrible. But so is surgery without anesthesia. It doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

Let’s help, and get help from, the Bhagavad Gita

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds and evils

You want to be moral? Start by not being an idiot. (Or the sort of fascist robots Japanese and Germans had turned into in the 1930s and 1940s.)

Patrice Ayme’


July 10, 2015

Abstract: World War Two was a trap for many populations and many old world orders. For enlightenment to find the root cause of what happened, look at who profited: US plutocracy. The US government, the Deep Dark State, the revolving door between US capitalism and the US government, organized several bait and switch schemes, worldwide, from Japan, to Germany to even France. Those schemes were rendered possible by carefully organized divisions and cognitive dissonances (many of which have not been made explicit to this day by conventional scholarship). The Nazis themselves got entrapped, but they understood this too late, September 3, 1939, when they anxiously discovered that they were at war with France and Britain, leaving them with a very low probability of winning (especially considering France and the UK are the parents of the US).


Hitlerian Germany lost World War Two because the nasty don’t deserve anything else, of course. But there is much more to say, bearing on the astounding way all too many Germans, starting with their crippled, not to say creepy, finance minister find normal to treat part of Europe, even today.

Salvador Dali pointed out that Germany launched World War Two, just to lose it. The same German sadomasochism is fully obvious with all Germans who proposed to throw Greece out of the Eurozone. Indeed, violent ones, explain to me what to do next with the Greeks? Use German high tech to displace Greece east of New Zealand?

Thankfully, Germany is not Europe’s hegemon (contrarily to what superficialists believe). The French Republic leads a coalition with more economic power than Germany, and (hopefully) is determined to keep Greece under its wing. France is also flouting the restrictions on deficit (Germans can go fight in Africa and the Middle East, to help if they want: the Légion étrangère, which defeated elite Nazi soldiers in Norway in 1940, just got new tanks, which will go into combat in a matter of days)

Hundreds Of Thousands Died In The Battle Of France. Calais, May 1940. The USA Sat On Its Hands, Apparently Waiting For Better Things To Come

Hundreds Of Thousands Died In The Battle Of France. Calais, May 1940. The USA Sat On Its Hands, Apparently Waiting For Better Things To Come

[France was allied with the entire British Commonwealth; however, in May 1940, much of the British army was barely getting over. In particular a promised British armor division supposed to show up where the Nazis broke through, had not arrived. The USA, was, at the time, de facto allied with Hitler.]

After winning his referendum on the NO (“oxi”) to Greece’s creditors, Tsipras operated close to a 160 degree turn. But it makes sense. Now Tsipras has popular support, and he requests help for three years (rather than three months). Greece should be given all what he wants. Enough of starving Europe with lack of money, just as European were starved of food in Nazi extermination camps.

Saving Greece now depends upon defeating (whatever remains of) the fascist mood in Germany. So it’s timely for little recaps on recent German exploits. How did Germany end up killing more than 800,000 Greeks, a little while back?

Starting in 1792, and ending apocalyptically in 1945, the obsession of German speaking plutocrats was to destroy the French Republic. In the process, Jewish European and Prussia got annihilated.

I don’t like Muslim Fundamentalism, nor do I like German Fundamentalism. The latter’s ugly mood has resurfaced recently. Fortunately, the hegemon in Europe is not ugly obsolete, tribal moods, but the French Republic. (For all the claims that Germany is Europe’s superpower, the Eurozone coalition of countries indulgent with Greece led by France had 54% of the GDP, a few days ago.)

The correct lessons of how Germany got crazy in the Twentieth Century have not all been drawn. Reading Nietzsche helps, as he forecast in a general fashion what happened next, including with the Jews, although it turned out perhaps even worse than he expected.

The French Republic nearly annihilated the Prussian plutocracy in the first week of September 1914, in a bold counterattack, east of Paris. After that, the, entrenched, frontlines did not move for four years.

In 1919, at the Versailles Peace conference, the French Republic tried to make sure Germany could not try the same sort of attack again, as easily. In vain: Great Britain and the USA had interest to keep the French Republic down, and Germany was the best way to insure that. France was left to face German fascism alone. Germany refused to repair its deliberate destruction in France and Belgium, and soon turned to a maniac to help getting even more crazy.

Ever since 1792, the greatest enemy of plutocracy is not plutocracy, German or not, but the French Revolution. In 1815, at Waterloo, France was partly dismembered, losing parts of Gaul (otherwise France would be a 100 million superpower now; instead a French pilot from Airbus had to content himself today with traversing the channel in an electric plane; Airbus plans hybrid electric jetliners soon).

Besides the necessity to keep the French Revolution down, Germany could be made into a plutocratic province of Anglo-Saxon plutocracy… As it was. Such facts put plutocracy in a bad light, and are certainly not official historical analysis.

French leaders expected Germany to try to destroy the French Republic again within 20 years. As happened.

So the question arises naturally. Why, if the Germans were so keen to make another world war, did they not learn from their mistakes? The question surfaces all over. Here is a short one:

Why did Germany lose WWII?

This is a short compendium of well-known reasons. It is entirely correct, yet entirely silly.

Its main argument is that Germany did not have the economic capability to take on the UK, the USA, and the USSR.

Yes, true: but how did it get to that? In, say, 1935, 1936, Nazi Germany was de facto, or formally allied to Great Britain (with a formal treaty in 1935), the USA (massive investor and even monopolist in the Dritte Reich), and the USSR (the secret alliance between Germany and the Bolsheviks, dating from 1916 was made official in 1939).

The other two reasons given are second, or third order (not false, but secondary, consequential to much more important reasons).

One should not forget everything really important, such as history, computing, intelligence…

Where to start in exposing why Germany lost World War Two? First of all because Germany was perverted by an abominable mentality.

France Then, Greece Now?

France Then, Greece Now?

The Nazis used to point out that France started World War Two. Indeed, sort of:


Nazi Germany lost the so-called Second World War because the French Republic declared war to Hitler on September 3, 1939, while dragging Great Britain into the conflict.

It required guts on the part of the French. When the French Republic declared war, Hitler was allied to Stalin, Mussolini, the Japanese fascists, and not least, a giant panoply of plutocrats from the USA who made sure Congress did as they wanted.

American plutocrats provided the Nazi dictator with an entire economy, not just enough weapons to kill an estimated 10,000 opponents in 1932. American plutocrats provided Hitler with advanced secret technology, such as how to make synthetic oil (Exxon, then under another name) and computers (IBM: did not change names, just covered up the story), and near infinite financing: Prescott Bush, grandfather of W. Bush managed the most important Nazi war industry, American Silesian. And so on. Books on all of this are given the very cold shoulder by (plutocratically financed) universities of the USA.

Hitler had no oil, at all. But Texas, and, in particular, Texaco, had plenty, and so did the USSR. They sold it to Hitler.

Without American plutocratic corporations input, Hitler could not have driven one single mile inside France.

Nazi computers? The IBM corporation of the USA had been given the monopoly of computing inside the Reich. The vaunted Nazi organization was all managed from New York (starting in 1942, after Hitler had declared war to the USA, said detailed management went on, but passed through Geneva).

Hitler wanted a world war, but he knew he was not ready. He had 1,000 medium tanks (although he got another 1,000 from Czechoslovakia). France had more than 3,000 tanks, most of them heavy, or superior to German tanks. (Let alone the UK’s two armored divisions.)

Hitler knew he was not going to be ready before 1945, just to confront France and Britain (supposing those two did not arm themselves even more!).  By 1945, the new German weapons would have been massively produced (jet fighters and bombers, anti-aircraft rockets, aircraft carriers, new silent submarines, mass production of Panther and Tiger tanks, etc.)

The French knew all of this. They could see Hitler had constituted ten armored (“Panzer”) divisions (the French had seven armored division, and three super heavy, unstoppable armored divisions). By declaring war on September 3, 1939, France short-circuited all of Hitler’s strategy.

France Bet All In Opposing Hitler. Roosevelt Had Pledged To Help, But He Lied. More Than 50 Million Europeans Died, USA Prospered

France Bet All In Opposing Hitler. Roosevelt Had Pledged To Help, But He Lied: see France, above, holding the empty “ROOSEVELT PLEDGE” card above. More Than 50 Million Europeans Died, from the result of Roosevelt’s and the US Deep State’s, US plutocracy’s, betrayal… But the USA Prospered… As intended…

By the time Hitler attacked the USSR, the campaigns against Poland, France and Crete, and the defeat suffered in Norway at the hands of the French Foreign Legion, had cost Hitler the death, or “disappearance” of no less than 150,000 of his most fanatical soldiers, and the Wehrmacht was actually less powerful than when it attacked France.

The Luftwaffe (Nazi Air Force) had lost more than 4,000 planes, and thousands of its best pilots. By December 1940… Between the battles of France and the Battle of Britain…

Not only this, but because the Nazis were forced to mass produce existing equipment, they could not develop, and mass produce, new weapons. By the Battle Of Brody (June 1941), the Germans discovered that the new Soviet T34 tank was nearly as impervious to their weapons, as heavy French tanks had proven, a year earlier (one heavy French tank had taken 400 hits before being destroyed).

And so on. The Brits broke German codes very often, all too often. For example, British intelligence was even able to warn the USSR about the detailed Nazi attack plan at Kursk in 1943. Kursk was the last ditch Nazi effort: failing it meant failing the war in the East; it failed, because the Soviets mysteriously anticipated all German moves. Thus the greatest tank battle ever was lost, and after that the Nazi empire was just a fat, obese, soft belly facing Stalin’s 600 divisions.

Stalin counter-attacked at Moscow in December 1941 because his spy Jorge, and others, who had told him in advance that Japan would attack the USA (instead of attacking the USSR). That allowed Stalin to put the entire Siberian Army on trains, and bring it to the front around Moscow.

Nazi Germany lost, because France and Britain surprised it by daring to attack Nazi Germany and its allies, the USSR, and American plutocracy in September 1939. As a devastated Hitler said with insane fury to his collaborators on September 3, 1939, after receiving the Franco-British declaration of war, and watching Berlin silently for ten minutes: “NOW WHAT?”

Goering mumbled: “If we lose this war, God help us.”

Indeed. The Americans, not amused by Nazi war crimes, hanged very slowly (around twenty minutes, or more), some of the top Nazis. (They claimed disingenuously that it was all accidental.)

A year later, a year after France (and Britain) declared war, the war was lost. Just like Napoleon, and for the exact same reason, Hitler could not cross the channel: the First French army, making a circle of steel and fire, had allowed the entire British army to escape at Dunkirk.

Hitler had to secretly prepare to attack his Soviet ally. As he explained to 10,000 Nazi Generals, there was no choice: Britain could not be defeated. The Nazis had to crush the USSR before Stalin understood that.

An attack was planned in mid-Spring 1941, to make sure Moscow would fall before the following winter. However his ally Mussolini had a mind of his own. After being severely defeated by the French in June 1940, he was anxious for revenge, and virile behavior worthy of his alleged ancestors. The Italian buffoon gave an ultimatum to Greece, invaded, and was promptly defeated by the Greeks.

That was a serious problem: with an hostile, British (and Free French) allied Yugoslavia and Greece to the south, Hitler was in danger of a British (and French) counterattack to the south. So Hitler attacked Yugoslavia and Greece. while the British rushed to the rescue. The Nazis could not swim tio Crete, so they flew all their paratroops. They won, after severe losses. In the end, the attack of Russia was differed by six weeks. And it’s a significantly diminished German army which attacked.

The battle of France had been lost for a number of factors, most of them accidental (several unlikely accidents together, at the same time, brought a catastrophe).

So why did Germany lost World War Two? What was the fundamental cause?

Because the French Republic attacked in a timely manner.

Patrice Ayme’

World War Two Dead & The Long Peace

June 10, 2015

We live in the age of slick videos produced by people who know how to code, while being seductively parsimonious with their logic. Thus they are easy to listen to, not to say hypnotizing. One such video is “The Fallen Of World War Two”. “An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the Second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts.”

Roughly Correct Is Not Fully Correct:

The video is Roughly Correct. “Roughly Correct” is a category I will introduce. The caveat with the “Roughly Correct” is that the devil is in the details. So being Roughly Correct misses the diabolical, and thus the divine.

Such Numbers Have To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt. They Are Minima.

Such Numbers Have To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt. They Are Minima.

[French military dead do not count those who died fighting in the resistance. In the Battle of Vercors alone, 5,000 French civilians died; that obscure and overlooked battle was crucial, as it diverted elite Nazi and SS units from the landing in Normandy which soon followed. The USSR military losses are probably above 14 millions: Stalin was not willing to conced the trashing he got, and how weak the USSR truly was in 1945… In spite of its 600 divisions… In general, partisan activity, which was huge in some countries, ought to be counted as military, in my opinion.]

An example of the perversion of reality by the “Roughly Correct” is that the aforesaid video slickly affirms, authoritatively, that USA’s bombings in World War Two were targeted against enemy cities (“contrarily to what you heard“). This is roughly correct. Roughly, but not really.

What the video does not say is that a lot of industry was located in said cities. Bombing the industry meant bombing the cities. In particular, in the case of Japan, countless small factories were located throughout Tokyo, so the fire bombing there was not just a terror bombing, but, first of all, a strategic bombing to destroy the enemy’s industry. In the case of Nagasaki, the primary objective, with important military industries and naval installations, was under clouds so the Plutonium carrying B29 bomber diverted to Nagasaki (I don’t think that landing back with the Bomb had been envisioned).


The Fascists Got It All Started:

City bombing was started by the Nazis, on a massive scale, They started with the bombing of Guernica in 1936, to terrorize the population, which supported the legitimate, Republican government. Then, starting on September 1, 1939, the Nazis bombed Poland, To kill Poles, mills were deliberately targeted. Bombing French cities was next. It brought the French to retaliate with a successful Berlin bombing, to the Nazis’ hysterical fury (they screamed that the bombing of Berlin by the French Navy air force was a war crime).

The Nazis were not smart, so they tried the same trick in England, especially in Coventry and London. Those racist imbeciles were not even ready to wage a city-destroying war. They were too dim witted to have heard of the massive built-up of a long range British bomber force. British retaliations were terrible. Massive bombing of German cities by the RAF forced the Nazis to relocate industry in the woods. The Americans came later, and, to their credit, tried precise daylight bombing on specific factories, suffering losses which became sustainable only when the bombers could be accompanied by long range fighters).


World War Two Killed More Than 3% Of The World’s Population:

The Hufftington Post entitled the video: “Jaw-Dropping Visualization Will Give You New Respect For The Sheer Number Who Died In WWII.”

However, if anything, the video underestimates of the sheer numbers (a drunk Stalin famously joked to Churchill that he killed more Soviets than Hitler did). A number of countries had interest to undercount how many died. For example Russia wanted to look stronger, after the war, than it really was. The Nazis and the Soviets, together, killed at least 51 million citizens of the USSR (latest evaluations).


A Few Numbers:

The fatalities of the French empire alone were well above two million (civilian plus military). Generally, French losses do not count those of the French empire, which are several times greater: this is, of course, a form of racism (just as it is racist to assimilate British empire losses to Britain when they were, for example Indian, or Nepalese). The French empire was under French jurisdiction at the time, so those losses ought to be counted as such. (The French also do not count the 40,000 Alsacians who were drafted and died under Nazi flag; those are generally counted as “German” military losses.)

The losses in Greece are above 800,000 (including more than 30,000 military). This informs the present crisis in Greece (whatever present German leaders say).

The losses in Poland are around 6 million dead.

Chinese losses were well above 20 millions (whereas Japan suffered only two million dead or so, most of them military),

Indonesia suffered up to four million dead (mostly civilian). From the Japanese invasion (something Japanese kids should learn).

So a graph found in the Huffington Post has the pernicious effect to make the unawares believe that only Russian, Nazis, Americans and Brits suffered.

In truth, in many places, the ravages of the war were so immense that counting the dead is impossible by up to a factor of five.

Another point: distinguishing between “Nazis” and Germans is a distinction without a difference. However it exculpates most Germans living at the time from having collaborated with the Nazi machine. They did not have to. They were cowards to support the cruelty, debasement, violence and viciousness of the Nazi enterprise. Worse: most of Germans living at the time, above 95%, enthusiastically supported the Nazi project.

This was amply demonstrated by the fanatical resistance of the Nazi population at the end of the World War, in 1945. What was called the “War of the Cities”. The Nazis had lost their right to exist, thus never had their killing frenzy been so high.

And it was not just top-down. An example: Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS, negotiated with the Swedish ambassador, and enacted, saving the lives of thousands of Jews. Himmler was anxious to save his skin (whereas, the top Brits, who captured him, were anxious to silence him: Himmler’s alleged suicide made little sense).

Meanwhile, millions of Germans, aka, Nazis, were fighting to death.

Just a little example: the First French army crossed the Rhine under fire, and then dashed through Southern Germany: Bade Wurtenberg, and then Bavaria, Austria. In Bavaria alone the French First army during what should have been a cakewalk in April 1945, suffered more than 5,000 soldiers killed.

Meanwhile, as the Soviets, led by Marshall Joukov, triumphed at Berlin, they were left with only one hundred functioning tanks (out of the thousands Joukov’s tank armies had a few weeks earlier). So yes, the Nazis resisted, down to the bitter end, like the demented maniacs they were, and, even at the very end, they were an enormous percentage of the German population.


Conclusion: Politically correct, and roughly correct is not philosophically correct: Germans were Nazis in World War Two. That is why Naziland was so hard to crush. Nazism was not a handful of criminals barking out orders. It was more than 70 million maniacs trying to goose-step all over the world.

And the Japanese, who suffered around two million dead, of which much less than a million were civilian, should stop whining hypocritically: they killed more enemies by a factor of ten, or twenty. And more than 95% of those “enemies” were civilians. It’s high time for schoolbooks in Japan to depict those facts.

The video wonders about the “long peace” which followed World War Two. Its cause is very simple: the world, since 1945 is administered as an empire with five principals, the five nuclear armed permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. None of these five powers had interest to attack and conquer (this may be changing as Xi and Putin are unstable leaders). Any factor endangering that nuclear oligarchy threatens the long peace (so Putin and Xi are threats). And when it breaks, watch out. Losses comparable to World War Two would kill now 250 million people, and potentially much more (as an Indo-Pakistani nuclear war would quickly demonstrate).

Patrice Ayme’

Philosophers Are Offenders

December 7, 2014

Offending All, From French Haters, To Christ Adulators:

So SCNF, the French National Railways, will pay American lawyers 60 million Dollars, because French railways were used to transport people against their will during World War Two. That has got to mean the French living today are culprit of something, and should pay American greedsters (mostly based in New York City, as usual).

In other American news, sheep, condemned for having kept the Nazis warm in World War Two, agreed to compensate Jewish rackets with 60 million sheep skins.

As Wikipedia puts it: Nearly 1,700 SNCF railway workers were killed or deported for resisting Nazi orders.[9][10] 150 Résistance-Fer agents were shot for their acts of resistance, 500 of them were deported. Half of those deported died in concentration camps.[11]German occupying forces in France also requisitioned SNCF to transport nearly 77,000 Jews and other Holocaust victims to Nazi extermination camps.[12][13] These deportations have been the subject of historical controversy…”

Holocaust Train Loading. Contemplate the Many Armed German Nazis.

Holocaust Train Loading. Contemplate the Many Armed German Nazis.

American Holocaust connoisseurs are a funny sort. They are all indignant about messy details, generally about the French, so that, being so busy in an irrelevant manner, they can forget the big picture.

While the French Republic declared war to Hitler in 1939 (long time coming), the USA, as a society and polity, supported Hitler’s regime. Without that American support the Nazi regime would have collapsed in a matter of weeks (the topmost German generals said). That ambiguous, but crucial, American support is exactly why the Nazis thought they had a chance to win against France and Britain.

How come none of this is of any interest to American Jews? Too hot to handle? But I can assure you that when France declared war to Hitler in 1939, Hitler was much hotter to handle.

Had the USA supported the Jews, few of them would have died. But, because the USA did not support the Jews, the Nazis interpreted this lack of support of the Jews as an expression of support of Nazi policies. Very strong American anti-Judaism, and financing by Jew haters (such as Henry Ford, who gave $50,000 personally to Hitler, each year, a considerable sum at the time, among other things), certainly allowed Nazism to get to power (Browning was sending Nazis weapons using the American owned Hamburg-Amerika Line, Schacht held the German financial system, and was a pawn of JP Morgan, the GM CEO was fanatically pro-Nazi, etc., etc.).

Worse: the USA propaganda machine, and its government suppressed the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. The Polish government in exile announced, as early as fall 1941, that 700,000 Jews had already been assassinated by the Nazis, in Poland alone.

Although the BBC, New York Times and the Boston Globe reported the news (anticipated, and then confirmed by the French government in exile), the government of the USA ignored them. That was deliberate: the breaking of Nazi and SS codes by British Intelligence and the Office of Strategic Studies of the USA revealed, by summer 1941, dozens of mass assassinations of Jews and Communists.

There are two sorts of collaborations: active, and passive. The USA, in 1939, 1940, and 1941 practiced both. (Later, astoundingly, the collaboration was pursued, but under a thick veil of censorship and secrecy, the case of IBM being the most famous. Moreover the indifference to the fate of the Jews stayed official American policy, down to the bitter end, 1945)

So why don’t American Jews sue the American government for, say, 6,000 billion dollars?

It is not that the SNCF had a choice: the French Republic had been defeated on the battlefield in 1940. Hundreds of thousands of French soldiers and civilians had been killed (scaling up to millions relative to the present population of the USA, as France had only 40 million people then, and the USA has 320 million, now).

Wikipedia again: Following the 1940 Armistice and until August 1944, SNCF was requisitioned for the transport of German armed forces and armaments. The invading German troops were responsible for the destruction of nearly 350 French railway bridges and tunnels. According to differing estimates, SNCF surrendered between 125,000-213,000 wagons and 1,000-2,000 locomotives.[4][5]

France’s railway infrastructure and rolling stocks were a target for the French Resistance aimed at disrupting and fighting the German occupying forces.[6][7] This allowed SNCF employees to perform many acts of resistance,[8]

By refusing to see the big picture, American Jews are engaging in the sort of behavior which enabled Nazism: primary French bashing. (As Jews probably did not read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, this Nazi Bible starts with pages of French bashing; having disposed of this fundamental enemy, only then does Hitler attack Orthodox Jews and their show-off clothing.)


Another strange day of censorships. Thursday the New York Times censored one of my comments, “With Democrats Like that, Who Needs Republicans?”, but allowed another. That is really the truth they don’t want to be known: there has been Republican leadership all along, under the supposedly “Democratic” administration.

Then the administrator of a philosophical site informed me that “I decided not to publish your latest comment (below). It is unduly harsh and offensive, and I say this as an atheist. If you wish to rephrase your historical points more neutrally, I’ll be happy to let through a new version.”

I thus joined the long procession of philosophers condemned for offending god(s). I replied (in part):

“You have indeed quite a few religious enthusiasts among your commenters, so I understand your quandary.

I would gladly remove chunks of reality to let the comment go through, but at this point I really don’t see where to start (that is, which chunks to remove to qualify for atheism light… hmm, publication).

I am also preparing a blunter, more robust, and more detailed version for my own site, and I don’t have infinite amounts of time. I concentrate mostly on the extermination of the Cathars, down to the last “Perfect”, and the last book.

To avoid too much of a shock to Christians, in this next essay of mine, I will NOT expose the deliberate mass cannibalism (on children!) of some of the Crusades. Not this time.

This, by the way, is very well documented by direct eyewitnesses (Joinville, etc.).

If Christians have been horrific, that’s their business. If we cannot expose it, that’s our complicity.

I don’t know if god(s) exist, or not, so I will not bother to define myself as an atheist. But I do know some elements of incontrovertible historical reality. As we explore reality further, it is not surprising that it will be found more harsh and offensive than Sade or Nietzsche have found it. Philosophers are offenders.

Telling me I am harsher and more offensive than Sade, or Nietzsche, simply means that I fulfilled a qualification for my job.

Let me mull over all of this. Maybe I could remove considering that Jesus possibly wanted to rub his buns on the cross?”

Yes, it’s all very obscene. But what is more obscene than Jesus’ cross?

Saint Dominic and Calvin burning alive non-believers, close and personal?

New wisdom, if really new, will always roll-over old wisdom: Literally, physically, brains have to be re-arranged. That’s a lot of work, and even pain. A crucifixion of the soul, or, at least, of neuronal networks. It’s easier to censor to re-hash the old philosophies, shun the new ones, and identify new wisdom to the incredible hulk, unlikely and repulsive. Easier, but not wiser.

And what of the silly payments to so-called “survivors”? My family saved more than 100 Jews, to great fright, stress and effort, then barely survived an enraged Gestapo’s wrath, and pursuit. My family did not get a dime. Not to say that I am complaining about the trials, and lawsuits in the name of “Holocaust Survivors”: they force people to look at the past in a more critical way, and one step that way, is better than none at all. Besides, my family qualifies as “Holocaust Survivor” (saving more than 100 Jews definitively qualified a family for the death chambers).

But the SNCF culprit of operating trains with a gun pointing at its head? Give me a break! Primitive anti-French racism. The proof? The French haters forgot to sue the Deutsche Bundesbahn (the new name of the Nazi Deutsche Reichsbahn, which deported tens of millions of People). The U.S. Congress sues the French for Nazism, not the Nazis!

The Holocaust Rail Justice Act mentions by name the French, but not the Germans: to create the mood that Nazism was a French invention? If you ask the average American endowed with a bit of education, she will tell you Nazism was caused by “Versailles“, a French city. Nazism is all about France: did not Keynes say so?

In a supreme effrontery, the legislation of the USA even accused the SNCF to have deported French resistance fighters. Never mind that some of the French train conductors accused by the USA were certainly themselves in the Resistance.

“Only” 77,000 Jews were deported from France and assassinated by the Nazis, most of those were stateless refugees (stuck in France, because the USA refused to admit them!) So most French Jews escaped assassination, thanks to a lot of heroic resistance acts; by comparison, nearly all Dutch Jews were assassinated.

The Nazis also deported and assassinated hundreds of thousands of French citizens, and now American politicians have drafted legislation to punish the French for letting the Nazis kill…the French.

What for? Maybe to find a scapegoat for the Nazi temporary victory of 1940. After all, Hitler’s prime collaborator was the USA itself (even more than Stalin). Hence the vital interest of the powers that be, to divert attention, by accusing an innocent third party, and victim, France.

Time for a Holocaust Truth Act.

Patrice Ayme’


August 30, 2009



Paul Krugman noticed that World War Two "left America with a big debt — bigger, relative to our resources, than we’re likely to face when the economic rescue is over. We dealt with it."

Why? Krugman does not say. He is simply happy to assert that "big defense spending during the war didn’t somehow make it easier to pay down debt after the war was over."


Krugman’s inner certainty made it somehow easier for me to show that, au contraire, defense spending during the war allowed the USA to purchase the world while it was on sale. No wonder the investment or, in other words, the debt of World War Two, was worth it.

The devil is in what was the debt for, and who it was supposed to be paid back to. That the US government paid US defense contractors with borrowed money it got from US taxpayers was a sort of symbolic calculus during WWII. Relative to these internal intricacies, the result of WWII, that the USA came into political and economic and financial possession of the entire planet, is such an enormous fact that everything else pales in insignificance.

The intricacies of the accounting of who should get most of the pie inside the USA is irrelevant. There was enough pie to give all American indigestion.

Whereas, when Britain had to borrow to the USA to buy US warships (one hundred destroyers early in the war, for example), and other military supplies and services, it was a transfer of sovereignty; the USA took control of part of the economic destiny of Britain. That later sort of debt, from one country to another, can be ruinous, and not just economically.

For example, what brought Argentina down during the twentieth century was not so much debt itself as the fact that it was owed to foreigners. When the foreigners got cold feet the peso collapsed, boosting interest rates even higher. To some extend this is happening to the USA now, because a lot of US debt is owed to foreigners, although this is still mitigated because the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency ( but a wasting asset, to use military semantics).

Right now the USA is still hell bent on a policy of using much force to get energy from the Middle East, rather than using much more effort to modify its energy needs.

This policy creates another form of dependency on foreign powers, which is just as dangerous as debt owed to foreigners. The habit of gambling twice more to compensate for failed policies (for example invading Iraq, an ally, because one lost Iran, an ex-ally) makes this policy increasingly onerous and unstable.

Now Iraq’s Shiite, an independent part of Iran, come to think of it historically speaking, is ready to cut a deal with Iran, as soon as there will be fewer US troops around, so how much more the USA will have to get in debt for to try to prevent this ineluctable evolution?

Good debt and good taxes would mean, now, to set the country on a path to solve the energy crisis. The later the USA commits to this, the greater the pain. And this pain will probably not be restricted to the USA.

One can compare the contemporary Louis XV style approach of the USA (”Apres moi le deluge” -After me the flood) to the contemporary French approach, which is exactly the opposite: gasoline is three times more expensive in France, and France will be introducing a carbon tax in 2010. This heavy taxation makes the French economy more efficient, hence it got out of recession faster.

France has learned the history taught by an arrogant fool such as Louis XV, and has decided to do exactly what that idiotic monarch decided not to do: have foresight, and act on it.

French students are forced to study history at school for ten years: history is not an elective, and it is rammed into the minds of children as soon as they can read, and again, and again, as they become more intelligent. Thus, the approach to policy of Louis XV is well known to French students. Since this time a literal flood is coming, it’s even easier.

While Voltaire advised Louis XV not to die for a few acres of snow in Canada, Colonel Washington speculated for real estate in the Ohio valley, gun in hand, determined to extend his dominion. Since then Washington, the city, has been best at wasting the opposition and extending dominion. But it was against weak opposition, and with tremendously strong allies.

German forces late in 1918 were not what they were in August 1914, they were beaten. In 1944-45, the maximum of 64 American divisions engaged in Europe constituted a minority, even on the Western front. In the East, Stalin had 600 divisions (and 26.6 million dead). The French army was one million. When attacked by elite Nazi forces during the Battle of the Bulge, it was ordered to evacuate Alsace by Eisenhower. But the French army refused tor surrender one inch of ground . A frustrated Ike later cut off fuel and ammo to the French. Still, they got to Austria first. The British army was nearly three million.

The study of history shows that nothing replaces the correct policy, early on.

The tragedy of the USA is that its successful history is that of expansion and using force onto others, unabashedly, to maximize profit. This sounds arcane, but transpose this wisdom to the health care battle, and you have got Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

And the worst is that wisdom of profit violence worked, and could not have failed to work. Considering the initial conditions of the USA.

Now, all great empires were built by force, right. But, in the case of the USA, a single method to solve all problems was thus established, during the last four centuries, and it has become most of the history most Americans will ever know. Hubris became how the West was won. It worked. But now it’s failing, and most Americans do not have the eyes in their heads to see it is.

Europeans have learned though, that to draw such a lesson from history, that hubris is your friend, is a mistake, and a most common one. More humility, prudence, knowledge, appreciation and more foresight are to be preferred.

Not all taxes, and not all debt are bad. More crucial is what the taxes and investments are for. If they are for progress, they are good. If they are for bankers’ bonuses, they are bad.


Krugman, although going in a well deserved vacation, came back to the charge: he said that commenters objected that "didn’t the fact that the rest of the world was in ruins help?

Krugman does not think so; “Let me explain why [the] objection [is] off point… the war left our competitors in ruins? Well, yes it did — but it also left our markets in ruins. This goes back to stuff I wrote way back, about the fallacy of thinking about a country as if it were a company; basically, there’s no reason to believe that economic growth in the rest of the world necessarily makes us poorer."

Nor, would I perfidiously add, is there any reason to believe that economic growth in the rest of the world necessarily makes us richer.


Let me make an African observation: when the lion is weak, even dogs can eat it. The weakening, and then destruction of the lion is profitable, although it goes to the dogs.

Before going back to some carpet bombing of mine with facts of WWII, let me make a very refined observation that is little known and that any serious economic theory will have to take into account.

The Fourteenth century saw several (related) calamities in a few years, including famines, ecological collapse, severe climate cooling, the start of the 478 years "100 years" civil war between Paris and London, Normandy and Anjou, plus the "plague". Whatever the "plague" really was, it killed about half of Europe. People were left twice richer. Hence an economic boom. So much for the more, the merrier.


Contrarily to what Krugman implies, the ruinous aspects of the competitors’ markets was an enormous advantage for the USA, after WWII. European lions laid in ruins, while American dogs had full stomachs. No explanation really necessary.

The USA was left with huge profits, in part just as Goldman Sachs, having reduced its competition, thanks to the US government, is making larger profits than ever. Let me go into World War Two specifics.

Did the US markets disappear at the end of WWII? No. Just the opposite. One has to distinguish having a destitute patron, and having no patron. Actually, yesterday’s lord, if destitute, can be made into a dependent. WWII expanded US market enormously. Let me explain.

For example, when the French decided to build a nuclear power industry, they bought the technology from Westinghouse, a US company. Since they built many nuclear plants, it was a major deal, which transferred back a lot of wealth to the USA.

Let’s dig a bit deeper in that example. The French physicist (and Nobel prize winner) Irene Curie discovered the principle of the nuclear chain reaction (generally misattributed in "Germanic" countries to other people who contributed later). Patents on nuclear energy were deposited as early as 1937. When the Curies alerted the War Minister to the military application, making bombs, the patents were withdrawn, and a military program started. After adventures that put James Bond to shame, the program went on as the Manhattan project.

The economic point is this: the French were way ahead in nuclear energy. Still because of WWII, they were forced to buy massively US technology 30 years later. The same holds for jets. The first jets were Europeans, just as the first helicopters were French (so was the first plane).

The Germans were way ahead with jet aircraft: the swept wing Me 262 was 5 years ahead of US technology (even though the Americans could study captured Me 262s). Still, Germany became dependent upon American jets, for decades. It is only now that, thanks to EADS (including Airbus) and Arianespace that Germany has become independent again in aerospace. EADS is now the world’s largest aerospace-defense company (in sales).

Sweet for the first country to sink a battleship using a cruise missile, or to use rocket interceptors (Heinkel 163). By the way the fancy electronic in that drone which sank that big ship came as no surprise; (basically) German scientists invented the first transistors, as early as 1925 (the American "discovery" of the transistors was more than 20 years later and was proven, scholarly, and judicially, to be a copy of the German germanium transistors and their patents). Another German sweet vengeance was that 100 Nazi rocket engineers were working on Von Braun’s Apollo moon landings.

And so on. None of the huge transfers of American goods and technology would have happened, in the aftermath of WWII, but for WWII.

BTW, the captive markets that were the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and British empires, plus the Commonwealth, French Algeria, and enormous Franco-British protectorates over the entire Middle East, could basically leave the USA without markets. Pakistan would not have become a Muslim fundamentalist American puppet/client, if not for the collapse of the Raj. Actually, there would have been no Pakistan. A mighty Great Britain would have kept Gandhi’s Hindu nationalism under control, and thus the Muslim reaction.

After WWII, the USA acquired the entire planet as a market, except for the USSR. The patrons were desperately poor, but they were extended credit by Uncle Sam. Then they became dependent upon Uncle Sam, exactly, and in all ways, as serfs became dependent upon their Lord in the Middle Ages. This is where the "Anti-Americanism" Obama does not understand at all, comes from, deep down.

All of this was made possible by the crafty refusal of the Roosevelt administration to help the French republic as she set herself the mission of destroying Hitler.

Instead countless US plutocrats transferred technology and directly invested in Hitler’s Reich. in 1939, France found herself at war formally with Hitler and Stalin, both helped, managed and financed by many of Uncle Sam’s plutocrats. Often when I write this, the next thing which happens is that I get banned from"left" websites, who seem to all too often be all too friendly to plutocrats. Although the history I mention is all easy to prove (however, I know of no book putting it all together).

But, of course, many Internet commenters, in the USA, find culturally refined to object to “conspiracy theories”. Little do they know that most of history’s tragedies were the result of conspiracies.

On my sites, I studied in depth if that crime was committed with foresight or not, and its extent. Nuremberg established that some of the Nazis had conspired to make a war of aggression. They were hanged. My question is whether the conspiracy was much greater. And the answer is yes.

In any case, the "American Century" was made possible by WWII. The effect was to make the world the captive market of the USA, fed by US credit. As WWII fades away, so does the "American Century". Resistance is futile.

Patrice Ayme.

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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Defense Issues

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Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Defense Issues

Military and general security

Political Reactionary

Dark Enlightenment and Neoreaction

Of Particular Significance

Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

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