Drugged-Out Mutant Olympics?


When It’s Too Good To Be True, It’s Too Bad To Be Swallowed.


Abstract: Drug usage is pervasive in sports… In some countries. That seems clear from the outsized results of some particular countries at the Olympics.  Yesterday sport medals were all about the DDR and the USSR, now it’s all about… (I stop here to not displease the corporate sponsors some readers may adulate…)

Solution? The Biological Passport used now for the Tour de France. Check anybody, any time. Worldwide. Some may say it will take manpower, but is not there an unemployment crisis?

That’s not all. As Nature puts it on July 19, 2012: “Are the games in fact a showcase for hardworking ‘mutants‘? And if Olympic rule-makers admit that the genetic landscape is uneven, should they then test every athlete and hold separate competitions for the genetically ungifted?”

Finally, having discarded colossal, jingoistic naivety, why not to embrace humanly engineered enhancement? Or is embracing honesty in sports a step in the wrong direction, that of eyes wide open, the one global plutocracy reviles?


Ah, the Olympics. I was listening to the announcements in London, and a young citizen of the USA, a distant relative, rose and asked her mother in an irritated voice:”What language do they speak?“. The mom said:”I think it’s French.” The youngster then sneered:“Why always French, why don’t they speak Chinese instead?

As this insolence was happening less than two meters from me, I had to intervene: “Learn this, little one. The Christians outlawed the Olympic games. The French restarted them, 15 centuries later. The French don’t talk Chinese, but French, and so, the Olympics were restarted with French as the official language.

France is not (yet) Tibet. The French introduced the metric system in the Olympics in 1796 CE, and the full Olympics in 1896; in 1924 the Winter Olympics were introduced in Chamonix, France, followed by Olympics again in Paris, a few months later. The official language of the Olympics is French (although some Anglo-Saxons claim it’s English). Another reason: French is the successor language of Latin, the games were held in that language for 6 centuries.

Moreover, on the face of it, France is the direct successor state of the Greco-Roman republic. England too, but less directly so: Greco-Roman civilization was transferred back through France (The Conqueror set-up Parliament). England seems to still have a way to go before mimiciking a Republic: England has a state religion, England has still no elected Senate, but a chamber of grotesque plutocrats called “Lords“, and a ridiculous monarch, basely adored by the simple minded, anathema to those who truly believe in SPQR.

In 393 CE, the fanatical Roman Catholic dictator Theodosius, originally a Spanish general, banned the Olympic Games, and other festivities, for being “too pagan“. OK, that was more lenient than condemning philosophers to death (another of Theodosius’ bright ideas).

Under the emperor’s orders, rabid Christians dressed in black closed and later tore down many wonders of the world. They had to destroy the world, so that their super hero the Crucified would swoop down again (as the Book of Apocalypse in the Bible had it). Most notably the Christian vampires destroyed the fabulous Temple of Zeus at Olympia and the giant Temple of Serapis in Alexandria (they also burned the library there, in Alexandria, later confusing that with a strictly Muslim blaze that happened 2 centuries later). Never mind that “zeus” and “deus” are two aspects of the same word (too brainy for vampires).

One of Theodosius’s successors, Theodosius II, ordered the Roman army to demolish the stadium of Olympia in 426 CE. That stadium could accommodate more than 40,000 spectators.

Thunderous universal applaud after the London Olympics. The corporate participants are very pleased, and they are making sure, in a huge propaganda campaign, that everybody claims to be pleased. Everybody else is a party pooper.

Never mind that the London Games cost twice more than expected, it’s the public who pays this sort of things. Meanwhile, let’s applaud, and consume simple stuff corporations sell us, starting with colossal amounts of naivety. Without colossal naivety, the plutocratic order would collapse, so it’s good to exercise the naivety muscle as much as possible.

OK, granted when one athlete from one tiny nation (Grenada) gets one gold medal, it gives that nation the highest count of medal per capita in the world (Grenada has about 100,000 souls). However, when Jamaica gets 12 medals, the anomaly becomes statistically significant, for someone who uniquely enjoys wisdom (tyrano-sophia).

Jamaica has long been famous in the 100 meters. The once hyper famous and most glorious Ben Johnson was born there. He later won a gold medal at the Seoul Olympic games, taken away from him three days later after he tested positive for some steroid. The hyper muscular Ben aggravated his case by claiming most athletes did this (‘40%’, he said).

He and his coach claimed Johnson had been deliberately contaminated by a third party, as he did not use that particular steroid (“because it made his body feel tight!”), but another one. International sport authorities were not amused. Woe onto the one who brings scandal! They treated Ben Johnson like the plague, claiming that any athlete competing with him would be viewed officially as “contaminated“, and barred from any competition. Mysteriously, when Johnson was disqualified, some of the athletes who went up as a result, had themselves tested positive.

(Plutocracy will not explain anything to you, but for what it wants…)

By the way the third sprinter at the London Olympics, the bronze medal, a USA citizen, was suspended for four years, for drug usage, in the past. No doubt he knows how not to get caught anymore.

How does one not get caught? Very simple. There are many ways. One way is masking agents. In France they are treated as the drugs themselves.

Or take the case of amphetamines. There are all sorts of variants in the chemical formulas. So what do greedy kitchen chemist contrive? They invent new one variants, not on the list of illegal amphetamine-like drugs. Those are not, strictly speaking, unlawful. Recently the customs in the Paris airports had a list they made themselves, of no less than 762 amphetamine variants, all not illegal, all of them that they informally seized (no charges, but no return of the drugs, either…)  

Before the London Olympics, Nature, the Britain based science weekly, published several articles on sports and drugs. The gist being that one should organize Enhanced Olympics (my term), and then some drug free Olympics. I agree with the idea, for a number of reasons that I will expose below. Moreover, how to do it.

One does not need to be a brain scientist to realize that, when some countries succeed as well as the DDR, the Deutsches Demokratiche Republic of old, there is got to be something not kosher going on. The DDR was the most successful country in the Olympics, per capita. For decades. DDR doctors gave drugs to their athletes, sometimes for decades, sometimes seconds before an event. Some guessed it at the time, and suspicions were confirmed after that police state was swallowed by West Germany, and tongues freed.

Jamaica, population 2.7 millions, got 12 medals in London 2012, no less. I am not trying to be racist and I am not suggesting that this is because the surviving slaves were those running the fastest away from their powerful white masters. Far from me such silly, traditional, half funny, anodyne remarks. I would instead direct my gaze towards the one in the know who suggested Jamaican athletes should be controlled around December.

Look at Senegal: same powerful West African genes as Jamaica, five times the population of Jamaica, and a very strong native and imported sport culture. Number of Olympic medals of Senegal? Zero. OK, one medal. Twenty years ago.

What’s the idea? Some drugs have long term effects: they build up muscles, tendons, ligaments and even the attending motor neurons. Do that in December, much of these physiological changes will last until July.

Control in July for a drug that one has stopped taking three months before, and unsurprisingly, it will not show up. Smart for chimps, but not too difficult for even a hare-brained sportsman to understand.

For decades, USA Olympic committees were in deliberate denial that drug usage was massive in USA sports. Corporate sponsors celebrated Marion Jones, all the way to the front cover of time magazine. The American media claimed she was going to get five gold medals. Even then, it was perfectly clear that Jones was officially connected to Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (a.k.a. BALCO). That was a drug factory, for the best. In the end, International instances told the USA that this could not be tolerated any longer, it was too blatant, and Marion Jones could not get as many drugs, and thus, medals, as she expected in Sidney. Further inquiries led to her going to prison, and returning five gold medals.  

The corruption of the system is obvious in the sense that not all the gold medals and titles attributed to the USA in connection to Marion Jones were rescinded. Never mind that IAAF president Lamine Diack, a Senegalese, stated that: “Marion Jones will be remembered as one of the biggest frauds in sporting history.”

So what of the USA in all this? Well, athletes are not controlled for drugs in many USA sports. Not at all. A hint: life expectancy of so called American football linemen is barely fifty years of age (even the aficionado sport magazines admit they are stuffed with growth hormones).

I have a passing acquaintance with some sports. I was astounded when I saw routine drug controls for private events in France, even for exotic disciplines. The same sports (such as climbing) have rigorously no control in the USA, and individuals practicing them, in the USA, are routinely taking drugs, and showing all the symptoms, complete with swollen wrists and female with suddenly jutting chins. It was amusing to see French sport climbers downing two liters of water within seconds of winning an event, and then, much more (drug controls happening after the hysterical celebrations).

What to do?

Well, France was in a quandary: for about twenty years, not one Frenchman won a stage in the Tour de France… except for Richard Virenques, who got caught for drug usage by French authorities, and became a black sheep barred from cycling.

Drug controls are ferocious in France. Why? In the 1950s, the top British cyclist, Tom Simpson, would have won the Tour de France, except that he died on Mont Ventoux. The autopsy of this highly successful athlete showed heavy drug usage.

In the 2000s, there was the pathetic spectacle of Lance Armstrong, always winning, with a smirk. In the beginning, he was embraced, he met with the French president. Later, though, old samples analyzed with more modern techniques showed drug usage (for example EPO on Turin to Briancon, a stage I saw with my very eyes!). Not perhaps too keen to be called Anti-American by the umbrageous USA, the French authorities did nothing about it. Instead authorities in the USA are prosecuting Armstrong on their own. Systemic controls by surprise at 5am had changed nothing: the smart ones, as I said, trained with drugs. 

This year, 2012, was different: the French won a lot of stages, and the best climber. For a first time, a Brit won the Tour (this Wiggins is a well known track world champion, and won the gold in London). Three cyclists were caught cheating, two them quite famous, and immediately expelled and  punished. A past multiple winner from Spain was barred (like Ben Johnson, he argued somebody had contaminated the meat he ate). From the ways victories during stages happened, it is clear that the Tour is getting clean.

How did the Tour authorities do it?  

By instituting a BIOLOGICAL PASSPORT. Union Cycliste Internationale and the Federation Internationale de Ski are increasingly using it (yes, France did not just create the modern Olympic games, other sports speak French as a first language).

All and any cyclist engaging in the Tour de France has to declare where in the world he is, at any moment, all year long. And is exposed to immediate control. Cheating on this (it happened, an athlete claimed to be in Italy when he was in Argentina) results in immediate disqualification.

Meanwhile, all results, in all other sports, absent a biological passport, ought to be taken tongue in cheek. OK, Usain bolts certainly smarter than Ben. OK, the queen parachuted into the stadium with dozens of gold medals. Well done, quite hilarious. Nice spectacle for the children. Tongue in cheek for those with drugs in cheek.

Maybe, indeed, Jamaica has a superior sport culture, and Britain too. If so, prove it. And if you don’t want to prove it, allow us to laugh.

Another dirty secret in sport competitions is that most successful athletes have successful genes. Those genes are increasingly known. How do we know if they have been injected or not? And is it fair to have mutants competing against normal humans?

Why can’t normal people become mutants too? More than 200 gene variants are associated to high performance in sports. As Nature puts it in “Genetically enhanced Olympics are coming“: … an option, if safe, would be to allow athletes who did not win the genetic lottery to ‘upgrade’ through gene therapy — a practice that is now banned as ‘gene doping’.

More generally, what is wrong about enhancing human capabilities? Did not EPO, besides helping Mr. Armstrong to dress in a yellow jersey, save millions of lives? Indeed EPO has become a routine medical treatment.

So let’s embrace enhancement. But let’s do it above the table, for all to see. Let’s admit many cheaters are winning, and many of the others who also win, the gods favored. And common people on common diets, common blood, common genes can have their own common Olympics.

Indeed what is wrong is cheating, claiming one is clean, whereas one is winning, precisely because one is dirty. And making a world, Olympic size cover-up about all this cheating, is an even more worrisome meta cheating, as it requires Olympic naivety. Among Pluto’s characteristics is invisibility. By making massive cheating officially invisible, the Olympic committees do not help the forces of goodness.

Instead the sport authorities imprint people on something very subtle: deep down inside, people feel there is something not right about some countries getting so many medals. But then they are taught that it is fair, balanced and reflective to swallow this troubling feeling, and accept that any sense leading towards suspicion is in poor taste.

Outlawing suspicion is part of this general meta morality people learn so well in the USA: conspiracy theorists are crazy. Working hard, and taking no vacations is good, while believing that some people out there, important people, are conspiring, in very important conspiracies, sometimes, is crazy.

Can goodness come, when one cannot let one’s mind be suspicious? Can goodness come when one makes it a moral duty to believe whoever has an obvious interest to say whatever they say? Can goodness come when exposing some for the crooks, thieves, criminals and charlatans they may well be definitively something reflective people are not supposed to do?

And yet, is not goodness what the Olympic Games should show, and celebrate, before anything else?


Patrice Ayme

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21 Responses to “Drugged-Out Mutant Olympics?”

  1. Dominique Deux Says:

    Sure one can toy with the idea that science-induced improvements to our natural abilities could be not only tested, but showcased for the masses to cheer, and the investors to mull over their next moves. Sort of like car racing competitions for the car industry, and jolly little wars for the fighter plane industry.

    Just don’t call that Olympics, which are supposed to be about the relation between mankind and transcendence, not bioengineering, mutant selection or stealth chemistry, all of which should seek more adequate testing venues.

    It is well known that some sports sentence their practitioners to an early and distasteful demise, such as “the noble art” or American football, with former players plagued with painful and incapacitating arthritis from accumulated traumas, or simply going demented from repeated brain impacting. I repeat, it is a known fact, even though many loving parents still push their kids through the torture machine “to make them men”. How is that different from gladiator games?

    The difference is hypocrisy, period. The Olympics were born from the wish to honor the gods with a more complimentary offering than human deaths (which was the gist of gladiator games, originally religious ceremonies like Aztec gore fests). Human effort, endurance, beauty and skill came to be seen as smelling better, in the gods’ nostrils, than rotting corpses. Now we’re back to Barbaric times, but would never admit it.

    Incidentally I would think French stringency against sport doping has less to do with fairness to the viewing hordes than with the protection of the athletes themselves. In a free for all environment, they have no choice but to poison themselves. Coaches and owners (sports being the one human activity where people legally ‘own’ others, selling and buying them on the open marketplace, aka slavery) make sure they don’t even hesitate, yet get punished if caught. Thus private events have to be controlled as well.

    Incidentally I did not turn on my TV set once during the games. Egregious jingoism and bad taste do nothing for me. French reporting was focused on French medals, and I hear the BBC hogged Commonwealth gold as well. Ludicrous!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: I agree that a lot ot today’s sports, including American football… And skiing (downhill and the new multiple racing togehter, reminding me of charriot racing in Antiquity, without the charriots… It has caused deaths already…) are similar to what was happeneing in Roman games (some charrioteers were hyper famous, and competed thousands of times before being dragged around, Ben Hur style…)
      1) Cheating and enhancement are already in place.
      2) True the original Olympics were naked. But participants already took enhancers…
      3) Enhanced competitions should be allowed with all above the boards. The mutant aspect I presented is a severe problem, that will only get worse.
      4) As far as common people are concerned, sport competitions are just an occasion to let their tribal instincts run amok. Thus they can, hopefully, study their own madness.


  2. Martin Lack Says:

    I had no idea that the USA had a (performance enhancing) drugs problem in sport. The London games seem to have been pretty drugs-free (or else the cheats have become even more clever at subverting the principles of Olympic movement). Which do you think is more likely?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Martin: For the London Olympics, the gist of what I said is that the Olympics are clearly in the situation that the TdF was a few years back: ferocious controls are completely ineffective, because athletes, trainers, doctors, cheat, off stage. The apparently effective, but truly ineffective controls make people believe that make belief is good enough a moral system. the problem we have with CO2, finance, even international security and disarmement.

      The drug problem in USA sports, is quite a bit like the USA problem with CO2. The USA plutocracy has decided the USA had no drug problem, just as it has decided it had no CO2 problem, no warming problem, etc… Actually USA media (owned by plutocracy) is trying to put in the “hall of Fame” notoriously maxi drugged out recent baseball players. Old Hall of Famers said they will not attend the ceremony, if any. Never mind, things are progressing.

      Religion not being enough the opium of the People, nothing like real drugs, to be the real opium of the People.

      I did not want to come all out and say Jamaica did not deserve any medal, lest I get more hysterical comments, but, as a Senegalese, I sure feel so.

      The Tour, it was sort of Taylor made for Wiggins. If there had been more mountains and the top climber had not been sick on the flats in the begining, it could have been more interesting. TdF authorities promised it will a more interesting trajectory next year.

      In the times of Marion Jones, and for decades before, the USA Olympic authorities fully cheated. If the USA cheats, why not China? (There too, it’s like with CO2 pollution!)

      The problem is that enforcement is with local authorities… just as in finance: local enforcement, local in space and time, is ineffective against global cheats.



  3. pieceofcake Says:

    Come on! – it’s better than the Hunger Games – and the Hunger Games get top rating!
    (and even Mc Donalds couldn’t ruin my appetite!)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hunger Games? I have heard that expression, I don’t know what it is, but I can guess… A point I wanted to make is that imprinting into a plutocracy compatible, or fascist compatible culture, can, and does, go through sports. Just look at what Hitler and Mussolini did that way… The situation is now much more subtle. What is taught is… naivety. That way the Wall Street Journal article subtitled: “British Law Punishes The World’s Best Athletes For Their Success“, is a gem.


      • pieceofcake Says:

        dear Patrice – every culture, can, go through sports and naivety always has been taught -(and not!) – and the hidden gem (why?) is that Europe produced much more medals than the US and China combined – and that must mean something?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear pieceofcake: every day, we invent better science, every day, there are nearly half a million babies born, every day, sea level rises, and a bit faster. So, everyday, we have to think better about the biggest problems, and these are not how many Higgs it takes to fill up a pin head.
          Thus I proposed a highly critical look at the London Olympics. They detected steroid in the Heavy Throw Silver medalist at Athens, just as the London Games were starting. An Ukrainian. 8 years later.
          I am particularly suspicious of the British medal count. Why suddenly so much better than France and Germany? Just from hosting the games? Although I have not dug deeper, I wonder if the UK may have been doing as Canada does, and bestow nationality to people just because of their medal potential. That’s why Canada had given to the Jamaican Ben Johnson citizenship. Maybe some readers know more about this? Mo Farah, the runner who got two gold medals, though, born in Somalia, and who arrived in the UK at 8… had a dad who was born in England, so, well, he is quite a testimony of very good integration, a genuine British success, so I am not thinking of him…


      • pieceofcake Says:

        I didn’t mind the ‘highly critical look at the Olympics] but I liked it even better just to watch ‘IT’ –
        All these dudes and gals swimming, running, rowing and jumping – just for my pleasure – how cool is that?- And if everybody is ‘doped’ nowadays -(without getting caught anymore) – isn’t that ‘fair’ too -(in a ‘thinking better kind of way’?) – and still the Europeans got a lot more medals than the US and China combined!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Pieceofcake: I agree with what you say, that’s the I-am-a-happy-baby approach, all fun and games, BUT philosophy is about party pooping:

          1) it’s unfair for nations such as Senegal, which don’t know how to do the drug thing right. The results show that this is MOST nations

          2) and it’s not just unfair, it’s teaching the wrong example. It’s teaching the higher authorities is such countries that the games out there, all the games, are rigged. So they may as well rig it for themselves, in their old special way, the old fashion way, plain old corruption, which is at its best when cooperating with the world global plutocracy. This is why broken countries such as italy and the UK spend billion of a completely defective, useless plane such as the F35, billions they should send to their own economy instead of a giant corporation such as Lockeed Martin (headed not by an engineer, but by an accountant ex from Ernst & Young).

          Europeans have a strong committed sport tradition, they are less obese than USA citizens, much richer than the chinese, so the euro sport traditions are deep. don’t forget, as I said, that it is the French who reintroduced the Olympic games, and invented the Winter ones… And I am all for these international meets. Hitler’s racist conceptology suffered in 1936 in berlin when he saw the black Owens run faster than his Aryan masters of the universe… And Adolf made himself and his ideology only cheaper by refusing to honor Owens.

          So I’m not advocating to cancel the Games, no, just the opposite. To make them more honest, by embracing reality. Embrace enhancement, embrace the fact most people are handicapped, look at it squarely, ponder what it means. That’s what Nature advocated (sort of). Hey, maybe there are intellectual mutants, too…


      • pieceofcake Says:

        ‘and Adolf made himself and his ideology only heaper by refusing to honor Owens’ – That’s the point! – that ‘Sports’ -(with all its imperfections) – does so much ‘good’ for the people -(and not only reducing their weight – if they take up rowing and running too) – and if you only think about the fact that probably thousands of Americans have learned at these Olympics that ‘Jamaica’ is not only a subway station close to JFK but a whole country it turnes you into the happiest of all babies an earth!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Pieceofcake: I meant “cheaper”, not hipper, that was a typo… I am not trying to throw the baby with the bath. Quite the opposite, I called explicitly to have more people to work around the games, and to have two type of games.
          It’s clear that Hitler’s racist ideology suffered a blow when Owens became the star of the games. It’s clear that many who are racist, anti-black, today, can only grudginly recognize Usain Bolt, and his colleague’s supremacy.


  4. Old Geezer Says:

    I would rather see amateurs taking performance-enhancing drugs than watch an NBA all-star pro team play basketball.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I do agree that some sports are interesting to watch on TV. Say skiing down a vertical mountain, surfing giant waves, and the like. But indeed watching some guys playing basket ball? It’s worse: they could be playing base ball, cricket, or the sport where they sweep the ice in front of a gliding block. Sports are to be practiced, except when one is in a wheel chair, or bed ridden… Learning to find pleasure in watching only leads to a disease of body, mind… and soul. and there are sports most people only watch, say, American football, or, hopefully, sport car driving.


  5. Old Geezer Says:

    I would watch cricket or baseball. I just think that the Olympics is for AMATEURS, not pros.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ought to be for amateurs, but they dropped that ball long ago, because in the USA potential much greater sport ability means big money… BTW, that, per se, is a philosophical mistake. Universities ought to give mental scholarship, not sport fellowships. The latter don’t exist, say, in France. Nor should they. To confuse mental and physical performance is abysmal, in the sense that’s what abyssal creatures do.


      • Old Geezer Says:

        The IVY League dropped sports scholarships in the mid- 50s. The result was embarrassingly poor football.

        But so what?

        However, there are those who persist that there is more to a college education than just mental work.

        They have more votes.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear OGP: I did not know about the dropping of sport subsidy by the Ivy League in the 1950s.

          Rich sports are sports than one practices oneself. Poor sports are sports watched on TV. Thus spoke Poopythustra.

          It’s important to maintain the priniciple of a firewall between the Ivory Tower and society. Massive college sports violate it enormously. They have more votes as long as things stay mild in appearance. When we have a massive problem such as generals from some dictatorship armed with nukes on a rampage, or the world ecological crisis in full, then the idea that muscle can replace brains will have to go to the trap.

          Considering what is going on in the USSR, Maoistan, and Cameronistan, let alone Koreanistan, or the Arctic, this may be sooner rather than later… (More of what I mean in the next essay.)


  6. EugenR Says:

    If you are speaking about mutant watch this short movie.

    How many years we have until it will be real?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: Totally excellent! I had a lot of “fun” as my friend the American would say, watching it…seems the movie may have been part Israeli, no? israel is going to need all this wizardry if Netanayuh and Barak insist with on their hare brained, pathetic attack on Iran… Anyway, we are already there. The degree of automation in the Rafale and the Eurofighter is similar, to what is shown in the movie. At very very low altitude, in the transonic regime, the Rafale is operated on automatic (too dangerous to make sharp turns an aircraft body length above the sea). The Eurofighter responds to voice commands, the planes take command when they see their pilots are blacking out, and do so according to several modes they chose from (the Rafale does 11 gs, with full suits), etc…
      During the Libyan war, Rafale pilots could plan a strike, engage 6 ground objectives simultaneously, while the plane executed the attack, and monitored all threats, etc…


  7. Alina Says:

    I do not even know the way I stopped up here, however I assumed this post was
    once good. I do not understand who you might be but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger should you are not already.


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