Politics By Representatives Is Inhuman.

The lack of integrity of the “representative” politicians “we” elect now is intrinsic. The process itself creates the lack of integrity. Politics is intrinsically about multiple, fractured personalities, saying, and superficially doing, whatever people (have been made to believe they) want.

Integrity means in one piece. Namely one has just one personality, one character, one psychology, one system of mind, one system of thought, one system of emotion. Practically, the emotions one exhibits are exactly those one has.

Whereas the essence of the modern politician is to present a public persona that can be sold, and has nothing to do with who they truly are, what they truly believe, what motivates them.

Six Foot Two, Telegenic, 30 Years After His Dad The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Six Foot Two, Telegenic, 30 Years After His Dad The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I of course supports many of the aims of Justin Trudeau, the new Canadian PM. Yet, being led by a New Man, son of the Old Man (and thus, not at all a New Man, in the Roman sense of the term!) is no real progress.

Canada fell deep in the abyss. Seeing the light again, after falling in the abyss, does not a paradise make.

The ecological policies of high CO2 emission countries (Australia, Canada, USA) are nothing short of criminal on the largest imaginable scale, that of melting icecaps.

Analogies have long been made between humans and wolves (Homo homini lupus: man is a wolf for man… and reciprocally, added the French comic Coluche). Another tendency is believe dogs are, somehow, a “species” we could emulate. Yet, dogs are not really a species. Dogs gives a false impression: we don’t know how stable dogs are, as a species. After all, dogs are the product of artificial selection. In the wild, dogs can be very nasty. I knew some geologists who got attacked, in Iran, by four wild dogs (domesticated doggies returned to the wilds). The geologists had to kill them one by one, with geological hammers, to not finish as canine dinner.

Dogs come from European wolves. American wolves have been studied in the wild, especially in Yellowstone (because scientists wanted to study the ecological impact of their return, which turned out to be considerable). The “alpha” position is stable, until the next mayhem. Researchers were aghast to find the alpha female they beloved dying of her wounds in a ditch, after she had been replaced from her previous executive position.

In many primates, it is true that leadership tends to be hereditary (through moms’ influences). Comparing wolves and advanced primates help us guess that human are ethologically made for rather pacific, democratic, leadership. This conclusion is accentuated by recent research on baboons: decisions where to forage tend to be taken by “initiators” (who are not particularly “alpha”), It is also implied by the small sexual dimorphism in the human species.

This is all important, because it means our present political system, which is more similar to lupine society, is not adapted to our genetic heritage. The latter did not arise just by happenstance, either. It is a consequence of the rise of intelligence. We became democratic, because we needed that, collective thinking and debate, to become more intelligent.

Thus present world political organization is evil in the deepest sense, and contradicts human nature, also in the deepest sense. We truly are imposed EVIL RULE (Pluto Cracy) not the rule of conversation, debate and thinking, the essence of humanity.

As a a noun integrity came to mean, “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” This interpretation is derivative from the original sense, literally un-touched. That came then to mean both “whole” (entier in French), and integer (also entier in French). The original meaning is important to understand that the essence of immorality has long been perceived to be double faced, or worse.

(I often use etymology. Not to tell me what words mean on the surface but how the wisdom of the ages conferred to them what they are. It is related to the “Sum Over Histories” of Quantum Mechanics.)

How to gat out of all this?

New men are nothing, but more of the same old crime. We have to call upon a new process, DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

Geeks swimming in their new noise, claim the Internet will change everything. No, it does not. Not yet. It will, when people can directly DEBATE, and vote, in plebiscites, using the Internet. As the noun indicates, plebiscites, when the plebs directly voted, were already known in Republican Rome. But they were hard to organize, just as they were hard to organize in democratic Athens (where they were required).

The average Athenian farmer needed a day trip to get to the Athenian Assembly. Now the Internet will allow us to vote with a simple click.

And what of the excess of Athens’ National Assembly of the People? Just youthful troubles: similar troubles did not happen during the centuries of Republican rule in Rome.

Moreover, we presently have huge political structures full of professional politicians. They will not disappear overnight. Just as in Switzerland now, they will persist, giving us plenty of safety during the transition from the dictates of the oligarchs, to the People Rule (Demo Cracy).

Patrice Ayme’

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18 Responses to “Politics By Representatives Is Inhuman.”

  1. gmax Says:

    You could not get any clearer. Still the corruption will go on, because few know what you are talking about. They have strictly no idea. None. Zilch. Nada.

    Sanders wants only small gifts from small people, but he won’t get anywhere, Clinton will keep the status quo ante


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Why do you think I talk so much? But, yes, not read much.
      The Dark Side is strong, even Thomas Pickety, the French economist of Capital in XXI century, has been turned by Bill Gates (I just observed… But I was expecting it: they met…)


      • gmax Says:

        Yeap, I read the interview of Thomas Pickety which you tweeted, singing the praises of Bill Gates. Incredibly naive. I felt like puking


  2. John Rogers Says:

    I understand what gmax is saying. We haven’t seen this worked out yet though. The faux Obama populism tapped a deep felt need in the general population which it then betrayed. Can it always be kept down (or conned)? We’ll see.

    Trump triumphant is confounding a lot of people, but (like Hitler with the whole Dolchstoßlegende strategy) he’s touched something that’s bothering people and he’s working it. Maybe something of the same thing into which Obama tapped. Classic bullshit is working less and less well. So Trump has new bullshit.

    Direct democracy is obvious and the real danger to the present power structure. Representative democracy (and the ridiculous American voting laws grounded in allowing farmers time to get to town) comes from a time of a rural culture with long travel delays. Once upon a time I spent a lot of time in the card catalogs at the Library of Congress. That’s not the way to do research now.

    Young people know cell phone apps and social media better than anyone. If they could vote that way (as they can buy stuff with credit cards) rather than the paper bullshit and antiquated structure which protects the entrenched now . . .?

    Is voter security in a cell phone app really harder to do than a credit card purchase (where MONEY, America’s real God is involved)?

    The plutocracy and its sycophants understand the danger they’re facing. Thus Alabama’s photo ID voting requirements (no photo ID for you black man! We have to budget cut) and all of the rest of the GOP’s voter suppression devices. But this game’s not played out yet.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear John: I agree with all you said.


    • Kevin Berger Says:

      “Is voter security in a cell phone app really harder to do than a credit card purchase”

      Beware, the USA are only now updating their credit card tech to security levels that have been the norm in the rest of the world for 20 years or so.

      And, FWIW and IMHO, technology and voting, if not done right (I refer you to the credit card bit just above), is a disaster waiting to happen; there are quite a few reasons to believe that the current “electronic voting” system in the USA is a deliberate technical choice aimed at facilitating voting manipulation, the very private companies which count the votes are heavily tainted by organized crime and intelligence ties. The 2000 and 2004 US elections, the later most glaringly, were rife with incredibly “open” voting manipulations. One could almost feel sorry for Karl Rove, during his 2012 election evening meltdown… the feeling, watching that (really entertaining) tidbit, is that everything was rigged for the election to go the right way, and yet, the vote rigger in chief was out-rigged, and just couldn’t believe it! Serves the fucker right, of course, but, still.

      Hell, during the last French presidential election (disclaimer: I don’t vote), something like a third I think of the vote was done electronically, a “modernization” that was impulsed by Sarko I believe. And, despite credible polls indicating that he would lose by a landslide, Hollande barely edged over him. So, undecided voters, terminal lack of Charisma from Hollande, or not enough voting manipulation to retain the presidency?


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am myself changing my mind about voting. Funny what being in the middle of, and completely devoted to, Obama 2007-2008 campaign achieved!


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The manipulations of presidential elections in the USA happened in full sight, but said manipulations were drowned by the plutocratic media, focusing on scandals, butts, ridiculous controversies, libidinous obsessions, etc.
        If one talks about that with standard USA citizens, one gets blank stares, as if one was talking about the chemical composition of Apollo asteroids.


      • John Rogers Says:

        Kevin Berger
        Good points. I may have been a little hasty. I mean France had credit cards with chips 20 years ago, and we’re only getting them now?

        This American sickness with making everything a private business is the problem. Elections (including open source software everybody can look at) ought to be done by the Federal government as a requirement for Federal office. Don’t have to force it on the locals, they’ll piggyback on the Federal system to save money. Ah, money again.


        • Kevin Berger Says:

          “I mean France had credit cards with chips 20 years ago, and we’re only getting them now?”

          Still OT : Don’t quote me on that, because this is Real World stuff, and I suck at it, but… yeah.
          As a matter of fact, the “Credit Card with magnetic strip plus a chip” thing has been the global rule rather than the exception, since the 90’s, possibly even just a tad earlier.
          I do not quite recall the name, because I’m such a poser, but I do think that the chip card inventor actually is a French engineer, and that bank use started at once, along phone card, supermarket card,…

          Basically and AFAIK, the USA have been, up to this year or so, the anomaly, with the “Credit Card with magnetic strip only” design.


          • gmax Says:

            Yes, it’s a French company from MARSEILLE which invented and commercialized the chip, the CPU, on a card. That’ s why it started in France


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            French companies also invented and developed the transistor, the integrated circuit and the PC (not kidding!). A Nobel was given to some Americans fake “discovery” of the transistor, 2 weeks before full production out of French assembly lines for high speed trains, in 1948…


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The undoing of France is the smaller market.


  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    As an aside, the “wolves/dogs hierarchy” trope has permeated quite a bit of the US (and thus, global) pop culture, with its Alpha status and such, “top dog”, alpha bitch”, etc, etc… down to some rather unpleasant expressions of sexual insecurities masquerading as pseudo-ideologies (the whole PUA movement, for one, and how it has been picked up by the US right).

    Anyway, what irks me the most, is the simple fact this fashionable bit of ‘pop social darwinism’ is bullshit to begin with, having been long debunked IIUC (the groundbreaking research into such social structures involved captive wolves, forced into unnatural and overly aggressive behaviours).

    AFAICT, the normal social hierarchies for canines is mostly a simple family one, with the father & mother as “alphas”; it also seems to be a matriarchy at least on a fundamental level, as the violent power struggles that do happen occasionally, to see who gets to be the “Alpha”, are between females – male status seems to devolute peacefully through age and lineage.

    Well, this doesn’t add much to the discussion, but I wanted to throw it in.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wolves can go single (I came across one), or in couples, indeed (where there are lots of mice and rabbits). But when it is about bringing down large beasts with big horns and a nasty attitude, they hunt in packs. Their behaviors are different accordingly, indeed. My point is that primates, especially baboons, are much more instructive (and much harder to study; progress was made with 30 centimeter GPS collars recently, to find out how decisions were taken).
      Whatever you throw in, it’s always good, thanks.


  4. indravaruna Says:

    Harper is a jew butt kisser.


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