Tribal Preferences Everywhere

Even In Science, Tribal Effects Dominate:

Human beings are tribal animals. A tribe is a small group of individuals, helping each other, cemented by deep emotions. Don’t say it’s over. A recent study demonstrates what some have guessed all along, namely that it flourished in science.

Max Planck — the Nobel Prize–winning physicist who launched quantum theory by discovering that energy radiation was quantized  — once made the cynical observation that science progressed “one funeral at a time”. Said he:

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

(When Hitler started to devastate Germany, Planck visited the madman, and told that imbecile that his institute and university had been destroyed by Hitler’s racial policies. Hitler later had Planck’s son killed.)

Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) released a working paper — titled, “Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?” Yes it does:

Even In Science Baboons Follow The Leader Profitably

Even In Science Baboons Follow The Leader Profitably

Mining citations in the PubMed database, the researchers found evidence that when a prominent researcher suddenly dies in an academic subfield, a blooming of new ideas and innovation follow. They identified 12,935 “elite” scientists — based on the amount of funding they received, how many times they’ve published, how many patents they invented, or whether they were members of elite groups, such as the National Academies of Sciences or the Institute of Medicine. They found 452 of these elite researchers died before retirement. As science leaves a dense trail of citations, publish dates, and authors’ hierarchies, it’s possible to track changes in publishing patterns after the permanent eclipse of a prominent star.

After the death of a rock-star scientist, their frequent collaborators and tag-alongs — the junior researchers who authored papers with them, often enslaved to them — suddenly see a drop in publications. At the same time, there is a marked increase in published work by other newcomers to the field.

Verily, a PhD is mostly a tribal rite. (Warning: Elites will scream!)


So Why Should Nations, Those Super-Tribes Of Europe, Vanish Under A Flood Of Invaders?

Plutocrats all over loudly clamoring that Syrian refugees should get preference over Natives so destitutes, they can’t even reproduce: contemplate Germany, with the world’s worst reproduction rate, and now one million mostly Muslim refugees admitted in eleven months (the European Union accepted hundreds of thousands more, including three whose calling was to kill as many people in Paris as they could).

It seems only natural that Natives would get preferential treatment above Non-Natives.

Some claim that open borders, the open society, welcoming invaders, is so superior in all ways, that it should be embraced at all costs. The argument was rolled out first by Pericles. However, within 30 years, half of the Athenian population was dead, the city occupied, and only Sparta saved Athens for eradication.

Opening up a country to the max works, as a complement. But, throughout the West, we observe decay, to the point the Natives cannot afford to reproduce. Instead, it is proposed to generously import millions of Middle Easterners… Many armed with a version of a religion which hates the West (9/11, the Paris and San Bernardino massacres were fully, or partly organized by such imports).

Who wins from importing invaders and weakening the Natives? International plutocracy, as above local laws as it is above decency, and the nations it crushes. Unsurprisingly, the same international plutocracy owns the Main Stream Media of the West. A tycoon such as Murdoch could move from Australia, colonize Britain, and then take over the USA (where he owns plenty, including Fox News and the WSJ…) And then the MSM tells the little people, and persuade them that, the worse their condition gets, the better, as long as they are generous to strangers from far-away lands (such as the aforesaid plutocrats).

The more the fate of the Natives of the West looks ominous, the more they will revolt against their oppressors. Hopefully.

And those oppressors are those who have molded minds in the West. Thus the minds of the people have to fight themselves.

This is why a site about cuddly kittens will get thousands of “likes” a day, and an enormous readership, whereas a serious site such as this one has generally to make do with none. Let the force be with you, and direct it first towards those poisonous moods and thoughts which have brought your stealthy demise.

Well, it could be worse: you could believe, as the Pope’s government does, that Mother Teresa cured cancer, because someone’s cancer supposedly went away after touching a medal of Teresa. (After that, you may want to chop off head of Shiites, should you be a Saudi prince! Because if one miracle can happen, so could any.)

Teresa was somebody who accused tens of millions of women to be murderesses, among other exploits:

Christian Morality: Cruel & Demented Sado-Masochism, All Too Often

Christian Morality: Cruel & Demented Sado-Masochism, All Too Often

Following the leader materially helps, but can be entirely nefarious, morally speaking. By condoning the Catholic Church often monstrous morality, and the exploitation of women, the Catholic church has found another diabolical leader to make a saint of.

Mother Teresa was mostly a self-interested ambition sucker, anxious to make Pope John-Paul II feel good about himself (she was hanging around the Pope’s ear in the Vatican, a plushy place if there is any!). But she is a saint says the same tribal organization which promptly made “Saint” Louis (IX), who wrote that nothing would please him more than torturing to death “unbelievers” and Jews.

What’s the main reason for tribes? Death. Giving death, avoiding death. Just study Saint Louis. Just study Teresa, and her pain and death obsessions. And tribal effect can cause death to new ideas, not just people, all over, not just science.

Plutocracy is its own tribe, and its survival depends upon free markets, open borders, tini tiny local laws which big plutocrats can fly over, and the general world order the 99% suffer from in the West.

Planck and the economic researchers we quoted above push us towards the following conclusion. You want innovation, and a blooming of art, thought, ideas, and justice, and a young world? Please help visit upon plutocracy an early demise!

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “Tribal Preferences Everywhere”

  1. Chris SNUGGS Says:

    This theory might be true, but shouldn’t science advance by evidence, logic and reasoning, not by the removal of any particular person and the subsequent rejecting of his or her ideas? At least since the Enlightenment. Of course, sometimes science does not advance even AFTER the death of a famous scientist. I believe, for example, that Aristotle had many completely weird and totally wrong ideas about science that were accepted as Gospel well into the 15th century, JUST BECAUSE they were Aristotle’s ideas. I always try to completely ignore the provenance of any idea, theory or indeed government statement in favour of examining the evidence on its own merits. This is obviously something of which most Muslims are totally incapable.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Chris: Indeed, ideally, science should advance by evidence, logic and reasoning. I believed in this firmly when in my teens.
      Later, to my increasing astonishment, as I proceeded in a scientific career, I found this to be completely false. “Science” was all about tribes. (Feynman said something a bit similar, and thus resigned from various institutions, including the Academy of Sciences.)

      Around the 1960s arose what USA academics called “French Theory“, a common qualifier used for a number of French philosophers who brought the principle of suspicion all the way all over society, and science itself. This result confirms their hunch. (After a first surprise, French philosophers went along with the overall umbrella “French Theory”, when visiting the USA).

      It’s true that Americans tend to be quite naïve, especially in philosophy, relative to their French colleagues. The Americans often seem to be in middle school, whereas the French have heard of the last four millennia (even Napoleon did!). So, from the American point of view, all these French philosophers, although rather at each other’s throats, sounded all as if they had achieved a cosmic level of suspicion.

      Aristotle, as you point out, is a glaring example. Aristotle loved dictatorship, which he called “monarchy”:

      That made Aristotle popular with plutocracy (if you will forgive this lousy joke!) for millennia to come. So this explains why Aristotle was so lauded.

      As a result, Aristotle’s idiotic physics (apparently he never rode a horse, or stood in the wind!) then ruled, until Buridan pointed out this made no sense (around 1325 CE).

      Well, the basis of literal Islam is that the Qur’an defines reality (thus much of physics). So it’s not conducive to changing one’s ideas of reality. There are some forms of Islam which are very far from that, though. Unfortunately the Saudis have nearly killed them of.

      Oooppsss, I forgot to put the Teresa picture, with Mr. Hitchens’ scathing critique… Let me add this.


      • Chris Snuggs Says:

        Thanks for that clarification. It is almost as if The Enlightenment had passed most of humanity by.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The Enlightenment has always been a fight against obscurity driven by micro-tribalization effects. It has probably been that way for two million years (when we are sure that technology enabled the conquest of the Little Caucasus, at the very least).

          We have clearly left the fight in the last 30 years, as the PC philosophy gained clout, and the Enlightenment was taken for granted, and eaten from inside by excessive “French Theory” (rampant in the USA). The situation is particularly bad on USA campuses right now, worse than ever.


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    One of my favourite internet images/thoughts, especially poignant as I visited the Normandy battlefields in the summer.


  3. EugenR Says:

    Everything in the reality is a system. Atom is a system, living cell is a system, living being is a system, but also tribe is a system, a social system. Every system interacts inwardly and outwardly. So the atom and so the tribe. The inwardly interaction is to help to sustain and flourish the system. Outwardly interaction of the system on the other hand differs from one system to the other. The inorganic system interacts outwardly mechanically and in a predictable way. This is truth even if the human knowledge is not always sufficient and maybe never will be sufficient to understand what is in the core of the system. At the essence of every system are the laws of causality. While mechanical they can be understood, meanning it’s reactions can be predictable, even if probabilistically. This is because a mechanical inorganic system has no intentionality. There are those who claim that there exists intentionality also in mechanical systems. No scientific evidence was found for such a claim, so it remaind in the sphere of the religious faith and esoteric believes, without scientific or technological impact.
    On the other hand, the organic system does have intentionality that can be observed. The most obvious and universal intention phenomena is the continuous uncompromising strive for continued existence of the system. If there is a system without uncompromising intentionality for survival, it is destined to be doomed. This can be observed in a simple viruses or in a complete social systems like a tribal system.
    An organic system sometimes is broken to parts or its subsystems that continue a separate existance, and sometime they join together to create a new unified system. Such an unification can occur voluntarily out of adaptation of the innate intentionality of the system, to a new intentionality as it is defined by the new unified system. In other cases such a unification is done by violent acts among the seperate organic systems. The result is adaptation of the winning dominant systems intentionality by the subordinated systems, that during the process are disintegrated or annihilated. Yet sometimes the subordinated system, as it becomes part of the winning system, it itself influences the winning system and causes it to be changed accordingly.
    To understand certain tribal phenomena as a system, we have to look into its intentionality. The very best expresion of intentionality of a tribal system is expressed in its mythology. What is one of the most important mythological movers that drives the tribal intentionality and also defines the tribal existence? Belief in transcendental coordinator. Without it the tribal identity loses its goal, meanning and finally also its vitality. The whole European idea failed to create a unifying myhology. Cultural diversity and liberalism seems to be rather an antidote against creating a commonly excepted mythology with intentionality the Europeans can identify with. It seems, the goal of creating a wellbeing, peaceful existence is not enough to create a mythology. The reason i see is that mythology needs its mysticism, a beyond human understood phenomena. It needs a hero who can act beyond daily human perception. No bureaucrat of Brussels is good for that. What seems to me with more chances to create a platform for whole European mythology with intentionality is the muslim jihadist threat. If the Muslim jihad will emerge more are more from its marginalised corners to the consciousness of Europeans, it will cause more and more recruits to a reaction against it. What prevents to this to happen is the memory of whole European criminal violence, its major symbol is Auschwitz, where the human capacity for absolute evil was obviously expressed.

    Coming back to Mother Teresas myth, as a representative of the Christian system intentionality, of course her phenomena is beyond the inter-human relations on the personal level. The same is truth with the Muslim faith and the mythology that drives the Muslim intentionality. To understand the future impact of the new emigration wave on the European culture, it is necessary to learn the myths driving them to the acts of immigration in spite of all the dangers and potential personal price they have to pay.


  4. Abhimanyu Rajput Says:

    ‘Mother Theresa no doubt did some good, and meant some good, however, she also had a very Dark Side, from the machine.’

    Abhimanyu Rajput: She was converted so many poor tribal Hindu into Christian. She was chitter


  5. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Planck: what a genius. I sometimes think that everything st school should be taught entirely around the biographies of the individuals who made history and advanced our understanding of the world.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. Planck, like Poincare’, or Boltzmann (who killed himself, desperate from his lack of recognition), was an original thinker, and a careful one (differently from Einstein, hence a friction there, as Planck made Einstein’s renown).

      There was a (possibly very deep) fight between Einstein and Planck about the photoelectric effect. I have not explored the extent of Planck’s position. But I view Einstein’s choice (of imposing LOCALIZATION as collateral damage) as a very deep mistake that set Quantum Theory on the wrong track (but then, only me has this opinion… so far):


  6. Gmax Says:

    I always felt scientists to be sectarian and arrogant. That confirms it. Baboons intimidating other baboons, that’s all there is to it.


  7. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues.


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