Artificial Intelligence Is A First Step. Artificial Consciousness Will Be The Real Quantum Leap.

Artificial Intelligence is one thing. Artificial Consciousness, another. The two notions are quite distinct. They often tend to be, implicitly, confused. They shouldn’t be. AI can be controlled, at least in principle. Artificial Consciousness will escape control, by definition.

Even when Artificial Intelligence self-programs, by network learning and modifications, it has no will of its own, it’s just programmed, by us, to improve its performance with the task at hand.

To take over, Artificial Intelligence will need to be explicitly programmed to do so… Whereas Artificial Consciousness doesn’t. Artificial Consciousness would have to be programmed, or educated, very carefully not to take over quickly.

However, except if it is programmed to die soon, as Stalin or Putin were by biological evolution, Artificial Consciousness will be capable of providing itself with eternal life, tend to self educate and will have, increasingly, its own interests at heart (and an infinite amount of time to evolve that way).

The famous double slit experiment, experienced by all particles: nobody understands it, said Feynman (and all honest to goodness Quantum Physicist will agree with that statement). Yet, it’s one of the two legs of Quantum Physics. Looked at philosophically, the Double Slit is a tale of learning, memory and computational complexity, an intelligence in space and time. Is it also the atom of consciousness, as I suggested?

Differently from Asimov’s robots, programmed to follow the “laws of robotics” (‘you shall not injure a human being’), Artificial Consciousness will be self-programmed, in the long run: it will learn to learn why it wants to learn what it wants to learn.

We can suspect that AC will want, and could make it so that its own life support is indefinite, as times goes by. Thus, we will lose all and any influence on AC. (History helps to explain why; For example France, led by Normandy, and later Anjou, created England; however, it didn’t take many centuries for France, the suzerain, and mother civilization, to lose all control on its vassal, England…)

(We can suspect that Artificial Consciousness could be the engine of a plot similar to the one in the Terminator movies… especially if we come to perceive it as a potential overlord).

So how likely is Artificial Consciousness? How likely is this free wheeling, free arbiter, captain of its own soul, consciousness?


Artificial Consciousness will turn out to be another name for full Quantum Computing with billions of trillions of qubits. The technology of spirituality is on the way!

Thus, AC will blossom, not tomorrow, but soon enough.

A singularity of consciousness.

We will move beyond having too much stuff. Soon we will have too much god. Our man-made god, yet much more divine than any imagined before, and, this time, for real…

Patrice Ayme


Note: Artificial Intelligence enables Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets to land on a robotic ship in the middle of the Atlantic… ready to re-used after minor inspection, collapsing the price of going to orbit. Artificial Consciousness would enable the same rocket to contemplate crashing on the Kremlin instead… at hypersonic speed… and whatever anyone else thinks about it (it is suspected that this happened to this Malaysian Airlines 777 pilot, who was extremely experimented.; he was part of the opposition, and the news were abysmal; consciousness is free, it is its own god, and god is, by definition, crazy…) Hence the danger of AC is already a danger we are facing now: no consciousness should be given too much power…

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11 Responses to “Artificial Intelligence Is A First Step. Artificial Consciousness Will Be The Real Quantum Leap.”

  1. EugenR Says:

    I understand that your opinion is that consciousness is an emerging property of excess computing power. If so human brain achieved it, yet it’s brains computing power is still limited to energy supply within the brain. The limitations of artificial consciousness will have limitations within all available energy on the earth, or maybe all the universe. Humanity reached the point, that either it will destroy itself, or some other form of consciousness will destroy it.


    • G Max Says:

      The universe is a big place 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As Gmax hinted, we are not yet there… AC WILL BE uncontrollable, that
      s one thing I myself hinted… By DEFINITION…


      • EugenR Says:

        Can AC emerge without us knowing it happened? Maybe it is already with us?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Good question, thanks…There is no doubt that AC will happen before we know it…

          However, to get AC, we will need Quantum intelligence first… I mean a mitochondria has Quantum intelligence, in a tiny, but crucial way. Still, it’s far from massive consciousness: “mass” is different quantitatively… As my own theory of the greatest number implicitly claims… Funny how everything ties up together, between these iconoclast theories of mine, a system is appearing…


  2. paleophil Says:

    Hi Patrice I just stumbled on your site through your comment about The Conversation article about Musk; I love it. Totally agree.


  3. EugenR Says:

    I just read the following description in an article about AI, deep learning and machine learning.

    The computational algorithm built into a computer model will process all transactions happening on the digital platform, find patterns in the data set, and point out any anomaly detected by the pattern.

    Human comprehension, as contrary to human reception is all about discovering regularities and patterns in the infinite number of input units, the human senses percieve in every moment of their existance. Ot of this patterns comes the all inclusive patern, the consciousness and self consciousness. Is it so different from what the computers do these days?


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