Plutocracy Is A Cancer, And It Strikes Minds, Hearts, Cognition. Tax It To Death

Tax Plutos To Death, Don’t Listen When They Say They Love Men, Remember What Happened With The Roman Republic:

Plutocracy is a cancer affecting civilization. It turns up in civilization after civilization. Sometimes it turns metastatic and it kills its host, the clearest example being the Roman State. But there are many other detailed examples, for example the fall of Mayan civilization, which was a combined ecological-plutocratic-military crisis, just as befell Rome [1], or China.

Plutocrats love to be called “philanthropists”… lovers of man… As if they were the only ones to love people. The concept is as old as the fascist, authoritarian, cruel, extremely unfair and demented Roman empire: the wealthiest people in Rome used to organize games to entertain most of the population (the Plebs) and distribute to them money… just as one distribute crumbs to pigeons, to make them friendly.   

What “loving men” means, in practice, is that the power of the wealthiest is augmented further by patronage. “Patron”, from the Latin patronus “defender, protector, former master (of a freed slave); advocate,” from pater (genitive patris) “father” was a central concept under the fascist Roman empire: a hierarchy of wealthy masters own all the power of society… 

How Brexit Started: with the Brexit of the British Pound, Thanks To A few Men. Brexit, to this day, is there just to profit a few men from the world Plutocratic (read Satanic, if it helps) conspiracy, holder of all media, most public opinion, the most prestigious universities, among other things…

An example: Bill Gates personal wealth is above 110 billion dollars, but that is augmented further by the power of his Foundation, a “charity” which he controls, and which is worth more than 60 billion dollars… Without counting all what said Foundation spent in the past, now converted into the influential networks of power and gratitude it built over the years

Indeed, Money is power. But power is also influence, and reciprocally. Don Corleone, in the Godfather, exerts his power through influence. Influence is what made senior beings powerful over the millennia, even as their forces wane from age. Gates used to own Monsanto, which pushed GMO compatible with Roundup (glyphosate) which, besides being carcinogenic, impoverishes the soil irreversibly. The Gates Foundation, another instrument of power influenced states to invest in that same  GMO-Roundup combo.

The Roman Republic used to limit both wealth and power drastically, with all sorts of interdictions. Consuls exerted full power for just a month, alternating with their colleague for a year, and couldn’t be re-elected for years. Their powers didn’t overlap with the “sacrosanct” tribunes of the People, who proposed legislation. And so on.

Above a limit, today’s equivalent of $50 million, the tax on a family was 100%. So immense wealth was unlawful in the Republic. Most people were taxed only 1%.

The Republic degenerated and collapsed because globalization caused by Roman conquests enabled the wealthiest Romans to escape Roman law by going overseas. 

If we want democracy to perdure, let alone grow, it’s time to do the same.

I suggested, years ago that the Roman Wealth Limit was around 50 million dollars in today’s currency. Now Elizabeth Warren has suggested to tax it, with a special wealth tax (which is very small in percentage). The idea has now been embraced by a number of Plutos… Including Soros. Soros, all by himself, is the grandfather of Brexit: Soros pushed the British currency, the pound out of the “European snake” (of currencies). This is symbolic of how much damage too much power in a single man can bring to bear. Now Sorors whines PM Orban of Hungary will not allow him to have his own university system there… And all the EU leadership whines with Soros, because those Euro doggies are all anxious to please their master. 

Having individuals with too much wealth, or, more generally, too much power, is an impediment to the progress of civilization, because:

  1. Plutocracy amounts to having eight billion people to be led by eight brains (to schematize a bit; in the case of fascist imperial Rome, it was just one brain, thus resulting in crushing imbecility). So the brain index, instead of being one, is one billionth, namely one divided by a billion. Just watch Bill Gates claiming to be a “friend of man” as he pushed for GMO friendly to soil murdering glyphosate, to understand how large the imbecility. These eight idiots are right now deciding how to prevent the collapse of the biosphere. I made one of their subordinate (and friend, of course) cry and enrage twice in the last month… Why? Because they are weak minds, anxious to be always flattered…
  2. The preceding constitutional idiocy is conducive to the following behavior: all citizens waiting for The One and Only Man to think for them, and tell them what to do, what to think, what to expect, what to feel, what to care about. As happened during the fascist, militaristic, idiotic and collapsing Roman empire (in contradistinction with the preceding Republic which had made it possible). This leads to mental collapse, curiosity, nobility, basic human decency and initiative collapsing with it. We saw it when Rome fell, when China fell, when Baghdad fell (to the Mongols and their Christian allies… and as the Mongol commander himself said at the time!)
  3. Admiring such smiling good looking, good nature thieves, is corrupting for souls and hearts. It corrupts minds, telling them thievery brings good things. The crime itself is great, transforming it into something to look for, worse. But that’s the whole idea and emotion the corrupt Pluto media are pushing for. The (pictured) Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s home was renovated with £2.4m of taxpayer-funded costs, royal accounts show. Frogmore Cottage in Windsor was turned into a single property for Prince Harry and Meghan, from five separate homes.
    The Queen’s Sovereign Grant from the Treasury was £82m in 2018-19, with £33m set aside for maintenance, including major work on Buckingham Palace.
    The Sovereign Grant is funded by profits from the Crown Estate.

Stopping the collapse will require brains, and that means absolute, direct democracy, as when tiny Athens stopped, mostly all by herself, the gigantic Achaemenid Persian corrupt imperial plutocratic juggernaut (at the Battles of Marathon, Salamis, in Egypt, etc.). A

Absolute, direct democracy means lowering the powers and wealth of individuals. Rome did it for five centuries, early on, let’s learn and duplicate. Now a number of Plutos have asked their taxes to be brought up. See in the New York Times, June 25, 2019:

I’m in the 1 Percent. Please, Raise My Taxes.
Wealthy people like me should commit to reducing the ravages of economic inequality.

By Eli Broad (Mr. Broad is a philanthropist and former entrepreneur).

Well, it’s not just a matter of reducing. Plutocracy has to be annihilated, under all its forms. And many of them there are…

Patrice Ayme



[1] The Roman rise coincided with a climatic maximum: war temperatures, but more rain over the Mediterranean (200 BCE to 400 CE). Rome was rising militarily, due to its semi-direct democracy… But the fascist empire certainly collapsed in part because of cooling. In 406 CE, something never seen before happened: the Rhine froze so much the Germans could gallop across. That took the Franks, in charge of imperial defense of Gaul, by surprise. Although the Franks had defeated the Germans many times prior, that time, they let them through: Vandals, Alans, Burgonds, Goths, galloped across. That was the invasion fatal for the Occidental empire. All those Germans (and the Scythians) were trying to escape the Huns, who, themselves, had come all the way from Mongolia, and were perhaps pushed by adverse climate change…


The Mayas confronted an, multi centennial epic drought. Instead of reacting appropriately (as Japan and the European states did around 1300 CE), political panic and military solutions imposed themselves, and the two great power system saw a third power rise, and the ecology and human capacity to adapt to it, collapsed. 


7 Responses to “Plutocracy Is A Cancer, And It Strikes Minds, Hearts, Cognition. Tax It To Death”

  1. brodix Says:

    Sometimes your thoughts are more insightful than others. In your last post, you gave a pretty clear description of how feedback loops in populations work, yet in this one, you present a simple solution to what might be a massive problem, but one that will inevitably continue and not be culturally moderated, so long as the mechanisms enabling it go unexamined. For one very basic, but very large example, the degree to which public debt is the basis of significant private wealth. It’s safe to say, there is no discussion of that in any economics courses. So far as I can see, the only alternative idea out there, MMT, will just drive the public further into debt and into he hands of the oligarchs. I have been banned from naked capitalism, for trying to raise that point.
    Is “tax the rich” the only solution? Maybe we should find ways not to be enabling them in the first place.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Brodix: The idea is not to tax the rich because the government has run out of money. A government which has not run out of army has not run out of money. We have to tax hyper wealth… and hyper power out of existence, as the Roman Republic did it.
      So it’s a multiple problem: we don’t want the likes of Gates regulating US education (as was attempted under Obama), or Buffets filling up his coffers with HMOs profits, we don’t want anything but a public utility regulating search (so no private Google), or world social network censoring the world away (as facebook does), we don’t want Ayatollahs or Trumps with nukes anymore than Obamas droning children and weddings

      I looked at MMT. I was MMTing away without knowing it, all these years. Older (1905) than Keynes (1930), who refers to it…

      In 400 CE, the Roman government of bishops had run both out of money and army, and government (because of the Curial debt crisis)… So the bishops had to trust the defense of Gallia and Germania to their enemy, the Salian Franks…

      Backtrack 100 years. Under Diocletian, the government ran three systems; a barter system (to make sure the army would be fed and equipped), MMT and the SOLIDUS. The Solidus, pure gold would survive up to 1,000 CE… when Frankish gold money started to displace it (and looked more impressive… See the coins in the museum below Notre Dame Parvis in Paris…)

      I don’t see why MMT would be controversial… Obviously correct. The USA could change currency again, for example in war, as it did during the Secession War, with the Greenback…


      • brodix Says:

        It is a promise of value, a contract, an obligation, or no one would take it. The government can make as many such promises as it wants, but eventually they seem like confetti.
        Except for those who collect the most of them, then they own the government.
        Like the bank owns your house, when you take out a home loan and don’t pay it back, ie. make good on your promise.
        Money is a contract, because it is backed by public obligation. What good would it be otherwise? Would you take an IOU from me, if you knew I wasn’t going to give you something in return???
        Debt does matter, or we wouldn’t bother creating so much of it. Gold and bitcoin are commodities, not contracts, because their value is presumed to integral, not as a receipt for some promised value.
        Why is this so hard to understand? Is it just that people simply cannot see what they don’t want to see?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Seems clear to me much private wealth consists into a haughty, greedy parasite borrowing millions to a bank to live in a mansion the bank has paid for, making both the bank and the parasite happier and wealthier… At least on paper…


      • brodix Says:

        Finance is a society’s circulation mechanism, just like government is its central nervous system, ie. executive and regulatory.
        There was a time when government was private, aka monarchy, but that didn’t always work out either.
        Now the bankers are having their moment, but money functions as quantified hope and the two tools of social control are hope and fear. So when the hope and promise mechanism breaks down, then it will be fear that takes over and the generals and police will be in charge, not the bankers.


  2. glouconx Says:

    Great post!

    “Plutocracy has to be annihilated, under all its forms.”

    Cato the Elder concluded his speeches: “Carthage must be destroyed.”
    Today we need leaders who will say: “plutocracy must be annihilated.”

    I like the sound of that.

    Plutocracy must be annihilated!


  3. Gmax Says:

    Love it! Especially that Meghan and hairy Harry are thieves. On the face of it.
    Warren wants to put a 2% wealth tax, above 50 million. That’s not the 100% tax of Rome. Didn’t something like that exist in France? How well is that working there?


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