Say: WEAT, Wealth Economic Activation Tax. Rather Than: “Wealth Tax”.

Applauded in US, Reviled in China:

To justify the mass deportation of maybe as much as a million Chinese (Muslim) Uighurs, the Beijing authorities observed:  “Did they commit a crime? No… It is just that their thinking has been infected by unhealthy thoughts… Freedom is only possible when this ‘virus’ in their thinking is eradicated and they are in good health.

Well, in the West, it is unnecessary to hold such a discourse: the submissives don’t even know the names of their masters… basically the media owners, all wealthy beyond belief. (By the way, the link above is to the New York Times. The real hero is the high level insider in China who leaked the documents. Amusingly, the greatest leaker has been Edward Snowden, who revealed US spy agencies spied on all US citizens with the complicity, conscious or not, of the tech monopolies. Snowden is reviled by the US establishment, the Chinese leaker has already obtained sainthood…)


Plutocrats are not just greedy: they want to put us in chains, because they like us to suffer: 

(This is the little point Rousseau overlooked, earning the scorn of De Sade.) To put us in chains, plutocrats confiscate much of the capital of the economy. (Not just because they want ever more capital, as Marx erroneously believed, but because they are… sadistic). To counteract the evil designs of those addicts of the Dark Side (however unconscious they claim to be), I advocate WEAT. 

In the last few weeks, the conspiracy against Warren has born fruit: she is not first in the polls, even in Iowa, the first state to vote, where Mr. Buttsomegig, apparently one of those pseudo-democrat from the school of pseudo-progress, is now leading. As I explained long ago, the impeachment targets Warren, not Trump. (Nobody seems to understand this.)

Hyper wealth reduces access to property, economy, and democracy for most people. Even health care gets confiscated: plutocrats organize health care as a source of profit. Patients who pay less, get less. I just ordered glasses. I have very high astigmatism. There were ten levels of quality of the lenses, the prices varied from one to five. The lowest level guaranteed a very reduced field of view. The most expensive, made by French Essilor, used special lenses, recut by computer driven laser. Not everybody can afford $500 lenses. If not, much less good vision, with consequences on driving, walking, etc. 

The failure of Obamacare, Reaganism for health care, shows up in the graph of life expectancy. Obama is the life expectancy inflection curve guy…

Obamacare acknowledged the necessity of organizing society around plutocratic profit (a Reagan moral imperative). Thus it compensated for those able to afford ‘less” by bringing in taxpayer money; however Obamacare didn’t change the basic picture, although it confused the issue… dental and eye care was still out of the picture… So was the little detail that Medicare is just 80%…

So the rise of plutocracy, Obamacare, Transferring Assets to Rich People, has corresponded to a lowering of life expectancy. 

One interest of a wealth tax is to reduce this confiscation of much by a few. Just taking wealth and reducing the national debt would reduce economic activity, and increase the worth of wealth, thus confiscate more from the commons, and make the wealthy relatively wealthier, achieving the exact opposite effect. So using a wealth tax to reduce debt… the latter being an obsession of the wealthiest and less economically active, would serve the wealthy, not most of the population. 

Instead, one has to use a wealth tax to augment economic activity and avenues for most people to increase their worth. Some of the wealthy argues that seizing two cents of their wealth would reduce the recycling of their wealth, the recycling of these two cents, into economic activity. A way to avoid this would be to enforce the recycling of 100% of the taxed wealth into economic projects. To avoid this, one should allow no injection of taxed wealth in the general budget. Thus one could present the wealth tax not as a redistribution tax, but a Wealth Economic Activation Tax. WEAT

Thus a wealth tax will have the following beneficial effects on civilization:

  1. Economic Activation of the US wealth tax, the Wealth Economic Activation Tax will be its first effect, forcing money out of the vaults of the wealthy. Those vaults could be bonds, real estate, money losing media… So WEAT will increase what is technically known as the “speed of money”.
  2. Removing even the possibility to plot to confiscate wealth from the general economy, society and democracy will be the second effect, it will inflect the economic organization of society. In today’s society, the plutocrats have so much clout, they establish government for all to see (Davos). Once the wealth tax is in place, connivence of the government and Deep State with plutocracy will be replaced by an adversarial relationship. The Davos mindset will look for what it is: a conspiracy of criminals. 
  3. The Wealth Tax will foster progressive diminution of plutocracy, that is will save civilization from the control of the mentality which a few power obsessed, evil inhabited families impose at all levels of government, and society.  

The wealth tax is a must if we want the biosphere, and, a fortiori, civilization, to survive. The wealth tax is why the Roman Republic lasted five centuries (and arguably longer). Learn from history, to be spared the same catastrophes, just, way bigger, and radioactive too.

Patrice Ayme

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12 Responses to “Say: WEAT, Wealth Economic Activation Tax. Rather Than: “Wealth Tax”.”

  1. Gmax Says:

    If I understand you well plutocracy is not a red v blue or right v left notion. It is more general Democracy is in chains bcs of it. Wealth tax cuts that away


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, all the time books get published and accuse the right of this, that and the other thing, But some of the worst offenders are actually nominally “Democrats”… Look at Biden and Clinton in the 1990s: rejecting FDR as too progressive and then instituting the “New Jim Crow”… Still, Biden is popular among so-called “blacks”…


  2. SDM Says:

    Could not agree more. Wealth tax must be used to inject money back into the economy from the bottom up instead of top down (trickle down con game).
    Medicare needs to be 100% coverage for all to end the profits on disease and promote better health broadly.
    Democracy must be 100% voting rights for all citizens not current mockery.
    Senate and electoral college must be eliminated and Congress expanded to end inequities in representation.
    Universal public college/trade/tech education available to all.
    Infrastructure to enable green energy and public transportation.
    Public-owned banks and reenactment of Glass Steagal.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed to all you propose… But for the elimination of the Senate. Having two chambers creates a meta control.
      The FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX is a a must. Harder of real shares than on derivatives… The derivative market is too big from $22 trillions to $800 Trillions, depending how one looks at it… Its main use is the evasion from the BANKING ACT OF 1933… so-called”Glass-Steagal”… not its proper name. Given its proper name, one would wonder why Clinton reverted FDR… Hey because he was more right wing and rotten and plutophile than FDR himself, who was plenty of all…


      • SDM Says:

        How is it that the senate creates a “meta control”? Today it is just another anti-democratic institution where a small number of citizens get equal representation to much larger population groups.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Any upper chamber meta-controls by definition, since its accord is needed to pass laws. The Senate gives an incentive for poorer, smaller, distant states (Hawai’i) to stay in the Union. The EU tried to engineer something equivalent with just one chamber, by over-representation of smaller states in EC and European Council…

          In the UK, the upper chamber, the Lords, is not elected: that’s bad. I am for the Lords to get elected. In France the Senate is not directly elected, but it is elected nevertheless, and represents localities powerfully. Right now it’s the only opposition/moderation to Presidency and National Assembly… And it has played this role for decades…


  3. SDM Says:

    So democracy is the tyranny of the majority? Or the preferred means of governing?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Tyranny comes from “singlehood”… For example my nickname: tyranosopher, unique-sopher…
      Demo-kratia, people-power, in practice meant for the Greeks many things, including equal rights, equal application of the laws (isonomia), and equal access to speech (hence debate)…. isogoria…
      All this has been forgotten. To be led by a 29 year old bimbo like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is not democracy, it’s parody…


    • SDM Says:

      Why the resort to name calling regarding AOC? Seems below you. Similar such comments earlier regarding Tulsi Gabbard shows a trend here.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        First I sort of withdrew what I said about Gabbard. I have asserted that her position about some wars of choice was, if not justified, certainly contradicted by hypocrites (especially regarding Assad).

        Second, the AOC situation is entirely different. I read her Twitter stream. I replied to some stuff, because she does a lot of bimbo stuff, but NOT the FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX.In reply she, or rather her handlers, manipulated my OWN Twitter stream (Twitter disappeared my calls to AOC to institute a transaction tax… EVEN FROM MY OWN TWEET “PROFILE”). They disappeared my tweets on AOC policy, same as they do when I quote Muslim sacred texts… I mean: even Trump doesn’t do that (I sent more muscular stuff to Trump)

        At some points, snakes have to be called snakes. This sort of media manipulation should be unlawful. AOC is clearly, from my interaction with her at this point, a plant by The Man, that is, Pluto. If she changes her way, support a FTT, I will support her. But, otherwise, tactics such as calling “Islamophobia” (by which they mean WAHABBIOPHOBIA)”racist”… Are just plain anti-civilizational. I am not going to compromise my thought system to look PC, confronted to that. BTW, Obama just said that he would campaign and preside differently now, bcs of the inequality… he is learning… To hear that: pay between 10 K and 350 K…


        • SDM Says:

          Thanks for the response- I am not on twitter so…. In any event, no one is above scrutiny and will look into what you say. No question AOC has been a bit wishy washy so far but generally progressive.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I agree she is wishy washy and generally progressive… But she wants to “hold Wall Street accountable”… When I replied to this, asking for specifics and why she doesn’t apparently want a FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX… My tweets and replies were physically REMOVED… I put the tweets on Facebook first, so i have a record…

            By the way the hot, divorced and Shariatic (?) Omar, whom I officially detest, per her hypocritical Wahhabist pseudo-nature, said recently something I fully agree with… I will support any discourse I fully agree with, even if it’s coming from Hitler, Bill Clinton or even Jimmy Carter…

            Twitter IS useful, properly used. Also to find out who has enough nerve to be a true friend…


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