Mad Bull Lost Its Way

CO2 Craze Is About Cutting Off Oxygen

At this point, the USA has clearly lost its way. Everything is going the wrong way: Obama Wealth Care, Obama NSA, Obama drones, fracking all over, fracking the ground, the world, civilization itself, hiding behind the “Tea Party” … The whole satanic way.

The European Union CO2 pollution, per capita, is less than half that of the USA. France (and a few others) achieve about a third of CO2 pollution, per capita, than the USA. With universal health care, universal free higher education, and 400 km/h (250 mph) trains.

USA, NSA, Oil, Gas, Fracking, Frightening

USA, NSA, Oil, Gas, Fracking, Frightening

Did the USA lost its way earlier? Sure. But it turned out immense profitable. To the USA. Profits are specific, you see.

On May 1, 1914, Colonel House, the adviser of USA president Wilson,  proposed to the spastic German dictator, the crippled, vainglorious Kaiser, an alliance to dominate the world with Britain, deliberately oriented against the “racially inferior French”.

We know what happened next. The four top generals of “Great General Staff” (Großer Generalstab) had already plotted to make a world war before Russia could develop enough with French capital, or the German Socialist party (SPD) could ramp up in power. The irresistible growth of Russia, France and the SPD insured the death of the plutocracy of the “Deutsches Kaiserreich“. Only the miracle of war could extract it from this difficult situation. Why not? With American help?

In early August 1914, the fascists attacked two neutral countries and declared war to Russia and France. Arrogant and hubristic generals, without adult supervision, were in command of Germany. They committed right away mass atrocities in Belgium and the French Republic. Some of these acts, such as slave labor, were in direct violations of the Hague convention.

Those who claim Nazism was a surprise, have obviously not observed the behavior of the German armies in Belgium and France in 1914.

If Germany was such an atrocious dictatorship, how come the French republic and the Royal Navy could not dispose of it quickly?

That’s where, strangely enough, the exploitative mentality, greed is need, of the USA, comes to the fore. 

Let’s leave aside the fact that Germany was twice the size of France, and that Britain had only 150,000 soldiers or so. On paper, Britain and France, with their superior navies, ought to have been able to shut down the Deutsches Kaiserreich right away, cutting off its coal, its food, its cotton. Cotton? Well, cotton was crucial to make explosives. Serious cotton companies were making all their money from varied explosives. Where did that all come from? The USA. Of course. Through Holland. Of course.

And, of course, American Consular Officers were doing their best to feed the Deutsches Kaiserreich with all the commodities the fascists in Berlin needed. The Brits were livid, but they could not do anything.

It’s only after the USA consented to enter the war sometimes in 1917 (after Wilson was re-elected first on the opposite pledge), that Britain and France were able to blockade Germany. By the summer of 1918, French forces, with the help of the Serbs, also cut off the Deutsches Kaiserreich from southern supplies (through the Balkans) condemning it to starvation.

The greed of the USA extended the First World War by three years. OK, it was an excellent deal for the USA. Hey, business is business and the business of the USA is business. Right now, it’s called fracking. NSA too.

Not satisfied with this, American plutocrats basically took command of Germany in the early 1920s, while financing the Nazi Party (even before 1923), at a time when that Party was mostly notable for being full of those who had extended the war, and wanted another go at it (such as the numero uno of that tendency, general in chief Ludendorff).

So now what do we observe?

Turns out that the CO2 monsters, aside from an American pet, feudal Saudi Arabia, are Canada, USA, and Australia. Do you see a pattern?

The USA is turning around its entire economy, thanks to fracking for oil and gas. The USA is already the world’s number one producer of fossil fuel and gas, at about twice its old peak in the distant past. Twenty-two million barrels, each day. CO2: what, me worry?

Australia apparently intents to burn the entire planet, with huge augmentation in its coal production planned immediately ahead. Australians’ thesis is pure exploitationism. Australia is no poor country: GDP per head is much higher than in the USA.

Mad exploiters’ mantra: greed is more important than sense. To demonstrate this better, while Australia is on fire, the Prime Minister, Abbott, confidently declared that it had nothing to do with warming.

What do Canada, the USA and Australia have in common? An institutionalized emotional system justifying and lionizing the taking of entire continents from the Natives. In other words, greed, rapaciousness and over-exploitation as the dominant rant. Or “Rand” as they say in naive Washington. (Ayn “Rand” is a pseudo-philosopher from Russia that serves as brains for the present day USA; she extols titans of greed as those who make society possible; see comments of the preceding essay.)

The USA, as the enormous leader of the pack of uncontrolled greedsters, is clearly at fault. Mad bull has lost its way.

How gone is the mind of the bull? Well, the NSA recorded 70 million private messages of French citizens, in three weeks, a few months ago. All of these recordings are governmental, economic, technical, commercial. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda, everything to do with the rapacious behavior of that giant kleptocracy, the USSR: stealing secrets right and left.

In the latest news, Merkel, the German Chancellor, called Obama to complain that the USA had spied on her cell phone (24 hours later, Obama said the USA was not spying on Merkel’s phone “now”. “Now”: get it. Five minutes ago, yes, now, no.

Oh, by the way, enough with this comfy “global warming” semantics. The problem is CO2 exponentiating up. CO2. Exponentiating. An exponential is a phenomenon that grows at a speed proportional to its magnitude.

Hypoxia, not warming, is the worst problem that lays ahead.  

Half of the oxygen is produced by phytoplankton, and carbonating the ocean with carbonic acid affects it adversely. As the phytoplankton dies, it’s unable to absorb the CO2, thus causing still another non linear, exponentiating effect to augment further the CO2 exponential. 

And all this what for? Because the “democratic Senate of the USA” in 2009 was actually demon controlled, as it refused to approve a scheme to control carbon that the Congress had passed. 

And where was Obama then? On the green, plotting his further financial ascendency. The Obama administration, reaching new heights of perfidy, hautighly declared that fracking and its greenhouse warming methane, CH4, was a “bridge fuel“, cleaner that coal. Well, that’s true. What it forgets to point out is that, like in 1914, coal of the USA is exported massively to other countries. Instead of feeding those who were trying to destroy civilization, now the idea is to destroy the biosphere directly.

In any case, on this most important issue, the survival of the biosphere, the Democratic Party of the USA cannot hide behind the Tea Party, “Republicans”, or lack of bipartisanship. “Demoncratic” is another way to translate plutocratic.

Plutocracy is a ruin of the mind. Watch the top leadership of the USA ordering the killing of civilians by drones.  Even Roman emperor Tiberius was not that bad. By a very long shot. and still, Tiberius’ reputation is terrible, because subsequent Roman historians and writers made a few pointed remarks.

Explicit strikes were dissected by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Apparently strikes were ordered on grand-mothers, and then doubled up by strikes on the little children around.

But who cares about little children, when the entire biosphere is in the crosshairs of greed?


Patrice Ayme

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14 Responses to “Mad Bull Lost Its Way”

  1. EugenR Says:

    Interestingly “The European Union CO2 pollution, per capita, is less than that of the USA. ” and its consumers gasoline price is double of the US prices. It makes the gasoline price-pollution rate relation formula linear with 45º angle. Well not necessarily 45º angle and not linear, yet, what else than sarcasm is left to those few, who are ready to pay personal price to stop this madness. And the gasoline price is only a “fraction” of the problem, that can be defined in few simple slogans like “The engine of the economy is material consumption”, or I have even a better one ” An American Patriot increases it’s spending ” ( George Walker Bush ). Well maybe it is not exactly what he said, but what else could he mean, when giving tax relief as a cure to the economic crisis he sole handed created. Well not sole handed, he had his aids, some highly reputable academics who were used to cover his naked body. O God, show us, where is the kid among the hand clapping mobs.
    Dear Patrice, you never fail to mention the Plutocracy and their crimes to humanity, yet the mobs are not out of the game too. You can’t expect from those, whose intellectual powers are completely enchanted by the local sport and Hollywood heroes, to act differently. The salvation of the humanity lays in the intellectual spirituality of the mobs. As Lenin said once, Education, Education, Education (Who knows whot his intentions were. After all the best intentions are the shortest way to Hell ).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: You are entirely right that the plutos are nothing without the mobs.

      Yet, the mobs repeat what they have been told to say by their masters, they feel what their masters induced them to feel, etc. Lenin, considering what he did (Robespierre like madness made worse, with concentration camps, something Robespierre did not do… plus giving the country to Stalin…)

      Sometimes mobs act on their own, true, as with the initial massacres of Jews in June 1941 in the East. But they always have been programmed by erroneous systems of thought, before. In this case the mass murdering hatred of Christianity for anything that’s not Christianity.

      G W Bush indeed asked people to go shopping after 9/11.

      I attack systems of thoughts. One such system is that the USA only helped with WWI, WWII, and Nazism. Well, that’s the opposite of the initial truth. It’s the usual trick of the pyromaniac setting up the fire she/he can then fight. There was a huge blaze in Colorado a few years back… caused deliberately by a woman firefighter.


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    It is now clear that the USA is falling into the Dark Side, like matter into a black hole. All indicators of badness in the USA are booming.

    From social inequality, to bombing civilians, to spying on the world for stealing business and economic information, science and techniques, to CO2 production (exporting coal massively), to the failed pseudo health care reform, everything is getting significantly worse than before.

    Time to do something about it, if the USA does not want to become a rogue nation.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      So this is what fascinates me as a ‘new boy’ to America and that is what’s your guess as to the most likely, say top 3, outcomes in the next 5 years?

      Because the one thing I can’t help noticing is the almost universal reaction from the good people one meets in one’s daily life. A reaction ranging from extreme annoyance all the way through to deep anger.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Paul: The Europeans are also angry, but many are on the take from the United Stasi… France and Germany are on the same frequency: I just saw Angela and Francois, eye to eye a few inches away talking to each other, before tenderly kissing twice. Those two are in love.

        France’s privacy laws are the toughest in the world (that’s why UK tabloids sue there!). Merkel also pointed out the state was not allowed to intrude (without legal cause).

        I don’t see much anger in the USA. It’s only now that the New York Times, literally in the last two days is starting to discover the obvious, namely that Obamacare is tuly OBAMACRAP.

        We will not get anywhere without deep anger. But I’m afraid the most important thing USA citizens know is that the unemployment rate in the dakotas is nearly zero, thanks to fracking.


        • Paul Handover Says:

          Would disagree with you with regard to anger in the US. It’s as unscientific a polling method as it goes …. but the vast majority of people that one meets out shopping, behind the counters of small businesses, neighbours, strangers, et al have a similar response to me.

          It’s this. My accent and obvious ‘Britishness’ often elicits a “what brings you to Oregon?” question. If I slip into my reply, as I usually do, the phrase, “Interesting times!”, or “Funny old world.” the body language of the asking person says it all.

          Good decent American people are deeply unhappy.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Maybe they are unhappy, but the nature of the disease has been misdiagnosed. It seems to me, that, what we need, first, is at least the elements of DIRECT DEMOCRACY that Switzerland is endowed with.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am not into making business plans. Anything could happen. Mainline thinkers were all crowing, last week, that next years’ elections will see the crushing of the GOP. But few things feel less sure to me. If Obamacare implodes, as it seems it may, anything, really anything, could happen.

        Meanwhile Taiwanese justice just condemned Samsung for paying bloggers to trash its Chinese competitor in smart phones, htc.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    That the will to stupidity, because of greed, is not an accident, is what has to be understood, before we can move forward in a significant way. Or, more exactly, save our civilization from annihilation.


  4. Joseph Furtenbacher Says:

    Say, Patrice, care to attempt to convince me that I shouldn’t start trashing you and Kruggers all over the Net for poaching my comments and serving them up piping hot to your own respective choirs without credit where credit is (long over)due? If so, my inbox – – or even my own WordPress blog – (where I promise not to approve for publication anything you say without your express written consent) – are always open to you, or at least they will be until I shut ’em down for good when my ISP contract (paid yearly) runs out next spring. Bad enough that I pay $1.50/lb for catfood (fifty cents more than I pay for a pound of (admittedly, taurineless) chicken wieners for myself), without paying $5/month for a steady diet of bad faith (which, unlike on the upslope of a civilization, is *actually* the quickest way to Hell).

    If not, no need to reply; I’ll take that (perhaps understandably) as a ‘No’. Would be nice, though, to be wrong for once – it’s been so long since any of my predictions failed to come true, I’m thinking I should change my name to Cassandra, though I probably won’t, since (unlike you) I’m not at all ashamed of my gender… Cassandro, perhaps? Hmm… I’m thinking most people probably wouldn’t get it…

    Cheers – or perhaps I should say, Cheerio…

    p.s. Oh, and as for ol’ G.W., I find from my records (during the time I was playing the stock market like a yo-yo, and it was, at the moment, DOWN) that I had this to say on Huffpo:

    Dow Jones Plunges 513 Points, Suffering Worst Single-Day Drop Since October 2008

    Commented Aug 4, 2011 at 21:06:56 in Business

    Well, I heard that George W. Bush was seen in a shopping mall… don’t know if he was wearing his flightsuit or not.

    HITO on Aug 4, 2011 at 21:09:04

    he was looking for place to hang a banner

    Needawinner on Aug 4, 2011 at 21:10:04

    Lets hope he was taking the last train to the coast

    Ha! Not bad, eh?


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    So the change we can believe in turned out to have been ever more plutocracy.

    How did we get there? By blind adulation of Obama, and the refusal to see what the government was doing when the so called “democrats” had total control in 2009. Namely, they were doing nothing important, arguing disingenuously that they had no “bipartisanship”. As if they had been elected to become “bipartisan”: half democrat, half plutocrat.

    They did not even try universal health care. Instead they came out with… Hmm… Should we call it “Obama Wealth Care”?


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