No Ideology But Greed

Standard & Poors, the most prominent USA rating agency, which pretends to rate, if not rule, the world, has downgraded France. Same S&P which used to give AAA ratings to banks too big to flail… until the moment they went bankrupt in 2008. Same reason, as we will see, to downgrade France than there was, and is, to praise the banksters.

Because France hurt the plutocrats, and threatens to hurt them much more, insults are in order. Warren Buffet, America’s own grand father, owns S&P, S&P barks. Good doggie.

S&P (Sadist & Posh?) claims that  “France hasn’t carried out the reforms that will enhance its medium-term growth prospects“. Another factor is the inchoating agitation of the French plebs, says S&P. The Sans Culottes are rising, S&P disapproves. Meanwhile Great Britain keeps it AAA rating. Although Britain has clearly performed less well. Here are the French and British per capita GDP:

Britain: Lower GDP Than France, Absolutely, Comparatively, Overall & Also Recently

Britain: Lower GDP Than France, Absolutely, Comparatively, Overall & Also Recently

The plutocrats are the party of no taxes to themselves, hence no government by and especially for, the people. They can only hate, with all consuming passion, that the French Republic has brought up taxes to 75% on those earning more than a million euros.

The truly abominable French idea behind this was to enforce equality and decrease debt. As it is France has a lower deficit than the USA. The USA is suffering sequestration, a slash and burn cutting-into-the-muscle of the country, reduction in spending. Whereas France suffers indignities from a few anxious soccer stars and one demented actor with, apparently, an alcohol soaked trunk, in the middle of his face.

British total debt (98% GDP) is worse than France’s. Amazingly the British and USA deficits (= the rate at which debt grows) are about 6%, or nearly TWICE the French deficit. Here is the evolution of French & British Debt Per GDP:

Britain: More Debt Than France In Spite Of Astronomical Tuition "Public" Universities

Britain: More Debt Than France In Spite Of Astronomical Tuition “Public” Universities

What the plutocrats are afraid of is that such tax margins on high salaries will spread. And then what? With heavy taxes all over, plutocrats would just disappear. That would be the extinction of the species that has come (erroneously) to define itself as the pinnacle of civilization, the very engine of creation (insisted Ayn Rand, and her bleating followers).

And why is Great Britain so valued, although it performs worse than France?

The Tax Justice Network came up with the answer: with its overseas territories (Isle of man, Anglo-Normand isles, British Virgin Islands, etc.), Great Britain is the world number one tax heaven. This explains why plutocrats love London. The plutocratic mayor of new York has a 50 million dollars residence in London; he pays just $3,000 in taxes (yes three thousands; meanwhile schools close in London, from lack of funding).

I of course, beg to disagree, I think the USA is an even worse tax haven… for worldwide plutocrats.  It’s a den of thieves, and no propaganda is too low, too base, too outrageous. As a German Chancellor who came to incarnate the Dark Side put it: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep repeating it, and ultimately they will believe it.”

What mainstream economy has been hammering, that big, simple lie, is that the market decides everything, and decides it for the best, it’s god. However, most of the “market” power is held by the plutocrats, either directly through their increasing purchasing power, or indirectly, through their paid propagandists and pet politicians. So indeed, it’s all ideology. Plutocratic ideology. And the ground state of plutocratic ideology is that it hates the French Republic.

Says Krugman in “Ideological Ratings” (thanks Kroog for the graphs!):

…”where is this coming from?

I’m sorry, but I think that when S&P complains about lack of reform, it’s actually complaining that Hollande is raising, not cutting taxes on the wealthy, and in general isn’t free-market enough to satisfy the Davos set. Remember that a couple of months ago Olli Rehn dismissed France’s fiscal restraint — which has actually been exemplary — because the French, unacceptably, are raising taxes rather than slashing the safety net.

So just as the austerity drive isn’t really about fiscal responsibility, the push for “structural reform” isn’t really about growth; in both cases, it’s mainly about dismantling the welfare state.

S&P may not be participating in this game in a fully conscious way; when you move in those circles, things that in fact nobody knows become part of what everyone knows. But don’t take this downgrade as a demonstration that something is really rotten in the state of France. It’s much more about ideology than about defensible economic analysis.


Why is the French Republic so frightening to plutocrats? Because, as France is the sister Republic to the USA, they are afraid that French solutions too friendly to equality will be applied in the USA too (something about 1789).

Ever since May 1, 1914, a flood of venom and viciousness has been directed at the French Republic by all too many USA based plutocrats. Result: two world wars, a few holocausts, and counting. But it will not be over, until the fat lady sings.


Patrice Ayme

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14 Responses to “No Ideology But Greed”

  1. Dominique Deux Says:

    Yesterday I was listening to an economist on the radio. Not an habit of mine, as these guys usually are shills for the banking system (and do not hide it; he fronted for Natexis). But I was driving and did not bother…

    After the usual and expected hammering about how S&P was dead right about the “need to reform” and “Government inefficiency”, he then paused and said “still, on the basis of the US and UK performance, it’s hard to see why France was singled out for punishment.” And he did add “There’s Anglo-Saxon bias at work there.”

    I hope that leftist was fired!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The “Anglo-Saxon” bias started when colonel House (not really a colonel), USA president Wilson’s right arm went to the Kaiser on May 1, 1914, and proposed to the German dictator an accord for world domination that would exclude the “racially inferior French”.

      This is the road Ford (disclosure: I drive a Ford), Rockfeller, etc. would soon follow with the German caporal they found for themselves.

      Me what I want to do is fire Natexis. I actually have observed a plastic surgery French young brat going to one of best American private universities whose father works at Natexis. he is escaping the 75% tax bu working in New York…

      Fortunately the highly capable brat, who could have made a career in biology, went into finance, because she is greedy, and we are going to organize the anti-Pluto revolution before she can make the really big bucks…


  2. EugenR Says:

    S&P, Moody’s, Fitch all the same. Amazingly they still exist and prosper in-spite of their obvious criminality that makes Arthur Anderson’s collaboration with the Enron criminals a pussy cat case.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They exist, those private rating agencies, precisely because they are part of the general Plutocratic conspiracy, where Plutocratic values are extolled (WE EVALUATE BETTER, we, private servants of greed).


  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Well done, Patrice! This is an essay I understand! 😉

    I will go on to speculate (pontificate?) that there’s this tiny little thread of an idea in my mind about 2014. It’s the year of the centenary of the start of The Great War, the Great War of Europe that is. It’s the year for US elections. It could just be the year that ‘the fat lady sings’!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You see Paul, i actually scrambled to write an essay you understood, thanks to the complicity of Standard & Poors! There are conspiracies out there.
      My prediction is that in 2014, Obama will show his true face, President of the Tea Party.

      It is never said enough that the “great war” was a pure and direct plot of the German elite, true Plutos if there ever were some. And that the collective crimes rests definitively on the common emotions, thoughts and habit of the common German, or Austrian, of a century ago. Even Freud was all excited, an obvious case of penis envy, with the gun filling all his aspirations (he was much less excited 6 weeks later, as the German army was nearly annihilated at the Marne).

      It is never said enough that the USA prevented France and the UK to strangle the Kaiserreich right away, and then profitted immensely, before coming to the rescue of victory in Fall 1918.

      The Germans have studied the error of their ways, the history of the USA does not even speak of them.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    75% tax on incomes above one million euros in France makes the plutocrats and their servants hysterical. That’s all you need to know about S&P’s hatred of France.

    The French Republic has a whole array of proposals to dismantle the world plutocracy, that’s what is wrong with France.

    Also don’t forget it has the world’s best universal health care. And that France is nine times Sweden, and has more young people that Germany and that Airbus is based in Toulouse. It’s all about France becoming a deadly enemy of plutocracy.

    Anglo-Saxon plutocrats have viewed France with undisguised hatred since May 1, 1914.


  5. guylucazeau Says:

    You idealize, the income politics of Hollande. actually we still wait for a true ” fiscal reform” able to achieve equity. When such a reform is made, France should get a CCC, but for the moment Holland is flabby, flabby, flabby.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bonjour Guy, et bienvenue aux commentaires! Pourriez-vous avoir l’obligeance de preciser votre pensee? I agree Hollande is flabby, flabby, flabby, in many ways, but it’s hard to see what else he could do. He was/is tough with Suisse. An important paradigm.

      Don’t forget that mon bon ami Obama est au service du diable. And he is not the only one that way among the USA leadership. The entire USA “left” is bought by plutocrats: see the Obamascare circus. And, if you don’t get it, watch for that predator drone out there.

      Not all USA leaders are rotten: Brown, Warren, and the senator of Vermont stand out, but they are mostly ignored by the mainstream propaganda. Apres que j’ai proteste’ au New York Times sa censure des commentaires, ils ont replique’ en me proposant une reduction enorme sur mon abonnement…


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Let them eat cake! … An invention, in the sense that Marie Antoinette did not say it… But Marie-Therese, wife of Louis XIV did. In any case the quote fit the plutocratic mentality perfectly.

    Thus people believed that M-A did profer it… Because of her extravagant spending and of those around her (including the cardinal in the Affaire du Collier).

    On ne prete qu’aux riches, et parfois il vaut mieux leur preter plus que ce qu’ils demandent…


  7. Plutocracy Rising, Demos Sinking | Some of Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] In truth, the common ideology in the Anglo universe, revised by the West Country Men,  was relentless exploitation, of whatever could be exploited. […]


  8. MassPathFinder Says:

    Dear Patrice,
    as I need to be more comprehensive,
    I prefer write in french.
    Une différence fondamentale de la France par rapport aux autres pays tient a sa particularité : les nombre et la dissémination des communes. Telle une hydre, chaque villes, chaque village est une tête ayant en mémoire le sentiment de liberté, de démocratie.
    Ce système semble être intrinsèquement très stable pour la sauvegarde de la démocratie et peut être de la « liberté ». Un sanctuaire.
    On pourrait craindre, a la vue des sondages (fameux sondages!!) : 24 % des Français en arrivent a penser que la démocratie n’est peut etre pas la meilleure façon de gouvernance… Mais quand les Français, peuple des Lumières pense dictature, (appelons un chat, un chat) il l’imagine éclairée, à la « De Gaulle », . Un démocrate qui ne gouverne pas avec des méthodes démocratiques.Mais intègre et honnête; avec une « idée » de la France. Un « vrai » dictateur ne rend pas les manettes de « son » pays.
    Encore bien, mater de force une hydre est difficilement envisageable.
    Les grands ensembles pourraient peut etre etre « confiné » de force, mais que faire avec une telle multitude d’entité ?
    Cette logique vaut également pour ce qui est de la « manipulation » des masses auquel on assiste aujourd’hui. Ces masses se trouvent dans les grands centre urbains. Elles ont souvent besoin de grand rassemblement, de “messe” pour une conversion efficace.
    Une population disséminée a plus d’inertie, plus de stabilité.
    Les élus, sont des élus de petites entités. Je critiquais cette architecture très consommatrice en élus et en fonctionnaires. Mais, bien que du gras soit certainement à retirer, je la défends aujourd’hui.
    Notre député vient a notre fête de village (200 habitants). Il a intérêt a avoir les bonnes réponses, lorsqu’il prend sa bière à la buvette ! Sinon, ça risque de barder aux élections.
    Aujourd’hui l’abstention bat des records..
    Personnellement je vote à tout les scrutins. Quelques fois je mets le 2 bulletins dans l’enveloppe, mais j’accomplis « l’acte ». De plus en plus ne se déplacent plus. En réaction aux « négligences » de nos « dirigeants ».

    Il est amusant de voir qu’un excès de zèle du fameux « diviser pour mieux régner » se sera finalement révélé la meilleure arme pour résister à ceux qui veulent aujourd’hui encore régner sur nos destinés.
    Le troupeau, quand il n’est pas parqué, est plus dur a traire.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      France with her 36,000 communes may have as many communes as the rest of the EU… Indeed.

      Amusingly, in Eastern Ukraine, the countryside speaks Ukrainian, closer to Polish than Russian… The cities speak Russian more (as Stalin stuffed them with Russians).

      Ou est situe’ votre village?

      La democratie actuelle n’est pas une democratie. Je pense qu’il faut imiter la Suisse et passer a la democratie directe, avec des politiciens non professionels. En France ou aux USA. J’ai ecrit des essais la dessus.


  9. MassPathFinder Says:

    My village is placed 20 km south-west of Montbéliard. It was a “bi-partie” village during “Spanish”-Habsbourg occupation of Franche-Comté, which has been blow during the “10 year war” (the specific Franche-Comté part of th “30 year war”).
    So I’m close of Suisse… Suisse, and her “démocratie diecte”. And her professional politicien, closely (more than in France) working with bank and multi-national group. (see for exemple : Christoph Blocher, and the other). And her nazi-bank story. And her very strong french-racism (I personnaly live this situation few times) And her “ego” : I remember a Helvetian article where some of theirs “conseillé federal”; we can read that they talk about themselves as “the richest country in the world” who did’nt need economical lesson from the “worst student” of the classeroom. (that make me remember of what my brother do, when, younger, we play monopoly. He always want to be the bank, he say : I want to be the bank, for being the richest, as swiss…and he was in truth in fac!! They think the same)
    Direct democraty is only a tool. As a tool, they’re is no good tool ou bad tool. Only good or bad utilisation of tool.
    (amazingly, some place of Haut-Jura keep ancient tradition for mayor election : only men participe to a (today symbolic) sword combat !!)


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