Fuck Europe!

So said Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland discussing the political situation in Ukraine with the USA Ambassador Geoff Pyatt.

Nuland said: “I don’t think it’s a good idea” for opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko to be given a role in the government. She then tells Pyatt that the United Nations agreed to send someone to help “glue” the deal.

And you know, fuck the EU,” Nuland says.

Exactly,” Pyatt said.

The More We Fuck Europe, The Richer We Get

The More We Fuck Europe, The Richer We Get

Yes, I know, “Fuck Europe” has long been the master idea of the USA. “Fuck Europe!” is the main policy of the USA, ever since that pragmatic entity refused to pay even a symbolic penny of the colossal, many trillion dollar debt owed for the war France made to Britain, that created the USA.

(As a result, Louis XVI’s Ancient Regime fell, and Europe was engulfed in war for 25 years, a real problem that the USA could have alleviated by threatening the shaky British government of the fanatically anti-French Pitts, when it invaded France.)

“Fuck Europe!” was also the main idea of the Monroe doctrine, according to which the USA owned the Americas. That was enforced with a war of the USA against Spain, culminating in the forced sale of the Philippines to the USA in the Treaty of Paris of 1898 (Filipinos had not been consulted, so the USA made a terrible war to them, for 5 years, to insure that plutocrats from the USA could profit handsomely from the mines of the Philippines; a generation later, the top general of the USA would conclude that “war is a racket“).

“Fuck France!” was the proposal Colonel House, representing USA president Wilson, made to the Kaiser, dictator of Germany, on June 1, 1914. An alliance, a worldwide co-government of the USA, Germany and Britain, against the “racially inferior French” was proposed to the mentally unstable Kaiser. One may as well have agitated a piece of meat in the face of a crazed, starving lion.

The Kaiser attacked, deliberately launching a world war. Luxembourg, Belgium and France were invaded. But the Netherlands was left untouched. That was a crafty trick that made the fortune of the USA, while raping Europe through the agency of the worst plutocrats.

Indeed it allowed the USA to get rich by feeding and  supplying the otherwise blockaded Germany (Britain and France controlled the seas, and would have quickly starved Germany, as they did in 1918… but for the pro-Kaiser, pro-plutocratic, pro-fascist intervention of the USA, deliciously called “isolationism“).

“Fuck Europe” was again the program of the USA, starting in 1919, at the Paris Conference that culminated in the Versailles Treaty. That Treaty freed Eastern Europe from subjugation to Germany and Austria, and also freed minorities, such as the Jews from aforesaid racial subjugation. The USA, in accord with most other Anglo-Saxon plutocrats (led by Lord Keynes) sabotaged the Versailles Treaty as much as possible, and the Society of nations in charge of overlooking it, while, at the same time confiscating German property and redistributing it under un-documented circumstances, to American plutocrats.

“Fuck Europe” went on with the incredible support to the Nazis provided by the most powerful men in the USA, including Congress and the president (FDR). More “isolationism”. Literally, without American support, Hitler would have been quickly defeated, or even unable to move.

Moreover Hitler’s 10,000 generals would have done away with him, if they had seen the USA allying itself to France and Britain. However, as long as Hitler had the support of the USA, said generals did not know where their patriotic duty was! (After all, in 1935, Britain had signed a “Fuck France!” treaty with Hitler; so German generals had not even know where Britain stood until Britain followed France, and gave Hitler an ultimatum in summer 1939.)  

“Fuck Europe” was also the policy at Yalta: Churchill, Roosevelt and their administrations proposed half of Europe to the ursine Stalin. A bear is always hungry. Yet, there was no necessity to feed the Georgian thug: Western forces had 16 million soldiers, fresh, but experienced, plus superior military technology the USSR did not have (computers, radars, proximity fuses, jets, atom bombs). Soviet forces were exhausted, and had depended upon Western supplies. Moreover the main Soviet military commander, the prestigious Joukov, was known to be hostile to Stalin.

President Roosevelt, though, made clear that he wanted to own all and any of the ex-European empires. The best way to do that was to fuck Europe by giving half of it to Stalin. Speaking of Britain he said: ”All they want to do is recover Singapore.”

Then, of course there was the Suez Canal incident, in 1956. Khrushchev, allied to Eisenhower, threatened to atom bomb Paris and London. As a warm-up, Khrushchev, who had been Stalin’s personal butcher at Stalingrad, invaded Hungary with his tanks, killing 40,000 or so, and subjugating We The People. His accomplice, president Eisenhower blocked in the UN Security Council by the British and French vetoes, went to the UN General Assembly to get its client regimes to condemn France, Britain and Israel.

“Fuck Europe!” has been the master policy. It was long kept under cover, thus evading direct critique. At least, now, it should be clear for all to hear.

Patrice Aymé


Notes: 1) Some told me “She said fuck the EU, not fuck Europe.” The distinction is as silly:”Fuck the USA, not America.”

2) When the “Fuck Europe” policy was fully effective, the growth of the USA was 3.3% average annualized. As the EU ramped up in power, the growth of the USA collapsed to 1.5%.

3) Right now, the USA is fracking monstrously, without stressing about how much methane is emitted. Thanks to 20,000 fracking wells, there is independent scientific evidence of gigantic continent-sized methane leaks over the entire middle and southern USA. Now, above 3% leakage, methane is worse than coal. There goes Obama’s “bridge fuel”.

Bridge fuel to hell. In this case, the policy is more like:”Fuck the Planet”. A generalization, I guess, of “my way to hell, or the highway!”

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15 Responses to “Fuck Europe!”

  1. gmax Says:

    We are all Indians, aber Amerika ist wunderbar, as Ramstein said!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      For those who don’t know, Ramstein, a mock Nazi German rock group made a song about America with a wunderbar video that is quite funny (they are singing on the Moon as mock astronauts with space suits lent from… the USA).


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    … not to mention the “Quasi-War”.

    When the US public followed its media into a bashing binge about Iraq, harping on French ungratefulness 50+ years after WWII, I liked to remind those few left with an open mind that, barely 20 years after the US entered into a Treaty of Eternal Friendship, it blithely left a beleaguered France to its own devices against the US’ former oppressor… and its own devices were awfully few in number, being called Bonaparte. The creature, after all, of US and UK Tories (Whigs were quite another story and would have produced another history). No Pitts, no need for a Napoleon.

    Yet the feeling of overall and long-lasting friendship between the two peoples is still there. Not wholly an illusion, I think. And I hope.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The naive and grossly uneducated in history do not realize that 420,000 USA citizens died in World War Two mostly because of the machinations of the plutocrats of the USA.

      Same holds for WWI.


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    Nuland said “fuck the EU” not “Europe”. There are some who would argue there’s quite a difference. The EU started as the geopolitical embodiment of Europe, and ended up a gutted ruin, conquered, occupied and looted by the Chicago Boys Brotherhood. In effect Nuland is kicking her own lapdog in the ribs, for daring to yip from time to time. Europe itself is not on her radar.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: With all due respect, a distinction without a difference. And by the way, the Americans were not attacking their boys at the EC.

      Well, she was fucking Europe by fucking the EU, and doing it the old fashion way, namely conspiring with the Stalinists against democracy.

      One could argue, disingenuously, that, when Kruschev/Eisenhower was threatening to atom bomb Paris and London, it was just a coincidence, and not something against Europe, as the EU did not exist, yada, yada, yada…

      Europe, the European Union is not just the EC (European Commission). It’s also CERN, Arianespace, ESA, the organization for millions of studying abroad, Erasmus, it’s also Europol, and so on, and so forth.

      It’s the EC that has become the Chicago suburb. We will see for how long. The guy in charge of economics at the EC is actually extreme right wing, and so on.

      Catherine Ashton, to my total surprise, has been effective, and very pro-Europe. Null-land was raging and plotting against Europe in the old fashion way, by taking the side of Vladimir Stalin, I mean Joseph Putin, also known as Vladimir First, The Small.


  4. Lovell Says:

    It’s the EC that has become the Chicago suburb. We will see for how long. The guy in charge of economics at the EC is actually extreme right wing, and so on.

    And the troika is still imposing austerity economics in a continent wracked by depression level suffering. Spain has 26% unemployment rate.

    What are those Austrian schoolboys thinking?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Lovell! It’s actually amazing. The IMF, that is LAGARDE, is now posing as left wing. I mean real left wing, not fascist military hyper right wing like Paul Krugman, the big banks shill.

      What I have argued is “If You Want To Save the World, Please Default!”


      This is actually what Lagarde has been advocating ever more loudly in the last year or so. This is the correct policy. However the Chicago Boys in Brussels, who are paid for their fascist, exploitative, plutophile opinions, are strongly disagreeing.

      Thanks the Demos, the next European Parliament will elect the head of the EC.


      If it were the case now, as the Socialist Martin Schultz (SPD) heads the Parliament, his man, or himself, would be the head of the EC, instead of the present fascist plutophile (Barroso and his accomplices; Barroso is Portuguese, and Portugal is bleeding to death… While Chicago is doing OK…)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW I boosted the essay meanwhile… The Chicago Boys think and feel just like Al Capone and the bootleggers used to. Just better. More like Joe Kennedy. They think times are good, and Davos is colder than the Caribbean. But, with long range private jets, it’s no big deal.


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    Fuck Japan too?



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Kevin! I am going to read that.

      But let me say this first. As I have indicated in a recent essay (and I had a full one all ready, with lots of extremely politically incorrect details therein), with PM Abe, Japan is definitively choosing the Dark Side.

      Imagine a shrine with 98% Nazis (or soldiers having pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler). Then imagine Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Goebbels and Rosenberg (hanged at Nuremberg), Marshalls Keitel and Jodl (also hanged), and the like. And then imagine Angela Merkel and her entire government going there with all the media to pay her respects. Even imagining this, comes short of the truth of what PM Abe did.

      So, now, this is going to have long term consequences. If Japan gets fucked, it will be for good reason: it learned strictly nothing important from World War Two.


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