Hate Euro, Hate Union

Here we have Paul Krugman invited at a European Union conference, to inject his anti-European venom. Why don’t they invite Putin instead? I am sure Vladimir The Invader would be all for the Euro. After all, he is all for a greater union. Instead, Paul Krugman harbors unfathomable rage against that European currency he abhors.

Is it not nice? Instead of speaking of the banks that caused the crisis, and the bankers who made from it, like the bandits they are, we are going to talk about… A currency?

Whether he understands it, or not, Paul Krugman is paid to do that. To hate the Euro. That’s what his position in life is, to be employed by vast and influential plutocratic organizations (Princeton University and the New York Time). To hate the Euro also comes with his location (just south of Wall Street). Location, location, location.

American Economists Tell Europe: All You Need Is Dollars, Forget A Currency Of Your Own

American Economists Tell Europe: All You Need Is Dollars, Forget A Currency Of Your Own

A proof of Krugman’s lunatic hostility to Europe? He relates, and subsequently erupts uncontrollably: ”Barroso [EC chief] just declared that the euro had nothing to do with the crisis, that it was all failed policies at the national level; a few minutes ago he said that Europe’s real problem is a lack of political will.

This is quite amazing, in a really bad way.

Sorry, but depression-level slumps didn’t happen in Europe before the coming of the euro.”

What? I beg your pardon? Elitism is most useful to the global plutocracy. You bring a so called expert such as Krugman, and Big Lies become reality. What’s the difference between that and holocaust denial? I will argue, not much.

What is Krugman going to say next? Sorry, but holocausts “didn’t happen in Europe before the coming of the Euro”?

Reality check: here we have a self-declared, and unanimously applauded specialist of the Great Depression, Nobel Laureate in economics, who proclaims there was no Great Depression, just because it serves his apparently uncontrollable rage against Europe.

It will be interesting to see if he modifies his “European Green Lanterns” post after reading the complaint I sent him. Here it is:

Barroso is history. No doubt a bank or hedge fund is getting ready to employ him.

Curiously, you, Paul Krugman, forgot about the Great Depression of the 1930s. That was before the Euro. It led to a war that killed more than 70 million people (3% of the world population then).

Are you, Paul Krugman, aware that your position on the Euro is somewhat on the right of Marine Le Pen? In her saner moments, Marine just wants to devaluate the Euro itself. (The Euro’s value, built on the long range average of the French Franc is supposed to be one dollar, not 50% higher.)

It is the fact banks got bailed out, instead of bailed-in that caused the sovereign debt crisis. Spain had only 37% debt to GDP before it.

The correct way to do economics within the European house is to create a strong BANKING UNION, which will precisely prevent the bail-outs of wealthy financiers before we sell their private jets and castles.

(Right now only the weakest Banking Union is set-up, mostly because Germany has lots of small near bankrupt banks crucial to her economy. So the BU concentrates only on large banks, and, even then, meekly.)

The incorrect way to do economics within the European house, is to go back to competitive devaluations which, besides stealing the common people, are a way to make war. Economic war, perhaps, but war, nevertheless.

And war of a sort is obviously a preparation for the real thing. It is no accident that the USA marched into its lethal Secession War to the tune of many banks and currencies. (That war killed also 3% of the population.)

During the Secession War, one of the first action of Washington was, as a prelude to unification by force, to forcefully impose a currency for the Union. The present process in Europe is not any different. It’s just more pacific. Paul Krugman, by stridently howling against the Euro, is howling against the Union, and it’s amazing he is invited to do so. Why not visit the local hyena house instead?

Denying the Euro is denying the Union. It’s great for economists based next to Wall Street, and who depend upon Wall Street funding (Krugman, Stiglitz, and all others from Washington to Boston).

But denying the European Union is an invitation to war, some more war, on European soil. Happily many European leaders feel this in their guts.

Sadly, some Americans still believe that competitive devaluations are the way to go, and that it is moral to propose it, that is, to propose more holocausts on European soil.

Economically, it makes sense: the USA’s astounding wealth and power blossomed after the implosion of Europe that the desperate war against fascism from 1914 to 1945 brought. The USA made a huge amount of capital in the Twentieth Century by feeding food and ammunition materials  to the Kaiser in World War One.

World War Two was more of the same, hundreds of American corporations, such as, for example IBM, working for the Nazis right through the entire war (and providing services to the Nuremberg trials of some of their top collaborators!).

Let me ask this to Paul Krugman: after we have devaluated currencies, what do we devalue next? Do we devalue Peoples? Is it not, in a sense what Hitler did, after devaluating the German currency? Did he not devalue People? How could that not be the next step?

First put People’s worth in the incinerator, then, if that’s not enough, put the People themselves therein. Then what? Inherit the world. That’s Krugman’s program, pushed to its logical, final solution.

Indeed, a devaluation devalues the People of that nation’s wealth. Krugman advocates doing this. In other words, not content with having taxpayers pay for the thievery of the wealthiest, Krugman wants to make all of We the Common People even poorer by devaluating whatever we have left.

Of course, during the devaluation process, hedge funds located next to Krugman’s home, would make a killing, shorting everything: shares, bonds, currency. What would be next in this Krugman scheme? Oh, we have seen it many times. It’s a sort of American made breathing.  The hedge fund would keep on shorting those nations, until everything is just cents to the Euro.

Then, having made a fortune, they will invite Krugman over, and serve him caviar and champagne, in a spirit of communion.

But it won’t be over, we have seen it many times. While those countries are broke, American investors, armed with their strong dollar, will swoop in, like the vultures they are.

Americans, armed with their strong dollar, the one and only reserve currency (once Krugman got his way, and destroy the Euro). Americans will buy the land, as they did in a similar situation in Patagonia, horizon to horizon, singing on all rooftops that they are doing good. Then those hyper wealthy individuals will employ the newly destitute People, and extent the empire of the USA. Then they can invite Krugman, to howl against the Natives some more.

It is just one huge system of thought. Krugman has proclaimed many times that the activity of hedge funds had strictly no impact on the real economy. That of course goes hand in hand with shorting countries as they pull out of the Euro.

Krugman has also claimed, many times, that the fact the Dollar was the world’s reserve currency was not advantageous to the USA (in spite of Keynes being stridently of the opposite opinion, and trying his best to prevent a king dollar). I can’t tell if it’s out of genuine stupidity, or deep disingenuity.


Big American money hates France, and the European Union. Should not it be time for some hate-back on the part of Europeans, after they turned the other cheek for decades, until they got dizzy?  Can we start by telling it as it is about Krugman and company? That, unbeknownst to themselves, perhaps, in the guise of comparative economics, by hating the Euro, they foster bloody separatism, and holocausts?

Patrice Aymé

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18 Responses to “Hate Euro, Hate Union”

  1. gmax Says:

    Krugman claims he loves the EU, but he has not enough knowledge and understanding to understand what he really says. He says there should be NO Union in Europe


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yeap, it’s pathetic. He really believes he is doing good. As I said, it’s a whole package.
      Dominique, and others, will say I should not attack Krugman, that it is only to the benefit of Plutos. However, de facto, I think what Krugman is saying as bad as what the worst on the right are saying, on that subject.


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    Two comments really

    (1) Euro-hatred is part of the Euroseptic (not a typo) propaganda which has invaded Europe as part of a strategy to destroy it. Well-funded, well organized, strident, bearing all the marks of a covert operation.

    CIA funding is an old fixture of European politics. I’m not being paranoid; I once was President of a student union with such funding.

    (2) It is very unfortunate that Krugman, with otherwise sane views (notably on austerity, on inequality and on French performance as opposed to French-bashed reporting), is stuck on that no-brainer. As you know, the less rational a position, the more dearly held. But this adds hugely to the extreme left, extreme right, extreme pluto propaganda.


    • gmax Says:

      I think PA is saying even more: Krugman poses as a leftist, and is just on the side of banksters and hedgers. He always talk a out sending them more $$$$$$$$$


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Euroseptics have banks, but no tanks. Their filth spills all over.

      Yes, it’s indeed unfortunate that Krugman excites, and makes respectable, Marine Le Pen’s worst inclinations.

      I replied extensively to Lovell some more on the subject.


  3. Lovell Says:

    That a united and prosperous Europe is seen as a threat to the hegemony of American empire seem plausible. Thus the undermining of the European project is in the interest of the US and its plutocrats. Is Krugman part of this conspiracy?

    I doubt it.

    His beef, being a Keynesian, is with the policy pivot towards austerity imposed by the troika of IMF, ECB, and the European Commission which made the economic condition worst and paving the way for the resurgence of left-right extremist groups in the recently concluded parliamentary elections. Convergence can only be made easier if Eurowide prosperity is attainable.

    The main problem with adopting a common currency without full political integration is that it deprives individual countries of its flexibility to deal with its specific fiscal and monetary problems. Draghi, Barroso, and Lagarde should be able to summon full wisdom and carry enormous weights as they prescribe policies on individual countries from Spain to France, Greece and the rest.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Lovell: You are telling us exactly what Krugman wants us to believe. Yet, I have psychoanalyzed Krugman, from what he says, and from what he censors in my comments. My conclusions are radically opposed, and my detailed analysis stands.

      There is 180 degrees between what Krugman poses as, and what policies advocated by Krugman do. For example, for Europe, he is what I would call an Auschwitzian. I explained in the essay. The economic policy Krugman advocates is exactly that followed by Hitler in his early years as Chancellor.

      First, what does “Keynesian” mean?
      I spoke at length of several aspects in (among others):

      Keynes was a proto-Nazi (that too I explained in detail), Krugman is of Jewish descent (and speaks about anti-Semitism indignantly).

      Keynes did his best, as I explained, to prevent the dollar as world currency. Instead he wanted to create a transnational currency: the Euro is that project. Keynes was strident and in command about that.

      So Krugman is not a “Keynesian”, except in the sense that giving money to banksters is a good thing.

      The currency has nothing to do with the fiscal problem.

      Krugman has expressed his admiration and love for New York countless times. That’s subliminal for an admiration for Wall Street. And he never makes any suggestion about taxing that.

      Also he is pro HEDGE FUNDS. There were plenty of exchanges about that on his blog years ago.

      I am submitted to extreme censorship on the New York Times. One of my comments was selected as a “PICK” last week, on Krugman editorial, but first they delayed it 12 hours, and they had just censored 3 of my comments in a row (on the climate, from their editorials; to view worthy to select for censorship some of my technical observations on the climate show how much the Koch and company pay to steer the cattle where they want it to be).

      So there is an extreme manipulative conspiracy out there, and if only Vlad The Invader imitated it better, his mileage would vastly improve.

      I also do believe that some of Krugman’s positions are subconscious.

      In any case, years ago, I said the crisis had nothing to do with the Euro, now Barroso says it. And Krugman does not get it because Princeton pays for his first class travel, because that pleases JP Morgan (a name that brings us back to Hitler and Keynes!)


      • Lovell Says:

        What prevents Euro-engineers from fixing the unemployment problem and the general continental economic malaise so that we minimize the spread of mistrust and xenophobic tendencies among European natives? Where is the positive, unity-friendly result of the troika’s austerity mania?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Top European leaders, and I mean “leaders” in the widest sense, including novelists, are infeodated to the financial-political complex. The European Bank status is very narrow: just insuring the currency’s value. So no wonder it overshot.

          As I have advocated in:
          it takes more than a currency to advance an economy. It needs vast construction projects (JFK’s moonshot, FDR’s 24 carriers, Darius’ Autobahn network). That’s what Crude man does not understand.

          Right now, interest rates are very low. Nothing prevents governments to borrow for MULTIPLIER projects (that means long term profitable). Nothing, except the fear the plutocratic government has of the public government.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          My latest essay answers this a bit: fighting back means the EU not been “nice guy” anymore.


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “Unbeknownst to themselves, perhaps, in the guise of comparative economics, by hating the Euro, they foster bloody separatism, and holocausts”

    A simple question for you Patrice:

    Was Europe MORE united and happy BEFORE the euro than NOW?

    Please answer “YES or “NO” and don’t follow “YES”, but “but ….”

    I am afraid that despite your formidable intellect you are in denial as much as the moronic clown Mr Hollande.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Was Europe MORE united before the Euro: No.

      I am not in denial that Hollande is a moronic clown. I actually did NOT vote for him (although I met him in Silicon Valley recently; tellingly, he forgot his reason for being there). (I did not vote for Sarko, whom I believe was very very bad economically and about immigration & not so good for education)

      Happiness means nothing. Some nations (France) are unhappy, because they feel that’s the least they can do to look smart. Most happy are the Danes, because their government chew their food for them.


  5. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Rubbish. The euro was a con trick perpetrated on Europeans to further the insane and unmandated federalisation of Europe.

    ““Transforming the European Union into a single State with one army, one constitution and one foreign policy is the critical challenge of the age.” Joshka Fischer (FASCIST)

    “The single currency is the greatest abandonment of sovereignty since the foundation of the European Community… It is a decision of an essentially political character… We need this united Europe… We must never forget that the euro is an instrument for this project.” Felipe Gponzalez (FASCIST SCUM – you were elected to SERVE the people, not CON them.)

    “A European currency will lead to member-nations transferring their sovereignty over financial and wage policies as well as in monetary affairs… It is an illusion to think that States can hold on to their autonomy over taxation policies.” Hans Tietmeyer, German Federal Bank (WORDS FAIL ME)

    “Public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals we dare not present to them directly. All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden and diguised.” (GISCARD D’ESTAING on the Lisbon treaty (PATRICIAN FASCIST SCUM WHO SHOULD BE SHOT FOR TREASON)

    “I have never understood why public opinion about European ideas should be taken into account at all.” Raymond Barre (You French elite really are disgusting. You must be SO sad about the French revolution.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris: excellent quotes all. You know what? You remind me of the average German Jew of the 1930s. You think that if you identify European Union to fascism, you will please the authorities. But, sorry to break the spell, the more you feel that way, the more the NSA and Putin love you. Let alone the Vietnam invading Xi.

      In the 1930s, German Jews desperately exhibited their German nationalism, instead of reachingChris: excellent quotes all. You know what? You remind me of the average German Jew of the 1930s. You think that if you identify European Union to fascism, you will please the authorities. But, sorry to break the spell, the more you feel that way, the more the NSA and Putin love you. Let alone the Vietnam invading Xi.

      In the 1930s, German Jews desperately exhibited their German nationalism, instead of reaching for help across borders.

      That you do not see the problem is with banks and hedge funds, dark pools and anonymous companies may be due to a lack of being around those worthies (I have been… Still is, to some extent).

      Speaking of borders, those who live next to borders love the Euro. That’s most Europeans, except for a few insular, or peninsular, “peasants” (as Boris Johnson, London mayor, put it about UKIP).


    • Dominique Deux Says:

      Aw Chris, we all know you don’t like Giscard because in his dotage, he openly fantasized about Lady Diana instead of keeping it for himself like a gentleman should.

      Seriously now, your holy wrath about those quotes is hilarious. Politicians with agendas! Oh my god, what’s next? a Frog win at Roland-Garros?

      If you really want a look at cynicism, conceit and repulsive gloating, I suggest you read this.



      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Dominique: The worst about that article, is that it is entirely correct. That it bespeaks of LACK OF strategic vision, the exact same problem Chris has, is the crucial, but hidden point. “Strategic” comes from strategos, the general. I notice that, when Putin was at its zenith, Chris had fallen silent. Now that Putin is getting more subdued, Chris has reappeared to rage against the European empire…


  6. Bring Euro Down, Save Germany’s Soul | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Hating the Euro is hating Europe. This being said, differently from the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA’s mandate, the ECB’s mandate makes the “value of the currency” the “principal object” of its activities (that’s article 127 of the European Constitution). By contrast the Fed has a DOUBLE mandate: insuring the value, and optimizing economic activity. […]


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