Too Much Anti-Judaism

Not Enough Nazis Were Executed

Anti-Judaism is becoming fashionable again. A simple reason is that Islam is fashionable, and the most sacred texts of Islam are full of anti-Judaism (all the way to death threats of exterminationist type in the Hadith: See Book 041, Verse 6985, and the ones like it, by Al Bukhari and Al Islam, and their ilk).

This is unfair, obscene, erroneous, criminal. Moreover, it prevents to attack the real problems. Even those who are obsessed by the Jews ought to understand that massacring the Jews, will not happen again, as the West’s mightiest states (and that include Israel) won’t let it happen again.

Obsessing about the Jews like some sadists do about voluptuous movie stars, only prevents to obsess about the righteous subject of indignation, such as the private-public fractional reserve monetary system (which Italians, not Jews, invented).

Vienna, 1938: Himmler, Heydrich During Their Splendor

Vienna, 1938: Himmler, Heydrich During Their Splendor

Nazism was a collective madness, but its very mass gave its participants a feeling of sanity and justification. The same applies to Putin nowadays: the more Putin engages in demonstrations of mass Putinism, the saner he feels, and the more encouraged.

I am not a tender soul when confronted to murderous insanity. Be it only because murderous, genocidal insanity is a natural human tendency. I feel that all the Nazis on trial at Nuremberg ought to have been executed. Too bad for Speer’s Memoirs. On second thought, they all should have been allowed to write their memoirs, first.

I even feel that the top 100,000 Nazis ought to have been executed. OK, it would have taken a while to determine who qualified in the top 100,000. And trials to determine this honor roll, ought to have been conducted. Followed by executions. That would have allowed to determine more thoroughly who knew what, and how the entanglement of horror and cover-up worked.

Then we would also have to deal with special cases (not among the top 100,000, but still worth of the honor of the rope).

That’s my African philosopher’s side; no holds barred.

France executed more than 40,000 Nazi collaborators, more than any other country (although the USSR did not keep a tally).

Nazi collaborators were bad. Real Nazis, worse. Kurt Waldheim was a top Nazi who ought to have been hanged (he was in charge of the execution of thousands of Greeks, on the ground of their assumed “racial” origin). Instead he became head of the United Nations, and later president of Austria.

One has to understand that all Nazis knew about the systematic assassination, on “racial” grounds, of vast swathes of the European population. Himmler had made an official discourse in front of the generals of the SS, at Posen, on October 4, 1943. Yes, we have the recording, in Himmler’s own voice. [French version, as an English one was, mysteriously, not available; are Nazis sympathizers blocking it?]. A worse discourse, with more details, more secret, followed, 2 days later.

Here is the Posen Oct. 4, 1943 speech:

‘I also want to mention a very grave matter here before you in complete frankness,’ said Himmler, during the speech.i ‘We can talk about it quite openly among ourselves, but we shall never speak of it in public. Just as we did not hesitate to do our duty as we were ordered to on 30 June 1934, and stand comrades who had lapsed against the wall and shoot them, so we have never spoken about it, and we shall never speak of it. It was a matter of tact, for all us, thank God, never to speak of it, never to talk of it. It appalled everyone, and yet everyone was absolute in his mind that he would do it again if ordered to do so, and if it should be necessary.             

I am referring now to the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of those things which is easy to talk about. ‘The Jewish people will be exterminated,’ says EVERY Party comrade, ‘It’s clear, it’s in our programme. Elimination of the Jews, extermination – we’ll do it.’ And then they all come along, these worthy 80 million Germans, and every one of them produces his decent Jew. Of course, it’s quite obvious that the others are swine, but this one is a fine Jew. Not one of those who speak this way has watched it happening, not one of them has been through it.  

Most of you know what it means when 100 bodies lie side by side, or when 500 or a 1,000 lie there. To have stuck it out – apart from exceptions caused by human weakness – and to have remained decent, that has made us tough. This is a glorious entry in our history which has never been written, and can never be written. For we know how difficult it would be for us if we still had the Jews, as secret saboteurs, agitators and trouble makers, amongst us now, in every city on top of the bombing raids, together with the suffering and deprivations of the war. We would probably already be in the same situation as in 1916/17 if the Jews were still part of the body of the German people.’

Obviously the collaborators of the Nazis overseas, especially USA plutocrats, ought to have been prosecuted too. But, faced with the rope, some of the intermediaries such as Dr. Schacht, would have no doubt been more talkative. Instead, Schacht, was “tried” at Nuremberg, and exonerated (although he pursued a thoroughly fascist conspiracy since 1923, and was one of the most important enablers of Hitler). Later he became an important plutocrat again.

When Allen Dulles, head of the Organization Special Service (OSS) in Berlin was told about the horrors of the extermination camps, of the millions of women and children assassinated, he calmly said: ”So, it was true.”

So, he knew.

The Dulles brothers were certainly among the top 10,000 enablers of Nazism: as lawyers they represented more than 1,000 Nazi companies in the USA, entangling them with the highest USA plutocracy through joint ventures. One of them has the main airport in Washington named after him, and was the de facto USA foreign policy chief, into the 1960s. The other headed the CIA.

Himmler, chief of the SS, was captured by the British. He recognized that he was the chief of the SS. The British knew Himmler had poison. Conveniently, he swallowed (or was made to swallow) his cyanide. That was very convenient to the British establishment. The Brits had negotiated the fate of the Jews with the Himmler and Eichmann, for years… Unsuccessfully for the Jews, very successfully for all other concerned.

Most European Jews had been assassinated.

Patrice Ayme’


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27 Responses to “Too Much Anti-Judaism”

  1. gmax Says:

    When people have the hate, they orient it toward minorities, because that’s safest. So the more problems there are, the more Jew hatred there will be, except if the haters get to know what YOU speak about, and realize that they were played like violins by those who cause them hatred

  2. Alexandros HoMegas Says:

    How about Marxism? It killed much more people and was promoted by jews, do you know that the Soviet Union was created by jews?

    Islam was created by jews but backfired on them like Christianity, Martin Luther was friendly with jews but later understand that jews seek to be the Master RACE in the New Wolrd Order.

    GERMANY is the only Nation that fought Jewish evil in all its forms: Marxism, Banks, Internationlism.

    The Anglo-American Empire is the jewish Empire and France is only good to be the butt of jokes of the Anglo-jewish Elite, the movie Taken was written by NYC jew to shit on the French.

    • gmax Says:

      You see Jews everywhere, go see a shrink: maybe Freud can help with your Jewish obsession.Lenin a Jew? Stalin a Jew? They were helped by the Kaiser: was he a Jew too?

    • John Rogers Says:

      Excuse me, this is silly. Created by Jews? And Trotsky was killed why?

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        That Marxism-Leninism (a silly name, as Marx did not have much to do with it) was created by “Jews” is an old Nazi myth. Alexandros seems to be in his own universe, where he sees “Jews” everywhere… 😉 (one would think only hard core orthodox Jews see Jews everywhere… Does that mean Alexandros is a crypto-orthodox Jew? ;-))

  3. Alexandros HoMegas Says:

    The biggest French haters are jews and zionists, they would exterminate all the French if that had the chance, the Francophobia in the American media comes from its jewish handlers.

    In the next decade there will be no France, the Immigrants from Africa also hate the French, the jews will go to Shitsrael where they will rule the World with their American cousins, for them France is their enemy.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      So you are obsessing about the French now? I think they can take care of themselves. At least 15 centuries young…

    • John Rogers Says:

      I lived there for a year (Lyon) and I really liked it.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Getting better all the time, I hear. Contrarily to Alexandros’ gloom and doom, the French Republic is not doing that bad. When all is said and done, France is the main actor in Europe. Germany is just a (willing, enthusiastic) tool. In particular, the austerity thing is very French (like in the 1930s) and not very German. What Greece has to fear now is not Germany, but France (I listen to both German and French TV, the tone is harder in France).

  4. Laurent Coq Says:

    As I was mesmerized by WWII madness and it’s later on extensive forever covering lucrative media, I decided to try to understand why… and this is what learned:
    – Hitler came to power not to murder anyone but to save his country’s citizen from famine. Power & water plants as well as government buildings and Germany’s entire banking & financing system were owned by and certain *cast of Jews.
    And this is what drives me nuts, when people assimilate Jews as a whole. Actually there are Jews, a religious group of men and women, and then a certain *cast of people known as Zionists and armed by the Mossad from which not all are Jews actually!!!…
    – The USA fearing Germans economical power organized the fall of Germany.
    – Churchill refused to meet with Hitler 3 times and this BEFORE the war had started!!!
    – The SAS along the side of few Polish goons organised the first Jews assassinations.
    – When Hitler learn that (some) *Jews were behind the murder of their own Jewish community, and that they were siding with England and the USA to gain-back control of their originals assets, he decided to exterminate them all.
    – The British cracked the famous German code and kept it silent for 3 long years …
    – D day massacre was a show, and solely made to justify USA involvement in WWII. A “collateral damage” that could have been avoided if 1) Intel for the code were used, 2) Landing anywhere else but on Normandy’s beaches …

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow. All I can say is that you would gain to read more what I write, because I actually follow truthful sources.
      Just non-controversial examples: what you say about the Normandy beaches makes no sense: the choice was splendid.
      Also the Brits used the breaking of the codes. This is why the USSR won at Kursk. Nazi plans were communicated to the Soviets. Just ONE example…
      One of my theses is that the USA did organize the fascist, hyper-“capitalist” (or libertarian), Nazi evolution of Germany: tails they won, face Europe lost.

      • Laurent Coq Says:
        I find it rather interesting that you are, once again, proposing a link that is 100% sided.

        Speaking about the code, a movie came out not long ago, it’s flavoured with a -reading between the lines- and -small prints- concept.

        “Normandy beaches was splendid” ??
        Not only the Germans were waiting for them over 90 days long, but D Day was facing (high to lower grounds) walls of bunkers, sea and land-mines, barb-wires and metal reinforced concrete down the beaches; when actually landing around Bordeaux, Royan or La Rochelle areas (De Gaulle strong advise) would have been “a propos” and then sweeping back and pushing the Germans up north.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I did not know De Gaulle advised that. That would have been silly bcs of difficulties with long ship lines and crippled, distended air support. The Allies ran a pipeline below the sea from England (which acted as an unsinkable aircraft carrier) quickly, etc.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Did you read “Mein Kampf”? I did, more than once. Actually I have read plenty of Nazi literature, including all known writings and discourse, or talks of Hitler. That would light up your knowledge of Hitler’s motivations. And in January 1933, Germany was not in famine, nor held by a maximum of 505,000 “Jews” (out of 67 million Germans). Most of these “Jews” were truly not Jews at all… Very few were rich and powerful.

    • gmax Says:

      Wow, another maniac sees Jews killing Jews, and that’s why Hitler killed them, to save Jews!

  5. EugenR Says:

    Dear Patrice, Your blog seems to become a forum of Nazi sympathisers publishing their usual propaganda full of intentional lies and hate. I don’t feel it is appropriate for me to comment in the same site with them, where they publish their rubish. Definitely i don’t see any purpose and do not believe in discussion with this kind of disturbed nuts, who are anyway not listening to any reasoning or evidence represented to them.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, dear Eugen, by refusing to share “the same site with them”, you are letting THEM invade YOUR space. This is exactly the mistake the Jews did with the Nazis in the 1930s. I replied to them with facts, and others on this site kindly understood they should do the same, so the Nazis fell silent. If each time a maniacally insane point of view surfaced philosophy would run away, we would have exactly the situation of the 1930s.

      The first time a dedicated Nazi wrote a very explicit comment on this site was many years ago. I blocked the comment for more than 6 months. Finally I thought of it, and published it, with a scathing comment. He never reappeared.

      Once a cretin (not Nazi, but a hater of my allegedly imperialistic tendencies) tried to spam the site, but he, too, got tired.

      It is not clear they are not listening. Once you point out they are obsessed by, and make totally giant and colossal, whom they supposedly despise, that makes them think. One of the anti-Jewish one pointed out some things about the very gifted and influential Jacques Attali (whom I follow, BTW) which were not wrong (I was outraged myself about Attali’s declarations, and even thought about writing an essay on his defense, apology, and glorification of “reseaux”)

      And this is not a “blog”, this is not in the moment, in the instant, the shill reaction and the easy answer, this is a site, where I try to write essays I hope will last.

      The last way to help Jews is only to talk with Jews. As I already said, that was tried already in the 1930s, all the way to the gas chambers. If American Jews had made lots of noise, and answered the Nazis in kind, Nazism would have been stopped, because one could simply have declared that Nazis were engaging in crimes against humanity, and all those helping them would be prosecuted too, including the civilian population.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: BTW, by publishing explicitly one of the (many) discourses of Himmler about the deliberate annihilation of (so-called) “Jews” (among others), I help cutting down on denialism. That’s better than running away: the Earth is only that big.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      And if you don’t fight the Nazis, who will? Fighting them is not “appropriate”?

  6. Kevin Berger Says:

    Jewish obsession is just that, obsessive and neurotic.

    There is a lot to say and rightly criticize about organized Jewry writ large, though, from moral and/or accommodations or free passes, to informal special status in a “some animals are more equal than others” fashion.

    The former shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to look frankly at the later.

    “If we don’t fight Nazis, who will?”
    Then again, the everlasting “fight against Nazis” is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Just as the everlasting fight against Satan/the devil/Evil was all about, in some earlier times?
    (As an aside, is this why the Germans, Aka the biggest losers of the 20th Century, are kind of held on a “warrior” pedestal? And not, say, the Soviets?)

    “If we don’t fight Nazi ideas, who will?”
    And this is why the “fight against Nazis” must be fought against the “idea of Nazis” (as hammered home constantly by popular culture), certainly not against real Nazis (who have been and still are helpful hired help), and much less against “Nazi ideas” (which have pretty much won anyway, or those who pushed them, at least.)

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kevin! Well, I don’t think Nazi ideas have won, especially not in Germany (with Putin, yes… But that’s relative, precisely. Putinism is Nazism ultra-light).

      True the Germans were the ultra military losers of the 20th century. When France and Britain declared war, on Sept 3, 1939, all top Nazis nearly peed in their pants. Goering called onto God (no kidding!) They knew the writing was on the wall. They got very lucky in May 1940, but still they knew they were doomed.

      Fighting the Dark Side, as Star Wars points out, is never over, as long as humanity sings. We have to imagine Sisyphus good.

  7. Laurent Coq Says:

    @EugenR , whatever your name is…. calling me a nazi, an anti Jew, a propagandist is lame and seriously desperately uneducated.

    @Ayme , your education giving you a certain expertise, I can’t comprehend why don’t you show the intelligence to accept that WWII was a pure product of the United Sates backed-up by the Brits?
    France and England declaring war? ?? What a bad joke for actually the truth is that Germans were crossing France’s border when Paris was still sipping wines under sexy Ombrelles and Canotier hats… The rest is history, Germans finding no resistance what so ever invaded France in less that 48hrs…

  8. Laurent Coq Says:


    This here above is then pure propaganda? Yes?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I actually laughed heartedly when I read some of the stuff. Not all is false, that’s the beauty of disinformation. I laughed about the 330,000 British soldiers who Hitler supposedly let escape at Dunkirk…

      338,226 men escaped, including 139,997 French (and a few other nationalities). The French First Army did most of the holding action at Dunkirk. During the battle against 800,000 men of the Wehrmacht, the British and French killed 30,000 Nazi soldiers. In truth, the Nazi forces were exhausted and could not move anymore.

      One thing I feel is that some of the plutocrats of the USA viewed Hitler as their boy. It’s only a matter of time before quotes to this effect surface.

      Last not least: it’s true Begin and the (some of the) Brits argued that NOT to rescue a million Jews from the Nazis (as Eichmann had proposed) would facilitate the birth of Israel. Menachem Begin was haunted by this quote for the rest of his life (I’m sure it can be googled…)

      Finally the story Hitler was actually a Jew was launched by Franck, the medieval like Gov. Gen. of Poland, before he got hanged at Nuremberg… Hey, nobody said history was simple…

      It’s also true that the Nazis would have been initially happy to let all the Jews escape to Israel initially. But later, their attitude turned to murderous rage, as the Reich faltered economically, starting in 1938… As clearly they were losing the war, they tried to kill all they could inside, and the Jews were easiest, because of rampant anti-Judaism…

  9. Kevin Berger Says:

    A bit OT, but… “The rest is history, Germans finding no resistance what so ever invaded France in less that 48hrs…”
    Well, that’s a new one, to me at least.
    And yet, I’d assume that you are French, and not an US denizen of arfcom’s GD forum? Maybe you meant the initial trust?

    Anyway, that’s a trivia bit I now have to add to my repertoire, along my recent favorite “France lost the 100 years war” (usually, it’s conceded as a “draw”), or the already accepted truths “France ran out of bombs in Libya (edit : sometimes “on the first day”) and had to be bailed out by the USA”, and “France found out that it couldn’t do the Mali thingie logistics all by itself, and had to be bailed out by the USA”.

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