Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough

Democracy by representation can work in a factory, school or a homeowner association: those communities are small enough, and have reduced opportunity of choice. Their leaders’ decisions will not destroy the planet.

We need a concept: let’s introduce the DEMOCRATIC INDEX. It has a simple definition: DI is the quotient of the number of representatives, R, over the total population, P. So: Democratic Index: DI = R/P.

In a Direct Democracy (such as Ancient Athens), DI is one, because each citizen represents herself, or himself.

In modern so-called “representative democracies”, the Democratic Index is basically zero. Athenian Direct Democracy has been replaced by a celebrity circus where oligarchy is presented as the one and only show of greatest interest.

Eva Longoria, An Actress Whom Obama Consults At 2AM In The White House, To “Map” The Future

Eva Longoria, An Actress Whom Obama Consults At 2AM In The White House, To “Map” The Future

In giant countries, government by (“elected“) representatives certainly does not work, and not just because it vests enormous powers in a handful of individuals. The Obama circus of continual fund-raising and frolicking with plutocrats whose business is only possible through government, has made plenty clear that those who took part in an election were the plutocrats, and only them, not “We The People”. (Plutocrats also elected, again and again, Putin to ever more authoritative positions… Until they discovered to their dismay, that he had elected himself to plutocrat in chief.)

At the scale of a country, government by representatives is the power of a few. In Greek: few-rule: oligo-arkhein: oligarchy. Thus:

Theorem: All and any nation claiming to be a representative democracy is, actually, an oligarchy.

That does not mean it’s a plutocracy. For an oligarchy to be a plutocracy, great wealth, and, or great diabolicity, needs to rule.  

How does one hide all this nastiness? One hides it as a kabuki theater, a dictatorship of celebrities.

The New York Times just gave a striking example of this. It wrote a long article relating what Obama views as one of the main functions of his presidency. Times is the “newspaper of report”: it’s striking it presents a movie star as part of Obama’s 2am braintrust.

In “With High-Profile Help, Obama Plots Life After Presidency

“President Obama… is privately mapping out a postpresidential infrastructure that could cost as much as $1 billion.

One is obviously very far from the mentality of president Harry Truman. After holding office, as Senator, VP, and President, Truman lived in modest circumstances. When he was asked why he did not cash on his aura, Truman replied that it would demean the office of the presidency. Now things have changed: the presidency is apparently viewed by the beholder as all about money:

WASHINGTON — The dinner in the private upstairs dining room of the White House went so late that Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn billionaire, finally suggested around midnight that President Obama might like to go to bed.

“Feel free to kick us out,” Mr. Hoffman recalled telling the president.

But Mr. Obama was just getting started. “I’ll kick you out when it’s time,” he replied.

“Good manners in present higher American society, is all about who kicks whom, and timing is everything. If they spend their time kicking each other, and laughing about it, imagine what they really do the average losers, such as you and me. The vulgarity was just getting started, though:

[President Obama] then lingered with his wife, Michelle, and their 13 guests — among them the novelist Toni Morrison, the hedge fund manager Marc Lasry and the Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr — well past 2 a.m.

Mr. Obama “seemed incredibly relaxed,” said another guest, the writer Malcolm Gladwell. He recalled how the group, which also included the actress Eva Longoria and Vinod Khosla, a founder of Sun Microsystems, tossed out ideas about what Mr. Obama should do after he leaves the White House.”

Khosla is the self-proclaimed ecologist who bought for himself part of the undeveloped Californian Coast, and then barred nature lovers to hike and swim there, just because he owned it. He fought in court for years to block access to the public (who, in theory, has the right to walk California’s beaches).

Whatever Obama’s future is, it’s something Internet billionaires, part NSA, part vulgar, and hedge fund conspirators, venture plotters, and actresses can profitably manage.

“So far, Mr. Obama has raised just over $5.4 million from 12 donors, with gifts ranging from $100,000 to $1 million. Michael J. Sacks, a Chicago businessman, gave $666,666. Fred Eychaner, the founder of Chicago-based Newsweb Corp., which owns community newspapers and radio stations, donated $1 million. Mark T. Gallogly, a private equity executive, and James H. Simons, a technology entrepreneur, each contributed $340,000 to a foundation set up to oversee development of the library.”

“666” is the “Mark of the Beast”:, some robber barons have an undeniable sense of humor. Lucky is a country where the wealthiest can make enormous gifts to the Great Leader. At least, so they say in North Korea. And the New York Times goes on:

“The heart of the postpresidential planning is Mr. Obama’s own outreach to eclectic, often extraordinarily rich groups of people. Several aides close to Mr. Obama said his extended conversations over the lengthy dinners — guests say his drink of choice at the gatherings is an extra-dry Grey Goose martini — reminded them of the private consultations Mr. Obama had with donors and business leaders as he sought to build a winning campaign.

The process started as early as the week after Mr. Obama’s re-election in 2012, when the director Steven Spielberg and the actor Daniel Day-Lewis went to a White House screening of the movie “Lincoln.” Mr. Spielberg held the president spellbound, guests said, when he spoke about the use of technology to tell stories. Mr. Obama has continued those conversations, most recently with Mr. Spielberg and the studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg over dinner at a Beverly Hills hotel in California in June, according to some of Mr. Obama’s close advisers.

The advisers said Mr. Spielberg was focused on helping to develop a “narrative” for Mr. Obama in the years after he leaves office.”

Katzenberg, in case you would be so naïve that you would need to ask, is a billionaire, and his jobs is selling dreams (not really different from Putin, just much more modest). It’s all about ‘narrative”

“In response to a question from Mr. Doerr at the February White House dinner, the president told the group that he wanted to focus on civic engagement and opportunities for youths, pushing guests for ideas about how to make government work better, Mr. Hoffman recalled in an interview. The president asked if social networks could improve the way society confronted problems.”

Well, let me tell, you, Mr. President, how the Internet could improve the way society confronts problems: by doing away with you, your actresses, moguls, hedge fund conspirators, bankers, Silicon plotters, and various oligarchs and plutocrats. How? We don’t need you, and your fellow 2 am brains.

We can just vote on the issues, instead of having you and your lapdogs decided everything. Say all propositions gathering more than a million signatures, as long as they don’t violate the Constitution, would be submitted to a national plebiscite.

What would happen?

American Lawyer, the most respected law magazine, just pointed out that for banks:”Fined. But business as usual.”

Banks are mandated by so-called representative democracies to create money (by extending credit). Thus they should be under fierce democratic control. However, they don’t even have to respect the law, they can just bribe their way out of it. And they have no limit: official accusations against the huge world bank HSBC were, after the usual tax evasion, money laundering and drug trafficking that it financed terrorist networks. So what? HSBC distributed some cash around, as suggested.

A plebiscite proposing that, when a banker steals, say, a billion dollar, he goes to jail, would certainly pass. After all, California had passed “Three Strikes You Are Out”, a law imposing a mandatory life sentence on the third condemnation, even if it were about stealing a pizza slice (a plebiscite, Prop 36, modified the “3 strikes” law in California in 2012, to impose drastic punishment only if the third strike was violent).

We are governed by oligarchs and plutocrats. That they look amusing and distracting is part of their oppression. Dire oppression with a comic face. We need to elevate ourselves, and find immoral, to be thrilled by the politicians’ ridiculous antics.

It is illegal for politicians to accept significant gifts. So what are politicians doing at 2am, with those who can give the most significant gifts? And are given the most significant gifts, such as evading the law on a plutocratic scale? Why is that legal?

Patrice Ayme’

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15 Responses to “Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    American Marines saved worthless frog lives, show some respect!


    • Kevin Berger Says:

      1) No marines in this story – one USAF guy and one ANG, plus one British retiree, a French B-movies actor (who’s a retiree of some kind, too) and a few other unamed passengers. Though, it’s true that “marines”, the epithome of the hyped US myth about themselves, makes for a better story.. and that’s a real morality play here, the manly USA in charge, the worthless, hapless frogs, as you remind us.

      FWIW, you should rather go to reddit or a similar big social media, where the tone is incredibly dismissive to and/or patronizing of the French, or even to the Daily Mail (one half of the comments is about how the French are cowards), you’ll feel more at home.

      2) You should make up your mind: are you an antisemite trying to woo French people, by showing them how they under the thumb of jewish interest (as you do from time to time on reddit, to the amusement of many), or are you a run-of-the-mill French basher, either an Anglo, or a subjugated non-anglo who has gobbled up their sof-power cock so hard the tip has (b)reached your cognitive brain area?

      That is, assuming you’re not just a troll, or maybe a confused soul.


      • indravaruna Says:

        Everybody is talking how worthless the froggies are.


        Its no mystery why the Anglo-Zionist Media trashes the french regularly.


        • Kevin Berger Says:

          Then, my question is more valid than ever : what are you? What and who are you enemies? I just cannot quite fathom why you seem to believe you’ll fit here.
          If that’s confrontation with the “zionists” you crave for, Perhaps you should migrate to one of the late and unlamented breitbart’s websites, where you’ll have your share of foils, and more.
          And if your aim is more fraternal and is all about convincing the readership, perhaps you should refrain from acting like such a shithead.

          Though, it doesn’t really matter, does it? You *are* a troll, looking for attention (aren’t we all, really? I certainly am), using your jewish obsession as a trolling hook.
          And please, unless English is not your native language, could you please step up your language skill just a bit? As it is, you come off as a vidgames forums resident, juvenile and petulant.

          As for the “everybody is talking” : let’s them talk, the dogs are barking the caravan goes by, and there certainly are larger things to worry about – starting with one’s everyday life.

          Anyway, end of the tangent for me. Have a nice day, mon bon aryen.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Lots of confusion around, but, speaking of confusion, TGVs will have to be checked for weapons, as Eurostars are. And then, yes, all trains.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      A bit more complicated than that, but something to it, although the “worthless frog” bit is, well, not funny (as you pointed out yourself later! ;-))


  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    Et pour rebondir sur ma réponse à la con au commentaire à la con du bon aryen de service, une démocratie directe, pour quoi faire? Je sais bien que le ouèb n’est pas la réalité, grâce au ciel, mais en partant de l’échantillon de reddit mentionné plus haut… entre les Européens au sens large qui sont dans un état de soumission mentale et de dépendance envers les protecteurs US, et les Français qui se voient comme des perdants, drapeau blanc, “sauvé par les ricains, comme d’hab”, etc, etc… le tout ponctué d’angliscisme internet et de memes….
    A quoi bon?
    A quoi bon une démocratie, dans un système totalisant qui détruit les esprits individuels et collectifs, qui formate les cultures, les différences, qui réduit tout au consumérisme, où la politique n’est plus que de la gestion au profit (littéral) d’intérêts privés globalement transnationaux… et dans lequel les hommes politiques eux-mêmes ne sont de fait que des raj, des satraps, gérant des populations auxquelles ils ne sentent pas d’allégeance (exemple par l’absurde, le “tweet” de louis sarkozy, mais sarcocu en a eu de belles dans le genre lui-aussi, et on a aussi Hollande-Valls et les young leaders). BHO est là pour se “goinfrer”, comme disait l’autre, ce n’est pas honteux – le système l’est certainement, bien sûr, il est répugnant et prédateur et immoral, et mélanger de l’eau clair avec cette fange ne donnera que de la fange.

    A quoi bon un système sain, dans un système global corrompu et organisé pour l’exploitation?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Kevin: No time to ponder this now. Direct Democracy works in Suisse. Each “votation” brings fierce debates, and then lots of very progressive votes, recently.
      The banking system reform could be brought only by direct democratic vote/debate etc.
      The Greeks vanquished Persia, because Persia was organized by Satraps, and Greece by free citizens. We are NOT free now (look at all the taxes on the middle class, and often none for the wealthy!)


  3. indravaruna Says:

    Joking aside, where was the Police Ferroviare Française? The Gendermarie?

    With a growing population of resentful arabs and blacks France needs more security in all its key places.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Only Eurostars (High Speed Trains Paris London) are checked for weapons. I believe strongly controls ought to be extended to ALL passenger trains, starting with High Speed Trains (and going down the speed curve: after the 350 kilometer per hour trains, you do 300 km/h, then 200 km/h, then TER, etc.) Some passengers jumped from the train, after it had slowed down…

      Most French Muslims came to France precisely because they did not like Islam that much. Most are integrated reasonably well enough. Relatively speaking, France’s Muslim population is more than twelve times larger than that of the USA.

      The latest attacker was Moroccan, and marked as a security risk in at least 3 European countries, including Spain (where he had lived) and France.

      Anyway, just put an essay on the story. 😉


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Trump leading Republican polls for the USA primaries: Trump has the all prerequisites to be a successful professional politician, on a world stage: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and everyday sadism.


  5. Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough « Defense Issues Says:

    […] Source: Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough […]


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