What to do in Syria

Putin has intervened militarily in Syria to save his fellow dictator, and increase the probability of global war. The plutocratic principle says that evil rules best. The worst dictators embrace it wholeheartedly. But it’s not just that. It’s also how bad Putin’s rule is doing in Russia. This was all highly predictable. The Russian economy is doing terrible, the part of Russian society which dares express itself, has turned into a Putin adoration cult, and the Master cannot let go, he has gone too far, things are too bad, and too fast. All he needs is war. War in Ukraine has become bogged down by Western, and Ukrainian, resistance. Time to relaunch it somewhere else. What should the West do?

Certainly no-fly zones ought to be imposed by the Western democracies on the bloody, mass murdering dictator Assad (and his Putin ally) in areas where non-Islamist rebels dominate. Any helicopter showing up (to drop barrel bombs or not) ought to be shot down. Similarly non-Islamists rebels ought to be supported maximally (weapons, advisers, etc.) The military means exist to do all of this, the sooner, the more moral.

Master Of Heavens, Earth, the West, and the Rest

Master Of Heavens, Earth, the West, and the Rest

What does Putin want? War. Ever more of it. As a fascist dictator, he needs war to justify his fascist rule in Russia. That is spooky: it means that Putin will welcome acts of wars between the Western powers and Russia in Syria. However, there is little choice.

Putin is crafty: he is a trained killer, a KGB master mind (he led the KGB), and his hands are very bloody in Chechnya (where he contributed to kill 20% of the population… and the word “contributed” is kind: Putin may well have instigated the second war there). Putin has just built a mosque in Moscow… where there would be 2 million Muslims. Putin does not want a Muslim problem, so he wants to show those he subjugates he fears nothing, and the West considers him, Putin, a great war chief, whose cause is just.

If one does not fight a small evil, it may amplify, and become uncontrollable. Obama refused a small war. Now he may get a very big one. Meanwhile, Putin will keep pushing.

Patrice Ayme’

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23 Responses to “What to do in Syria”

  1. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    I think in last paragraph you meant “If one does NOT fight a small evil, it may amplify, and become uncontrollable.’ A couple of well aimed Tomahawks into the right building in Damascus years ago would have done wonders – could have even blamed the terrorists 🙂

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Andrej! Indeed, that’s what I meant! I corrected it. I use systems such as Google Docs (!… please notice the hypocrisy, as I criticize Google a lot!) and sometimes they blink out. Also I was hyper-rushed between school and job…

      The idea (I hope) was to kill Assad. BTW, I am not for killing those who support Assad and the Syrian army. Simply the Assad family (it’s not just him) holds the levers of power in Damascus right now, and they have a vested interest to make the situation rot, because they are involved in massive war crimes and colossal theft (of which the Western powers are perfectly aware, as the money sits there. In Paris alone the bro in law of Assad manage a billion Euros or so…).

      It is baffling to me that Obama called off the Franco-American attack on Assad at the last minute (the French pilots were waiting in the cockpits). He never explained why. Besides the obvious lack of balls.

      BTW, in the case of Qaddafi, the French deliberately struck the vehicle in which Qaddafi was (in a convoy of 200 vehicles, they had electronic tracking using phones). Although I am against the death penalty for common crimes, I am for it in the case of crimes against humanity (because the perpetrators enjoy immunity, typically when they are in command).

      • Kevin Berger Says:

        “It is baffling to me that Obama called off the Franco-American attack on Assad at the last minute”
        There was a Russian propaganda fluff/theory floating about that incident, in regard to a couple cruise missiles shot down by the Russians, later attributed to an Israeli ballistic test, and usually conflated with the supposed buzzing of an US ship in the Black Sea by a Russian Electronic Warfare plane.
        This is most like hype and the usual internet BS, but the idea behind it is IMHO very valid (that the missiles were shot down by SAA defences or not), in that either the USAF or BHO were warned by the Russians there would be an actual military response if a “decapitation strike” was made, and/or they caught cold feet at the last moment due to that possiblity.

        I really think that the Russians drew the proverbial line in the sand, and that the Anglo-US lost any stomach for a fight (the UK saving face through that MP vote, allowing for BHO to back down), leaving Hollande holding his dick like an idiot.
        Alternatively, colder heads prevailed in US military circles, drawing that line in the sand themselves to the same result (IIUC, in 2006, the idea of an US attack on Iran nuclear facilities that the GWB admin tried to float was successfully fought against by USAF & USN brass, and in 2008, part of the same administration was adamant to bomb a tunnel into Georgia, in order to cut Russian reinforcements, a proposal that had the US military craps its collective pants and issue a big NO).

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          I just think Obama has no balls. He lost his composure, which he is so keen to cultivate. A Franco-American decapitation strike put also the pro-plutocratic UK in a bad position (Assad has lots of business associates in London). Also it meant France profited more than the Anglo-American historical hydra. Still does not explain the sudden change. Most probably, Obama realized after killing Assad, Syria was his baby, and suddenly he got a cold sweat (France has all the old contacts with the Allawites, who they had made from oppressed minority to strength; the USA has no contacts)

  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Just another example of the more I learn about us humans, the more we need to learn from dogs! Sorry, not meaning to trivialise this terrible situation, just me illustrating that I don’t have any answers.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, as is well known, and as the good movie “the Martian” concludes, one must solve one problem at a time. Putin is trying to make amends… His way. He went to Paris with the heads of Germany and Ukraine. Maybe they decided to find someone (other general) to replace Assad.

  3. indravaruna Says:

    Putin is the only World leader fighting the jewish NWO.

    Its was the American Deep State controlled by the jews Nuland and Kagan who are pushing for wa War with Russia in Ukraine.

  4. indravaruna Says:

    Hey Patrice, this what Americans think of your kind: http://www.112gripes.com/index.html

    • Kevin Berger Says:

      IV, you need to stop lurking at r/france, it’s a nest of gauchos bien-pensants (only half-joking here); r/conspiracy is where you shine, r/europeans is where you are awaited, patriceayme.wordpress is where you have neither a voice nor any kind of result.

      Anyway, re the 112 gripes, I’m surprised you weren’t aware of it, it’s a very well-known document, that has been a staple of the (very, very, very) few websites trying to counter the hysterical French-bashing of the 2002-2007 time-frame (still ongoing today, though only in a much more subdued fashion).
      It is an interesting historical memento, and a profound reminder that the USA, as they already were back then, are inherently hostile to France, due to :
      1) being Anglo,
      2) their very raison d’être (there was a book right up your alley, having been written by two Jewish neo-con hacks, called ‘Our oldest enemy’, that laid that non-dit bare, as seen from the pov of the USA; from a French pov, I’d recommand you JP Immarigeon’s work, very insightful), and finally
      3) their recent cultural make-up, with Germans being by far the largest ethnic group in the early 20th century; no wonder they felt closer to Germoney than to France. It was, after all, the fatherland.

      All in all, that ingrained animus is something to be proud of, as far as French are concerned. You know, as in beaucoup d’ennemis, beaucoup d’honneur.

      • indravaruna Says:

        The Oldest Enemy book was reviewed by Bernard Henri Levi in the NYT.

        Henry Ford book The Internationa Jew was published in 1920 and one of his accusations was that the jews were the “diplomatic” link between the US, UK and France, they control the information flow and opinion making of the Gentile Elites, Court Jews indeed.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        France is the brain, the USA, the muscle. The muscle protests what the brain requires it to do.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Oh, IV, thanks so much for that list from 1945. I did not know it existed! The gripe “the Germans are our kind of people, the French are not” is revealing in 1945. Actually in 1945, lots of Germans were Nazis. So the Nazis, indeed, were a kind of American, as Hitler kept saying correctly, when he tried to hold back American Nazis (Because AH was rightly worried about the backlash).
      The real gripe was that France did not have institutionalized racism and slavery… Jews had been president and PM of France before 1945…. 😉

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My “kind” as you put it, is not just French, BTW. You may not have noticed this site is from the USA… 😉

  5. indravaruna Says:


  6. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Don’t count on Obama to do anything moral, sensible and courageous. Compared to him even Trump looks good.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We were trumped on the merchandise. We expected a master, we got a boy, like the white masters used to have on plantations in Kenya. I do regret to have helped Obama win the presidency. It wrecked my finances, my family, and all he did was, de facto, Bush III, the third mandate of the Bushes. If Clinton had been elected, Obama would have come better prepared for the presidency. His colossal ignorance and naivety played against him. Anyway, it’s done.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We were trumped on the merchandise. We expected a master, we got a boy, like the white masters used to have on plantations in Kenya. I do regret to have helped Obama win the presidency. It wrecked my finances, my family, and all he did was Bush III. If Clinton had been elected, Obama would have come better prepared for the presidency. His colossal ignorance and naivety played against him.

  7. Kevin Berger Says:

    FWIW :


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting. I sent this to Voie de l’Epee:
      Certes. L’erreur serait, pour les “democracies”, de ne pas intervenir. Ne serait-ce que pour des raisons militaires. Lors de la guerre civile espagnole, les Russes furent seuls contre les fascists et Nazis; cela permit a ces derniers de rafiner leurs techniques de combat. D’ou la defaite de May 1940.

      The Le Monde blog amused me, especially the snide remark on “philosophes chevelus”. I am indeed a philosopher with the most noticeable hair, I must admit…Long and luxurious. The author accused those philosophers who believe it’s the “occidentaux” who created Islamism. Well, it is. Bitter Lake, 1945. Coup in Iran, 1953, using Khomeiny. Und so weiter… The Muslim Brotherhood (Nazi created) was supported by the USA in the late 40s, and early 50s.

      So Le Monde blog claims it’s all the fault of the Russians. Well, no. The USA supported Pakistan which created the Islamists, and so on. Hence Carter secret order of attack in Afghanistan, precisely for pushing the USSR to intervene…


      So Le Monde blog made good point (Assad dying, etc.) but otherwise it’s real disinformation on the great work of CIA and the like. (Talked to a top banker today, he agreed with me about the naivety of the Europeans relative to USA.)

      • Kevin Berger Says:

        FWIW, I’m not too fond of the Abou Djaffar blog; his writer knows his stuff, no doubt, and his background certainly gives him credibility (he’s an ex-intelligence/diplomacy type, with also, I believe, military past – Jaguar plane pilot, maybe? – in Chad/Sahel). Still, I can’t stand the personae he’s created for his writings (question of personal taste, I guess), which is snide and just “trying too much”, as you note. Style apart, good meat to chew on, but too much of realpolitiks and personal bias in it to fully get into it.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          What he said about Assad being on his last legs, etc… is fully true. Assad said it himself a few months ago, admitting the army did not have enough soldiers anymore. BUT, the complicity of the powers that be, in the West, including intellectuals, from way back (the 1930s) is clear to me. Of course, one has to know what happened, also known as history… He makes fun of that, but. clearly, it’s out of crass ignorance or extreme bias.

          (Like Courtillot, head of Geophysique Institut just claiming there was no evidence of global warming…).

          An example has been the playing around of Turkish authorities with Islamism, since the present strongman (Erdogan) came around, or even before. The West tolerated that, since “Islamophobia” is “racism”. Since Islamophilia, thus, is anti-racist, one can only be happy that the Islamists dynamited today the 2,000 year old Triumphal Arch in Palmyra: there is no anti-racism, but Islamophilia. Inch Allaah..

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Biased people can dare to say worthy truths, precisely because they are biased. It is rare that ANY system of thought is false in all ways. For example the Qur’an is right in many ways… Although, like Mein Kampf, or the Communist Manifesto, or Aristotle, or Molecular Biology circa the 1960s, overall abominably stupid, and arrogant (takes one of the latter to detect the former! ;-)).

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    […] Putin invaded Ukraine, grabbing Crimea… which had been Ukrainian for eleven centuries. Now Putin is in Syria, training his army, extending his empire, and helping his fellow dictator Assad re-establish his […]

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