Moods Are Most Fundamental

Moods are the theorems of emotional systems, but also constitute the chemical milieu in which new logic is elaborated.

Moods can be addressed, they have to addressed (although traditional scholarship does not consider their nature, which is different, and more basic than that of ideas).

Racism is a mood. Anti-Semitism is a mood. Anti-Judaism is a mood. Religious fanaticism around a superstition is a mood. The fanatical Catholicism of the Middle Ages was a mood. Irrationalism is a mood. Nationalism is a mood. Feeling that nature can be exploited relentlessly is a mood. Sexism is a mood. That the “Free Market” can think for all and any, is a mood too. Conservativism is a mood, so is progressivism (I have to introduce neologism; neologizing is itself a mood, mathematical research an example!)

If nationalism is a mood, so can be… anti-nationalism. And that, in turn, pushed to extremes, can bring a backlash (remember Henry Ford’s book “The International Jew”, which impelled a new mood, which, in turn, fed mightily Adolf Hitler and the hyper nationalism he jumped on).

Feed The Aliens, Hate Xenophobia: What Could Go Wrong?

Feed The Aliens, Hate Xenophobia: What Could Go Wrong?

The Plutocratic Press Hates “Populism”:

The Economist had a “lead article” this week “Playing With Fear” with Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and Victor Orban on the cover. The drawings represented them with ugly folds of fat hanging from their swollen faces, below their arrogant, hostile gazes.

This was a strange mix: Orban is the solidly elected Prime Minister of Hungary, in power since 2010. When he decided to protect Hungary’s borders, a few months ago, much less than the USA or Britain does, his popularity jumped up (to around 50% approval), but media such as The Economist lambasted him.

Marine Le Pen, a lawyer, head and founder of France’s modern National Front, and an elected European MP, is the major female politician in Europe (and Marine Le Pen is not to the right of Margaret Thatcher: so why does The Economist hates her so? Because the National Front is hostile to the international plutocratic world order? With Marine Le Pen in power, no more “austerity”?).

In the elections of December 13, 2015, the National Front, opposed by all and everybody, gained 300 elected representatives in the regions of France.

Anti-Nationalism, Or The Mood Of Hating The Natives Until Their Self-Genocide:

Some claim that anybody which prefers the natives over the aliens is bad, and smacks of an inferior moral sort. This is a curious mood. One would think that the fear of aliens (“xenophobia”) is not necessarily bad when confronting an invasion by an alien, inimical mood, and strangers harboring it.

Imagine that North America had been ruled by Native governments and they had welcomed aliens there. Say Europeans, bringing an entire civilization and religion to rule and marginalize the Natives. What mood would justify this? A suicidal mood?

The argument can be made that nationalism is an absolute evil. Nationalism is a mood that led to tragedy. In Europe, that argument has merit, considering the Twentieth Century. And those who built Europe rode the mood that nationalism was evil, to the hilt.

However, a central, global government such as that of the European Union, can work against the interest of the European People.

Watch the European Union as it is, carefully: who profits from it most? Most European nations’ citizens are so destitute, that they cannot even reproduce enough to insure the perennity of the local population, the Natives.

The European environment has become so toxic that Europeans cannot afford children, and, or, do not see a future for their children.

Craftily, the powers that be import new populations which can fit in the mold which they prepared better.

Since the crisis of 2008, the USA’s central bank created ten times more money for the economy than the European Central Bank did. Why? Because the constitution of the ECB cares only about the value of money, not the value of the economy. There again, a few profit, and the Natives are invited to unemployment.

There was a dramatic case of a central government working against the interest of the population: the Roman State of the Late Empire. Obsessed by the mood of not taxing the hyper rich, and by the mood of imposing a Christian apocalypse, the central government made treaties with a succession of invaders, and that led to the near complete collapse of central governance, invasions, collapse of economy, law, society, demography.

What is alien is not necessarily superior, and should not be systematically welcome over the interest of the Natives. Actually the United Nations Charter recognizes explicitly the primacy of the Natives over invasive aliens.

So who profits with the mood that aliens are always to be preferred to natives? Well, those who want to exploit, steal, disposes, spoil the natives, and make them powerless, obviously. Thus international, global plutocracy, master of media everywhere, is the one which props the mood that aliens are most sacred and natives most spoiled and morally dubious, especially when they feel they should improve their condition. OK, enough of these sad songs, as Ludwig Van said:

Optimistic Change Of Mood On Climate:

Optimism on the CO2 crisis is justified because:

1) The accord was adopted unanimously. Laurent Fabius, president of the Conference, said he had the accord in front of him, asked, solemnly, in the last-minute, whether any of the 195 delegates, and other in the assistance of thousands, had any objection. He said he heard none. Then he said the accord was accepted.

So exit the mood of CO2 denialism, forever. First UNIVERSAL change of mood.

Second UNIVERSAL change of mood: it’s agreed that one should stick as much as possible to 1.5 degree Centigrade. Thus the crisis is officially worse than even scientists said a few weeks ago. (This will allow scientists to dare tell the truth much more.)

Third, the climate accord is an important step ahead in world government, because of the gravity of the matter and the unanimous embrace of a giant, philosophical embrace of progress and altruism (countries such as Russia, Canada, profit from the CO2 crisis, long term, so they were most reasonable).

Now lots of work has to be done. And the mood of anger has to be called to bear as needed if things don’t move. For example the USA tried to sabotage the accord at the last moment. Everybody bent over backwards to please the world’s richest country, as the USA used it’s usual blackmail, exactly the same as in the 1990s, under Clinton. But the French were ready: they had a significant ally, China. Second Germany can’t get away with coal craziness, and should present a plan out of that immediately. And so on.

Next year the COP 22 is in Morocco, which has Africa’s greatest wind farm, and the world’s greatest solar farm… And works in close collaboration with France and Spain…

The regional elections in France demonstrated a significant advance of the National Front. However, it was blunted by a superb coalition of all plutocratic powers and its obsequious servants: all the media including The Economist, to all the politicians, from the European Parliament, to the French “right” and the French “left” conspired to brandish the National Front as treacherous, the bane of civilization.

But what is a civilization sick enough, that it cannot even reproduce itself?

A contradiction in adjecto: something that will disappear. Merkel, leader of Germany, in her despair, accepted more than a million refugees in 2015, because Germany’s population, once 83 millions is now only 79. And what did the wonderful socialists who lead France do? Reduce financial support to families with many children. It is as if they were scared that there are too many French citizens.The same syndrome is all over Europe, so the population of the Natives in many countries is collapsing.

The mood in Europe is going to get much uglier, because only this will allow to move in the right directions, and those are antagonistic to what people have been conditioned to believe by the powers that be.

Patrice Ayme’

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20 Responses to “Moods Are Most Fundamental”

  1. John Rogers Says:

    Love your stuff, your incisiveness and your analysis. And agree with you in spades on the plutocrats. But we part company on le famille Le Pen.
    About 20 years ago, I was living in Lyons and for some reason was down in the Presque Ile section (on I think it was a Thursday), school was out and hundreds of teenagers were lining up for the cinema.
    A National Front march (Marine’s daddy then) came through and I noticed that all the teenagers in the movie line were giggling and giving each other “Sieg Heil! signs”.
    Like the conservative white caucuses of farmers in Iowa, these National Front people have a past. They do not have a future.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am not a supporter of the famille Le Pen. Either. Although my own mom tells me I am, she is not patient enough with following the logic. If I say: the Euro, as it is, does not work, I get taxed as anti-Euro, and pro-Le Pen.

      One can imagine somebody standing on the deck of the Titanic and saying one should slow down as icebergs were seen in the area (all other ships had stopped for the night). Then, surely that person would be called “anti-Titanic”.

      In a strategy elaborated by Mitterrand or his advisers (Attali?), French politics’ deepest issue has been considering the National Front an affront to the universe. Meanwhile a guy coming out of nowhere, that is, the Banque Rothschild, Macron, heads the French economy. Not that I disagree with many of his decisions. However, why is Rothschild so much less dangerous than elected European MP Le Pen?

      While politics reduced to screaming anti-FN politics unfolded in the last 35 years, none of the big problems were approached. Example: too much austerity, Euro too high, etc. Some European countries are literally dying (Portugal, not just Greece).

      As it is, I have zero tolerance with right wing fascists: I was bombed by some in the past. A guy between the bomb and me flew in pieces, I just lost my ear drums, and got shell shocked. And the bombers knew me.

      The very mood connected to “NATIONAL” Front is the important point. The National Right is surging all over Europe, all the way to Sweden. The arguments against the FN, found in the present issue of The Economist, which I have below my eyes, in print, are a recipe for international, uncontrolled plutocracy. I make the reasoning explicitly, but many French Communists who vote FN have made it instinctively.

      That the unemployment is still going up in France is directly related to the supremacy of finance, politicians in bed with it, austerity, and too high a Euro.

      To get in the details of things, I have observed Saint Raphael, a city where the FN rules: they diminished the “associations” budget, but augmented the police, while slightly lowering taxes. Thus the FN is actually pretty popular there. I have no anti-FN hysteria, never had, never will. What interests me is the issues, the issues precisely occulted by having FNophobia.

      BTW, latest presidential polls show Juppe’ at 55%, followed by Marine Le Pen at 37%, Beyrou a bit lower, then Fillon around 33%, and finally Sarkozy at 27%…. The elder Le Pen was, is, a strange case, something more out of a movie, than plausible. He did not just lose an eye in a fight, but became France’s youngest MP, way back. He is a pretty nutty anti-Semite, and demonstrated it amply (he said that “gas chambers were a detail of history”). Marine Le Pen, when she criticizes banks, is told by the media she knows not what she is talking about. I believe she does a bit, but most people believe the authorities, so far… We will see how far goes…


  2. Gmax Says:

    I am in the mood… I think people are completely overwhelmed by the propaganda they are submitted to. And the establishment plays that like a violin


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The issues are complex, because they are all accompanied by cover-ups. Most people have neither the time, nor the energy. American Jews have anxiously asked me what’s up with the National Front in France (as if Marine Le Pen was going to open an oven somewhere…)

      The Economist accuses in the same terms, for the same reasons, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I would feel certainly most comfortable with the latter as president, the plutocrats would not (although Bernie would NOT be that tough with them, he could well slow them down…)


  3. dominique deux Says:

    Patrice, you are a French native speaker. I am a translator, and a good one I might think, UN agencies being repeat customers. So I have to ask, how would you say “mood” if you had to deliver a French version of this article? I feel stymied here. (not to say that moods don’t exist; all languages have blind spots.)

    About Le Pen: good that you are not Manichean about her (always a mistake) but her sect nevertheless is a scourge and a huge risk. The FN is trumpeting that its failure to gain one single region is due to heavy counter-propaganda by the State and the PM, but that’s hot air. Nobody listens to the PM. The prevalent mood in France is that the FN should not be allowed to tinker with the country, and that mood predates any anti-FN conspiracy, plutocratic or not.

    This being said I think the socialist’s withdrawal of their candidates to allow the traditional right to win over the FN, a strategy everyone is crowing about as a great victory since it did deliver, was a grievous mistake.

    First, because it gives free rein over huge territories, much more than justified by its actual electoral worth, to the traditional right, which will proceed to abuse it shamelessly since it is THE plutocratic party to the square (Socialists being only plutocratic by default and not very firm in that).

    Second, because it would have been highly useful, in preparation for the upcoming Presidential election, to allow a region to volunteer as a FN test tube (I should feel pity for the voting dopes but I don’t). Their record so far in cities they lord over has been very dismal, their daft policies and soaring sleaze in clear view. We can afford such experiments at city or region level, as experiments to draw lessons from; running the risk of a nation-wide FN hegemon is simply foolish.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Dominique, long ago, I was wondering just this: there is no French equivalent of “mood”. “Etat d’esprit” does not cut it. Thus now, when the French criticize me for not speaking the language of Marine Le Pen, I can haughtily reply that English has more words (namely all the French words, plus things such as “moods”)

      I am glad that great minds think alike. It was indeed a mistake beyond belief to have withdrawn the socialist lists (there is no equivalent in the USA). If I understand well, take PACA (Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur). The Socialists withdrew, so they are no more. Then the usual incompetent servants of plutocracy the pseudo-right got 55% (plus a bonus of 25%). However that means that now the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION is the FN.

      Also I heard Marine Le Pen say several perfectly accurate sentences about the collusion between “socialists” and the right. Everybody is happy about defeating the FN, but what about the issues??? From 10,000 kilometers away, when Marine le pen talks about the “submersion of France”, well, she is right. France cannot go on with the Euro as it is, for example.

      For example the “gauche” does not have ONE person on the Nord-Pas de Calais. The official opposition is now the National Front opposed to the so-called “Republican Front”. “The Economist won. But it’s like with a bomb: the more the explosion is contained, the worse it gets.

      Total votes for the National Front in the second turn: 6.8 million votes, more than there are Jews in Israel, if you will forget the indelicate analogy.

      Marine Le Pen and MM Le Pen are certainly secretly happy to not be in charge of regions…

      Ah yes, and indeed, the traditional 100% pro-plutocratic right will reign… BTW, the more the FN has time to grow, the better it will manage. And also, in many places, FN voters voted for the right (say with Laurent Vauquiez). There it’s a case of the traditional right becoming FN-like. So the FN ideas progress, if not the FN itself…


      • Gaor Says:

        I never replied here, but I read “a few” of your work. I do not agree on some of your thinking (mostly concerning Napoleon -I agree with most of the rest). I am just making an intervention here to precise that “courant de pensée” could be a decent translation for “mood” in the way you mean it.

        When it comes to the Front national, I would say it goes against many of the things you wish for. It wishes France to concentrate on itself first, giving up on any idea of strong Europe, and giving up on anything that would gather Europe as a strong united power capable of fighting against plutocracy (a country alone is not enough to fight against it, while a union of countries can, such as the napoleonic wars proved us, until they became corrupted by the necessary need for money to run wars on such a scale, that the three main plutocratic families were avid to lend at high interest rates).


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hello Gaor, and welcome!. Sorry I took so long to react, somehow your comment did not appear for at least a day! Now it should come in direct. Napoleon? What is there good about him? Toulon? Yes. But after that it was a succession of strategic mistake, like going to invade the world, through Egypt, although the Royal Navy dominated the Mediterranean, and Islam the minds of Egyptians… Making war in Haiti and then selling Louisiana were other strokes of (evil) genius (to destroy France forever…)

          “Courant de pensée” is a great notion I should use more often. However, it does not translate mood. The funny thing is that French is full of depictions of mood” morose, deprimme’, content, truculent, vicieux,

          I did agree with what you said about the Front National: that it went against many of the things I wished for, such as a strong Europe. However, I came to the conclusion that one cannot wait any longer. France (and thus Europe) are losing altitude, power, aura and security too quickly. It is high time to show another face. Goldman Sachs (also known as the European Central Bank) wants Europe destroyed. “Austerity” means not enough money to let France, let alone Europe, function properly. France, and Europe, are going down quickly, on all parameters. Even the treacherous pluto-socialists of Hollande have taken measures to reduce French demography, one of the last things which was still OK (Sarkozy reduced legal immigration to France, etc.)

          At this point, unfortunately, France would be better off with ruthless policies, such as a strong devaluation and money printing (plus throwing out lots of civil servants). The reinforcement of security services, including the military, is an obvious must. OTHER European powers have refused to make a unified power, let alone against plutocracy. There again, time is running out fast. The EC is led by JC Junckers, a first class Pluto agent (I have met people “working” in Luxembourg…).
          I am not sure what you allude to about the latter Napoleonic Wars. The Grande Armee was devastated by typhus, a terrible winter, but also the graceless tactics of Napoleon, who did not maneuver much… And what was Napoleon doing in Spain exactly?

          hat is needed now is a jolt to the system. Le Pen wants to get out of the Euro. Why? That should be the conversation. If one gets into that “why?”, a lot of perspectives open up. The first obvious thing to do is to make the constitution of the ECB IDENTICAL to the one of the central bank of the USA. It would be easy to make a coalition of countries all for this (Italy, Portugal, Spain, probably Belgium, etc.) And I see not what Germany could say against it (Germany’s economy is going nowhere on a decadal scale…)

          Meanwhile Hollande does one thing right: he violates deliberately about the 3% deficit limit. Make that 8% (as the USA or the UK did very recently: both have grown more than 10% while Franco-Germania was not growing at all)


      • Kevin Berger Says:

        “Humeurs”? “Sens”? “Fonds”? Un de ces mots anciens tombés dans l’oubli et réservés à une frange litéraire?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          “Humeur” pourrait effectivement marcher, je vais reflechir.


          • Kevin Berger Says:

            Il y a surement moyen de trouver mieux et moins litéral. Sinon, en parlant d’humeur : ?


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            “Humeurs” etaient utilisees dans le sens de “moods” lors des Lumieres… Or earlier… Comme a dit Dominique, c’est pas evident. One rare case where French comes short of English… Or maybe not. English = French + Anglo-Saxon (and other) add-ons.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Speaking of the (very interesting!) video, the case where the USA dropped France the worst was 1940. President Roosevelt had made the “pledge” to defend France if she was invaded, and then not only did nothing, but recognized loud and clear to Vichy Regime. He even sent there his closest adviser, a 5 star admiral, as ambassador…


          • Kevin Berger Says:

            Pour en revenir à ce point de sémantique, autant en rester à “humeurs”, je crois.
            Mon anglais (écrit!) est relativement adéquat, meilleur que celui de pas mal d’anglophones de naissance, même, et mon français est correct en comparaison de celui massacré par nôtre belle jeunesse actuelle. Ceci posé, les deux langues ne suivent pas la même philosophie, il me semble, au delà bien entendu des bases communes entres elles, ainsi qu’entre toutes communications humaines…

            L’anglais est synthétique et capable d’exprimer une idée avec un mot, mots dont la production est d’ailleurs impressionnante de quantité, pour un impact quasi-nul en “intelligence” (putain, tous ces “memes” et autres créations à la con d’internet…), mais reste très “approximatif”. Une langue “opérative”, venue du bas, si vous voulez.

            Le français par contre est bien plus verbeux et “littéraire”, et j’ai beaucoup de difficultés pour traduire en un seul mots des mots/concepts d’ailleurs typiquement “anglo” à mes yeux (“bully”, awkward”, “cant”,…).
            En retour, il est bien plus fin et granulaire, et permet d’exprimer des idées plus nettement; c’est du moins mon ressenti – je ne “pense” pas de la même manière en anglais qu’en français, et les langues sont bel et bien différentes, pour des peuples différents à mon sens, quelle que puisse être vôtre propre vue sur le sujet, ceci sans agressivité.
            Une langue “de réflexion”, venue d’en haut, si vous voulez.

            Tout cela pour dire qu’en rester à “humeurs” ne trahit pas vôtre concept de “moods”, enfin il me semble, étant assez flou pour suffisamment recouper le même flou du mot d’origine.

            J’ajouterai qu’après 15 ans+ d’exposition in vivo bien qu’en ligne au “supremacism” anglo, sa variante activement, spécialement et spécifiquement dirigée contre la France, les français, le français, surtout, je conchie quand même un peu la langue de Benny Hill et toutes ses prétentions. Même si l’anglais était supérieur pour de bon, et ce n’est pas le cas, qu’il aille au diable.
            Enfin, bon, là, c’est mon problème, d’autant plus savoureux que ma seule langue étrangère est…

            Sinon, pour une véritable traduction mot-à-mot, il faudrait peut-être tenter de retourner à certaines racines de cette langue morte qu’est le français actuel, dominé, soumis et acculturé, en haut et en bas et par tous les orifices; entres mots peu usités ou néologismes basés sur les Humanités grecques ou latines, le champs des possibilités est vaste.
            Exemples au fil du ouèb (anglo-saxon!) :



            Désolé d’avoir enfoncé des portes ouvertes, et, bonne pêche…


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Tres interessant, Kevin. However, I view English just as Anglo-Normand, another French language. OK, not the “langue de Moliere”, but the language of that older French guy, Richard Coeur de Lion.

            To put it in a tweet:
            Richard the Lion Heart, now a statue in front of Westminster was, de facto, a Frenchman, living in France, speaking Anglo-Normand (=English)

            (“Tweets” are useful for abstraction!)

            Mauvaise humeur = bad mood. Bonne humeur = good mood. So it seems clear humeur and mood are equivalent. “Vicious mood” works in English, one just has to make it work in French. How? By using it. “Humeur vicieuse”: pourquoi pas?

            Although the Anglo-Saxon, or American mentality is different from the French one, there are important variations in the anglosphere. For example, Californian way of speaking and debating is very different from New York’s. Occasional idiots sent comments to this site claiming the author, whose superb English is unequalled, IMHO, writes poorly and is fully incomprehensible (I answered one politely recently). That’s not due to “poor writing” but actually that I think in a kind of super-Cartesian mode (to pursue with IMHO, In My Humble Opinion, about myself). That drives many Americans crazy (and it’s meant to).

            New Yorkers are, in many ways, closer to the French (they engage in debates because there is nothing else to do in New York) than to Californians, who tend to be much “cool” (as they need to cool down, having just exercised outside somewhere, a luxury unknown in New York).

            I am studying Mandarin Chinese. From the Mandarin point of view, English and French are two dialects of the same language. The way to react to “Pensee Unique” is to do what we are doing here: use the more frequently used English dialect, but defending the Francophone mentality.

            And why are the mentalities so different? Because plutocracy was stronger in 18C Britain than in France. (And that’s why 1789 happened in France, not Britain.)


          • Kevin Berger Says:

            La vidéo YT est de et avec JP Immarigeon.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The whole site has been closed down:

            Dear user,
            We inform you that our blogging platform has been closed on all markets on December 16th 2015. All blogs have been taken offline at this date, and it’s not possible any more to log in.
            For any questions regarding the closure or your blog please contact our customer support


  4. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    At this point, people have been conditioned in France to equate FN with fascism. It has worked very well for the the UMPS, now the LRPS, all these years… That mood is in deep.


  5. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Richard the Lion Heart, now a statue in front of Westminster, was, de facto, a French guy, living in France, and French, speaking Anglo-Normand (=English)

    Chris Snuggs: He is buried at l’Abbaye de Fontevraud, near Tours. He was always a childhood hero (legend of Robin Hood etc), and it was quite moving to visit his actual resting place. Leonardo Da Vinci is buried in the Chateau d’Amboise not far away, having been a protege of Francois 1.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Richard Coeur de Lion (born 1157 CE) was typical of the great heroes (of plutocracy! ;-)) of Franco-Britannia, who were simultaneously, English, Oilians (lange d’oil), Langue d’OC (=OK), Roman (spoke and thought in Latin; although Richard wrote poetry in various French variants). He was known in Lands of langu’ d’Oc as OC E NO (OK & NO), as he was rather a commandeering figure. Killed by a bolt during a siege, no child…


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