How Brexit Would Destroy World

Cameron goes on with his “Corruption Summit” in London. As if nobody knew already that London was a summit of corruption. The Nigerian president, sitting on Cameron’s left, calmly asked for the return of the billions of stolen Nigerian assets which Great Britain has stolen.

Is that Nigerian, to quote PM Cameron, “fantastically corrupt”? Does not he understand, with his tiny African mind, that Great Britain is very great, and rich, thanks to trillions and trillions and trillions of stolen property from savage countries not worthy of the Great British civilization? Watch “The Economist”, the great Great British economic magazine, always giving economy lessons to the whole world, while shipping all its profits to tax haven Luxembourg, to start with. This reminds me of when Britain was importing food from India, while India starved.

Another of Cameron’s effrontery is his “Brexit” referendum, or whether Great Britain should leave the European Union. “Brexit” is the exit of Britain from the EU. For the second time, Britain is voting in a referendum about whether it should be in the European Union. Why not to hold one whether Great Britain should be a member of the United Nations? As I will show, the question is not in jest. Brexit is a referendum about whether Great Britain should exist.

The Idiot Can Jump Out, To Be Torn Apart, The EU Will Fly Better Than Ever

The Idiot Can Jump Out, To Be Torn Apart, The EU Will Fly Better Than Ever

The first British referendum about whether Britain was in Europe, or in America, did not matter. The French government had consented to let Britain in, after blocking it for decades: that was the only thing which mattered. This time the stakes are completely different.

Specious liars will point out that the expression “European Community” (EC) was then used, instead of “European Union” (EU). This is a distinction without a difference; the concept of “ever closer union” was the fundamental concept of the European Community. The whole idea was to make a European war impossible in the future, something to which the Germans and the French felt, and feel, very strongly about. And it’s not just them: there is another one hundred million people living in the area in between or immediately around Franco-Germania.

Charlemagne’s empire covered France (including Belgium and the Netherlands), Germany, Italy, liberated Spain, and their satellites (Chechia, Austria, Switzerland, much of Poland, etc.). Some, ignorant of real history, may scoff, and say this was just Charlemagne. Not so: the Franks controlled most of Germany from the Sixth Century. The Franks played a strange game with the Pope, using the hated Lombards for leverage, until the Pope thoroughly surrendered (after Charles Martel nationalized the Church, and was NOT excommunicated for it). Then they conquered Italy (before Charlemagne). Finally it’s officially the Franks who extirpated slavery from liberated Britannia in 1066 CE (as the Anglo-Saxon realms in Britain were fundamentally unlawful invasions of Britannia).

The problem with Brexit is not what it will do to the European Union: the EU will do better without a obfuscating, obstructing, fiscally cheating, plutocratically plotting “Great” Britain playing Trojan Horse for global corruptocracy.

Brexit Is A Mental Illness Of Old Idiots Affected Gravely By Encroaching Senility

Brexit Is A Mental Illness Of Old Idiots Affected Gravely By Encroaching Senility

Once the British brats and obsequious servants of global corruptocrats are safely out of the European conference rooms, the grown-ups (Franco-Germania and its satellites) will be able to take the right decisions which are urgently needed.

(Right now, the French are letting Merkel run the European show: according to French socialist president Hollande, there are no disagreements with the conservative German chancellor. A 36 year old punk with red hair and horse teeth, the very cute Lea Salame’, called Hollande a liar about that, to his face, but that’s what happen when one runs a celebrity society. Cute Lea is a star, so she does not need a brain, and can say whatever looks good in the instant.)

A sobering Great Britain will stand outside, all conference rooms. It will take orders, from the EU, just as Switzerland does (through more than 600 bilateral treaties). A difference is that Switzerland is loved by France, Germany and Italy. Switzerland is not just 10% of Germany’s size: its French part is more French than it is attached to its own “German” part. I understand German, but not really Switzerdeutsch. The French spoken by the Swiss is standard French.

So Great Britain, should it Brexit, would be struck by at least ten years of lawsuits. One sixth of British law is pure European law. London is one of the largest French cities (4% of London is French).

Scotland and Wales will immediately vote to keep European law and exit Britain. The argument used by Brussels that Scotland as an independent nation would have to apply to the EU would become vacuous.

Scotland would probably not leave the EU, avoiding an awkward situation such as Albania getting into the EU, while Edinburgh and Glasgow are outside (Albania, a “francophone” country is pushing hard to get in the EU, in part thanks to its president, a perfect francophone; I approve this motion, and not just because it will make president Donald Trump laugh).

The problem with Brexit is mostly what it will do to world peace (no, I am not trying to be funny!)

Indeed, Scotland has made very clear it did not want the “British” nuclear fleet, the only deterrent Britain has. Emergency plans call on sheltering the nuclear fleet in… France (England has no appropriate deep ports).

Moreover, Britain would lose one third of its territory, once Scotland decides to stay inside the EU.

So what of the British permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?

It would go. And so would the United Nations’ fundamental organization. Once “Britain”, having disappeared, is out of the UNSC, a pandemonium may ensue.

Notice that Obama, at the last moment, told the French he was not attacking Assad, because he had got cold feet from the British refusal to strike (Assad’s family is a  major plutocratic organization, thus a British sacred cow). Obama himself said it. Cold feet. The French pilots were already in their seats.

Britain’s surrender to plutocracy is indeed a major threat to world peace. Cameron talks corruption, but it starts with the minds. Voting about whether Britain is in Europe, is a complete idiocy, the intoxicating fruit of minds corrupted by a corrupt system.

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to “How Brexit Would Destroy World”

  1. Gmax Says:

    UKIP Chris will not be happy. But he was already unhappy. So Brexit is really an idiocy? Trump is for it.


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    As a London-born Brit who has never had strong nationalist feelings about my country of birth yet will have a postal vote in the coming referendum, there have been times when I wasn’t sure which way to vote.

    But I am now clear – Britain should remain in the EU. Because that best serves the future. A future that will see individual nations have less control over their geopolitical boundaries as the world becomes steadily more interconnected; culturally, economically, and socially.

    However, what concerns me deeply is the outcome, whichever way the vote goes. For I see a great risk of a divided nation with each side blaming the other for every screw up, for every unanticipated issue, for years to come.

    I hope I am wrong.

    What strange times these are.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Paul! Yes, Brexit would be a disaster. There is no reason for it, but mayhem. The only advantages it would have would be a forced demolition of the plutocratic system which has installed itself in London, and the reinforcement of those who want a mightier EU.
      Hedge Fund managers and brokers are financing Brexit, because they fear the crackdown from the EU they know is coming, and they hope to gain a decade or two, or maybe more.


  3. dominique deux Says:

    Contrary to the UN, the EU thrives on catastrophic events, as they provide the jolts and elbow room for further integration.

    When (not if) what remains of the UK applies for re-entry, it will find the rules of the game vastly changed, and no opt-outs. Once burned, twice shy.

    Some nitpicking: I found in this post AND in contributions to the previous one the use of “remain” for “remind”. Spellchecker no doubt. But. Could noxious Bill Gates be trying to contribute to the global loss of memory, a crucial tool of his plutocrat ilk? “Du passé faisons table rase”, a plutocratic, as well as Soviet, dream.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the spellchecker warning Dominique! It’s indeed true and was done automatically well after I checked (I have found that spell changers are active well after one may think they are done; apparently the change was made by WordPress spell checker, it’s not in the original)

      Indeed, throwing the UK out may be the only way. Luxembourg too pretends to advance things, but actually blocks them, thus encouraging tax nefariousness from the Netherlands and Ireland. It’s high time that France and Germany try a bit of imperial coercion.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well the European Union has been trying to pass a law making it mandatory to forget information.
      In California, a university chancellor paid $175,000 to a specialized firm to have the Internet search engines “forget” a pepper spray infliction on sitting students. At UC Davis. She was also double dipping, sitting for $425,000 on the board of a competing private university (that was nearly as much as her UC salary…)


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to The Economist]

    A Great Britain reduced to England would have to install its nuclear submarines, in Brest, France. Ironically enough.

    Technically, after Scotland and Wales leave, Great Britain would stop to exist. The civil war in Northern Ireland may well start again.

    Brexit would trigger the process of destruction of Great Britain’s Permanent United Nations Security Council member status, as, Thus Brexit would endanger world’s order, relatively soon.

    So why are the less educated and poorest, those who have profited most from EU policies all for Brexit? Because they read Main Stream Media. MSM is owned by plutocrats. Plutocrats fear that the EU is going to cut them back to manageable size. Pretty soon. Say by closing down tax havens.


  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    Bon, histoire de déposer un commentaire sur le sujet, tel le chat déposant sa crotte sur le parquet, si le “brexit” sert les intérêts des godons, ceux qui comptent vraiment, pas la masse des Chris Snuggs, il aura lieu, point final. Tout le reste n’est qu’enrobage et enfumage.
    Et si ce proverbial départ à l’anglaise agit comme une étincelle allumant la mèche du grand bordel, tant mieux. Entre une Europe qui n’est rien, ou au mieux un machin informe et ouvert au quatre vents, et l’UE dans sa splendeur actuelle d’appendice à la puissance anglo, mieux vaut encore le rien.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed. 100%. On all points. Oh, except perhaps that, sometimes, the unexpected happens. It’s not because the powers that be want something, that it necessarily happen.

      In London, the all mighty financial sectors is in complete civil war; the total crooks, the brokers, hedge fund managers, and corruptocrats enablers want Brexit. Investment bankers do not, because they know Brexit will be catastrophic for investment. So the cruel, unprincipled pirates want Brexit, while useful bankers do not.


  6. indravaruna Says:

    The UK would be much better outside the EU like Swirztland, face it Patrice, the EU isn’t a “Franco-German” organization but a American one, Obama bullying the Brits to stay in the EU made things very clear.

    Most of the Eastern Euro contries take their orders from Washington and not Paris, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland has more influence in Poland or Romania than Hollande or Valls, the EU is just conpliment to NATO.

    There was some past French Presidents that tried to make a independent EU Army but was shotdown by the Brits and Poles.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama is worried about what I said about the UN. Not about what he said. Because his arguments felt too much like bullying, he had the opposite effect. Anyway, I doubt Brexit will pass. But if it does, it will be pandemonium. And, precisely Franco-Germania will rise in fury. With the satellites, that’s the weight of the USA.

      BTW, you should study Norway. You would find its relationship with the EU instructive. England will be treated worse. London’s outrageous privileges will be removed, among other things.


  7. indravaruna Says:

    Also Assad is the only thing saving Syria from Western inflicted barbarism, the Zionists control the Foreign Policy of the “West” and destroyed the Middle-East in the last decade and now are pushing for a war against Russia that will be fought in Europe and will be nuclear!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Assad was not born yesterday, and he empowered the Islamists, to justify his own dictatorship, and so did Erdogan.

      Nobody wants a war with Russia, everybody just wants Putin to go away. I do agree that American Zionists really exist, loud and hysterical, but they are not the best friends Israel has, because they are, first of all, all about themselves, and their cosmic greed (as depicted funny in the Qur’an, ha ha ha ).

      And the fact is, it was France, not American Zionists, which helped the Jews the most in the period 1789 CE until 1967 CE (When de Gaulle went officially ballistic about not having authorized the 6 day war…) The Franco-Israeli cooperation, not to say collaboration, is strong and deep. It comes from way back, millennia, Africa, whatever…

      Books were written about most French being actually Jews. (Recent immigrant African Jews hate to hear this… calling it “racist” because only them can be called “Jews”… but it can be argued, and has been argued, and the arguments stand, whatever the insulting epithets.)


      • indravaruna Says:

        The Sunni crazies don’t like Assad one bit, the Saudi King got the Legion d’honneur in his recent visit to Paris, which side the West is on?

        The French are Jews? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        The Tribe has only contempt for the French, I think they call your people surrender monkeys, the first time Mheard that was with a NYC Jew in Manhattan.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          “Surrender monkeys” is an invention of American Ken Keeler a Harvard mathematician who turned into author for the Simpson, a show I have basically watched extracts of for less than one minute in my entire life. Just ask New York Jews why the French not the Jews, Americans, New Yorkers, declared war on September 3 1939. Millions of people in the French empire died fighting Nazism and their allies… while Americans were sitting on their hands, and American plutocrats making Hitler all he could be. As a result, Americans tend to have developed a furious jealousy full of culpability towards the “surrender monkeys”.

          Ken Keeler was no doubt inspired directly by what the Nazis themselves had to surrender to the french generals in May 1945. I despise him.

          Simply boring through Bade Wurtemberg and Bavaria in April 1945, the French Army suffered 5,000 killed in combat. Even Hitler recognized the French soldiers were the best. Bir Hakeim saved the British Eight Army… And it is the Franco-Africans who pierced at Monte Cassino, in a furious dash through the Hitler line. My father was there. Respect.

          After the breakthrough at Monte Cassino, the top US commanders suggested to the French generals to abate the savagery a bit. “Hannibal” (general Juin) and his commanders just laughed, and said: “C’est la guerre!”


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    […] everybody is fooled by the Brexit madness: normal banks view Brexit as a much bigger crisis than anything they have seen before, and it is. […]


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Lack of Environment, June 12, 2016.]

    The hedge fund managers and private wealth lobbyists will have their way, it seems: BREXIT. Great Britain is not a democracy. Actually, it’s a monarchy, and the king in 1936, was a Nazi (he was dismissed because of that, not because of a fable). Not a little detail: the same king, now General Inspector of the Armed Forces, told his friend Hitler in Spring 1940, where the weak point was.

    The European Union is imperfect, it has to be improved. After Lady Thatcher, Great Britain mostly sabotaged further integration of the EU, and now the British public, mostly, hates, really hates Europe. Hopefully, after the saboteurs are off the boat, France and Germany will be able to start anew, towards an ever closer union. All hell will break loose. Yet, whatever the result of the referendum, Great Britain has amply shown it does not deserve to be a member of the European Union. lts despicable, multidimensional blackmail has now lasted decades, it’s high time to put a stop to it.

    It’s all very sad. Polls in France show that the public, for cause, is much more angry against Brussels than in Great Britain. And for specific causes. However, the French are not so idiotic that they want out of the Union. It’s outright nasty to burn the house, just because it needs to be improved. People are going to get hurt.


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    […] exit the European Union would be like jumping out of a plane, there would be no coming back. Sure. Real Brexit would destroy the world. But, in reality, full Brexit is impossible, and there would be much more voting and (hopefully […]


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