Extinction Of Dinosaurs & Demoncrats: A Unified Theory

Obsolete Dinosaurs Extinguished In Anguish by Blossoming Mammals, Newer, Better, More Energized.  Same Fate For Smaller Brained Demonocrats?

[The science in this essay is real (although the thesis proposed is new, as far as I know). However, the science is used to generate a sarcastic analogy in the last few sentences.]

My opinion about the fundamental cause for the disappearance of dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, etc. is that what I call “core volcanism”, also known as super Traps. Massive hyper volcanism, with ejecta of the order of 10,000 times that of the proverbial asteroid, changed the climate durably when the Dekkan Traps started to erupt (millions of years before an asteroid hit Yucatan, future base of the Maya). Weirdly, the Dekkan Traps eruption reached its paroxysm around the time of the asteroid strike (the detailed timing of what exactly happened when is ever more refined, every year). However dinosaurs and their cousins were made for a warm Jurassic climate (the sort we, the fossil carbon burners are trying to implement in the next 100 years). Dinosaurs and their ilk had insufficient temperature generation capability, something birds and mammals, being of a much higher metabolism, due to their much greater internal heat generation, had plenty of.

Mammalian reptiles appeared 250 million years ago or so. Full mammals are more than 3% of the age of the Earth old. Large ( meter long or more) carnivorous mammals existed already 150 million years ago, around the time birds diverged from dinosaurs.

Mesozoic Repenomamus, about one meter long were found with dinosaurs in their stomach:

Repenomamus Mammals Hunting for Dinosaur Prey during the Mid-Jurassic Period of Europe.

An Early Case of Advanced Types Devouring Demoncrats? Furry Repenomamus Mammals Hunting for Dinosaur Prey during the Early Cretaceous Period of Europe. Mesozoic Era, 122 Million Years Ago.

So picture this: climate cools, dinosaurs, which were spread from the poles to the equator, have increasing difficulties, the number of their species go down. How come dinosaurs could not adapt? Probably because mammals and birds ate them, or their young.

Mammals and birds may well have been a complicating factor in the change of fauna at the end of the Cretaceous. Mammals and birds, capable of sustaining higher metabolism in cooler climes turned a near-extinction into a full extinction. They were a catalyst accelerating the reaction. This is supported by direct scientific evidence, not just philosophy. Some Cretaceous mammals fed on juvenile dinosaurs. It does not require much imagination to figure out that massive carnivorous mammals, whose fossils have been found, had been into that habit for already 100 million years when dinosaurs croaked terminally.

Some may sneer: they don’t know enough. Mammaliaformes are actually 225 million years old. They had evolved from large brained ancestors descending from mammalian reptiles which, themselves, evolved from Synapsids. Synapsids were the largest terrestrial vertebrates in the Permian period, 299 to 251 million years ago. (Large Synapsids were annihilated by the Siberian Traps eruption… however those among synapsids which had become bigger brained, and more prone to make burrows did survive… Thus big braininess in mammalian ancestors was established 251 million years ago…)

In the Jurassic, mammals tended to occupy the niche of smallness. Not that they were terrified by the dinosaurs and tried to make themselves as small as possible, like Trump voters terrified of rampaging demonocrats. More simply, I guess, dinosaurs could not make themselves very small, as they would lose too much heat. So anything smaller than a chicken was a mammal, or the soon to evolve birds.

What sort of philosophy to extract from all of this? Brains and higher metabolism, higher energy lifestyle, can overwhelm the more primitive forms. Extinction itself is multicausal: maybe if neither birds nor mammals (nor sharks or sea-going crocs) had been around, dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, pterosaurs and mosasaurs would have survived the considerable climate cooling at the end of the Cretaceous.

Demoncrats and plutocrats are whining all over as they (correctly) fear going extinct. Asteroid Trump has landed, the climate was changing already anyway, disaster looms for these primitive forms. Flushed with new notions, more clever monsters are roaming the land, devouring the very environment which sustained demonocratic, even plutocratic life, not to say lies. This is how dinosaurs disappeared: global change, and the death-blow given by better equipped predators.

Please stay tuned.

Patrice Ayme’


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21 Responses to “Extinction Of Dinosaurs & Demoncrats: A Unified Theory”

  1. SDM Says:

    Are you saying demoncrat for democrat and letting the GOP off the hook for plutocracy? Why give the GOP a pass for their disasters and anti-democracy tactics of gerrymandering, vote suppression as well as plutocratic privatizing and tax policy, etc let alone climate change denial? Or that Drumpf is some sort of anti-pluto hero in the making? Not from where I sit.

    • Gmax Says:

      I don’t think Patrice is letting the GOP off the hook. She explained demoNcrats is the translation of plutocrats. Jon Stewart said that ‘Trump was the repudiation of the Republican Party’. Trump was Democrats until a few years ago, and against Reagan. Comparing Trump and an asteroid is a backhanded compliment

    • Kevin Says:

      I have to agree on principle with SDM; this US presidential election has been entertaining, though, and is pregnant with an uncertain future that could include some positive developments (though, in all likelihood, not so much for the US public at large, and even less for good swathes of it). A pox on both the D and the R, in any case, and all the systemic malevolence they embody.

      As for the “demoncrats”, and at the risks of leading this otherwise respectable website into the rabbit hole of lurid Paranoid Conspiracy Theory :
      (Again, not to target neither the D nor the Clintons specifically in those matters – cf. the “Franklin cover up”, the Finders cult, or Jeff Gannon, not to mention the plethora of homosexual incidents related to “moral” conservative figures, for the GOP/rightwing; if anything, it is a systemic issue, probably ingrained deep into the making of anglo imperial Elites. Plus, wasn’t/isn’t Epstein close to DT, who isn’t himself free of pedo accusation, btw?

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Before I even go to the link, let me express my contempt for Podesta: he was one of the puppet masters of Obama, one of the guys who thought I am a terrible thing out there, to be avoided at all and any cost, because of my “UNPREDICTABILITY, one can never know what’s going to come up next”.

        SDM and others on this site and certainly out there in the media, especially in France, have described Trump as a climate denier… but he is not. Not at all. Nor the guy he nominated. It’s all huff and puff, electioneering as Macky Sall, president of Senegal, just said (Senegal is VERY threatened by sea level rise…)

        • Kevin Says:

          Re Trump, so far it’s just like Brexit : nothing really has happened yet, and everything is insiders positioning and outsiders conjecturing (if not projecting, and btw this is not a snide remark aimed at you). Wait & See.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The most spectacular effect of Trump was Brussels throwing austerity out of the window, less than 30 hours after Trump got elected. This means that EUROPEAN AUSTERITY WAS IMPOSED FROM WASHINGTON by the Clinton-Obama-Government Goldman Sachs clique…

            Differently from Brexit (which won’t happen, i always say), only bullet(s) can stop Trump…

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I stay away from the “Pizzagate”. This is crazyland. However John Podesta, a professional politician, is a believer in UFOs, and an activist that way. He and is brother Tony are professional lobbyists, and made fortunes from it.

        Notice that the Podestas secretly lobbyied for India, it was revealed a few hours ago (by Washington Beacon). Podesta was in the White House, pulling Obama’s strings…

        • Kevin Says:

          Yeah, hence the rabbit hole disclaimer, plus I agree the “pizzagate”‘s roots lie in the (top-down) engineered attrition war against HCR : it’s not that she is innocent or not of what the GOP tarred her with, in a sense it doesn’t matter, it’s mostly that whatever she has or may have done, previous R administrations have done the same or worse, with their base coming to their support whenever confronted with it. The hypocrisy – of the top – and the tribalism – of the True Believers – is mind-boggling.

          RE the child-abuse proper, to me, it’s something I tuck away safely in one part of my mind and file as “food for thoughts, ground for further research”.
          AFAICT, there is no doubt to me that the above-mentioned GOP-related pedo & homo scandals are factual; judicial smothering or not, bottom line is, there were two pimps who provided underage sexual entertainment to the party gatherings, one of the two being deeply enmeshed into the party structure itself and likely used to generate blackmailing/controlling material.
          So, in a sense, a D mirror situation would be no surprise.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t leave the GOP off the hook. And Trump has pretty much destroyed Bush’s GOP, as evidence, Jon Stewart and GMax remarked. Trump is everything and its contrary, including on climate. We will see.

      • Kevin Says:

        The GOP as it is, “southern strategy” + “reagan revolution” = the Birchers in power, pretty much is a walking dead; it is IIUC unsustainable as such just by sheer demography. Trump seized the presidency by hijacking the insane, shrill energy the GOP has furthered to keep its base alive, but he’s still an outsider. The GOP/Washington eating him alive is and remains is the likeliest IMHO (but cf. the Wait & See above).

        Still, I do agree that having him wipe his muddy construction safety boots on poor JEB!’s face, or having him merrily piss on jonah goldberg’s leg (the surrender monkeys say “hello”, you cowardly POS), all this was priceless – just as watching the Never Trump! crowd grovel back into ranks is a satisfying exercise in schadenfreude.
        OTOH, DT has given a new lease on life to said walking dead, 4-8 years that may have lasting consequence not only for the USA, but for real people too.

        “Trump is everything and its contrary, including on climate. We will see.”

  2. gmax Says:

    If I did my homework well it seems you are saying conventional wisdom is wrong: we evolved not because the dinosaurs died off, but the dinosaurs died off because we evolved

    • Kevin Says:

      Yes, though the “unified” part of that theory as per the last paragraph doesn’t tell us if the “mammals” will outlive the “dinosaurs” this time.

  3. Gloucon X Says:

    I really did think that the CIA/NSA with deep Bush crime family connections would hack America’s black box voting machines for Hillary. But instead someone did it for Trump. Maybe a major war is in the offing and the military felt that Hillary would not get the loyalty of the troops when mass casualties ensue. I don’t see how Trump all by himself makes forty years of neoliberal ideology and neocon foreign policy go away. I expect the path towards total plutocracy to continue.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The path towards total plutocracy *may be* interrupted, if:
      a) the pseudo-left realizes it has been played
      b) Trump demolishes so much all over, a real resistance arises
      c) real war emerges, and a sort of total republic, WWII style, emerges…
      Or a combination of these.
      Right now it’s hard to see where things are going. Obama has understood he failed. Trump is setting up a government of destroyers (of the established order, although several nominations should be confirmed with 5 stars beforew inauguration, paradoxically enough…) The GOP is quickly aligning itself behind Trump, like a bunch of beauty queens on real TV (whatever that means)…

  4. SDM Says:

    It was amusing to watch the many in the GOP line up behind Trump after he assailed them mercilessly. He does seem to tilt toward the extreme types however rather than any what may be perceived as somewhat more moderate GOP types. He has smashed up the GOP but nevertheless they hold Congress and the White House now. Is it in name only or is the more to the story?
    Hard to find much optimism here for climate situation or other environmental causes let alone plutocratic rule. Yes Obama is gone but Trump has some Goldman Sachs types hovering around him as well. See Gary Cohn.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Munchin (as I call him) is Goldman Sachs, son of Goldman Sachs… In all this, we will see. Trump needs powerful guys and girls to carry his orders (I don’t doubt they are coming).
      The climate thing is neither here nor there. Obama did not do as well for climate as people naively think. I know hyper rich people, from inheritance, who have more than 20,000 dollars of subsidies, from Obama, for their (carbon-) electric cars alone.

      It would have been better NOT to give to the rich and pursue new energy research, which is starved… Obama in particular gutted fuel cells, which are crucial for a NON carbon economy. For what? Giving to the hyper rich.

      Putting Trump on trial for Obama’s sins is bad form…

      • SDM Says:

        Not putting Obama’s record on Trump but you seem rather quiet about climate denial when it comes from Trump, and your position on the Goldman Sachs connections seem not so terrible when Trump has them. Now you talk about giving to the rich, hmmmm neither here not there…….

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Trump had made strident calls about the danger of climate change as recently as 2009, and has already insinuated enough, that I zero, really zero, worry about him being worse than Obama on the CO2 crisis. Right, Obama mainly posed, just as he did with financials. The Obama “reforms” in financials and QE just made a bad situation worse. Commercial banks are completely paralyzed right now, worldwide (OK, in the West, not China)

          The problem with the Obama GS was the nature of the individuals involved, the very artists of the disaster…

          The new Treasury Sec. financed AVATAR, and I love AVATAR…

          I never talked about giving to the rich, except in jest. Right now the richest individual people in the USA pay LESS than 17% tax. So if Trump make them pay 33%, power to him… How many times do I have to repeat this? Why can’t we wait and see? Because the lunatic pseudo-left is construing false discourses about reality

          • SDM Says:

            The pseudo left is a real problem and is a driver of the identity politics that have divided the US working class. Obama has been a disappointment from early on when he caved to big money and failed to push for reform. Since then it only went downhill. Sometimes hard to tell the outrage from the jest -sarcasm?- and then there are always the next tweets. No doubt 33# is better than 17% if he can enforce it. See nytimes – “How to hide $400 million” – will there be the will to spend what it takes to get the taxes paid?.

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