Blame Obama’s Nihilism For Syria’s Destruction

Pontificating Pseudo-Leftists Destroyed The Better Values, Including Care and Rationality, By Claiming They Were Not Worth Fighting For, Nothing Was. From This Obscene Nihilism, Of Slimy Souls, We Will All Suffer All Too Practically.

The Economist has woken up, from its Trump Derangement Syndrome, to the reality of the catastrophic moral abyss known as the Obama administration. Subtitle of The Economist: The war in Syria: The lessons from Aleppo’s tragic fateWHEN INTERESTS TRIUMPH OVER VALUES TERRIBLE THINGS CAN HAPPEN. (Dec 17th 2016.)

The interest of whom, dear The Economist? Not just Putin’s, Assad, and the plutocratic circles in London which professionally love the Assad family’s billions. One speaks here also of the interests of prima donna Michelle Obama and the US Democratic Party elite presently still in power, and the interest of those who feed them all, the globalocracy and the worldwide plutocracy, especially the one of financial type. That interest goes beyond profiteering from those who support massacres. It goes as far as destroying the values which make civilization possible. Let me explain.

Aleppo Barrel Bombing By Assad Regime Summer 2015. What the Joint Franco-American Intervention Was Supposed To Stop

Aleppo Barrel Bombing By Assad Regime Summer 2015. What the Joint Franco-American Intervention Was Supposed To Stop

The joint French Republic USA attack on Assad after Assad killed thousands of civilians in gas attacks, would have taken out the entire Syrian Air Force, including helicopters dropping barrel bombs.

Obama’s last minute loss of nerves, and calling off the attack while French bomber pilots were already strapped in their seats, was a moral failure of Auschwitzian proportions. Of such moral failures was the road to World War Two and Auschwitz, paved. (And it did not take too many of these failures, barely more than a couple, before the insane moods had set-in, and world war was unavoidable.)

Says The Economist: GROZNY, Dresden, Guernica: some cities have made history by being destroyed. Aleppo, once Syria’s largest metropolis, will soon join their ranks. Its 1,000-year-old Muslim heritage has turned to dust; Russian aircraft have targeted its hospitals and schools; its citizens have been shelled, bombed, starved and gassed (see article). Nobody knows how many of the tens of thousands who remain in the last Sunni Arab enclave will die crammed inside the ruins where they are sheltering. But even if they receive the safe passage they have been promised, their four-year ordeal in Aleppo has blown apart the principle that innocent people should be spared the worst ravages of war. Instead, a nasty, brutish reality has taken hold—and it threatens a more dangerous and unstable world.”

A mood that political leaders and dictators can get away with mass murder for all to see has set-in. This has happened many times in the past:  that change of moods is always necessary before great wars. Just as it did in Germany before 1914 (after massacring hundreds of thousands of Namibian Natives, the Herero and Nama, as if they were rats, or game animals, offering money for their heads, hunting them for sport). Just as it did happen worldwide in the 1930s (Japan attacked China, Italy attacked Ethiopia, US plutocrats and the Nazi dictator attacked the Spanish Republic, and all made like bandits, getting away with anything, including the biggest lies they could imagine, etc.)

Encouraged by these profitable pursuits, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany constituted the “Axis”, in 1936, while US plutocrats helped make the Axis all it could be. The Axis was a series of diplomatic treaties. But, more importantly, the Axis was a sharing of satanic values. Shared satanic values which the leaders of the Axis believed was the best way to success. And for a while, for them, it worked. In the end, it worked only for the Deus Ex Nachina, the USA itself. (However, because that this Machiavellian strategy worked in the past for the USA is no guarantee that it will work in the future. Actually, it won’t because Kim’s nukes will soon be able to reach the USA; in WWII, nobody hostile could even get to the US mainland!)

Italy, Japan, Germany conquered, and, or came to control  huge swathes of territory, through the nastiest, most satanic ways. The success of these Plutonic values led countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the USSR, Thailand, Iraq, etc., to join, de facto and through treaties, the Axis. And of course, this further success encouraged plutocrats to help the Axis (just as Putin’s and Tehran’s success will encourage others to join them… such as Turkey’s Sultan). It all snowballed, until the French Republic, followed by the Commonwealth, declared war. France, though, got overwhelmed through surprise, bad luck, an uncautious head of the army, reason…

And also France came down in a few days in May 1940,  because the French (and British) Air Forces had not enjoyed enough practice. The French Air Force and the RAF took a few weeks to learn the tricks the Nazis had learned and refined in air combat in the preceding four years, say, while bombing Guernica and attacking ground forces, in Spain. If you want peace, prepare for war, by practicing war.  

If you can’t beat them, join them in fighting, you will improve.

The brains of many present world politicos, such as Vladimir Putin, Assad, Xi, Kim have set-in into a more aggressive mindset. Thanks to Obama’s incompetent childishness, and holy-than-thou attitude. Maybe their epigenetics, not just their neurohormones, emotions, feeling, reconstructed memories and  ideas have installed in their heads operating systems which toy with millions killed and displaced as if it were a chess game.

A small, but telling example? China just seized an US military underwater drone, while the civilians manning an US vessel a few hundreds meters away watched in disbelief. The US made a demarche to recover their stolen robot.

Trump’s reaction: “China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters — rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedented act,” Mr. Trump wrote in a Twitter message. His original tweet on the subject on Saturday called the seizure an “unpresidented act,” but a replacement message corrected the spelling error. Spelling error? Assuredly, a judicious one.

Many of the best ideas have started as errors. The USA has been “unpresidented” for eight years, indeed.

We are feeling what not having hope feels like,” Michelle Obama told Winfrey in response to a question about whether President Obama had achieved the “hope and change” he promised while campaigning in 2008. ” The self-absorbed Michelle did not mean Aleppo. She obviously meant she has to give up on that big presidential plane in 4 weeks. Hey, no more vacation in the billionaire’s palaces anymore, with the media moguls? Otherwise her husband’s presidency has been abysmal on all what can be measured: poverty (eight million more!), food stamps (13 million more!), employment rate (not the UNemployment index known as U2!), home ownership, cost of health care, cost of education, etc. The Obama presidency was pretty much a sham, organized by spoiled, ignorant children, but hundreds of thousands have now died because of it, and everything indicates that this is just the beginning:

The Economist says: “Britain’s parliament voted against taking even limited military action. As millions of people fled to Syria’s neighbours, including Lebanon and Jordan, most European countries looked the other way —or put up barriers to keep refugees out.

PARTICULAR BLAME FALLS ON BARACK OBAMA. America’s president has treated Syria as a trap to be avoided. His smug prediction that Russia would be bogged down in a “quagmire” there has proved a historic misjudgment.

Throughout his presidency, Mr Obama has sought to move the world from a system where America often acted alone to defend its values, with a few countries like Britain riding shotgun, to one where the job of protecting international norms fell to all countries—because everyone benefited from the rules.

[Or when naivety becomes criminal, murderous idiocy!]

Aleppo is a measure of how that policy has failed. As America has stepped back, the vacuum has been filled not by responsible countries that support the status quo, but by the likes of Russia and Iran which see the promotion of Western values as an insidious plot to bring about regime change in Moscow and Tehran.”

Entirely correct, The Economist. Barack Obama has proven to be very far from a progressive, or a defender of the better values (as one would expect from somebody financed by Goldman Sachs more than any other entity). Instead, Obama has proven to be a right-wing terminator of people. He let the massacre in Syria happen in slow motion.

Obama also spurned and terminated the better values as something worth defending (and thus Obama served Goldman Sachs and its ilk, lack of better values). Obama taught us all to be moral slime. To avoid “quagmires”, Obama became one himself. Obama should have given war a chance (if John Lennon had been around, he may well have concluded that!) Invertebrates never had a chance. Invertebrates like Obama.

In truth, Obama, like all pseudo-leftists, is a poser without values much beyond greed (such as the ravenous greed for power or Nobel prizes). A nihilist. Western progressive values, or the better values of humanity itself, under the pseudo-leftist doctrine, cannot be imposed, because they are viewed as imperialism itself.

This is why Obama put Putin, rather than the French Republic, in charge of Syria: because Putin, or the theocrats in Tehran, or the plutocrats in Beijing, have values which are just as valuable, Obama implicitly, yet extremely repetitively, said. (The reason for this is that the main financier of Obama’s first campaign was Goldman-Sachs: thus the superior values of Goldman-Sachs were transmitted to Obama in a superior way: greed, self-advancement, navigation, etc. Financial manipulators are dictators behind the stage friendly to those dictators who take the stage)

Politics select for self-obsessed slime. Obama has none of the higher values higher human beings are, whatsoever, but he is good at faking ennui and a loftier stance. A comedian. What is his motivation to do so? Obviously a world without redeeming values fit those who breathe greed perfectly. So Obama, by refusing to defend values, manu militari, is actually making the plutocratic mood progress, thus making those who will pay his bills in a month, richer, more powerful, and more generous.

The plutocratic ideal is fundamentally nihilist: it replaces the better angels of our nature, which humanity absolutely need to exist, with low and vicious aspects, and neurohormones, like greed, power onto others, cruelty, etc.  

And what of the little pseudo-leftists who feel that Obama is the best thing since whole wheat bread, and have been clamoring for more of the same, hundreds of thousands dead, millions of refugees full of Islamism? Many of them have elected. not to defend values, but on hating those who have them. Because hatred is a strong emotion.

Also, most of the pseudo-leftists are just ignorant, and ignorance is not just comfortable, but easy to acquire.

By refusing to act against hatred, Obama has refused to defend the better angels of our values. Instead he has left open the road to irrationality (inventing excuses for not defending said better values) and hatred itself.

Thus Obama contributed to making a much bigger war more likely. Indeed, Obama has told us that to see half a million people killed in what used to be the richest part of the Roman empire, is no concern of his. Nothing that motivates him. Half a million people dead, dictators, some nuclear armed, reinforced, and Obama congratulates himself for having avoided a “quagmire”.

Obama’s powerless UN ambassador, ironically named Power, complained to Russia that it had no decency. that Power chick does not know that, when one has the power of extermination, decency is irrelevant. She and her boss, Obama, are that ignorant. Obama did not just unpresident himself, he was never really president, just taking orders from his (plutocratic) minders. Doing so, not realizing that only military force imposes and preserves civilization, puts us,and all the better values, at risk of being ruled by the spirit of Pluto, at the hands of plutocrats. And the proof is the powerlessness of Obama’s pious declarations on what constitute decent behaviors, the exact behaviors he violated. Now the jerks are compulsively talking about Russia’s sofware prowess, after letting Putin and Assad ravage Aleppo, and Syria.

Might is not necessarily right, indeed. However, right without might, cannot be. Ever.

Civilization is fundamentally about force. The force of the highest human values reorganizing nature, including human nature, for the better, fighting adversity, and winning.

And to do that, to win, we need not just smarts as Ulysses, but also might, like Heracles.

Slime is cool, indeed, but it could not possibly invent civilization. Only entrepreneur could, and did. That’s why we have hands, big hands. Give us that world which we shall mold, for the better; the empire of humanity, this is what us humans make, and always made. The divine primate. Slime, those who will not defend the values which make us the most human, we have to wash out at sea, before their impotence exterminates us.

Patrice Ayme’


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13 Responses to “Blame Obama’s Nihilism For Syria’s Destruction”

  1. gmax Says:

    You are getting harder on the jerk. Thanks, he deserves it. Nobel prize in massacr

    And that Michelle is as phony as Hillary. Shameless too.


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Washpost, which just ran : Aleppo’s fall is Obama’s failure

    Not realizing that only military force imposes and preserves civilization, puts us,and all the better values, at risk of being ruled by the spirit of Pluto, at the hands of plutocrats. As observed, and as intended.

    And the proof is the powerlessness of Obama’s pious declarations on what constitute decent behaviors, the exact behaviors he violated. Now the jerks are compulsively talking about Russia’s sofware prowess, after letting Putin and Assad ravage Aleppo, and Syria.

    Might is not necessarily right, indeed. However, right without might, cannot be. Ever.

    Civilization is fundamentally about force. The force of the highest human values reorganizing nature, including human nature, for the better, fighting adversity, and winning.

    But of course, maybe this is exactly what Obama wanted. A mess in Iraq has insured the success of US fracking (by keeping the price of oil very high). The tragedy in the Syria has weakened the West, and its democracy, thus reinforcing the Islamists, and Western plutocrats, and their allies (Saudis, Putin, etc.)

    Machiavellianism is saying something while doing exactly the opposite.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    “only military force imposes civilization, they put us all at risk.”

    Well look how brilliantly it worked in the Iraq war. The US can’t just walk around invading countries unilaterally anymore, in terms of cost, politcal currency and public opinion, the US has it’s hands tied. the weakness of the UN is most apparent with this geopolitical mess.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Might is not always right, agreed. Of course. And I was 100% against BOTH Iraq wars. The Bush adminstration should be prosecuted for war crimes.

      Wars of aggression are not right, they are war crimes. However, nor is it right to exclude all and any war. No war against evil is war against goodness.


  4. Comments Moderator The Economist Says:

    Dear patrice ayme,
    The attached comment, Blame Obama’s Nihilism For Syria’s Destruction, posted under the pen name Patrice Ayme Tyranosopher, has been deleted from The Economist online. The comment was removed because it breaks our comments policy:

    We remind you that repeated violation of our comments policy may result in your being blocked from posting comments on The Economist online.
    Yours sincerely,
    Comments Moderator The Economist online


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This was a much milder, much shorter version of the essay above. No explanation was given why I violated whatever. I just mentioned Assad was connected to London plutocracy. Was that the violation?

      The usual refuge of Main Stream Media companies is to say they are private organizations. But actually, not really: they are extended PUBLIC privileges, including, but not limited to privileged press access. So Main Stream Media, including Facebook, have fidiuciary duty to the PUBLIC. They violate it by terrorizing the PUBLIC, by threatening members of the PUBLIC with social EXCLUSION.

      BTW, I am a full subscriber to The Economist, and The Economist, by threatening me, is attacking me, and disturbing my peace. It does not matter how many “dears” they use.

      The least “The Economist” and other MSM should do, is to quote the offending passage(s). Of course, they can’t, because there was none. They just don’t like the fact I have a different world view, and it is better documented than theirs, so they want to silence me, lest their readers follow my ideas instead of their propaganda…

      The truth is probably that somebody wants me to be banned from The Economist, as I was from the New York Times, and many other pseudo-respectable MSM. (Or as I cannot be found in some search engines, probably after Islamist Terror organizations, or some governments (Saudis) protested about by satanic ways…)


  5. indravaruna Says:


    Assad won! The regime change agenda driven by Zionists and Sunni Muslims failed miserably! Thank God!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t think that Israel’s Netanyahu is livid about Assad’s victory. Far from it: it allows him to keep expanding in Samara and Judea (“West Bank”), discreetly, efficiently, especially around Jerusalem. True, Israel is now allied to the Sunnis… And loves it. So Israel loves Assad. Anyway, the most dangerous military power for Israel WAS Syria. Now Syria is finished, for a long time (and Netanyahu is friends with Putin).

      The initial anti-Assad revolt was secular, BTW… The Economist recognized, reminded us of, this in their cover story…


      • SDM Says:

        Israel plays their game well. It has conservative and liberal US support. Palestinians have no chance. As for Obama, he has been, at most, a disappointment. Sure, he is a slick operator but he has crumbled when it comes to hope and change. Goldman-Sachs holds sway and gets richer every minute.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Yes, the reign of Obama, started under the most ominous cloud, Goldma-Sachs/Lawrence Summers/Sherryl Sandberg (NSA/Google/Facebook) is finishing in the most ominous way (Aleppo, where Putin is pulling a Gozny), and this “hacking” (of the truth, out) where Putin is supposed to be the hidden ruler of the US…

          Somebody who knows him personally for 40+ years told me all he decides is when to go to Hawai’i. Everything else, all the other decisions, are taken by others… Hidden in the dark…


  6. SDM Says:

    And the Economist also notes that Trump has not shown any greater appreciation of the dynamics in Europe and the Middle East- deal making is not the end all of the world stage. His ego, impetuousness and easily goaded persona are troubling. it could spark more than a twitter war.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The world situation, war-wise, is disastrous. Trump did not create it. When Kim threatened a few years back, to nuke the US, Obama scoffed it off, not realizing that Kim, by issuing that threat, changed the mood. As kim got away with it, he has been busy building a real force, and so on.

      Trouble is clearly ahead. Just as in the 1930s, the sooner, the better. Accusing Trump for his presidency is lunacy. The existing president should be accused.

      Obama, following orders from above, did not do much with Europe. He rested on France, while undermining her, willingly or not… In particular by not leaning on Cameron’s double lunacy…


  7. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Ian Miller Blog Dec 22, 2016.]

    I never wanted to give the impression each war is a crime, just the opposite. There are (plenty of) just wars. Shutting down Assad would have been a just war.

    Muslims tend to kill each other in great part because the Quran says that killing an unbeliever insures a spot in paradise.

    I know of Hitler’s little truths. My whole point was that, seen from the bigger picture, they would lead to incomparably larger mayhem.


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