Syria’s Assad Struck Because Pacifist Fundamentalism Leads To Horror

Good people will want to, have always wanted to, strike down Syria’s Assad and North Korea’s Kim. Pacifist fundamentalism is worse than an hypocrisy. It brings not just death, but the apocalypse (consider Nazism).

In August 2013, French pilots were in their seats in their fully armed planes, ready to strike Assad, when Obama lost his nerve, or got a call from one of his masters, decided to be worse than a hypocrite. Obama decided it was OK, after all, to use neurotoxic weapons such as Sarin to kill thousands, including children. Neurotoxic weapons against cities can only kill innocent people, such as children.

A Few Of The Hundreds Of Children Assassinated By Nerve Gas In 2013 By War Criminal and Criminal Against Humanity Assad. In Just One Single Attack In Damas (and there hundreds of such attacks). Unsure About Playing Knight In Shining Armor, Or Maybe Paid to Do So, Obama Lost His Nerve At The Last Minute. He Claimed To Stay Cool, Watching This, When He Had the Means to Punish It, and Thus Became A Smirking Accomplice of It. In A Way, It’s Worse Than What Happened In The Nazi Extermination Camps, Because We Had No Picture Of Exterminated Children!

By way of comparison with Assad and Obama, Adolf Hitler, not a humanitarian of renown, decided, in 1945 NOT to use neurotoxic weapons against his ferocious enemies, who were determined, and had declared officially, that they would not stop until they had annihilated Nazi Germany. Nazi stocks of gases such as Sarin were enough to kill dozens of millions, and the Nazi had the means to bring those gases over the targets (Western armies, London, Paris, etc.). In spite of the fact using the neurotoxins could have been imagined by the most crazed Nazis as a way to bring the war to a standstill, the Nazis did not consider using them.

The top Nazis knew all too well that the British, if no one else, would reply in kind. This sort of tit for tat had happened in 1940. The Nazis devastated Coventry. The Brits replied in kind, on a much greater scale. Rightly so.

This is why Hitler did not go fully neurotoxic in 1945.

Trump fired 59 cruise missiles at the Shariat Assad air base in Syria which fired the neurotoxins.


Barack Obama and the plutocrats in London (who are friends of Bachar El Assad) let humanity down in 2013. Civilization needs to be defended.

It’s telling that Trump, so vomited upon by the pseudo-progressives, is the one defending civilization, whereas their puppet president, who was the object of a cult by the plutocrats that be, did nothing which could upset the enemies of civilization, his, de facto, friends.  Trump’s action is an excellent message for all those who believe they can scare civilization into submission. An excellent way to set up the right context with President Xi of the People Republic of China, visiting the US president at Mar a Lago this weekend, reminding him that civilization without a great wall cannot be defended. But now civilization is one, and the great wall has to be in the minds.

There are great walls which cannot be crossed, because they ought not to be crossed, and the usage of weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations is one of them.

Patrice Ayme’


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49 Responses to “Syria’s Assad Struck Because Pacifist Fundamentalism Leads To Horror”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Gets my vote!

  2. Anya Hayes Says:

    Anya Hayes
    Because the best way for a president to improve his ratings is to start a war

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Go tell that to those who were gased in the 5000+ Nazi extermination camps.

      • Anya Hayes Says:

        Anya Hayes: I do see what you’re saying. What I’m saying is trump bans those people who are dying then launches a war against their government. Nothing is black and white, Obama was also fighting against Assad, but now it’s just a political strategy.
        Also, this world is an awful place and a person can find an excuse to start a war whenever/wherever

  3. Anya Hayes Says:

    What did we ever do about the tens and hundreds of thousands being killed in the Sudan?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sudan is a completely different problem. Savage tribes at each others’ throats. Syria was clearly the war of a plutocrat against a people.
      Real predictable dummies, moral monsters, are those who have been watching Assad gas children for 6 years, smirking it’s not their problem.

      • Anya Hayes Says:

        Who are “the real predictable dummies”?
        From what I’ve read it’s much more complicated than that. Of course, behind Assad is Putin

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          No Assad started by himself. Putin got in after Obama betrayed the French in August 2013.
          Putin moved in opportunistically, when he saw Obama was a puppet uninterested by civilization, or humanity in general.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            So first, since I didn’t know what you were talking about I googled “Obama betrayed French” and all it comes up with is the French want Obama as president. Secondly, Obama isn’t president anymore, he left things the way he left them, and I’m talking about what the trumps are doing now.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Googoo is a Plutocratic organization, worldwide spying, read my site, not these corrupt dummies.

  4. Anya Hayes Says:

    How is banning Syrian refugees better?

  5. Gmax Says:

    Trump was totally right to strike that mass murderer’s air force. Using chemical weapons was outlawed in the 1920s.
    A piece of advice: don’t waste your time on criminal idiots like Sam Harris, who are blinded by their hatred for Trump. They don’t care about crimes against humanity, just making money by posing as leftist, when all they want is to look good

  6. Gloucon X Says:

    Fifty nine missiles dropped on one airbase! Lol. I grew up on an airbase, I can’t image that there are that many installations of value. They must have even gone after the bowling alley. Unfortunately, thanks to our debacle in Iraq, the American people will not support troops on the ground which are necessary to finish the job.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I saw pictures on French TV, it seems they got at least 2 planes destroyed. The Syrians say six planes destroyed, the Pentagon, 20. Also other buildings were hit: fuel and ammunition depots. 58 out of 59 targets were taken out says Pentagon (one Tomahawk crashed in water). In any case, it’s a matter of principle, a shot across the bow. Next time, the strikes could be when there are people around, not at 4:45 am, and after a warning to Russia…
      There are some US special forces troops in the Raqqa area…
      … And the Jihhadists are counterattacking in… Stockholm, in a truck attack, killing some, injuring many…

      A shot across the bow of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc…

  7. Lia Tamanini Says:

    Vigolo Vattaro, Italy ·
    59 missili. Così.
    Un deliberato atto di guerra senza prendere nessun accordo internazionale. Senza nemmeno l’approvazione del congresso.
    Pazzesco. Follia pura.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Pure madness? All those who tolerate neurotoxic gases to be used on children are WORSE than the average Nazi (who didn’t know about gased children). You are the mad ones, moral nihilists!

      • Lia Tamanini Says:

        I do not tolerate gases. I’m just saying that bombing another country without international support is an act of dictatorship. What about Muslim ban? Sorry but I cannot believe that Mr Trump cares about those poor kids.
        Don’t you think that also closing the door to refugees is an act of dictatorship?

  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    @ Lia Tamanini:

    @ Lia: The French Republic declared war to the despicable German racist fascist rats on September 3, 1939. In spite of the fact that the Nazi snakes were allied to the nearly as despicable Italian, Soviet and Japanese fascists.

    France declared war. France was not a dictatorship. It was a republic. France declared war, precisely because France was republic defending human rights. Italy was a racist antisemitic dictatorship. Learn and get educated, it helps becoming moral and not falling into folly as Italy did in the 1930s… 😉

    The way one fights a plutocratic madman like Assad is by hanging him upside down from the closest ESSO service station one can find, like Mussolini, great friend of ESSO, was, by Italian partisans, in 1945.

    There are more than 5 million Syrian refugees. The mistake the French Republic headed by Jewish Prime Minister Leon Blum did in 1936 was not to go to war in Spain against Hitler and Mussolini. France didn’t because USA and UK were (also) hostile against France… In 1936 (UK turned to the French side in February 1939, after Spain fell to Hitler and Mussolini. US kept on betraying…

    • Lia Tamanini Says:

      Trump cares only about his money and businesses
      Do you really believe him?
      Of course Assad is a nazi fascist but I’m pretty sure they can stop him by economic restrictions and diplomatic solution. Not bombing. Too much bombs on that country.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        @Lia: I am not in the personality cult, finding deep in myself whether I believe Benito, Donald, or Adolf.

        Believing that a 70 year old multibillionaire became president because he wants to become rich, as Obama was, is a category error. Obama made only 30 million from his puppet presidential role. Trump is 200 times richer, he didn’t need the presidency to become rich.

        58 out of 59 objectives were hit, the base has become completely useless, and Assad lost 20 planes, worth more than a billion dollars… A billion dollars in planes alone. A very effective strike.

  9. Jill Pomrantz Says:

    Jill Pomrantz: Patrice, I’m curious what you think about Tillerson less than a week ago saying that the US was going to leave Assad’s fate up to the Syrian people. It seems kind of crazy with all of the other horrible things he’s done that the White House was still saying that last week. Don’t you wonder what changed? The chemical weapons being the only difference doesn’t make sense with everything else Assad has done

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @ Jill: Trump got revolted by the picture of the dying children, smothered to death. He said it himself. Several times. Chemical weapons have been outlawed since the 1920s. That should be enforced. The corrupt idiot Obama didn’t get it, but Trump does. Good. Even the Nazis respected the ban. Had they not, dozens of millions more would have died in world war two.

      Assad had stopped using neurotoxins and Sarin in a blatant way, since 2013. However, he started again in the last 2 weeks. Moreover, there is evidence that Russian personel and a Russian drone was used while the Sarin carrying Sukkhoi 22 was loaded and during the strike. Trump was extremely right to put an end to that criminal drift. Trump didn’t need to go to the UN to punish a chemical strike, per SDN law from the 1920s…

  10. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    An effective strike would, at very least disable the landing strip of the military airport, which they didn’t – first thing seen was Syrian air force taking off in the morning… for hundreds of millions $ worth of Tomahawks that’s hardly successful.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cratering runways requires specialized bombs. Tomehawks can’t do it. They did worse: they penetrated the heavily fortified bombshelters of the planes and exploded inside, disintegrating the planes therein.
      Syrian Air Force has already lost 2/3 of its planes in the war. Around 400 are left. 20 lost in this strike.
      Pictures I saw show the base was essentially destroyed. That runways can be operated is neither here not there.

      When fighting Kaddafi in the desert, decades ago, the French cratered a runway, which was smart, because 1000 miles from the closest water, it was hard to replace, and access (Kaddafi was visiting, the aime was to kill him too) The runway couldn’t be repaiered for years. Not this way in Syria… Tomahawks list at 800K these days…

  11. kevishaw Says:

    A “shot across-the-bow,” is an awesome analogy. For at least today, we can nevermind the arguments about number of planes destroyed, or usefulness of the airport. That trifling bit of data is for the armchair quarterbacks. I am no supporter of Mr. president grab-em, and it took many real pictures of death to wake up his brain. But this is so much better than the brains of our leaders which “did not wake up” and take action several years ago when the gas was used by the same evil entity.
    So now we can enjoy the effects from that shot across-the-bow, both militarily and philosophically, when performed in the name of civilization against the plutocrazed ones. A rare physical manifestation of good-ness which has been missing for a very long time. If anyone reads within this blog often enough, they cannot miss the consistency of PA’s logic in these matters. Pacifism is complicity.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Kevishaw! Much appreciated!
      I was listening to Obama pontificating on this subject, on old videos: he sounded astoundingly phony, retrospectively, more than ever. And he was.

      When Obama and Trump were in that car, during the inauguration, Obama confided the big problem was North Korea, and he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t do anything, because nobody serious could take Obama seriously. Obama did strictly nothing serious during his entire presidency, he was just good at looking good. But it takes more that sciolism to impress real malefactors, real evil power (pluto-kratos) monsters…

      What to do was to have dinner with the president of China, Xi, and, just before dessert, tell him casually that one had ordered a strike against Syria… This is exactly what Trump did, to help Mr. Xi’s digestion…

    • Gmax Says:

      ‘Pacifism is complicity’ EXCELLENT!

  12. SDM Says:

    question is why was trump or for that matter even the USA was the only one looked upon to act against Assad? Why didn’t the French pilots act previously despite Obama’s decision?

    UK and France have the capabilities and yet neither did anything on its own or together. No EU consensus on toxic gassing of innocnents?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The French and American republics’ militaries had elaborated a complex attack together. A US Tomahawks’ attack was presumably a crucial part. True, in Libya, the French Air Force attacked on its own, using the Rafales’ ability to intefere electronically with anti-missile systems, while Mirage 2000s conducted the strikes, without waiting for the US missile attack (which was launched at night, 12 hours later). In Libya, the French president forced Obamas’s hand.

      In 2013, Obama yanked the strike decision at the last minute (literally). Clearly the French army couldn’t proceed (the same would have happened if roles had been reversed). If France had lobbed a few cruise missiles, then, as in the 1930s, France would have been accused of aggressivity as she was in the 1930s against the Soviet, Italian and German fascists…

      However the situation in Syria is more complex: at the time Assad had more than 600 warplanes. Moreover, the major air forces of Israel and Turkey patrol the area too.

      The UK did nothing because the UK’s main busines is plutocracy, and the Assad family has billions of property in Western Europe (some of it even in Paris!). Striking one state-plutocrat would have been the wrong message to the united plutocrats of the world (just like the plutocrats hate their own Trump, as Trump sends the wrong message; Trump just attacked fellow plutos Putin and Assad, truly an horror, as far as plutos are concerned…).

      The rest of the EU is a bunch of cowards who learned nothing most important from the Hitlerian adventure. Just like Hitler, they are into veganism, protecting the animals and minorities, for all to see, while loving to be petted by the mightiest plutocrats.

      Merkler tried to make us believe that everything will be OK, as long as we welcome 20 million Syrian refugees, and as long as we don’t use military force (as in Libya). In other words, do as in the 1930s, up to that dreadful year of 1939, when the French Republic declared war to Merkler’s predecessor, Hitler himself…

      • SDM Says:

        so EU nations cannot get their act together in addressing Syria situation and therefore USA must be the laboring oar? Assad is not in the same league as Hitler in threat to Europe but the islamic infiltration of religious fanatics from the middle east is a distinct problem for European/western civilization. Assad is a pluto and that alone muddies the waters in the media attention to the tragedy.

        Where is the Francia influence now? Europe seems incapable of defending its own borders or culture from waves of islamic refugees. The spread of Islam is disturbing notion, much as the spread of any Abrahamic religion.

        Plutos wreak havoc on peoples and then when they flee the horrors – what is to be done? And who should be doing it?

        Trump’s strike was as much for distraction purposes than anything else- he had to look “tough” and turn eyes away from the turmoil of his administration.

        Until whole saudi oil goldman etc pluto complex is undone, more of the same. a dumbing down of the populace by any means necessary- god, mass media, jingoism, tribalism, propaganda, militarized policing, etc. A sad situation.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Well, for all too long, intellectuals in Europe have been confused. The last ones less confused were Nietzsche and his student (and imitator) Camus.

          Before WWII, French intellectuals were confusing Stalin with a Communist (very few doubted: Camus, Aron). During WWII, rose the likes of Sartre and De Beauvoir. Sartre was smart enough to pretend being in the resistance after a few years of entertaining the Wehrmacht (as Vichy official Mitterand did, when he saw the GIs in the distance). De Beauvoir was a fanatical Nazi. That’s dreadful, considering that she is one of a handfull of female philsophers of the 20th century…

          After WWII, most French intellectuals switched to the new master, US plutocracy. So they were against the French empire (to replace it by the American empire), and for Mao (so that Nixon-Kissinger could travel there and look good).

          In recent years, a number of French intellectuals have risen against this madness. First there were the confused “New Philsophers”, billionaire Pluto BHL being the most obvious (he censors my comments on his sites, then steal their ideas…) BHL is not all bad (just as Sartre and De Beuavoir were not all bad). However BHL is very courageous, and I admire some of his insanity.

          Even more recently, the likes of Finkielkraut, now at the Academy (thanks Hades!) and Eric Zemour have piled critques against Islamofascism and respect thereof. Zenmour was judicially harassed, just as Marine Le Pen (who long led the presidential polls this year).
          Michel Onfray, popular French philosopher and atheist. Onfray attacks Islam and other monotheistic religions, speaking of “Muslim fascism” that has risen with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and considers Islamic teachings to be “structurally archaic

          France, as a state, had no idea for at least 10 years.
          By the way, the “whole saudi oil goldman etc pluto complex” is pretty much dissected only on this site. The closest politician revealing it is French leftist Melanchon, who is running strong in the French presidency (ahead of the traditional pro-Wall Street Socialist Benoit Hamon…). Melanchon explicitly said that Islamism lived from the fossil fuel preponderance.

  13. hazxan Says:

    You’re deluded if you think the removal of Assad will bring anything but even more horror to the region.

    Will the rebels allow the coveted gas pipeline to be built across Syria once Assad is removed? Will they be more receptive to globabisation and market forces? Will the fanatical Islamists opposed to Assad stop beheading children? Nope.

    There’s no “morality” here, just overpriveleged pseudo-intellectuals protecting their investments and not caring who gets killed so long as they are far away and out of sight. Business as usual.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I would be deluded if I thought that the removal of Assad would bring peace to the region. However, I don’t believe this. However, leaving Assad in power if anything brings even more horror to the region.
      The point is that International Law against chemical weapons from the 1920s has to be enforced. That was shortly after Churchill used them.

      The racist fascist invading exterminationists Prussianized Germans made a massive surprise chemical attack in World War One, in the hope of breaking the Franco-British front inside France. They killed more than 6,000 French troops within minutes. However, the anticipated breaktrough didn’t work out as the gas slowed the vicious Germans down, and the French moved reserves and artillery. Afterwards the French and British had to scramble to use gas against the proto-Nazi swines, just to hold the front.

      So Assad had, and has, to be punished. However, I am not opposed for him to be replaced by another, cleaner Alawite general. That was always my position. Assad is from an enormously wealthy Pluto family. Preserving Assad Pluto status was his main initial goal. Assad does not care about Alawites as much as he claims, otherwise he won’t be piling so much hatred against them.

      Pipeline considerations could well become moot, considering the shrinking icecaps. Amusingly, if the stupid Bannon is removed by Trump, there is more hope for a carbon tax. Bannon was against the strike against Assad, BTW. At least that’s all very logical…

  14. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Grrrgraphics, popular conservative site “greatly” against punishing poisonous Assad…]

    Security of the USA means security of the world means China’s Xi gets the message at dinner that North Korea will not threaten to bomb Seattle in 3 years. Thus the shot across the bow about respecting 1920s law against chemicals. ISIS does not have Sarin..

  15. Andy Outis Says:

    Retweeted: Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior):
    Alarming situation. Trump launched Syria strike and got the praise for which he’s desperate. Don’t assume he understands NK is different.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Andy: That tweet you reproduced actually originated from Ted Lieu, a Democratic California Congressman of Vietnamese descent.
      Correct PC: wait for Kim’s nuclear blackmail. I guess it makes even Obama non PC… As Barack warned Trump about North Korea when they were riding together in that car (Trump didn’t say it in full initially, but Barack revealed it, and Trump confirmed it)

      • Andy Outis Says:

        blah, blah, blah. I don’t really have any patience for your rantings anymore. Feel free to unfriend.

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          You suggest that I “Unfriend” friends I have known for 25 years, just because I rant? How is that supposed to make sense? New York media logic?

          I am a philosopher, I do not practice acts of violent alienation (and especially not because I would be allegedly stupid… with all my alleged ranting).

          Alienation is what violent racists do; alienation is the root of human aggressivity! I avoid it as carefully as I can, as aliens tend to do, as it is used to abuse them all too much…

  16. ianmillerblog Says:

    Dear Patrice, I disagree that sarin kills only the innocent. It is remarkably even handed on this – it kills whoever gets a big enough dose, and that is not very big.

    As for Hitler not using it, I think Hitler may not have been relevant here. The Generals would know that the military value of it is actually rather pathetic, and in general it is more trouble than it is worth. The deployment of it in Syria is actually rather pointless, but you raise a good point – sarin is not that difficult to make if you have the precursors and a sophisticated facility, but I don’t see the Syrians as having those, so where does it come from? They are just as guilty in my book.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The city that was struck with Sarin, causing the reaction of Trump, had been struck several times with chlorine gas in preceding weeks, including an attack just 2 days prior. In those cases, people most struck were inside houses.
      With Sarin, the gas, an aerosol, goes everywhere.

      I tried not to make the argument Sarin is easy to make. When made copious amounts of acid are made too, with neutralize it. So prefer system involve a binary. A 155mm Sarin shells was exploded on a US convoy in Iraq by insurgents. Only two GIs were incommodated: the sheel was binary and supposed to rotate quickly for mixing during explosion, or then the contents were too old, self-neutralized. The Sarin is Syria was fresh.

      Hitler had up to ten tons of Sarin (A 1939 German discovery), quite a bit in artillery shells. The Nazis had also tons of weaponized other nerve agents. They didn’t use them, because it was too horrible, they all agreed. At least on the elite race…

      The Syrians had more than 2,000 tons of nerve agents destroyed after the Obama deal, so they know how to do it. Sarin has to be remade or reconditioned anyway, so the destruction of these 2,000 tons would have happen anyway…

      The Assad regime is using gas to win. It used nerve gas probably hundreds of times since the Obama deal, and it was certified twice by the UN in 2014, and 2015. One attack shortly before the last one killed an orthopedic doctor… I am a strong believer in conspiracies, and I do believe Assad has been protected in the UK because of his Pluto connections… However Syrians make their own Sarin, no doubt… For a state, ain’t hard. For insurgent, impossible.

      TTW,Free Syrian Army is not an Al Qaeda affiliate. There were infiltration of some FSA by Jihadists, but that’s another matter…

  17. Andy Outis Says:

    Forest and trees, fool.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Faust sold his soul to the Devil, others sell it to plutocratically owned media which pretends to be “democratic”. I am free, you are not. Simple. I don’t need to write PC statements for all to see, to be well positioned in the networks which feed me.

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