Yes, human beings, those top predators, need love. They do. But love is not all they need: there is no contradiction whatsoever, between being a predator and being loving. Lots of predators are loving. It’s actually the exact opposite: love generate the Dark Side. Humans can’t exist without love. But humans, even on their very best behavior, are not all about love, this is what traditional humanism thoroughly missed (although Caesar, Machiavel, Hobbes, Sade wrote a bit about the subject; Christianism acknowledges the Dark Side, just to excoriate it).



We, humans, are actually the top predators. We are greater predators than any other predators which ever existed. This is a simple fact, which changes all of the past’s wishful thinking. Predation defines us. Predation, received and inflicted, made us human, in the last five million years. This changes everything. 

We are also the most intelligent animals. Predation and intelligence are related.

We evolved by, for, from, predation. Predation provided hominids with high nutritional content, lots of concentrated energy. Eating meat THEN enabled to grow big brains. Such is the philosophical order of things, and it rules neurology. This is not a fancy elucubration: we have the fossils to prove it.

For millions of years, hominids learned to stand up, and evolved the genetics to roam around on two legs. At the time, hominids grabbed meat here and there, a task which probably involved quite a bit of scary scavenging. That tended to modify jaws and teeth, while hominids became ever more carnivorous. Finally the brains grew, and grew and grew, fueled by ever more meat, the most energy rich power source around.

The chronology of hominid fossils reveals the causal relationships. And it may well be a universal law valid in exoplanets: carnivores may well be, all over the galaxy, the brainiest. Most brainiest animals on Earth are carnivorous (with the exception of elephants and parrots; in particular all great apes are dedicated carnivores, even gorillas and Orangutans.) It takes a brainiac to catch fishes, as Humpback Whales and many species of dolphins, all the way to Killer Whales, testify… 

Some want to forget our creator, millions of years of predatory evolution. Call that basic denial of one’s own reality!    

Homo Ergaster, the most primitive type of Homo Erectus known (2017). From Georgia, 1.8 million years ago. Five Homo Ergaster corpses were found in underground dens of saber tooth felids, were they were dragged to be consumed. Humans are the realistic animals, realism having been learned one grisly lesson at a time! Humans could only think at the time, that the predation problem had to be mitigated. We have the opposite problem!


By destroying predators, we have been trying to dispose of the concept of predator, in a sort of final solution to our own nature, hell-bent to destroy and devastate the concept of humanity. A final solution exterminating what we are. How can that be? Why to self-destroy? Because denying our nature, to the point of not living according to it, profits the Elite, the Oligarchy, those among us who predate and think, and feel, accordingly.

How is this at all possible? Precisely from the spirit of predation. Human predation controls itself. It has evolved to do so, the survival of the species depended upon it. It’s its own meta feedback. Thus humanity instinctively devours humanity (and, historically, literally so!)

Hence when North Korea Kim, Japan Hirohito, Germany Adolf Hitler, engaged in confrontations they could only lose, they obey, modern weapons in hand, the oldest instinct: destroying humanity, lest there is too much of it, literally, or figuratively! This is why “reason” in a smaller context, can’t have any grip on them: their call is much greater than that! Asking them to not destroy, is asking them, not to do what motivates them, deep inside.

Human beings have been at the very top of the predation order, for millions of years. As early as Homo Habilis. That’s how humans survived in plains, steppe, desert and savannah, far from the trees. There was no refuge, except for the respect, not to say the terror, and certainly the worry, that human beings inflicted upon other beasts.

Masai children, ten-year old, can walk among the ferocious beasts, because the ferocious beasts fear human beings. I experienced and practiced the same, a little bit, at the same age, in Africa. Seeing an enormous lion communicate respect, as one respects back, is awe-inspiring. Then one knows intelligence rules, not just humans, but the beasts, the universe.

By rejecting the concept of predator and predation, thus, ourselves, recent “civilization” has been trying to reject our souls and our reality. Fanatical Pacifists will say:”Very well! High time! We have progressed! Alleluia” As if rejecting reality massively was progressive.

No, indeed. Fanatical Pacifists have not understood the most important thing: with their obsessive pacifism, they made themselves into ectoplasms lower than even sheep.

Pacifists, those admirable souls? Lower than sheep? Yes, indeed. Because, indeed, sheep themselves have a dignity, a courage, moral standards, and stand for themselves. Because indeed sheep, as a result, are not that pacific. In general, herbivores can be rather aggressive: horns and the like are not there by accident (I have had wild sheep, Ibex, pushing stones on me and others, from up high, deliberately, many times; But for a helmet, once, my spouse would have been killed, by an Ibex sent stone; also once a gigantic sheep, approaching me with a stupid, benign, absent-minded look on its face, then proceeded to push the unsuspecting me off the mountain with its sheer mass…Ever since I have known sheep can be Machiavellian).

Large predators should be reintroduced  everywhere outside of cities, and a few parks. Even in Europe. Large predators, by the way, are not the potentially most lethal: herbivores can be more of a problem. Elephants are the most dangerous beasts in Africa, followed by buffaloes (I was charged once by a cow). The key with elephants is to go up wind, and stay as far away as possible from the irascible, vengeful pachyderms with their enormously resentful large brains. All Maasai children know this.

Let’s reintroduce the entire megafauna, de-extincting species as needed (using latest genetics). Yes, megafauna will be frightening. That’s not a defect, but an advantage. Yes, it will mean we have to learn to instill respect, and make ourselves, respectful for the laws of nature, and the laws of the jungle.

By reintroducing megafauna, we will not just recover ecological balance for the planet, but mental balance, for ourselves.  

Be all we can be, and evolution meant us to be.

In particular, stop looking up at few other individuals, our leaders, as if they were gods, as if it were natural that they be our masters, with enormous powers when we have very little. No, they are not our leaders, we humans, the top predators are not meant to be led. Let’s learn that about ourselves.

Having leaders with their fingers on thermonuclear fire, fed and promoted by bankers, is not natural. Having leaders, except in a baboon troop sized organization, is not natural. It’s not a natural form of human organization. It’s not a natural form of ecology. We have organized an unnatural order of things, and conditioned ourselves to expect, and respect it. Thus the biosphere is going down the drain. Unimaginable wars are getting prepared: watch a few dictators’ antics (Venezuela’s Maduro, and the thoroughly hell-bent North Korean Kim, who affects to believe there are enough rabid pacifists around to make his thermonuclear blackmail, real cool and effective, an awe-inspiring key to a great future!)

Time to rebel. Time to rebel against an order which has imposed on us, chains and masters, because this order of  thoughts and… orders is rushing to catastrophe. Time to recover, to rebuild, a planetary environment which makes sense, and thus gives us sense, far from Absurdism. This the only planetary engineering worth having.

We are made to experience the megafauna, to be ourselves, in full. We can’t fully mentally function without that spur of evil intelligence, potentially observing and evaluating us. In particular, the laws of the jungle teach us the ever-present importance of truth, and realism.  Yet, remember: predation, received and inflicted, made us human, in the last five million years. When looking at human society, think:’This is what top predators organized.’ And how come we let it be? Are we what we are supposed to be?

How could we fix the world, the world we are destroying, if we are not fully ourselves? And how could we be ourselves if nature’s awe can’t educate and inspire us? Let’s reintroduce an environment which inspires us and teaches us respects for the laws of nature. Being able to experience living with megafauna is central to that.

Patrice Ayme’


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  1. Gmax Says:

    In the human nature revealed series… Remember the day we met by sheer happenstance in that Sequoia forest? I didn’t know you, but guessed who you were. Solo mountain runners meeting. We both figured out that the wilderness isn’t just cool, but essential as you would say, to who we are. That’s the way things are. Few urbanites know it


  2. colettebytes Says:

    Agree with most of what you say, but I do believe that some (not all) of today’s modern humans, are not predatory any longer. There is some evolution to pacifist, vegan society. That may actually work in favour of reintroduction of wild predators (wolves, cougars, Lynx, etc.), as we (humans) need culling to be in balance with a symbiotically functioning life force on earth.
    Left to just predatory humans, we can just expect more wars which disrupt and destroy all life around regardless of health or fitness. It is the lesser solution to our burgeoning overpopulation, and one which takes all life with it!😖


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Colettebytes (my mom is called Colette!), and welcome. Your comments will from now on appear immediately (if there is no more than one link, I think)
      I think the predatory side needs to be just so, not too much, but enough: like water, food, oxygen, or tolerance itself!
      Not enough predatory side, and freedom, and even all most valuable values, are left defenseless!

      Most human beings have turned into sheep, indeed, and that advantages the plutocrats (power of Pluto/Satan)… That is the predators who are left, controlling the oligarchy… The problem nowadays is the viciousness of The One, if the sheep let The One lead them (contemplate not just nazi Germany, but North Korea!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. brodix Says:


    I think our predatory tendencies are something of an evolutionary coincidence.
    Consider that predators are very linear, because they are focused on catching prey. While herbivorous prey are very spatial and generally have eyes to the sides of the head, because they are much more concerned with predators in the vicinity, than finding food, which is abundant.
    Yet primates evolve linearity because we were tree dwelling creatures and it is necessary to focus on the next branch we are swinging to, hence binocular vision. It then became a short step, conceptually, from grabbing branches accurately, to throwing sticks accurately. Our tool use became the basis for our climbing the food chain.
    We still view linear time as more fundamental, than cyclical thermodynamics, but that is a consequence of our linear focus on details, rather than context and thus an evolutionary stepping stone.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Some birds who are very clever (crows, with an astounding 3 billion neurons) have eyes on the side of the head (‘cept in Games of Thrones!).
      “Cyclical thermodynamics?????? Thermodynamics is not fundamental as we normally have it. Question arises whether the isolated particle has thermodynamics (as De broglie thought, and QFT de facto believes)… Anyway goodnite from Europe….


      • brodix Says:

        Thermodynamics is an effect of masses of particles and the feedback they manifest.
        Most fauna are linear, in that they move in a particular direction. Maybe not star and jelly fish.
        Plants don’t move, which means they don’t need to navigate, which seems to be the basis of the narrative process at the core of conscious thought and memory.
        Goodnight from the empire.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Modern physics question the notion of particles: CERN uses graphs. When the hump is striking enough, that’s a “particle”.
          Many animals are territorial. Many birds, for example. They own and defend territory. Even migratory birds, in a sense, own the empires they overfly…


          • brodix Says:

            The reality of particles does fade below the level of atoms, though the frequencies and amplitudes of the waves still underlay an expression of temperature..
            Animals are “rooted” in their context, ultimately as completely as plants.
            Which goes to the fact our linearity is subsumed into a larger circularity and reciprocity. All our actions and reactions, expansions and consolidations, balance out.
            Which is why the linear effect of time is less encompassing than the cycles of thermodynamics.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Your last thought smacks of the “eternal return of the same” dear to Nietzsche. If anything, 20C science shot that idea through into pieces in many ways. Although 19C science, Poincare’ style, had supported it….


          • brodix Says:

            Lol. Look at what 20c physics has given us, from atom bombs and smartphones, to wormholes and string theory.
            Time is asymmetric, because action is inertial. The earth turns one way, not the other. Yet this action is cyclical and reciprocal.
            The present consumes the past, as much as the past informs the present.
            Maybe we need to go back to conservation of energy, which makes block time impossible.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            What’s “block time”? Conservation of energy should indeed be the foundation. QFT seems to violate it (energy of vacuum).


          • brodix Says:


            Aka; Eternalism.



          • brodix Says:

            Then again the vacuum fluctuation doesn’t go anywhere. It is constantly wriggling around the equilibrium of the vacuum, Only that positive and negative balance out. So, not being turned on and off, it is “conserved.”

            The equilibrium of the vacuum is implicit in GR, since time and space are dilated in a moving frame, so the frame with the least dilated dimensionality would be closest to the equilibrium of the vacuum.


  4. benign Says:

    You all but say that the Plutos are today’s megafauna, and that you (we) would instinctively like to extinguish their lines. May it be so, before they extinguish us as they “cull the herd” in their sanctimonious self-congratulatory social Darwinism, killing through social policy that they implement through their bought-and-paid-for political minions….

    The extinct megafauna will never return outside of zoos, methinks.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, plutocrats are a fake megafauna supported by the fake news they own. Time to call their bluff.

      De-extincting is a fact, both in the vegetal and animal realm. It’s still relatively timid, right, but it has a great future. Mega predators have been coming back. I saw lynxes (much bigger than expected) and wolves in the French Alps (I tend to run late in the day). Bears and lions have been a constant worry when I do mega runs solo in the US West. I have been attacked by Black Bears twice (and I am the only person I know, or heard of, who went Neolithic on an attacking bear).

      Although once I was charged in Alaska by a female moose with her yearling (next to Anchorage). I had 20 minutes to get ready (she was barring my way, and being hostile), so I had the Grizzly Bear can out, safety off, finger on the trigger. I finally eluded her in a thicket of (for her!) impenetrable small trees, her child slipped off and fell when it tried to follow vengeful mom…

      In places like the SF Bay Area, major lions live on city lands (I have seen them, their tracks and now they are on camera). A lion was killed in Berkeley Gourmet ghetto a few years ago (causing an uproar). I have resident deer in my backyard in a mini park, 5 miles from the major parks there.

      Also ex-rare birds like Peregrine Falcons have adapted to cities. I commonly see actually some wild bird of preys who apparently know me (I can approach them, without trying, or they will approach me, as close as within 5 meters…); I certainly know them…


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    Paul Handover
    August 9, 2017 at 05:50
    Patrice, I hardly know how to respond to your interpretation of where humanity finds itself today. Not because I disagree with your analysis, far from it!

    It’s more because I sense the arrival of something beyond the realm of what we, humanity, understand.

    Today is the anniversary of the day ten years ago that the financial subprime meltdown went global. BBC Radio 4’s The World At One was devoted to reviewing how these last ten years unfolded. Listen to it here:

    In no way did it lessen my feelings of uncertainty. Down even to being uncertain of what to say here!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Paul: Thanks for admitting to uncertainty. Our powers have never been so great, thus, so is our uncertainty. It’s healthy to admit it! As I told Colettebytes, it took me a very long time to get where I am now. Assuming the supremacy of Nature is most humbling, yet most instructive.


  6. Colettebytes Says:

    August 9, 2017 at 06:30
    You have a good point Patrice. I never looked at humanity quite that way before 😐


  7. Sue Dreamwalker Says:

    Sue Dreamwalker
    August 10, 2017 at 03:55
    A wonderful post Paul and I have to agree with Patrice, for saying it is about mutual respect and learning to adapt with one another as Nature intended..
    “By reintroducing megafauna, we will not just recover ecological balance for the planet, but mental balance, for ourselves.
    Be all we can be, and evolution meant us to be.”

    We humans have meddled in nature and we have upset the natural balance.. We take species also away from their own natural habitats and place them where they shouldn’t naturally be.. Then we cry out when the balance is upset and other species then suffer as a consequence..
    We have only to look at the crayfish in our waters in England.. The American Mink in the UK .. The rabbits in Australia .. not to mention the various insects now being brought across the Harlequin Ladybird, which is wiping our our own Ladybirds.. The lists goes on and on..

    Thank you for this share Paul


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Sue! You put well what I tried to say. Not respecting Nature is the most basic moral flaw (even the Buddhists are trying very hard to understand that point; although in the end, many of them fail, as they replace the teaching of Nature by that of… Buddha.) Native American “Indians” understood this well. Most certainly because so did all prehistoric religions (as they enabled survival!)

      The ravages of the insect world in the USA are beyond alarming. I lived for decades next to a forest which saw thousands of Monarch butterflies visiting every year. Now we are lucky if we see ONE, in an entire year: thanks nicotinoid insecticides for this. No wonder US life expectancy is going down!


      • Sue Dreamwalker Says:

        Sue Dreamwalker
        August 14, 2017 at 12:23
        Yes I have noted this year especially here in the UK our butterflies are in decline. And do not get me started on insecticides and chemical crop spraying! lol.. Many thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts to my comment.. I know how busy you are.. Many thanks 🙂


  8. dominique deux Says:

    The distinction between carnivores and herbivores is an ideological one, stemming from humanity’s need to put things in square boxes to better understand them – thus obscuring some key aspects. See the bleating about “breaking natural law” when BSE was associated with animal feed (actually, animal feed produced against existing regulations, whiich the neoliberal Thatcher had decided not to enforce).

    Sheep, when malnourished, have no qualms raiding seagull nests and eating the birdlings (usually only the drumsticks, leaving pitiful wretches crawling around). Well documented in the Shetlands.

    I once had a horse which ate chicks. A mother hen would venture by with her brood and he’d pick one up. Then the chicken, her count off by one, would come back to investigate, and up would go another one. The (African) stable hands found it hilarious.

    About stone throwing: I recently read that training dolphins to do tricks appeared when their carers, in the early marinelands, saw them picking up stones at the bottom and peppering the audience – with a fondness for targeting nuns, who were basically humans in killer whale garb. I hardly think stoning killer whales occurs in the wild.

    Animals never cease to cause wonder.

    The idea of carnivorous megafauna roaming around human areas is interesting but leaves out the huge demand for safely arable land. Farmers and predators are natural enemies, just as farmers and cattle herders are natural enemies – the root cause of many a current conflict in Africa. See the current upsurge in humans killed by tigers in India, directly linked to expansion of agriculture.


    • Gmax Says:

      Wow, nice, herbivores revealed to be carnivores, thanks Dominique, this site never cease to amaze, thanks in part to its comments. What are Hindus going to do if the sacred cows want to eat people?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, animals never cease to amaze. For example, the intelligence of a wasps is astounding (they can perceive hostile behavior, even before the first attempted knock-out slap!)
      Yes, it’s true that agriculture and urban expansion has to be kept in check, to enable wildlife to prosper.
      In the French Alps where I am, in full tourist season, enormous detonations to kill wolves. They got two in one days, exactly where I live (“tirs de defense”, hahahaha) I heard the canon like shots. Macron and his sidekick Hulot wants to kill 70 wolves to start with.

      The fact that the distinction between carnivores and herbivores is artificial is an excellent point, and the source of the Thatcher poisoning of the cows… Indeed.Never hears of dolphins stoning people, but the nuns deserved it (will teach them to be dressed half SS, half Jihadist…) I did meet wild dolphins in Africa in the water, and they could have killed me in a second. The astounding thing is that extremely charcoal black Africans were hunting and butchering dolphins in the immediate area. So dolphins practice some sort discrimination based on color of skin…


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