People are not just led politically by self-described “leaders” such as Obama. People are not just led emotionally by self-described “leaders” such as Obama. People are led psychologically, philosophically, neurologically by those “leaders”. People are also led by the whole galaxy of influence those leaders are supported by, and that they support in turn. Movie producers such as Harvey Weinstein (just like a whole galaxy of popular journalists, academics and novelists), with their extremely fake vision of history, are crucial to the institution of the subjugated minds their rule depend upon. And what other sins did Weinstein institute? Objectifying women into sex devices, and imposing his will abjectly upon them, among other aspects of vigorous sexism. That very violence made Weinstein popular with the abusing, plutocratic, elite, because Weinstein, just like video games, made violence honorable!

One of the pseudo-intellectuals who gravitate in the highest US “Democratic” circles, Harvey Weinstein wants all daughters to be prostitutes, and it turns out the top “Democrats” knew this very well, and played right along! Proof below! It gets better all the time! Past formal police accusations against Weinstein include four rapes. In spite of admission of sexual aggression (in the case of the Italian model, see below), to the New York police, years ago, Weinstein was left free to proceed, and the Obamas couldn’t have enough of him. 

One can tell who people are, by looking at whom they socialize with. The song “family” of the Rolling Stones is relevant to recent happenings in the highest reaches of the “Democratic” Party, finally revealed, for all to see.

California’s Napa and Sonoma valleys, in the northern San Francisco Bay Area are burning. The region on fire is 80 kilometers by 40 kilometers (50 X 25 miles). One hundred kilometers south, in the core of the San Francisco area, it has been hard to breathe, for five days. When we said the greenhouse was going to be a problem, that’s what we were talking about: expect devastating fires. All over. That’s how climate changes. Fast.

For years our great leaders have done nothing much, when much could be done (see Angela Merkel and her ridiculous “Energiewende“, energy change, which sees Germany emitting ever more CO2!). President Obama’s highest philosophical principle was, at least as he presented it in his “memoirs”, personal “navigation”. A distinguished lawyer visiting me this week, who knew Obama as a teenager, told me two days ago laughing in derision, that “Obama is busy turning anything he touches into gold”. Let’s teach that to the youth, we rats and roaches of the lowest gutters, much cheese to be had, by navigating well, all lights out!

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is growing (and it’s not just Weinstein, many pillars of the US establishment do just the same, rolling all over the law; after all, Obama admitted using cocaine in his memoirs: the law is for lesser beings! Amazon just fired the head of its studio, alleging sexual harassment against employees). Weinstein was a pillar of PC clamoring, and funding (see below where the Great Leader’s daughter found her first job!). All his best friends, including his wife, are distancing themselves from him. Best friends of Weinstein incorporate the entire upper establishment of the so-called Democratic Party. Clinton got millions from Weinstein.

Hillary Clinton Left, hilariously revealing that she can’t Get Her Hands Off Producer & suspected Sex Criminal Harvey Weinstein, Right. With lovers like that, who needs democracy?

Weinstein was a pillar of the Hollywood establishment with movies such as “The King’s Speech,” “The Artist,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Django Unchained,” and “Good Will Hunting.” (For a total of 1400 Oscar nominations, and 81 received Oscars…). Weinstein was rumored to have fled to France (for “rehab”). Then he resurfaced in LA, and conferred onto himself:”Second Chance!

The “King’s Speech” was total BS to mask the fact that the preceding king and his partisans, were Nazis foaming at the mouth, who signed a Treaty with Hitler in 1935, to violate the Versailles Treaty. So now a whole new generation of young morons think speech difficulties is what made Britain interesting then. Thanks Mr. Weinstein. In truth, in my book, what made Britain interesting in 1936 was that her forcefully ejected king was a Nazi.

That entire US pseudo-Democratic establishment spent lots of political capital pointing at Trump as immoral and crazy, while themselves indulging with relish in the very practices they conferred to Trump (this observation shouldn’t be construed as a support for Trump). This sort of accusations of crimes by those who indulge in them is a human characteristic. For example Louis XIV accused more than 10% of the population of his kingdom, France, the  Protestants, of the very crimes he himself committed with gusto. Ditto Hitler,and other anti-Jews with the Jews. Or, for that matter, Nero with the Christians. Or the Inquisition with the heretics: who was cavorting with the Devil? The Vatican, or its victims?

What, me worry? Life is a blast. Sexual Criminals provide me the employment, and overlordship. Malia Obama: to Harvard, like her dad and her grand-father (a Kenyan politician the CIA found convenient as a potential strongman). But first internship with the world’s most famous sex aggressor was a must (see “The Weinstein Company” logo behind): learning from this master of propaganda how to navigate to domesticate We The People, the police, judges, etc.

Malia Obama worked for Harvey Weinstein. Yes, you read that right: the first job her Great Leader Dad found for her was with the world’s most famous serial, notorious, mass sex abuser Harvey Weinstein! Reality writes better scripts than fiction. And certainly better than Obama or Weinstein can.

Malia Obama, 19, landed an internship at the Weinstein Company right after her dad left the US Presidency earlier this year, see The Hollywood Reporter. Working in the New York City office,TMZ reported that Malia Obama was “ensconced in the production/development department,” tasked with “reading through scripts and deciding which ones move on to Weinstein brass.”

A genius, we tell you. Malia’s well connected internship has come under sudden scrutiny by the Mainstream Media (MSM) in the wake of a New York Times investigation that revealed Harvey Weinstein paid off at least eight women who accused him of sexual harassment in quid pro quo for promises that he would help further their entertainment careers. Since then the scandal has blossomed enormously: all sort of actresses came saying it happened to them to. In other words, they were OK with humoring Mr. Weinstein until they were in danger of being exposed.

Senator Obama was great buddy of rich pig Harvey Weinstein (right). So were Senator Lautenberg and Senator Schumer from New York (the later presently the Democratic head of the US Senate). Yes, they all knew. Life is a blast. Why should they worry?

Frank Rich, who used to be the most interesting writer at the New York Times, before he left it, and now executive producer for Veep and a New York writer, has done a bit of thinking. Mr. Rich revealed that Weinstein’s sexual transgressions were not a secret.

“Biggest mystery of @nytimes Weinstein story: How exemplary parents like Obamas let their daughter work there. The stories were out there,” Rich wrote on Twitter.

In what is Obama exemplary, exactly? The quest for power at any cost? To quote the Rolling Stones in the 1968 song “Family: “Her ambition is to be a prostitute, But the breaks just weren’t right. What exactly is gonna happen, tell me?

When her father finds out That his virgin daughter has bordello dreams And that he’s the one she wants to try out. Yeah. There’s ma, she’s living dangerously It’s a cinch she’ll try it anything twice She thinks she can run right to the whirlpool’s edge And stop herself just in time.

What exactly is gonna happen?”

All in the family. Film producer,  studio executive, suspected serial mass sex criminal Harvey Weinstein laughs at remarks directed at him by U.S. first lady Michelle Obama as she hosts a workshop at the White House for high school students about careers in film in Washington November 8, 2013. At right is actress Whoopi Goldberg. Wealthy clowns giving sexism and exploitation a happy, friendly face.

What exactly is going to happen is the question Rich is asking after the richer got more rich under Obama than they ever had been before. What is exactly going to happen is that we are getting all F… up, and the planet too. Indeed, guys like Weinstein made the breaks right. They were all on it. They all knew. A few years back a curvaceous Italian model accused Weinstein of sexual attack, ran to the police. Weinstein’s office dismissed Ambra Battilana, a 22-year-old who testified in the sex scandal case of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as an opportunist with a sketchy past (but Weinstein didn’t deny having attacked her to the police! Never mind, that’s new York, we will overlook an admission of sexual assault when a Pluto does it!)

The establishment is very cynical: it was even ready to disingenuously denounce Weinstein, sounding indignant, to paint itself all over with an aura of morality. There is an upper class out there, roaming the planet, organizing it for themselves.

It’s all very simple: politics, as it is, is not about taking care of civilization, or the planet. It’s the domain of greedsters who learn to navigate in a sea of prostitution, and dazzlingly smile about it, to convince you all they are good guys.

A few days ago, I interviewed a janitor in a San Francisco skyscraper. He was cleaning a carpet with obviously dangerous chemicals. He removed his mask. His name was Abdullah, from Yemen. He had been doing this for 22 years. He had to flee Yemen because of war. It was the fault of the Saudis, with the Americans pulling the strings, circulating the oil money back to Wall Street, he said. (He even confided much more that I will not reproduce here lest he and me run in trouble)

I know plutocrats and quasi-plutocrats: I could never have such a conversation with them. I know, I tried, many times: they just look down, say they don’t believe in conspiracy theories, and politely excuse themselves. Then they unfriend and start a Twitter campaign against the would-be offending conspiracy theorist, namely yours truly…

Yes, Abdullah also knew the UN Security Council decided last week an inquiry on the situation in Yemen. He told me that was just because Saudi Arabia had decided to buy SA 400 aerial defense missiles from Russia, to put a bit of pressure on them…

Their ambitions were to be prostitutes: how can we unsettle them psychologically? Well, we can’t: they indulge in what they condemn. We may as well try to make Stalin feel guilty of killing millions (once a self-congratulatory Stalin, in an orgasm of sincerity, cocktail in hand, boasted to Winston Churchill that he killed even more Russians than Hitler did…)

We can’t unsettle them, but we can ooze towards a more democratic system, and that means there shouldn’t not been so much money around in politics. Also mandates could be limited to one year, as they were in the Roman Republic, or Switzerland, and the real direct democracy re-introduced, after 23 centuries of eclipse.

Another old friend of Obama, who knew him already nearly half a century ago is pretty persuaded that guys like Harvey Weinstein are kept as potential distractions, when real serious stuff is coming down.

It happened before: the connection between the US government, the Italian Mafia, the United Fruit style Mafia, the Kennedys, the Banana Republics, was kept out of sight, although the most prominent general of the US Marine Corps, Smedley Butler mentioned it vociferously.  There and then, in the 1930s.

Out of sight, in plain sight: this is what the Plutocratically owned media knows how to do very well, and it has got way worse with the Internet. Hence a general stupidification.

Ignorant folks will scoff. But that’s how Auschwitz happened: the news were there, but people preferred to read fake news. At least in the USA. Thus the USA and the countries it influenced (Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and of course fascist Italy) refused to collaborate with the French Republic in a timely manner. Poland and France were left alone to face the spectacular coalition of the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and smaller murderous clowns.

Since then many more conspiracies and occultations occurred.  The “Terror” war is one consequence. Just one of them. Past leading ideas of the USA are exposed for what they are: prone to scheming hypocrisy, pushing us into the abyss, dragging us all.

This is true not just on the lofty level: in the Bay Area fires, plenty of ways to avoid them were neglected, in part because “pot”, the well-being of geese, and the obsession with the scores of sport teams were deemed to be much more important issues. A few measures would have avoided the fire calamity, for examples replacing overhead power wires with underground ones, stucco plastered houses (as in Paris, 1660 CE), and faster mobilization of firemen… Right now, the madness of Kim of North Korea, who threatened explicitly nuclear strikes, is also a very practical and direct matter. As entire neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay now look as if they were atom-bombed, this should be meditated.

One prominent hypocrisy is that sexism is strong out there, and everybody affecting gravitas does as if it flourished only in Saudi Arabia. Watch the non-noble Nobel Prizes: one more year, and no woman laureate. No wonder: when women try to have a career, they are made completely different propositions, and that’s viewed as acceptable. And the pseudo-left leadership of the USA not only knew it, knows it, but also makes careers out of it, and can’t find a better place for their daughters to go to. I guess when one is a successful prostitute, as so many of our pseudo-leaders are, it’s probably tempting to feel one should prepare one’s child for such a career. Thus the evil sentiments which support evil groups procreate, from parent to child.

Civilization doesn’t just progress: it lurches, from time to time, as past behaviors are found intolerable. For sexism, it is high time to realize that what the political leaders found acceptable and alluring (see the pictures above) is intolerable and condemnable.

Courageous individuals, such as Rose McGowan, who denounced Weinstein, in spite of getting $100,000 to stay silent about her rape twenty years ago, and launched the campaign against him, are needed. Those are the true leaders. The narcissistic ones, obsessed by navigating their precious selves towards all they can turn into gold, were already, rightly, excoriated in the Bible.

Unfortunately, in so-called “representative democracy” (a contradiction in adjecto, if there ever was one!), the ambition of our so-called “representatives” and politicians, is to be prostitutes.

Culture wars have to be engaged, and won by the good guys, if one is to be spared real wars. Right now, the bad guys have had all the powers. And having all the powers make them worse. Why? Because, deep down in human psychobiology (= human ethology) is anchored the will to Armageddon. Why? Because when there are too many people, and one can get away with anything, the ultimate crime is committed, the crime of the holocaust of the very environment which supports the species (this is Patrice’s Evil Theory, in a nutshell). That has to be avoided at any cost. And that’s when all values get inverted.

Patrice Ayme’

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19 Responses to ““Daughter’s AMBITION WAS TO BE A PROSTITUTE””

  1. Gmax Says:

    I go for the conspiracy view that this is released as a distraction. Everybody knew. The Obamas knew. Clinton knew. Cyrus Vance knew. And refused to prosecute when the Italian girl asked him to. Why did the New York Times wait 20 years to report Weinstein? And reports it now?
    Or is it that they all do it?


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to New York Times; Notice how basely complimentary I am, just to see if they will stop their unwarranted ban against me…]
    Interesting generalized cover-up. Everybody, including the New York police, and the New York judiciary, and the famous politician and prosecutor Mr. Cyrus Vance, knew for decades, what was going on with Mr. Weinstein, and nobody did anything until the New York Times called attention to it…


  3. Rich Reinhofer Says:

    A beautiful piece. Thanks again Patrice.


  4. SDM Says:

    Pleasantly surprised to see a reference to the obscure the Rolling Stones’ “Family” – not a track one is likely to hear without digging deep in their catalog. It fits well with what you have called out about the most recent scandal.
    Corruption runs rampant across the globe and yet it never faces any consequences unless it does damage to those in power. Bernie Madoff goes to jail because he stole from the rich while JPMorgan etc pay fines and write them off against any tax bill and Jamie Dimon laughs at the “authorities”. The banks are now free to do as they please. Wells Fargo commits fraud against its customers yet no one goes to jail. Too big to fail and too big to jail.
    Sexism is not dying easily. The wealth and power of plutocracy is male dominated and hence many women are ground up by it- in Hollywood, Fox News, etc. Really no surprises here. Just more of the same as greed and manipulation further erode society and degrade the planet. Not a pretty picture for the masses.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear SDM: It pays to dig deep into the Stones’ not so obvious philosophy, more than into the fashionable Martha Nussbaum’s trite pseudo-thinking… 😉
      Plus the music is very good…

      Too big, to fail, too big to jail, indeed. I am smack dab in the heart of the Silicon Valley (I don’t know any titan therefrom, but I know many people just below. Since 2006, and especially under Obama, to my dismay, full power was given to a few. Some like the Facebook woman (there are few women, so clear who I mean), was parachuted from the Clinton corruption system. First to Google, to give government connection, presumably intelligence, then gigantify Google from that connection, then move over to facebook, do the same there. The SCOTUS went right along, deciding in 2006 to devalue Intellectual Property. That was all accelerated under Obama. Judges got paid of (I know explicit cases, I could give names, and of course I don’t want to, as I could get in serious trouble, and first of all with my friends who confided the details to me).

      The result has been the killing of much innovation under the crushing weight of monopolies… Little inventors, who could have hoped in the past to make small fortunes and excellent new companies, have been decimated… Especially the real high tech (in contrast to the “APP” monkeys).

      Another result has been the growth of unfathomable stupidity. I actually know some people who made it big in US politics (aside and independently of my friend Obama), or from partaking in the PC media machine. They used to know nothing and being in awe for my wisdom, now they follow their guidelines, and excoriate me. But they won’t debate with me, or listen. They are just rendered mad at the prospect that Trump is going to drain their swamps… Interrogating the nature of the swamp is viewed to them as anathema, jihadism, a crime against humanity. A friend of mine who was recently elected (Democratic Party) mayor of a major city is fed up, and won’t run for re-election…

      People can get inured to corruption: that’s what happened in the Late Roman empire (the interpretation of the apparent corruption, especially in the judicial system has long been debated by Late Roman empire historians… When a Federal Judge takes decisions favorable to giant companies, in grotesque violation of the law, and then switch to one of the GAFAs for a base salary of 5 million dollars a year, that smacks very much of what happened under Rome (this is a real case, i know it from inside, and different angles…)


      • SDM Says:

        Agreed- the Stones have been controversial for their music and their philosophy. Their in your face contempt for the powers that be has always been refreshing.

        History tends to repeat itself and the corruption that is found in the corporate plutocratic system should end up as bound to fail. But when? How much longer can the propaganda work on the masses? Perhaps their divide and conquer strategy is foolproof. Endless wars, unlimited military budgets, degraded environment, stagnant wages, etc. yet their reign continues. Militarized police, national guard, private thugs are ready just in case.


  5. benign Says:

    Hi Patrice,

    Sort of a ramble with the big payoff at the end, I think. Yes, Plutos are corrupt (power corrupts); Plutos protect each other and sacrifice defectors, or in the case of HW, bullies who simply overstep and get caught; the debasement of others ends up extending to self and family (and that is a bad song, I hope you realize); and men still have undeserved power over women in our society.

    I will say in passing that having looked into the Las Vegas shootings that I believe it was brought to us by the same crowd that produced 9/11; and that the glaring presence of Masonic and Satanic symbols throughout our culture and civil life is *them* shoving it in our faces.

    The Big Payoff for me was your touching upon your population dynamics based theory of evil, which has intuitive appeal. All sorts of pathologies arise in animals under extreme population pressure, including induced homosexual behavior and self-destructive acts. The Germans were looking for Lebensraum in WWII. The many genocides throughout history (in the Bible, committed by the Jews at God’s alleged direction) also support the notion. But Armageddon must be reinterpreted as not a battle between good and evil, but between our genes and theirs (and not as in an end-times destruction of the world), IMHO.

    The 1 percent has already begun killing off disadvantaged Americans, a process which Trump seems happy to accelerate.

    I have been saying for twenty plus years (ironically echoing Reagan) that only political dimension that matters now is between up and down; and that the 99 percent ought to unite against the 1 percent and tax them back down to earth and a recognition of our shared humanity. Everything that serves as a distraction from that serves the 1 percent, including all the -isms, false flags, Russophobic agitprop, sacrifices of assholes from their side, and all the rest of our debased culture, put out by that same 1 percent.


    PS If you desire to do good you should corral some enlightened billionaire out there to set up (or rocket-boost) an uncensored YouTube replacement. I am researching the alternatives. Some of the best citizen reporting has been demonetized or shut down under Herr Schmidt’s censorship policies). Fascism is here, but it’s not Trump, it’s the anti-Trump crowd.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Benign: To reinforce what you are saying: I know some smart science PhDs who are adamant that the Harry Weinstein story came out to hide what is behind the Las Vegas shooting. ISIS said it was them and I don’t know one case when ISIS claimed an attack, and they lied.

      I said many times in the past that the only justification for taxation is to prevent all the powers to go to the .01%… Taxation is only necessary for that, as a government can make money by fiat… So we agree.
      Fascism has many aspects, the gravest, because the root of them all, is intellectual fascism. Indeed. Under Obama, the monopolies were grown, and now everyone toe the line in the Silicon Valley. Harry Weinstein said those who didn’t obey him won’t work again in Hollywood (and there are many examples of that who surfaced in the last few days). Same in Silicon Valley. I am right into the middle of it… (Double entendre…)


  6. SDM Says:

    Benign makes a good point- there needs to be some uncensored replacement for youtube as it is demonetizing many contributors to censor political content- even when comedy/satire. See youtube sites like “redacted tonight”, “jimmy dore”, etc.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      That’s an excellent point. I must confess I am not following Youtube commentators, as I am too busy with my own, deeper stuff. I have seen excellent things on youtube, even in history; however, it tends to be more amusing than deep. This being said…
      I contacted Nick Kristof at the New York Times directly yesterday, and the NYT published, for the first time in 5 years, a comment of mine (about North Korea; it helped perhaps that I was brow-nosing the Times…)
      So anyway, I’m too busy with my own research on real sources, but I appreciate, A LOT, the links which some of the commenters put on this site. Even this morning some rabid fanatic Spanish nationalist taught me something I didn’t know or forgot (the comment was not put on this site yet…)…

      I had an enormous clash with Google Facebook and Apple guys yesterday. It made a major, and very loud scandal at a party (I will reveal what happened, partly in next essay). It mixed Hitler, France, and how right it is that the GAFA pay no taxes!!!!!!!!!!! As I am, in a genetic sense a double holocaust survivor, and had spent 48 hours having exchanges on Aeon about anger, where philosophers I knew were preaching sheep mentality, I was fully ready to change tactic… As the tolerance option, long practiced, has proven counter-productive…


  7. benign Says:

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptpT9Gi5-jU


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting.I have a friend who controls the engineering of nuclear power plants in California (among other things), that’s his job. He believes in demolition plot for 9/11… I don’t. Building 7 burned for many hours before collapsing… It’s a smoking gun, for natural collapse. This said, Bin Laden was a CIA/SIA CREATION, thus, in a wider sense, it was certainly a plot (in France and israel the jumbo jet attack was feared and counter-planned. It was tried in Paris, 1996…)

      I had a live clash with some GAFA guys over the weekend. They scoffed about the connection between the GAFA and intelligence agencies (although that’s in the public record). Such dishonesty is striking.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This Sarah is (unwittingly) amusing when she says that things come out eventually. Not so. The True History of the Twentieth Century, and the role the US played in it, didn’t come out. The official views have triumphed, and are believed, even by the victims.


  8. heraclitusofephesus Says:

    Great piece Patrice. I need to read more about the Gracchi brothers, they’re fascinating. I wonder if we’d be able to (or rather have the will to) set a cap on extreme wealth. Or at least taxing them appropriately.

    Weinstein. I wonder how many others are like this human filth. Hollywood is most likely rife with them and I doubt it’s better in Europe. It’s like the mafia basically. Or the Catholic Church. It’s always the same group psychology happening, in covering up or witholding the truth.

    “We can’t unsettle them, but we can ooze towards a more democratic system, and that means there shouldn’t not  so much money around in politics. Also mandates could be limited to one year, as they were in the Roman Republic, or Switzerland, and the real direct democracy re-introduced, after 23 centuries of eclipse.”

    Completely agree. There’s a party here in Sweden that wants to implement a form of direct democracy similar to the one in Switzerland. I’m most likely voting for them (election is next year). We have such weak leadership here. No ambitions, and they’re increasingly arrogant. They’ve forgot who they’re to serve. Too wealthy and they speak of inequality but don’t make any real changes (no real impactful reforms).

    Side note: And there’s one thing that has bothered me for years, and that’s how they never introduce philosophy early on in school. It’s as if they want us to be sheep (no kidding!). The politicians often speak of education as a means to get into the job market. As if that should be its goal. Frustrates me to no end.

    Anyway, great read as usual and the ending was very poetic. How much of an influence is Nietzsche on your philosophy? I’d love to hear your thoughts on him too.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Heraclitus!
      If putting a cap of extreme wealth is not done civilization will collapse, same way as it did so many times before.
      The Weinstein behavior is viewed as standard. Jane Fonda said on TV she knew about Weinstein’s behavior, and didn’t say anything. That makes her a coward, a fellow traveller, an accomplice, and a stakeholder in infamy.
      That’s hot: “left” anti-war icon partakes in establishment’s satanism, for all to see…

      The Swiss direct democracy system is increasing, it’s a new thing which has been blossoming in the last 30 years… I didn’t know you were Swede, I hope you will forgive my attacks against the sinister attitude of Sweden with Hitler, up to 1943. Not just sinister, but important… ;-)! There is a connection between Swedish leadership (as in many other European countries) and Washington (See Assange, Saab, etc.)

      Can’t introduce philosophy in schools, because it would launch a debate about what philosophy is. Philosophy is, fundamentally, hyper-critical thinking, including of established “knowledge”. Thus it is a violent poison to established ways.

      I have read Nietzsche, that fellow solitary mountain climber, quite a bit, long long ago. Not much in the last 20 years, though… I even climbed a mountain he used to solo… (It was much more demanding and dangerous in his time, no comparison… He had guts, especially as he was sick…)

      Liked by 1 person

      • heraclitusofephesus Says:

        Oh no worries, feel free to criticize, it’s far from a perfect country, and in history not even close. They had indeed a very dark period during the Nazis, selling iron ore to the Nazis so that they didn’t, on paper so to speak, invade/occupy them. Essentially prostituting themselves. You mentioned it in a recent essay I believe and it’s true, and they teach this in school. All the history books call Sweden neutral but we all know that’s a bunch of crap. They even had a race biology institute not that far from where I live. Now that’s a history most people over here either don’t know or don’t want to know.

        There are definitely several connections to the States. And maybe more so politically if we join NATO. The Assange case (the rape allegations) has been dropped I believe.

        And culturally, we love to appropriate everything (pretty ironic since it’s all about PC mentality here. Permeating everything like a virus. It has somewhat gotten better though in some pockets of “discourse”, but far from great). We also love to adopt terminology etc. I sometimes call Sweden the 51st state of America 😀 (or 52nd if we include Puerto Rico).

        Yeah thats exactly right on what makes philosophy important and also beautiful. In destroying conventions and then you have to rebuild your world view again. I find that the most important aspect of it. I sometimes imagine what a society could have been with ultra sharp people like that. And diverse in a mindful sense. What a world that would be. But we’re clearly not ready for it yet. Or maybe we won’t ever be.

        Nietzsche was incredible. I don’t always agree with him but I feel that he’s more important than ever. Maybe more than most so called “analytical” philosophers. Not that I’m against them, I’m quite influenced by some of them but they lack the focus on what’s important in life at times. To me the so called “existentialists” got to the heart of the fundamental problems most seem to avoid. And for a reason I guess.

        I should do the same, I should climb the same mountain. That would be great. I love nature and its beauty. Now that’s spirituality right there. He was sick but he had the Will to Power! 😉 Nothing can stop you then, not even sicknesses! And in some sense, he did reach beyond himself or we wouldn’t speak of him today.


        • heraclitusofephesus Says:

          To clarify a little bit. I like the American English language and culture. I also like Swedish culture. Both should exist. But I guess it will all eventually blend together because of the rapidness of the Internet, of our connectedness. And maybe that’s a good thing. I believe it is. But we shouldn’t just mimic Americans. Fundamentally, I still don’t think it’s truly possible. Europeans have a different mindset. In any case, we should take what’s good and improve on it.


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to ian Miller Blog]

    Yes, this Flynn story is much ado about nothing. In truth, my direct experience with so-called “Democrats” is that they feign to criticize the establishment, but aspire in truth to join it, big time. Their rage against Trump is because they are afraid he will steal their cake, or distribute it to the rats.

    The Tax Bill mousing around slowly will augment taxes on a class of CALIFORNIANS by $35,000… a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many in this class?
    Six (6) millions.

    Why? They have all sorts of deductions, including for the interest paid on their mortgages. Ah, what’s the average worth of their homes? TWO (2) million dollars.

    Obama should have made that reform. It didn’t. Trump is going to do it. So who is hard left? Trump who redistributes the income of 6 million millionaires, or Obama, who attended, in the average, one “Fund Raiser” with PLUTOCRATS, once a week, for eight years. Including many times with Harvey Weinstein, his eldest daughter’s apparent godfather…

    To lower the price of housing and make the economy richer and the environment better, one needs to build, build, build, according to the latest tech. Ultra modern high rises, not individual homes for hyper wealthy Californians. California is beautiful, but it guzzles energy, and the biosphere suffers in its name.


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