Separating Children From Parents: A Crime. Not Fixing Guatemala Also A Crime

In my general semantics, plutocracy is exactly what that word says: the evil (Pluto) power (kratia). Plutocracy, the Dark Side ruling, is not just about money ruling (it’s a point on which I am in agreement with the mythical Jesus…) Sob story in New York Times about a mother separated from her son, then sent back to Guatemala, while her son, 8 years old, is left in the tender loving care of US judges. (Horrendous stories about babies and toddlers crying on the floor by the hundreds, torn from their deported parents, are circulating in the comment section of the New York Times.)

‘I Can’t Go Without My Son’:
A Deported Mother’s Plea
As a growing number of families are being separated as part of the Trump administration’s attempt to control illegal immigration, some parents are being deported without their children.

US tender loving care as its typical best. An officer at a detention center gave Elsa Ortiz a phone number to get in contact with her son, but said she was deported before she could use it. CreditMarian Carrasquero/The New York Times

To separate children from parents was practiced by Canada and Australia less than 60 years ago. It is recognized, by the United Nations’ law as a crime against humanity. It is especially horrendous when babies and toddlers are concerned.

Famously, the USA refused entry to hundreds of thousands of refugees from Nazi Germany, including Jews, in the 1930s and 1940-41. Most got stuck in France, and when France fell to the Nazis attack, dozens of thousands of these refugees were hunted across occupied France, found out, and then deported and assassinated by the Nazis.

However, Guatemala is not quite Nazi Germany. Yet if it is too much a place of criminal state activity (as the mother of that child asserts), it should be the duty of the US government to do something about it, at the government level.

Once again what happened with Nazism should be a guide: not only France accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Nazis, but, finally, France declared war to the Nazis (September 3, 1939). That, unfortunately led to the fall and occupation of France ten months later (and death of many refugees, as I said). Yet, there was an overall beneficial effect: the Nazis were not ready for war in 1939, and thus ultimately lost it (in 1945… when the Nazis had initially intended to go to war, with enough weapons).

Conclusions: separating parent and child is borderline crime against humanity, no ifs and buts. However, a strong deterrent, indeed. A better, and much less controversial deterrent would be to bring US power to improve matters in, say, Guatemala, by bearing onto the government there. That’s absolutely needed! Precisely by bringing enough power, including economic sanctions against higher-ups, to change things there for a tolerable level, or, at least, mightily push in that direction!

Some will whine it didn’t work with Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and now Venezuela. But that’s not right. Gentle pressure worked well in several of these countries, and also Peru, Columbia, or, for that matter, South Africa. Law enforcement is a global problem. By letting plutocrats roam free and arrange the world to suit themselves, we encourage global crime.

Arguably, it’s even the other way around: take Mexico. Under the guise of privatizing, the Mexican government gave Carlos Slims, a fifth generation plutocrat, the national telecommunication company, for pennies on the dollar. Slims became the world’s wealthiest man (and greatest owner of New York Times class A shares…) So doing, corruption blossomed at the very highest level of Mexican government, hence encouraging it at all levels. Meanwhile the new class of power addicts in the USA got drugged on cocaine (as Obama proudly flaunts in his pseudo-auto biography), creating a huge demand for organized crime networks to export said cocaine in the US. Hence a gang war in Mexico, which killed more than 100,000, and incited many Mexicans to flee to the USA.

So the US can do more than put innocent eight year olds in prison, making them into orphans: instead, send US drug addicts of the highest type to prison, the sort which crow about their addiction in print … and push to clean Mexico, in part by doing so…

Patrice Ayme

Note 1: Attorney General Sessions claimed that illegal immigrants coming with children is a deliberate tactic, as it more than tripled in a few years, from 14,000 to 71,000… Hence the need for a crackdown. BTW, there is a Federal Law which says one can’t separate parent from child for more than a few days… Except for good judicial reason… Otherwise it’s definitively child abuse.


Note 2: DHS claims 10,000 children presently in the care of HHS (they are transferred from DHS to HHS within 72 hours) were sent separated from their parents, with strangers, and that’s how separation happened. Policy already existed under Obama. Trump says he “hates the policy”, asks Congress to change the law. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat, says that 14,500 children came recently, WITHOUT PARENTS… And more than 11,000 are now under custody. (Total number of people arrested average 15,000 a month.)

250 children are caught a day… and send to school…

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12 Responses to “Separating Children From Parents: A Crime. Not Fixing Guatemala Also A Crime”

  1. Alice's Restaurant Says:

    Alice’s Restaurant
    PB San DiegoJune 17
    No question that parts of Oakland, Chicago, and Detroit are equal to anything Elsa faces in Guatemala. Perhaps these residents fearful for their lives should find their way to the high-end American suburbs–e.g., Beverly Hills, Palo Alto, Martha’s Vineyard et al.–in the same fashion. Seems a plan that might stop the random violence in our inner-cities. A good community organizer could make this happen, too.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Murder rate in Guatemala is around 5 times that of the USA, itself five times that of France. However murder rate in US Virgin Islands is nearly twice that of Guatemala!.

      Indeed, some parts of the USA are way more dangerous than others… But the law enforcement spending is not the same. The homeless encampments in Berkeley or San francisco, or Oakland, don’t compare with those in Palo Alto, Los Altos or Atherton, just 30 miles away (because there are NONE in PA, LA, or Atherton… because there delve the multibillionaires and their wealthy servants, and they are all 100% PC, so they shouldn’t have homeless in sight)

      The murder rate in Oakland is NEARLY AS HIGH AS GUATEMALA (20 versus 25 per 100,000 per year).

      Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland is the most dangerous city in California in terms of overall violent crime and among the most dangerous metros in the country. There were 1,426 violent crimes — murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault — reported per 100,000 residents in Oakland in 2016, the 10th most of any city. The high violent crime rate was largely driven by the high robbery and murder rates in the city. There were 20 murders per 100,000 residents in Oakland in 2016, far more than the U.S. homicide rate of 5 incidents per 100,000.

      Oakland also has a relatively high property crime rate, which may be part of larger property crime problem affecting the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole. There were 5,636 property crimes per 100,000 residents in Oakland and 5,441 per 100,000 in San Francisco in 2016, each more than double the U.S. property crime rate. While property crime tends to fluctuate with poverty and Oakland’s poverty rate of 20.4% is far higher than the national rate of 15.5%, just 13.2% of San Francisco residents live in poverty — a relatively small share for the amount of property crime in the city.

      Source: Thinkstock
      24. Washington, District of Columbia
      > Murder rate: 20.3 per 100,000
      > No. of murders: 138
      > Violent crime rate: 1,132.0 per 100,000
      > Population: 681,170

      Washington, D.C. has some of the highest income inequality of any city. While 10.2% of households in the city earn less than $10,000 a year, 13.5% of households earn more than $200,000 — each some of the larger shares of any metro. Crime is often a symptom of poverty, and much of the violent crime in the nation’s capital is concentrated in the city’s poorest neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River. Across the city, there were 1,132 violent crimes per 100,000 D.C. residents in 2016, nearly three times the national rate. In total, there were 3,897 aggravated assaults, 3,149 robberies, 527 rapes, and 138 murders.

      Adjusted for population, D.C. has more murders than nearly any other city. There were 20 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2016, four times the national rate.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chicago, Orlando, Memphis, Jackson, Cleveland, Newark, New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, Saint Louis, have higher murder rates than Guatemala.
      St Louis murder rate is MORE THAN TWICE Guatemala…


  2. Bonny Says:

    MaineJune 17
    It is not our job to do nation-building in Guatemala. It would be an act of aggression, a war. We don’t have a good track record with wars. It is disgusting that we are taking children away from their families. If the family is not eligible for asylum, they should leave the country as a family.
    If this family is fearful in their town, then the boyfriend should go home and help her. He is holding a construction job illegally in the US. This family are economic refugees. Unfortunately there are millions of them.
    We should help more refugees than we do. I would support that. However, running to the head of the line isn’t fair to anyone else. The boyfriend came illegally and saved up enough cash to pay a coyote to smuggle them in. It was wrong and it didn’t work. I am so ashamed that we are taking these children away. It has to stop. Trump is a disgrace.


  3. Third. Coast Says:

    EarthJune 17
    “A better deterrent is bringing US power to improve matters in Guatemala.”

    You should do a little light reading on the history of U.S. Guatemala relations.

    “The 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état was a covert operation carried out by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and ended the Guatemalan Revolution of 1944–1954.”état


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am plenty aware of all of this. I have not done just a little reading, but a huge amount, on that subject precisely.
      I am NOT advocating to institute banana republics.
      I am advocating pushing for rights, precisely pushing back against Guatemalan plutocracy, not making sure United Fruits profits.
      You may want to read from general Butler, in the 1930s, War Is A Racket…
      BTW, in some of these countries there is also a racist and anti-Mayan component…


  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    Comme avec le coup d’état de 1954? Le prototype pour tous les coups tordus des années 60, 70, 80,… des services secrets US plus ou moins parallèles et barbouzards, avec les premiers pas des mains ouvrières des assassinats de JFK, MLK, RFK, contras, irangate,…

    Si mes souvenirs sont bons, une des critiques de la “reagan sleaze” était le soutien inconditionnel à la dictature militaire du Guatemala, alors même que le pays était LE “mauvais (ou bon, selon l’approche) élève” en matière de violations des droits de l’homme – suffisamment pour être légalement qualifiées de génocide.

    Je me fous des migrants/immigrés aux USA, mais, bon Dieu, dans cette dynamique relationnelle, il y a vraiment une toxicité qui n’est ni assumée, ni même reconnue, par nos amis étatsuniens.


  5. Gloucon X Says:

    This article on immigration has always been my favorite because, in it, the voice of World Control openly issues its orders. Globalist plutocrats despise national borders for economic reasons. They insist the future requires hundreds of millions of Muslim immigrants for Europe with mostly Hispanic immigrants for the US. We should expect to see European skylines filled with the spires of mosques. The US will see vast Spanish speaking regions with cities encircled by miles of shanty towns.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Fascinating, thanks! I will use that link in the future! Global plutocracy in its raw violence! Destruction of We The People’s culture, to replace and displace it by a “multiculturalism” which is a code word for Wahhabism/Literal Islam…


  6. ianmillerblog Says:

    If the US does snot like the government of Guatemala, maybe it’s its own fault. As I understand it it, some time ago the US (with serious CIA involvement) overthrew the government of Guatemala. Why? Communism! Actually, as I was told what the unfortunate government was trying to do was to nationalise a lot of unused land that was being sat on by a big US Corporation to give to landless peasants. Can’t have that. The problem then is, when you insert a government favourable to big US corporations, you also insert a government that does not care a jot for the people, and the people want to get out. And where to? Why, the US! If the US had helped make living in Guatemala reasonable for the ordinary people, they wouldn’t be flooding to the US border.


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