Equality Is One Measure Of Civilization. And A Potential Savior.

Equality is natural to human beings: our species, and those ancestral to it, evolved in an egalitarian context, that of the very small human group. Thus, inequality is inhuman, in more deep ways than one. For human minds to blossom maximally, equality of opportunity of expression and creativity are required. But there is much more, and much darker. Fortunately, we can do something about it now.

Civilizations are more or less civilized: civilizations are on a gradient. One can compare them, between, and within, polities. Not everybody is beautiful, not everybody is gentle. Same for civilizations. Erdogan’s Turkey is unquestionably more civilized than the Ottoman empire which used to impale contradictors, on an industrial basis. During the siege of Constantinople, a Venetian captain, Antonio Rizzo, who refused an inspection, was impaled (his crewmen were beheaded, or sawn asunder). Later, the Ottoman empire would make printing punishable by death (so did Francois I of France… but that intellectual fascist outrage didn’t stick in France, whereas it lasted centuries under the Ottomans. So some of the best “Oriental” literary works were published in France first… making France more “Oriental” than the Orient, Mr. Edward Said… Said was a guy, revered to this day who said, basically that only “orientals” like himself could talk of “orientalism”… but how does one learn to think, when one can’t even print the books… all too long the, unequal, condition of the “Middle east”)

Civilizations closest to Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, those eminently most human conditions, and principles, are the most civilized, as they enable human minds to flourish maximally.

Such a religion exists: it’s called the Democratic Republic (but not as defined by Marx’s unquestioning, unquestionably evil followers). Equality not just a question of liking, it’s a question of existing.

Some polities put forward different principles (from Latin Principium, origin, source, from primus, first). And some polities followed philosophers: had Aristotle taught the opposite of what he taught, his friends and, or pupils. Antipater, Alexander, Craterus, and all Macedonian generals awed by the preceding leaders, may well have been more democratic. But the self-serving Aristotle was “monarchist” (the power, the rule, of one).

Aristotle was clever, but, not clever enough, or honorable enough not to follow the genealogy of diffidence to democracy established by his masters, Socrates and Plato, he went to the Dark Side.


We are still in Aristotle’s mental world: individuals called leaders are haphazardly selected, or selected for unsavory reasons. For example, far from being a great thinker, Putin was a top officer of the KGB. Our “Western” leaders aren’t much better: no individual human is god, but our leaders have divine powers, and that, per se, guarantees disaster, and would, even if they were gods (follow the horrid adventures of all the gods in sight: even the haughty Christo-Islamist versions of “god” can’t control evil, and their travails, their entire version of the universe, are all about that).

Having ignorant twerps, obnibulated by power, capable of killing hundreds of millions, even billions, around is bad enough. Admiring those crazed critters, worse. So is admiring those who, like John McCain, tried to get the full power, couldn’t, and now hate (not to have been endowed with the power of annihilating, potentially, billions).

Strong man politics are ascendent” said Obama in an excellent discourse at the Mandela 100th year celebration. Right. But Obama himself helped this ascent of strong man politics. Because his politics served it: …”the free press is under attacks”… says Obama, neglecting that the so-called “free press” is actually owned by the wealthiest men, and they all think and feel the same, as shareholders in global plutocracy.

Obama says we have to believe in facts, in reality. Right, so Obama should stop the blah blah about all the world religions been so great, and so right, dear Barry. There is only one right religion, the religion of man: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity…


The cult of politics as we have it, is all despicable. Thermonuclear power has made equality not a luxury, or an advantage, but the one and only key to survival. So follow your political leaders not. Time to relegate them to the dustbins of history, as the slave masters they aspire to be, but even more so, as the death masters they are.

The aspiration to be ruled by death masters is a mental derangement of the highest order, surpassing even the worst tribal regimes ever seen. Cannibalism, impalements? All childish stuff, when now, one guy who didn’t exist a few decades ago can put an end to the strings of civilizations which separate us from nothingness.

Equality is not just a cure, not just a moral principle, not just how to instill creativity, at this point, equality has become survival itself. Animals have a right to live as evolution has meant them to. And, in the case of the genus Homo, that means under a more or less egalitarian regime. However, on the face of it, we have the most unequal regime the animal kingdom ever knew. 

And that’s lethal. That most massive inequality ever, which we are afflicted by, is mass lethal. A civilization killer, a planet wrecker. Yesterday’s technology brought us the mass death potential. But more recent tech brought us the mass democratic possibility, by harnessing the power of the Internet for mass voting, directly, not through “representatives” and “leaders”….

Patrice Ayme

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10 Responses to “Equality Is One Measure Of Civilization. And A Potential Savior.”

  1. SDM Says:

    True internet democracy requires a secure internet. And a true free press with an educated population. That will be the test as plutocrats and oligarchs are sure to resist.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Internet is viewed as secure enough for vital functions, and has been, for years (although the US IBM system is deliberately kept OFF it…) Passing laws through the Internet can be made secure: if the laws passes massively, polls will show it first. Second, when a law is passed by referendum/plebiscite, it’s still subject to blocking by the legislature and or interpretation, or reconciliation, plus justice interference: that’s very clear in California and even more so, Switzerland, the only two states with clear plebiscite constitutions (and even then, only partial).

      There is no doubt in my mind the plebiscite system has made California and Switzerland rich. Governor Brown was able to pass his supplementary, California saving taxes that way…


  2. Paul Handover Says:

    Wow! I won’t surprise you and your readers by noting that the world of wolves, and of wild dogs, is one of equality. Just three carry genetic markers to be the alpha, beta and omega animals in a pack typically of 50.

    Turning to democratic processes, if we do not improve, drastically, our present ways of finding and ‘electing’ our governing bodies in a civilized manner then they will surely be changed, drastically, in a very uncivilized manner!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. The fiascoes of US and EU leaderships in the last 30 years are for all to see, are all over the place, and that’s nothing relative to how wrong it could get quickly… That’s why we need Direct Democracy to supplement and mitigate the Oligarchic Democracy we have now.


  3. Gloucon X Says:


    I know you have good reasons for not liking Aristotle, but this makes him seem better than the USA’s founding and current plutocrats.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, Gloucon X, thanks. I had no idea that Madison was that much pro-plutocracy. Wow.
      As far as Chomsky, well, he makes a partial, extremely charitable through cherry picking quotes, yet traditional reading of Aristotle. Aristotle is pretty much the mastermind of the DISASTROUS political system we had ever since. If Aristotle had prefered democracy to monarchy, the history of the world may have been different: he was Alexander’s tutor. Everything indicates that Alexander (and Philip, and Antipater) followed Aristotle closely.

      This illustrates well the problem I always have with Chomsky: he sounds radical, but, ultimately, always supports the system, once he has done his toothless shouting on irrelevant stuff. But lease send me more…

      Today’s global plutorats (that was a typo, but I like it…) are all over: Xi and Putin and their followers and servants are part of that confrerie… The main problem with them is that they lead the world to think, and emote, wrong.


      • SDM Says:

        “Toothless shouting on irrelevant stuff”. What exactly do yo mean by this? Chomsky is long winded and has never established any widespread recognition – certainly corporate media has no interest in giving him a platform- yet form what I have seen
        he does call out the establishment vices quite consistently.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          vast subject. Chomsky used to scream against US imperialism on about anything. Or any sort of empire. I have lived in Mali, Sahara, as a small child, among the Natives, then Chomsky comes around and says that preventing banditism is imperialistic. Whatever. He should go there, and his supporters could pay 50 million dollars for his return: so he could be useful, the money would percolate to some of the region…

          Chomsky used to be hyper famous on the “left”. He seems indeed to be viewed as irrelevant nowadays. He was taken more serious by Pluto media, 30 years ago. He got there in part by being so non-true and non-relevant.

          Now, all right, I was and I am banned in many officially “left” and “progressive” media… And I know exactly why: because they are fake left and fake progressive, and they are afraid of my truth… Which is the full truth. As I am in full confession mode here, I must admit a dirty little secret: I do BUY, yes, buy, Chomsky’s books… just to check I didn’t miss an angle of outrage. But most of what he says is so unreal, borderline criminal, as when he explains that, when a child like me could roam the desert with my mom, unaccompanied, rescued by touaregs, and then this MIT pontiff comes to tell us all this universe of peace and appreciation was there because of exploitative imperialism, it’s toothless… Because it’s the delirium of a crazed lunatic good for the asylum… That’s why I keep my scanning of his books somewhat secret…

          Brandishing red herrings all day long is the establishment number one control procedure…


  4. Benign Says:

    For a 16-minute viddy intro chockerblot with amazing empirical support for the benefits of egalite see Wilkinson’s TED talk:

    His book previously cited is “The Spirit Level,” excellent.



  5. G Max Says:

    Yes we need equality. You explained like 50,000 times inequality is how Rome fell. And that it took centuries. Methinks it will take much less this time if we fall. What say you?


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