Accept Reality, Accept Wisdom, Truth Is Its Prophet: On Those Who Deny Columbus

History is an ocean of blood over which human hope has sailed. Removing all statues of historical figures will enable to forget that. So we are in a better position to ignore all of history. Thus, we can hope to rediscover experimentally mass slavery, systematic torture to death, mass cannibalism, as most American societies had prior to Columbus… since we can’t understand it theoretically! On our own. For our future. Claiming we are not what our ancestors were, and we still are. From Politically Correct to Political Con. Columbus left 39 men behind, on his first trip. They were certainly all killed, and probably eaten.

Los Angeles took down a statue of Columbus, as if he were Karl Marx (and his evil logic). True, the consequences of Columbus’ work is mixed. But Columbus’ basic logic, a route toward the Indies, to get to spices, while avoiding those imperialist Portuguese, was not evil…. It was just trade. Whereas lots of other logics venerated today, from Christianism to its pet, Islamism, are deeply evil.

Refusing history is refusing wisdom.

What Los Angeles should have done, was to explain what happened with Columbus. And to explain that it is US ideology, not Columbus ideology, which led to the holocaust of California “Indian” Natives… After 1848!

Accusing the Spaniards, or the Mexicans, to have massacred California Natives, as the Los Angeles supervisors implicitly did, by accusing Columbus, is the same old, white Anglo-Saxon supremacist holocaustic racism.

Los Angeles is ridiculous. Not just ridiculous, criminal.

Why criminal? Let me deploy my logic a little bit more. Because the Spaniards, and the Mexicans who followed them, those living consequences of Columbus, didn’t massacre the California Natives. Spanish ideology didn’t kill the Californians. Los Angeles supervisors claim it did. They are liars, or then criminally ignorant. The US logic, inherited the West Country men’s ideology… Of Elizabethan Age ideology…. As I pointed out in “Shakespeare Against Sade“, not all logics are the same, not all ideologies are the same, not all systems of mind are the same, they are more or less evil.

Oh, by the way, “Los Angeles” is Spanish, language of the invaders. To speak Spanish is to collaborate with the invasion, celebrating it. I propose to change to a Native Americans’ name. Ah, correct, I forgot, how silly of me, Native Americans were also invaders, colonizers, discoverers of America, so the Native Americans’ version of the Los Angeles name, should be replaced by growls and grunts of the wild beasts who preceded them…  

It’s not just the PC Americans who are grotesquely hypocritical collaborators of the West Country Men criminally invasive mentality. The European Court of Human Rights decided that to call Muhammad a PEDOPHILE, because he married a six  (6) year old, and had sex with her when she was nine (9) was a crime. So for the European Court of Human Rights, reality doesn’t apply to Muslims.

Refusing reality is refusing wisdom.

Refusing wisdom means total war, in the end. Because the present economy is completely unsustainable, with present technology. Only examining reality further will make life worth living, looking forward.

Patrice Ayme



More details:

A statue of explorer Christopher Columbus that has stood for 45 years in downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park was removed Saturday.

“The statue of Christopher Columbus rewrites a stained chapter of history that romanticizes expansions of European empires and exploitations of natural resources and of human beings,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, who authored the motion to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

“We have all inherited this complex, difficult history.

Minimizing — or worse, ignoring — the pain of Los Angeles’ original inhabitants is a disservice to the truth. The removal of the Columbus statue in Grand Park is an act of restorative justice that honors and embraces the resilient spirit of our County’s original inhabitants. With its removal, we begin a new chapter of our history where we learn from past mistakes so we are no longer doomed to repeat them.”

Los Angeles’ area was discovered by Europeans around 1602 CE, generations after Columbus’ death, and then not visited by Europeans for another 166 years. Later, 11 Spanish-speaking families established themselves there. Among 5,000 Natives in the basin. By the time of the arrival of the Spanish in the 18th century A.D., there were 250,000 to 300,000 native people in California and 5,000 in the Los Angeles basin. Since contact with Europeans, the people in what became Los Angeles were known as Gabrielinos and Fernandeños, after the missions associated with them. Native Americans in North America were not massacred by followers of Columbus, but of the mood of the West Country Men

The removal event featured a news conference and a Native American ceremonial dance.

“This is a natural next step in the progression to eliminate the false narrative that Christopher Columbus discovered America,” Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said earlier in the week. Maybe it will help: after all, the Vikings went all over north-east America. They couldn’t settle, because the Natives tried to exterminate them. By exterminating the Vikings, the Natives sealed their fate: interbreeding with the Viking would have made native Americans immunologically stronger.

“Columbus himself was personally responsible for committing atrocities and his actions set in motion the greatest genocide in recorded history. His image should not be celebrated anywhere.”

Well, certainly others than Columbus can be celebrated, such as Hypatia massacred by Saint Cyril. Saint Cyril is still a saint, that’s a much bigger problem than Columbus… Because Saint Cyril wanted to massacre non-Christians. Columbus didn’t particularly want to massacre Native Americans. Yes, in the end, there was a genocide. However a genocide, like all and any evil has a logic, and it is this logic that is evil. Columbus’ logic was not evil. Saint Cyril’s logic was evil. Celebrating Saint Cyril is celebrating his evil logic.  



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11 Responses to “Accept Reality, Accept Wisdom, Truth Is Its Prophet: On Those Who Deny Columbus”

  1. EugenR Says:

    If to follow this logic, Columbus no, spirit of exploration no, European civilization no, modernity no, science no, modern medicine no, to remain in cave culture, YES.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Back to cave culture? They were already imperialistic, and dislodging, even exterminating the Natives! Prehistoric men grabbed the caves from CAVE BEARS. Neanderthals dislodged the fabulous cave bears! Imperialism, colonization, a scandal! The essence of the human project is colonialism, so says history. Thus the unreals condemn history, and execute it!


  2. Gloucon X Says:

    America is deeply divided. The blue state cities will take down certain statues, but there is nothing stopping red state areas from putting up statues of their heroes. So, relax. It’s all good!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am relax… as far as the red/blue struggle is going. But we need the white of surrender, too.

      I was long surrounded by very mild “liberals”, who would only get agitated, when they suspected I wanted to do something not nice to the US Constitution. Now the same, basically apolitical creatures wants me to agree that Trump eats brown babies at night, and when I express reservations, about that, they call me a “Trumpist”… Same happens with Islam. When I defend the “Islam” I knew as a child, some of these pseudo-leftist call me a racist, just because I think Salafism should be outlawed (Salafism has pretty much destroyed Sufi Islam with as much vigor, although less horror, but more efficiency, than the Yazidis, etc…)

      As I said, accusing the Spaniards/Hispanics of genocide is a way to protect the Anglo-Saxon mentality from the same accusation… So it’s actually racist! (Although it looks like the opposite… But Hitler, a racist, would accuse others of racism first… Just as the Soviet oligarchs would accuse others of capitalism… when in truth they were among the top, if not tops, capitalists of the world…


      • Gloucon X Says:

        “As I said, accusing the Spaniards/Hispanics of genocide is a way to protect the Anglo-Saxon mentality from the same accusation… So it’s actually racist!”

        The drive to take down Columbus statues is coming from Native Americans. The drive to take down Confederate statues erected during the Jim Crow era is coming from blacks who know the statues were erected well into the Civil Rights era as means of telling black people that whites would never accept them as equals. In both cases, white liberals agree as they too do not support memorializing genocide and slavery by any group, Spanish or Anglo-Saxon. The only people attempting to defend and protect the legacy of Anglo-Saxon genocidal mentality are Trump himself, and his RedState bible-thumping, plutocracy-supporting base.

        With regard to Islam, I agree with you that PC liberals are acting stupidly when they condemn people who rightly fear (Islamophobia) a religion that calls for mass murder in its holy texts. I am phobic towards all three of the genocidal Abrahamic religions.

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        • oatmealactivist Says:

          The drive to take down Columbus statues is not coming from Native Americans. The drive to take down Confederate statues is not coming from blacks. (Not that there is an equivalency between the two.)

          Statues to Columbus were raised not celebrate genocide but as a symbol to the beginning of western civilization in the Americas and the two great countries (the United States and Canada) that came from it.

          The drive to take down Columbus statues is coming from anti-civilization, anti-western pseudo-progressives whose only impulse is to attack, destroy and replace the Anglo-Saxon Protestant tradition, a tradition into which immigrants from diverse backgrounds were once readily assimilated, which enabled this country’s successes.

          Welcome to the American cultural revolution.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The funny thing is that, if the Spaniards, or more exactly Isabella, had not moved, the French and Brits would have, in any case. As I wrote, the existence of the Americas was known among experts, especially Portuguese. Getting to the Spice Islands while avoiding the Portuguese is what motivated Isabella. When she financed Columbus, she slipped and admitted it was known there was a continent to the West…

            BTW, there is even a famous map, old at the time of Isabella, who showed the Americas. Although the Vikings and Basques fishers tried to say as little as possible, there were indices, like the Inuit who paddled to Scotland….

            Agreed 100%. The movement of taking down Columbus, is anti-civilization, even anti-history, in the hope of making the race to the bottom, learning-nothing, into the highest principle… There is no race, but the race to the bottom, and they chuckle.


          • oatmealactivist Says:

            Patrice, your response does beg the question: What would the state of Central and South America be today if it had been colonized not by the Portuguese and Spanish, but by the British and the French.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            I was shocked by your question, and felt like replying with a non sequitur, like “beats me”.
            However, then I remembered that the answer was obvious.

            South and Central America would be probably more advanced, a gigantic USA. Before the PC crowd start screaming my way, let’s remember that Spain stayed under the Inquisition until mid 19C. One can even see the Spanish Civil War of 1936, not just as a Nazi event, but also a return of the Inquisition.
            By the 1600s, Portugal was actually invaded controlled and occupied by Inquisition Spain. Philippe II, a generation before, had sent an entire armada to annihilate, down to the last baby, the French settlers of the “Carolinas” (so named by the French) in present day US….

            The French colony problem was it was the mildest and most axed around FAIR TRADE. That’s why the French lost Canada and Louisiana (most of North America!): the West Country Men preferred to line alleys in Ireland, with human skulls… But the Inquisition was worse.

            BTW, there were difference even between Spanish and Portuguese: the later interbred more readily with the Natives…

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        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Gloucon X: We actually agree. A question in general, is what do people really want? Native Americans are confused about Columbus. Salvador Dali said, rightly in my opinion, and I am heavily paraphrasing, that Hitler was just trying to fight a world war, so he could lose it. Hitler would have been surprised, and pretty much enraged if told that. All the more enraged, as it was the truth…

          Confederate statues is another matter, entirely. Those were genuine racists and enslavers. Nothing to celebrate.

          Whereas Columbus was out there for exploration and trade (we know this, he married into a family of prominent Portuguese maritime explorers, and used their notebooks; the Portuguese pilots knew there was land to the west of the Azores… With different people and different trees…).

          There is a place for statues of the uglies… Like there are some for T Rexes, though… For example, although no an admirer of Hitler, just the opposite, I hold that forgetting Hitler happened would make sure he would be back soon… Not to say Hitler, Marx, Stalin, Lee statues should stand for admiration, but maybe statues of the uglies should be parked in a park of the uglies!


  3. pshakkottai Says:

    The book “Euclid and Jesus” by C.K. Raju deals with how and why the church changed mathematics and and Christianity across two religious wars. Hypatia was lynched by the Church and attributed the Elements to Euclid with no evidence. Read the story in the book available from Amazon.
    The Church has been manufacturing lies all through history.
    The Arabic Word “Euclides” means “key to geometry” was probably mistranslated to a Greek author “Euclid” and text as “Elements” after Arab transfer of translations of earlier knowledge to Byzantium.


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