Of Those Pseudo Democrats Hiding Their Plutocracy Behind B Series Actor

After chastising some fakery claiming to be advanced philosophy for not being advanced at all, but a form of cretinism, lets’ go back to basics: One thing that was definitely wrong with lots of “democrats” was their professed admiration for Reagan (Obama was of that persuasion).

Bill Gorrell:“The regime elected in 1980 was the Reagan/O’Neill administration. O’Neil and the Dems voted for all the stuff Reagan gets slammed over. We’d be in a lot better shape now if O’Neil, the Dems and the unions would have stood up to Reagan. UPDATE: I have thought that Reagan’s popularity terrified the Dems and unions. I know think that Reagan gave them cover to continue the deregulation that began with Carter and it allowed union leaders to start cooperating with management with “team” unionism.”

Inequality USA: during most of its rise, democrats were in control…

Patrice Ayme to Bill: Absolutely what I have been saying for more than a decade. I discovered this when my (personal) friend Obama became president. The change was amazing: the big boys were in charge. It was as if Obama had just been hired by an incredibly powerful corporation hidden from the sight of the public. My closest family members immediately lied to me in an extravagant way: they had been told my influence on Obama was “unpredictable”… If there is an individual one want to be able to predict, it’s the president, when one is a donor. There is no way out of this, but for the institution of DIRECT DEMOCRACY running in parallel. Direct democracy means the We The People vote LAWS directly. Congress would then be charged with refining the laws in question. That system already exists in Switzerland. It is increasingly used, and it’s a great success. It explains why Switzerland is so wealthy while at the same time, much egalitarian legislation has been passed recently (with more to come).

Chris Tafoya to Patrice Ayme:

Your friend was a disappointment. Actually. Sorry for your loss.

Patrice Ayme Yes, a huge disappointment. Made me completely depressed, for years. Especially as it doubled with family betrayal (they loved to go the White House)

Chris Tafoya to Patrice Ayme:”No. Pity him.

PA: I grew up in Africa. I saw crocs eat. I don’t pity them. Nor do they expect pity.

In the Qur’an, one of the main targets are hypocrites:

Surah At-Tawbah – Verse 68

  1. 68. “Allah has promised the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women and the infidels, the Fire of Hell, to abide in it forever. That is enough for them, Allah has cursed them, and for them is a lasting chastisement.”

Hey, once in a while, I even agree with the Qur’an, and verily, that’s no hypocrisy.

Patrice Ayme


7 Responses to “Of Those Pseudo Democrats Hiding Their Plutocracy Behind B Series Actor”

  1. Benign Says:

    If Kim Dot-Com is right, we may learn that the current Dem elites are far more depraved than merely being wannabe Plutocrats and bought-off enablers of same. I read the leaked DNC emails, which the Dems never said weren’t theirs. The likelihood of perversion in high places being revealed this year appears great. The NSA “has everything.”


  2. Benign Says:

    Google it, g man


  3. Gloucon X Says:

    See the sharp drop in the tend line from 1965-70 in both France and the USA. Correlates with the best popular music in modern history and the last time that young people had hope for the future. LBJ used his electoral mandate to launch anti-poverty programs. Obama used his electoral mandate to ladle more wealth onto the banksters to keep the trendline heading in the wrong direction.


  4. benign Says:

    Income inequality bottomed in ~1968-1970. Woodstock was summer of 1969 and there were kids on the roads all over the country. The music was *great*. I was with friends traveling the West Coast; we slept in Tilden Park in Berkeley and weren’t bothered by anyone; similarly on beaches all the way down the coast to Big Sur. Then the Beatles broke up, the ‘Seventies began and college students, sensing the sagging economy, turned to grim professionalism, becoming pre-law and pre-med in droves. The music pulled back into disco, a more predictable, safer form of [pop-]rock (I’m not going to quibble on genre terminology here). And then progressively more ugly genres appeared and captured niches (punk, metal, hip-hop, rap [IMHI]…). But at least if you look for it you can find good music today, and there’s always Beethoven…

    See https://www.chartbookofeconomicinequality.com/inequality-by-country/usa/


  5. benign Says:

    And it does appear France has kept its Neoliberals aka Neocons under control better than USA USA or Russia (it is sad to see what the Harvard boys did to Russia…).


  6. Gloucon X Says:


    The global dictatorship of the billionaire class is reaching insane proportions.


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