Against powerful stupidity, the most subtle intelligence contends in vain.  

Why so much blocking of the truth? Latest grotesque example: The New York Times just censored my observation that the right to exist of Israel came from its own long-term history, and that the destruction of Israel by the Romans had been illegal according to Roman law itself. … and that the Romans themselves found that out, and tried to correct it… (But fate, and red-hot fanatical imperial, tyrannical, lethal Catholicism intervened, re-establishing the horror… all the way to Auschwitz…)

The NYT is generally viewed as pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, etc. so, when someone provides them generously with a sophisticated, cogent and deep argument supporting their general somewhat Zionist position, one would guess they would be enthusiastic. Instead, they sent my long comment to Hades, as if it were a piece of Nazi propaganda. Stupidity has no bounds, even self-preservation doesn’t get in the way of reasoned idiocy. Better die content and stupid, than sad and smart, say the chicken and they cackle, self-admiring.

One is reminded of this happy period when prominent German Jews signed petitions to support the anti-Jewish policies of the German Chancellor cum President, the Guide, Adolf Hitler himself…. (Hannah Arendt fustigated the Judenraten, the Jewish Councils for that 20 years later, and was ostracized in turn. I don’t have a problem there as ostracism is a good thing for the wise to look for… As wisdom, and nothing but wisdom is plenty for a lover of wisdom, and stinging critters can get in the way, if one has to apply too much repellent)  

Friend John Michael Gartland intervened: “Stupidity seems to be contagious if you aren’t careful.

Patrice Ayme: Indeed. Stupidity is certainly contagious, because the most energy laden activity is creative thinking. Thus, the most efficient way to save energy is by thinking as the sheep does, that is by pure duplication: follow the leader, typically another sheep, or then a meat-eating sheperd. Not following the rest of the sheep is not just energy expensive, it is uncomfortable, scary and dangerous. Only fools or philosophers will engage in it. Paradoxically, those obsessed by self-care should opine that, to think like a sheep is superior. Superior thinking is often just about superiority, not care.

Polish NAZI salute,


 … the ultimate insanity. These three blonde idiots, teenagers from Poland, don’t even know that, according to Nazi doctrine, they were (probably) subhuman Slavs, and that Auschwitz was actually initially created to mass destroy Poles. There was a deliberate Polish extermination program, launched as early as Fall 1939. The extermination of the Jews was launched much later (after the Fall of France). Thousands of dark-haired Nazis assassinated hundreds of thousands of blonde Slavs, French and Jews… Officially from their self-contradictory racism, but truly from their fully unhinged Darkest Side.

The official Polish government report on war damages prepared in 1947 put Poland’s war dead at 6,028,000; 3.0 million so-called ethnic Poles and 3.0 million Poles who happened to be Jewish too, not including losses of Polish citizens from the Ukrainian and Belarusian ethnic groups. (Depending upon chosen borders, some scholars put the numbers slightly lower now.)

Meanwhile, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum has just implored visitors to respect the memories of the 1.1 million people who were killed at the extermination camp — and not to balance on the train tracks, being pictured with beaming smile and two thumbs up at the entrance of the extermination camp, etc..

Decency and respect are in short supply nowadays. It’s as if these notions ceased to exist. Instead snowflakes cry as soon as the heat of critique shines upon them. Considering Nazism for what it was, a monstrous infamy, not a joke, is a duty, to be accomplished with thorough respect to the victims. Engaging in lack of respect for the victims is exactly repeating how the Nazis launched themselves, mimicking exactly what the Nazis did!

Stupidity by mimicking the herd doesn’t just economize effort. Stupidity is also selfish in other ways than plain brain economics. Stupidity by following the herd’s moods, emotions and ideas is also the key to power. Power sharing. One charging buffalo amounts to little; a herd of charging buffaloes is everything.

Thus a key to truly modern morality and probity is to refuse to follow the herd, as a matter of principle, in first approximation. Instead the mood of old fashion education has been the exact opposite, as youth is driven, like cattle, through a succession of rituals to pound into their thick skulls how they are supposed to behave, feel, and think.

Why? Old fashion education was made to support empire, empire the old fashion way, the gun boat style, or Kaiser style, or Lenin-Stalin way. Old fashion imperialism needed minds fit for that mission, minds all made in the same way. Minds who know how to go to the ball, get drunk, and don’t think too deep.

The requirements of civilization are now the exact opposite. The danger now is that as never before have the mental requirement been higher, because the Sixth Mass Extinction is fully engaged, and the thermonuclear gods are watching.

Young people should ask themselves why they are asked to do what they are asked to do. Starting with vaping, dating, celebrities, posing, prancing around, and believing goofing around in a socially acceptable way is the ultimate. Go to Auschwitz, you the naive and ignorant and learn that considering Hitler and his 80 million cretinous, vicious followers unbeknownst to themselves, is an excellent beginning of the conversation of humanity as it is, with itself.

Patrice Ayme


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4 Responses to “Against powerful stupidity, the most subtle intelligence contends in vain.  ”

  1. Gloucon X Says:

    “Against powerful stupidity, the most subtle intelligence contends in vain.” So very true. It’s actually the job of the NYT and other billionaire owned media to narrow thought on all issues to whatever favors status quo. The simplistic corporate friendly versions of the past are to be accepted wholly and without any subtleties or additions that might make people ask uncomfortable questions. You’ve talked about how the US decided to make medical care into a profit center while the rest of the industrial world did the sensible thing by socializing it. Well, Israel is US taxpayer subsidized profit center for the US defense industry, so it’s a danger when people deviate in any way from the finely crafted mythologies that were created to justify its existence. Americans have learned that the first rule of discourse on Israel is we do not have subtle discourse about Israel. That’s really the second rule, the first rule is we do not have any discourse at all.

    “lack of respect for the victims” Plutocratic capitalism expects us to worship and lionize billionaires as if they were godlike beings or Führers and to denigrate the victims of the increasing cruel system they maintain. If lack of respect for the victims of plutocratic capitalism is viewed as respectable, and it is, then it makes sense that people would extend that attitude to all victims, past, and present. In view of these facts, lack of respect by visitors at Auschwitz makes perfect sense.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear GlouconX: Unfortunately all very true. The domineering party is that of stupidity, because stupidity is easily to control, if carefully crafted, as you say. Plus, stupidity is self-encouraging: once one is converging towards sheep like behavior, one may as well become full sheep, for safety and comfort.

      Indeed, the safe US thing about Israel is not to talk about Israel at all. I have had US Jewish friends, and Israeli friends. The latter would talk about Israel more than a lot (and they were drastically critical). My US Jewish friends would NEVER EVER talk about Israel (although they were/are big on a whole set of stupid religious ceremonies… and even dared to explain the children had to go Jewish because it provided/provides a network… Not coincidentally the relationships vanished progressively, not of my own making…)


  2. Alexi Irade Helligar Says:
    I remember you saying saying years ago that the Milky Way is likely bigger than Andromeda. Looks like recent discoveries show you are correct. Good call!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks a zillion Alexi for pointing this out! Yes, well, I had two lines of reasonings which I remember to believe that the Milky Way was larger:
      1) Clusters etc were known to be big and fast. Large Magellanic Cloud is 10 billion sun mass, three times the largest Andromeda satellite, M32…

      2) Most astronomers took for granted that Andromeda, which is obviously hyper gigantic with 30 satellite galaxies was bigger, well, just because it obviously looks so enormous: how could we be bigger than that? What is obvious is that we are immersed in dust, can’t see anything in some directions, entire galaxies could be hidden there (and they were). So if all the sheep believe in something, that’s a good reason to believe it ain’t true.

      The same holds with Quantum Theory… except there the absurdities are blatant (and have been resurrected sharply in the last few weeks: the Copenhagen Interpretation gives contradictory answers in a twist of the Wigner Friend thought experiment….


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