Rogue State Australia, Burned Alive For Its Greenhouse Ecocide

Can a democracy become rogue? It happened to the best. One of the reasons Athens lost her war with Sparta (financed by Persia) was that Athens behaved several times as a rogue state. Complete with holocausts of the innocent (Mylos).

Some states will profit from global heating due to man-made greenhouse gases: Canada, Russia, Scandinavian countries, and even the US, thanks to enormous Alaska (empty and soon to come with a temperate climate; I saw the changes by myself, and was amazed). 

Most states will see complex changes from the increasing greenhouse: one could even imagine Saudi Arabia becoming greener… 

However, in many states, disaster lays in wait: low lying islands will disappear; it may be impossible to make polders in Florida, as the ground is porous. Australia is, of course, a most threatened continent, due to its already dessicated state. But Australia was founded on the psychological principle of unbounded exploitation. As in many Anglo-Saxon colonizing countries, this had the advantage of exterminating the Natives. Around 3% of Australians are descendants of the Aborigines… whereas in neighboring French controlled New Caledonia, descendants of Natives are more than 50%… Australia massacred its Aborigines… for example down to the last in Tasmania… whereas France protected hers.)

As recently as the late Twentieth Century, the Australian government, according to the UN definition, committed genocide (by mass separating children from their Arborigine parents; Canada did the same, at the same time, showing it was an Anglo-Saxon trick).


In the eyes of Australian exploiters, we are all Aborigines.

Australia fossil fuel export are a very large part of the CO2 problem. It’s mostly Australian plutocrats, not common people, who profited from those exports. Greenpeace activists trying to disrupt Australian Coal exports at Newcastle, Australia. Australia Is out to smother us all.

Australia is the world’s third biggest exporter and fifth biggest miner of fossil fuel in the world.

Common wisdom has it that Australia is responsible for only 1.2% of global emissions at home. However, the Australia Institute says it trails only Russia and Saudi Arabia in exporting fossil fuels.

When exports and what is burned at home in Australia to generate power, are combined, Australia ranks fifth behind China, the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia in responsibility for carbon dioxide from extractive fossil industries.

The findings of the report – that Australia plays a greater role in the climate crisis than usual global greenhouse accounting rules suggest – is not new. , but it goes further than some previous analyses in comparing exports emissions from different countries.

Australia on fire, January 2, 2020. The whole thing will burn down. Any questions?

Roughly the situation seems to be this: Australia, per capita, may emit as much as 25 tons of CO2 per person, per year… by comparison, the world average is 5 tons… And that’s exactly what France archives. In any case, at least 20 tons. 

Domestically, indeed, Australia is the 14th biggest emitter despite having just 0.3% of the global population. The continent country emits absolutely more greenhouse gas than 40 countries with bigger populations. Australian emissions have increased year-on-year since the abolition of a carbon price scheme in 2014.

However, once exports of fossil fuels extracted in Australia are accounted for, that already horrific number is multiplied. Looking at the numbers, it seems that, if domestic fossil fuel usage is 5, exports are 12. In other words, Australia’s per person contribution to the CO2 crisis would be at least 80 tons of CO2 per person, per year. By comparison, a Permanent UN Security Council member such as France, with the world’s third nuclear arsenal, essential to the defense of the West, contributes, per person, around only 7%, in CO2 emissions, of what Australia, with less than a third of the population of France, contributes!  

The fact Australia is poisoning us all, simply because Australian are submitted to their manipulative plutocrats, is a world SECURITY problem. It’s not just moral. The situation of wealthy fuel exporters with a diversified economy is different from say, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or the UAE. Saudi Arabia has little choice (tourism?) Indonesia has also little choice. However, Canada, Australia, or Russia, or Norway, do NOT HAVE ANY EXCUSES. They are nasty, rogue states, and their citizens, when not aware of the problem, are part of the problem!

Australia is responsible for 7% of global fossil fuel exports as measured on their carbon dioxide conversion. Australia’s coal exports doubled between 2000 and 2015 and now make up 29% of the global coal trade. Liquefied natural gas exports tripled over the same timeframe to 6% of trade, and continue to increase. 

Australian leaders have boasted that their country has known of no recession in the last 30 years, or so. Right. But it was a Faustian bargain: they achieved this by selling their soul, and their fossil fuels, to the Devil (mostly China).

Patrice Ayme


P/S: Observe that the perennation of the plutocratic spirit: plutocracy, Pluto-kratia, Evil-power, enabled Australia, as a state, to engage in holocaust against the Aborigines (not an exaggeration: 100% elimination of the Aborigines in Tasmania, a much better score than Hitler with the Jews). This satanic mindset extended up to the 1970s (separation of the children!) Now it has extended to the entire planet, we are all Aborigines being smothered, cooked and soon boiled by the Aussies.

Plutocracy, once established is not just an oligarchy, it’s the Dark Side fully empowered, and power is effect and main expression, thus it’s very persistent: states given to plutocracy can only be cured by greater power, that is, violent revolution.

Also notice this: present day Australians, whose ancestors recently arrived, can only be viewed as renters, momentary stewards of the land. They just don’t have the right to devastate, eliminate and exterminate the Great Barrier Reef, a victim not just of the Global Heating, but also of Australian intensive agriculture (those plutocrats again!).

Same as Australia didn’t have a right to exterminate the Aborigines, a crime against humanity…

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7 Responses to “Rogue State Australia, Burned Alive For Its Greenhouse Ecocide”

  1. indravaruna Says:

    LOL about “plutocracy”, how much Zionist billionaires are paying you to promote a war against Iran and those who resist Jewish plutocratic domination? Jews aren’t victims but the ruling elite of the “West”.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Have you live in Iran, Mr. Nazi?
      Some Jews are part of the elite, right. So are some descendants of Nazis, or Nazi fellow travellers…
      Smart Nazis should know, by now, that Hitler and his goons were manipulated by individuals inhabited by mentality which didn’t just talk about seizing territory (Hitler’s Lebensraum), but had thoroughly practiced it, with gusto and expertise. There are no more Jews now than under the Roman empire. By contrast, descendants of Gauls have been multiplied 30 times (not counting those living in the USA)…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT, which ran an Australian fire article after I published the preceding; my version of community service…]

    Australia is perhaps the foremost perpetrator of the CO2 catastrophe… without any excuse, whatsoever. Australia has a CO2 emission of 25 tons per person per year, five times the world average, and 5 times that of France (several European countries are doing nearly as well as France; Germany is below 10 tons of CO2, per person, per year).

    Canada, too, is a major perpetrator. These are very wealthy countries which, under the influence of fossil fuel plutocrats, have sold their souls to the devil. No exaggeration, because, you see, Australian plutocrats exports fossil fuels, in a massive way, 120% more than Australia uses for its own energy. So the real emissions of Australia are around 80 tons of CO2/per year/per person.

    Now an interesting rapprochement can be made with the fact that, according to the UN, Canada and Australia committed genocide up to the 1970s, by separating children and parents if Aborigines. When one is friendly to genocide, or when one lets one’s masters commit genocide, one may as well extend that to the entire planet.

    This plutocratic driven Armaggeddon will, first, engulf Australia, and Australian voters will learn they should have informed themselves before voting for those prone to the greatest crime, destroying the biosphere. Understanding will come after the holocaust of an entire continent. (Holo-caust means whole-burns.)

    Reality is catching up with the morality of those who have none…


  3. Gaizka Ceberio Says:

    No se debe hacer leña del albol caido.


  4. Adam Whistler Says:

    Thank you, Patrice. My profile pic features our criminal PM, on holidays while my home burns to the ground. Some say we got the ‘leader’ we deserved.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Adam! Actually I have dear friends and also my closest family in… Australia, so I am personally implicated in this. Australia doesn’t need to pursue the CO2 route (contrarily to Arabia)… And has everything to lose with it. It’s time for Australians to rebel. Nice PM, ;-), though, if one needs a last roaster…


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